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Omg yes!!! Thank you I love this request. FULL ANGST AHEAD!! Also, even those of you who don’t know Shiki can read this! A shiki is pretty much a vampire, that’s all you need to know. Try putting your name in btw! Let me know if it works ^^

Your name: submit What is this?

Four days. 

It’s been four days since (y/n)’s death. She was buried along with the others taken by the epidemic, her grave marked with a fir post bearing her posthumous name, and nothing more.

Bakugo Katsuki was not alright. With (y/n) gone, he had no anchor. And with her death still fresh, it felt as though Bakugo was suffocating. He could think of nothing but her. The death, like all the others, took them by surprise. She was fine one day, tired the next, bedridden the day after, and then she was dead.

And I didn’t even get to tell her I love her.

Bakugo was angry. The anger must’ve started deep within him, in his heart or stomach or some other center, and it burned all the way to his fingertips. The anger could not be extinguished, not even when he punched the walls or screamed profanities to the sky. (y/n) was dead. What else mattered?

It did not help one bit when Deku, believing in some sort of friendship between the two of them, rushed over and babbled stories about shiki. Corpse demons. Vampires. The dead rise again, burn in the sun and drink your blood. And then they kill you, too. Deku shoved a wooden stake into Bakugo’s hands, “just in case”. Bakugo yelled at him then. His girlfriend died, and Deku had the audacity to claim something supernatural took her? That just made him angrier.

Even now, four days later, Bakugo could not sleep. It was a warm summer night, but it was grief, not the heat, that kept Bakugo from sleeping. He could’ve fought off a person, but he couldn’t do anything to fight off the disease that took (y/n)’s life.

And then he heard her voice. It was soft, as though she were speaking through a breath. “Katsuki,” he heard. Her unmistakable voice. He’d recognise it anywhere. Anytime.

Slowly, Bakugo rose from his dishevelled bed, and looked out the window. His heart raced when he saw her. There she was, clad in neither her burial clothes nor the ones she wore when she was alive. Someone else’s clothes. Her pale figure almost seemed to glow amidst the darkness.

“Katsuki,” she said again in that breathy voice.

“(y/n),” he said her name quietly at first, “(y/n)!”

Was she a spectre? A hallucination? Either way, Bakugo could not tear his eyes away from her. They filled with tears he blinked away when she spoke again.

“Katsuki! Won’t you let me in? P-Please, I’m so scared… I don’t know what’s happened to me…” (y/n)’s soft voice was shaky with sobs, “Please!”

You’re dead. You’re dead. You fucking died, (y/n)! Why the fuck are you here??

But Bakugo could not get himself to say those words. His heart was pounding. She was dead. Dead, dead, dead. He’d cried silently at her funeral. He watched as they closed the casket for the last time and lowered her into the ground. She is not supposed to be here.

But how could he leave her, when she was scared and crying? Maybe… Maybe God was giving him one last chance to tell her what he wanted to. Maybe after that, she’d disappear again forever. Maybe… he could allow himself to embrace her in his arms one last time…

“Come in.” Bakugo opened the window. He held out his hand to (y/n), and she took it, and entered his room.

Her skin was cold. Far too cold. Dead cold. Now that she was closer to him, Bakugo could see her more clearly. Her skin was deathly pale, and her eyes were a deep, dark red. He felt no pulse against her wrist when he held her hand.

(y/n) was most definitely dead.

She pulled away as if ashamed of her deathly features. Dumb as they were, Deku’s words of warning about the shiki were making sense. (y/n) was dead. But she should stay dead. Not rise as a corpse demon. Discreetly, Bakugo backed away to his desk and took out the wooden stake Deku had given him before. He hid it behind his back so that (y/n) could not see it.

“Katsuki… I’m so happy to see you… But… I’m so hungry…”

“You died, (y/n).”

She looked up at him, distraught. “Please… Katsuki, I can barely stand it anymore… This hunger…”

Bakugo took a step towards her and embraced her tightly. His voice shook as he spoke, “This is a cruel fucking way for us to meet again.” The hot tears in his eyes made it hard to see. Maybe that was for the better.

“Let’s be together forever, Katsuki. You’ll join us soon.” (y/n) whispered against his neck.

Gripping the stake, Bakugo positioned it against her back, her heart. (y/n) opened her mouth, revealing sharp fangs against his neck.

