but this is what i ended up with


Not the most interesting pose or anything but I wanted to practice lineless coloring some more so I just grabbed a sketch I did of lord dominator the other day and finished it up! It was about time I drew her anyways.

Obviously I couldn’t decide which color background to go with, so you get two.

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Hi :) I've been following you for like forever. I think your art is amazing and it really gives me lots of inspiration to paint. I always wanted to create my own comic and now finally after years I have some good ideas but tbh I'm a little lost about how should I bring it to another level from just few ideas. Do you have any tips on how to work on your story? And how long it took you from idea to the point you started drawing Carciphona?

Hi! Thank you for writing : D I’m glad you like my art!

Even though I do try to become better, at the end of the day I do everything I do mostly for fun so I don’t have proper knowledge to back it up. Everything I can answer is based on my experience, right or wrong, but I’ll try my best to theorize what I think is the right answer for you.

I started the comic not because I thought I was ready; I just thought it’d be fun to draw the comic and I already had some material (keyword some). In these 12 years of drawing Carciphona, even in the recent years, long after I’ve started the comic, I’ve made some pretty major changes that made the story and plot almost unrecognizable compared to before.

The gist of my advice is just don’t worry about reaching a goal or next level for your story, that’s a really objective way to think about creativity and it usually makes you worry more than be creative.Even if you can’t come up with anything, you needn’t feel lost, just don’t write anything. It’s not always time to write or create. Think over what your world is for now and wait. When you know your story better, you will have more questions that will lead to more ideas for your story, just like how you won’t know you need to learn anatomy until you’ve actually drawn something and then saw the gaping hole in your knowledge about anatomy.

This to me is immersion and I only like writing when I feel immersed in what I am working with. Immersion takes time, so no matter how hard you work, it’s inevitable that you will have to give your story idea months or years to really feel natural for you to work with, and this is probably why you are feeling “lost” now–because you don’t really know your world and character all that well yet to be curious about its unknowns, and you want to move forward but you cannot. It’s likely that instead of patiently waiting for that understanding and then expanding on what you already have, you’d want to make your world more exciting by adding details like more races of people/creatures, more characters, more locations etc. This is a lot easier to do as you can see tons of characters created with little context on a daily basis, but if you force it to become more complex this way just to satisfy your standard, you are most likely going to come up with a story that is unrelatable, irrelevant and not believable (ie. character’s actions feel arbitrary instead of natural, the world consists of races and groups of characters that have no relation with each other or with the world from which they came).

I enjoy the slower method of waiting to feel immersed with my characters and world over time, and then being able to naturally continue the story by asking myself questions with that unconscious understanding of how the world and the characters are like. I think it’s important to think of your story in an inquisitive manner rather than authoritative manner. Rather than tell your world/your characters what they are, ask your characters/your world, why it is the way it is. What is the reason for certain cities to be so much more guarded or prosperous compared to others? what do they have that others don’t? Why do the characters feel so willing to travel instead of staying home? What does that say about the climate of society and civilian life, and maybe the lack of attachment they feel towards home and loved ones? who are these loved ones and what are their lives like, even if they will never appear in the story? Asking questions in this manner makes you explore the background which grounds the world and makes it the way it is–the “why” and “how”–rather than making up random facts and characters just like filler–the “what”. It makes it so that your world and their events, and your characters and their lives, exist within the context of the people and things that surround them, rather than just existing because you willed it. This makes for a solid foundation by giving you lots of gaps of information to fill and be creative about, all with information relevant and reasonable to your world. By working like this, I’ve never hit a wall with my writing in the sense that I am out of things to do with my world; I might have days or months where I cannot solve one puzzle about my story world, but I know it is not a loss of direction as much as simply another aspect of my world that will eventually make sense to me as I understand my story more in time.

good luck!

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Hi, I don't mean to bother you when you're studying, so please ignore this until you're free, but would you mind doing the RFA characters reactions to MC being skilled at knife throwing? Thank you in advance, and thanks for this blog.

No problem dear! I don’t even know what was going on at this point when you sent thins to me honestly. Maybe exams? 

Your welcome! 


  • He’s so intimidated but that’s also one of the single coolest talents a person can have 
  • Desperately asks them to teach him how
  • He actually turns out to be pretty good at it. 
  • They both probably end up bragging to Seven 


  • She finds it really interesting and unique
  • She’d love if they showed her, but she also can’t help but get a little concerned for their well being because knives are sharp, but then again, she knows that they’re talented at this. They know what they’re doing
  • She will brag about their talent so much
  • She’d refuse to try herself but would completely admire them for that skill


  • He’s so intrigued, but also again knives are sharp
  • He’s so protective because he doesn’t want them to get hurt
  • It’s funny because if anything he’d be the one to get hurt (he really does seem to get himself hurt pretty easily)


  • He is highly concerned 
  • He’s glad that you know how to handle the knives and stuff and like, technically self defense which is always nice but also like, he’s kind of frightened
  • When you ask him if he wants to try he ends up being shockingly good 
  • It frightens most of the RFA honestly
  • Don’t let him try, it’s really scary


  • He’s actually barely concerned
  • He trusts you to know how to take care of yourself
  • Definitely asks to try
  • Do. Not. Give. Him. A. Knife.
  • It’s a really, really bad decision 
  • Don’t keep them anywhere Seven can find them. 

Stop? Tobias laughed incredulously. He shook his head, resting back on his heel. Standing for a moment in silence, he folded his arms across his chest as he thought. You want me to stop? You want me to ignore what I can plainly see? Fine. He threw his hands up into the air, bursting into a fit of fake laughter as he did. Archer could feel his blood boiling as he watched him. Of course, sweetheart. Whatever you want. 

You are such a prick, Archer muttered. 

Why is that, gorgeous? You’re getting your way, as always. I’ll be the doting spouse who looks the other way while you do whatever it is your little heart desires. The older man plastered a huge smile on his face as he began to slowly pace the floor. You want to fuck Levi? Go right ahead. We’ll both pretend that it isn’t happening & I’m sure his pea-brained boy toy will be none the wiser.

The young blond couldn’t remember the last time he was this angry. He was completely taken aback by how the other man was speaking to him now. Very funny, Toby, he snarled. But I’ve already fucked Levi, remember? It’s not like I have some lifelong curiosity that needs to be answered. Before you stepped in & started meddling with everything, he & I used to fuck all the time. 

It took everything in Tobias not to come unglued at that statement. His hands formed tight fists at his side as he tried to control his breathing. Every inch of his skin felt hot with rage. And did you enjoy it?

Every wonderful fucking second of every single time we did it, he spat in response. Archer knew he was only antagonizing the other man at this point but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. This ridiculous fight mixed with his husband’s recent attitude shift had driven him over the edge.

Then what’s stopping you from doing it again? Tobias roared. Go ahead. Go fuck Levi if he’s so wonderful. Maybe he can get you pregnant instead. Isn’t that what you do anyway? Go fuck someone else when your real partner isn’t giving you what you want?

At heart, I have always been a coper, I’ve mostly been able to walk around with my wounds safely hidden, and I’ve always stored up my deep depressive episodes for the weeks off when there was time to have an abbreviated version of a complete breakdown. But in the end, I’d be able to get up and on with it, could always do what little must be done to scratch by.
—  Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation
Organic (S.Coups Dad Fluff)

Originally posted by seungcheofine

“I’m just tired of watching him all day while you go out!” You whispered loudly to Seungcheol while running your hands through your hair. It had gotten tiring over the past few months, Seungcheol was hardly ever home because of his ever intrusive schedule. It wasn’t that you didn’t understand the situation, you knew he had work and you knew what he was doing was important, but it had become a reoccurring event that Seungcheol would come home at the end of the day and play with him while you were forced to be the “not fun” parent.

“It’s not like I can just quit, what do you expect me to do?” This entire situation had been a buildup of tension that had been piling up and even though the two of you had tried to stay quiet to allow your son to sleep in the next room the volume had gradually gotten louder.

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Fireflies (Jumin x MC)

You go outside to find Jumin where he’s lit up.

Word Count: 611

I’ve had an exciting day ig. I competed in a news writing competition, I didn’t end up placing but there’s always next year ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk. Anyhow, I actually quite like the use of fireflies in stories and what not just with how gentle and fun-loving they are. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! (ृ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ृ )ु


“Jumin! Jumin?” You stepped outside curiously from the small cabin you were staying for a small amount of time, night dripping down from the sky onto the long and tall wisps of grass.

“MC!” You heard his voice call out to you, his form oddly somehow lit up even being far away from you. “Darling come here!” 

You narrowed your eyes confusedly but followed his voice nonetheless,

And what you saw left a smile stretching from ear to ear upon your face.  

He was drenched in fireflies, the insects fluttering about him but never seemingly drifting away.

“O-Oh my goodness!” You laughed slightly, rushing forward excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you were a firefly magnet!” 

And even despite his laughter, you couldn’t help but admit how your heart melted as the light shone on his eyes, intensifying that gentle warmth that swarmed him. 

“I didn’t know honestly,” He chuckled lightly. “It’s a bit peculiar honestly.”

He took a few steps towards you, raising a curious brow as the fireflies still continued to follow. 

“How long do you think they’ll follow me?” He asked, tipping his head. 

“Maybe you have to outrun them,” You snickered. “You know, like play hard to get?”

