but this looks more like a tango

Second character design for Dancing Knight Fever (The current name for the dancing rhythm rpg idea I’m conceptualizing). He’s the leader of a desert gang of dancing skeleton baddies that specialize in tango. Still want to refine his design but I’m enjoying his first pass. 

prince in training

~3k, rated T

Sterek ficlet inspired by this: “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au

This is kind of Princess-Diaries-ish. I know that’s been done before in this fandom (and thank god it has—it’s awesome), but I couldn’t help myself. Yay for self-indulgence!


Stiles thought the most annoying thing about suddenly being a royal heir to a small eastern European kingdom he’s never heard of would be the hyper-aggressive paparazzi, but he was dead wrong.

The most annoying thing is actually Derek Hale, the guy Stiles’ grandmother hired to teach Stiles how not to screw this up.

“Princes don’t chew with their mouths open, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t shove an entire fistful of curly fries in their mouths, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t wear pink-and-green plaid shirts from Target, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t slouch.”

They don’t slump, either, or yawn or sneeze or cough in public, or fist-pump, or drive beat-up old blue Jeeps, or wear bright colors, or rock out to the radio, or do anything fun.

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Headcanon that whiskey also has a speech impediment and that dex is the first frog to adopt him

The tadpoles are certainly an interesting bunch. The two that he’s interacted most with - Tango and Whiskey - couldn’t be more different if they tried. Tango is loud and talkative and unafraid to ask whatever questions come to his mind. Whiskey, though, talks softly, if he talks at all, and he seems much more introverted. Maybe that’s why it takes Dex a week to notice the way Whiskey pauses in the middle of sentences sometimes, the way he clearly avoids some words, the way his jaw works just before he starts a sentence. It’s like looking in a mirror, once he recognizes it, and he wonders how he could’ve missed it.

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Girl, I saw this close up picture of Yuzu once with like stubble or something (not sure but sure look a bit like stubble), and now I can't stop imagining him with facial hair and his LGC hair style. Daym.

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“You tease me
Oh, please me
I want you to be my love toy
Come near me
Don’t fear me
I just can’t get enough of you, boy”

Gunther - Ding Dong Song

I swear…I dare someone to make a fan mv of Yuzu with this song. I would die.

Why a moustache you ask?

Well, he only has a moustache stubble.

Yuzu could tango toe-to-toe with Javi…

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this shows so much of their characters though. like chowder and dex are computer science majors (i think. chowder has never been confirmed but he did take a class with dex his first year and was talking to tango about it so for this post i’m rolling with it). they’re methodical, they cover all the bases knowing that the more fliers they hang, the more likely it is they’ll find someone who will fit what they’re looking for. 

nursey however is an english major, more specifically he likes poetry. it’s something very personal, especially if your subject matter is a person/people as you have to have an understanding of human nature at least somewhat and you have to observe your surroundings to to make inferences about them so you can have something to write about. he uses this ability to find people who he thinks would be good managers, and it works. 

11. Flirting // Nurseydex

« {Part 11 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: there’s a lot more whiskey in this than i initially intended, because i suddenly remembered that i’m actually in love with him. so… enjoy?

“You call that a slap shot, Nursey? That puck was going so slow a nine-year-old could have stopped it barehanded.”

“Tch. You’re just saying that because your last three shots went two feet wide and you’re intimidated by my mad skills.”

“What mad skills? You shoot like you’re playing mini golf.”

“At least I’ve got aim. You probably couldn’t hit the goal if it was the size of, like, a Zamboni.”

“I can hit a lot of things.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it.”

“…Are they really still going?” Tango asked Whiskey as they watched Dex and Nursey squabbling on the ice. It was eight in the morning, and practice had ended half an hour ago, but the two D-men were still on the ice trying to finish their game of Call Your Shot. At this point, it was getting a little ridiculous.

“They’re definitely… resilient,” Whiskey allowed. “Their endurance is impressive.”

“I know. Also—I can’t believe they still have insults left to throw at each other? Like, wouldn’t they have run out by now?”

“Insults?” Whiskey asked, turning to Tango and raising an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t call those insults, Tony.”

