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I think i finally came up with a prompt. Tell me if its ok! "We represent opposing parties in a trial but i think you're cute so let's go for a drink when we're done here" (i prefer kaishin or pliroy)

Let’s do KaiShin this time!  I think I gave you Pliroy last time, yeah?  It’s always good to have some variety.  ;D

“Well, hello, handsome,” a man’s voice cooed.  Shinichi, busy with inspecting a footprint, did not bother to turn around.

“Someone get this civilian out of my crime scene,” he called, rubbing a finger over his lips thoughtfully.

“Well, see, here’s the thing,” the man said, undeterred.  “I’m actually an attorney.  I’m here on behalf of my client.  Ms. Flora?”

Shinichi turned his head to show he was listening.  “Oh?  And what do you hope to accomplish by coming here?  You’ll receive our report as soon as it’s been written, same as the prosecution.”  He turned further, narrowing a look at him.  “You don’t think we’ve… missed something?”

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Companions and the most out of left field proposals ever. Also in honor of 200 followers

MacCready: it happens as he and Soul watch Zwicky and Edna’s wedding. He offhandedly remarks that they should do something like that, not really registering what he said, until Soul perks up and says “Yeah, I’d love that.” And upon hearing them say that, he begins stuttering like crazy “W-well I m-mean yeah that s-sounds great and all b-but I just completely messed up that was the worst proposal ever and-” He is cut off by Soul placing a finger on his lips before he has the chance to finish. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Danse: they’re on the bow of the Prydwen, just watching the sunset when Soul says “I wouldn’t mind spending forever right here.” Danse, without skipping a beat says “Yes I’d gladly spend the rest of my life with you.” He mentally kicks himself as he realizes what it was that he just said, clearly that was the shittiest proposal ever and there’s no way Soul will say- he is cut off mid-thought by a very passionate kiss from Soul. “There’s no one else I’d rather spend forever with.”

Hancock: he and Soul are in the third rail, just having a grand old time, when Soul gets up to refill their drinks. He thinks about all the great times they’ve had. When Soul gets back from the bar he says “You know we really should think about making this official.” “What do you mean?” “I mean us, like with rings and that kind of thing.” It takes Soul a full minute to register what he’s saying. “Are you asking me to marry you?” “Well, yeah, but if your not up for it then just forget I said anything. “No, I am..I am completely up for that, yeah let’s make this official, with rings and all that stuff.” Hancock can’t help but chuckle at their adorable flustered face. “Well, I say we head back up to the old state house and celebrate our engagement.” And they do. All night long.

Cait: she can’t help but notice all the little things about Soul when they’re all alone, how they run their fingers through their hair, or how they take such great care of everyone, how they take care of her. And she thinks about how great it would be to spend the rest of her life with Soul, god yeah that would be amazing. “I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you too Cait.” ”…What?“ “You…said that out loud, that you want to spend the rest of-” “Ah shite, this was NOT the way I was hoping to propose!” And Soul can’t help but laugh to themselves, “Well either way, I’m still saying yes.” “You’d better!” She says and she crashed her lips into theirs.

Piper: She’s working on her latest paper when Soul walks in carrying two bowls of noodles. “You look tired, come take a break and have lunch with me.” “Ah, geez Blue, you didn’t have to do that.” “Well I did anyway, now come on and eat your noodles before they get cold.” And so she puts down her pen and joins Soul, all the while think that she could get used to doing this. “You know we should make this a daily thing.” “Every day huh?” “For the rest of our lives.” “Yeah I’d love to.” She looks up from her noodles. “Well, I mean, we’d have to include Nat with some of those meals to you know.” “I would love to take care of you both.” It was clear they had stopped talking about noodles. “Well I mean, there’s a lot of planning to be made, lotta details to go over you know, I should, I should finish my paper first yeah, let me just do that real quick.” She practically tripped over her chair while she walked back to her desk, completely flustered and blushing from ear to ear. But in her mind? She was as happy as could be.

Nick: He’s leaning over a new report, with Soul sleeping soundly in the chair next to him. This one is turning out to be quite a hard case, and he is contemplating whether or not he should wake Soul up for help. But upon looking over at them and seeing their content face, he can’t bring himself to wake them up. Seeing them shiver makes him get up and drape his coat over them. When Soul clings to his jacket and curls up in it he lets out a sigh. “With how often you fall asleep here you might as well just come and live here.” And to him that sounded…nice actually, and now that he’s started he can’t seem to stop himself. “And while we’re at it why not change Partners to Life Partners.” “Yeah, I’d like that.” He’s startled when he sees that Soul has opened one eye lazily, clearly still half-asleep. “Well, i mean…if you really want to end up with an old bucket of bolts like me.” “Yeah, I want to.” It’s clear that Soul is still tired though, so he stays with them until they fall back asleep, telling them that they can talk about it in the morning.

Deacon: he’s giving the mission debriefing to Soul, they’re going undercover in Diamond City and that for his next disguise, they’re both going to be involved. “I’m thinking, married couple, the institute will never know, the brotherhood would never figure it out!” And he sounds just so proud of himself for thinking of this absolutely perfect disguise that it takes him a moment to register when Soul says “Well we should make that a permanent disguise.” And at first, that sounds ridiculous “Absolutely not, that’d be way too obvious after awhile, I mean I’d like to, but the whole point of a disguise is to…is to….you were being serious.” “Yes, I was.” “Well I mean, yeah, that, that’s the best disguise I’ve heard of yet.” And he goes on like that for quite awhile, talking about all the perks of such a great “disguise” and it makes Soul laugh.

Curie: Curie managed to get her hands on an old wedding magazine and is flipping through the pages, reading every word, taking in every faded detail, when Soul walks up behind her. “What are you looking at Curie?” “This prewar magazine, these old prewar customs are certainly very fascinating! I would love it if we could try some of these ourselves!” “What, you mean like get married?” “Yes! Exactly! I could wear one of these old dresses, maybe we could find an old, church and-” she cuts herself short and she realizes what it is she’s asking. “B-but only if you are interested as well! I would never wish to push you to do something like this!” “Well I would gladly partake in this old prewar custom with you, Curie.”

Preston: he’d been thinking about asking the General for awhile now, never quite knowing how to bring it up. And he can’t help but think about it now, while Soul talked about the most recent settlement they had helped out, that he just sort of blurts out. “I can’t help but thank you for all work you’ve done wife/husband.” “Yeah, well….wait what?” Preston is the first to realize what he just called the General, and is apologizing frantically. "Oh, goodness I’m so sorry general I didn’t mean it, I was just thinking and it just sort of slipped out and” “well I’d be happy to be your spouse Preston.” Before he can say anything else, Soul gives him a kiss.

X6: he’s walking with Soul through the institute when they are approached by one of the scientists. This wasn’t unusual in itself, everyone wanted to know what the next Director was like, and everyone had questions. This one though… Was doing quite a lot of questioning. And asking such inane questions. “Do you think you have what it takes?” “What makes you think you deserve this position?” “What qualifications do you have?” Upon seeing that Soul was clearly annoyed by this man, X6 stepped in front of soul. “You are standing in Soul’s way. Leave.” After the scientist had scurried away Soul spoke up “Heh, I really should give you a promotion at this rate.” “That is not necessary.” “Oh no it certainly is! I’m thinking you should be by my side 24/7.” “Like a husband?” Soul sputtered for a moment. “I…well yeah that sounds great actually” He wasn’t quite sure why he chose that exact word, bodyguard was more likely what Soul had had in mind, but it certainly worked out better this way.