but this is really another great book what a nice cliffhanger

blackspacelion  asked:

yo so I really wanna get more into the whole Cosmere world and I was wondering if you could help me out a bit on all the books and a good order and stuff! Already read the first two Stormlight Archive books and I have the first Mistborn book on my shelf!

Ooh, well Mistborn is usually where I tell people to start, though if you’ve already read Stormlight, you might like Warbreaker, which has some Stormlight tie ins! 

Alright, I’m going to talk about the Cosmere by books that take place on the same world, because I’m a nerd. Quick intro to the Cosmere series below the cut!

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Arrow Season 5 Thoughts

Right off the bat, I can tell you all that I give this season a C-. Also, that’s a generous grade. Being positive doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to glaring issues about the show, I’ve held off on some aspects because they weren’t pertinent to each episode. Let’s dive into the WTF, okay, and good moments of the season.


Third Parties with NO follow through

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Billy Malone, let’s start with the nice guy nobody. He was literally for 1 to 2 scenes an episode, and we’re supposed to believe his death was the straw hat broke that camel’s back for Felicity’s dark arc? No. Not happening. Literally unbelievable. Okay dude, but bland vanilla.

Susan Williams: Initially, she’s depicted as this shady character and that pushed through the end of her story, but the fact that she tried to exploit Oliver, that had no resolution, it was just dropped like a piano in old school cartoon. Creative Writing 101 every story needs some sort of ending.

Also, personally, I didn’t go into journalism for my own reasons, but I do know there are such things as journalist ethics. Where were hers? Because she broke every damn one in the book. To put it nicely, “conflict of interest”. Her presence made Oliver blind, ignorant, and a close reminder of his party boy past.

The only thing I thought was good about that story line was the frigid breakup. It’s difficult for me not to laugh when I hear or read the phrase “my apologies”.

Cringe-Worthy Moments

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  • Fridging another female character Evelyn, and using her as basically childhood prostitution bait. The villainous side I get, but as a woman in general, let’s be better and fix that shit A.S.A.P.
  • Breaking another healthy relationship, especially one that has inclusive representation for POC, LGBTQ characters a.k.a The Holts. Curtis has become my least favorite character, and that’s not cool. It came out of nowhere.
  • Any scene with the reporter.
  • “Spectre of the Gun” as a whole. Hands down my least favorite episode. It was full of heavy handed cliches, and Oliver’s legal solution again had not much a follow-through. Fix-it aspects still require some sort of explanation.

The Okay

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Just Like You (1)

Summary: You are an experiment, the first of its kind.One day you escape and are living a normal life when you run into a perfect stranger or was he? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2837 (Sorry)

A/N: This is my first time putting my writing on Tumblr. I also got all of the translations off of Google, so sorry about that if it’s wrong (the English is posted next to it). This is also all written in first person because that’s really the only way I have been able to write, it feels more personal when I am reading it and trying to put myself in the story. Italics is memory or a scene from the past.

Warnings: fluff, cliffhanger, Implied smut (?) (You probably won’t even call it that) (I also don’t swear, so that won’t be a thing)

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One year after Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2015. I wish I would just die already. March 10, 2015. I am 114 years old today and in a couple of years I will, unofficially, be the oldest person to have ever lived. 114 years and who knows actually how many years to show for it.

Currently I live in Bucharest. I wanted to be in Moscow but I am too scared that they would find me.  So I chose the next place on my places-where-Y/N-can-live list. I still didn’t feel completely safe, I mean I only had the whole country of Ukraine between me and them, but I wanted something I was familiar with and the Romanian culture and language was perfect.

I had only been here for a couple of weeks, but I already had a great apartment close to the city, I was fluent in the language, and I was working with someone who could get me some fake documents, so maybe I could get a job and live a normal life.

Today I happened to be in the city, exploring of course. I walked into my favorite bakery and bought a loaf of bread. There was this man, Florin,  that worked there, he had tried to talk to me, let me know that he liked me, even though I had no feelings for him. But he liked talking to me and let me sit behind the counter with him while he served customers. And he wasn’t scared of me so it was nice to talk to him.

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Can I get an angst scenario where Chanyeol loves you but you’re 6 years younger than him and you’re raising your nephew because you took that responsibility with a happy ending. Please? *hugs* thank you
currently working on.

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I met her when I was in high school. I was a sophomore and going through that… what do you call it? A rebellious phase. I don’t know what came over me that day… Maybe it was fate. Maybe destiny. Or some other cheesy shit like that but somehow, that one fateful day,

I managed to get suspended.

Looking back on it now, I don’t even know what the fight was about. all I know is that that some douchebag had started shit with my teammate and even fucking clocked him. my friend didn’t…no he wouldn’t, fight him back and to “avenge” him I went after that punk. next thing I know, some teacher is pulling me off of him and the skin over my knuckles are bleeding from fresh open wounds. the only thing I could feel is the adrenaline rushing through my veins and my heart pounding as I watch him lay motionless on the pavement. I couldn’t even hear the teacher as she berated me. It really was a wonder that I didn’t leave on the spot.The typical procedure of being called down to the principal’s office, calling my parents from work, and my ultimate suspension was all done in the heavy haze that had settled over my senses, dulling them completely.