“Then what would you call them?”

“Flirting,” Whiskey said flatly.

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ryleigh-and-cats  asked:

(Dexydex) tangos crush on Nursey? I need to know more.

This is super vague still and needs to be BEEFED but I’m still stoked on it. Thanks @poindexterpatrol for letting me scream abt this last night n adding some SOLID points (go follow her, the love of my life).

Ok LOOK I have. canonical evidence for this. Basically Tango meets Nursey on the taddy tour and is like “wow ok I’m smitten” (bc it’s Nursey ummm) but he’s super self conscious abt his crush so he just asks questions abt him to everyone and stares longingly, rather than actually talking to him, hence why he’s always shown w Dex n Chowder (my canonical evidence). He hangs out w them and haggles them for info about Nursey. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but Chowder n Dex love this kid. Anyways. Bitty is the first person Tango comes out to, but Chowder n Dex are the first people he tells abt his crush (everyone kind of…….knew already. except Nursey bc he’s oblivious and too busy staring longingly at Dex so uh) and Tango, like, begs them to help him get a date w Nursey. Chowder, immediately is like “omigod of course!!!11!!1!!1!!” and Dex is like “………ok…………” ummm of course we’ll help you ummmmm but realistically he’s like ‘hm the concept of Nursey dating someone (especially someone ok SMH) makes my stomach churn a lil uncomfortable but I have no idea why I’ll deal w that later it’s probably just indigestion’ ANYWAYS Tango like walks into the Haus one day and Nursey is sitting at the dining room table doing homework or some shit and Tango, actual dweeb of my heart who cannot contain his questions ever, just blurts “HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE W ME SOMETIME?” and Nursey is so floored he kinda just says yes???? Ok so they go out for like food or w/e and Tango is like “ok so this was just a very intense infatuation and I’m not actually into him but I really want to be his friend??” and Nursey is like “awh this guy’s so cute awh” but just in like a friend way. OK SO ANYWAYS PHASE 2 IN WHICH THEY’RE BFFS. Nursey takes Tango to like his dumb artsy fartsy things and poetry readings and Tango accidentally becomes like best friends w all the artsy Samwell kids and they all love him because he’s SO interested in everything and he asks so many questions (and if you’re making ANY form of art and some enthusiastic kid comes by and asks you questions abt your work it just feels so so good,, we art types live4validation). Anyways. Tango starts dating some art kid (bonus points if it’s Foxtrot, the same kid Whiskey has been talking to heyo) and maybe accidentally mentions to Dex that “a lot of Nursey’s poems are about you, I’m pretty sure?? Did you know that, Dex??”

Bouquets and Clichés

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Amidst the champagne, bad food, and terrible bridesmaid dresses could lie the start of a very good love story.

Warning: omg this is the 2nd most cliché thing I’ve ever written

“Y/N! There you are!” Wanda sidles up to you, hands delicately clutching the bottom of her dress so she doesn’t step on it. “We’re having a hairspray crisis.”

You just laugh, adding the finishing touch to your makeup. “There’s another can in my bag. Seriously, though, how much hairspray can four women go through in one day?”

Wanda spills out all the contents of your bag looking for the extra hairspray. She finally finds it and lets out a victory cry, rushing back into the other dressing area. You follow her, laughing to yourself. There’s already a cloud of hairspray forming from where Wanda is attacking Sharon’s hair with it.

Your heart lights up with happiness when you see Natasha. You can’t remember a time when she’s ever glowed this much. Her red hair is perfectly curled, and her ivory dress is impeccable. The skirt hugs to her frame, showing off her physique. The front comes around in a halter neck but her back is left bare. It’s the most beautiful you’ve ever seen your friend, and you couldn’t be happier for her.

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pro-snape  asked:

Hi, I heard your ask box was empty, so how about a thing with the uf, ut, us, sf skele-bros who have an s/o that really love to dance to Hispanic songs and like tango and Fox truat, and all that cool stuff like the dancing off take the lead, and the s/o always want them to join on the dancing.

4 character rule, so I’ll only do the Papyruses this time. Also I don’t know where you got that from lol, I had over 43 asks in my inbox xD Also I know nothing of dancing please forgive me

UT!Papyrus: He loves that kind of music, and he’ll gladly dance with you if you want. He’s not really the best at it in the beginning, but if you help him learn the steps he’ll soon be a pro. It’s a nice way to bond and learn to trust the other person, and he always wants to learn more dance moves and train to become better. 

US!Papyrus: He is way to lazy to dance around for too long. If you’re really lucky, he’ll twirl you around a little as you dance on your own. And maybe if he’s in a really good mood he’ll do some of the easier steps. But you’re going to have to use your puppy eyes on him. He loves watching you dance though. 

UF!Papyrus: He is a very passionate dance partner, and his favorite is tango. When he dances, he means business, and it’s not really romantic at all. It’s like two rivals having a fierce battle where they throw each other around, but gracefully. Sometimes he’ll go a little softer and dance more like your boyfriend and not your opponent.

SF!Papyrus: He’s not super into dancing, but if it makes you happy he’ll suffer through it. Except after a while he thinks it’s kinda fun, and sometimes he’ll start dancing with you without you having to ask. He loves how your eyes sparkle and you look so happy and at ease.

Dakavendish Headcanons

I promised these like five days ago Jesus Christ what was I doing

•Vinnie is the more experienced of the two, having completed at LEAST one mission before being paired with Balthazar
•Though Vinnie is laid back and pretty much nonchalant about everything, there are times where he does take his job seriously. A serious Vinnie is a scary Vinnie and Balthazar has seen this only a few times in their partnership
•Balthazar sometimes forgets that Vinnie is a trained Time Traveler and is ashamed to admit he gets impressed with Vinnie when he actually does his job
•They indulge one another such as Vinnie buying lunch where Balthazar wants to and Balthazar taking them to the zoo on non pistachio related terms
•Balthazar is somewhat afraid of big dogs, but Vinnie could hug a dog that’s both twice his size and looks like it wants to eat his kidneys
•"Just pet it. She’s not gonna bite.“
•"Dakota, I swear. Take that devil beast back where you found it!”
•Balthazar hands are always cold and Vinnie’s hands are always hot, so they usually hold hands
•When they tell the organization that they’re in a finally relationship, it’s more of a shock that they weren’t beforehand
•Vinnie can dance to any type of music while Balthazar can sing any genre of lyrical music (this doesn’t mean he WILL)
•Vinnie’s favorite is Mambo/Salsa/Tango and Swing dances because he gets to pull Balthazar into it, whether he wants to or not
•He prefers tango over swing because he likes to fluster Balthazar with the more sensual moves it includes at times
•"I told you, I don’t like to tango.“
•"Not even the horizontal kind?”
•Vinnie needs a hug a day. Just one. Or more, if you want.
•Vinnie has to raise on his toes to get a kiss and Balthazar, being the cheeky bastard he is, rises up on his toes to stay out of reach
•Vinnie eventually just yanks him down
•But sometimes Balthazar picks him up instead
•It’s not uncommon to find an asleep Vinnie curled up next to a barely awake and still working Balthazar
•"What the…. Balthazar, it’s like three in the morning, go to sleep.“
•"I don’t get tired, I get results.
•This, of course, comes back to bite him in the ass and he sleeps almost twelve hours after he passes out, leaving Vinnie to do their job by himself (not that he minds)