“I love you.”

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That "body hair" post you did helped me a lot so THANKKKK YOUUUU YOU DESERVE PUPPIES

I’m glad it helped! I mean when you think about it, it’s pretty silly how much society judges others for trivial things. Not to mention women didn’t start shaving regularly as a beauty standard until the 1940s.
There is always a new beauty standard to keep up with. Men are told they need to have body hair to appear more ‘masculine.’ Yet clean shaved face is a more clean look? Hair isn’t dirty.
Women who don’t shave are considered ‘unhygienic.’ It’s all just weird.

Omg Rapunzel had such Big Feelings today and couldn’t control them at all and it was miserable. Kid, it is so hard for me to answer in a car full of people why I can’t guarantee that either your parent will get you back or I will adopt you (she vacillated on which she wanted assurance of.)

Hearing talk of Burt’s adoption is hard. Being in 3 different homes in 8 months is too much for a kid her age. She has every right and I know she needs to feel those big things and ask these questions, the timing all day was just inopportune. She wrote letters to both bios to give them at the next visit where she names the Big Feelings she has and the worries she has so that is good. She was bawling all through dinner but pretty happily went to bed an hour + early because she just had no self regulation and needs the down time.

The feelings are too big for her little body :( at least Burt had a great day and is happy as a clam with his favorite person in the world (my mom.)

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Since I suffer from eczema- how would the UT Skeletons (including Gaster) and grillby react to you being unable to sleep cause of eczema causing you to scratch all night? ((and yes scratching h u r t s))

(Oh no, i hope you get better!)

UT Sans: He will try to stay awake with you, but hes a tired skele, so he will probably fall asleep pretty fast. But until then he will entrtain you with funny storys and always carfully move your hands away when you try to scratch.

UT Papyrus: He will research all the stuff that could help. Like scratching a different part of your body as distraction from the itching. He will also always swat your hands away when you try to scratch, but he does look guilty afterwards. If you can’t sleep, don’t worry, he doesn#t need that much sleeps and will gladly stay up with you together.

UT Gaster: Sciency dude will dive rigth into research to find something that will help you with the itching or the sleeping. But he will sneak into your room from time to time so you don’t have to be awake and alone there.

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Hey, I want to become a psychiatrist, but my mom fears for my life (and the citizen's life) once I end college. Any advice? I'm actually thinking to contact Harley.

Just because we live in Gotham City, that doesn’t mean you have to follow a safe path in life. Become a psychiatrist if you want to (it’s actually probably a pretty good career path here, given how much therapy us Gothamites need)! Only advice I’d give here is that if you don’t want to become a supervillain, work somewhere other than Arkham Asylum (there are plenty of safe private offices in Gotham). Of course, if you do want to be a supervillain or literally are afraid of nothing at all, please feel free to work at Arkham (they probably need more psychiatrists, bc the place apparently has a pretty high turnover rate for staff).

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Are you watching the last season of Orphan Black? I think it's been really good so far. Though I have to say I'm worried about who they're going to kill off before the end. I need a happy ending or I'm going to be so upset

I AM yes - its more or less the only thing I’m watching actually! I realize at this point that I’m not even watching for the plot: I’m there to watch all these characters interact in really pretty much any iteration. I guess I wasn’t thinking about who they’d kill or not but I’m not been particularly worried about it I guess because–hm, how to put? Its a bit like it was for me going to an all girls school, which was, like, the bullies were women and the nerds were women and the jocks and the delinquents and the artists etc etc. So like, some clones some might die but others will triumph and, like, they’re all of them, win or lose, dead or alive, big damn heroes, and that feels like enough?

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Kendrick said chilling not jealous, stop reaching. Plus if you think Chicago and Theo are not in the movie much, you are very wrong.

Lol pretty sure she said jealous😂😂 I’m not reaching at all. Kendrick says that stuff to rile us up. She’s not serious. You’re pretty salty about Bechloe. I’ve said multiple times on here I don’t ship real people.

The movie is for the hardcore fans. I’m not worried about Chicago or Theo at all. I don’t even care what happens in pp3. I’m just here cuz I love over- analyzing the characters I believe are based on Bender and Claire of the Breakfast Club. I’ll reach to the sky cuz it’s fun af.

