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Getting rid of nazis on your blog

Hey, if you’re sick of nazis on your Tumblr but you keep on having to block new ones, Tumblr’s most recent experimental feature can probably really help you out. It’s called Reblog Graphs and you can test it here

Basically, what it does is show you a network of how your post was reblogged and who were big influencers in getting lots of reblogs. That’s useful in general but extra usefull if you want to know who to block to get rid of shit on your dash. 

For example, this post that I wrote got a lot of notes and when I use Reblog Graphs is generates this graph:

I’m the yellow dot and all the other dots are reblogs, the bigger the dot, the most reblogs originated from that reblog. Next, I can click on the dots and see who they are and what content they added. For example:

When @thatdiabolicalfeminist reblogged my post the result was a lot of supportive reblogs, helpful feedback and conversations that I want to have. 

But check out the other cluster: 

When wogbeginatcalais reblogged my post the result was a stream of hateful comments by white supremacist, nazi blogs and nazi trolls. Not stuff I want and one reblog started all of it. 

I had blocked a lot of white supremacist blogs when the hate started, but according to Reblog Graph I missed out on quite a lot of the most important blogs that were causing my post to be noticed by these shits in the first place. By blocking key nazi dots in this chain, I can now more effectively stop nazi shits from finding my posts. Good to know!

That’s all. Happy Tumblring. 

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The Time I Took On the Military (And Won)

Considering the staggering amount of votes this one got, here you go!

ok so it’s my sweet sixteen and i took two of my closest friends paintballing. We started off alone with just the three of us. Me and this girl formed a truce so we could take out her brother. He found a building with a roof to shoot from so i was criss crossing and sliding behind shelters.

Long story short with this guy i snuck up behind his building and shot him point blank in the ass while he was climbing a ladder.

Except now his sister is my enemy and a much larger threat.

I criss cross my way back narrowly avoiding being shot. I skid to a stop behind this bush with a really gappy fence and go GOOD ENOUGH BRING IT ON and poke my muzzle through. I cant particularly see but I remembered seeing her in a little chapel window. I aim that general direction and open fire. I immediately hear HIT. When she comes out i see where i hit her. Right between the eyes like I couldnt do that again if I tried. Ill take it.

We’re back at the base ops and these massive dudes come over like “yo wanna join us we need more players” and we’re like “oh ya bud the more the merrier” so we go over and everyone is freaking massive and there’s us three tiny lil teenagers. I over hear they’re a military team and just sigh because i know im dead this is just my luck

Apparently they wanted us so that they could simulate having civilian to protect, who were also armed. (They did a piss poor job of this seriously wtf)

So the game starts and im seperated from my friends. They’re on the opposite team.

Im sticking near the leader and just generally trying not to die. He’s giving me orders as softly and nicely as he can, thinking Im scared. I mean really who wouldnt be?

I wasnt. I was ready to kick butt. When I am silent, be afraid, im planning something.

Next thing i know he’s gone. Shot, running, hiding i dont know and i dont care i gotta move there are way too many heavily armed men in these woods for me to be comfortable

Im trekking through this woodsy area keeping as low as possible because the other team has a freaking sniper and im not dealing with that no thanks im just a tiny teenager leave me alone ok

Im doing my thing and trying to find people to shoot because everyone is mia when i see people ahead.

Not my people.

And they havent seen me yet. Im looking around looking for some decent cover or somewhere to take them by surprise and there is nothing. The entire area is just thistle bushes with massive thorns. And then my idea hits. A wicked, mischievous idea. I grin behind my mask and get ready to lay my trap.

I plop myself down right in the middle of these thistles and army crawl to the path their taking and just lay still.

These guys dont see me.

They’re not expecting someone to be in these bushes cause who is that dumb.

The one dudes boot is an inch from my hand and i spring up and yell SURPRISE before shooting him right in the chest and then the two behind him. Three down, way too many to go. I ran away cackling like a witch

Dont die dont die dont die

I head out again and meet up with some more of my group. They stick me at the back to keep me out of harms way. A valiant, if ineffective effort

Enter enemy attack.

We get split up into two groups to flank them and i end up alone again. I moving slowly, spinning in a slow circled because I am EFFED

I’m a tiny lil sixteen year old girl, all alone, with about 15 guns pointed at me. I was completely surrounded. My comrades who had fled to live and fight another day are now making haste towards me like WHO LEFT THE KID BEHIND HELP HER and im like

hell no i got this

I went absolutely ape shit on their asses.

