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Who do you think has a better relationship? Percy and Annabeth? Or piper and Jason? (I love them all)

Even though I love Jason and Piper, even though you all know that two owners of my heart, I must say that in this I have to be with Percy and Annabeth.

They were friends before anything else (and they are still, duh), they built up a relationship first before their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and Riordan did an excellent job writing how they grew up together so we could get to know them better.

Jason and Piper have a lot of potential, and if Riordan had put a little more care, he could have done something great with them, I love these two, they are my OTP and you all know it, but in this I have to admit that the relationship Annabeth and Percy is precious.

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thankyousm for answering so fast ^^ when i watched WI, the way eric hold andy's arms for almost 20mins long & when dongwan kiss pilgyo really put me in high curiousity. for some action mybe they did for the sake of being funny/teasing, but in so many ways IMO they just did it naturally. up until today, among 15otps is there any awkward couple? and tell me, which is your fav?

You mean Ricsyung couple XD They are always awkward with skinships with each other lol I’ve answered similar questions on this before, you can take a look here.

And my fave… Tbh I ship all Shinhwa OTPs really XD It’s hard to just choose one, if I have to really choose, it’ll be Ricsyung, Kyodeng, and Mindy.

Ricsyung, because seeing them pushing and pulling is too cute and funny XD And because of all of the reasons I wrote in the posts above.

Kyodeng, because Dongwan will forever be major fanboy crushing on Hyesung lol And I love that ahahaha

Mindy, oh Mindy… That brotherly love Minwoo shows towards Andy will forever get to me :’) Go take a look at their 2008 10th Anniversary concert video, I will never forget that moment when Minwoo hugged Andy who was crying..

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6 - "Stay with me" Destiel but like maybe a spin on how 12x12 could have gone when Cas was dying and actually establishing Destiel

slkdfjjf, Anny thank you for sending this in! I hope it’s what you was looking for! I think I took it a little differently! BUT, I still hope you enjoy and like it! Also, sorry for taking so long to get this out! Spn just kind of killed me. I’ve slowly recovered! Hahaha. I’m not exactly sure if this could count as a Coda or not. But here it is! Also, this got like way outta hand and I apologize! I just couldn’t stop. ALSO, I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG.

Prompt : 6 - “Stay with me” Destiel but like maybe a spin on how 12x12 could have gone when Cas was dying and actually establishing Destiel


word count; 2,198

The car ride home had been quiet. Sam had drove them all home, per Dean’s request. Mostly because Dean knew he wouldn’t be able to truly focus on the road. Not with Cas in the back and not with everything that had happened. Those three little words that Cas spoke still burned and echoed inside of Deans brain, bouncing around like a ping pong ball.   I love you.   The words had been whispered and eyes cast down, but Dean knew that it was meant for him and only him. Then Castiel said he loved them all and that was the confirmation, as if Dean needed one. Sure, it had been a deathbed love confession, but it wasn’t a lie and Dean knew that. The last thing Cas wanted Dean to hear was that and Dean couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sure, it was the first time they had ever uttered the words love at each other, but so many times they had said it or shown it. Dean has said it more times then not, just maybe not those three little words, but three other ones.   I need you.  It wasn’t love, but in Dean’s brain it was the same thing.

The bunker was just as quiet as the car ride home had been. Dean had sat in the back with Cas, who seemed to keep bouncing between unconsciousness and consciousness. Dean had found his fingers itching to hold Cas’ hands, where they set so gentle and folded in his lap. He could’ve done it, just reached out and laced their fingers, no questions asked. Sam wouldn’t have said anything. Cas would’ve just given him a look before letting it be with a soft smile, but Dean didn’t. He just flexed his fingers reaching out, but quickly taking his hand back and shoving them into his lap. He was definitely acting like a coward which he wasn’t one, but in those moments he had been. Those three little ( massive ) words had him craving physical connection, physical touch, with Cas but he couldn’t push himself to do it.

