but this is s3 the last on s1

Fandom basic dictionary: BBC Sherlock
  • never have I met a fandom with more such specific vocab/abbreviations than this fandom, hence this list
  • (a)SiP: Study in Pink, Season 1 Episode 1
  • TBB: The Blind Banker, S1 Ep2
  • TGG: The Great Game, S1 Ep3
  • (a)sib: A Scandal in Belgravia, S2 Ep1
  • Hob: The Hounds of Baskerville, S2 Ep2
  • TRB: The Reichenbach Fall, S2 Ep3
  • MHR: Many Happy Returns, S3 Mini episode
  • TEH: The Empty Hearse, S3 Ep1
  • TsoT: The Sign of Three, S3 Ep2
  • HLV: His Last Vow, S3 Ep3
  • TAB: The Abominable Bride, S4 Special
  • TST: The Six Thatchers, S4 Ep1
  • TLD: The Lying Detective, S4 Ep2
  • TFP: The Final Problem, S4 Ep3
  • TLS: The Lost special, a famous Sherlock case, partially used in TRB, rest supposedly yet to come
  • Johnlock: John Watson x Sherlock Holmes, ship
  • Sherlolly: Sherlock Holmes x Molly Hooper, ship
  • parentlock: enjoying seeing Sherlock and John take care of kids
  • Mystrade: Mycroft Holmes x Greg Lestrade
  • AdLock: Irene Adler x Sherlock Holmes
  • Lestrolly: Greg Lestrade x Molly Hooper
  • TJLC: The JohnLock Conspiracy, the idea that johnlock will become canon
  • Tea or coffee: theory that tea and coffee are an analogy for gay and straight respectively throughout the series
  • vatican cameos: originated in WWII, Sherlock uses it to warn John to duck, as it's used to alarm people and John being a military knew this code

Alright guys, I have to write down my feels for this last scene between Bellamy and Clarke, because it was so important. They started off in season one as enemies, who accepted to work together after a while, until they slowly started trusting each other through the course of late s1 and s2. Clarke’s disappearance broke Bellamy’s trust in her and s3 was mostly spent apart, or with bad blood between them. To see them working together like that again, makes me SO HAPPY, because all ships aside, they have always been a team and work best together. Jaha was right, they are lucky to have each other, because they give each other strength, they face hard decisions together and overcome difficulties ( there is also a major Kabby parallel, don’t you think? ). As for the last scene: 1. Bellamy slept in Clarke’s presence. I feel that is something very intimate for the both of them, that requires TRUST, because after what they have been through during their time on earth is most likely still haunting them in their dreams and makes rest hard. 2. She wrote down his name on the list, because she knows he is valuable for their people. Despite everything Bellamy has done, Clarke KNOWS he is still trustworthy and will do what he must to protect his people. He made some bad decisions, but always with best interests in mind, only he was misled by Pike. He did not slaughter the army for the sake of killing, but because he believed it was necessary. Bellamy ALWAYS does what is necessary, just like Clarke, even if it is a shit job to do. 3. He wrote down her name, because he knows she is equally important for humanity, plus he knows they work best together. There is only both of them, or non. They come as leader package and he will not survive the apocalypse without her. It also means he has forgiven her for leaving and that their friendship has recovered from it. 4. For the first time, Clarke has lost hope. The resourceful girl who never gave up and always had a plan B is hopeless and here is Bellamy, giving her exactly that, because that is how they work. They give each other strength when one of them doesn’t know how to go on anymore. Because TOGETHER is better than alone.

