but this message made it worthwhile

There was a time when our conversations mattered to me. I could long to talk to you for a whole day you and if you actually had texted me something it made the whole day seem worthwhile. It was just how you affected me. They meant something to me, your message. Even if you just asked how my day was. They made me happy. They made me forget everything they made me sad. You had that gift - to make me happy with the small things.

Was. That little world. Putting this happiness of mine in the past. Because something happened. You stopped texting me. You stopped acknowledging me. You stopped and I felt too weird to send you messages, after the first ten, I already sent that day. Ten messages. No answers. No questions.

One message a day became one message a week and later a message a month and then I stopped too. Except now and then I could send a text out of the blue just because but you never wrote back.

Until one day you did. Like you never stopped. Like nothing had happened. Like not a half a year had gone by. It was still easy talking, but I didn’t really care. You had taken something from me with that deafening silence of yours. You had locked me out, to suddenly open the door once more and inviting me in, in from the cold. But you see, I had found peace within. I didn’t need your warmth or your kindness. I didn’t need you anymore.
Our conversations in the night didn’t matter anymore. They don’t matter anymore. I moved on. I moved on with my life.

I’m sorry. But you fucked this up. Not me. I cared for our conversations and I cared for you. But no more. You kind of killed that feeling. Killed it with the silence. I can’t do this. That would be counterproductive.
Goodbye and have a good life. One advice though, if you don’t care to cultivate your friendship with people, don’t bother. It’s a two-way thing, you know. But, I suppose you didn’t even consider me a friend, did you now?

—  @celtic-poetry , Burned one too many times by cold shoulders

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I have so much love and respect for you for making an Ace art blog and being really clear that you're sticking to that, even with all the pressure from ignorant people saying that life is incomplete without sex, just... Finding this blog made my day? And your art is so awesome as well like, WOW how did you make talking shapes look so beautiful. Thank you for existing.❤️

Honestly, messages like these make my day every time I get them. I honestly do get a LOT of hate for the type of blog I run, but with so many people cheering me on and with so much love for my asexual dorito fiances, it really makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much, all of you, for being amazing, wonderful people.

All 1,403 of you.

holy flapjacks wait when did this happEN

When Sparks Fly (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Originally posted by sweethoneybee1995

Poe isn’t used to getting jealous.

WARNING: One semi-NSFW part

You had a weakness for strong men. He had an ego that needed to be fueled, so it was no surprise that you were immediately drawn to each other. There were sparks in the air when you met. Literally. Poe had been fumbling around with some damaged wires in his fighter, but became immediately distracted when you walked past. So much so, that he didn’t notice the wires he was attempting to reconnect had begun spewing bright electrical bits to the point that a few shocks of energy landed on his sleeve, causing it to catch fire.

You, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed him upon first passing, as your nose was buried in some intercepted messages that you were trying to decipher, but his surprised yelp quickly caught your attention. A surge of adrenaline helped you think quickly, and soon enough, you’d tackled him to the ground while smothering the small flames with your jacket. It was a bit heartbreaking, losing a part of your wardrobe that you’d only had for a week, but his sheepish smile and cheesy joke made it all worthwhile.  

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worthwhile - Joji

Request in which you have been dating Joji online for like five months and you’ve never seen each other.


Can I call you? I miss your voice…

Your text has been left unanswered—and you sent that message like a couple of hours ago. You check your phone for the hundredth time, but still no notification. And you made sure to put your volume high up, to hear it, not to miss it. You open your laptop, which was lying near you on your cosy bed, and quickly enter on Skype, in the hopes that you’ll find him online. But you don’t. The icon telling you his status showed that he was offline for about a day, almost. You wondered where he was, what he was up to, to be missing for so long. He hasn’t said anything, you ended up your conversation with lots of love, so you didn’t think he was mad at you. Of course, you’re also thinking of the worst possible outcome of him getting in an accident—and you hoped that wasn’t the case. He was most likely working on a big project for his Filthy Frank show; he told you that he had lots of plans for the return of the real Filthy Frank, so he was probably busy doing that.

