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For the people who wants an update about me:

I wont try to kill myself anymore.. and I dont want to self harm again.

I have been feeling so much better since I got out of tumblr, I want this feeling to keep going.

I dont want to stop posting my art online tho.. I still want to animate something that makes people happy.. I want to grow up as an artist and I want to keep growing up as a person. I want to keep learning and I want to find a style for me.

I dont want you (people who has supported me through the years) to be sad bc you wont ever be able to see my art.. I know some people got smiles whenever they saw me in their dash, so I wont be away from you, I know many people discovered that datfeli was me (yep. it was me. I didnt do a big effort hiding it tbh.. What a surprise. But good job to everyone who found out..? idk im surprised,,).

I am still on Internet tho.. I dont post drawings as often tho.. and I’m watching SU again (just wont interact with the fandom by drawing shipping, or drawing so much of it,, I just will maybe draw new charas and enjoy the show’s excllent character design.) I wont get back in tumblr in a long while (idek if i will ever come back tbh) but I am in another social media: Instagram. If you find out what my username is there, youre free to ask if its me i guess. I still dont know if I will be open about it there on IG, but, still you can ask, I have nothing to hide.

Also, I’d like to give you a clue for what the account name is.. it also has “feli” on it, and atm it has 3 posts.

And yeah.. my name is Florence Felipe.. heh. also yesterday (january12th) was my bday and it was quite nice! 

I also want to mention someone: @wal-uigi, for being one of my most active followers, thank you so much for always being so nice to me. Im sorry I left,, but dont worry, Im ok, as in your dreams, and Im posting my art again. Thank you for being a loyal follower who could always agree with me, and defend me, even tho I used to have a bad behaviour in the past.

I know there’s a lot like them, but I hardly remember many names of many people, I have some of you in mind, but I cant remember the exact url, so i cant mention you,, im sorry.. but you gotta know that I love you, and I want to thank you for being there for ne when I needed you.

I dont know what else to type, so, bye, and thank you all for understanding. I might have forgotten something, but if i remember, Ill type it in a new post.


Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

A Rose Coloured Rogue - Part 1 (M)

A/N: In my defense, SHE LITERALLY ASKED FOR THIS!  So, be warned.

Warnings: voyeurism, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, overstimulation, Daddy Kink, Hyung kink, pain kink, cum kink, a dash of degragation and a dollop of size kink…It’s just SIN.  I don’t know what else to say.

This was supposed to be out on her birthday, but it got away from me and now needs a second part.  Love you Rogue.  Remember that!

Word Count: 4500ish

You know what Rogue was supposed to do?  Have an awesome night out for her birthday?  Well, technically she did.  She just had a little too much of a good time in Jinki’s opinion.  She knew better than to drink that much.  She knew better than to flirt with strange men.  She also knew what she was to address him as, yet she still broke all his rules…

Rogue was all giggles and whines as Minseok and Jinki each held one of her arms, escorting her back to her apartment.  Jinki pulled her in close, his hand in a bruising grap on her waist.  “Stahhp!  That hurts.”  Rogue was whining as she attempted to slip out of his vice like grip.  

Jinki slammed her smaller body into the wall by her door, his face a menacing mask.  “That’s not the only thing that’s going to be hurting.  I suggest you be a good girl for once tonight and stop.”  Minseok held the door open so that Jinki could get Rogue in.  He froze though as he heard the distinct sound of moans drifting down the hall.  

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Who even decided that McHanzo was a thing, like who first saw that there Cowboy and that hot ass Japanese man and said, “they’re in love”. My knowledge on Overwatch as a game and its lore are still limited but like apparently they’ve never actually MET in canon, or at least their official interactions are never given for the plot. Yet. So that makes this ship even more obscure, but from what I’ve seen it’s relatively popular? when did this even happen??

I started shipping it bc I saw it on my dash one day and laughed at a comic like “oh yeah, I’ve heard of this thing! That’s cool” and it just got progressively worse like ok I full on ship these two now.

Some of the fucking dickheads on this site I swear to god.

I’ve tried to be nice, I’ve tried to ignore it, but I just can’t anymore.

Guess what? You can be sexist to men, because ‘male’ is a sex. You can be racist to white people because 'white’ is a race (or rather a group of races clumped together, like black). It’s got nothing to do with oppression or where you came from or your upbringing. Open a dictionary for fucks sake, that’ll tell you the meaning of those words.

