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i may look calm, and just reblog and tagging like normal but what actually in my head is:

If JK’s dad and JM’s brother is the one who send them off… then that means the both of them need to go back home together. That is like from two different families. And it’ll be hella awkward but they did send them off- two different families— Jeon and Park. That means not only Jimin and Jeongguk are very close, their families are too- which means…. very very very very close. And why did they even go to Busan in the first place? Why are they not in Busan during Chuseok? Maybe they don’t want to be recognised so that’s why they went to Busan after Chuseok? Then why did they go to Japan? Is this actually Jimin’s birthday present? Or are they going to have a concert there later? But if it’s actually Jimin birthday present then that confirmed JK did cancel a flight ticket to Japan when sasaeng found out about it, right? If they go to Japan then will they go to Osaka? Or Mount Fuji? Why Japan? why wont u come to my country- you are very welcome to meet your long distance daughter WHERE in Japan exactly? Can we maybe have selcas of them together later bcs Jimin tends to feed us? Or videos? EVEN BETTER- a vlive? During my birthday maybe? That’ll be a great bday gift tbh, like last year they give me an iconic backhug at a fansign- yall im blessed on my birthday, anyhow can we actually HAVE ANOTHER ICONIC MOMENT? This is alr iconic as it is but can we have a live, photos, videos- anything just so we can be more blessed in this era? WHY GO TO JAPAN ONLY THE BOTH OF THEM?! WHYYY I CANT THINK PROPERLY XBJSJSSJ I actually cried when i know about this, idk why? Idk why i cried- idk whether im happy or im frustrated bcs they are like JUST THERE CASUALLY- with Jeongguk speaking banmal and all to Jimin when obv there is his own father & Jihyun jxnsjs or maybe not- but who cares?! the point is- BAN-MAL OK BANMAL. INFORMAL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL AND THEY ARE NOT ON CAMERA. THAT IS A DAILY BASIS IDK HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS XJJSJXJS and and and im also frustrated bcs like the evidence are JUST THERE- IDK WHAT EVIDENCE- gay? Relationship? IDK OK IDFK— Japan? Only the two of them? “It’s just a trip between two friends, psh shut up”—mmMMM NO. IT IS A BIG FCKG DEAL. IT IS JAPAN. THE HOLY PLACE FOR JI TO THE KOOK QAQ AND AND JK!!! INFORMAL!!! AND JUST ONE OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS COME TO SEND THEM OFF IS JUST XJJXJI CANON

