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Headcanon that whiskey also has a speech impediment and that dex is the first frog to adopt him

The tadpoles are certainly an interesting bunch. The two that he’s interacted most with - Tango and Whiskey - couldn’t be more different if they tried. Tango is loud and talkative and unafraid to ask whatever questions come to his mind. Whiskey, though, talks softly, if he talks at all, and he seems much more introverted. Maybe that’s why it takes Dex a week to notice the way Whiskey pauses in the middle of sentences sometimes, the way he clearly avoids some words, the way his jaw works just before he starts a sentence. It’s like looking in a mirror, once he recognizes it, and he wonders how he could’ve missed it.

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(Dexydex) tangos crush on Nursey? I need to know more.

This is super vague still and needs to be BEEFED but I’m still stoked on it. Thanks @poindexterpatrol for letting me scream abt this last night n adding some SOLID points (go follow her, the love of my life).

Ok LOOK I have. canonical evidence for this. Basically Tango meets Nursey on the taddy tour and is like “wow ok I’m smitten” (bc it’s Nursey ummm) but he’s super self conscious abt his crush so he just asks questions abt him to everyone and stares longingly, rather than actually talking to him, hence why he’s always shown w Dex n Chowder (my canonical evidence). He hangs out w them and haggles them for info about Nursey. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but Chowder n Dex love this kid. Anyways. Bitty is the first person Tango comes out to, but Chowder n Dex are the first people he tells abt his crush (everyone kind of…….knew already. except Nursey bc he’s oblivious and too busy staring longingly at Dex so uh) and Tango, like, begs them to help him get a date w Nursey. Chowder, immediately is like “omigod of course!!!11!!1!!1!!” and Dex is like “………ok…………” ummm of course we’ll help you ummmmm but realistically he’s like ‘hm the concept of Nursey dating someone (especially someone ok SMH) makes my stomach churn a lil uncomfortable but I have no idea why I’ll deal w that later it’s probably just indigestion’ ANYWAYS Tango like walks into the Haus one day and Nursey is sitting at the dining room table doing homework or some shit and Tango, actual dweeb of my heart who cannot contain his questions ever, just blurts “HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE W ME SOMETIME?” and Nursey is so floored he kinda just says yes???? Ok so they go out for like food or w/e and Tango is like “ok so this was just a very intense infatuation and I’m not actually into him but I really want to be his friend??” and Nursey is like “awh this guy’s so cute awh” but just in like a friend way. OK SO ANYWAYS PHASE 2 IN WHICH THEY’RE BFFS. Nursey takes Tango to like his dumb artsy fartsy things and poetry readings and Tango accidentally becomes like best friends w all the artsy Samwell kids and they all love him because he’s SO interested in everything and he asks so many questions (and if you’re making ANY form of art and some enthusiastic kid comes by and asks you questions abt your work it just feels so so good,, we art types live4validation). Anyways. Tango starts dating some art kid (bonus points if it’s Foxtrot, the same kid Whiskey has been talking to heyo) and maybe accidentally mentions to Dex that “a lot of Nursey’s poems are about you, I’m pretty sure?? Did you know that, Dex??”

*slams open door to voltron fandom*

WHAT IF: we had like an episode where the team attends some kind of ball or something on an alien planet and they have to dress nicely and the guys are in some nice looking suits and Allura and Pidge are in sparkly dresses (or maybe we could put Keith in a dress or lance or one of the guys just for fun idk) anyway they all go to the ball and like have a good time and we have like a Shallura dance and it’s beautiful and then like maybe some alien prince hits on Keith or something and Lance gets jealous even though he’s hitting on all these alien girls and so Lance asks Keith to dance just to spite the alien prince and they do this like kind of tango or something and it’s even more beautiful and pidge and hunk just have this smug look on their faces cause they know Lance and Keith secretly like each other and this starts the wheel of Klance.