And things like cisphobia and heterophobia are recurring trends, especially on this site. I don’t know how many times I’ve scrolled down my dash and seen 'Down with Cis’ and blatantly anti-hetero posts, with loads of notes. But if you were to say the same thing about the LGBT+ community, you’d be showered with callout comments and anon hate.

You all say you stand for equal rights, but you mean equal rights excluding whites, straights and the Cis. And I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem very equal to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I stand for equal rights. But when I say 'equal rights’, I mean everyone, including those who may or may not be considered the majority, is treated the same as one another. Because that is the way a functioning society should be.

I may be white and cis, but that does not mean under any circumstances that I am racist, transphobic, homophobic, or intolerant at all. I have made mistakes in the past, and I admit that, and apologise. But now I make an active effort to treat others with the respect I want to be treated with back. I will not jump to conclusions about you based on your sexuality, skin colour, gender, sex, height weight, or anything as trivial as that. I will judge you, however, on how you treat others.

I didn’t make this post to be agreed with, I didn’t make this post to be hated, and I certainly didn’t make this post to shitstir. I purely wanted to get my point across, and I think I have.

To everyone reading this, thank you for considering my point of view, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

“I Would Sacrifice the World “ Part One - Pietro Maximoff x Female!Reader

Word Count: 2,604

Warnings: A lil angst? 

Request: Hi! Love your writing and just wanted to know if I could request a little somethin’. Could you do a Pietro x reader where the reader dies saving the little Russian sass-master in Sokovia and he gets all sad? (You don’t have to if you don’t wanna btw)

Hi! Can I have a request with Pietro where the reader has force field powers and they try to reenact that scene from the incredibles with Violet and Dash? 

Author’s Note: I know I originally said that I was going to make this one long imagine, but I changed my mind because I kinda got stuck. SOOO here’s part one. I hope you don’t mind, but I mixed these two requests :)

**follows the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron**

“Do you think Pietro wears a speedo?”

“Really, (Y/n)? Right now?” Wanda hissed, nudging your shoulder.

“What? I’m bored… and it’s not like we have anything to do until Pietro gets-”

“What about me?” Pietro asked, speeding his way over to the two of you.

“Well, (Y/n) was just wondering-”

“When you were gonna get back,” you interrupted, walking over to him so the two of you were face to face. “You know, for a speedster, that took way longer than it should have,” you teased, poking his chest.

Pietro scoffed, “Come on, let’s get off our asses and get some work done.” Pietro winked and sped off into the snowy distance, towards the Avengers who were awaiting the “enhanced”.

“And to answer your question,” Wanda continued, “shouldn’t you know? Since you are the one sleeping with him?” She smirked and walked in front of you.

“What-how did you… oh, that’s right. You’re a telepath,” you sighed, bringing your palm up to your face. “It-it was a one-time thing!” You yelled, chasing after Wanda into the battlefield.

One thing was on your mind as you treaded through the snowy forest: how the hell were you supposed to fight the Avengers? Wanda and Pietro were more skilled with their powers, but yours were a little more difficult to control. Creating force fields really drained the energy out of you, and so far the biggest force field you had created was big enough to cover a basketball. Thankfully, HYDRA trained you to become an agent. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what you wanted. The only reason you volunteered for such horrid experiments was because you loved the twins. They convinced you it was the right thing to do, the right way to honor not only their parents, but your older brother.

*flashback to before the experiments*

“Wanda? Is that you in there? Because I don’t think your brain is working,” you retorted, flicking your forehead as if nothing was in there.

“(Y/n)! Listen to us. Stark deserves to pay for what he did to our lives,” She argued, her accent voicing her hatred and anger about Tony Stark. “Our family didn’t deserve to be ruined. We don’t deserve to live on the streets. Our families didn’t deserve to die. Your brother didn’t deserve to be crushed by the apartment building-”

“Don’t,” you interrupted, tears bursting out of your eyes. “Don’t talk about my brother.” You crossed your arms crossed and turned around to look out the window of the place the three of you were squatting at. You took a deep breath, and stared at the people who were struggling to live; attempting to sell homemade food and jewelry, cute little shops that were not so adorable anymore due to the amount of rubble that surrounded them. The city became a dump, filled with tortured and broken souls that had lost too much. “My brother and I moved here from New York because we wanted to live a different life. Marcus thought it would be a good idea to move here, seen as how our family was from this place. When we arrived, I didn’t think the area we lived in was nice, but my brother was an optimist and said ‘don’t worry, (Y/n). We can make the best outta this, like we always have’. And for a moment, I believed him. I believed that even though we were living in the smallest flat, with a little amount of money, that we would still be the same dynamic duo that we always were.” Wiping the tears and pushing your hair out of your face, you turned to face the twins. “So tell me… do you really think this is a good idea? Should we put our faith in this shady organization and risk our lives for this?”

