but this isnt the last

im still heated over that “calling cis people cis is misgendering but using ‘correct sex-based pronouns’ isnt” twitter thread from last night

this ones gonna be a little less popular of an opinion

but. People need to acknowledge that not all trans people face the same oppression and hardships. There is a massive difference between how people view and treat trans girls irl compared to, say, how somebody who is dfab nb but still presents in a feminine way is treated. 

For the most part, nobody will know for the second person, and even if they do it’s normally just stupid “attack helicopter” jokes, but trans girls, if they even try and present in a feminine way will get slurs thrown at them, or even violently attacked.

Even when it comes to trans boys vs trans girls, while there is still a lot of gross misgendering and transphobia thrown at the boys, with the way gross cis people see them, as just “confused girls” which is really gross, it still lessens the severity of how people treat them, because for the most part, girls wearing guy clothes is more normalized.

With trans girls, though, we’re pretty much always seen as “gross, disgusting, perverted men”, who just dress that way to sneak into girls spaces, so people have a much more violent reaction towards us than they do other trans people.


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I’m still young and a bit scared to be getting hit by this rain alone.

Even though I know it will stop soon, I’m still looking for you.

anonymous asked:

hey!! would it be ok if u could suggest free/cheap games for demons ?? ty !


an empty bliss beyond the woods is currently a free demo of a game centered on grayscale scenery, getting lost in the woods and running into demons that live there. as far as i know it is for windows and mac!

diviner is a free poetry-generating game, full of haunting aesthetics and possibly haunting words. it is available for windows!

video horror story is a free first-person horror game where you can alter the camera to show the environment or the creatures within it, but only one at once. general warnings for jumpscares and seizure warnings! this is for mac and windows!

i hope these work! if you’d like something more specific feel free to ask again!!

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when one of the most talented rpdr casts ever is getting screwed over by bad challenges and bad editing