latino smh headcanons
  •  latino nursey is very quiet in english and very loud in spanish.
    • everything about him is louder in spanish tbh even his laugh turns into this giant high pitched howl. 
  •  while the difference is most drastic in nursey, both tango and whiskey also raise their volume. 
    • whiskey also relaxes 10x more like hes kinda uptight just a general rule but around other latinos? its like his whole personality changes. 
  • listen, also? tv is such an important part for them to connect w/ the hispanic world?? 
    • nuestro bellessa latina is so important that they dvr it but also all try very hard to schedule around it, so they can watch it in person.
    •  since nurseys not as into futbòl as tango and whiskey are, its really the climax of his life as a latino. 
  • tango cant eat spicy things.
    • he Just Cant
    • Like not even the tiniest of sprinkle of jalapeño on tortilla chips
  • nursey is unhealthily addicted to coffee, like cuban coffee that’s just basically a straight shot of espresso. not for the faint of heart. its like liquid adrenaline 
    • tango tried it once and like, could barely exist on the same plane as us mere mortals
  • whiskey also lowkey makes fun of everyone else’s accents because he grew up in puerto rico up until highschool so his spanish is excellent but he also thinks its really cute when people fuck up esp tango
    • tango has a complicated relationship with spanish bc hes always afraid of sounding too hispanic when saying things like latino countries or specific words that he cant help but say with an accent and then people look at him weird because he doesn’t look hispanic
  • tango is honestly a telenovela encyclopedia. u name it, hes seen it, can quote the most iconic scenes, and will act them out at any given time
  • whiskey is absolutely his abuelita’s child like. he calls her every couple of days if not every day he loves her so so much and nursey chirps the shit out of him for it but really he’s just lowkey jealous whiskey is so close with his family.
  • tango is also jewish and people are often very confused about how that works because both of his parents are argentinean. tango just confuses them more by trying to explain it.
  • all of them just sort of speak a unique blend of all of the slang from their respective countries like they have all just accepted the many different forms “im drunk” or “dude” or “drinking straw” come in. but the curse words that are common phrases in one country and horribly offensive in the other are a constant issue tbh
  • tango and whiskey are fabulous dancers. nursey, bless him, tries his hardest. he truly does. he just really has two left feet off of the ice
  • whiskey is truly an impressive drinker. all three of them can hold their liquor well but whiskey is just. stellar at it. he started drinking at like 13 and enters college as a seasoned alcoholic. (just kidding hes not an alcoholic!(actually tbh its hard to tell but lets just say he isnt))
  • i could forreal go on forever about this so i’m just gonna end it here: they all hate being called mexican, tango and whiskey especially (yes it’s partially about futbòl). there is something about being misidentified so grossly that really grinds ones gears. hence the gratuitous amount of clothing/memorabilia each of them own based on their nationalities.
    • if u think tango doesnt own a big argentinian flag that he definitely ties around his neck when appropriately timed, ur wrong
    • how many puerto rico tshirts can whiskey own? answer: an obscene amount. like for real at least 4 or 5. they’re both very extra
Let’s Tango (Yugyeom fanfic)

Summary: When some of his friends get a little too close to you when dancing, Yugyeom gets furious.
Genre: Fluff/ Sugestive
Length: 1.3k (I cut it into two because it was getting to long) Part 2

“You want to go dance tonight?” He doesn’t look up from his phone as he asks you. “Yeah … Jackson already asked me to go with you guys.” you say, him still focused on his phone. “Oh…” he says, looking up now. “Well, save me a dance, okay?” he asks with a smirk. You walk over and kiss his on his forehead. “I’m gonna get ready, yeah?” He nods and you walk over to the closet. After changing a bunch of times, you are left between a tight black dress or a white coctaildress. 

You quickly decide on the black, since your white dress would be ruined in a nightclub. You put it on and touch up your make-up for the last time. The black dress was a little revealing, with a deep v-neck showing a lot of cleavage. It was also really short, coming just under your butt. But you had already decided, so you were not going to change again. Jackson had said he would be picking you guys up, so you put on some black pumps and run over to the door when you hear knocking. As you open it, Jackson’s mouth almost drops to the floor. 

“Wow… you look so good.“ You blush at his heartfelt compliment and call out to your boyfriend. "Yugyeom, Jackson is here.” He walks out of the bedroom and walks over to you guys. “Okay, I–” he looks up and sees your outfit, dropping his mouth wide open. “Babe?” his eyes are wide as he comes over to you. “Don’t you think that’s a little– short?” He asks, wrapping his arms around you. “We don’t have time to change, babe, it’ll have to do.” You say, walking out with Jackson. As you get to the car, you see BamBam get out to hug you. 