Fortunately, my parents were pretty close with the principal and while the school had still suspended me,it would be…, ah, kept  “off the record”. in exchange for that ‘privilege’, I also had ats (alternative to suspension) on Saturdays for like every single weekend till I graduated or something like that.

At that time, though, I couldn’t really understand the true value of this cause I was beyond pissed. I got in trouble for helping out my friend. I was being punished for..what, exactly? but I guess I can count my lucky stars because..that’s how I was able to meet her.


remedial lessons. there are such things as remedial lessons in elementary schools now. I was assigned a classroom and I tried to prolong getting there, considering that I turned a usually four-minute walk to a ten minute one. as soon as I entered the classroom, the teacher swooped down on me and eyed me in discontent and I SWEAR I heard her whisper “hooligan” before embarking on a long speech about what I was to do as a T.A. I shoved my fists into my pockets and stared at the floor as she rambled endlessly about what I was to do or not to do. I wasn’t to bother the teacher while she was talking but to sit in the back and behave like a ‘civilized child’ was the conclusion of it all. so that’s what I did for the next forty minutes. I crossed my arms over my chest and pulled my hood over my eyes as I drifted off to sleep until I left a small hand tug my jacket. I opened my eyes to be greeted with the most biggest pair of innocent eyes I had ever seen.

“mr, the teachers too busy working with the other students and I still need help. can you-” she nudged the paper into my hands” help me with problem seven?” she asked.

“please don’t call me mister,” I said with a shudder. just how old did she think I was??

“then what the heck do I call you,” she asked pointedly and her tone of voice caught me off, guard.

“umm, chanyeol. or obba I guess-”

“I’ll stick with chanyeol. but since you look like yoda, that’s what I’ll call you”

I could feel the tips of my ears starting to burn from embarrassment and I resisted the urge to hide them within my hoodie once more.

who the hell was this girl?

“shouldn’t u tell me your name-”

“it’s yeri. yeri lee”

I stared at her for a good minute while she stared at me back. so my first impression of her? strong. like in a no-nonsense kind of way. obviously very straight forward and for someone so young I felt really frikin intimidated.

“are you gonna help or not,” she asked prodding the side of my stomach.

I stared at question Seven and slowly started explaining the process in how the problem would be solved. she caught on pretty quickly and was able to solve similar equations like that soon after. the bell rung for some sort of break and I leaned back into my chair as I watched the kids stream out of the classroom. everyone was excitedly talking to a friend and soon enough, the classroom was empty.

all empty except her.

she just sat on her desk and pulled out a book and started to just..read.

I slowly stood up and sat next to her.

“it’s break time. shouldn’t u be out playing with the other kids?” I inquired.

“there’s no one to play with”

“now I know that’s not true. there’re tons of kids out there. don’t u have a friend-”

“a friend by definition is a person who is attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. and by that definition, I don’t have a friend” she stated.

my mind blanched. how old was this girl?

“I’m 9”

crap did I ask that out loud.

“all of the other girls think I’m weird…just because I’d rather talk about books rather than dolls or about anime rather than boys,” she said quietly and a light pink tinged her cheeks.

a slight smile tugged at my lips as I stooped down to come face to face with her and I looked at her straight in the eyes.

“so what? I loved reading books when I was younger too and I made friends eventually. don’t let what others say bring you down and just..you do you, man”

she gave me a weird look and I can literally see the gears inside of her head turning.

“then will you be my first friend?” she asked innocently.

“sure yeri,” I said with a chuckle and was about to stand up when I felt that same pair of small hands grip my jacket once more.

“promise?” she asked cautiously, insecurity lacing her voice.

I gripped her pinky in mine and intertwined them.

“I promise”


let me just start off by saying that I kept that promise. the next two years went by in a flash and we had grown inseparable throughout the years. she’s super annoying and bratty but she’s never failed to make me laugh. shed bother me by calling me yoda whenever she possibly could and honestly, I could tease her back without her being too defensive or seriously angry like most girls my age. maybe it’s because she was so young.. all in all, she was like the younger sister that I never had. I have an older sister who had always coddled and taken care of me but I had never had to chance to do the ‘coddling’ and the ‘taking care of’ part and the mature side of me had never really been exposed like this before. it was a nice change of pace and I can safely say that I had grown to love this girl. A pure, untainted kind of love. Other relations had come and gone throughout the last two years of school but they were all…so needy.

why aren’t u spending more time with me?

why are you talking to her??

you had the choice to sit next to me in biology today but you chose not to! are you cheating on me or something?

