but this kid can dance

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I count the steps from one end of my island to the other
Its 100 steps from where I sleep to the sea
And when I say I’ve learned all there is to know
Well there’s another little island lesson, grandma Tala shows me

I know where I am from the scent of the breeze
The ascent of the climb from the tangle of the trees
From the angle of the mountain to the sand on our island shore
I’ve been here before

There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
Someday I’ll be out on the sea
And I’m gonna see more
Yes, there’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more

Moana slow down
Sorry I’m always in somebody’s way
They do the same thing every day
They work, they eat, they sleep, they pray
They tell me “Moana calm down”
That’s all they ever seem to say
The other kids just dance and play
How can you play there’s so much out there to explore

She stares at the sky, she stumbles down the beaches
She mumbles all the names that her grandma
Tala teaches
And I wanna soar
With one foot here and another in the distant past
So much to explore

Shes growing up too fast
Like I said before
There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
One day I’ll be brave and sail on the wave
That leads me to more
There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
My father the Chief, says “Don’t cross the reef”
But oh every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back to the sea
I’m standing at the edge of the sea
As they all say “Moana slow down, Moana dream small, Moana don’t drown”
Can you drown at the call of the sea?
‘Cause I can hear it calling me

Aue, aue

A thousand years ago, we used to sail to distant islands
A thousand years ago, Maui spoke to the sea
So maybe, just maybe, I was born to break the silence
I know my story could be extraordinary
I know my story doesn’t end at the shore

There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
I’m gonna break through, and find something new
I’m gonna find more
There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
One day I’ll decide to roll with the tide
And I’m gonna see
Moana stand tall
I will cross the divide, I will ride
I will see what’s on the other side
Moana stand proud
With the ocean as my guide, on the tide
I will go where no one’s ever been before
There’s always more

Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo {Follower’s Gift?}

Hi, guys! I hope you are all doing awesome :) From one of my previous posts, I had a couple of asks about this, and I wasn’t going to release it since part of the foot looked weird. But I really want to share with you, especially since I haven’t really posted a follower’s gift yet. And you guys are so sweet, so this will be in honor of the 400+ of you!! So yeah, I fixed this mesh to the best of my ability. Then I decided to make the BeatBo(the green one), so now your little babes can have either or..or both of course!

Four different swatches: Pink off (top left), Pink on (top right), Green off (bottom left), Green on (bottom right)

You can locate Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo in “Kid’s Decor”, and I think I put it down as a toy at the last minute. So check that category as well, because I was too lazy to go back in game.

Please remember- basic TOU and ENJOY <3 


Pink Windmills Can’t Stop - Rhythm Dance Center

(You’re welcome; idk why the quality is so bad rn, I think it’ll get better)

NCT OTPs' Kids
  • Hansol and Yuta: you would recognize their kid because he/she is the ultimate weeb. the kid grew up watching anime. Yusol prolly made their kid watch anime ever since their he/she was born. their kid knows anime by heart. their kid is also athletic. can dance well, too. also the type to argue about social and economic issues
  • Johnny and Ten: their kids would be memes (ofc). they would be the class clown. would sometimes crack dad jokes, but their classmates would find it funny. they're the type to say "swag". talented af. can do almost everything since their parents exposed them to different fields since they were young. would wear "super broccoli" and "super corn" shirts. would befriend everybody in school
  • Taeyong and Jaehyun: they would drive their kids to school and fetch them too. other children would envy their kids because their parents look good af. their kids' clothes would smell like downy. their home would be spotless and would smell like febreze. their children would never know the taste of bad food
  • Kun and Winwin: their kids are savage af. no, not the typical savage who are annoying and always blabbering, but they're the type of savage who are keeping it low-profile. they look really adorable, yet little people know that they have reciepts on almost everyone they know. they're the type of kids who are psychologically geniuses

Soul Eater AU where everything’s the same except instead of Meister-Weapon partners, they’re dance partners

Bidders would say...

“Come here, i miss you.” - Eisuke Ichinomiya

“I think you need some energy before cooking me omelettes.” - Soryu Oh

“You can dance pretty well my lady..” - Mitsunari Baba

“Damn it kid, you just won’t stop! you gonna get it this time!” - Mamoru 

“Come kiss your master, my little koro..” - Ota Kisaki

baddwollfxxx  asked:

Would Lance be the theater kid or the dance kid? Or both?

BOTH!!!!!! Okay everyone is always like “ew theater kids they’re so…loud and stuck up” but like??? I really love theater kids???? They’re always so bright and expressive and look like they have the stars in their eyes???? All of those things are Lance???? And he’d def be a dance kid too, you can count on that, he loves to move!!! <3 <3 <3 

Did anyone else notice that most of the titles of the RC9GN episodes are references?

Last Stall On The Left (Last House On The Left)

Got Stank (Got Milk)

So U Think U Can Stank (So You Think You Can Dance)

McFists Of Fury (Fists Of Fury)

Gossip Boy (Gossip Girl)

House Of 1000 Boogers (House Of 1000 Corpses)

Attack Of The Killer Potatoes (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

30 Seconds To Math (30 Seconds To Mars)

Nukid On The Block (New Kids On The Block)

Stanks Like Teen Spirit (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

Rise Of The Planet Of The Robo-Apes (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes)

Randy Cunningham And The Sorcerer’s Key (Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone)