but this is their birthday cake so

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble


it’s 23 in my timezone so yea here’s my @vldexchange‘s Sheith Birthday Exchange for @lucifercaelestis ! thanks for dragging me to pre-kerberos hell sobs;; hope you like it!

i just want he knows that everyone loves this birthday boy ;;

also sorry for being inactive lately October is super tough by giving me deadlines ;;

Happy belated birthday, Yuichiro!
I wanted to draw something for his birthday, even though I didn’t have the time to draw one on his actual birthday so here is a veeery late sketch. It shows Yuichiro in his alternate costume as he just finished eating his cake, fork still between his teeth.

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So I know what to get Doc for his birthday no problem (the strongest coffee you can find) but what do you get a homicidal artificial intelligence for their birthday? Socks? And do we need 4 cakes or just the one?

Google straightens his glasses with a frown. “I do not understand the purpose of giving me gifts. Birthdays are frivolous and human.”

Ollie sneaks behind Google with a box full of party supplies, looks up, motions for you not to say anything, and continues to sneak out of sight.

Outside looking in

Short story on Mike Hanlon

Word count: 457


Mike Hanlon had always been the outsider

He had been the new kid in town

He had been the only black kid in Derry

He had been the last edition to the Losers club, as if added as an afterthought

So imagine how alone he felt when,

He was about to enter a cake shop and caught Bill kissing Beverly behind the glass and dreamt it would’ve been him

When he had baked his first cake after five hours of toiling in the kitchen and brought it to Eddie’s birthday party only to get outshined by Richie’s gift- a ratty old comic book

He had eaten half of the forgotten cake and threw the rest away in bitter tears

Imagine how isolated he felt when he was the one comforting the crying Eddie, or giving advice to the love-sick Stan, or encouraging the timid Ben to ask Beverly out, or tipping Richie off on what colour Eddie actually liked to wear, or helping Bill get closer to Stan

He had secretly wished others would comfort him through his tears, would give him advice on love, would spur him on to make the first move, would get him little things that he loved or actually try to get closer to him

Instead he cried alone, not daring to appear weak

He didn’t ask for advice, no matter how lovesick, because all the people he loved were in love

He wasn’t encouraged despite his efforts, because they were made in secret

Nobody knew what his favourite colour was, in fact, he had to throw himself a Birthday party

No one got closer to him

Picture Mike as he watched, flooded with a sea of jealousy, as Bill and Stan locked eyes in the stands watching his first Football game as team captain and realise their feelings for each other missing Mike’s winning touchdown

Nobody had ever bothered to ask Mike “who do you like?” or “what do you feel?”

Although the answer would only be a sheepish grin,

Mike would have felt very much loved by the notion that someone wanted to know more about him

But as the people around him grew towards and away from each other, nobody grew towards him

The space around him remained stagnant, a vacuum

Like he was stuck on a frozen lake and no matter how much he moved his legs they gained no grip on the cold hard surface and he had to watch while people strolled by, oblivious to his presence

The stoic boy couldn’t put his feelings into words

But that didn’t make him feel them any less

So when the losers broke off into pairs of lovers

Mike was left alone


On the outside

As the outsider


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idk if u still take writing prompts...but could write some stucky fluff or Steve!Thor fluff???

here is a little teeny fluffy stucky just 4 u!

Bucky doesn’t like to do much talking. 

Sometimes, he feels like it’s just too hard to get the words out of his voicebox. They’ll pile up inside his mind but when he tries to let them out, they get stuck somewhere in his throat- like his own voice was another casualty of his time with Hydra. Sometimes, his voice feels it could work just fine if he could only get the words to just form in his head. It’s rare to have a day where everything feels like it’s working well at once. Today isn’t one of them.

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yES, GOOD!!! ;; IM SO EXCITED FOR KEITH’S BIRTHDAY, I HOPE HE GETS LOTS OF PRESENTS AND GOOD THINGS!! Shiro tries to bake a cake and it ends up completely burnt but Keith likes it anyway. Team Voltron has a big party on the castleship and Keith’s never had so many people around to celebrate his birthday. It’s a little much, but he thinks it’s very sweet and later he and “Shiro” just go stargazing while Kuron tells Keith how much he means to him. 

The BOM are very confused because they’re like “It’s his birthday? But he was born?? Years ago??” They usually just celebrate when the person’s first born, and this is kind of weird, but they just roll with it and Kolivan gets him one of those little 80′s Lotor helmets like the one Zarkon gave baby Allura. 

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Idea: Mad finding out its Mare's 'birthday.' He reads many articles about what you are supposed to do. Fast forward Mad throws glitter over him as soon as he walks in the door, "Mad, what the hell is up with the glitter?" Mare already knows he doesn't waste his time with pranks very often so the chances that this is one is low. Mad smiles, "Happy birthday!" Mare groans, "How did you find out?" A quick explanation of 'internet' and Mare is being told their making cake. -🥀

I want a comic of this now.
MadPat smiling widely and happily cause he’s doing it right. Mare just totally unimpressed XD

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All the Losers are stunned when it's Stan's birthday or something and Richie shows up with this expertly decorated and baked cake and they make him prove he didn't buy it by making a cake exactly like it, which he obviously nails. They just don't believe that he would pay attention to details for that long and even really care about making a cake look at good.


Richie can’t sit still but he Can focus, as long as he’s moving, so when he’s looking for something to eat and he comes across an old cake mix and a tin of icing in the back of the cupboard he just, follows the instructions and makes it, and while he’s putting on the icing he starts to find it oddly entertaining to use a spoon to put shapes and patterns on the cake - he really rummages through the kitchen until he finds icing bags and tips and then finds his old bin of play-doh and whenever he has free time or his mom is drunk or his dad is yelling he just, practices on the back of a hard cover book or a board or whatever he can find

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birthday gifts - I would love it if red went and found the real shiro because red and shiro love Keith the most.

I LOVE THIS,, bonus points if Lance is still flying Red at the time though and she just takes off without warning and he’s like WaiT NO,, HOLD ON, WHAT’S HAPPENING–

And they just take a very long detour across the universe to save Shiro and race to make it back in time for Keith’s birthday cake. This isn’t what Lance expected when they told him he had to do more lion bonding, but hey, now they’ve got two Shiro’s and Red seems pretty happy. Also Keith has no idea what’s happening, but he tackle hugged Shiro as soon as he came back and hasn’t let go since, so that must be a good sign, right? 

all im saying is, if the Voltron fam made a surprise party for Keith’s birthday, with cake and balloons and all that, Keith would definitely smile so big and start tearing up, at which point another group hug ensues, with Keith in the middle of it

When he calms down enough he’d turn to them and see how much they genially care for him and whisper a soft ‘thank you’ that’d cause everyones hearts to melt


Oct 22, 2017



Today’s performance has safely ended.
And during today’s soiree, everyone sang me happy birthday, and when I came back to the dressing room, I got a surprise cake from everyone! Ahh, I was SO happy that I was able to have such a great birthday!
Thank you so much!

This group photo, is my fav!!!