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Tonight on Wander over Yonder

Well this is it, part 4 of the 4 part Dominator/ Hater arc that began with THE GREATER HATER where Hater met his greatest foe, then came to blows in THE BATTLE ROYALE where his hate for him turned into love for her, which he professed in MY FAIR HATEY only to have his heart crushed just like all the all the planets are about to be in…

Since this is the end of the season and the end of the series I would simply like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the crews at Disney Television Animation, Mercury Filmworks, and Boulder Media for their outstanding work on Wander over Yonder these past two seasons. Thank you for your dedication, for your talent, and for your friendship. This show was a blast to make and I can honestly say the work we did together on these 80 cartoons are some of my favorite cartoons I’ve ever been a part of in my career!

Special thanks to: 








For sharing their art, experiences, and thoughts with YOU, the fans, who I’d like to thank most of all for watching and wandering with us! I thought winning the Annie was an incredible achievement, but hearing how much the message of WOY has helped so many people here has really touched all of us on the show and made all of our hard work worthwhile. So thank you!

We loved checking in here after each airing to see what you thought worked and what didn’t.  It gave us the confidence to continue on the path we were on but also sometimes gave us pause as to avoid any unseen missteps.

And finally thanks to Disney Television Animation and Disney XD for giving us the opportunity in the first place to explore this weird galaxy of goofballs.

And as Wander would say:

“We gave it a go, put on a heck of a show, and did a lot of fun stuff we’ll get to laugh about after”

Thanks again, 

That’s all Folks!


Written by: Frank Angones

Storyboard by: Mark Ackland/Riccardo Durante

Directed by: Dave Thomas/Eddie Trigueros

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Hey Ren, I feel like you've not been on so much so how are you doing?? Are you having a nice week?? Has it been busy?? I hope your day is going well!!

aah yes I’m sorry ;;; I’ve just been semi busy and semi not having any interest in doing anything productive or worthwhile ahaha I did have a pretty busy week though! My day has been made so much better just from reading this message so thank you very much! I hope all has been going well with you too ^^

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Thank you for the effort you make to make this blg , and thank you becuase of you people didn't give up and got inspierd with your dedication and hard work and thank you for taking the time to answer the doubts of other userw and thank you for being the person you are, thank you so much for helping others. Have an amazing day and my God bless you😘😘😘😘

Wow, this is such a wonderful message. I’m so flattered. Thank you so much for taking the time to send it in. You’ve made my day! It is beyond amazing to get this kind of recognition for my work and it makes it all worthwhile. Hope you have an amazing day too xxx

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Hi I just wanted to tell you I love you and your account and that your fanfictions are amazing okay bye have fun watching Hell's Kitchen:)))

owwwwwwwww my heart ahaha not to be a complete lil bitch but oh my god this made me emosh thank you so much i really appreciate messages like this, they honestly make writing feel worthwhile, especially when i feel constantly like people aren’t reading my stuff idk thank you this is really nice and also thank u i love you and i also love gordon ramsay god bless, i hope you have a wonderful weekend my love x

…I thought I would never speak again. What’s the point? Words… they are so inadequate, lifeless and stultifying… Even this single moment made the whole experience worthwhile: I received the message to “Just Be.” Amongst all these crazy hyper-dimensional visuals, universes being created and exploding around me, suddenly a phrase I’d maybe picked up somewhere about an aspect of Enlightenment is to “just be.”… And suddenly I “just was!” I literally had no thoughts. There was no “me.” There was obviously no ego remaining, but really there was no thought, no body, no universe… no thing. It was like thirty years of yoga and meditation practiced every day to try and get to that point, and suddenly there I was.