Shots are flying around me like crazy and everyone is screaming. One of the enemies shouts FALL BACK WHAT THE FU–

I hear one if my partners like HOLY SHIT SHE’S ALIVE

I barrel over one of the attackers and side arm his gun away. I break out from the Circle of Doom and make a mad dash for cover.

I leap into the air and spin to fave them. Im not getting shot in the back I an a WARRIOR

I just start spraying with a battle cry to rattle the heavens

I smack back down to earth and land in a crouch

Every single one of the attackers were shot, usually multiple times, and i didnt get shot once. Frankly no clue how i managed but I am NOT questioning it. Luck or skill I dont care

Eventually it was down to two people. Me and the other teams captain.

He’s a big, scary dude. He had a custom gun that could pop off a frankly alarming amount of shots per second.

The odds arent exactly in my favour.

We find each other right in the middle with trenches and tiny little metal fences for cover. Im walking through like plz dont shoot me i am small be nice

The dude pops up from a trench and starts firing. No mercy here.

Fine then.

I duck behind a fence and it is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen.

I have barely enough room to crouch behind it because it’s so small. The other dude finds a nice big trench and big fence the lucky lil jerk.

So we’re poppin up like weasels trying to get a shot in. I cant hit him, he cant hit me. Up and down and up and down. My fence angles down ever so slightly so im tucked in as tightly as I could. My fence is rattling as shot after shot after shot hits. The shots stop, i poke my muzzle over the edge amd lay down some fire.

And the cycle repeats

I get tired of this little exchange so the next time he goes down i lay on some cover fire and sprint like hell for a near by trench like i am just bookin it thinking dont shoot me dont shoot me imma kill you

i slide in and pop up just as he rises to take a shot. Except im not where he thought id be.

I shot him right in the side of his bald lil head.

So i won. My team legit carried me on their shoulders back to base ops

And that’s the time I, a sixteen year old girl, beat a team of militarily trained behemoths

What About Lars?

Having just binge-watched the latest Stevenbomb, I see a lot of people on my dash freaking out about how Steven’s in the clutches of Gems who know he’s got Rose Quartz’s gem and are plotting to do who-knows-what to him, and how all his friends back on Earth are freaking out about his sacrifice and blah blah blah.

Not gonna lie, I’m worried about what kind of shit poor Steven is going through, but I’m more worried about Lars Barriga.

You know, the same Lars who, in “Island Adventure”, admits in a moment of weakness to feeling astoundingly isolated from others?

The Lars who, according to “The New Lars”, is suffering academically, probably because of a host of un-diagnosed mental issues?

The Lars who admits, in “Tiger Philanthropist”, he doesn’t know what would make him happy?

The Lars who, in “The Good Lars”, is desperate for friends but also unable to reach out to anybody for fear of rejection?

The Lars who probably thinks Sadie and everyone else hates him and thinks he’s a coward because he ran away from Topaz in “I Am My Mom”, when running from a hulking space alien who is giving Connie and Steven a hard time would actually be a perfectly understandable reaction?

And the Lars who would never admit to any of this and instead hides it behind being a sarcastic jerk who hates everybody, and is currently stuck on Aquamarine’s ship with Steven?

I’m honestly terrified for the guy.


so that post about how starfleet officers need permission from both their superior officer and their medical officer before they can sleep with an alien came back on my dash, and I thought I’d explore what it would mean for shepard if the alliance had the same rule…

mortification. that’s what it would mean. luckily, chakwas is a Cool Mom.

and for comparison, ryder - 

…lexi’s also a Cool Mom but she’s the type of overly prepared Cool Mom who asks you loudly in front of your friends if you’ve “got protection” when you go out then proceeds to pack extra into your bag when you clam up in horror

Business and Pleasure - Part 12

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,359

Warnings: Swearing 

Originally posted by buckysclique

Neither of you had slept that night. You were wrapped in each other’s embrace until the moment Bucky had to leave. You had insisted on going to the airport with him, despite his protests that it wasn’t necessary. You wanted to, though. You couldn’t let him leave on his own.

There was a time when you prayed that he would be sent away on business, but things had changed so much in so little time. You wanted to show him that you were serious, to reassure him that your relationship would survive even despite the distance.

