but this is probably my favorite scene ever


Science now performs miracles like the Gods of old. Creating life from blood cells, or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But they’re perfect creatures. And in that way, they couldn’t be less human. There are things machines will never do. They can not possess faith. They can not commune with God. They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won’t have to destroy us. They’ll be us


The sass is strong in this scene. Big-Chill’s expression just makes it all the more better.

FYI, Ben 10 Alien Force premiered on 4/18/2008, so it’s AF’s 8th anniversary today uwu

It’s time to go indepth about this scene because its legit one of my favorites now and just so good and pure and has to be their softest scene ever (beside the hand holding scene obviously). Let’s break my favorite parts of it down:

I just loved how much Root touched Shaw’s face during all of it. She couldn’t stop and it was so precious and gentle. The gentlest we’ve ever seen Root to be quite honest. She knew Shaw had been through a lot (not the full extent) and wasn’t trying to scare her away which I just adored.

And this is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. Look at all the small details though; Root holding Shaw’s little bundled up sweater hand and caressing Shaw’s face (again) and even Shaw running her own hand down Root’s arm. I can’t y’all. It’s just soooo unbearably soft and tender. And the second still, Shaw wanted this to be the real Root so so bad. Look at her closing her eyes reveling in this moment. Root is her safe place, she felt so safe again. More than she has in almost a year. Even if this moment ended up being another simulation, she was gonna enjoy this. 

And then here, Root put Shaw’s hand on her heart to try her best and convince Shaw that this was INDEED real. Shaw was THIS close to believing it too. She doesn’t know what to think but Root really putting Shaw’s hand on her heart was just the cutest. I cannot take how intimate it was.

I know we all had our problems with season 5 especially in relation to Shoot buuut this is one scene that I will forever love and cherish. The small tidbits alone make it beautiful. Plus soooo much touching.

Attack of the Clones will always hurt because I feel like it’s the Star Wars movie with the most untapped potential

It’s so close to being such a cool noir thriller, all the hooks are there and everything, but it just. Completely fucking falls apart. Every single Good and Positive thing it sets up, it ruins within minutes. Its only memorable moments are memorable purely because they’re unintentionally hilarious or just stupid.

Honestly Attack of the Clones came so close to being a perfect counterpoint to The Empire Strikes Back, but instead it’s just… clearly-rushed crap that was plagued with numerous cases of George Lucas either phoning it in or not even bothering to write scenes until he was on his way to the studio to direct them, and in either case not caring enough to direct anyone with even a shred of competence. Attack of the Clones is George Lucas at his laziest, and it shows. It is without even a shadow of a doubt my least favorite Star Wars movie, and probably the worst movie I’ve ever bothered to sit through.

And GOD it’s a plot that almost writes itself!! He could have put in the minimal amount of effort into writing it and it could have been the best of the prequels!! But, either he didn’t give a shit or he was completely off his gourd or something because every good thing that that movie almost did just flew out the window and I swear to god one of these days I’m going to do an excruciatingly long scene-by-scene analysis of the whole damn thing


But yeah this is like, probably my favorite scene ever from The Simpsons because “you’re still evil and when you try to be good you’re even more evil” is such a perfect description of like, lots of things

Bad Intentions

[ part oo1 ] aka the one where justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, y/n’s too petty to let things go, khalil’s the ringleader, hailey has beef with chantel, za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

if the summary sounds familiar to you then you’ve probably read the masterpiece that was me and you got it deadlocked. i’ve finally turned it into a fic since it’s still one of my favorite things i’ve ever written. it won’t play out the same way as the imagine but it may get a lil repetitive since some scenes will be reused in the fic. idk man, i’m nervous, just enjoy this.

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Favorite Shows: Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

Definitely one of my favorite cartoons ever created. I love Bruce Timm’s style, the voice actors are great, and the fight scenes and stories are amazing. Favorite episodes are definitely “Kid Stuff” and “Grudge Match”!