All of the visuals up to that point had been very intense and this was just white light. It was just “just be,” and it was just white light, with no “me,”… nothing. I realize I’m gabbling now, but I can’t even really put it into words. I would imagine that that’s the closest that I’ve ever come to some kind enlightened bliss state, which people have described. Then, suddenly, I had the thought, “Oh this is it! I’m just being!”. But by then, of course, you’ve lost it… because you’ve got a thought, and you’re already analyzing your own experience.

—  Simon Posford
Tita’s List of Amazing People

I have been going down my blog roll, trying to send individual messages to people to let them know how amazing they are, how they have made my time in this fandom so worthwhile.  But I find I am overwhelmed with the number of people who have come to mean something to me during my time here. I want to send everyone a message but it wouldn’t be timely at all!

So I’m taking a page out of other people’s playbook and making a post for my folks here.  Some people I’ve had extensive contact with and I count you among my closest friends. Some of you I hear from more sporadically but you’re always on my dash and some of you I simply admire from afar, because I’m too shy or idiotic to approach you. 

A few, like bookpeetatbh, plumgal1899 and peetabreadgirl aren’t on here anymore but I keep in touch with them outside of tumblr (and the girl who has my favorite user name of all time, suckingpeetasballs - where are you???) But all of you matter and my dash would not be the same without you!  

And I really meant to do a follow forever a couple of, well, some number of followers ago but I never got around to it…

Y’all better sit tight. This is going to be a long list!  The highlighted folks are those with whom I’ve interacted over the years, people I feel I know, to various degrees. Some of you wenches are my friends and you already know it because I don’t leave you alone! I know I’m missing folks and I tried my best to get everyone because I truly appreciate each and every one of you. If you aren’t on here, forgive me. My brain isn’t what it used to be.

Thank you for being extraordinary! An extra special thanks to @everlarkedalways for devising yet another wonderful way for all of us to connect.  I love all of you. Truly.

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LJS for Ceci (June ‘16) - Part 4

Translation note: I <3 this interview, I <3 Ceci. This part is the best, surprising names appearing everywhere.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

* * * * *

Ceci: Do you still have a dream to own a cafe like before? What kind of cafe would you own?

JS: A cafe with no customers. A cafe with only me as a customer. A cafe with no customers, where I can chat with my friends like now.

Ceci: That reminds me of ‘My Lips Are Like Warm Coffee’. (T/N: Eddy Kim’s song, recently remade into a duet with Lee Sungkyung)

JS: I drink at least three cups of coffee a day.

Ceci: You used to be unable to drink alcohol, right? But you had the experience of drinking a lot at once.

JS: There was a time when I thought I became more accustomed to drinking but it turns out that alcohol is just not for me. I only drink some champagne when I am with people I’m close with.

Ceci: Like Lee Sungkyung who suddenly visited today, you seem to be closer with female friends, like Hyoyeon and Kang Sora.

JS: Conversations with female friends seem to be deeper and more realistic. Like if you asked a guy ‘how was that movie’, he would reply, ‘it was fun’ or ‘it was cool’ and that’s the end of that. But a woman would start talking about ‘why that scene was acted that way?’ or ‘I particularly like that line’ so the conversation can continue.

Ceci: How did you become friends with Lee Sungkyung?

JS: From model era, we’ve been friends for around 10 years now. We weren’t close back then because Sungkyung is a good girl who goes home once the sun sets. I remember thinking that she was a person with a beautiful soul. When she started working as an actor, we became closer.

Ceci: There are a lot of dramas airing in the latter part of the year. Would like to make a declaration of ambition?

JS: It’s great that there’s going to be more good dramas to watch. Actually, before I decided on a project, (Kim) Woobin had asked me to do a cameo for his drama. I was going to do it but then had to tell him, “I’m sorry but our dramas are going against each other”. Casting is really one of the main points to attract people to watch the first episode, so as a drama fanatic, the combo of ‘Kim Woobin and Suzy’ is a must-watch. I always watch the dramas acted by actors our age, since I want to catch all those scenes that are especially pretty because we are at this age.