I think you need to do some chilling anon jeez. Spending too much time with Aubrey Posen’s dad, huh?

Helping anon: made this for your friend to show I think her art is amazing and I came to show you what I made for her

My response:

ONE MORE TIME THIS IS SO CUUUUTE!!! >w< I’m sure she will love it!!

You are totally right, her art is amazing and I’m so glad you said that because @lademoisellefaucheuse have a low self esteem and thinks that her art is not pretty. I’m sure it will make her very happy and feel better about her art!! ^w^


This is so sweet and nice what you do!! I love you so much!!! <333

I have a message for all the Anon haters: Follow the example of the helping anon!! You want attention, you don’t need to send hate!! Send love, support and help and you will be rewarded! You will have not only attention but love too, isn’t it awesome?

Thank you for all helping anon!! You are the best!! Keep being awesome!! >w0)b

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So I've recently been consuming all the Suits- Marvey fic around (A ship I didn't know I needed) and one thing that's been really present has been the dom/sub thing and I've been wondering why is that so prevalent in this fandom? What is about suits and Harvey/Mike that make the dom/sub tags/theme appear so much? I don't have a problem with it, in fact read some pretty awesome fics, but in all my fandoms I haven't come across this much dom/sub theme until Suits.

two words for you my friend: good boy. legend has it that as soon as Harvey spoke those immortal words to Mike in the pilot a hundred BDSM fics suddenly appeared online lol. 

no but seriously, I think it started in season one because of the inherent power imbalance between them (since they are boss/subordinate) and the fact that Harvey was really bossy of Mike not just professionally but personally too (eg Trevor) and Mike complied with everything quite happily, as well as little things in canon like the ‘good boy’ moment. though tbh I’m probably not the best person to ask because BDSM isn’t really my thing (which sucks because, as you say, there’s a lot of it in this fandom).

If you feel like you don’t know me well enough, I have, on multiple occasions, been confused as to whether a blue mark on my skin was a mysterious bruise or a splash of watercolours- and both seemed just as likely; and that’s pretty much all you need to know to get a sense of who I am as a person 

Why Wonder Woman was so Important to Me

I had the opportunity to see Wonder Woman recently, and I was left awestruck.  Wonder Woman is such a timeless character, and I feel this story and the way the film was made really captured the heart of the original character.  With DC’s track record, it had a high chance of being lazy and bad.  But it wasn’t.  It was original. Refreshing. I cried a lot, and here’s why.

1. Women Are Strong 

I’m not one to loudly complain about the misrepresentation of women in media (though we often are).  We’ve had some really awesome and strong female characters over the past couple years.  But somehow, Wonder Woman took this in a completely new direction.  Watching the Amazons fight the invaders on the beach nearly brought me to tears.  It was so special for me to see women take on roles we rarely see them in.  They were the fighters, the protectors, the providers.  There are many women out in the world right now who are fighting their own battles, much like the Amazons.  They’re providing for their families or serving their countries through the military.  It was a pleasant reminder that while men and women have differences, they are equally strong and skilled.

(Also yay for a female director!)

2. Actions Speak Louder

Many times, Wonder Woman is questioned.  She’s scoffed at for being a women (which would have been very common during that time).  She’s underestimated.  But what’s so amazing here is that she never has to prove herself to the men.  It would’ve been so easy for the movie to fall into that common trope.  She never argues with a man and she focuses her attention on others instead of herself.  She wants to kill Ares and stop the war. And in the end, her actions speak louder then her words ever could.  What I took from this is to rise to action.  Stop talking and start doing.  Ignore what others say, because you know what you can do.  Hold your head high and rise above.

3. Mutual Respect Brings the Most Success

As I said before, it would have been easy for the film to fall into certain tropes.  A trope we often see nowadays is a woman proving that she (or all women) are better then men.  That’s never a point of conflict in this film.  Her love interest, Steve, fights as her equal.  He isn’t clumsy or weak to make Wonder Woman look stronger.  He believes in her and helps her to the best of his ability. When they become interested in each other romantically, they both hold their own.  They love each other but are not dependent on one another.  We see the rest of the men in their gang react the same way later on.  They all eventually come to love and respect Diana.  It’s a great reminder that feminism is about collaboration and equality, not one gender being better then the other.  We each have something to bring to the table and our differences are what makes us stronger. 