“Wanda, can I talk to (Y/n) for a moment… alone?” Pietro asked, his hand rubbing her shoulder. She looked up at him, then back at you.

“Sure, I’ll be in my room,” Wanda said quietly, walking out of the living room into the room that was claimed by her. Pietro took a few steps closer to you and reached his hand up to your cheek, his gentle fingertips brushing the side of your face in a comforting way.

Draga, can I be honest with you?” Pietro asked. You nodded. His hands fell down past your waist and took hold of yours. “I don’t know how I feel about us joining this program, but I want him to pay for what he did. The only good thing that came out of that tragic day was you. I want the two of you to be safe-”

“But what if something happens to us? What if we are just gonna sacrifice ourselves for no reason?”

“Then I’ll do it on my own.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, “What? No. I’m not gonna let you…”

“Printesa, I would sacrifice the world for you.”

You smiled, “Pietro, that’s sweet but I can’t let you do that.” Pressing a soft kiss to his gentle lips, you sighed and ran your fingertips through his white tinted hair. “I guess… it’s better that we take down Stark together.”

“You know… I lov-”

*Flash forward to the present*

“(Y/n)! You alright?” Wanda asked, her voice disrupting your thoughts and bringing you back to reality. Her hands were placed on your shoulders, lightly shaking you to get your attention.

“Hm?” Your eyes adjusted to her worried figure, she knew something was up. “Oh, nothing. I’m fine!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah! I just got lost in my thoughts, that’s all,” you assured with a soft smile. She nodded and the two of you split up, off to fight the world’s mightiest heroes.

Later on, you found Pietro speeding through the snow-covered trees, mocking one of the Avengers you knew as Hawkeye.

“Come on, old man. You didn’t see that coming?” Pietro taunted before speeding off into the distance. You laughed at his childish behavior and began to run in Pietro’s direction , but Hawkeye quickly stood on his feet and pulled an arrow from his quiver and placed it in his bow. Whoosh.

“What the-!” You yelled at an arrow that just missed your head. Hawkeye stood strong, placing another arrow on his bow.

“How many enhanced are there… you all look so young,” He acknowledged while letting go of the arrow, letting it fly towards you. Your hands glowed an alluring periwinkle color, quickly forming into a large circle that floated in front of you like a shield. The force field blocked the arrow, thankfully it was headed for your shoulder since the force field only blocked the top of your head down to your knees. Hawkeye ducked, dodging his arrow that bounced off of the glowing shield, and you stood still, trying not to show how exhausted you were. However, he noticed.

“You alright there, Sparky?” Hawkeye questioned, a smirk that followed the cringeworthy nickname that he gave you.

“Sparky,” you panted, “really, Birdman?”

“You seem a little exhausted,” he poked, nodding his head towards your tired figure. You straightened your shoulders and tilted your head side to side, cracking it as a sign of strength; even though the only thing on your mind was laying next to Pietro in your nice, warm bed instead of being in this cold snow.

“Psh, I could do this all day,” you challenged, still struggling to catch your breath.

He chuckled and slightly shook his head. “I’ve got a friend who says the same thing when he’s not willing to back down in a fight. But it almost sounded like you said it with a hint of uncertainty. Are you sure you are doing the right thing?”

Taking a deep breath and shrugging, you smirked and used all your strength, slowly creating a round technicolor force field that took the shape of a glowing, violet sphere.


Your hands flung the ball of energy towards the Avenger, knocking him into a tree before plopping down onto the snow that covered the forest. Starting to walk away, you giggled before groaning in pain. Your head hurt like hell, almost as if a child was banging it with a pot. Everything started to merge together, creating a messy blur of white covered trees and the flurry of snow that laid on top of the barren grass. The last thing you remembered was the color of the seemingly gray sky with the sun hiding ever so carefully behind the fluffy white clouds. Then everything went dark…

“How much longer til she wakes up?” A man asked, his voice sounding concerned. “She’s been in here for so long…”

“Not sure, she’ll probably try to kill us when she does, though,” a different man quipped, his footsteps getting closer to you.

Opening your eyes was a struggle. A bright, white light was shining over you, almost making you feel like Jesus was coming to bring you to heaven. Psh… like that was ever gonna happen, you thought. On the bright side (pun not intended), the harsh pain in your head had gone away. You tried to move your hands but cold metal stopped you from getting up. Your eyes flew wide open, looking down at your hands only to see them handcuffed to the side of a bed… that you somehow got into. Wincing at the small bruise that started to form around your wrists, your gaze finally adjusted to the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist: Tony Stark.