You walk over and give him a tight hug. “Hey Y/N, you look- …wow– amazing.” You blush, looking down at your feet and he opens the door for you. You get in the backseat, next to JB. He greets you, throwing a subtle glance at your outfit but then looking out when Yugyeom gets in the car. “I claim a dance, alright?” he whispers in your ear with a sweet smile. You nod and Mark drives you guys over to the club. 

It was really warm in there, but it started getting really hot when JB took your hand and pulls you over to the dance floor, a ton of people pressing you two together closely. Cake by the Ocean comes on as you walk on the dancefloor. You smile as he pulls you closer, placing his hands on your hips. You follow his example and swing your hands around his neck. You giggle as he makes your hips move by his hands, but then you get more relaxed. Your bodies move to the upbeat rhythm. 

He turns you around in a elegant turn and pulls you close to him. Even though your bodies were really close together, you enjoyed it because he was a really good dancer and moved you without a problem. You turn around again and slowly get down, dragging your fingers over his chest. You didn’t mean anything by it, of course. You were just really enjoying dancing again in a long time. You get back up and smile wide at him as the music fades out. 

Now, the song was finnished and you felt yourself get pulled out of JB’s grip. You squeak as you bump into Jackson, who has a huge smirk on his face. “My turn.” A slower song comes on, and he places his hands on the small of your back. “Let’s tango.” You look at him with wide eyes. “I don’t know how.” He smiles even wider. “I’ll teach you.” He lets his hand travel down the side of your leg, giving you small goosebumps. 

He grabs it gently under your knee and lifts it up placing it down between his legs. “Like this.” You nod and then he grabs your hand and starts moving back and forward. You do the same and soon you are dancing a, somewhat decent, tango. “Y/N, you have to relax more.” He flips you around and presses his hot body against your back. While you move your bodies in synch, you throw a look over to the bar. 

BamBam is looking at you, gently biting his lip. He puts up his thumb and you blush because you are actually dancing the tango right. Then you see Yugyeom staring at you and Jackson. You smile at him, but he doesn’t seem very happy. Jackson sees you looking, so he turns you back around to face him. Sliding his hands down to your hips again, he pulls you even closer to him. Your bodies are now so close together you can feel the movement of his muscles. 

Your face was probably bright red because you were so hot. Jackson looks at you with a grin. “Wanna keep going or do you need a break?” he asks, your faces almost too close together. Even though you were glowing, you didn’t really want to stop dancing. You shake your head and wrap your hands around his shoulders, pushing your hips to his. He smirks wide sliding his hand around your waist, turning you around. He presses his body against you softly, but you feel something poke your butt. 

He chuckles when you look back at him with wide eyes. “Don’t mind it. Just dance.” he whispers, his warm breath tickeling your neck. You start moving again when all of a sudden, someone pulls you away roughly, pulling you with, out of the main hall. “Aw” You turn around to see Yugyeom facing you, his face blushing but with angry eyes. “Are you enjoying yourself?” he asks, his voice loud and scarily mad. “Y-yeah..” you say, looking at your feet. He grabs your wrist dragging you out of the club.

“Wh– what? Where are we going?” you ask confused, but he doesn’t answer you. He takes out his phone and calls someone. “Can you take us home?” he asks, his voice shaky because of how angry he was. You decide it is best not to protest so you just stand there for a couple of minutes. Mark walks out of the club, and walks over to the two of you. “Leaving so soon already?” Yugyeom just nods and Mark opens the car, getting in the front seat. For the whole ride home, the whole car stays quiet, with Mark looking back every once in a while. 

He wasn’t used to you being so quiet. When you get home, Yugyeom just drags you behind him, leaving Mark behind confused. “Babe…” you whisper when his grip gets a little too tight. He lets go of you and opens the door, pushing you inside. When the door closes, he sighs out deep. “What the fuck, Y/N?” He walks over to you, making you back up. His voice didn’t sound mad anymore, it was so soft it scared you more. He keeps walking to you until you hit your back against the wall. “You like to embaress me?” His eyes are piercing in yours, making you shrink down. 