4. It’s Okay to not be Okay

There’s a really interesting character in Wonder Woman’s gang named Charlie.  He’s supposed to be the world’s top shooter, but time and time again he fails.  He seen some things that have damaged him pretty heavily.  What’s really interesting about this character is that we never see this issue resolved.  He doesn’t have his big “hero moment” where he is suddenly able to shoot and save the day.  This is so much like real life.  We’ve all been hurt, and it’s ok to be damaged.  You have nothing to prove, but your great efforts will help everything to turn out right in the end.  At one point, Charlie even says to Diana “You don’t need me, you’re better of without me.” To this she replies “No, Charlie, if you’re not here, who will sing?” This implies that Charlie is still a valued member of the group, despite his shortcomings.  His friends are able to recognize his other strengths when he cannot.  

5. There is Much Darkness in the World, But Love Will Save the Day

Not much to say here, as Diana said it all in her own monologue:

“I used to want to save the world, to end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learnt that inside every one of them there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know… that only love can truly save the world. So now I stay, I fight, and I give - for the world I know can be. This is my mission now, for ever.”

Often times love is portrayed as a great weakness. But it isn’t.  To love is to truly see beauty in the world.  To love is to be brave and strong.  Love is the greatest power of all.  

Additional Notes:

We must learn to forgive.  Diana had the opportunity to kill the chemist responsible for Steve’s death.  And she chose not too, instead focusing on the larger problem at hand and in turn leaving the past in the past.

There were not gratuitous or sexualized shots of the women in the film.  The framing was based around the action.  The women were all beautiful, but the film relied on it’s story and the strength of it’s lead rather then her beauty. 

There will always be hardship. There isn’t always one bad guy to fight.  We all will have to continue to fight our demons and endure through our trials.  But it’s the light and the love, those precious moments, that we fight for.

Thanks Wonder Woman.  You inspired me, and I’m so grateful.  I don’t think I’ve seen a superhero movie with more heart.  There will be many days ahead where I think “What would Wonder Woman do?” 

*I may edit and add on to more of this at a later time, but I wanted to get my initial thoughts out!

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Thanks for the fathers day snapchat thing. It's pretty great of you to make people who have father's issues feel better!

Aw, of course! It was my pleasure, cause I know we all could use a little encouragement from time to time! I was blessed to always have those words from my father, so I wanted to pass them on to others who needed it as much as I did!

How the types differ by one letter


  • INTJ: They don’t care to get to know everyone, but everyone at least knows of them
  • ENTJ: They know everyone and everyone knows them. How else would one move up the social ladder?


  • INTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in nerdy interests in their spare time when they’re not studying
  • ISTJ: That quiet straight-A person in class who indulges in even more studying in their spare time than INTJ


  • INTJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “Not my problem if they think I’m rude”
  • INFJ: *Is quiet and detached around someone* “OMG WHAT IF THEY THINK I DON’T LIKE THEM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”


  • INTJ: Doesn’t show their caring side unless they really care about you. And I mean REALLY care
  • INTP: You’re at least a good-tier friend of theirs? Time for them to tell you about everyone they truly care about and why they do


  • INFJ: Makes friends when extroverts adopt them
  • ENFJ: Is the extrovert friend that adopts introverts


  • INFJ: Cares for you by helping you survive and advance in life
  • ISFJ: Cares for you by giving you kind words and sharing food with you


  • INFJ: “I know you’re just going through a phase, but I’ll still love you and support you no matter what”


  • ISFJ: Will cuddle you in the comfort of your or their own home while you tell them what’s bothering you
  • ESFJ: Will take you on an adventure to your favourite fast food place while you tell them what’s bothering you


  • ISFJ: Hall monitor in elementary school
  • ISTJ: Cried when they didn’t get the hall monitor position in elementary school


  • ISFJ: Saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009 and thought it was pretty good
  • ISFP: Started ironically liking Paul Blart: Mall Cop cause of Tumblr, eventually actually saw it and started unironically liking it


  • ISTJ: Too quiet when working on a group project
  • ESTJ: Not quiet enough when working on a group project


  • ISTJ: *Shows up late to class for the first time all semester* “omg look how rebellious I am”
  • ISTP: *Shows up to class on time for the first time all semester* “omg look how responsible I am”