Jesus I’m getting a migraine thinking about them. when I was with them, I always felt like they had ulterior motives. whether it be the title of being called my boyfriend or a nice box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, I always felt like they needed something from me. but not with her.

with her, everything’s so simple.

we can talk about anything and everything. from character analysis from a great book we read to about how pissed we were about a cliffhanger from the most recent anime episode. as bratty as that kid was, I had never failed to notice that she was mature. or pretty mature for someone her age. I knew she’d never make fun of me if I ever admit having read a romance novel or that I cried during the last episode

of Clannad. she was just..there. not to just be in the moment but to live and relish in it.

or with me anyways.

we’d text every day and like I mentioned before, we became inseparable. I met her parents about four months after we started talking because apparently she kept on raving on and on about her very tall, weird, yoda looking friend. she blatantly denied ever talking about me to which her parents and I laughed about whole heartedly. she crossed her arms over her chest and whined, something that was quite rare, and turned to me, a pout on her lips. “you’re not..your not allowed to laugh!! it’s just not fair channie-”

I would’ve laughed again if I wasn’t so taken back that she addressed me as ‘channie’.


then the inevitable came.


as smart as she was, she couldn’t comprehend why I was leaving for four years and wasn’t going to visit which I disagreed with immediately, promising to come back at least once a year.

those beautiful eyes I had come to love and cherish started watering and I felt a panic attack creeping upon me because I honestly can’t stand to see her cry. it happened once In a blue moon and when it did..it felt like the world would be coming to an end. I know I seem dramatic and I’m over exaggerating but for ME it felt like that. this is the girl that didn’t cry when she accidentally broke her arm when she fell off the monkey bars a year back. the only person who hadn’t cried when their class pet had died, so yes. it was a pretty big deal to see her shed tears about anything, none the less for someone like..well someone like me.

“oh yeri..please don’t cry. come here” I embraced her tightly and I felt the small tears wet the collar of my shirt but I honestly could care less. even her parents, who had come to have taken me in as a son, were standing teary-eyed besides us. this really did feel like I was getting separated from my family.. and I already went through that drama hours beforehand but somehow this was harder than that.

I pulled her away from me and swiped away another tear.

“I promise to text as much as I can yeah?just cause I physically can’t be here doesn’t mean I’m leaving you, do you understand” I chided? she nodded.

“you promise to not forget me?” she asked in a broken voice, interrupted by quiet sniffles.

“of course not.”


I also kept that promise. I visited every summer and we texted whenever we could. she started telling me about her boy troubles by the time she became a sophomore in high school and that’s when I started feeling an uncomfortable sort of turmoil in the pit of my stomach. I vowed to beat up any guy that ever hurt her and she, in return, made me swear that whoever I dated in the future had to get an ok from her first. it was ridiculous but I intended to keep that promise.

yeri had grown to become a beautiful young woman and every time we hung out, I couldn’t help but notice how many disgusting men would check her out. I started getting more protective but it wasn’t in such a brotherly way anymore. I started getting so confused. what was happening to me?


I graduated that same year as a senior from UCLA and got my diploma. she came to my graduation and while I was technically supposed to be looking at the audience and waving to the camera that was pointed at me, my eyes were only focused on her. her face had blossomed into the purest of smiles and she was standing up along with my parents and clapping vigorously. My chest swelled with pride as I accepted the diploma with grace.


“you’re going..where?” she asked with a deflated expression, her eyes swelling with emotions.

I avoided eye contact and rubbed the nape of my neck, a nervous tick I had developed over the years. “this was a bad idea-”

“so what. were you ever going to tell me?” she asked in an incredulous tone. She shifted her position so that her body was faced towards me more. We had been sitting on top of the stone stairways railings, watching the soft sunset. I hoped the scenery could be distracting from the reality of the news I was about to deliver.

“no it’s just…now is such a bad time to have told you…”

and I was right. after my graduation, I had immediately gotten job offers ,due to family connections no less, but the most prestigious one was way out in Korea. It had an immense salary and for someone with little to no experience, this was truly a golden opportunity. I had already accepted the job offer and while telling my parents had been easy, telling yeri would be the hardest. since she was busy with school and I, with job hunting, we hadn’t hung out as much as we did in the past but had been able to talk on a daily basis. I know she was proud of me, but still. Her inner turmoil would put a tremendous stress on her since we wouldn’t be able to see each other for such a long period of time.

We hadn’t been able to meet up face to face and it sucked that the only opportunity I had to meet up with her in person was on her birthday…

“…this is such a great opportunity-”

“I am fully aware Channie”
“..you’re not upset?”
“why would I be? I don’t have any right to tell you to stay..I mean it’s not like I’m your girlfriend or anything”
that phrase lingered in the air and my heart ached suddenly and I couldn’t understand why.

“and who am I to deprive you of your dream job?” it was so soft, I had to strain to hear anything.

she’s playing with the hem of her dress and while her tone was very nonchalant, I can judge from the way she griped the dress a bit too tight, that she was just about as okay with this situation as me. which is to say, not.

“I’d do it if you asked you know”

“if you asked to stay.” I turned to her with a serious expression.

“honestly, I would”

we held eye contact for a solid minute and I’m not completely sure what we were doing. I felt like she was looking through me rather than at me and this moment felt so…raw. so real. Disappointment washed over me when she tore her gaze away and broke that moment.