Idk I want Lance and Keith dancing together and the gang going to a ball or festival in space and maybe like Keith in a dress. Idk this just happened.

senaka kara dakishimeteKojima Haruna’s Graduation Concert 

  1. Skirt Hirari with kami7 - After Kojiharu graduates, only Mayuyu will be left. They walked off leaving Mayuyu on the stage. lol.
  2. Shoujotachi yo 
  3. Love Shugyou - (no muto tomu, still. girl has no luck)
  4. 47 no Suteki na Machi e - basically Kojiharu surrounded by kids she probably doesn’t know
  5. Iiwake Maybe - with 16th gen 
  6. Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara  - with AKB48 members. I spot Tano Yuka.
  7. Yobisute Fantasy 
  8. Oogoe Diamond - I spot Yuirii!
  9. Heavy Rotation - Kojiharu doing a lot of running. More Yuirii.
  10. MC with members introducing themselves as Kami7. lol
  11. No clue what they are doing. They’re trying out a sexy concept? and drinking?!
  12. Tanjoubi TANGO - With Annin, Renacchi and a pole. lol I wouldn’t have chose those two members.
  13. Shamu Neko - everyone as cats and a huge scary cat statue. 
  14. Virginity - kojiharu bringing the sexy while everyone else looks like they’re too hard. this is a unexpected song choice. 
  15. Tadaima renaichuu - the first song without kojiharu.
  16. Baby, Baby, Baby - Girls in pink, blue, yellow, red wigs and the most horrible outfit you can think of. Who okay-ed this choice? FIGHT ME.
  17. High Tension - thank god for cute outfits. 
  18. MC - time for me grab a bite.
  19. Kinjirareta Futari - Yuko & Kojiharu
  20. That fake kiss. -_-
  21. Senaka Kara Dakishimete.
  22. Are we not getting a Kojima Natsuki/Mako/Haruna unit? :(
  23. Koi no Plan - ORI TEAM A!! Some terrible live singing. lol It sounds like they don’t even remember the lyrics.
  24. Bye Bye Bye - with Mayuyu and Sakura.
  25. Hoshi no Mukougawa - with Yukirin and Yuihan. They sound better individually. Their voices combined together is a painful experience that one should never have to experience. 
  26. Scandalous ni ikou - with Sasshi
  27. Dakishimeraretara - Yoshida Akari is in a unit
  28. 1994 nen no raimei - with Mariko, Tomochin, Jurina, Takamina. I miss Takamina screaming during an AKB48 concert. lol. There’s something wrong with the sound. 
  29. Junai no Crescendo - No3B. Live singing. 
  30. Sakura no Ki ni Narou - with Acchan!!! and live piano playing. Nostalgia.
  31. I’m not going to get that Natsuki/Mako/Haruna unit, am I? :(
  32. Was that Sakippe on the piano? There was no close up or did I miss it.
  33. Shoot Sign - the outfits are ugly. i can’t decide which one is worse. lol. Yuirii is subbing for someone. 
  34. Encore! Haruna call. there’s definitely a large female audience. reminds me of milky’s grad con. 
  35. Just realised that they didn’t perform Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
  36. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? (Kojiharu solo ver.) - I knew it. It wouldn’t be a first gen grad without this song. Kojiharu is suspended on a swing while wearing a wedding dress. 
  37. Oh wait the first gen just joined her! Their outfits are pretty. 
  38. Aozora no Soba ni Ite 
  39. Sakura no Hanabiratachi - Jurina is crying.
  40. 10nen zakura - Miki crying. Kojiharu looked for Yukirin, hugged her and ran off the stage.
  41. First Rabbit - time to play spot your oshi!
  42. I’m holding out for that 3Kojima unit. Please deliver.
  43. Heart Gata Virus - Kojiharu is back in a different dress floating in a hot air balloon. Versus are by Kojiharu and chorus is sung by all. 
  44. She’s running out into a limousine. lol 
  45. Grazie AKB48. 
  46. The limo drove away. hahaha. omg. wtf.
  47. end. 

I need more whiskey and tango. Together, not together, talking, sitting in amicable silence, literally anything.

