but this is still one hell of a milestone for me

It’s been a while since the last follower milestone wooo

Thank you guys!! We’ve made it to 1500+!! You’re all so incredible

There’s not gonna be too much to this post since I still have other drawings to be working on. SO INSTEAD I’m gonna do a bunch of shout outs to most of amazing people/friends I’ve met in the community!

@dailysmolnareff I honestly don’t know where you start, man. I’m just so thankful for you just reaching out to me in a very dark part of my life last year, I don’t know how could ever repay you. You are a very dear friend for joining this community with me. i couldn’t do it alone ;__;,

@dailystarplatinum It’s so nice talking to you, even before joining the Daily Discord Hell. You deserve lots more. Just seeing you interact with so many blogs… You are one brave little bean how do you do it.

@dailyjosephjoestar MY DUDE MAN BRO, you’re art is so amazing i love seeing it every time. One day I’ll stand out in front of your house with a tray of different pastas

@dailypolnareff Both of you are so wonderful and gorgeous… I’m love you?? and you’re art is so good??? Blessed artwork

@daily-jotaro Yo, i know you go through a lot of rough shit but you’re still so amazing. It’s so much fun talking to you. You deserve so much better.

@dailykakyoin NEVER THOUGHT I’D HAVE THE GUTS TO TALK TO YOU but dude, you’re are so sweet. I love seeing you’re posts come up on my dash. Plus i just really love how you use your colors. I’m love???

@daily4taro Big Inspiration for this blog. You’re just so chill and entertaining. You have blessed me with your words and incredible art.

@dailyrohan I’ve only just recently started chatting with you but BRO… I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG AND ART AND YES…

@dailyjojoba Oh my fuck you guys do so much for your own blog. You all seem like really sweet people. One day I’ll have the guts to talk to y’all

@notsodaily4taro bby I’m love you’re art and I’m love you. I enjoy your occasional memes and I enjoying talking to ya. Drawpiles are so much fun with you in them tbh. You deserve lots. P.S. I’m going to kinkshame you

@dailyhierophantgreen Just from the first time I ever followed you, you are just so entertaining as the person you are. You’re such a wonderful human being who is ready to fight everyone.

@dailyavdol My Dude.. I enjoy chatting with ya, in group or just one on one. Your personality is wonderful ;0

@daily-caesar You binch. It’s really fun talking with you in chat and voice chat. You always have a different nickname in chat every time i check in I swear. How many memes can fit inside ya…

@dailykillerqueen You are fun and sweet to talk in voice chat. Your art is super cute. I’m adopting Killer Queen as you read this.

@weeklyheavendio aaaa You’re so sweet, man. It’s so adorable having our Dio’s interact. It’s warms my heart so much when they being cute together. Your art is A+++. P.S. The Shadow DIO you did for me is still my phone background i love it so much.

@dailyenricopucci My buddy friend chum pal amigo home slice bread slice- You’re honestly the sweetest person I’ve met in my life. I enjoy your company so much. Us being best friends must be due to gravity….ily

@dailybrandio You smol bean.. I consider you so much as a friend. You deserve so much better. I’m adopting you and we can be Dios together in peace.

@daily-foofighters You are so sweet and I love your art so so much. You are the best one for Foof. I’m just not sure how to start talking to you properly. P.S. I sometimes here good things bout you from Pucci ;0

@daily-giogio My beautiful son… I love your art so much and just your urge to put freckles on everyone.

@petepetesdailybizarrekweet You guys form such a good blog and y’all are so sweet. I’ve barely talk to any of y’all but I love the all the art.

@badlydrawnjotarocean You and you’re fucking thirst for everything on the face of the planet. I always keep an eye on the tags you post on those reblogs.

@dailyokuyasuandpup @badlydrawnnijimurabrothers SORRY I DON’T COMEINTO VOICE CHAT AT OFTEN I STILL LOVE YOU!! You both are sweet to talk to in voice. Also, both of y’all and your art is 10/10. Keep working at that ;0

@bddddio @dailyndoul @weeklykars @daily-goldexperiencerequiem @badlydrawngangstar @badlydrawnkiraqueen @dailypapadio @badlydrawnbrokuyasu @daily-jojoanimals @thenotdailyworld @dailyyoungjolyne @dailysmoljolyne @dailystoneplatinum @dailyspeedyweeds
@dailyhamonpires @dailyrobertspeedwagon @dailychibimikitaka @dio–sama @badlydrawnalternatediego Other amazing and sweet people!

This is still such a big milestone i can’t thank you guys enough for how much it means to me!! I’m sure we’ll reach an even higher number someday, but in the mean time I must get back to drawing more for the Reset AU.

hey puddins! 💖
so i’ve had this blog for just over a year now and i still can’t believe i have even 10 followers nevermind ONE THOUSAND ( honestly how ??? ) so in honour of this blog reaching such a crazy milestone i just want to let you all know that i appreciate every single one of you following my lame ass into the depths of tumblr hell, whether you’ve been following me from the start or you’ve just found me, i love every single one of you. if you’ve ever messaged me/replied/liked a post this is for u! ❤︎

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                                        HELLO FRIENDSHIPS!!

okay, how can i even begin to explain how completely and utterly thankful i am to have so many human beans keeping up with daphne & i’s adventures? i started this blog about three months ago, right after writing daphne for the first time in a roleplay group. i just knew that if the group was to come to an end — which it did, i didn’t want to say goodbye to her. i mean, seriously? when you connect with a character you can’t just say goodbye to them, lets be real. plus, some friends persuaded me to join the indie community, so why not as daph? anyways, i never thought i would reach this high of a milestone. fifty friendships? sure. one hundred? possibly. two hundred? hardly. a thousand? hell to the no! && still, you lovely bubbles proved me wrong. grrrr.

i am so, SO very thankful for the amazing bubbles i’ve met here. i know at the end of the day what matters is having fun regardless of the amount of followers you have, but to know that i somehow manage to bring a little bit of sass joy in some sort of strange way to so many friendships’ lives means a lot to me. every single one of you has a special little place in my heart && i want you to always remember that.

and now, the bias list!!

MEDDLING KIDS ( the part of sd fandom i had the pleasure of writing with or reading )

@trapsxandmore, @velmstxr, @ascotted, @mysterynerd, @mysterysolviin ( who is actually @limclight nowadays. forever a perf fred. ), @analyticdetective, @thesarcastiicgirl@wiccanblood, @fiercestblood, @virtuosoblood, @cleanthief, @ofzoinks, @likezoinksguys, @likezoinksss, @rahroh, @ofbaseballsandlightning , @phantasmicghoul

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