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The Shout Out #32

It’s the thirty-second issue of the Shout Out! On it, you can find a list of creators and bloggers new to our Directories, as well as current events in the fandom!

An ask blog!

Give @ask-aph-meme-trio a warm welcome to the Creator Directory by heading over and meeting the memelords: America, Iceland and Japan! Why not read their introduction, or check out what they’re all studying to be?

A community hub!

Joining the Community Directory this week is @theimpiousalliance, a blog dedicated to the pairing of Turkey and France! If this gourmet coupling is your thing, then be sure to consider joining their gift exchange! Sign-ups are open until the 25th!

A bunch of events!

Looking for something to do? You’re in luck! Not only is the above exchange ongoing, but there’s a couple of others too!

@spamanosecretsanta is also accepting sign-ups until the 25th! Check out their announcement post for more information on how to join and what the event entails! Don’t hesitate to get involved!

If shipping isn’t your thing, however, then you’ll be glad to hear that the @aphgenficexchange is back again for its winter event! Applications are open until December 2nd, but the early bird catches the worm!

And don’t forget! Our very own Monaco Week begins on the 19th!


As you might know already, today is Latvia’s canonical birthday! Happy birthday to this wonderful character!

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anonymous asked:

You're right, you don't have a gun held to my head and I don't need to look at your blog. I love OL and would love to sign up and join in the fun but I don't think I'd find a place here because I don't think they're together. Yes they have something special, but I find the 'soulmates/madly in love/meant to be' talk by strangers irksome and always suspected I'd be thought less of by some because of that. Turns out it's true. I don't begrudge your joy, but I will heed your advice and stop looking.

Anyone is welcome on my blog, as long as they don’t send me rude messages or try to insult me. You did just that, so bye 👋🏻

Deadline Extension!!!

Okay, there’s been so much interest in this, and so we are EXTENDING the deadline until 11.19.17. So you have TWO MORE DAYS TO SIGN UP!!

Boost this and let’s see how many more people we can get to join the holiday cheer!

Our current count of Santas is 36 Santas!!!!

Gundam Wing Secret Santa 2017

Happy November fandom!

As it gets colder and colder, let’s join together and exchange some Gundam Wing gifts!

@thisweekingundamwing / @thisweekingundamevents posted the initial interest post for this event. We’ve made a new blog to host it - we already get loads of submissions through the other blog and this will help things.

What is this Secret Santa thing?

We’re glad you asked!

-Sign up by submitting an ask that lists the following information:

1. Three prompts/pairings/themes that your Secret Santa can choose from to create your gift.

2. The content you are NOT comfortable creating (i.e. non-con, smut, het, yuri, yaoi, etc.)

FYI: Content that you can create for this exchange: fanfic (1k-3k), fanart, moodboards or playlists.

***If you want to be a pinch hitter (if someone has to drop out for any reason and we need a last minute content creator), please make a note of that on your ask****

How does this work?

Submissions are open until November 15th.

On November 20th, we will contact each Santa with their assigned recipient’s requests. By giving us three options, we should be able to match everyone with someone else.

Note: You will not necessarily be YOUR Santa’s Santa. Person A might be Person B’s Santa, but Person B will probably be Person C’s Santa. However, there’s a chance that A and B might be each other’s Santas.


December 20th-25th will be the days when you can post your gift content - tag your recipient and tag us so we can reblog the things!

Anyway, thanks for joining in the fun and please boost this!

36 sign-ups so far!!! We are heading towards an awesome event everyone!

Keep Boosting! Sign-ups close on Sunday.

We would love to have everyone active in the fandom come join us!!

Get to know me tag!!

Ok,, I am so late for this Im sry but i was tagged by @jun-kyard and more people but it was like a month ago so I don’t know(thats how late I am,, sORRY ILY ALL)

The rules are,,you have to answer the questions and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better!!

Name: Lu


Ultimate Bias: *omg who will it be,, i have noooo idea* *cheap drumroll in the bg* yEA YOU GUESSED IT Jisung Park is my ult *pretend to be shocked pls*

Nicknames: Truthfully Lu is my nickname already so oops

Zodiac Sign: Cancer (Crab club member🦀)

Favorite fruit(s)?: cherries, strawberries, watermelon, blackberries and blueberries!!