Sherlockian Acronyms

The Sherlock fandoms uses a lot of acronyms. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets confused. I’ll put the ones I know here (feel free to add on!!)
I hope someone hasn’t done this already

Tjlc- The Johnlock Conspiracy
Tposh- The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
TFHC- Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy
ACD- Arthur Conan Doyle
ASiP- A Study in Pink
TBB- The Blind Banker
TGG- The Great Game
ASiB- A Scandal in Belgravia
THoB- The Hounds of Baskerville
TRF- The Reichenbach Fall
TEH- The Empty Hearse
TSoT- The Sign of Three
HLV- His Last Vow
TAB- The Abominable Bride
TST/T6T- The Six Thatchers
TLD- The Lying Detective
TFP- The Final Problem
S1- Season One
S2- Season Two
S3- Season Three
S4- Season Four
SH- Sherlock Holmes
JW- John Watson

Skam February Challenge - Day 9 - A clip I have seen more than 10 times and why

I believe I have seen the clips in s2 and s3 about 4-5 times. I haven`t gone back to see one scene again and again in the same way I have done in s3. Well, maybe the last episode of s1, or the scene where Noora disses Nicolai in s2. They are fantastic.

In the last season, I have no trouble finding clips or scenes I have seen more than 10 times. I have so many favourites, it`s ridiculous. I know I have seen all of these: “Mekke øl”,  "Ultrahomse", “Bånder”, “21:21”, "Hjernen er alene", “Pause”, “Pride”, “Returned”, “Kan du varme en til meg også?”, "Vært litt spess i det siste", “Slutt å meld meg”, “Tenke det du føler”, “Life is good”, “O Helga Natt”, “Minutt for minutt”, "Passe på meg", and “Nå" more than 10 times.

If I have to pick one clip, I would pick 21:21. I struggle to explain why, I guess I don`t have the vocabulary to describe what I find so fascinating about that clip. It has something to do with all the unspoken Things happening in the interaction between the boys.

- At the pregame, Isak and Even are stealing glances of each other every time the other looks away, and it just kills me.  It`s aparrent that both are aware that they have almost kissed, both are unsure about if, or how, something more will happen. - Isak seems a bit unconfortable and confused, and Even seems irritated. Now we know that he has been interested in Isak for a while, we can understand that he`s irritated on the girls crashing his party, and anxious to get Isak on his own.

- It`s something innoscent and promising about the whole bicycleride. And Isak`s hand on Even`s shoulder is promising.

- In the pool scene it`s happening a lot. And it`s here I really struggle to put into words what I find so fascinating. It`s something about Isak entering the pool room, and he realizes, and we realize, that this is just like in Romeo & Juliet, AND MAYBE THEY WILL KISS. We know, or guess, that Even is determined to get a kiss, but that he doesn`t know Isak knows about this scene.

- It`s something about the way Even teases Isak, to make him relax. Even knows, or senses, that Isak is stressing out about if he has to undress everything, are they going to be naked, what is going to happen (WÆÆÆÆ?), so he teases Isak, moving the focus from fear of intimacy to fear of water and hair obsession. It works. Isak follows his teasing like in a dance. And pushes them both in the water.

- It`s something about the way Even pushes out of the water, right in front of Isak. He could have kissed him there, but he does`nt. He starts teasing again (the foreshadowing to “O helga natt" (did you think I died?) just hurts a little bit), and Isak follows.

- It`s something about the "dance” between them. They both know they almost kissed last weekend, they both know that something is about to happen, but they both choose to make believe everything is… normal.

- It`s something about the way Isak initiates the holding breath-contest, and about the way Even follows up. It`s about how their eyes meet under water, how the world becomes silent, the masks fall of them. It`s about how Even takes a chance, and “strangles” and kisses Isak under water.

- It`s about how Isak hides his excitement when they come over the surface again. To me, it seems like Even does this as a test, he both “strangle” and kiss Isak to camouflage the kiss as “cheating”. If Isak freaks out about the kiss, he can back off, save face, and just say he did it to cheat. But Isak doesn`t freak out about the kiss, he just pretends to freak out about the cheating. Then Even knows. And he smiles, the biggest smile in the world.

- And Even says “Du you think there are any rules here?”, teasing Isak again. And he pushes him a bit: “What are you thinking?”. And Isak doesn`t know what to say (he just knows that he wants to kiss Even again), so he says they should try again.

- And when the go under water again, their eyes meet, the masks are off, the game is over, and Isak is moving towards Even straight away. Finally. They kiss.

- When they come to the surface, they continute kissing, and there are no games anymore. Even smiles the biggest smile and Isak is all in the kiss.