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My whole dash is Sana crying and my heart breaks every time. She needs some holy trinity time.

Right? I suggested earlier that this could be the perfect time for…okay you ready?

So after Sara and Sana talk, Sara messages Isak and apologises for believing it was him when it wasn’t and then Isak just like drops his phone turns to Even and is like 

“I gots to go” 

and Even looks up from the bed where they were watching a movie and is all “what babe?” 

so Isak sighs and flops down on the bed while pulling his shoes on and lets Even rub warm soothing circles on his back as he does. Isak looks up at him and says “Sara knows Sana was the one to leak her chats” and watches as Even raises his eyebrows and nods “oh”

“yeah” Isak replies getting up 

Even thinks for a moment  “would the girls?…” 

Isak shakes his head “nei, after the fucked up shit Sara pulled on Vilde? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sana is alone right now.” 

Even frowns “poor Sana” 

Isak nods and grabs his books “yeah which is why i’m going over there and making her help me study”

Even laughs and jumps up to grab his jacket “your sweet baby, but if you think you’re gonna comfort her with science you are gonna need some help.” 

Isak looks back in surprise “you sure? what if…you know the boys are-”

Even brushes him off “it doesn’t matter. lets go help our science buddy and friend” 

“um MY science buddy and friend thank you very much in fact did i tell you we are best buds?”

“only a million times baby” 

When Sana opens the door to see Isak and Even holding a pizza she doesn’t know what the hell to do. Usually her instinct would be to tell them to go away but she is too taken aback to register before Isak is smiling, calling her his best buddy and inviting himself in. Even pulls Sana in a tight hug and shows her the movies he brought over to cheer her up. 

both stories of basketball legends Sana doesn’t exactly hate…..

“So our television is broken so we were wondering if we could hang here?” Isak asks making himself comfortable on her couch.

Sana narrows her eyes “sure..” she does not buy it she knows exactly what they are doing, but as Even pops the movie in and Isak waves a slice of vegetarian pizza in front of her face… she can’t say no to it. 

She lets herself be sandwiched between the two boys as they watch the movie and bicker over it. 

Isak doesn’t understand a second of the basketball scenes and Even and Sana roast him for it. everything is fine for a while. Sana forgets it all but eventually it begins to come back and that’s when it happens. 

Sana’s body begins to shake silently as the tears roll down her face, she feels herself falling back into the empty feeling of loss and misery and she doesn’t know how to get out. 

but then she feels arms around her… from both sides. 

Isak is rubbing circles on her back and Even wipes away her tears with a tissue while telling her everything is going to be okay. They are here, she is not alone

everything is going to be okay

and as she lets her friends tell her this and listen to her cry

she just begins to believe it. 


I started listening to got7 fell in love yet I have no idea how I came across them, then some how I came across a video of Jin from bts making a stupid dad joke I googled them, listened to their music fell in love I was like “okay 14 guys is enough” oh no somehow Monsta x turns up on my dash I start stanning them, then blackpink and B.A.P now I’m obsessed with EXO it’s like a black hole once you are in your stuck and I’m stuck on which group to see if they ever come to the uk like I’m a broke university student

Chance Encounters (Peter Parker)

Summary / Request: “Hiii, how are you? Could you do a[n] imagine with spiderman (tom)? (Y/N) fathers works in shield and she is familiar with all the avengers, and she goes to the [same] school as peter. She is very brave and smart, and they both fall in love and start dating” / The day Y/N and Peter meet and the day Y/N confesses her feelings for him.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of a gun


requested: anon

word count: 1454

Originally posted by juliechavira

With so many wonders to explore in Manhattan, Y/N always finds a way to Stark Tower. The building blends in with the concrete jungle of the city, but because of the distinguishing architecture and being a home of heroes she could not help to gravitate towards it. Luckily with her father working closely with The Avengers, Y/N often joins him on meetings just to have the opportunity to be in the tower. Over time Y/N befriended The Avengers to where she can stop in unannounced no problem. Though ever since the accords tore a rift between the heroes, Tony requested for Y/N to not visit until three months later, and she was asked to come back and catch up.

After many visits to Stark Tower, Y/N always, and will always be in awe of the exalted building. Before entering, taking a step back to admire it once more, focusing in on the details and away from the buzz of the crowd, she hears the click of a camera.