“I could never ask you to do that,i” she said with a small chuckle before glancing back at me.

I can’t imagine being stuck with someone as annoying as you anyways” I reassured her.

she stuck her tongue out at me and vise versa.

we both stared at the setting sun in comfortable silence but as I thought about how far away we’d truly be, I felt my heart grow heavy.


“what now”

“you promise we won’t grow apart right..?” she asked in an unconcerned matter but her actions once again gave away her facade.

“of course. you promise too right?”

“of course”


she didn’t keep her promise.

it had been about three years since I’ve moved to Korea and for the last 7 months, it had been radio silence from her side.

the first two years didn’t change. she had graduated from high school and got accepted into USC, an extremely prestigious school in the U.S., to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. I understood that she’d be busy, trust me, I am too. but we always made time for each other. I still tried to keep in touch but she didn’t answer…

or hasn’t been answering anyways. I called her parents to make sure that she hadn’t changed her phone number or anything but they say she had.

as a surprise, I had planned on meeting her for her 21st birthday but…I’m not quite sure if she would want to see me.

did I do something wrong?

I felt so conflicted and confused…

regardless, I got on the plane and arrived in Los Angeles.

walking through the streets of my early childhood was truly a trip down memory lane. the autumn leaves crunched under my feet and the air was brisk. I contemplated on whether I should go on the quickest route to meet yeri or just to take my time. I chose the latter.

I needed to figure out what I was gonna say anyways.

I’ve kept every single promise I made to you but u don’t even have the courtesy to keep in touch-

probably wouldn’t have worked.

I stayed deep in thought and walked through a park that was in between my destination.

a smile crept upon my face because this was the same park that she’d broken her arm on.

I don’t need you to hold me anymore! she grumbled and wiggled away from my gasp.

you sure? I asked uncertainly as I slowly let go of her waist and let her dangle on the monkey bars by herself.

of course, I am! I’m not a baby or anything she said and swung-

the next thing you know, she’s on the ground and holding her wrist as I was torn in between flipping the fuck out or giggling at how disappointed she looked, rather than actually hurt.

well, she’s definitely not what you’d call normal I thought. I passed underneath the canopy of trees, the Reds yellows and oranges all mingling together in an erratic display. I spotted the neighborhood playground and strolled over. I took a seat at the swings and lightly pushed off the ground, completely lost in my own thoughts.

she’s defiantly grown a lot…and I’ve been noticing her more…but not as the sweet little girl I met when we were younger but as a young mature woman I might even consider marrying.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

holy shit. marriage?? we haven’t even gone out but I’m thinking about marriage?? it’s official, I’ve gone insane.

but…wow marriage. a family. a life…with her. but…we’re six years apart. an age gap is usually looked down upon and is definitely not going to be easy…but despite all that, I know it’s worth it.

then again,

she could only look at me as an oppa.

or be weirded out and call me something along the lines of pedo and punch me.

worst case scenario she thinks I’m joking and laughs it off while I stand there looking like a complete buffoon.

but what if?

just what if she felt the same way.

wouldn’t all of this be worth it?

I sighed and mindlessly glanced at the children running around until one particular child caught my eye.

the child himself wasn’t my focus but rather the coat he was wearing.

it’s exactly like the one yeri had as a kid. nah it can’t be there’re thousands of coats that look exactly like-

“mommy I’m bored. can we go home now?”

and there she was. as bright as day.


“alright baby just give me a minute”

yeri stood up and Rummaged around her purse, pulling out a small handkerchief and tried to wipe something off of the unknown boys mouth while the boy squirmed around.

baby…mommy..? she has a kid??

and just like that, all hell broke loose. I felt my mind go blank and all of the noises of the rowdy children dimmed down to a low rumble.

as she was turning around to leave with this child, I grabbed onto her wrist and turned her around.

before she could even utter a ‘Chanyeol’, I ranted “how the hell could u keep this from me?! you have a CHILD. when the hell did u even get MARRIED?! WE PROMISED TO TELL EACH OTHER EVERYTHING AND YOU-YOU DIDN'T” I said childishly but I could care less as of now “KEPT MY END OF THE DEAL FOR MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS. BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL ME-”

“I’m not married” she murmured.

“wait what?”

“I didn’t tell you because he’s not mine. is that what u wanted to hear?” she

“I…after I went to USC…I..I just…”

she looked so broken. this wasn’t the confident yeri I’d been seeing throughout the recent years but the small timid child I’d first encountered. she looked so small and vulnerable and all I wanted to do was hold her…but I refrained.

she owed me this much.

“I..after you left for that job…there was an accident. do you remember Jungkook?”

sure I remembered him. Jungkook was yeri’s older brother that was seemingly never around. I only saw him once or twice the entire time I’ve known yeri.

“I..yeah. he’s your older brother right?”

“yeah. turns out he’s not a blood relative” she said with a bitter laugh. “or half anyways. he was..um a product of my moms affair and my father found out that Jungkook wasn’t actually…well his until four years ago. no one really knew how to react..I mean my whole life was a life” she said quietly.

