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My MC is delusional in the sense that he believes his father legit cares for him when everyone else can see he doesnt. He is extremely persistent in believing this, accusing others of lying when they tell him truth Is there a mental illness for this?

CW: Abusive relationships (in depth discussion with some examples), brainwashing, gaslighting

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Holiday with the Starks

Another Wattpad request! I do not own any of the Starks. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: Fluff, Modern AU

Pairings: Robb Stark x reader, Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark

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You sighed loudly when someone knocked on your door. In truth, you weren’t having a good day. You were behind on your studies which meant you weren’t going to be able to go home for Christmas like you’d planned. You knew there had been a chance of you not being able to go, but now it was real. It was a drawback of being a medical student.

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Stanley after the end of BaTB. I’m gayer now.

The busy village woke with spazzing and jittering light cascading over the tall sand rock walls. The clay sizzled in the warmness of the sun. A radial orchestra of windows bursting open and neighbors casting cheerful greetings to one another sung loudly with the sound of birds. And ever so faintly the harmony between a prince and a clockwork filled the volume of France. This was the noise from the corner of the blooming nation, a small hymn that rested below a soft, kind sun and a whimsical sky. In a particular tavern, however, the song of a young musketeer was chirped quietly.

Stanley held a finger to his temple and his others around his chin, thinking, pondering, wondering. He thought about the night of the unmasking, the revealing of truth, the moment he found that magic was real. He remembered watching the night sky rip from his eyes in seconds as the sun dove into reality and washed away the cruel aftermath of a long sustained curse. He remembered the ball. The feeling of his collar chafing his neck, the cufflinks on his shirt, and the way he smelled of cinnamon and flower. He remembered turning from face to face, to and from mesdames and messieurs until his heart flopped from the right side of his thorax to the left. And there wasn’t enough space on the left. Not by a long shot. He can memorialize the lump that caught his throat, the rise in his chest and the dryness of his lips. C’était le coup de foudre. Except that it wasn’t.

He loved LeFou for as long as the birds were in the sky and the world was round but he had never wrapped his head around the idea, let alone a finger or a hand. And he had wrapped his hands around LeFou, held his body within his arms and spun him around. He had LeFou, like a puppet, in his hold, leading him around the other dancers. He was nothing but a breath apart from the love of his life and he’s convinced his eyes had revealed everything he ever felt. Like a wave crashing on the beach, his heart spluttered on the shore of actuality, right in front of LeFou.

“Oh, the sounds of love,” He hummed to himself, “the bolt that shakes me.” The tavern quieted around him, the room darkened but the sun still shined vibrantly behind the shadowy windows. “Être à l’ouest, that is what it is. To be so far gone, my body turns to stone. That is what it is.”

From the brims of his ears the tone of his song caught, a gloomy thing, in his mind. “That is what it is. I’m not sure how it is, but it is.”

The bar tender spun from his chair to fill his empty goblet, and it occurred to Stanley that he had forgotten about the rum stirring inside his belly. Suddenly, the tangy taste that burned inside him made more sense. “L'amour est fou,” He muttered to himself, watching the rum pour into his goblet with cola-colored liquid.  

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I love how almost every romantic quote from and/or about John and Paul is followed by the assertion of their friendship lol Like, the George Martin quote about Paul doing acid in spite of his reservations to join John "in his fear" is concluded with "how's that for friendship" and while I'm not disputing that their friendship was very real...I'm just saying 'friendship' is not what comes to mind when reading that.

i know right? well, it stands to reason that an assertion of their friendship would come hot on the heels of a particular statement that could be interpreted as romantic (and not only because it was romantic). you could be cynical and say it’s because of XYZ wanting to make sure that paul, “immovable heterosexual”, couldn’t possibly have had romantic and/or sexual feelings towards john, or vice versa, but i’m more inclined to consider the emphasis of friendship as simply the truth. because john and paul were best friends, and they did enjoy a deep and fulfilling emotional relationship. i also agree with you in that you do read some of these quotes and think like….. okay, jan, sure, because the subtext is so blatant. i think anyone involved with or around the beatles has a very specific image that they need to protect, regardless or whether that’s true or not, in addition to the stigma still attached to same sex relationships. i remember when the richards/jagger affair came to light and everyone either 1. dismissed it entirely, or 2. were quietly alarmed. that’s the unfortunate society in which we live. there’s also the complication of legacy. so the idea that paul would do a tell-all is, in my opinion, really on the fence. the revelation of a romantic/sexual relationship between john/paul would become one of the hallmarks of the beatles’ legacy. you know? to some degree they would become “the gay beatles”, and i think paul is aware of that. sorry, that went a little off topic. but in short i completely agree with you. i think because john and paul’s romantic and platonic affection for one another often overlapped and, in many ways, was indistinguishable from one another, i can see how such comments could be read in a multitude of ways. it just so happens that we pick up on the subtext that’s there, but because of the way the comments are phrased and contextualized, you can also read them as declarations of friendship. it’s a complicated duality.


On fusions of Malamar and Shuckle.

There have been reports of Malamar/Shuckle hybrids in the wild throughout history, appearing as in figure one. Things are not always as they seem, however. Malamar is both a highly intelligent and flexible Pokemon, able to squeeze into any hole it can fit its beak through, and often likes to seek shelter in unusual places. A stray shuckle shell in the ocean makes an ideal hiding place for Malamar to easily pull its soft body into safety, much like a shuckle.

So, with the truth revealed, the scientific community was dying to know– what would a real shuckle/malamar hybrid look like? Ever since making one, we have regretted asking.

This squishy, yellow aquatic Pokemon, while lacking in strength, defense, or anything practical in a fight, has a unique defense mechanism to escape predators, unseen in both parent species. By using the vents on its abdomen, it can shoot out a sweet cloud of ink,
composed of fermented berries. Using this as a distraction, it makes its escape. Research is now going into producing this ink on a larger scale for applications in both food and industry.

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The nipple discourse really got my mind going. Until now my only truth was that nipples were different shades of brown. I always believed pink ones were an anime/comic thing? I asked some friends and even the really light skinned people I know have light brown nipples. Is the color a gender, race or diet thing?...So yeah, I don't know where I'm going with this. Just letting you know I have been thinking about nipple pigmentation for the last hour... I really enjoy your fem!Lance design btw :)

my nips are pink & im pale af bu t….i now wonder about that too. but my point with the pink nips on lance is how the fandom kinda tryna make him pale or white when he’s…Not….i guess i should have explained this a little more but im not good with words At All u_u;;;

however im just gonna leave it be. AND THANK YOU i love femlance a lot Smooch 💕💕💕

Love as an offering… 

To love is not to possess the other person or to consume all their attention and love. To love is to offer the other person joy and a balm for their suffering. This capacity is what we have to learn to cultivate.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

夢 子