You slowly shake no, looking back up at him. “But I don’t get why you are mad.” You almost whisper it. “First, you wear a dress that you should only wear with me, and then you are grinding up on not one, but two of my friends while all the rest watches you.” You bite your lip. His voice was so deep and soft, it was terrifying. “We were just dancing, baby.” He turns around and doesn’t say anything. After a couple of seconds, he turns around and pins you against the wall. 

Sorry for cutting it off so randomly, but it was getting to long and not everyone likes to read smut, so all the smut is for the next part ;)

CSJJ Day 31: “Knead Your Loving”

A/N: Here it is, the final day of @csjanuaryjoy! I am so happy to be the endcap on what has been a fantastic month!! Have some lighthearted smut-glitter with inferences of terrible pornos. Thanks to @sambethe for looking this over and finding all my dumb errors and liking the same silly things I like about this one. (FYI: I have been up for 20 hours and worked both jobs today, finished this fic, and had too much caffeine. Please forgive me for such a title.)

Prompt: My friend keeps lecturing me on the importance of self care and I booked a massage to shut them up.. But my masseuse is the anonymous stranger I fucked at Christmas.

Rating: M to be safe?

So far, 2017 has been… less than kind to Emma Swan. That’s the way she’s putting it right now, at least. She won’t claim it’s anywhere as bad as 2016 – she’ll give it a couple more months before she claims that. But January has not been very gentle with her.

The colder-than-average weather means everything hurts just a little more. Running after criminals in bitter chill doesn’t work as well as in the more temperate weather, so she’s bruised and bumped and has spent more nights with her feet in a tub of hot water than she can really count.

There’s a text waiting for her when she gets home from work, Snow’s cheery message of greeting reminding her there’s a reason she got her a gift certificate to the local spa.

“Treat yo’ self,” Emma mutters out loud, her eyes gliding across the letters as they appear in the message. She can’t remember the last time she did something as simple as relax. She’s been perpetually on the move for what feels like her whole life, but at least the pace she keeps now is up to her instead of being shoved from one home to another in the foster process.

She closes out of the messaging app and dials the number on the certificate before she can talk herself out of the decision. There’s still another week before her son comes back from a winter vacation with his adoptive mother, and it might be nice to hit the reset button in celebration of the new year. Get a massage, clean house, refocus herself, and be ready for whatever the next eleven months might throw at her.

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Miraculous Rent

Words: 1935
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rated: Teen for language
SummaryThe ot4 have to do a project for class that includes them choosing an original play/musical and compare it to the modern adaptation. Adrien, Nino, Alya, and Marinette choose La Boheme and Rent, and instead of doing actual work, they get caught up dancing to the songs and choosing which character they would be.
Authors Note: So this is my first Miraculous fic that I’m actually publishing, so let’s see how this goes. It was a ton of fun, so yeah!

Rent spoilers, but i think that’s kinda obvious.

Based on this lovely headcanon from @gijinkart


When the class was told to choose a classic play and research the modern adaptations, many kids sounded bored by the idea. But when they were allowed to choose their groups, everyone was a little happier.

It was obvious that Nino and Adrien asked Alya and Marinette to be in their group, as Nino and Alya have a thing and Alya is always trying to push together Adrien and Marinette. It was just a plus that they all worked so well together, and they were excited, too.

Adrien offered that they all come over to his house after school and they can research classic musicals to find one they liked. They only had a week to do the project, and with the crazy schedules teenagers have, it was easier to start right away.

Alya and Marinette met Adrien and Nino outside as they waited or Adrien’s driver to arrive at the school. He already contacted Nathalie to add to his schedule that he would be working on a group project, so that way his father could not say he had new plans for him. And Adrien was more than excited to be able to hang out with his friends for a few hours, even if it was for a school project.

“All of these seem so boring!” Nino groaned as he looked through the list on his computer. Nothing was really grabbing anyone’s attention since they were so old and different. Granted, the project was to compare the classic and the modern adaptation, but some still seemed like they hadn’t changed much.

Alya put her hand up after scrolling a bit more. “Oh, this one! Its adaptation is Rent!” She caught everyone’s attention. “La Boheme. I didn’t know that was the original,” She confessed.