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The Adventure Zone (from what I have seen on my dashboard)

I have never listened to this at all (I only recently found out that it was a listen-to thing I literally had no idea) and @the-tao-of-fandom asked me about my impression of it from my dashboard. SO here goes:

Consists of a bunch of characters:

  • Taz: wears a pointy hat, skinny, has a sibling; does improbable things; completely batshit in fanon, not sure about canon; everybody’s favourite.
  • Taz’s sibling: an enigman who looks the same as Taz
  • Big Naked Guy: killed a million bad guys in a supermarket or smthing?
  • dwarf: has a nice beard
  • and some other people probably

is about:

  • some unholy combo of homestuck and a very long DND game?? 
  • the aforementioned group of characters travelling around
  • They’re… adventuring somewhere. In a zone. Only in this one zone? are there other zones? no one knows
  • Despite being peppy and ridiculous in places it is also capable of inducing THE FEELS
  • there was a woman who turned into an umbrella? or something? like a mary poppins animagus idk
  • I sometimes confuse taz fanart with that junky guy from that game with all the characters (yet another thing I see a lot of on my dash and barely understand)
  • could just be my dash, but doesn’t seem to be particularly shippy

Tao thinks it’s good, so I can further extrapolate that:

  • There are possibly bones involved
  • Or maybe succulents

that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. One day I may actually listen to it and find out…

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i remember a few years ago the sunny tag on tumblr was empty and in only a few years it got infested with these people who are looking to tv shows and their characters for wish fulfillment in order to distract themselves from problems in their own lives. like, the show was always a comedy, there was no subplot or queerbaiting whatsoever. these 'fans' should be angry at themselves for getting caught up in something which would never materialize on tv anyways

I remember that too, and it’s why I got out of the tags early in the season. I have certain people get information and reblog things for me/my dash now. I’m so beyond done.

I think the problem is, as mentioned before, these people don’t watch the show but Watch The Show. They insert what they want to see with their hashtag discourse. They have it in their minds that Charlie is trans and/or ace, so they look for things that prove it. They have it in their minds Dee is a lesbian, so they look for things that prove that. They think that Dennis is bi and in love with Mac, so they look for things that prove that. They twist any look between real life friends or actors or trust each other in that moment or some type of look of admiration or waiting to see where the bit of improv goes as A Look It’s Proof They’re Boyfriends <3 <3 <3 Confirmation bias is a real and potentially dangerous thing (see: the current America political climate). The same can be said for any shows. I’ve been having discussions with a few people in the last week involving Supernatural, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Glee, and a few other shows I can’t remember….none of which I was ever a fan of (sorry, internet & the world at large) but the types of fans and Fandom involved. Even things I have been involved in that involved real people but people treated like characters (the band Keane, the improv TV show Whose Line is it Anyway). I get that media is escapism and theorizing and wanting certain things to happen is part of being a fan and part of the experience, but it really easily can go too far.

In the months leading up to the premiere there were theories and people spreading crap and acting like they had all the answers. And so that became the accepted inevitable and real facts.

This has never been a show that I ever expected anything like this to ever happen to. It’s a low rated cable comedy. It’s seen fans come and go over the years, some people don’t evne know it’s still on the air. Sure, it’s popular worldwide and has that cult following. But in the overall television media space, it’s kind of a drop in the bucket. And despite it being a very political show  with social commentary at its core, it’s not a Political Show. It’s not a romcom, a soap opera, a drama, or whatever else either. It’s not gonna hold your hand and tell you everything is okay and give you morals and life lessons. Sometimes in the end, things are just very “complex issues” and have no ending. Sometimes it’s just “poop is funny.” Any other line of thinking is weird, and is the complete opposite of what the show has established itself to be. Sure, things have changed over the years and characters have grown a little bit and this season had several reaching plot points instead of all being stand alone episodes. But it won’t change to the point where everyone is happy and gets a nice red ribbon tied up on their character’s lives. Should Dennis actually leave, no one is happy. Dennis might be happier and better off, but its a hard decision to leave everyone and thing you’ve known since you were small, even if he knows it will help fill his life up and complete him. And The Gang will miss him too. That’s never been the show. Any tender moment is glossed over with some type of joke or insult because these people typically don’t like to sit with their feelings. They’re content as they are.

What Do Good Girls Say?

OKAY! So this is one of many from my prompt list from last month. I apologize for these taking so long and really hope everyone likes what they get. 