Ceci: It would be lovely if ‘Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin’ can become another ‘Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae’ and continue for a long time.

JS: Woobin is the only same-age friend who has come with me from the model era so we became close, then we acted in ‘School 2013′ together. Among male actors, he’s the only one I keep in contact with. When returning to Korea, we announce our arrival to each other first. Whenever there’s news, we contact each other first. I think that this can be called good fortune.

Ceci: You also said that you like Lee Minho-sunbae just now, right?

JS: I didn’t used to have contact with Lee Minho-sunbae but when I was frustrated about choosing a new agency, he gave me a call. He also went through the same process so he understands that feeling of being emotionally exhausted no matter how you choose. He said, “If you need any advice, we can meet up.” I am really appreciative and thankful for his sincerity.

Ceci: You decided yesterday that you would sign with YG Entertainment. May I ask why?

JS: I had no idea how so many people got my private phone number, but many of them called and gave me various advice. When I returned to Korea, I was thinking about a place which could afford me a stable environment to focus on reading scripts. 

At that time, CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave me a call and directly asked, “What can I help you with?” So I said, “Allow me to only focus on acting.” Although a lot of people offered various terms and conditions, he was the only one to ask what he could do for me.

Ceci: When deciding your agency, was your role model Kang Dongwon a deciding factor?

JS: The fact that sunbae had chosen this company also gave me a sense of security, I guess. I always read the interviews of Cha Seungwon-sunbaenim and Kang Dongwon-sunbaenim. For me, the words of these people who had walked this path before me serves as good guides for my life.

Ceci: Do you read your own interviews?

JS: I read every single one. I may have low self-esteem but I also have a lot of love for myself. (laughs)

Ceci: One last message for the fans?

JS: I think this is first time I’ve made everyone wait this long. Since you’ve waited so long, I’ll try my best to make it worthwhile with quality acting. (ending the interview in a Macho Guy way)

Thoughts about DreamWorks’ Home and movie-going/watching in general

So, as alot of people know on my tumblr, I am a big Dreamworks fan, and lately I have been gearing myself up to watch it after discovering that the main character is going to be the first Dreamworks black female protagonist! That and it’s based off a really good book as well!

I was really excited… until I heard rumors and reviews, and saw the Rotten Tomatoes rating for it being 37%. I was upset, and become less than excited to see it.

But today I decided to go see it with my sister, fearing the worst from all the bad reviews about the movie, and then something hit me….

What happened to the good old days when we were kids and we watched movies that were obviously bad, but still enjoyed them?

Or when we could care less about what the critics said and looked at movies from our own perspective and experiences?

Or when we could find just one little element from a movie that made the whole thing worth seeing?

Right before the movie started, I decided to let go of any expectations, and any other pre-judgements that I had gathered over the last couple of weeks, and decided to see it from a child’s perspective… For the pure glorious experience of fun! Not for criticism.

I watched Home. and curiously enough I found that I really LIKED the movie! 

Like, it had flaws, BIG FLAWS

1) It was really weird in pacing.

2) It’s humor was very quick

3) And it was very silly. VERY SILLY. AND FAST. AND JUMPY.

Normally, those things would drive me OVER THE EDGE and I would leave wanting my money back.

But after the movie, I found that there were a lot more GOOD things about the movie as well!

I won’t spoil for the life of me, but the messages in the movie were very uniquely handled, the characters had great moments, THE MUSIC WAS GREAT and the art direction was spectacular. Like the ideas of the Boov technology were AMAZING! And I enjoyed every minute of it!

There were a few moments where my heartstrings were tugged at, and even some parts where I couldn’t help but cry, and I found that those scenes MADE the entire movie worthwhile. 

It made me learn something.

If you think you can find one thing to enjoy in a movie, be it mediocre or grand, then focus on that thing and the rest will seem miniscule in having a fun experience.