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My thoughts on SWTOR / KOTFE that nobody asked for but here they are anyway.

Because I just talked this stuff through with the guy behind @event-planner-heskal (he made a hilarious IC post on it, clicky). Because people started reblogging my shitpost thinking I hate KOTFE/KOTET. And because every single discussion about the game I see always ends up with “oh my god I hate this Fallen Empire bs the game needs to return to Jedi vs Sith”

And you know what?

It’ll be a sad day for me when it inevitably does because the majority asks for it.

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i don’t know how

as always, i don’t identify as ace and am open to revision if i get something wrong.

Tango is so, so confused.

He got what he wanted last night. He thinks. At least, it’s what he thought he wanted. He was sitting with Whiskey, and Whiskey was laughing at him (the good kind of laughing, Tango’s pretty sure), and all at once the smile fell off Whiskey face and he was leaning in and laying a hand on Tango’s face. And then Whiskey was kissing him, Whiskey’s lips warm and sweet on his. Tango’s heart had sped up and flown to his throat, and he’d kissed back, as well as he could. He didn’t know what kind of kisses felt good, because kisses … well, they were nice, but they weren’t the right kind of nice, somehow.

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anonymous asked:

right, but what about whiskey/tango coming out to dex b/c they think he's queer and will support them and dex having his internal sexuality panic right then and there

Dex dropped his backpack beside the couch with a thud. He was normally more careful with it, but he’d been awake for the past 27 hours with no sleep, he’d only barely met the deadline for his Gender Studies essay, and Professor Rezendes had decided to hold back his class. For an extra 20 minutes. 

The only thing that Dex wanted to do was fall into a short coma, but sometime around 3 a.m. Tango had texted him asking if they could talk. And his 3 a.m. self thought that it would be an excellent idea. 2 p.m. Dex, however, was at the level of sleep deprivation that put him dangerously close to either homicide or insanity.

Still, he did love the tadpoles.

“What did you guys want to talk with me about again?” He asked, grabbing a stray snickerdoodle from the plate on the coffee table, actually looking towards the Tadpoles for the first time and-

Okay. So he had at least half of an idea about why Tango wanted to talk. 

They were sprawled out on the couch, Tango tucked into Whiskey’s side. Dex can’t say that he’d never suspected anything (Tango was about as close as you could get to being an open book), but he’d always thought it was one-sided. Given the lovestruck way that Whiskey was watching Tango right now, apparently not. 

Tango squinted expectantly at him. “Is it not super obvi-” 

“We’re dating.” Whiskey interrupted, side-eyeing Tango, who looked back at his boyfriend with a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ expression.

He’d totally called it, but Dex still stared blankly at them for a moment, processing the fact that the two freshman he and Nursey had practically adopted had somehow fallen in love, that he was watching his children grow up (damn he felt like Bitty), before his face split into a smile. 

“Congrats, dudes,” He said, flopping down across from them in an empty arm chair, before taking a slightly more serious tone. “Also, like, thanks for trusting me with this moment.” 

Whiskey snorted. “Bitty said the exact same thing.”

“Shitty taught us well,” Dex shrugged. “Speaking of, um, I should probably know who you’re out to, so I don’t accidentally say something to someone that you guys aren’t comfortable with.” 

“Just you and Bitty,” Tango answered cheerfully. “We don’t know when we’ll be ready to tell the others, but we felt like we could tell you two.” 

Ha, he thought, so the Tadpoles trusted me more than Nursey. Nursey can suck my ass they think I’m more- wait what?

“That’s totally cool and I respect that,” Dex asked, “But like, why not Nursey?” 

Tango fidgeted a little with the sleeve of Whiskey’s shirt. “Well, we weren’t sure if he’d be totally, um, chill, with us dating. And like, also, you know…” 

He did not know, and it must have shown on his face. 

Whiskey rolled his eyes. “Also, you know, Nursey’s not queer. We figured it would just be easier to come out to you and Bitty for now.”

Dex’s entire world seemed to shift on its axis.

“I’m not gay,” he snorted incredulously. “Like, I’m glad that you guys felt comfortable enough to come out to me, but why would you even think that?”