“my perfect little family was falling apart and oppa’s wife was pregnant and everything was so confusing.”

She sat down on the bench and pulled the little boy into her lap as she absentmindedly fiddled with his hair.

“this dragged on for a year” she sighed “my fathers a good man. trust me he is. but he was…well obviously..upset. that’s a light way of putting it but in his..well his fit of rage, he told oppa to leave. and to not come back” she sat up straight, her back suddenly rigid “he didn’t mean it. trust me he just-”

“I know yeri calm down,” I said and finally slipped my hand into hers, squeezing it lightly to reassure her.

“I..oppa was upset too. and he left the house..and then..then we got a call that there was an accident. and..and oppa was in an accident..and he..he didn’t make it..his wife didn’t either..and there was an emergency C-section and the baby survived but were in the ICU for..for a long time..and my dad was-he was depressed because he thought that it was his fault so mom had to take care of him. and no one could take care of the baby-” she started crying and all I could do was whisper sweet nothings and try to reassure her that everything would be alright.

“I..I was 18. and legally I could take him in so I did! there was no one else and all I could do was try to raise him to the best of my abilities. I dropped out of college and just..I don’t know, to be honest” the little boy turned around and slowly wiped away her years as his lower lip trembled.

I lightly chuckled and reached out to touch him when he pulled back abruptly, growled, and clung onto her neck as he wrapped himself around her body as a baby koala would to it’s mother.

yeri laughed at that and it truly was a beautiful sound.

“he’s a mamas boy huh,” I said exasperated.

“he sure is aren’t you taehyun,” she asked cooing at the little tyke.

I looked at the two, and that unexplainable feeling came back again.

It was…overwhelming. The way she carefully adjusted his coat and kissed the top of his small head, the way she meticulously checked his scrawny arms to make sure that he wasn’t injured…

It felt…familiar.

It felt like home.

That image of our future together came rushing back. A marriage with her. The rest of our lives together.

This could be our future. 

“hey yeri..would u like to go out on a date with me?” I blurted out. no time like ht e present right?

and there it was. the most beautiful of all smiles/

“took you long enough to ask yoda”


 I AM A SLUG. A LITERAL SLUG. I APOLOGIZE FOR TAKING FOREVER TO POST THIS OH, MY LORD. I wrote this out and had this idea for quite literally a MONTH now and just…yeah. school happened…forgive me. love me. 

-admin m

Carmilla S2 Post Mortem:

These past four months have been a whirlwind of meetings, losing battles with Tweetdeck, digging through the dark, dank corners of the really creepy parts of Tumblr, and general observations of the little (big show) that could.

Carmilla’s sophomore season really allowed the inherent darkness of the story to shine through. We got to see the narrative venture into exploring things that aren’t always the easiest to digest. Second acts can make or break a story, but we refused to shy away from taking risks. After all, stories that play it safe aren’t nearly as rewarding as those who dare to try something a little bit different.

And, perhaps, we fell short in some ways. This season had some of the strongest episodes we’ve ever had go from page to screen, but also a handful of the weakest. We tried all sorts of new things and pushed the limits of the medium, and certainly did not make it easy on ourselves.

Some discussion under the cut to save your dash:

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Dog-eared Pages

Alright, here’s my Fic Rec list. These are the fics that I revisit when I need something familiar and safe and good. The ones I come to when I’m down, when I need Aggressive Fluffy AUs, or when I’m fluffed out and need some Intense Feels and Hurt Comfort. The ones with fantastic characterization and great plot and witty banter, and those little nods to canon that make you grin.

With no further ado, my top 13 Steve/Bucky fics:

The Best of the Best AUs

1. This Is Not a Drive By - plutos

“God, he can’t stop smiling, and it must be infectious because a slow grin is stretching across Steve’s face, and now he’s the one looking at Bucky from up under his eyelashes and asking, “How have we not met before?”

And, really, that’s the question isn’t it.”

Otherwise known as: The Bucky Barnes Hot Dad AU or The One Where Steve Crashes All Of Bucky’s Dates Without Really Trying

A classic kidfic where Bucky gets home from overseas minus an arm to find a baby on his front step. With help from Nat and Clint and Bruce, Bucky raises little Peter on his own - until he’s looking into preschools and runs into teacher!Steve.

This is one of the first Cap 2 fics that really caught me and I’ve been coming back to it ever since. Back before I was AU and kidfic trash, this was my gateway fic. This was the one I gave people and said “I don’t ever read this stuff! But this fic is so good!” And then I fell down the rabbit hole and never came back out, but I still reread this one when I need a nice happy romp around in kidfic land with minimal angst.

2. First, Do No Harm - BarqueBatch, SkyisGray

James Barnes should be just like any other patient Steve sees in his Brooklyn clinic, but the mob enforcer bleeding all over his waiting room chair apparently didn’t get the memo.