WARNING! This is super long and smutty. I’m so sorry but I really enjoyed writing this.

Prompt: (3) I didn’t know you were a dom and when I called you “Sir” you almost jumped me.
Featuring: Finn Balor

Master List Plug!

P.S. Guess who’s back to posting fanfics again? This girl!

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authors note: i thought i would write this after i saw shawn’s adorably silly instagram story about him buckling up his guitar in the car. it just made me think of what kind of boyfriend he would be. i feel like he would be so protective and he’d make sure that you always felt safe physically and emotionally :)

“Almost ready babe?” Shawn yelled outside your bathroom door. He was visiting you at college for the weekend and you both decided to go on a date and do something fun. There was a really good ice cream place not too far from your apartment and you’ve been wanting to take Shawn there forever now.

“Yup!” You opened the door and saw Shawn standing outside waiting for you like a puppy.

“Now that you’re done with your hair and makeup and stuff, I kinda feel like I should say something like, oh wow Y/N you look great! But like, you always look great. Even when you take years to get ready.” Shawn said with red cheeks a huge smile on his face.

Sometimes you noticed that he still stuttered over his words, or wasn’t sure what to say whenever he talked to you. Even though you had been together for about 8 months now, you both made each other nervous at times. It was precious. That’s how you knew it was real. What kind of relationship would it be if you didn’t get butterflies still every once in a while? He made you smile so much that your face hurt. He made you happier than you ever thought you could be.

“You always look great too baby.” You smiled shyly and leaned in to give him a quick kiss on the nose. Soon enough, you were both out the door and in Shawn’s jeep.

“Hey, come on, put your seatbelt on.” Shawn said and reached over you to put your seat belt on for you.

“Baby you haven’t even started the car yet. I was gunna do it.” You laughed and kissed the side of his head as he put on your seat belt.

“You gotta be more on top of things Y/N.” Shawn joked and finally started up the car. He was such a protective gentleman. What kind of boyfriend tells you to put your seatbelt on, and then just does it for you when you don’t respond within barely a minute? He was literally on top of you making sure you were doing what you needed to do at all times. Him putting on your seatbelt was small compared to how he usually was. He was always doing silly things to make sure you were okay. Everyday, whether he was with you physically or not, he would always ask you if you ate breakfast lunch and dinner. Your schedule between classes and work were incredibly busy and in all honesty, sometimes there was just no time for eating. But Shawn always made sure there was time. Other days, when he’s away on tour, he would call you every morning, or whatever was morning for him because sometimes our time zones didn’t match up, and he would leave you a message telling you how much he loves you and how proud of you he is and how he believes in you. He knew college was stressful so he was always leaving little pep talk messages and making sure you stayed motivated.

As you were lost in thought of your love for Shawn you didn’t realize you had put your feet on the dash until Shawn yelled at you.

“Dude, get your feet down.” Shawn said and slapped your knee.

“What? Why?” You laughed a little. “My shoes aren’t dirty I promise!”

“I don’t care about that, it’s unsafe to do that Y/N. If we got into an accident your knees would go through your head! That’s not cool.” Shawn said in a half serious half joking tone.

“No but seriously it’s not safe, please put your feet down love.”

“Well okay dad!” You laughed and removed your feet from the dash.

Shawn just laughed and grabbed your hand to hold it. He literally just yelled at you for being unsafe, yet now he’s driving with one hand just to hold your hand. Shawn wasn’t a horrible driver but it always sketched you out whenever he drove one handed, but right now you didn’t care. If you did get in an accident, at least you’d be holding his hand.

Shawn made you feel safer than any of your past boyfriends. Emotionally safe and physically. You had a couple past boyfriends where they were always wanting to hide certain things from your family, or they would lie to you about small situations that just lead to bigger and worse situations. You never felt emotionally safe until you met Shawn. And as for being physically safe, well, no past boyfriend of yours had ever put your seat belt on for you, or yelled at you for putting your feet on the dash. It was small silly things like that, that made you realize how lucky you were to have someone like Shawn.

anonymous asked:

Wait, I'm confused, what's this about Danny Phantom drama, "anti fans" and some dude named Butch?

Hoo boy. Well the Anti-Fan drama is from 10 years ago. BUT Butch cant let sleeping dogs lie. You cant escape drama in a fandom when its the creator thats causing it.