Like someone give me the two of them curled up on the Haus couch Tango chattering away about all the things he learned that day being like “Didja know that Kent Parson and Jack Zimmermann used to be best friends and maybe even more?” And just yammering on with Whiskey just staring in awe or answering with nods and pretending to look disinterested in order to hide how much affection he feels for this guy.

Or the two of them stargazing with Whiskey using his Space Gay TM knowledge to point out the constellations in the sky above them from Orion to Scorpio to Libra, before moving on to the bright red Mars and finding the Pleiades. They have to lie head to head feet facing opposite directions so that if they just turn their heads they are kissing but are actually that way cuz it’s the best way for Whiskey to answer Tangos questions of course.

Honestly I would settle for another “Yo Tony” at this point. But I could really use them being friends at least or some info on Whiskey’s mysterious LAX bro. Just Whiskey and Tango

Some Late Night/Early Morning Qrow and Winter Tango.
i just want them to kiss and be super sensual with eachother.

I’ll redraw this some other time

4  hours spent poorly tbh

i feel like whiskey is the kind of person who like, finds a kitten on the side of the road or something as he’s going to class and just picks it up, takes it with him. and so he sits down in the classroom next to his best friend & sets all of his books down and he just goes “hey, hey tango. tango look.” and then he just opens up his hoodie pocket up a little bit and a lil baby kitten head pops out 

and then like tango shouts for a split second and then he just gets the happiest face like “oh my go d???? what???? where did you find it???? is it a boy or a girl???? have you named her???? what’s her name???? can we keep her????”

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➳♥ - your choice

Send ‘➳♥’ and I’ll generate a number 1-34 for where my muse will kiss yours

4. Nose Kiss

Eames took a job that Arthur had begged him not to. The darker haired male’s protestations had gone largely unheard and Arthur had refused to speak to Eames the entire three days leading up to Eames’ departure.

Arthur had ignored calls and requests for dinner. It wasn’t fair, he knew that, but he stayed away because he figured distancing himself was easier. This was what they did… This tango where they got close and pulled away.

Years they had been working together, years of playful flirtation and heated meetings in foreign hotel rooms, yet nothing more had come of it. Even though, when Arthur looked at Eames, he felt like his heart was just going to jump right out of his chest and into the Brit’s arms. He loved Eames, as much as he wouldn’t admit it. That’s what made the danger of the job all the more difficult to face.

It was only after Eames had been hooked up to the PASIV did Arthur show up at head quarters. He had not been invited and had stolen the information from Eames but the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach would not subside.

It was only a few hours but the levels of the dream were complicated and Arthur was terrified that Eames would slip into limbo. When the kick finally pulled him from his slumber, Arthur was so overcome with relief that he acted completely out of nature and leaned in, holding the older man’s face in both his hands, planting a soft and sweet kiss to the end of Eames’ nose.

“Thought you weren’t going to wake up, Mr. Eames.”

Request: Never Knew

Request: Happy Wednesday! I’m cutting it close here with the time, but could I request one where the boys are bored and Googling themselves and they look up the reader and see her in a musical? (Maybe doing “Cell Block Tango”?) The reader is embarrassed but Sam (her boyfriend) thinks it’s cute and ends in fluff? Thank you! Xx

Word Count: 863

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3


The title blares across the top of the screen in violently crimson letters, followed by pictures of the most wanted criminals of the moment. At the top?

Sam and Dean Winchester. Wanted for murder, assault, grave desecration, fraud, impersonating FBI officers, grand theft auto, kidnapping, breaking out of jail…

As more information is revealed, beneath the list of crimes, another word printed in bold, black letters.


“This sucks. All you get is pages like this.” Dean groans, shifting on his seat.

“Kinda unfair.” Sam agrees. They’ve probably had this discussion a thousand times, but nonetheless, they do it again.

“There’s nothing good when you search us.”