God this fic is INTENSE in the BEST WAY. Doctor!Steve and Mob Enforcer!Bucky. They both have great character arcs and the writing does a great job of ratcheting up the suspense and action each chapter.

I vividly remember anxiously awaiting the last two chapters. Chapter seven (of eight) went up and I was like “okay this will finish it all up and the last chapter will be the epilogue so its safe to read this one” and it WAS NOT SAFE. NOT SAFE AT ALL. That chapter ended on the worst cliffhanger ever and I was left waiting DAYS for the last chapter. I read this on campus at school and I still remember being so gloriously frustrated with that second to last chapter. The callbacks to Bucky as the Winter Soldier in this one really impressed me. I love his character development and all the hurt/comfort he gets in this one SO MUCH.

(Warning for gang-related violence)

3. To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All - perfect_plan

Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes.

In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.

This fic will always be extra special to me. Steve the shy comic book artist whose friends all live across the country and he only sees them at comic conventions meets his new neighbor Bucky who has some problems of his own to deal with after coming home from overseas minus an arm.

So, I really viscerally relate to this fic. The way Steve clumsily reaches out, the way Bucky gets scared of the good things in his life and tries to push them away, the way Steve skypes with Natasha and Clint at every opportunity. Bucky’s meeting with Steve’s friends. The final chapter of this fic updated literally the day before I flew out to Boston to meet North and South in person for the first time. It felt meant to be. It was like reading this long, satisfying sigh of relief - knowing that everything was going to be okay and I was going to have a great time with these friends that I’ve known for years and still haven’t hugged but now we were going to (we did). It turned out to be probably the best weekend in my memory (so far) and this fic will always be linked in my mind to that incredible trip and incredible friends. Please read this.

(Warnings for PTSD, panic attacks, mentions of self-harm and minor character death)

4. Critical Feline Mass - Kryptaria, rayvanfox

Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.

Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward,’ Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant.

A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.

Natasha’s only with Clint for his kittens. Kryptaria and rayvanfox write the most amazing fics together. I really love the way they write Clint and Bucky’s close knit friendship here; their insults in foreign languages, their empty threats and friendly shoves, and how it goes without saying they have each other’s backs. Steve, Nat and Sam fit seamlessly around them.

I remembered this fic and the next one all at once a few days ago and I’m currently rereading this one on my phone. Another great read with minimal angst and high levels of mutual pining before either of them do anything about it.

(Warning for a portrayal of PTSD. light Dom/sub)

5. A Pretty Boy With A Bird Tattoo - Kryptaria, rayvanfox

Bucky Barnes is the wholesome, handsome boy next door, complete with the engineering major and the beloved younger sister (or three).

Steve Rogers is the punk artist loner with an unkindness on his arm and a never-ending fight against the world. His best friend, Natasha, is best left unmentioned, though there are rumors that if you kiss the Black Widow’s spider, she’ll give you a tattoo for free. But she never said where or what.

They shouldn’t work together, until they do.

This one is actually Bucky/Steve/Natasha and its written BRILLIANTLY.
Steve and Bucky fall for each other slowly while away at college and Natasha is the constant in Steve’s life that was never going to be left behind. punk!Steve and punk!Nat and nerd!Bucky in college, what else do you need? The characters are much younger here than in Critical Feline Mass and they’re written younger, but they’re all still perfectly themselves. This is a very skinny!Steve and pre-war!Bucky fic, no trace of winter soldier angst here at all - though there are some misunderstandings and a lesson in good communication.

This was my first Marvel Poly fic! This is one of the few fics where I don’t just skim the sex scenes because they do a lot of talking and moving and interrupting during the sex and its important to their characters and its VERY well written. This was another fic I read early last September. I remember it was finished and updated a chapter a day all the way through. It was the highlight of my day for 17 days in a row. I think I even put off reading the last couple because I didn’t want it to end.

(Includes poly ships)

6. The Water Can’t Drown Me - camwolfe

Bucky Barnes needs to thank the guy who saved his little sister’s life, but it’s harder than he expected.

Wow this fic spirals out of control in the best, angstiest way. It starts with Steve saving Bucky’s sister from drowning, and Bucky gains a phobia of the ocean which twists into something worse, and he tries to fix it on his own. But as the fic progresses, it isn’t just the ocean that Bucky’s drowning in. I don’t want to spoil it but this fic takes some dark turns for a while, especially for Bucky in this first fic in the series. But Steve’s there to help. And it all ends up… mostly okay. Better at least.

This whole series is really well done and deals with chronic pain and depression as major themes. This fic and its sequels explore dark places, emotionally, but they always surface again.

I think the first time I re-read this one in its entirety was after I’d spent a week mining the new fics on AO3 and reading solely meet-cute AUs and I was all fluffed out. This fic is like a dose of reality - an AU that isn’t so happy, but they make due and they make moments for themselves even when its hard.

Funnily enough this ‘verse was just updated a couple days ago. I had to stop here and read the next installment and now I’m smiling at my screen like a dope.

