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Voltron/Adventure Time crossover~

did mostly everyone, hard to fit Voltron designs with characters from Adventure Time :/

Finn-Lance Jake-Hunk BMO-Pidge Flame Prince-Keith Marshall Lee-Shiro Princess Bubblegum-Allura Peppermint Butler-Coran Lady Rainicorn-Shay

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spaceprincelance  asked:

what about altean body marks or tattoos? i think that might be a neat idea, especially since it seems as though they already have the marks on their face, why not the rest of the body?

i used this as an excuse to doodle allura in a crop top i’m sorry

Also in regards to Coran, i’m thinkin he might have a tattoo hidden somewhere that he doesn’t want anyone to see. Not that it’s bad it’s just he got it when he was a teenager and it’s embarrassing. Either that or he has a massive one on his back that he thinks is super cool and tough. 

headcanon where lance breaks down.

everyone was joking and making fun. and he knew deep down they didn’t quite understand. didn’t quite understand how hurt he was able to get. he wasn’t brave like hunk. he knew that. he wasn’t able to not mind comments like keith. he  wasn’t super smart like pidge. he didn’t show command and he wasn’t steady like his hero, shiro. he was aware of that.

so he goes to the training deck when no one else is awake. he goes to the stars and looks at them, trying to figure out some type of pattern that could help them. he learns altaen when everyone else is having fun. everyone thinks he’s just inside his room, relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

lance tries to find something that will make him indispensable. he stops sleeping for days at a time. he stops going to breakfast. people like him don’t deserve to eat or sleep. only people who actually have something to the table do. he practically lives by this rule.

one day, he collapses under the pressure he puts in himself. no one else is aware of it. until coran comes in. he had noticed that lately the boy has been off. he noticed that someone has been using the training deck because they had logs.

he walks in to lance having a panic attack. he takes the boy in his arms and tries to calm him down, which is slowly working. he’s not used to comforting the humans, but he figures it’s the same as comforting the small child. in this moment, he whispers, “you’re like the son i lost.”

more Voltron/Adventure Time!! this time with more emperor zarkon (ice king)~

(and of course pidge always has rover by her side!)



so like do they get up in each others space often or…