Shit I havent even been active in the fandom in a while, but now DP stuff is on my dash again cause Butch is being passive aggressive.

So grandma is gonna go into storytime.

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Greatest Good

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Wife!Reader

Warning: Some swearing?

A/N: Requested by @remediesandmelodies forever ago. Sorry peach. Haha. A Sam AU based off Frozone’s “Where’s My Suit” in the Incredible’s.Of course with a little more, and Reader wife arguing with him.

Sam rips open the closet doors, shoving clothes to one side. Before dropping to the ground and looking under the bed.

“Got it Cap. I just, I need to find my wings.” Sam smacks the floor of the bedroom, standing up in a huff. “They didn’t grow legs and walk away.” He rolls his eyes hanging up the phone. “Baby!!” He calls out.

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In Joy and Sorrow

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request (Hope you like it)

After Negan had taken away Daryl you’re barely able to go about your daily chores. When Negan finally gets to Alexandria you can’t hold back your anger.

word count: 2993

approximated reading time: 15 minutes

Three weeks. Three damn weeks since Negan had taken Daryl with him. Three weeks of worrying if he was still alive, if he was okay. Three weeks of wondering what kind of torture he had to go through at the Sanctuary, as that bastard called his devil’s pit. Would I ever see him again? Daryl… My eyes fell on the little piece of paper I had in a frame on the wall. The message he had left for me the last time we had been separated. I couldn’t believe it had happened again. I screamed as I walked up and down unsure what to do. I cried as I stood in the kitchen staring out of the window hoping that the answer would just magically appear at the front gate. I was about to go back to the bedroom to grab one of his shirts hoping that it still smelled like him when I saw a shadow approaching the gate. Trucks. The silhouette of a man. With a bat.
I was out of the door running towards the gate before I knew what I was doing. Negan, followed by a bunch of his men, entered the gates to Alexandria with Lucille on his shoulder and a smile on his lips.
“Rick”, he said patting him on the shoulder. “I’ve missed you.”
“You bastard!”, I screamed dashing towards Negan. “Where is he?”
“Oh, look who’s here as well. Thought ya’d given up by now.” Negan grinned at me.
“Fuck you”, I hissed. “Give him back!”

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Frosting Kisses - Tyler x Reader