I owe this show a lot, because if I hadn’t seen it, I probably wouldn’t have started drawing and I wouldn’t be going into animation like I am today!

this is probably one of my favorite paul screenshots ever and i always end up describing it in the same way, like… look at his body language. this isn’t the demeanor of a cold, calculating monster; this is a little boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is getting scolded by his mama. this entire scene is incredible in its own right but this particular screenshot captures it perfectly imo. paul’s psychology fascinates me endlessly

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okay so im sure you're aware Filmé Queen but Donnie Darko is coming to select theatres from like rn through april and one is coming the day after my birthday and its my favorite fucking movie ever so im probably going to have a stroke, i mean can you imagine like when theyre sitting in the movie theatre and frank opens the portal WHILE im sitting in the theatre like my mind cant handle this (also its the day before easter and the website hinted at having frank be there as the easter bunny!!)


Whump Portfolio

(saw this on @justwhumpythings blog and it looked cool)

Name: Ross

How old were you when you first realized you liked guys getting hurt?: Not necessarily guys per say, but I started noticing I liked physically/mentally strong characters getting hurt when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

What was that very first scene you remember gave you those glorious butterfly feelings?: The scene in The Lion King when Simba collapses of heat stroke. Also when I was 7 (8?) I’d gotten to the third Harry Potter book and damn, “Grimm Defeat” was my favorite chapter ever. I probably read it two or three times a week for a very long time.

When and how was it that you realized “Hey, I’m not so messed up in the head!” and that there’s a definition and community for this sort of thing?: In 7th grade I found FF.net and the Star Wars and Stargate SG1/Atlantis fandoms.

What’s your favorite whump trope?: A very competent character accepting help from a fellow very competent character who can’t get to them- meaning they have to follow directions over a radio and not screw up, even though they’re in pain and know they’re in serious trouble if they’re resorting to that. Bonus points if there’s improvised medicine somewhere in there.

What’s a whump trope that you hate?: Sickfic. I mean, I get that other people like it and I respect that, and I’m all here for a character trying to battle through a day with pneumonia or something, but the chicken soup/doting/caretaking thing I find weirdly cringey. I also just don’t like puke (I see way to much of it in real life, I guess) unless its trauma-related (“I’m in so much pain I’m gonna puke” etc…).

What’s your favorite whumped character?: Strong, competent characters who regularly find themselves in peril and/or expect it as part of their job. Over the years my go-to characters have been, in order: Simba, Harry Potter, Obi-Wan Kenobi (with Qui-Gon as the helper character), Alex Rider, Lauren Adams, MacGyver, Jason Bourne, Sam Carter, Ronon, Tenth Doctor, Michael Weston, Dean Winchester, Jack Bauer, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, and Matt Murdock. I don’t really have a fav right now, tbh, but I do enjoy the whump gifsets of characters I don’t really know, just as abstract, whumpy concepts.

What’s that whumped scene(s) that you’ve watched over and over again. (We know you do it and we understand): The scene where Michael Weston walks his brother through pulling the bullet out of his back. And the one where Carson cuts the tracker out of Ronon’s back. And the one where Obi-Wan gets knocked out during Anakin and Grevious’s fight. And the one where Steve McGarrett breaks his arm falling from a cliff. And the one where Claire Temple chest darts Matt. And the one where Barry’s blood sugar is all screwy. And the one just after Tony opens the Plague envelope and everyone’s scrambling to decontaminate themselves and the NCIS bullpen. And the one where Sam chooses to preserve priority of life over saving Jules from inhalational anthrax because he’s a professional, even though it breaks his heart (and the one where he might have been poisoned by white phosphorus). And the one where the building falls on Steve and Danno. And the one….

Bullet or stab wounds?: Bullets, mostly grazes but bullets none the less.

Fevers or Hypothermia?: Hypothermia.

Emotional or physical?: Physical.

Injured and asks for help or tries to cover it up?: How about “knows their limits but their limits are further than most people’s” and they ask for help only once they’ve absolutely exhausted all other options and are probably dying. Unless someone medical notices it first and gives them the metaphorical come-to-medical-Jesus smackdown they’ve always needed.

Lastly, does anyone know about this addiction of yours?: Yes, all of you reading this, my parents, some of my friends who are also into it, and my counselor (who thinks its totally fine, btw, in case you’re wondering).