“Well, what else are we meant to do?” Sam leans back, groaning. They’re bored senseless, and you went out to get lunch, leaving them in the motel. There’s a moment of dull silence, and then Dean gets an idea.

“Give it here!” Dean demands, grabbing the laptop and spinning it to face him. Sam looks at his brother, somewhat intrigued.

“Dude, what are you-”

“Shh,” Dean holds up a finger, typing something into the little box. He presses search, and spins the laptop back to Sam.

Y/N Y/L/N fills the box at the top. Sam instantly slams the laptop shut.

“No way.”

“What, you don’t want to know what your girlfriend’s been up to?”

“It just feels like… invasion of privacy. There might be something she doesn’t want us to see, that she hasn’t told us for a reason.” Sam reasons, but his curiosity is getting the better of him quickly. It only takes the quirk of one eyebrow from Dean and he reopens the laptop.

The first result is from a news website.

Local family killed in freak slaughter, one survivor.

Sam clicks on it, scanning through the article. One sentence in particular catches his attention.

Miss Y/L/N declined to comment, though her car was seen driving away from the town two days after the accident. She has not been seen since.

The page is dated just over four years ago – it was the October, and you met them at new year. Sam’s eyes widen – you’d never told him about the conditions of your parents’ deaths, and from the sounds of the article, it was pretty brutal.

“What does that say?” Dean grins, pointing out a sentence at the end of the article.

Speculations suggest this could be an attack on Miss Y/L/N’s family after her success in the local production of Chicago last month.

“Y/N was in Chicago?” Sam’s eyes widen, “That’s new.”

“Search that!” Dean demands, and Sam nods, adding ‘Chicago’ to the search box. It pops up straight away.

Y/N Y/L/N in Chicago’s Cell Block Tango!

Sam doesn’t even hesitate before clicking on the video. The music starts up, the set’s lights spinning over the stage. They’re entranced as you appear on stage, a confident smirk over your features.

Halfway through the song, the motel room door opens, and you step into the room. It takes mere moments for you to recognise the music and to let out a yelp of surprise, and another moment for Sam to tear his attention away from the video and slam the laptop shut, effectively silencing the clip.

“You did not find that.” You can feel your face roasting as you set the plastic bag containing the lunch onto the table.

“It’s awesome!” Dean insists, and you shake your head.

“It’s cringey!” You mumble, “How the hell did you find it?”

“Dean googled you.” Sam shifts the blame onto his brother, who barely manages to shift the look on his face into annoyance before Sam speaks again, “Y/N, you never told me.”

“Because I didn’t want you to see! I’m not a performer. Not anymore.” You run a hand through your hair, “It’s just awkward.”

“Can you still get your leg up that high?” Dean asks, and you turn to see him with one eyebrow raised.

“Ask your brother.” You wink, earning a laugh from Sam and a disgusted look from Dean.

“I’m gonna eat outside.” He says, grabbing his sandwich and exiting the room hastily. You grin.

“Seriously, though, I never knew how talented you were.” Sam reaches out, lacing your fingers with his, “That was amazing.”

You find yourself blushing even redder, looking at the ground. Sam leans in, kissing your forehead.

“You’re insanely talented. You should sing more often, too.” He smiles, “I love you. Every bit of you. Musicals, family, whatever comes up.”

You grin, “I love you too, nosy or not.” You wink, leaning up and pressing your lips to his. He smiles against your mouth, arms circling your waist lightly and pulling you into him.

“I’m gonna make you sing to me every day, did you know that?”

“Not a chance.”

“Not even for me?” He pulls out the puppy eyes, and you groan, resting your forehead against his.

“I hate you.” You tell him good-naturedly, “Maybe once in a while.”

“You’re the best.”