“Oh, good! You’re awake!” Tony exclaimed, clapping his hands. You tensed up and pulled your fingers into a fist, restraining yourself from smiting him on the spot. He noticed how uncomfortable you were and opened a drawer next to the bed. “Sorry about the handcuffs,” he said, continuing to search through the draws until he found a small key. “They are just a safety precaution, even though we know you are too worn out to create that purple ball-thingy.”

“You,” you growled.

“Yep, tis me,” he joked, turning towards Clint Barton, who just glared at him.

Despite Tony’s reassuring smile and light-hearted jokes, anger spread throughout your body and you tried your hardest not to do or say anything irrational. However, you failed.

“What’s your name, beauti-”

“Screw you,” You interrupted, gritting your teeth. Tony’s dark brown eyes closed; his face showing that “wait-what?” expression.

“Excuse me?” he asked, crossing his arms while cocking his eyebrow.

Anger continued to flow throughout your veins, giving you strength to break free from the cuffs and push him against the wall with another forcefield. Tony hit the wall and Clint came up from behind you, holding your hands behind your back so you couldn’t hit him.

“You ruined my life-our lives!” You yelled, struggling to break free from Clint’s grip. A few things got knocked over, and you accidentally hit him in the face with your elbow. Once you heard him wince, you turned around and saw how much things got out of control. Tony noticed your pain and watched as your eyes started to water.

He held out his hand and slowly walked towards you, “I don’t know what I did to you, but I am sorry-”

“You are 'sorry’? 'Sorry’ isn’t gonna cut it, Mr. Fancyman! My brother is dead because of you! He was the only family I had left and now he’s gone!” You screamed, poking his chest as tears flooded down your face. He grabbed your hands and you froze in front of him.

“Look kid!” Tony shouted, attempting to get your broken soul to listen to him. He took a deep breath and looked into your hurt (y/e/c) eyes, “I don’t know what I did. But, I can’t fix what happened. All I can do is say I’m sorry, and try to learn from my mistakes to make sure that no one else goes through what you went through.”

All these years you spent hating, despising the man that took the life of your brother. But that man wasn’t the person you thought he was. Tony was kind, and what happened was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

“You can’t change the past,” you whispered, your eyes focusing on the mess you made. The silver table that was next to the bed were knocked over, the papers with your background information had been scattered all over the floor. Your hands slipped out of Tony’s gentle grasp as you sunk to the floor, placing your head in-between your knees. “I guess it was easier to blame you…”

Tony glanced over to Clint, who put his hand up as a way of saying “I’m fine”, and kneeled down next to you. His hand patted your shoulder, an awkward sort of gesture, but comforting in a way. Tony opened his mouth to say something but was quickly interrupted by Bruce Banner’s voice over the comms.

“Uh, Stark. It’s Bruce. The package… I need your help.”

“Stay here,” Tony advised, getting off the floor and briskly walking out of the room.

“What’s that about?” You asked Clint, raising an eyebrow.

He sighed and helped you up, “I would tell you but I really don’t feel like it. I got some work to do, wanna help?”

You nodded and he led you to a room with a bunch of tech equipment. Most of it was old; some of the things were very advanced. Which you expected, considering it was all Tony Stark’s equipment. Hawkeye sat down and started to mess around with a radio, attempting to hear some sort of message.

“So, what are we doing?” You asked, picking up an old comm set.

“One of our team members has been taken by Ultron, she’s somewhere- most likely in Sokovia.”

“What’s an Ultron?”

“Tony tried to create something to save the world. But as it turns out, it’s just trying to destroy it. So we have to save Natasha and the world altogether,” he explained, tampering with a radio until he thought he heard something. You watched as he listened carefully, his ears twitching to the sound of a tapping noise. Must be Morse code, you thought. Crossing your arms, you listened as well, even though you never learned Morse code. But you felt like helping Clint. He seemed to have lost a part of him. One thing you learned from Wanda is seeing loss or hurt in someone’s eyes. The way she could manipulate people’s feelings, making them see their worst fears, could really scare the living hell out of someone. She didn’t do it for fun, of course. Only when she was commanded to by some big shot HYDRA agent. But you saw that same hurt in his eyes; the fear of losing someone close to him. Clint stopped listening to the tapping noises coming from the radio and grabbed a pen, quickly jotting down some notes.

“I’m guessing you found her?”