(Warnings for Depression, PTSD, alcohol, phobias, abuse, homophobia and traumatic brain injury)

7. Put Walk Among Us On and Turn It Up - essieincinci

When Bucky was sixteen and drunk for the first time (on schnapps, dear god, not that he ever admits that part) he let his friend’s greaseball older brother talk him into a homemade stab-n-stick that is just… awful. He walks into the shop from the business card late at night, and a little guy in a too-big hoodie and skinny jeans looks up from the counter.

The Chubby!Punk!Bucky meets Tiny!TattooArtist!Steve AU.

Otherwise known as No Finer Mess To Be Found.

So first of all this fic and ‘verse is full of diverse kinks and even if you aren’t into any of them, the characters are all beautifully in character and the story carries you through and everything is WONDERFUL. Steve is a stubborn little spitfire with Issues, Bucky slowly learns how to be chill as he worms his way into their huge friend group and everyone grows and changes in new ways in each new story. There are so many little quirks and coping mechanisms that just FIT and I’m as in love with Steve leaving his socks on the floor as I am with Bucky’s PTSD and inability to drive.

This fic like, changed my life.

When this fic first went up I had like, exactly one person I could flail at and yell things like “THIS FIC? THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED BUT DIDN’T KNOW I COULD HAVE?? IT EXISTS NOW?” I remember I had it up on my phone and I read this first installment throughout the entire day in between other things. My mother, who I don’t have the greatest relationship with, insisted on spending the day with us, and so my (divorced) parents were forced to make pleasant small talk while me and my brother were stoic and distracted in the background. I remember sitting in the booth at Longhorn Steak House waiting for our food to come, squirming and reading this fic on my phone to avoid talking to my mother. Its hard to grin and blush and wiggle in the seat and also sound nonchalant when you make vague “hm” noises at your mother. But it was so worth it. This fic is the reason I didn’t completely lose my shit that night.

This verse is the reason I don’t completely avoid D/s relationships in fics anymore. This verse is the reason I went looking for (and found) a community of awesome people and made a kinky sideblog. This verse is amazing and everyone should read it.

(Warnings for PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chubby kink, and Dom/sub relationships. Includes poly ships)

8. Hands of Clay - Mhalachai

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and family are really all about.

Single parent Bucky and his daughter Natasha, meet single parent Steve and his son Clint in the grocery store parking lot when Natasha shoots Steve with a suction cup arrow. I remember seeing the fanart that first inspired this fic, on my dash, and I must have skipped the author’s notes when I first found this fic, because I had forgotten all about it until I read that scene. 

Every time this fic updates I reread the whole thing from chapter 1. I’m also pretty sure i almost exclusively reread this one while in between the aisles of the children’s section at my library (while I’m working. //cough). I don’t want kids of my own, ever, but this fic makes me understand people who do a little more. It’s the one I reread when the library is swarming with tiny bodies and I’m getting irritated by their little high pitched voices and stomping feet, because it reminds me how to love children. And then I get caught up in Bucky’s self esteem issues and every time he groans in pain I perk up because I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort.

The amount of research and detail that went into this fic is just outstanding. Please read this fic.

(WIP. Warnings for PTSD and mentions of abuse)

Closer to Canon Compliance

(Turn the Winter Soldier Angst Up to Eleven)

9. Legacy - MonstrousRegiment

Four months after the spectacular failure of Project Insight, Bucky Barnes, once more (mostly) himself, turns to the only people he knows he can trust to help him cut a bloody path through HYDRA: the descendants of the Howling Commandos. The Legacies.

(Or: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers douche it up with the descendants of the Howling Commandos through Europe and America, blowing shit up. Being a little shit is genetic, apparently.)

This fic hasn’t been updated in a while, and I honestly almost don’t mind because the six chapters that exist are so good. I really really admire the way each of the Legacies has a distinct personality and voice, so that you can tell them apart almost by dialogue alone. When this concept first went around about the Howling Commandos children being this sort of huge extended family, I was immediately on board, but this fic is the first and only time I’ve seen it implemented in a successful way. The way canon Legacies like Tripp and Sharon are weaved into this larger family of Great OCs just, really gets to me. And Bucky’s characterization here is really unique and captivating. All that, paired with the outsider POV from Bucky’s grandniece Carola, and I am so smitten with this fic.

I don’t have a specific story for this one, although you may notice a theme begin to emerge in these last few fics, where-in my favorite Canon reliant post-WS fics all deal in some way with Bucky having issues with food. There’s something about Bucky not being able to handle heavy food right away after Hydra that really intrigues me. For the sake of convenience anything related to disordered eating or vomiting will be in warnings as “food issues”. Heed the tags on the actual fic for specifics.

Seriously though this fic is a GEM. Please read it.

(WIP. Warnings for PTSD and slight food issues)

10. Thawed Out - auburnnothenna (auburn), eretria

He’s not the Asset. He’s not the Winter Soldier. But neither is he Bucky Barnes. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Avengers, James takes the long, slow road to recovery. Nothing is as easy as either of them thought it would be.