I had just got done making cookies, the whole house smelled of them. I had sat down to read my book, music playing in the background, scooping the remainder of the frosting in the jar onto my spoon and licking it off as I read my book. I was waiting for Tyler to come over so we could hang out. Lately, he had been busy with work, I wasn’t bitter it just sucked he had to work so much. At least I shouldn’t be bitter after all me and him are just friends.
“I’ll be back later y/n” Ethan called, I glanced up at the blue haired boy and nodded.
Ethan was one of my close friends and ended up moving in with me so I wasn’t alone in the apartment.
“Okay, Eth, Tylers coming over anyway,” I said closing my book with my thumb in between the pages to keep my place.
“I know” he smirked, “That’s why I’m leaving to give you too some alone time” he winked.
“Shut up nerd,” I said throwing a pillow from the couch at him, he caught it laughing “You know me and Tyler are just friends, he’ll think I like him if you keep making weird comments like that” I huffed.
“But you do like him” Ethan teased bending down to tie his shoes.
“No, I don’t! You know what just leave” I huffed “You call a guy cute once” I mumbled under my breath the pillow I threw at Ethan hit me in the head and I playfully glared at him.
Ethan quickly dashed out the door giving a quick ‘see ya’ before closing it. I sighed and got back to reading and eating the frosting, I was focused on my book when the door opened I glanced up and saw Tyler, I pretended not to notice him and go back to reading. I had been the one to invite him over in the first place, but I also wanted to finish the chapter.
“Hey! smells good,” Tyler said sitting on the couch next to me.
I put up a finger telling him to wait a minute.
“Are you eating frosting out of the can?” he asked a bit judgmental.
“Shut up you ate a cold hot pocket cause you were too lazy to put it back in the microwave,” I said putting my book down and smirking at him.
“Okay fair enough” he chuckled.
“We don’t hang out enough anymore,” I said.
“I know, I’m sorry I’ve been busy. Why is it so important to you anyway?” Tyler asked looking at me.
“It’s not!” I said stubbornly “I just don’t want to lose someone like you” I mumbled.
“Someone like me?”
“Nevermind… it’s stupid” I sighed licking the frosting, Tyler knew better than to press me further about it.
We sat in silence for a bit and I looked over at him
“So you want to-” he was looking at me weirdly “why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.
“nothing- what were you saying?” he asked.
“Oh, do you want to watch a movie?” I asked.
I looked back to my spoon it was almost gone I put the rest in my mouth and pulled the spoon out clean of frosting, I looked back at him.
“I have-” I was cut off my Tyler lips on mine, he was leaning over me as he kissed me.
I was frozen in place I couldn’t do anything, eventually, though I melted into the kiss, he licked my lips and pulled back. I pushed him off of me.
“What was that for?” I asked covering my face trying to hide how red it was.
“You had frosting on your lips,” Tyler said.
I peeked from in between my fingers to see him with a sly smirk.
“Well tell me don’t kiss me!” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a worried look “You didn’t like it?” he asked.
I paused feeling my face go even redder if possible “Well I didn’t say that…” I mumbled crossing my arms.
“So you liked it?” he smiled.
“Didn’t say that either” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a confused look, and let out a breathy laugh uncovering my face and looking at him.
“I’ll uh leave… if you want me too,” Tyler said.
“n-no… I mean you don’t- I mean I don’t want you to” I said.
“Okay,” he nodded.
Awkward silence, at least it felt awkward to me, I was trying to gather up my feeling about the kiss, it felt like it was a dream, I looked at Tyler again and looked down. I coughed to break the silence and he looked at me, I met his gaze and gave him a soft smile to show I wasn’t mad at him, it seemed to relax the worried look he had.
“Kiss me again” I mumbled.
“What?” he sounded surprised
“I said kiss me again…. before I change my mind!” I huffed.
Tyler smiled with a soft laugh before he leaned in slowly pressing our lips together again, this time I responded much faster, my hands were quick to tangle themselves into his hair leaning down slightly uncomfortably on armrest of the couch, I didn’t mind at the moment, his hands went to my hips as we kissed, he licked my lips this time asking for entrance, when I didn’t give him it his bit my lip gently causing me to gasp, he took that time to push his tongue into my mouth.
There was a small gasp from someone cause me and Tyler to pull apart, both of are faced flushed, I was almost hoping it was an intruder there to steal our stuff, but I looked up and met blueish-greenish eyes.
“Ha! I knew you liked him!” Ethan said though he was blushing too from walking in on us basically making out.
“S-Shut up!” I growled.
Tyler got off of me and I sat up.
“I’ll leave you guys alone I just forgot my wallet,” he said.
Ethan went to his room.
“So you like me huh?” Tyler teased.
“No that was a pitty make out,” I said but then sighed “Fine… I guess I like you… a lot, that’s also why I spend a lot of time with you, so you can’t meet someone else” I admitted sheepishly.
“Why did you tell me?” Tyler asked.
“Because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend,” I said.
“Well… I don’t want you as a friend” Tyler said.
I looked at him a bit hurt, Tyler, chuckled at my expression, though “I don’t want you as a friend ‘cause I want you as something more”
“Is that okay?” he asked.
I smiled at him kissing him gently “Yeah that’s perfect”
“Awe” Ethan said.
I growled and started throwing pillow after pillow at him until he ran out of the house.
“He’s gonna tell everyone isn’t he?” I said.
“Probably” Tyler shrugged “are you okay with that?”
“Yeah… if you are,” I said.
“I’m fine with everyone in the world knowing you’re mine” Tyler smiled.

Rookie Season

Blindspot fanfic. Set somewhere in the time period between the end of Sandstorm and Jane taking up mountain climbing.

I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Welcome to my subconscious, sorry for the mess.

Jane got shot exactly 7 days after joining CIRG as a full Special Agent, and 10 days after graduating from Quantico.

Not that it really qualified as a bullet wound, she decided, eyeing the scratch on the outside of her left arm critically. 

The dock around her was a buzz of activity, now that the drug traffickers had been subdued and their FBI backup had finally shown up to haul the surviving members into custody.

“You okay?” asked Tasha, breathless after dashing across the dock to her side.

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For BNWYDSE Listeners: The Final E-mail from Mr. Oreo

So a long time ago, right around the time I left THAC, I got one last e-mail from “Mr. Oreo”. I asked if they would mind if I shared their email but I got no response, presumably because they don’t check that email address anymore (it does have a pretty specific use, after all). So I’m leaving out their name or any other personal details that were included. Thought you guys that remember might get a kick out of it:

Dear THACboiiz,

First of all, I should introduce myself as [–]. Not [–] Oreo, or Kia, or Patreon, but [–] nonetheless. And definitely not Giath.