“She gave me a clue-”

Clint stopped, his eyes now stuck on the glass ceiling. He grabbed a nearby gun and gestured for you to get behind him. “You might wanna duck,” He warned, aiming his gun above before pulling the trigger. The glass shattered, and you covered your head to protect yourself from the shards that fell from the ceiling. You heard a loud thud come from the center of the room, it almost sounded like a body had fallen in…

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” Clint teased with a smirk. Making your way over, you saw a man groaning in pain, pushing himself off of the glass-covered floor.


Part Two   

Requests are open :)    Masterlist


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I was seeing a lot of Doreen Valiente on my dash today, and I wanted to reflect on how influential she has been on Traditional Witchcraft, the path she pursued after she parted with Gardner and went looking for something she could consider more authentic. She got to know a lot of the figures who practiced different witchcraft traditions, from those as bizarre as Charles Cardell of the Coven of Atho that faded into obscurity, to her close friend the very influential Robert Cochrane, she even got to meet Austin Osman Spare whose quiet influence on Traditional Witchcraft is greater than most people know.

What strikes me the most is how like us she is. Look at her young vibrant face there, selfie-photographing the goat foot candle sticks she obviously was proud of and photographed often. Doreen was proud of her education and reading, the tools and artifacts she collected and used, and her mystical experiences as a witch. She was a prolific and amazing writer, yet always wrote for a general literacy rather than an ye olde obscurantist style. She never seemed to be too big for her britches showing a humbleness and wonder at witchcraft that somehow aligned without contradiction to her self-empowerment.

We can’t ever know for sure, but based on how she interacted with media in her own time: I am confident that if Doreen were young today she would be blogging along with us and sharing instagram photos of her books and tools and writing up her latest poetry for her community to use and reblog. The Lady witch that did so many dignified and authoritative interviews wouldn’t shy from Youtube vlogging. She balanced her oaths and secrecy and privacy with a love of sharing what could be ethically shared freely with grace. We are still learning so much about this woman that seemed so public yet held so much back. This is my witch mighty dead role model. When folks get grumpy and make fun of how much we share and document of our practice, I always think of her and how she traversed the world of the witchcraft revival and documented it with common sense and attitude.  Much of what we know about important witchcraft figures is from her testimonials and historical research.

2017 mood board™ (pt 3 of ??)
And now the torturous hiatus begins😫😭😢
What am I going to do?? I’m going to have to post all my random thoughts & rambles because I got so used to ctm flooding my dash every day 😭

So I saw this thing floating around my Tumblr dash. I really liked it, so I decided to write another small thingy. I promise I’ll get to the prompts tonight! Thank you for all the wonderful asks too!

“I want to know what it’s like.” Katara mused.

Zuko looked up from his scroll and looked over at Katara.

“Kissing someone?” He asked. Katara blushed

“To kiss you.” Katara looked straight at Zuko. Her crimson cheeks getting redder, if even possible. Zuko got up from his scroll at the mahogany desk in his bedroom, and walked over to Katara. He sat next to her on the bed and cupped her cheek.

He leaned in and kissed her.

The kiss obliterated her.

It was as if she were home again, or reborn. This kiss was dominate over all the kisses she ever shared with Aang or Jet. It was nothing she’d ever had before. She was home.

Katara curled her fingers in his long, dark hair. Pulling him closer to her, getting as close as she could to him. At that moment, she realized, she loved him.

Sherlock: The Six Whatever

To be honest, I was planning to write a very different meta today, because I really do love the show - a lot. And then last night I was so angry, I thought I wouldn’t write a meta at all. I went to bed literally seething with rage and righteous outrage. And now I’m awake again and I’ve got a couple anons in my inbox asking me what was wrong with that episode - an episode which, judging from the first page of my dash, some of you actually loved. So, well - I don’t want to ruin your morning: severe wank under the cut, proceed at your own risk.

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you know that 6 selfies from 2016 thing? i love seeing everyone’s selfies on my dash and i want to see everyone’s pets. i’m gonna try to start a thing but we’ll see how it goes. it’s the same concept except 9 pics of your pet(s).

this is moose. he is my child/best friend/little spoon. he’s a lazy little butt who love everyone. i think he’s a pit/heeler/german shorthair pointer mix but i got him from the shelter when he was 3 months old so i’m not sure. i don’t know what i would do without him.