A classic Bucky Comes In From the Cold fic. The perspective shifts between characters which does a lot to give this story a unique flow and fill in all the blanks. Seeing Bucky’s POV change from the Asset to James as the story goes on is really satisfying, and Steve has to deal with the difference between what Bucky needs, and what Steve needs Bucky to need. And in the end, Sam’s mom is the real hero.

I read this one and the next fic at the same time - they tended to update on the same day or a day apart for a while, and they’re about the same level of Worst Case Senario Post WS, even if they do go about it differently. The idea of Bucky easing his way back into himself and rediscovering his memories here, versus already having them in the next fic. The amount of agency Bucky has over himself in the wake of the helicarrier crash is also a big point of contention between these fics.

(Warnings for Food issues, semi-graphic surgery descriptions, past torture, and PTSD)

11. It’s Easier, It’s Kinder - camwolfe

Bucky has a list of assassinations to complete, and it’s not his problem if Tony Stark is on the top of that list.

By the same author as The Water Can’t Drown Me, this is another Post WS recovery fic, but with more violence on Bucky’s part. He’s set out to kill his list of Hydra goons and Steve manages to tag along on the most awkward road trip in history. And Bucky doesn’t realize how much Steve is helping until he’s gone.

This fic now has a prequel exploring Steve’s depression post WS and how it leads him into being totally willing to tag along with Bucky on a murder spree that neither of them really plan on coming home from, at least at first.

The little ways that Steve manages to break Bucky’s self-destructive patterns in this one really impress me. That, and how Bucky’s mindset is written as his clarity ebbs and flows with how much he eats and sleeps. 

(Warnings for typical violence, PTSD, chronic pain, drug abuse, past torture, depression and self harm, and food issues)

12. The Night Has Seen Your Mind - bomberqueen17

I wasn’t sure what this was going to be when I started it, but it has grown into something almost startlingly coherent, if I do say so myself. They don’t find Bucky, he finds himself.

Steve and Sam return from a futile tour of the globe on the heels of the ghost of the Winter Soldier to find a pile of postcards with the names of confirmed-killed HYDRA agents waiting at Stark Tower: mission reports from the ghost to the only commanding officer he still feels he has.
All of it is set to culminate in New York City… if Bucky can remember what he set up.

With some Clint/Natasha, Bucky/Natasha, Steve/Sam pining, a whole bunch of friendship dynamics, gratuitous pop culture references (Bucky is obsessed with pop music, as a coping strategy), slash, het, and a lot of cussing.

Also known as Choice is Not a Word a Bullet Knows.

In which Bucky plays the long game and isn’t sure if he wants to win or not, but Steve makes sure he does. This whole series is really intense and I love the way it explores both Bucky’s mindset and a Plethora of ships both het and slash. I also love how unflinchingly these fics approach consequences. This first fic is full of gathering tension and suspense until the Final Battle. And yet even in the midst of that, Bucky is thinking about his media presence and portrayal and how Hydra is burning him alive in the News. And the sequel picks up DIRECTLY after the first one ends, and deals with the medical consequences of that final battle, the media explosion, and Bucky’s court dates to determine his fate. The amount of real world influence Bucky would have gives this piece amazing believability and I am overdue for a reread of it myself.

There are also little snippets set in the future of this verse, after all the life-threatening bits are over, if you need a break from the tension.

(Warnings for pretty intense violence, major injury, torture, food issues, and chronic pain, with more warnings in later parts of the verse. Includes poly ships)

13. 4 Minute Window - Speranza

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

Oh man, if you haven’t read 4 Minute Window yet you are MISSING OUT. I saved this one for last because its like, the least painful of the canon compliant fics, and also because its the one I found the most recently. I put off reading it for a while because I didn’t want another Bucky Comes In From The Cold fic, and so you can count me pleasantly surprised when THAT ISN’T WHAT THIS IS AT ALL.

This is the exact opposite of the last two fics and I love it to death for being original and heartfelt and perfect. I’m in love with the whole concept and the writing style and just. These fics are gorgeous.

I made a friend read them recently and I knew she had immediately opened it because she started quoting lines back at me. And the first one she sent me was Steve saying he could hold the line at 2 dogs. And my immediate response was “IT ME”. No matter where the future takes me I have faith it will be okay and there will be dogs in it. I have this trip coming up (in less than three weeks now holy shit) where I’m going to leave my life behind for 6 weeks and stay with South in England and steal her two dogs. (YOU HEAR THAT SOUTH YOUR DOGS ARE MINE EFFECTIVE UPON MY STEPPING FOOT IN YOUR HOUSE). There are some great moments in this series where I relate really strongly to Steve, and that was one of them.

Okay, so that’s my top thirteen Steve/Bucky fics. The ones that I come back to and reread all the time. I don’t have an AO3 account so every new “session” on my phone or laptop lets me leave kudos again which is AMAZING. Like, ten kudos on each of these fics is from me. I can’t leave comments so I hope some of the authors see this and know that I love your work! I hope my followers see this and find some new good fics!

Read away my pretties! And then come and tell me which ones you liked best and why!