AKA in the midst of the bad, trying finding a speck of good, and hold on to it.

Which is ironic because the movie had one message very similar to this! XD


Go watch HOME if love animation, great characters, or if you like interesting sci-fi situations.

I can’t promise that you will love it, but I think you can definitely find something to like from it. What is will be? Only you will know. :)

So glad to see that other people hated the end of Devil Wears Prada as much as I did. It felt like such a fake-out. Like the entire movie felt kind of like Miss Congeniality where the main female character starts out looking down on these other women who embody stereotypical femininity and thinking they’re shallow and worthless but then slowly learns that just because their interests are different doesn’t mean that they are any less worthy of respect. And she slowly morphs into a fierce and competent professional while her friends and boyfriend, who originally encouraged her to take the job and were glad to reap the benefits of it like free gifts, start to turn on her because her new confidence and success intimidates them.

And instead it goes back on everything she learned. It tells her that she was being shallow caring about her career and making an effort to do her fucking job. That’s maybe other women care about fashion but she’s above all that as a serious professional. That she was sacrificing her integrity by working at a job that maybe she didn’t want to do, putting in the time so she can do something she finds fulfilling. (Because of course, all you ever have to do is follow your dreams to get what you want. “If you’re plucky and attractive, no need to be proactive, good things will just happen to you!”) That if you want to be “nice” you have to give up on being “successful.” And just, everything about this message is wrong. Instead of empowering the girls and young women watching it, it tears them back down again and tells them the same message that if you want to be a worthwhile person, you can’t be like other girls.

And here is where I take my leave. Because at this point what should have happened. Andrea finds other, better friends and boyfriend. People who aren’t so insecure and selfish as to feel diminished and threatened by a friend’s success. People who can celebrate that with her rather than trying to tear her down. Andrea realizes that this isn’t necessarily where she wants to be, not this industry or this cut-throat attitude. But she doesn’t leave because she made a commitment. She sees it through til the end. She apologizes to that friend in the office in exactly the same way and supports her and makes sure to acknowledge her contributions especially in front of their boss. When she is through her year, she uses her references and her experience to get a job that is what she wants to do and learns that it is possible to be a professional and a good person, to balance a career and a personal life when you have healthy friendships and relationships when they care about your success and well-being and are willing to put in a little extra effort to accommodate as long as she returns the favor. When she learns it is possible for her to be both a woman and successful.

And here is where I take my leave. Because at this point what should have happened. Andrea finds other, better friends and boyfriend. People who aren’t so insecure and selfish as to feel diminished and threatened by a friend’s success. People who can celebrate that with her rather than trying to tear her down. Andrea realizes that this isn’t necessarily where she wants to be, not this industry or this cut-throat attitude. But she doesn’t leave because she made a commitment. She sees it through til the end. She apologizes to that friend in the office in exactly the same way and supports her and makes sure to acknowledge her contributions especially in front of their boss. When she is through her year, she uses her references and her experience to get a job that is what she wants to do and learns that it is possible to be a professional and a good person, to balance a career and a personal life when you have healthy friendships and relationships when they care about your success and well-being and are willing to put in a little extra effort to accommodate as long as she returns the favor. When she learns it is possible for her to be both a woman and successful.

You don’t have to feel bad

I don’t know how to start this off, but I get messages from people who are depressed almost every day and someone I know took their own life just a few days ago and I feel compelled. You’re worthwhile. You’re good. Whatever happened to you in the past, however someone made you feel, however you made yourself feel; you don’t have to suffer. You’re not a shitty person. You don’t have to carry the baggage of feeling like you’re not worth shit. You can see a doctor or talk to a counselor or therapist or even start talking to your family or friends. Start getting help. It can change everything. It can free you of the shit you carry with you constantly. You might not believe it because you’ve lived with it for so long, but everything can change and you can feel great about your life. It’s not usually an easy path, but the path exist, and you might surprise yourself by how quickly things change while on it. Christ, this is going to be disjointed. 