i’m gonna tag a lot of people but idk if you all have pets: @lauraharrier @cassionandor @larryalbum @fireproofharrie @louis-tummy @fakecourt @tomlinsun @sebasstann @spacemillennial @buerella @peggyandjarvis @spiderstuckie @horansaetre @stexvebucky @anhcor @niallscroogegf @stevebarnes @hanskywa1ker @charlserik @preserumsteve @buckysvoid @starwcrs @auraphotic @psvlock @nipsharry @designerace @sappyharry @hlsupportcrew @philtaxtos @jadziad @beddelia @jamesmacvoy @timskon @petermaxlmoff @bonesmccoy @ohpietros @endingthemes @achailles @gwenhstacy @magzneto @bucky-plum-barnes and everyone else who wants to do it

[hey froggos it’s ur friend cecil. turns out hospital wifi sucks so I can’t load videos or pictures or my tumblr dash or my notes page to find out if anyone has been talking to me.
also tumblr CHEWS through my mobile data like. bam 2 gig gone in one day.
so im sorry about the lack of frogs, I’ve had many submissions but since they won’t load for me I’ve got no idea what I would be posting. and I can’t upload anything I’ve already saved from my laptop.

so for now unfortunately it is time for cecil to return to the mud and sleep. I will return when the beautiful nourishment of decent wifi awakens me in roughly two weeks. thank you for your patience]

ok because i am an A grade fuckin dumbass, i literally didnt know about the tag viewer like I LITERALLY HAD THE EXTENSION DOWNLOADED AND THERE ON MY DASH FOR LIKE 1? 2 YEARS??? and never once did i go oH YES I WONDER WHAT THIS BUTTON DOES

and today i discovered what it actually does and oh my god i feel stupid because i used to go looking throuhg every single reblog of my art to check the tags which was maybe yes a lot more rewarding but also a hUGE PAINN IN THE ASS


Hi, my beautiful followers

sorry about the inactivity, I’ve been extremely busy with school and relationships these days.

I can’t imagine that in the future I’ll be as nearly as active as I used to, but I’ll try to stick around at least a bit. 

so, last year, I complied a list of all the things I know about Axl Rose. I still have it right now, so I thought i would share it with you guys to see what you think. I couldn’t possibly state every single one of my sources, since I got these facts from so many videos, interiviews, magazines, webistes, etc., but the real reasons I want to post this is to a) teach some new GN’R fans about the amazing lead singer, b) hopefully give you all something interesting to post on your dash and c) maybe receive some constructive feedback in case I’ve mixed a few things up or had an innocent misunderstanding or two.

Anyways, here it is:

Everything I Know About…
Axl Rose

Name(s): William Bruce Rose, Jr., William “Bill” Bruce Bailey (Bill Bailey), W. Axl Rose, Axl Rose
Birthdate: February 6th, 1962
Age: 54
Nationality: American
Talents: Singing, songwriting, piano, guitar, synthesizer, production

- He was born in Lafayette, Indiana
- His parents were 16-year-old Sharon Rose (nee. Lintner) and 20-year-old William Bruce Rose
- Axl’s mother often neglected him, choosing her partner over him
- His biological father abducted and sexually abused him at age 2
- His stepfather, L. Stephen Bailey, physically and psychologically abused him, and sexually abused Axl’s sister, Amy
- He also has a half-brother named Stuart - His family was extremely religious—he wasn’t allowed to listen to music (except for old Elvis Presley and gospel records) or watch television, and was told that women were evil
- Axl suffered from a lot of nightmares as a kid
- Axl watched his mother and stepfather not get along and it instilled long-lasting impressions in him about how to treat women and what was normal in a relationship
- His grandmother had issues with men, which he said later affected his masculinity
- Axl’s family made it very clear that nobody was to bring up Axl’s biological father
- He and rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin were best friends throughout their childhood
- Izzy first heard Axl being chased down the school hallway by teachers and they ended up in the same driver’s ed class
- Axl was very influenced by Elton John and first became inspired through his song, “Benny and the Jets” and “D’yer Maker” by Led Zeppelin
- He took piano lessons and learned all of Elton John’s sheet music (and tended to cheat his way through the songs)
- The first record he ever bought was Queen’s “A Night at the Opera”
- Axl has stated that Freddie Mercury was a major influence on him and in terms of music, was the greatest teacher he ever had
- He sang in the Bailey Trio with his siblings and was on bass vocals
- Axl was a jock in high school
- He was in jail 20 times when he was innocent for 15
- At age 16, he was kicked out of his house for not cutting his hair
- His first concert was Roadmaster, but he barely remembers it, since he was too drunk, getting into fights and being chased by cops
- He hitchhiked around America trying to find a place to work on a band (Huntington Beach, San Francisco, Fullerton, Rhode Island, Florida, back to Indiana, and eventually Los Angeles)
- He found out about his birthname and biological father at 17 when going through insurance papers and found his mother’s diploma
- Around the same time, he landed himself in St. Louis, Missouri, he was raped by an air-conditioning man in his hotel room
- The first band he was in was Rapidfire during the early 80s
- He was in a relationship with Indiana native, Gina Siler and they allegedly got engaged
- After Rapidfire, he was in L.A. Guns with Tracii Guns and Hollywood Rose with Izzy Stradlin
- He and the rest of the band were banned from the Troubadour for smashing a beer bottle against the wall
- Axl, Izzy and Tracii formed Guns N’ Roses (of their last names)
- Axl started writing “November Rain” around this time
- He got a tattoo of a girl that he and Izzy used to like
- He was once climbing a fence and by accident, got the top of his middle finger sliced off
- Izzy and Axl started writing “Don’t Cry” around this time
- The famed lineup of Guns N’ Roses was formed in March 1985
- They dominated the L.A. club circuit (the Roxy, the Whiskey A-Go-Go, the Troubadour, the Cathouse)
- Axl and Slash were once charged with felony rape and hid from the cops in Vicky Hamilton’s apartment (which was consequently trashed)
- Axl met Erin Everly in 1986 and started dating her
Guns N’ Roses were signed to Geffen Records in 1986
- Axl had sex with drummer Steve Adler’s girlfriend, Adriana Smith for the production of “Rocket Queen”
-  In 1987, he overdosed on valiums and landed himself in a coma for two weeks