“Perhaps. Like an experiment I suppose?” 

“Exactly,” You smiled, taking his hand as you began to lead him. “come on!” 

You began to run, leading him on as you both expectantly watched the fireflies float blankly for a moment before chasing after him.

A few began to trail about you, twirling and tying around you like a ribbon upon a dress.

Yet as you looked at your new friends, your feet skidded against a rock, knocking you off your feet as you accidentally pulled Jumin along with you.

He pulled you into his arms before you crashed down, pressing you close against him before thudding against the ground.

“Are you okay…?” He muttered, still the smallest grin on his expression as you turned to face him as you breathlessly sniggered. 

“Y-Yeah, what about you?” You curled his wave strands of hair through your fingertips, fearing you’d feel a hint of blood or the bump of a bruise. “You’re the one w-who really took the fall.”

“Of course love, I’m okay. Don’t worry.” 

You pressed a tender kiss to his nose, smiling sweetly. “My hero.” 

“I’m honored…” His voice began to drift off, tapping a delicate finger along your spine.

Until he noticed something.

He pointed up, your gaze turning up to find a twirl of familiar fireflies still swirling a little above you, oddly enough almost sinking beside the stars. 

You leaned back, resting your head in the crook of his neck, your fingertips weaving through his strands.

And despite being on the cold hard ground, the two of you lay on the spot, simple smirks decorating your faces as it almost appeared to be a light show.

And yet even with the fireflies, that wasn’t what lit up the world.

It was the utter adoration and devotion that painted your husband’s eyes when he looked to you.

And the love that filled both of your hearts.

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y'know. to be honest, johnny zest doesn't have bad genes. every time i've had him have a baby with one of my sims, they end up lookin' pretty noice. however, that isn't the case with everyone--but, i think johnny is a pretty chill dad to my sims so.

i did a super quick gameplay with what i’m calling my johnny zest redux over here (aka i did very minimal face editing bc he doesn’t need it) and listen……. every kid turned out so cute grown up. it was a miracle honestly….. all my sims kids turn out looking like frogs 90% of the time…

there are three scenes in rwby you can show me that will instantly make me tear up, no matter what, and literally all of them are because of ruby fucking rose 

  • the scene at the beginning of 3x1 with ruby saying “wish me luck” to summer’s grave, and the orchestral theme in the background 
  • at the end of 3x12 when ruby says “if i’m so special, i can help!… right?” and the little crack in her voice that shows all her uncertainty and fear 
  • ruby’s voice overlaying the cold theme at the end of 4x12 and her words, “we’ve all lost something”, and then team jnpr mourning pyrrha together 

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So larries pushed back the date,because time is running out and march is ending right??What is it this time??april??If i was a small larrie,i would get a wake up call,because big larries promised,PROMISED that babygate would end in march,but now L negotiated and pushed the date back??Why??Doesn't he want the torture to end already and be with his boyfriend??Bullshit,why big larries have so many followers when they do this time and time again,i will never understand

NO now it’s ending on March 25th which will be the worst day of all our Anti lives because Lottie is apparently doing torturous stuff right now with our feelings, even though I have no idea what she’s doing to hurt us and no Anti I can see has made any comment about her at all, but she’s apparently ruining our entire lives, financially destituting us, and come Friday we’ll all be deleting our accounts and wailing in our tags about the pain Freddie has brought into our lives.


So when that doesn’t happen (again) and the Mayan calendar needs another retooling, they’ll act like everything is fine and in a stasis holding point throughout April (”it’s ended in March but we may not hear about it yet…”) then in May they’ll declare that actually it was going to end in March, because Larries are never wrong and their theories are always gospel, but then Things Changed Behind The Scenes and now there’s a new end date that they’re not sure about yet but which will obviously be soon and eventually by the end of summer many of them will start suggesting it’s gonna end December 31st because they are nothing if not gigantic boring cliches who know their followers will totally sit and wait for another six months of their bullshit because their followers have put up with their failed predictions for over 7 years, and when that passes, we’re back to celebrating our downfall again in March 2018. 

Being a Larrie time traveller must be dull work.

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so i'm a little gay bitch for some background knowledge. so there was this guy i was talking to after my very first break up and after our first date we started making out in his car. he was kind of sick but i'm a trooper. let me remind you i was NOT sick, and while making out we take a small pause at which point i realize i have a loogie in my mouth. i have no idea what to do so i just end up swallowing it. gross? yes. but at least i didn't make him feel embarrassed on a first date

wow is all I can say

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I'm sorry to see you go but it's okay we understand x just wanted to say that you are an amazing person/writer and best wishes for the future xx just wondering though what are some of your favourite things you have wrote on this blog?? xx

Thank you love <3
I actually went and took the first step towards me getting healthier today, so let’s hope it works out! Fingers crossed, guys!