I’ve been writing this in fragments because I start to weep like an asshole and then get up and walk around and distract myself then come back to this later. This person I knew who killed himself, he was troubled his whole life. He was my neighbour, and I remember seeing him walk to high school with his head hung down, quiet, morose. Fuck, I remember him throwing candy with his friends to kids on Halloween from on top of his roof. I remember his parents leaving for a weekend and those dumbasses jumping from the roof of his house into his pool. I remember how cool it was to see that he was a grownup now and had a job, the rebellious teenager he used to be was now working as a mechanic and tower, and was just then going out to help someone who was stranded and came over to ask if we could keep watching their dog for a couple hours more while he was out. He just seemed so adult and in control of his life and confident, even. He was suffering even then. He never got help. His dad urged him to, but he’d never cave. His dad knew there was a deep pain nagging at his son, as well as bipolar issues. Christ, it’s so clear now, but at the time you just think it’s a pissed off teenager mad at the world. From what I’m told, he just didn’t think he had a problem and didn’t care to ever get help. I think he did know though; I think he thought he just wasn’t worth a fucking shit or that “help” doesn’t work. Maybe the pain was so much that he just felt fucking hopeless about it. He was only 38 and he had a son and it’s so fucked up that he had this pain eating him alive that from outward appearances, he’d just come across like a quiet, sombre guy and now it fucking got him and he killed himself. So now I’m fucking weeping again like an idiot over this guy I half-knew; we knew each other, spoke a few times over the years, myself being a kid while he still lived next door so we were never really friends or anything, but christ, this was a young person in my family’s life. He was a good person. He probably didn’t know it.

So when I get these messages from people who feel the same way my neighbour did, you have to know there is help out there. You don’t have to torment yourself and you don’t owe yourself trying to work out mentally what you should have done or what you did wrong or try to “solve” your depression with cyclical mental processes. You just dwell on the depression and make it worse. At the very least, talk to someone, join a depression forum or something, I don’t know, but acknowledge that this isn’t you. There is an unwellness captivating you and it’s not going to get better unless you do something about it. That’s real. It doesn’t just go away. You have to put action into it. That stuff can scare the shit out of you, because what you really need to do once you get to that point is to see a doctor. You don’t have to come in with some perfect list of symptoms. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by what you think is going to happen. A good doctor is going to see it on you right away anyway. You just have to tell them the truth about yourself and trust that they know how to help you. You’re not the one unique guy who’s sad about shit. They’ve probably seen your exact case 3 times that day already. If you happen to weep like an asshole in front of your doctor as well because it hurts that much to finally say the words out loud to another human being that you’ve been suffering, don’t give it a second thought. Let it go. They understand. I’m laughing to myself now because I did this two weeks ago to my doctor, because I’m currently in the same fucking spot. They get it, dude. Take your time and tell them everything you have to and have a good cry for a bit. You’re not weak or a fuckup for any of this. Weakness is letting it win and never getting help. Then you’ve given your whole life over to this fucker. It robs you of moments you could have owned, could have been carelessly happy about whatever things you’ve got in your life (or don’t!). But instead it makes you dwell and burn up every fucking living moment you’ve got thinking and worrying about the stupidest shit. Just make an appointment to see a doctor and don’t think about it, don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Just know it will help you.