- Guns N’ Roses released “Appetite for Destruction” on July 21st, 1987
- The music video for “It’s So Easy” was banned from MTV due to the BDSM scenes of Axl and Erin
- When they played the music video for “Welcome to the Jungle”  on MTV at 1am in New York, there were surplus demands for it to be played more
- They toured relentlessly to help the album sales
- During the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1988, in Donnington, UK, Axl had to address the audience since two fans were trampled to death
- They eventually racked up enough album sales to be certified triple platinum
- Axl gained a bad reputation for alleged racism and homophobia, due to the song “One in a Million” on the “GN’R Lies” EP
- He met his longtime best friend Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row, in 1989 when both Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses were opening up for Aerosmith at the LA Forum. Axl found Sebastian in his hotel room and he asked for the lyrics to “Train Kept a-Rollin’”
- He had two Maltese dogs named Torque and Geneva
- At the 1989 AMAs, Axl challenged Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe to a fight after he went on Izzy for making passes at his wife
- He performed “Salt of the Earth" with the Rolling Stones on December 17th, 1989
- On that same day, Axl went on an infamous rant about how some members of Guns N’ Roses would be fired if they didn’t stop “dancing with Mr. Brownstone”
- Erin saved him from killing himself via shotgun. She wrestled a gun away from him
- Axl and Erin got married on April 27th, 1990, at Cupids’ Inn in Las Vegas and filed for divorce a month later
- They eventually got back together and were expecting a child later in the year, but Erin had a miscarriage
- Axl was arrested and taken into court in late 1990 after assaulting his neighbour with a broken wine bottle (this incident sparked the inspiration for the chrosu to the song “Right Next Door to Hell” on Use Your Illusion I)
- Axl and Erin’s marriage was officially over (annulled) in early 1991
- The song “Estranged” was strongly influenced by their volatile relationship
- Axl loved rap music (N.W.A., Ghetto Boyz, Ice-T, Public Enemy)
- Axl was highly disliked by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, who would take any chance at badmouthing him and Guns N’ Roses
- On July 2nd, 1991, during a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, Axl had a brawl with a fan who smuggled in a video camera into the venue. He left the stage in fury while the band was playing “Rocket Queen”, but Slash officially called it quits. This resulted in a riot causing injuries and thousands of dollars worth of damage to equipment. (This incident is sometimes referred to as the “Riverport Riot”)
- “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” were released simultaneously at midnight of September 17th, 1991 and had officially gone gold at 5AM
- Axl said that he released “Use Your Illusion” as two separate records because young fans would not have the money to buy both as one $30 set
- He started dating model Stephanie Seymour in late 1991
- In an interview in November/December 1991, Axl stated that his father is thought to be dead somewhere because of “a bad deal he made”, since his body was nowhere to be found
- Before Izzy left Guns N’ Roses, Axl would call him on the phone crying, begging him to stay
- He underwent heavy-duty psychotherapy to uncover memories of abuse during his toddlerhood
- Axl’s regression therapy helped him uncover memories all way back to the point of conception (therefore, he was conscious of events that occurred while his mom was still pregnant)
- In 1992, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica went on tour, only to end in disaster
- The music video for “November Rain” was filmed and released in June 1992
- Axl’s relationship with Erin strongly influenced the short story “Without You” by Axl’s best friend, writer Del James
- At the 1992 VMAs, Axl and Kurt Cobain finally met each other, but Kurt, and eventually, the rest of the band, were mocking him the whole time (“Axl! Do you want to be the godfather of our child? (Frances Bean Cobain)”)
- Axl hated the fact that Kurt’s wife, Courtney Love, did drugs while she was pregnant
- Axl was strongly opposed to child abuse
- The only action he ever took against Kurt was burning the Nirvana hat from the “Don’t Cry” music video
- He collected crucifixes
- He proposed to Stephanie in a very grandiose way but they broke up shortly after
- In 1994, he went into court for domestic abuse charges from Gina, Erin and Stephanie
- He went on hiatus in the late 90s
- In 2002, a new incarnation of Guns N’ Roses resurfaced with a new lineup and tour dates
- In 2006, Axl got into a fight with Tommy Hilfiger in a club