  • ISTP: Alienates people by being too edgy
  • ESTP: Alienates people by almost landing themselves in jail and/or the hospital one too many times


  • ISTP: Stays up till 5 am reading articles about how to be attractive and looking at specs of expensive watches, cars, and whatever tech they’re interested in that night
  • INTP: Stays up till 5 am watching anime and reading about philosophy


  • ISTP: Ironically writes sad poetry
  • ISFP: Unironically writes sad poetry


  • ISFP: Has coffee running through their veins
  • ESFP: Has vodka running through their veins


  • ISFP: Wannabe Instagram model
  • INFP: Wannabe Tumblr model


  • INFP: Has a “whatever” attitude about their introversion
  • ENFP: Refers to themselves as an introvert or ambivert cause they don’t see themselves as a Basic Outgoing Extrovert™


  • INFP: Has a selfie of themselves wearing a flower crown as their profile pic on Tumblr
  • INTP: Has a picture of an anime character or a superhero as their profile pic on Tumblr


  • INTP: “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we went to Wal-Mart and shouted swear words into the PA system?”
  • ENTP: Actually goes to Wal-Mart one day and shouts swear words into the PA system


  • ENTP: Shows their friends their best Batman impression while quoting lines from Batman movies
  • ESTP: Googles how long it would take to become as strong and fast as Batman and designs a workout program based around getting on Batman’s level of athleticism


  • ENTP: Would work for Reddit if they could
  • ENFP: Would work for Buzzfeed if they could


  • ENTP: Either an overachiever or underachiever in anything, no in-between
  • ENTJ: Underachiever in absolutely nothing


  • ENFP: Goes out dressed in thrift store clothes
  • ESFP: Goes out dressed in designer clothes


  • ENFP: *Person admits feelings to them or asks them out* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT DO I DO”
  • ENFJ: *Admits feelings to crush / crush admits feelings to them* “I HAVE BEEN AWAITING THIS DAY FOR CENTURIES”


  • ESFP: Gets awkwardly hit on at bars
  • ESTP: Awkwardly hits on people at bars


  • ESFP: “Yo let’s go dance”
  • ESFJ: “I’m not really a dancer”


  • ESTJ: Has to resist throwing a fit when they don’t get to be the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of something
  • ENTJ: Somehow always ends up being the leader/boss/supervisor/alpha/top dog of everything they do


  • ESTJ: Is the person you go to when you need help getting a job
  • ESFJ: Is the person you go to when you need help texting someone you want to date and/or hook up with


  • ESTJ: Honour roll student, multiple sport athlete, on student council and multiple school committees, volunteers and works in their spare time, has a 3-4 GPA through all of high school/college/university, lands a decent job right after graduating
  • ESTP: Puts how many Tinder matches they have and how much they can bench on their resume


  • ENFJ: Seems slutty, is actually pretty wholesome
  • ESFJ: Seems wholesome, is actually pretty slutty


  • ENFJ: Has thoroughly planned out future living situation, relationship, and type of social life
  • ENTJ: Has thoroughly planned out future career and how to attain it

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Does this mean Ur mermaid au is hance with a sharkeith or is it klunk? Or just klance


jkjk, theres gonna be moments that can be taken as klance, hance, heith, klunk, and sheith, but the way i have it planned now the reader will pretty much be able to see the ending as any ship they want

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how do you decide what to do with your face in pictures? there are a lot of tutorials on posing but they mostly just talk about the body and i feel like my face looks boring or weird in most pictures

AS ALWAYS this stuff takes practice. You get more comfortable the more you do it, but there are tips and shortcuts to help you achieve something more in your control then just smiling and hoping you look right. 

My favorite tips are the, “MMMM”  “me” “haha” and “you” tricks! And what they are, are words to say to yourself during your pose to help train your face into specific structures. 

For smiling for example, specifically with your mouth closed, practice saying “MMM” when you pose! It creates a really natural curve to your mouth, without making your cheeks ache and contract when you force yourself into a fake smile. I know this all sounds stupid, but seriously try it. Try it in some selfies, practice agnling your head. Say it out loud if you need to!

Here’s me saying “MMMM” to make a closed lipped smile! 

For an open mouthed, natural, teeth smile, say “Me” when you pose!! You can either say “Me” as you smile for a prounouced smile, or simply say it as the shutter goes off to catch a more candid looking, happy state of your face. 

