but this is supposed to show alex's character development

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I kind of just thought of this today while reading the gravity falls book, but what if instead of giving Mabel a perfect dream he is just eating her memories of summer away, so she doesn't have to know the pain of remembering? 1/2

He did say in the book he enjoys eating childhood memories…

Anything’s possible, but I don’t see how Bill taking Mabel’s memories would propel the plot. Mabel has to confront her fears of growing up and share a convo with Dipper about their fall out. i don’t know how she can do that if she doesn’t remember anything that happened during the summer.

cause the thing is, the twins’ falling out didn’t just start as of late. it’s been happening for a long time. I’d even say maybe since the first episode. When Dipper finds the journal and reads Ford’s warning not to trust anyone, he almost doesn’t show Mabel the journal, and Mabel is surprised/kinda upset by this, which tells you this isn’t something that usually happens between them. Dipper doesn’t usually hide stuff from her.

And although that episode ends happy for them and marks the start of them growing closer through Dipper’s decision to trust Mabel more than anyone else, there’s a continuous underlying tension of trusting the journal vs trusting Mabel that only grows as the season progresses and Dipper begins relying on the journal more and more.

Gravity Falls simultaneously brings Dipper and Mabel closer through their bonding on adventures, and tears them apart as Dipper falls deeper into his disturbing obsession with the journal, the author, and Gravity Falls’ mysteries. 

And, yes, I have to say after evaluating the plot for a school paper, Dipper’s obsession and just how fucking far he falls since the start of the show is indeed messed up and frightening. Losing sleep is one thing, but dealing with a demon and almost getting your loved ones killed on multiple occasions and, despite being traumatized by all of this, still continuing to investigate the town is insane.  Dipper makes the same fucking mistakes over and over and over again because of how obsessed he is with this stuff. There’s no rhyme or reason to it either; it’s all spurned from curiosity and a journal written by a guy that was clearly losing his mind among it’s pages. I would never in my right mind trust a guy like that over my family’s judgment or hell even my own judgment! But Dipper treats this shit like a Bible, and it’s scary.

It concerns Mabel even before it starts to get really bad. (And hey guess what if I was this kid’s sister I would’ve tossed that journal in a lake and said he must’ve dropped it somewhere whoops). I think Dipper’s fall is exactly what Hirsch means when he describes the plot of Gravity Falls: “It’s about the supernatural, and what it does to [Dipper].” It’s made him frighteningly obsessed, paranoid, desperate, dependent, and slowly but surely yanked him away from his family; the deal’s really sealed once the author himself, Ford, is around, and taking the place of the journal as the influence encouraging Dipper to become worse. (Honestly this kid is so fucked up I can’t believe…)

That’s not to say that the cataclysm for the twins’ fall out was happening all on Dipper’s end–Mabel’s had a hand in things too by not saying anything and not taking Dipper’s feelings seriously enough–but a majority of it was. Think about how different everything would be if Dipper had never found the journal. The pilot would’ve still played out the same way because the supernatural’s still in Gravity Falls, and Dipper was already a paranoid conspiracy theorist from the start. But there would’ve been no doubt in Dipper trusting Mabel. No established tension there from the start (and I DO think that was established through the journal during the first episode on purpose).

Think of Dipper actually getting some sleep at night. Never possessed by a demon. Never raised the dead, or other stupid mistakes along those lines that make him hate himself. Still fought Gideon and got tougher and more confident because the journals and the screw ups Dipper made didn’t cause that but Dipper did, through Stan’s tough love and by protecting people on his own without the journal. Dipper’s still interested in the supernatural, but there’s no threat of it consuming his life and tearing him away from his family, his sister. He’s a healthier human being. 

What an idea.

Mabel has to remember all this stuff during the summer for Dipper to realize what the supernatural has done to him, how it’s like totally changed him, because Dipper doesn’t realize on his own. We’ve only recently seen him starting to question himself during Weirdmegaddon part 1, and that was because he was thinking about how upset Mabel was. “She couldn’t even look me in the eye.” It’s a push in the right direction, as are the journals burning and Ford being turned to gold, but I think Mabel has to straight up tell him why she’s afraid–not just about growing up, but about losing him to this obsession. That’s the biggest reason she’s so paranoid in AToTS: She’s afraid Dipper will grow up to be exactly like Ford and lose himself entirely to the supernatural.

This is the only way the rift between the twins is going to be sealed. They both need to acknowledge their issues, and Dipper’s is a big one, one that’s been driving the whole plot of the show.