—im outta here bye🙃

Nakta as boyfriend

- having a 6 ft tall boyfriend makes ppl think that he’s super intimidating but don’t get fooled cause he’s actually soft on the inside!!!
- like he sleeps with his animal pillows called doldol and palbari
- and even though u actually dont understand how a giant like him needs stuffed animal companions when he sleeps, u actually think it’s super cute!!!
- but when you sleep with him, he will gladly shove aside doldol and palbari bc he says “i like hugging you more” <33333
- when people asks you what’s your boyfriend’s name and you tell them nakta and they go ?????? cause how can you have a camel as a boyfriend???
- and u go, “no no, his name is yooncheol, but his nickname is nakta cause he looks like one”
- and they get more confused cause YOUR BOYFRIEND??? looks like a camel????
- and yes he looks like a camel but he’s the most handsome camel you’ve ever seen!!!
- and since he’s a camel, you like ‘riding’ him agdgajdhjaid ok im sorry
- nothing cheers you up more than his camel impersonations!!!
- and since he’s basically a living giant, it’s actually very convenient!! like riding trains, when u can’t reach the bar handle, he will be the one to hold it and ask u to just grab on his arm <3
- or like grabbing stuffs from high places like the kitchen cupboard or like when u need to change the lightbulb in your bathroom!!!
- Nakta is also a producer and he goes by the name “Kinda” and you’re super proud of his works and downloads them and always listen to his music whenever you miss him!!
- and sometimes he has gigs and shows and you make sure that you attend every single one of them and you even make a mini banner for him that says “i <3 kinda” and when he sees it from the stage, his face would light up :) :)
- he loves frogs so much and although you think that frogs were disgusting at first, you learned to love them bc Nakta told you a lot of stuffs abt them and abt how they are actually harmless creatures who does a lot of good things for the environment~
- because he is hella tall, he uses it to his advantage EVERY FREAKIN TIME
- he likes teasing you and getting ur stuffs and raising it above his head and even if u try to tiptoe or jump you cant even touch it bc??? Duh giant!!
- or like when u want to kiss him but he’s being an ass and wants to make ur life harder so he will tiptoe and you cant reach his lips bc again, G I A N T
- and you like wearing his shirts bc its basically a dress for u when you wear it
- although frogs are his favorites, he loves all animals so expect zoo dates!!!
- and you would buy matching animal hats and take pictures with them and even try feeding the birds or giraffes
- and at the end of the day he would thank you for spending the day w/ him bc he knows that you’re not much of an animal lover
- but you’re like “no, no, i enjoyed a lot today!!!!”
- and it’s true!! Every moment you’ve spent with him are happy ones and you’re actually thankful bc Nakta made you realize that the things you used to dislike were not so bad afterall~
- Nakta tends to worry a lot and overthink and sometimes he’s not confident w/ himself and it breaks ur heart whenever he feels that way bc he’s actually a talented and amazing person!!!
- so you always tell him how much you love his voice and how a lot of people actually enjoy his music and he’s just really glad that he has you by his side
- he’s also shy/not really a bold person in bed or whenever you’re making out and he always worries that he might be hurting u or that you’re feeling uncomfortable in some way so you need to reassure him that everything is fine!! <3
- Nakta also tends to over work like he literally spends the whole day in his studio 24/7 and sometimes he forgets to eat so you drop by from time to time with some food just to make sure he’s still alive and eating LOL
- and he’d be like “just 5 more minutes jagi, i’m just gonna save this file-”
- and he will sigh and just give up bc even though he’s waaaay taller than you, u can actually do crazy stuffs when ur mad
- deep inside he’s really touched that you go all the way to his studio to make sure he is eating right and tbh you’re the only reason he still goes home to the dorm to sleep and not just doze off on his computer table
- he knows you are always worried about his health so he does his best to eat on time and he even sends you a picture of his meal as a proof
- and you’d be like go take a selca with your jajangmyeon with a fork on your hair so i know you’re really eating at this hour
- and then he thinks it’s funny and stupid at the same time but he does it anyway
- and when he sends you the proof photo you’d be like “HMMMM IM NOT SURE U MIGHT HAVE TAKEN THAT PHOTO WEEKS AGO”
- anyways, you love shin yoonchul so much bc he’s really patient and he’s the only one who can actually handle your craziness :) :) :)
- and he might not show it at all times but he really loves you and he can’t imagine living in a world without you

Best Friend!Seventeen -- S. Coups

- You two probably met by chance on the street or in a cafe.

- He saw you were alone and sat with you

- You two hit it off although you thought he was trying to hit on you at first

- You two traded numbers and he texted you the next day with a corny joke

- He invited you out for sushi the next day and how could you say no??

- And over time you just kinda became best friends

- TBH Coups treats you like a  little sister

- You’ll be pranked incessantly (his favorite things are jump scares- sneaking up on you and screaming/grabbing you suddenly)

- If you were out and it was cold, he’d be that guy who’s like “well damn I can’t control the weather”

- You: “Coups I’m cold”    Coups: “okay???”

- But only jokingly bc if you got serious he’d give you his jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves in a second

- You probably scare him a little bit

- He’d take lots of selcas with you and would probably text you pictures of him all the time for the dumbest reasons (new shirt- oh and look the wallpaper’s green- leaving the dorm!    “okay I get it Coups shut up I’m in class”)

- Coups calls you his wife and Jeonghan gets kinda jealous tbh

- Coups would text you and be like “come over” at 3 AM and would not take no for an answer

- He’d show up whenever he felt like it and would probably end up with his own key to your place

- Your parents would want you to marry him bc he’s so charming and respectful

- He’d bring you around the guys, but get jealous when they have all of your attention

- He’d get you an emoji pillow and matching sweaters I feel

- He’s the type to coordinate your outfits if you guys are going to the mall or something- god forbid your outfits clash ( “if you’re going to be seen with me, we have to look good together”)

- He’d put his arm around you all the time and wouldn’t think anything of it

- When you’re upset he’s by your side ASAP and would make you live at the dorm until you felt better

- He’s the type to badmouth whoever made you feel bad, even if he liked them like ten minutes ago

- He’d compliment you all the time, but make sure to balance it out with teasing

- Get a boyfriend/girlfriend and he’d act like your dad and demand to meet them and approve of them

- I have no doubt Coups would fight someone if they said something bad about you or got too handsy with you in the club or something

- On lazy days he’d let you wear a pair of his sweats and would let you wear them home if you wanted (he’d probs insist that you kept them)

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