“I know.”

more hispanic tango, for your reading pleasure (ft. latinx whiskey):

● he treats frozen taquitos like bitty treats pre made pie crust or boxed cake mix, which is to say he glares at everyone if they even think about suggesting it

● when he first comes to the haus, he’s looking through the fridge for something to eat but all he can find is a: butter and b: frozen taquitos

● his first thought is “wow that’s a lot of butter” followed immediately by “I can’t believe these people eat this”

● tango goes to whiskey all like “whisk come on you understand right you’re a mexican how do these people eat this” and whiskey’s response is just “dude my dad is white I love frozen taquitos”

● tango refuses to even acknowledge that they’re in the freezer bc honestly what kind of white nonsense but it’s safe to say that at any given moment whiskey has a plate of frozen taquitos in front of him at the kitchen table

● “you’ve betrayed us you’ve betrayed our people how do you live with yourself” -tango probably

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'Dancing With the Stars' Rehearsals Exclusive: Nyle DiMarco Does It Blindfolded
It’s usually time to break out the tissues when Dancing With the Stars does its Most Memorable Year routines, but it looks like behind the scenes there’s more laughing than crying.

It’s usually time to break out the tissues when Dancing With the Stars does its Most Memorable Year routines, but it looks like behind the scenes there’s more laughing than crying. We snagged an exclusive clip of Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd rehearsing their tango for this week’s Most Memorable Year dance, and it’s not only funny, but we get to see Nyle shirtless, which is always a good thing.

After a particularly good tango run, Nyle boasts that he can do the dance blindfolded. Considering the America’s Next Top Model winner is also deaf, this could prove to be a challenge, but dude is dead serious as he pulls off his shirt to make a blindfold. Eat your heart out, Derek and Bindi!

“We have no way of communicating with Nyle right now,” Peta says with a laugh.

Check out the clip above to see Nyle and Peta’s most memorable rehearsal. Below, see how their partnership began.


Apocalyptica in Wolverhampton 24/11/2015 part 3

Tried to fix the overload of orange in my O3O pic with Eicca, but we still look a bit tangoed. XD I couldn’t stop laughing at the pic all night (probably the next day and beyond as well) and began to feel like an idiot laughing at her own joke, but then Eicca liked it on instagram and the mental image him giggling to himself in his bunk just made me like it even more XD

for your pleasure:

“oh, that reminds me!! jack, honey you shoulda seen the faces on the tadpoles when rans told them you’d be coming to the game! now whiskey is a bit standoffish (oh lord, i gotta tell you about the awful lax bros he’s been hanging around with) and he hasn’t…??..to the team and haus….??…the other tadpoles (which worries me…..??…more than thrilled to order your jersey! he actually…??? now tango is a different case, he & whiskey…??…but that poor thing – not the sharpest skate….??…mean. and oh! holster and lardo….? thursday…??…and haha tango…..”

what we learned:

  • whiskey + lax bros = confirmed
  • the tadpoles admire jack
    • enough to lose their cool when ordering jack’s jersey!!!
  • bitty thinks whiskey is standoffish :O 
    • looks like i will have to fight my son to protect my other, smaller son
  • tango isn’t the sharpest skate u_u oh my sweet child

what we don’t know:

  • whiskey and tango’s dynamic..do they get along do they love each other like r&h or dex & nursey??!?
  • what did holster and lardo do on thursday???
Norway Anon: Sway With Me.

When you’re driving 1500+ miles alone in 3 days’ time, it’s shocking how much time you have to organize your thoughts (I also composed several fanfics in my head but don’t know what to do with them.)  

Dec 17, 2014 evening performance of Sway

Since I have shared with you my Maks Encounter, the next most important things that night (just kidding) were M&M’s Argentine Tango and Rumba.  I have also looked at the original AT again.  I remembered thinking when I saw it the first time that I had never seen Maks appear so nervous.  He danced beautifully of course, but I felt like he never took a breath until it was over.  Evan walking to the judges table, his face was so serious.  When they played the “Just you and me” clip, it confirmed those thoughts.  He was much more relaxed in their freestyle, but I think he was worried about the Tango and how it would stand up to Val’s version with Meryl which was pretty spectacular and could have jeopardized the judges’ opinions of theirs.