I don`t know. There are so many unspoken things happening in this clip, and I have only mentioned a few of them. It just makes me happy to discover new details when I watch the scenes several times. I have the same feeling about “Mekke øl”,  “Bånder” and “Tenke det du føler”. These scenes just keeps giving and giving and giving.

There are small details in the acting and the interaction between Isak and Even, details that I somehow catch, but don`t have a language for. And I guess that`s one of the reasons I watch the scene again and again. That, and the fact that it just makes me happy and a bit lovesick.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that K.A. Applegate might be the only sci-fi writer EVER who both (a) condemns the mass killing of aliens even if they are attacking the earth AND (b) shows why it’s sort of necessary in the situation?

It seems like too many other sci-fi stories go the route of Avengers or Doctor Who (S1) or Independence Day where a protagonist wiping out thousands of aliens is portrayed as uncomplicated heroism and we all celebrate at the end. Either that or they go the route of Avatar the Last Airbender (S3) or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S5) where the characters that don’t want to engage in violence don’t have to get their hands dirty because a deus ex machina comes along and prevents that from having to happen.  In both cases doing the right thing is also a matter of doing the easy thing.

Applegate, by contrast, doesn’t let her characters get away with an uncomplicated happy ending.  She doesn’t say “they were aliens so it’s okay to kill them,” and she doesn’t offer them a third way out of their impossible choice.  She gets into the hell that is war and doesn’t use the sci-fi genre to let her gloss over the dirty details.

I’ll always love S1 through S3 Rumbelle

… and even S4 had beautiful moments, but, I scroll through all the Rumbelle I have in my queue, and I’m not sure I want to post it—not even with the recent Skin Deep anniversary. That high only lasted until I realized the showrunners are going to continue down the path they’re on.

I’m so depressed about what they’ve done to the characters. People trying to make me look ridiculous for the way I feel about things is kind of the last straw for me, as well. I’m serious about the receipts blog. Someone wants to take it over, they can. I don’t give a fuck, anymore. 

Post-s4 Sherlock fics?

In an absolutely random and statistically non-rigorous sampling, namely that amount of fic that crosses my tumblr dash, I have a sense that there is a lot less being written following the s4 airing than there was after s1, s2, or s3. Mind you, I have a gut feeling that the active fandom is smaller now, a great many fans turned off by the many dissatisfactions with s4. 

With those lower numbers, I think I’m seeing  a lot less fix-it fic and more AUs, whether going in different directions from the last series or two or leaving certain undesirable portions out. I’m definitely not seeing fics that take the end of s4 and map it out forward in some canon way (whatever that might be), other than parentlock fics (which have always been with us). 

But I’m enough of a scientist to know that vague impression does not equate to solid data. @destinationtoast, is this something you’ve looked at or have backburnered to look over at some future point? You’re kind of my go-to on fandom/fic stats, but if there’s someone else who might be interested and have the tools to do the kind of scraping that a real analysis would take, by all means pass this along. 

anonymous asked:

I quit watching tvd when Katherine was "killed", so if the writers decided to bring her back for this last season do you think they'd hint at it in advance to bring in viewers?

well i guess it depends, because while Kevin Williamson was part of the show (s1-s3) they never actually hinted her appearance, everything was a surprise, they never hinted the plot twists. After Kevin left the show i kind of felt like they never really kept anything to themselves, nothing was a surprise anymore, which isn’t really the best strategy imo. Now that Kevin is back, i guess it depends on how much influence he will have on the decisions that Plec makes, but idk, i just have this nasty feeling that they will give everything away either in the promos or in the episode stills that they release (i mean they already made it clear that Kai will be back with a still they released, so yeah)


ok but has anyone considered jonas for s4 main? I mean it would kinda make sense…we always end up seeing a lot of last season’s main in the new ones, like, s1 was eva then on s2 it was noora and we saw a lot of eva, s3 was isak then noora came back and we had updates on her and william so it would make sense if s4 was jonas bc he’s close with isak and we’d get some insight on isak’s life on the new season yall feelin me??


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