- That same year, he and Sebastian Bach also reunited and performed together in New York
- He dated a model named Sasha around that time
- Video footage exists of Axl fighting off fans at LAX in 2010
- Axl holds Halloween parties. He puts up a Halloween tree and gives gifts to all the kids that go to his place. In evenings, it becomes more adult-oriented
- He dressed up as a head a corn for one Halloween party
- Axl once said that girl-watching was something he enjoyed.
- He has three cats named Dijon, Dexter and Whiskey
- His manager, Beta Leibis, is the closest he’s ever had to a mother
- Izzy thinks he’s a horrible driver
- Throughout the 2000s and part of the 2010s, the members of GN’R badmouthed each other on multiple occasions (Duff is “spineless” and Slash is a “cancer”; on the question of a possible reunion in 2012, Axl said, “Not in this lifetime!”)
- Axl became friends with Slash again in 2015
- It was announced in 2016 that Guns N’ Roses would do a reunion tour
- Axl broke his foot during the reunion tour

- Axl became the new lead singer of AC/DC after Brain Johnson resigned due to hearing problems)

(There’s a very good chance I will update on this, too)

Okay. Having time away from tumblr yesterday really gave me a chance to sort of…be okay about stuff for a bit. I mean, I’m not, but I got some ~clarity about things that I need to talk about.

It was good to be away from Robron and I only came on tumblr to reply to birthday messages (thank you again everyone!) but I didn’t look at my dash or anything. I had a Robron-free day, which was what I needed. 

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christmas shopping

A/N: A little blurb about Simon+Baz spending the day at the mall. Song inspiration was Everglow by Coldplay. It’s so much better to read this while listening to it. Anyways, hope you like it!

December 21st, 2015

                                                       B A Z

Never in my life have I seen anything as hilarious as Simon Snow Christmas shopping.

He dashes about the mall, practically dragging me from shop to shop. He’s got such a long list. It shouldn’t be that long considering that we don’t have many people to buy presents for, but I swear it just about reaches the floor when he holds it. I can’t read his bloody writing, so I can’t even tell what he’s got on there.
Apparently I have no say when it comes to presents, beyond holding bags for him. He also made me try on a leather jacket because apparently I’m the same size as Micah. And apparently he wants to buy Micah a leather jacket for Christmas. Because apparently that’s what you buy for your best friend’s boyfriend.

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OKay, I really want to talk about some thing I’ve been wracking my brain over all day, because of the new chapter. Yesterday, when I read this panel on manga stream

What I thought Sir was saying was that he had predicted All Might’s clash with AFO. Demise didn’t immediately mean “death” to me, I thought he meant a tragic end to his career and a near death experience + the shattering of the symbol of peace despite his efforts.

Of course, I did notice the rest of the fandom taking it a lot more seriously. And I got a little worried that I might be misunderstanding.

And then I saw this panel on my dash

I don’t know where this translation is from. Correction: This is Fallen Angels’ Translations, which are often looked upon as more reliable. But its much more to the point and chilled me to the very bone. I hate reading it. Not just because it straight up says that Toshinori could die, but that it implies that he’s going to put himself into more danger despite his current state.

Even more that he EXPECTS to. Like, Nemuri commenting on him not taking a break

It was clearly foreshadowing and I overlooked it. It stresses me out and I need to read the official Viz translation for the panel on Monday so badly!