Tango looked quizzically at him. Whiskey raised a single, well-manicured, judgmental eyebrow. None of them spoke.

“Are you sure?” Tango asked at length, still obviously doubtful. “Are you sure you’re not at least a little gay?”

“Um, yeah?” Dex said. “I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed if I was into dudes by now.” 

“But what about your crush on Chris Pine?” Tango asked.

“And your sexuality rants in the dining hall?” Whiskey added.

“And how you always get onto the Lax-douches for saying no homo?” 

Dex’s brain almost short-circuited from a combination of exhaustion and shock. It almost felt like he was being fucking interrogated or something. He took a slow deep inhale before he started explaining. 

“First off, I wouldn’t say I’m gay for Chris Pine. He’s cute, but, like, even if I were gay I don’t think I’d be into him. He’s twice my age. And I rant about gender and sexuality stuff because Shitty made me promise to ‘keep the tradition alive’ when he left for Harvard and said that he trusted me, as, and I quote, ‘the angriest, most passionate motherfucker on the team’ to carry on his legacy. It’s the same reason I get onto the Lax Bros. Fuck those dudes.” 

The silence was somewhere between awkward and understanding. Dex could practically see the way the gears were turning in Tango’s head. His thoughts must’ve settled after a second or two though, because Tango’s 1000-volt smile returned. 

“Sorry for assuming, Dex,” He said. “We should’ve known better. It was nice of you to take it in stride, though. I knew we could count on you.” 

Dex smiled back, exhausted and relieved, but still glad that Tango and Whiskey felt comfortable around him. “No problem dude, we all jump to conclusions sometimes. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff Nursey used to think about me.” 

Tango’s eyes widened comically, “No! Really? What did he-” 

A buzzer went off in the kitchen, piercing and annoying. Tango’s nose wrinkled and Dex almost flinched at its sound. 

“Give me a second, I told Bitty I wouldn’t let his pie burn.” Tango said, disentangling himself from his boyfriend. Whiskey watched him leave, his eyes following his boyfriend all the way to the kitchen, but as soon as the door shut his eyes were on Dex. 

“Are you fucking with me? With the gay thing?” 

Dex was halfway between laughing and pounding his head on the table. 

“I already told you guys that I’m not gay. Jesus, calm down.” 

Whiskey leaned forward. “Then why are you always looking at Nursey like you want to fuck him senseless, move into the suburbs, and then adopt ten kids with him?” 

He scoffed, “I don’t-” 

It was like several things clicked at once. 

“I’m not into Nursey,” Dex rebutted with no actual force at all.

Whiskey raised both well-manicured, judgmental eyebrows at him this time.

“I’m not. I’m not into Nursey. I would’ve noticed or, like…” Dex trailed off as shock set in. 

Whiskey leaned back, nodding slightly. 

“Oh,” Dex said quietly. “Fuck.” 

Whiskey only hummed in solidarity. Distantly, Dex could hear Tango knock something over in the kitchen. Or maybe several somethings. 

Whiskey sighed. “I’m going to go help him, but you-” he said with a pointed look- “should probably go get some sleep. You look like you’re about to pass out or something.” 

Dex shook himself into being awake and functional enough to process that. “Yeah, sounds good.” 

He grabbed his bag off of the floor, but Whiskey grabbed his shoulder before he could leave. 

He almost looked like he had no idea what to say. “Dude, honestly just chill. You can figure everything out when you don’t look like death. I probably- shit, we probably shouldn’t have gone all Spanish Inquisition on you when you look like death. No offense or anything. Also Bitty’s gone for the weekend, so you might as well crash in his room.” 

Dex sighed, practically sobbing at the thought of getting some sleep and just not thinking about how in love he was with his best friend anything. “Yeah, I get you. I’ll just.. go crash there now.”

Whiskey let go of him gently, as if he was afraid he would tip over. 

“Cool.” He said, then looked over his shoulder towards the kitchen. “I gotta go help with whatever that was.” 

Dex nodded, already halfway in the hallway. He wanted to sleep so bad, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Nursey

God, he was so fucked.