I mentioned I was in the same boat. I have bad anxiety problems. I was on meds for years but recently had to come off them due to other health issues. It’s been fucking harrowing and I remember how I used to feel and all that shit comes back and I understand what you’re talking about when you send me a message or email about this fucking shit permeating everything in your life and your being. It’s paralyzing. It gives you this urgent despair. It makes you think of everyone you know dying, and soon. It makes you realize that you’re going to die, and a lot sooner than you think. It brings up people you knew who’ve died, it brings up all the mistakes you’ve made, it reminds you that you’re a fuckup with no worth. So when you feel like this, you don’t feel like getting help is worth it, because you’re not worth it. You’re shit. You’ll take up someone valuable’s time or be a burden to have to deal with, or do something incorrectly. Don’t believe all this; I fucking told you already you’re worth it. I even felt similar when I considered following up with my doctor about starting new meds to replace the old ones. Just fucking get over it, this is a phase and soon you’ll be fine, you tell yourself, but it gets worse. Then you don’t even want to call the doctor because you’re a hassle, right? I eventually did and I’m glad, because I’m on new pills and already feeling better. But christ, looking back on it, what a motherfucking surreal shitscape. Holy fuck the things you torture yourself with! I guess I say this because it feels so ineffective and redundant to both mention several times here to see a doctor but also to respond to these messages with urgings to see a doctor but I have been in a similar place that you have and it’s really that easy. That’s where it all starts. How about this, too: the people who message me and I tell to see a doctor, later tell me things are improving a lot for them. So fight me if you think it doesn’t work or you’re not worth it. I get messages like this 4 or 5 times a week on tumblr, email, or even the shitty youtube chat system. They can’t all be talking shit about getting help and feeling better.

This was a ramble. This has been on my mind a lot lately and these messages keep coming in and then this suicide really made me feel like I’d be a fuck not to just take the time to be a completely vulnerable sob bag and tell you you’re good and worthwhile and whole because fuck, I wish I got true help for my anxiety and depression as a teen, when they started to really manifest strongly, and really stuck with the treatment and had all that shit squared away so all the days and months and years proceeding could have been filled with moments that I owned and was the master of, instead of worry, or looking for things to punish myself mentally about, or not being exactly who I wanted to be. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I really did something about it, and the difference was incredible. It’s not a perfect solution that will make you into an ultimate being, but it’s part of the path of getting rid of shit that makes you what you don’t want to be. You see how useless your old mindset and mental patterns were. You don’t even think about that stuff anymore. You start to emerge from all that. You really do feel like you’re liberating and invigorating yourself. The thing was, doing all this and starting the process of becoming well, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It wasn’t hard at all. So let me repeat again that if you’re suffering, if you’re depressed or wracked with useless anxiety, if you have a problem, if your mood rules you and you can control it and don’t know why, just please see a doctor, soon. You’re worth it.

I’ve been thinking about this A LOT lately

No matter what happens with the show or who Emma ends up with, I’ll always love the freakin SWANQUEEN FANDOM! I joined Tumblr almost 2 years ago and all Swen - gifmakers, vidders, fanfic writers, meta writers, fanartists, etc on here have made my experience worthwhile. I don’t know any of you (outside of fandom stuff and occasional messaging) but I’ll always be grateful to you for creating fanworks for me to squeal over… for making me laugh with SQ memes e.g. “Unintentional”, SwanTown and “it’s porn”… for posting about SQ in general really. :)

So thank you so much Swen for EXISTING.

hello everyone! i’m excited to say that i’ve recently reached 2k followers! here’s a huge thank you to everyone who keeps up with this blog, from those who just followed recently to those who’ve been following me for ages. to celebrate this milestone, i’ve decided to post my first follow forever! this is my thanks for all the blogs i follow who keep my dash filled with their amazing content including their being themselves.

for my followers, i’ll also be holding a small art giveaway. send in a non-anonymous ask with a svt-related prompt – on august 5th, i’ll be choosing 2 out of those sent in to draw! (these will be clean & not quick sketches!) thanks again to everyone who’s made my tumblr experience worthwhile! ^ ^

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I look out at you and I start thinking about what your life is like, individually, the whole show. Then my mind starts to wonder into what are your hopes and dreams, wishes and fears, regrets and mistakes. Things you wish you said in the moment, things you never wish you said, ‘cuz you hurt somebody. Things that are going on with you because we’re dealing with 15,000 individuals. It gets crazy to me to think about the fact that even though you very well could be going through something difficult or trying or going through something that’s a real struggle for you, right now at this moment. Maybe you lost someone you’d never thought you’d lose, maybe you lost yourself. Maybe you fell in love with a person or habit that was bad for you and you couldn’t quit. Maybe you walk into the lunch room at school and you don’t know where to sit because you don’t really feel like you belong anywhere. It makes me think about that and it makes me think if there were ever moments in your life where you were feeling those things, or going through something and you turned to one of my songs, that would be the most amazing compliment in the world. 