I wanted to take some time to thank you all. The reason I’m thanking you now is that I’ve just finished a masters and it’s a huge relief. And you might be amazed at just how much you all helped me to get through it.

It was a difficult year living in a one-room apartment London, with a shower above the toilet and an oven next to the bed. It was a long way from home, and I had virtually no free time or money to do anything other than run in the morning and study for the entire rest of the day. I’d have just enough time to keep up with the THAC content when I slowed down for dinner on a night, and your channel basically had a most favoured status in my routine, since I’d been following since MH first emerged on SA and had full confidence that my time would be well invested.

And those are the circumstances what inspired the Mr Oreo e-mail. I was in a study-induced stupor while listening to BNWYDSE and eating spaghetti (true story) and needed some creative outlet to break the monotony. I think Joseph mentioned Oreos, and then…well I don’t really remember how I brought the idea together from that tenuous starting point. But I just wrote fast, with little regard for whether the words I was using were real words or not, then sent it off and forgot about it. I’m pretty sure I had read a few too many convoluted academic pieces and abandoned normal English language conventions or attempts at readability as a result.

When I got to the end of the next posdcast a couple of weeks later and realised Tim was actually going to read it I was in awe. I could barely remember what I had written, so hearing him trying to make the best of it had me in tears of laughter. It sincerely made my night, and from that point I made a mental note to let you know about that when the year was over. From time to time, there would be similar nights and I’d and dash another one out. Always the same rule: No editing, except to add a few horrid retrospective puns.
From Mr. Kia to Mr. Patreon; there was never any great unifying theme other than the probability that there was some kind of hamfisted con involved somewhere, pilfered by either a very elaborate yet half-baked spam AI, or tenacious yet incompetent scammer. Or, you know, the actual bosses of major company-brands. The last one is definitely the most plausible, right down to the fact that every corporate structure ensures that specific brands have eponymous CEOs appointed to them for some godawful reason, and no this is not a lie at all so stop asking.

The only one I didn’t write was the recent Vegemite one, and that made me really happy as well: It was so nice to think that someone else who was listening had taken the character to heart, and that makes me more grateful still to you for reading them out. There was never any obligation on you to do so, so I’m truly thankful that you gave me that little platform and a chance to keep my writing skills sharp, curiously by channelling all of my most gimcrack writing into those e-mails and getting it out of my system for when the time to do real proper writing rolled up.

I don’t plan to write any more, since it just wouldn’t feel right outside of the weird pressure cooker of a city that London is. That’s the sort of place Mr. Oreo might live, but it isn’t for me. And that’s fine. I got what I went for and left all those big money CEOs in their glass towers behind. Although this letter largely retains the spirit of those e-mails thanks to my decision to write it at a time when my powers of proodfreading are likely to be completely inept. I’m just filling you in on this strange chapter of my life because it’s a big part of why I’m getting in touch to express my gratitude.

I’ll still be watching, and listening, and no doubt making a terrific time of it. I’m sure that I’m not the only one you’ve helped through a patch or two, but I don’t like to leave thanks unsaid. So thank you. And thanks in advance for whatever else is to come.

Best regards,

A Year and Six months

This a thing I guess not a very good thing but it is a thing.

Part 2

AN: Butt chins. My best friend says when i write I try to explain my self too much … i agree. Also the author is fucking shit at titles and endings and writing in general but whatever

It’s been a year and 6 month since you left the tower. A year and 6 month since you’ve talked to anyone at the tower besides Steve and Pepper. A year and 6 months since the day you found them, the man you loved most and some woman, together in your once shared room lips pressed together and bodies bare of everything but each other.

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Damien Darhk: I can’t believe this team! I throw EVERYTHING at them! And it doesn’t even–

*looks down to see Eobard Thawne wearing Waverider sandals*

Darhk: What…are…those?

Thawne: I don’t know; I thought they looked kinda dashing.

Darhk: I’ve got 24 hours to get rid of this team or my entire future goes up in smoke and…YOU…ARE…WEARING THEIR MERCHANDISE?!?

*Merlyn sips from a Captain Canary cup*

Merlyn: Thirsty?