These are all “me” poses, where im literally saying the word under my breath to train my face. 

Saying “You” so youself as you exhale through your lips, creates a very neutral, easy, UN TENSE, looking face. Its my go to for everything. YOU poses are awesome for static poses, where you just need your face to look normal, natural, and pretty. Lol. It’s great cause if you dont do this and keep your mouth closed, you often look boring or too stiff. Sayng “you” activates your muscles and livens your face enough that you dont look dead or lifeless. 

These are all You poses. I’m literally saying that word a I pose. And some of these I say YOU while putting a little smile in there by thinking happy thoughts.

I don’t use “HAHA” as much, but it really is just like you might think. Saying HAHA out loud as you pose creates that easy going, natural look of laughing. 

As you might tell, Posing is a lot about ACTING as well as knowing your body. 

SO GET LOOSE. In between photos im CONSTANTLY moving around. And after a few shots im cosntantly stretching my mouth wide, making fish faces, puffing my cheeks, RELAXING my muscles so they don’t do that horrendous School Day smile that we all dread. 

And again PRACTICE. Get in front of that mirror and try out a bunch of stuff. Try DIFFERENT WORDS to see what saying them dos to your expression. Try angles and poses at home, so when the camers in front of you, your ready. 

Then youll be able to do more complicated stuff too. 

if you think about it, a harry potter theme park was pretty much inevitable

i mean, there’s all sorts of shops written right into the canon. no need to justify why they’re selling you things every few feet, there’s wizard shops already locked and loaded

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I can't help but hate levi///han now that levi is a dick to hange and doesn't deserve her I read this theory that questiong thing from this month means they are not even friends anymore bcoz levi doesn't feel comfortable enough to call hange by the nickame he had for her anymore and that's sad and also makes me angry because hange is always so nice to him and levi is a douche

Eh, that’s not how I see it.

IMO him dropping that nickname means 1) he legitimately respects her new position and wants to place an emphasis on that by example (humanity’s strongest soldier respecting the new commander is a big deal), and 2) he’s actively trying not to be a dick by throwing out a nickname that is NO LONGER APPROPRIATE – not just due to her rank, but, you know, the fact that she’s lost/damaged/ruined one of her eyes, now. 

The situation that ruined her eye was extremely traumatic: it got her work assistant killed–not to mention all of her colleagues: people’s she’s known for years of her career. This includes Erwin, whose shoes she has to fill right away. I doubt she wants the reminder of that terrible day spat out of Levi’s mouth like it’s some kind of a funny joke when there’s very little chance of her being able to see it that way anymore. I know everyone thinks Hange would take it with a grain of salt and all that (cracking jokes galore), but she has feelings and again: the situation was very traumatic. You don’t see Levi cracking jokes about his traumatic experiences, do you?

Fandom conveniently forgets that Hange is a person who experiences human emotion because they’re desperate to keep the ship dynamic for levihan the same forever.

And look, until we got this information, I think interpreting Hange as the sort of person who wanted normalcy there to distract from the depressing and painful reality was believable and realistic.

But with this information it seems that’s not actually the case.

And that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay for your headcanons to be proven wrong on occasion.

And listen to me, here: people change. They grow, and it’s not always apart. Sometimes they grow together, especially after they’ve been through something rough. The fight in Shiganshina was a rough experience. 

Hange has been through a surprising lot, though she’s barely focused on during those chapters. Almost the entire military branch she works in was wiped out. She lost countless acquaintances and friends. Now she has to lead what’s left of it…and without an eye. I wish fandom would stop laughing it off like it’s a cute “fun” injury because it looks “cool.” It was probably highly traumatic and painful for her, not just in the moment, either. The fact that it took so long for her to get treatment might have even been the real reason she lost it. The eye loss is associated with all kinds of trauma, both physical and mental. She’s a soldier, she’s accepted that something like this could happen, but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with; it doesn’t make any of her losses less painful.