Then I think about the fact that even though you might be going through something awful, right this very moment. Today, you decided to not let that define you, you decided not to let it hold you back and you decided to put on an awesome outfit, possibly string yourself up in Christmas lights and come have the best time ever with me at a concert. So thank you! 

But I know that every single day, especially now, this year, when just at our fingertips we could be fed hundreds of mixed messages about who we’re suppose to be, what we’re not suppose to be. How we should live our lives, what we should look like. All I want to tell you tonight, in this moment, when I’ve got your attention, before all that other stuff takes over. I just want to tell you a few things. I just want to remind you of what you are and what you are not. Ok? There are so many messages being sent to you every day. Be this or be that, don’t be that. Be the opposite of what you are. Here’s what you’re not. You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. Another thing you’re not. You are not damaged goods if you have made mistakes in your life. One more thing, you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten to your final destination yet. 

Let me tell you what you are though. You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile and absolutely nobody else’s. You are stronger and wiser, smarter for having taking the risks that it takes to make mistakes, not damaged. That’s what you are. 

I struggled a lot with learning these things and every single day I’m learning new lessons, making new mistakes, 'cuz it’s inevitable. I think that when I learned a really important lesson… it was about the idea that after you make mistakes  or you go through something awful or you lose someone. You feel like there’s mud all over you or something, like you just went through this terrible ordeal, walked through a bunch of rainstorms and you feel absolutely covered in it. Like your mistakes are written all over your clothes and your skin or something. Then I think that if you continue to move through your life and replace old habits with new ones, I think you can erase that feeling that everyone sees your mistakes when they look at you. That’s the moment you know that you’re finally clean.

—  Taylor Swift- Clean Speech (Salt Lake City 09/04/15)

Some of the commissions from MCM London Expo! I’ll post the rest tomorrow. Thanks a ton to all the people who commissioned Keekal and I this weekend, bought a sketchbook/print, or dropped in to say hello! It was so much fun meeting all of you and you honestly made all the stress of preparing for the con so so worthwhile. If you’re one of the people who stopped to talk, drop us a message and we’ll follow you back (my primary account is fourfears so that’s the one that’ll appear!). Hope to see you at more cons in the future!

anonymous asked:

I can't thank you enough for how you're responding to people about the size of your ladies. I'm currently in recovery for an eating disorder, and when I saw the original ask I felt like I had been punched. I adore that drawing of Natasha because of how she looks like a strong, fit person - not someone that is dying. I just. Thank you. Thank you for not taking any shit, thank you for drawing such amazing ladies, and please don't stop.

Thank you so much for sending me this message, it really, really means a lot to me. I’m so glad to hear that you’re in recovery for your ED, and I really hope that you’re going well. I’m also very touched that my drawing has in some way made you feel empowered. It makes everything seem worthwhile to know that it resonated with someone like that! Women receive constant unhealthy criticisms regarding physical appearance, and it changes the way we view ourselves from a very young age. I honestly think that every woman has a gorgeous body, and it’s heartbreaking to know there are women who don’t believe that for themselves. The fact that art/magazines/movies etc have changed our view to make us believe that we can only look good if we have a certain body type is awful. I think we girls always look incredible, and I want to celebrate that with my drawings!

Thank you so much for letting me know how this particular drawing made you feel, it really does mean a lot to me!! I wish you all the very best and excellent health for the future! x