Favourite season: summer (127)(how do yall even put up with me istg)

Favourite Colour: Black and Pastels

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: coffee (Mj is shaking)

Last tv show i watched: Shadow Hunters

Last movie I watched: breakfast club (i watch that movie alot i luv it)

Dream Trip: my dream trip is to travel all around the world and go to many places tbh

Number of blankets you sleep in: 2 (a normal one and a super warm and cozy one)

Song stuck in my head: dimple by bts!!

What kind of stuff do I post: Nct and memes basically,,

Last thing i googled: taddy daddy (its cKS FAUlt lol)

Side-blog: I dont have one yet

Following: lots

Followers: 95 and i luv all of them!! When dis you make this blog: August 2017

Do you get asks regularly: not often but sometimes, ig

Why did you choose your url: cause i like it and I thought it was cute!

Average hours of sleep: 4!(Mom don’t be mad at me pLS)

@bbyb0y-seo @wowwhat-afuckingbitch @redhearthyuck @cosmic-yuta @floralten @dong-hyucks (if any of you did it already sorry)

Another Simblr Meme :)

I was tagged by @ktarsims (sorry i didn’t get to this WAY earlier. no excuse lol)

NICKNAME: ummmmmm. I don’t have one.

STAR SIGN: Libra. eyyyyyyyyyyy scales

HEIGHT: look up Danny Devito’s height


LAST THING GOOGLED: (im trash so…. d@n stev_ns)

FAVORITE ARTIST: like… music? If so, Lorde

SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: Finesse by Bruno Mars. RIP me

LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED:  I feel like it was The Guest???


WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: Joggers, a t shirt. and jordan sandals. bum af.


DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: Yep! A main, an edits blog and a ton of other abandoned stuff.

GENDER: Female


POKEMON TEAM: don’t @ me but idk

FAVORITE COLOR: Burgundy or grey bc im boring

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 7 hrs sometimes


FAVORITE CHARACTERS: If we’re talking about characters in general…..
1) Anakin Skywalker. Y’know.
2) Ahsoka Tano (star wars)
3) Ellie (The Last of Us)
4) Violet (ASOUE)
5) Alistair (Dragon age)

DREAM JOB: I want to work in something media related. Love the stuff. Would be a dream.


I tag whoever is game!

anonymous asked:

For McHanzo, who would propose to who? (I saw the proposing video in your blog lol )

*In the midst of a raging battle* *on private comm channel*

Hanzo: *snipes someone* A formal partnership, you say.

McCree: Yeah, so’s we can get Winston to put us in a bigger room, an’ I can getcha on my health insurance. Cut through a bunch of red tape, that sorta thing. *Fans the hammer*

Hanzo:  And what is required of us in order to obtain this partnership? McCree,  watch your six.

McCree: *Headshots someone* Sonovabitch crept up on me, thanks darlin’. I dunno, probably sign some shit, get it notarized. You know, nice an’ legal.

Hanzo: Hmm…

McCree: You got some headin’ your way, sugar. Left side. 

Hanzo: *insta-scatter arrow kill* Neutralized. McCree, this ‘formal partnership’ sounds much like…marriage.

McCree: *Long pause*

McCree: Huh. It does sound an awful lot like that. *Throws flashbang*

Hanzo: Indeed. 

McCree: So how about it? You an’ me. 

Hanzo: I am not averse to the idea. It may be the most practical solution for us. *Releases sonic arrow* The payload has stopped.

McCree: Alrighty, let’s get this goddamn payload movin’, and then have ourselves a drink ‘cause that sounded like a yes, sweetheart.

Hanzo:  A resounding yes.


McCree: I’m gonna give it to you so good when we get back.

guys…. you do realize the voice actors literally have NO say on what gets written into the show, right?

heyy so a few people wanted me to do a tutorial on the header shown in a recent studyspo picture, so…

Step One:

  • letter your text with a highlighter
  • use the full chisel tip on the downstrokes
  • and the edge of the tip on the upstrokes
  • it’s actually easier than a real brush pen!!
  • ft. pilot frixion highlighter in soft blue

Step Two:

  • draw in shadows with a black brush pen
  • thicker strokes match where the thicker highlighter is
  • make sure not to forget the top/bottom, not just the sides!!
  • ft. pentel fude touch sign brush pen in black

Step Three:

  • shade in the bottom of the text with a darker tone of the same color
  • tbh this part is pretty simple
  • ft. dixon ticonderoga erasable pencil in blue
  • update: feel free to tag #sonderstudiesroses if you end up using this header!! i would love to see your recreations :)
Loki having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him unable to stop himself from grinning whenever he sees you walking into a room, especially when it’s toward him you’re making your way to

-Him wanting to do nothing more than to impress you by any means possible, showing off his wits and powers, hoping to catch your attention

-Him enjoying to annoy you with his playful remarks, especially as it would always seems to keep the conversation going on and on

-Him making it seem rather coincidental that you’re both meeting up at the same place despite having a actually figured out where you were beforehand

-Him feeling his heart race and getting somewhat nervous whenever you’d show him that you actually care for his well being whether it be by tending to his injuries or asking if he’s doing alright and such

-Him getting annoyed to see other men flirt with you and actually going out of his way to ruin their chances with you, usually interrupting them away

-Him actually being fascinated by your human habits and trying to take notice of each of them in hopes to surprise you with how much he knows about them and such

-Him insisting to go over to your place whenever he needs to hide for a while and actually falling for you even more as you’d gladly accept his offer

-Him unable to find the proper words whenever you’d show him the slightest sign of affection, amazed that you don’t even seem to be nervous about it

-Him having to muster up all the courage to even admit it to you and the others around him that he has feelings for you

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown​, @nikkinikki97​, @madamrogers​, @uss-lesbian​, @tearsofebony​. @shersuperwho-blog, @meloz-draws, @angel-with-broken-wings, @pan-and-proud-writes, @lynn8dabeast92-blog,  @zombie-zayde, @jaspocalypse , @umaveznosonho, @littlemisstrancy, @emmet-dean-the-demon-king, @Erikaaferns, @ecurrier109, @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife, @ichimaruai,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own, @iammostdefinitelyonfire26, @girlmeetsbullshit, @withered8dandelion, @forestraccoon, @byzantium-glytch,@somerandomstufftosave, @castiel-ships-wincest​, @addie-baby,@daydreamerblues

Things about her that are effed up!

Aries: She already has a backup plan

Taurus: You can’t ever feel secure, because just when you do she will drop you. But the next person she is with is just like you.

Gemini: Don’t go through her phone.

Cancer: She has 10 backup plans, and all of them are your best friends.

Leo: She’s got it figured out to where you can’t just leave her life. She has every string you have attached. Tread softly or she will flip that whole life upside down

Virgo: She has you in love, but she probably isn’t. If she is she will make sure you’re hers till death.

Libra: She’s cute and soft on the outside. One little problem. If their is someone cuter than you she’s already plotting how to sleep with him.

Scorpio: this sedeuctress doesn’t need revenge. Hers is that everyone is already in love with her, and she knows it.

Sagittarius: Evil is the word, but the charm will outsmart you even if you see it coming you’ll fall for it.

Capricorn: People say they act cold, and aren’t. They are. Ask your best friend/s

Aquarius: Everything about them is fucked, but you can’t help but want that in your life to spice it up.

Pisces: If one is in your life you’re under their spell. They are good at having you do things their way, and making you want to. They win either way.

The Positive Voltron Network is a collaborative effort between many fans who wish to end the amount of harassment seen in the Voltron Fandom. To do this we are fostering a community of positive people who reject harassment and wish to promote change. This fandom is very divided, and we wish to heal the rift many experience.

Positive Voltron blogs will be sourced from positive sources only. Positive Sources must be two things: against harassment and inclusive of all. If you exclude or harass one group of people from a fandom we will not support you no matter what side of the discourse you sit on. A fandom is meant to be fun for everyone. However, we recognize that because of the nature of this fandom some people may be hesitant to take part in something that lets all participate. If you are scared of coming across certain kinds of content please know we will be setting up safeguards to prevent that.

We will be tagging all works accordingly and will not feature NSFW posts on any of our blogs. If in the future there is a request for a NSFW blog, we may set one up, but for now there will be no NSFW. We will also not be featuring any ship content on character blogs. All shipping related things will be held on their respective blogs only.