Now, as for your question…that is a very good one.
Let me take a look at the masterlists!

Okay, so this list ended up longer than intended, but I’m going with it!

Some Of Tanis’s Favourite Stories!

Circle On His Wrist
I love a good Soulmate AU, and this one was such an interesting concept, and I really enjoyed writing it!

This story was requested by the lovely @sayrahsunshine // @suggposts and it lead to the beautiful friendship that we now have, and so it holds a special place in my heart for that. Plus, another interesting Soulmate AU concept :)

Isn’t About Me
The first smut story I ever wrote for this blog (that was not Joeck haha).
I’m proud of it. It lead me to being more comfortable writing smut (even if y’all haven’t read that stuff haha)

Managing Alone…Or Not
The request for this story came in just as my grandpa passed away, and so everything the reader experiences in this story, up to the point of the plate dropping, was actually my own personal feelings.
This story helped me cope with his loss. It will always be important to me for that reason.

May The Force Be With You
I had way too much fun writing this. And Jack and Conor at the end is just amazing. I love this story.

Please, Wake Up Part 1 & Part 2
The request came from a friend in my personal life, and I really enjoy how it turned out.
Plus, its the story I’m making into a book (Yes, that is still happening!), so it’s super special to me.

Post Crash Panic
I cringe reading this now, but this was the first Joe Sugg Imagine I ever wrote, and so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.
But I really need to go back and fix it…

Puzzle Piece
I actually don’t really know why I love this story so much, but I do. And I always smile after reading it, and I adore it, so I’m going to include it.

The Red Dress
My Jack/OC smut story…the first Jack story I wrote, and lead me to writing more Miack and other stuff, and helped me remember why I loved writing so much. This story is just special to me.

I think that’s it!
I hope you liked those stories as much as I did :)

Anyone want to share their favourites?

Netflix is gonna get rid of digimon (not including fusion) on April 1st, what the ever lasting hell

Remember last time they wanted to get rid of it on August 1st????
And then all of ended up watching the crap out of it enough that it manged to stay up?
What I’m saying is everyone marathon adventure-tamers even if only as background noise tbh

Recreational Scolding

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended. Just something I found on my laptop, enjoy!


She appears to be part hobbit.

It’s Mycroft Holmes’ first thought when he reaches out to take the hand of the, frankly ridiculously tiny, local sheriff he’s here to meet. She’s… perky, he believes that’s the word the Yanks would use to describe her. Blond (of course), cheerful (good grief, is she cheerful) and watching him with the sort of offhandedly doe-eyed gaze that bespeaks either idiocy or great intelligence.

Mycroft looks at the young woman, takes in her studiedly casual business suit and small, puckish grin. Her subtly dissecting gaze. She smiles at him, blindingly bright and charming, and Mycroft decides that it’s probably intelligence which lights her countenance.

For a moment, just a moment, he is reminded of Sherlock when he was a boy, and he forces the thought rather sharply away.

“Veronica Mars,” she says when the silence has stretched out to a slightly uncomfortable degree. Mycroft does so enjoy making people uncomfortable. “That’s my name,” she’s saying. “And this is the part where you tell me yours.” She waggles her eyebrows. “Or are you going for strong and silent, hmm?”

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I forgot to update, but my talk with the director today went well. I felt heard throughout the meeting, and she told me she would have a discussion with my supervisor. She then told me if I should ever feel picked on or targeted again, to immediately come to her. At the end, she informed me that if any other coworkers had similar concerns, to inform them that her door is always open and she can’t make changes if she doesn’t know what’s going on. At least one of my coworkers/fellow supervisees went down to speak with her, and I think another one was gearing up to go as I was leaving.

Hopefully this will bring about changes. I told her that I don’t want to quit, but if stuff doesn’t change, I will for the sake of my sanity. She told me she appreciated the fact that I was willing to say something before it went that far, and she will do as much as she can (within her limits of course) to keep me.

Ok so

I don’t have the full story and I refuse to pry further because that just spreads possible misinformation but from what I understand

A player has potentially (I say potentially because the name is not going around, but that doesn’t make it any less severe) been outed as queer by a partner

This. Is. So. Fucked.

Period. End of sentence.

Like I don’t care if you think “well they were on x dating app, they had to see this as a possibility”


Sharing any sort of information from any sexual partner on social media is disgusting, disrespectful, and wrong. I don’t care if they’re it’s a regular person, a pro-athlete, or the fuckin Queen of England. Posting anything online that you have not been given explicit consent, by every party involved, to post is wrong and straight up illegal.

This is not me defending whatever player this is. This is me defending the fucking personal privacy of another human being.

If you think anything to the contrary or think that this was okay on even a microscopic level you can fuck right off