“I think I’m just going to head to bed.” Sam mumbled into the quietness of the bunker, pulling Dean from his thoughts. His brother shoulders slumped a little bit with the tiredness he was carrying. He gave a small smile and a shoulder shrug before making his way out of the war room and to his room. Dean had given a soft nod before turning his attention to Cas, who looked worse than both the Winchester brothers put together. Almost dying will do that to a person though. Castiel had managed to give a small nod in return before finding his own eyes to drop a little. Dean couldn’t help the soft smile that tugged at his lips at the sight of the angel.

Cas almost died. Dean had almost lost Cas.

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★ and ☆ + steven hyde

★ - sad headcanon

Things weren’t that bad with his parents when he was little, before Edna catched Bud cheating on her. 

They weren’t the best parents either. He was still pretty much absent and Edna got distracted easily or didn’t put that much of disposition on stuff regarding motherhood. But it wasn’t that bad.

But once Bud’s shit was discovered, Edna started to change for him.

Hyde had to live the horror of having your beloved mother transform into a monster that slowly tears you apart. And he didn’t understood that until her was older.

☆ - happy headcanon

When he became a dad, he was scared as hell of fucking up and screwing his kid like his parents did to him. 

The normality of his days as a father comes as a surprise. It helps his nervouness and paranoid about swering up a lot the fact that he can sit down and watch Jackie carrying their kid around the kitchen, signaling things and calling them by its name because Mrs. Forman told them that will help the kid to develop his capacities faster.

He can see her came out with a song for his bath, a song for his meal, another to change the diaper, one more for sleeping and napping time. 

She takes their baby in arms and lays beside him on their couch, cuddling into his chest and sighs. He rounds her with one arm, resting his hand on her belly and looks at his baby making small noises and looking around, smiling to his mother and starting to laugh.

“Are you happy?” he asks out of nowhere one day.

“Of course!” she answers immediately, and he knows his kids are never going to get through that nightmare of his childhood.

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Samxjess and ashleyxchris! :D


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute

I’m literally blaming you and @jessicathesnowballqueen
For making me love this ship so damn much, like oh my god, I’m falling in this shipping hole and I can’t get out. But still wondering where the hell it came from and why I ship it so bad!


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute

I’m gonna be honest I celebrated so bad when they kissed XD Ship it to hell and back!!

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which gg do u think is the gayest

I’m not really qualified to answer this question because I still don’t know that many kpop groups in general :’D but out of the ones I know, Mamamoo act the gayest. However I think it’s just fanservice (with the exception of byulie, that girl is definitely gay)

But if you were asking about real gays, I’m totally convinced that Le and Junghwa are in love because

They are always taking these couple pictures

The way the look at each other is genuinely full of love and adoration and hidden emotions

Junghwa is so in love with LE

LE is so possessive over Junghwa and also this blessed day that they came out as a power couple

If you still don’t think they’re married you can fight me gay ass

(credit for the gifs @gay-shit-girlgroups-do and @zelosgf)

Gay FE7 Support of the Day: Florina x Ninian

You might think I’d have had some internal struggle with this one because I’m a diehard Florina/Lyn shipper and have been for going on 14 years now.

You would be wrong. Florina and Ninian are just too cute, and even if they’re not my OTP the thought of them together still gives me warm fuzzies.

This support was almost completely reworked past the C, which has only some small (albeit significant) alterations. The B is almost entirely new, and while the A does draw in a (largely revised) version of the original’s content, it’s reduced in length and made a smaller part of conversation, included in order to set up the ending and because, frankly, it was both interesting and extremely cute.

And yes, to spoil it, these two are one of the couples that get a paired ending. That will not be included here — I have to keep some mysteries!

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tfw when ur otp’s status of Fave is threatened

why the hell did i draw this


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

Happy Singles Awareness Day! ML Valentines (part 2/2): Onesies and stuffies! Day 14 of adrinette month