If you are interested in running a blog, joining our discord, or signing up to be a part of our Positive Sources list and Affiliates. (Which you can all do here!) The best way you can show your support is by following this blog and check back for updates and events. Thank you for taking the time to read about the Positive Voltron Network!

insparamotion  asked:

Hi, so let me just start with saying how much I love your blog!! It's prefect really, especially the way you explain everything so good. I recently got more into astrology and even got my flatmates into it shshs. But I also have a question, do you know how to make the best first impression on them based on their signs? Also thank you for the astrology help tag, it's so useful!! Keep up the great work!! : ))))

how to make a good first impression? hmm. i think i’d look to their venus signs

jin: be competent?? LOL i’m not sure how much sense that makes but i’ll explain. capricorn venus men like people who are ambitious and look like they can get shit done. i don’t think he’d mind someone who makes a move on him first , you know how much he loves to be called handsome

yoongi: be..like him. he has an aries venus and rising, which means he’s attracted to people who exhibit similar traits as him, that makes him feel comfortable. he even once stated that he’d like to be with someone who also likes music, and who speaks the same language etc. kinda copy his mannerisms and vibe. basically: be a yoongi clone. 

hoseok: be passionate. idk why but i think he’d love someone who is completely dedicated to a hobby/activity/craft. his aquarius brain needs to stay stimulated so someone who can teach him about a topic he’s not familiar with would really intrigue him

namjoon: be real. this boy (being a virgo with a scorpio rising) sees right through fake smiles and attitudes so just keep it one hundred. call people (including him) out on their bullshit if you spot it, it’d definitely make him laugh. be a lil savage, it’d have him whipped instantly

jimin: be..mysterious? that sounds like total cliche because of his scorpio venus/mars but really, don’t reveal too much. he needs a partner with lots of depth and intensity. keep him wanting more

taehyung: stand out! his aquarius venus wants someone who’ll leave such a strong impression he’ll be thinking about you for days after. be yourself and be unique. also, don’t fall into his charms too easily, play hard to get

jungkook: be kind. this is a bit hard to explain, but this boy is always observing from afar before making a move (that analytic virgo sun) i think if he sees someone being polite others, helping those in need or cleaning up, it’d make him really see them in a good light and open up a bit easier. first impressions have a strong impact on him so just try your best to make it positive!

Too Old For This Shit

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warnings: swearing, fluff!!!!
characters: mike, lucas, dustin, will, max, steve, the reader
request: “Could you do one where Steve asks the reader to the Snowball as a joke, and she thinks it’s just a joke because that’s a dance for the middle schoolers, but he wasn’t joking he actually signed them up as chaperones and steals one dance with her” 

A/N: a little fluff to lighten the mood on this blog! His Drunken Mistake is angsty asf!!! 
tags are under the cut! 

“(Y/N), go to the Snowball with me.” Steve whined, poking your shoulder like a little kid, “Come on, it’ll be fun!” 

You laughed, “Steve, what are we 12??” 

“No, smart ass, we’re chaperones!” 

Chaperones? Seniors in high school chaperoning a middle school dance,” You lifted a brow, Steve really did love those kids, “You’re such a dad, Steve!” 

“Oh, come on, I promised Dusty I’d go…….” He kissed your cheek once, “And you’d make it so much more fun…..” Twice, “And I know you wanna see me in a tux….” He winked. 

“God, fine!” You giggled, “The things you make me do, Steve Harrington!” 

About a week later, your hair was curled and a blue dress flowed when you walked down the stairs- a middle school dance was the last thing you’d expect to be doing on a Friday night. 

“I’m leaving, I’ll be home by 12!” You yelled to your parents upstairs as you walked out onto the porch, to find Steve waiting for you in the driveway. 

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N).” He breathed, mouth slightly agape at the sight of you, “You look like a, I don’t even know, like a fucking Ice Princess…..” 

At that, you laughed out loud, “A what?” 

No! No! Like in a good way,” A wink, “You’re god damn gorgeous, babe.” 

“Why are you winking, Steve?” You giggled and rolled your eyes, “Stop winking!” 

“Can’t help it!!!!” 

When the first slow song played, you were handing out punch with Steve. Slow and melancholy, Whitney Houston played over the gymnasium’s speakers, making you sway a little to the tune. 

“Wanna dance?” Steve turned, holding out his hand in an overly dramatic bow, “I know you love this song,” 

Chuckling, you just nodded your head and led him to the middle of the floor- just under the disco ball, “Let’s do it, Harrington.” 