So let’s talk about the responsibility that’s instantly clamped down on her shoulders after this, because Hange doesn’t even get a second to herself to just, you know, mourn or be sad. She’s the commander now. And while the SC might have sealed the wall(s), it was at a great price (and still under Erwin’s command almost entirely). Hange is going to have to fight for respect from pretty much everyone. Mission accomplished and all, but now that the walls are sealed, humanity is safe again lmao fuck the Survey Corps do we even need that branch anymore? Hange is going to have to present a case to save humanity and exterminate the titans and she’s going to need all the respect she can get to do that. She’s going to need more soldiers because <10 isn’t going to be enough. She’s going to need money and supplies and gear. I hate saying this, but it might not be something she’s capable of presenting on her own merit because she’s largely unknown by the people. (Her newspaper shenanigans help her case but only in that specific area.) However, humanity’s strongest soldier has pretty much all the respect from everyone in this world. If he has her back and is standing proudly at her side, it probably helps her case immensely. (He believes her, he believes in her, this isn’t some kind of a sick joke.)

I want to remind everyone, too, that when the newspapers start telling “the truth” of humanity’s situation, it’s like a 50/50 split? Lots of people think it’s bullshit. That doesn’t help Hange. Like I said: she needs all the respect and the backup she can get. Literally every ounce.

IMO, Levi dropping the nickname “shitty-glasses” was the best thing that could have happened to the ship. I know people think it means they’re not “equals” anymore, but everyone’s focusing on the wrong thing, here.

Up to this point in the manga we’ve seen Levi treat Hange more or less equally, but even in his attempts to comfort her he’s rough. He calls her by a rude nickname that we’re never sure is supposed to be endearing or not. For all we know, he means it in the way a coworker might call the fat guy in the group “porkchop” or other kids might be mean to a classmate by calling them “four-eyes.” Speculation and headcanons aside, canon hasn’t ever really given us a clear idea of what that nickname meant to Levi, let alone to Hange. She lets him call her it, but that doesn’t tell us much. For all we ever knew, she was used to being treated poorly by her peers.

However, with this new information, it sounds much more like the nickname “shitty-glasses” was, coming from Levi, an awkwardly endearing nickname–one he meant no harm with.

And we see that because he drops it. He goes out of his way to consciously stop a habit of his that would seem disrespectful to other people regardless of what it originally meant between them. Levi respects Hange and this is how he shows it. That’s a big deal.

I’d also like to point out, again, that it’s very likely he does this out of more than just respect for his commanding officer. Levi is hardly one to follow conventions, after all.

Hange is his friend. He cares about her safety and we’ve seen this (beneath the chapel). We’ve also seen him clumsily care about the place she’s in mentally (post-Nick’s death). I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he cares about her feelings, too. And if this nickname drudges up emotional backlash and trauma for her, then by dropping it he’s showing that he cares about her and respects her as his friend.

The book has a maroon jacket and embossed spine. It’s older, and he can tell when he picks it up and leafs through the pages. The musty smell reaches his nose and makes him sneeze into his arm. With a sniffle, he fans through the book, and it doesn’t take him long to realize it was one of Erwin’s.

His heart seizes, and he leaves the book open in his lap. He thinks about Erwin every day, sometimes every second, but Erwin’s never a surprise. Thinking of him is a constant, and the physical things that conjure Erwin are cataloged and sterilized. When Levi encounters them, he does so with bravery. Indifference. He has Erwin compartmentalized at this point into his psyche. The only place Erwin could affect him is in his dreams.

But this book. This book is different. It has Levi spooked, and he isn’t sure how to move forward. He turns a page. The language is old, the information flowery and, at this point, incorrect. It must have been Erwin’s father’s, and somehow having that knowledge made the book that much more difficult to hold. Another page and he discovers it’s talking about the ocean. His breathing gets caught in his chest as he reads.

Oceans are bodies of water with high salt content. They can range in color depending on location, from deep sapphire to gleaming turquoise. It is predicted that the ocean covers more of the surface of the world than land. Nobody has ever been able to touch the deepest depth of an ocean. Strange creatures are thought to originate under the surface.

Levi slaps the book shut and places it next to him. He brings his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs.

It wasn’t anything like that. The ocean was beautiful and living and moving. It was vast and mysterious and deep. It tasted different, like an exotic delicacy. And he supposed at the time that it was. They had never tasted freedom like that before–and that’s all the ocean was.