The fact that the music for Sway was canned (tape) as opposed to the live music on DWTS, accounts, I think, for some of the changes.  The dances were shorter because the set-ups and endings were different and also I felt that the tempo of the music was a little faster, making the dances even shorter.  The average dance on DWTS is between 60 and 65 seconds.  The Sway dances were about 57 seconds long including the entrances and endings.

When Meryl came out for the Rumba in that costume I honestly had a moment when I said to myself, “That’s not the way this dance starts and the music is wrong!” even though I knew they’d be dancing Rumba.  Muscle memory?  How about freestyle memory?  Again there were small edits with which you are all familiar, thanks to the videos that have been posted.  Both dances were beautifully romantic and sensual and it was as if they were dancing in their own little bubble, oblivious to the rest of us (despite much whistling, howling and applause)and totally enjoying the moment together on stage.  BTW, was I the only one that noticed Maks’ thumbs in the pictures that have been posted??  Oh, and the “peephole” in the black costume was there on DWTS.

At the curtain call they came out gazing at each other and were very cute, holding hands at the back of the cast, Maks whispering in her ear.  I wanted it to go on and on.

The M&G was, as everyone has pointed out, chaotic and way too crowded for the room where it was held.  Maks, Val and Tony did their best to accommodate requests for pictures, as did the ladies, but it was miserably hot and the crush of people trying to get to them required Merv to gently push people back. All of the girls were so petite even with gigantic heels and Meryl was still the tiniest.  But they are all muscle and curves and gorgeous. Val is so approachable and is really a sweetheart.  It’s obvious that he loves his fans and wants them to get his full attention.

I spoke with Meryl’s Mom and Dad a couple of times and they were very, very pleasant.  They seem to be on great terms with the Fam C, and when M&M came over near the end, there was much hugging.  Someone said to her dad, “They’re really cute together” and he smiled.  I did overhear Cheryl telling someone that “He takes really good care of her.”

My biggest point about this was thinking about how friends might end the evening.  Meryl could have said, “Since Mom and Dad are here and I have to fly out early I’m going to stay with them tonight.” OR since Jenna is her BFF “I’m just gonna crash with Jenna tonight.” BUT Maks ushered her out very protectively and appears to have taken her home with him and unless they went to an undisclosed location on the island, it’s an hour drive to his home on a good day and time.  The most telling thing, however, was when they were heading for the door, they passed right by me.  Maks was on her left.  Their arms were around each other and she reached across her body with her free hand to hold his other hand.  Just fingers were touching, but that extra effort to have contact.  Friends my Foot!!!

I did say goodbye to Grandma Sofiya in Russian and she turned and replied back to me which was really sweet.


Thank you so much for sharing. And I say it again, I wish I had been there.


SO while I am currently unable to record for the next few days at the very least, I’ve got my eyes on a new project (entirely for kicks and giggles) that’s gonna require some extra help!

I’m looking for 5 FEMALE VOCALISTS with relatively good quality singing chops/microphones/recording setups to fill the roles of the 6 merry murderesses from Chicago’s CELL BLOCK TANGO 

Linked above is a lyrical video for the song in question. The song itself requires more acting than singing, per say, so you will need to be comfortable with some voice acting! Each part has its own small bit of dialogue that requires some hammin’ up to the mic. 

I am NOT currently looking to fill any specific roles, however as I gauge interest I will begin making notes of which parts are still readily available. This project will likely not begin for some time, so consider this an incredibly early casting call!

Reply or reblog this post if you are interested! My inbox can get pretty cluttered, so I want to make sure I don’t miss anybody who is interested by keeping everybody’s information in one place! Thanks in advance!


One more drawing for the Let’s Draw Discworld July challenge (Space AU), inspired by this great Discworld/Pacific Rim post by sobdasha, where Angua, Cheery and Sally team up to pilot a Jaeger Kuckuck as a group.

Through an amazing coincidence deep and thorough planning, it looks like Yennork Tango ended up getting colored a shade that’s quite close to Tango pink. Yay, serendipity!