So I’m saving all my love
Yeah, I’m saving all my loving
Yes, I’m saving all my love for you
For you, for you 

The lights flickering throughout the room truly did look like snowflakes, and made everything else almost dreamlike. They swirled and floated in a dazzling array as the two of you swayed together. 

Steve- with his hands on your waist- and you- arms wrapped around your boyfriend shoulders- swayed and swayed to the sleepy melody. 

“This is kinda nice, you know.” You admitted softly, smiling as he squeezed your hips, “See? I knew you’d love it.” 

I’ve got to get ready
Just a few minutes more
Gonna get that old feeling
When you walk through that door 

You do look beautiful, you know.” He whispered, brushing a thumb over your cheek, “You really do,” 

“Stop it,” You already felt your face heat- Steve had always had that effect on you, “You love making me blush,” 

“Hah,” He chuckled, “Trust me, I’m gonna do a lot more than that.” 

“Steve! Oh my god there are kids here!” 

You hit his shoulder- the way he was looking at you, that god damn suit, he knew full well what he was doing. Those eyes of his glinted in a way you couldn’t quite place, his lips tugged into a smile, “You know I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), right?” 

You gasped, he’d never said that to you before. 

The two of you had been all fun and games for the past few weeks- partying, dancing around and driving each other crazy, but not much more than that. You knew how you felt- hell, you were in love with this man- but you’d never expected him to feel the same. 

“I, Steve, I love you too.” 

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The fucked up things about him

Aries: He low key thinks he’s better than everyone. Even you.

Taurus: Obsessed with loyalty, but he himself has skeletons in his closet slash cheats.

Gemini: you don’t even know who he is, because he doesn’t even know who he is. He even switches up on himself

Cancer: Is all about love, but is still stuck on ten exes ago.

Leo: Says he doesn’t like who he is with behind their back, but could never live without them.

Virgo: Cheat city. Cheats, but feels guilty. Then does it again. His dick and heart aren’t on the same page. So he does love you, but his dick loves everyone.

Libra: This dude is in love with someone other than who he is with. He’s scared of commitment.

Scorpio: Is still in love with the first girl he was with, and thinks about her while he is fucking you.

Sagittarius: He’s in love with all the girls he’s been with. Still is. As in present tense. He loves you and Becky.

Capricorn: His entire worry really is only shmoney. You’re important, but not as important as Benjamin Franklin.

Aquarius: His insecurities could drive him to fuck up every relationship in his life, but everyone really is obsessed with him as much as he thinks.

Pisces: He is that dude that seems perfect, but he is not even remotely who you think he is. He cheats too, but you’ll never know anyways.

🌸Lily’s Follower Love Giveaway!!🌸

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to announce a little giveaway for all my wonderful followers! ☺️ You all make me smile, and I wanna give back!

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ML Secret Santa 2017 Sign-Ups!!

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

ML Secret Santa 2017 Sign-Ups are officially open!!

We are so excited to be organizing our second Secret Santa exchange for the ML fandom. This event is open to all artists, writers, and gif makers/editors and everyone who signs up is guaranteed to be matched with another participant that you will be spending the next couple of months creating a special gift for. It’s a great opportunity to spread some positivity to the fandom and get everyone hyped up for the second season dropping this year!

Before you sign up, be sure to read our Guidelines, our Events Calendar, and our FAQ so that you’re familiar with everything that is expected of you as a participant during this exchange. After that, just fill out the form below with all of your information and follow our blog, mlsecretsanta, for more updates as they come. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask on our blog or contact one of our mods

Sign-Ups will be closing on 10/15 at 11:59 PM EST

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Simblr Secret Santa 2017 Schedule

It’s almost that time of year again! This blog is ran by two people @smallsimmer and @pleaseputnamehere and we are hoping to make this year fun and exciting! Now on to the schedule:

  • November 1st-29th:
  • Signing up for Secret Santa
  • November 30th-December 22nd:
  • Messaging your assigned giftee and making CC
  • December 24th-31st:
  • Giving gifts

We will be accepting CC makers from all games! We have made a how to join page here and would like for you to read it before you send us an ask!!

Also here are some additonal rules here, we look forward to all of the gifts!

 ** TS4 simblrs - Please state if you are a Maxis Match or Alpha blog or if you simply do not care. We are sims 3 simblrs so we forgot all about it!