His chest grows tight, and there’s a sound emitting from his throat that’s foreign and hoarse. God dammit, he should have been there. He should have been at his side, their cloaks catching the wind like the sails of the ships illustrated on the book pages. He had fought the longest and hardest out of all of them. He got them all here. If it wasn’t for him…

The sob comes out long and hard, and Levi has never felt something shake through him so violently. His moaning cry echoes in the room as the tears pool and drop from his eyes. It wasn’t anything like that. It wasn’t some simple pages on a piece of paper. It was so fucking beautiful and Erwin wasn’t there. He wasn’t there, and it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen in his whole life. He hated the ocean. He fucking hated it.

His hands ball into his hair as he pushes his forehead into his knees. He struggles to breathe, but he doesn’t care. His sobs turn silent as he gasps in air. Erwin wasn’t there, and he’s not here now, and he can’t fucking stand it. Tears fall salty like the waters of the ocean, and he wishes so badly to drown in them.

The text above is an excerpt from a ficlet my lovely @gouguruheddo wrote for this pic to rip my heart completely into pieces <3 Thank you love.

To the Check Please fandom: I love you, but you guys are missing out on something that I think you’ll love. 

It’s called You Could Make a Life 

The latest Check Please update currently has over 12,000 notes on tumblr and the ycmal chapter with the most likes and comments has less than 1000. Based on how great ycmal is, I can only assume that you guys are unaware of its existence or these numbers would be more similar. 

It’s superficially similar to Check Please in that every story is about a gay, male, hockey player and his life on and off the rink. 

Keep reading for my pitch or just go straight here and treat yourself to some fantastic writing 

Ycmal is a series of stories that exist in the same universe but can each be read independently. There are nine (NINE!) complete stories ranging from less than 4000 words to 158,966 words (trust me, when you read this long one, you’ll be grateful for the length). 

In addition, there are so so many short snippets about the characters. Think Ngozi’s extras but this is where the author’s incredible generosity comes in. Most of these stories are based on direct requests from readers and they range from “everybody’s cats!” to bodyguard AUs. If you’re still not convinced then read on. 

To borrow some quotes from that amazing Check Please primer that went around for a long time:

What’s that you like zany casts? 

Dan Riley: The gateway drug and a true romantic 

Marc Lapointe: Shitty’s social justice in an almost Bitty-sized body but with more pretentiousness, and he’s French! (Canadian)

Ulf Larsson: Swedish sex god who makes bad decisions 

“Vinny” Vincent: His teammates call him Bambi and he’s a goalie

Anton Petrov: Angry bub defence man

David Chapman: Seriously his character development is the most amazing thing. You will LOVE him

Jake Lourdes: We voted on what we thought of him and half of the suggestions were some variant of “golden retriever”

This isn’t anywhere nearly all of the characters. I haven’t even touched on the supporting characters and they’re all delightful

Are main character guy and pupil guy going to kiss? (No, nobody stylistically differs by having pupils but they all have pupils so it still fits)

There is pretty much always kissing ;)

How do I read every [ycmal story] ever? 

Good question, we’ve got you covered. 

This is the author’s Archive of Our Own page, which has all the official plotted stories

This is the author’s tumblr, which has all of the extras and also where you should go when you need to yell at someone once you’re crying

OKAY YOU GOT ME (hopefully). Here are a few hours of my life. What do I need to do to get into this rad universe?

Good question, we’ve got you covered. Again, we voted. 

The number one recommendation as long as you’re up for paying for a novel right now is purchasing You Could Make a Life here. This is the namesake of the whole universe, the epic love story of Dan and Marc and a book that I have read approximately six separate times not including the times I’ve read sections. 

The number two recommendation depends on what you’re feeling right now. 

- between the teeth is my personal favourite. It is absolutely incredible in terms of plot and character development, and it has a lot of my favourite characters. (Hold your breath for Kiro people, then you can use the breath you saved to laugh your ass off) This is the long one though so maybe the next suggestion?

- Vinny gets a life would be an amazing first entrance to this universe. Vinny is a super fun narrator and the story and central relationship are both compelling

- In taking it apart has the tagline “He made his bed and then he fucked a teenager in it.” This one earns an Explicit rating on ao3 more than any of the others

- No expectation of returns is the ultimate friends to lovers so if that’s your jam, start here first

Just please don’t start with throw up your fists, throw out your wits because that one can be emotionally tough to get through. 

You guys, Check Please is an incredible and unique work of art but everyone I know that loves ycmal loves Check Please so I think they cater to similar tastes. Give these stories some love and improve your lives.