but this is one of the biggest ones


“I don’t trust him” Firi says, awkwardly closing her book.

“Oh, well, uh..” Ashe furrows her brow for a moment. She places the spiritfolk on the counter, and pushes him across the surface in front of Firi anyway. Charoth looks up at the blonde, and makes grabby hands at her red scarf.

Fighting the “new animal” itch

I think this is something that most keepers have struggled with at one time or another. Getting a new animal is just so thrilling that it’s easy to get caught up in the “oh just one more won’t hurt” mentality, until the moment that “just one more” is suddenly too much and you’re in over your head.

So today I thought I would just share some of my personal tricks for staving off the “new animal itch” when it strikes.

1) Recognize and set limits for yourself before you reach them. It helps if you can identify what your biggest limiting factors are (space, money, time, personal stress level, etc). For example right now my partner and I’s biggest limiting factors are space and time, so even though we may have the money for more animals we are avoiding getting any that would cut into our limited free time and herp-room space.

2) If you are trying to avoid getting new animals (whether indefinitely or until you have more space, time, money, etc) tell other people so they can hold you accountable.

3) Focus on upgrading enclosures or otherwise improving the lives of the animals you already have (or just streamlining your care of them). For me researching and implementing new diet plans or planning new enclosures (or upgrades of existing ones) can be just as exciting as planning to bring a new animal home. Instead of getting a new lizard maybe start breeding feeders so you can more cheaply and easily feed the ones you already have. Instead of a new snake start planning a naturalistic enclosure for the one that’s in a bare bones enclosure. Having an animal-related-but-not-a-new-animal project to focus on really helps me.

4) Make a “save for later” list of animals you really want to keep someday. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it helps me to just put an animal on the list and say “I can’t keep it in my current situation, but I’m putting it on this list to save it for later”. It also helps me remember that just because I can keep something right now doesn’t mean I should; even if I have the resources to keep a lower maintenance species right now I should hold off because it might later prevent me from having the resources to keep one of my dream species.

5) This is a big one: GET RID OF OLD UNUSED ENCLOSURES. Nothing is more tempting than having an empty tank lying around just waiting to be filled with something. Unless it’s a one-of-a-kind enclosure that you’ll never be able to find again just sell it or give it away.

I would love to hear any other helpful advice you guys have on this subject!

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The debate is back. Is CS an example of rape culture? What is your opinion of the argument?

Yeah, I’ve seen it going around in a few blogs.

Here’s the thing about this debate … it is all a matter of interpretation. And the way the fandom as a whole views the show is vastly different.

I’ve seen the anti CS crowd point out several examples that make them think that CS is without a doubt rape culture … and I don’t see it that way.

The biggest one is Hook’s line of “when I jab you with my sword” … to me, this line is spoken by a villain as he is fighting a hero. It’s meant to be bad but also kinda hot for the audience. In the same way that fans appreciate the way the EQ creates a fireball, I can appreciate the way Captain Hook uses innuendo to try and throw off his opponent. He’s not flirting, he’s fighting with one of his best weapons. Emma responds by knocking him the fuck out.

The other thing I see a lot is this idea that Emma told him no repeatedly. She didn’t. In 3x05 she tells him she’s not interested so he backs off. By the end of the episode she’s flirting with him and hauling him in to kiss her. There is no other time when she tells him to go away.

That scene in 4x03 when she tells him she’s not in the mood for a drink or a man? Hook knows something is up. For those not paying attention, they are in a relationship at this point. It may not be defined but they just spent the day before cuddling to get her warm as she gripped his hand. If you’re in a relationship and your partner is hurting and you don’t make an attempt to help them heal then … well, to each their own but that’s not a healthy relationship to me.

So, it all comes down to interpretation. If people viewed Emma as having been worn down then I guess it fits the description to them. But I think the show was VERY clear about Emma’s feelings for Hook along the way. As soon as Season 3 started she wanted him there but she was afraid to get hurt again so she did some pushing away. But Hook always waited for her to be comfortable with every step of their relationship.

For me, this is one of the healthiest relationships on TV. Sure, there are some things here and there that might be problematic but I guarantee that if my own relationship played out on TV you would see plenty to pick apart. My husband and I don’t have a perfect marriage, we have a real one. And I think some of the problematic elements of TV relationships are there on purpose to make them more relatable.

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Hiya!! I love your blog your writing is amazing! I was wondering if you have time if you could maybe write one about either Betty or Jughead having problems with anxiety and one comforting the other? (Dealers choice which one has anxiety) bye!! 😊

Hey! Thanks so much! This one hits close to home!


She wasn’t breathing right, she couldn’t seem to get enough air into her lungs.

Putting her hands against the locker she shifted in her white, cheerleading sneakers.

She dropped her head to the metal locker, with an audible thud.

What was wrong with her?

Betty Cooper, perfect, polished and your very own girl next door.

So why was she standing in the middle of the empty Riverdale hallway, having one of her worst panic attacks to date?

Cheryl blossom.

The biggest bitch to ever step foot in the small town, destroying everything she touched.

That brings her back to her current predicament.

Cheryl had decided that Betty’s uniform was looking a little snug, and felt it needed to be known.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she remembered the harsh bite of Cheryl’s words.

“Maybe you need to lay off all that baking Betty dear, perhaps you should think of joining a gym, I have no room for cows on my team.”

All of her goonies had laughed, joining in on the fun and taunting her.

“Oh you’re going to cry now? What a surprise, Betty Cooper showing some emotion. Pathetic”

She briefly heard Veronica shouting at Cheryl before she was running out that door, faster than she had ever run.

Shaking her head to clear the thoughts, she choked on a sob, turning to pinch her flat stomach.

“Fuck them.”

Betty whipped around at the voice, coming face to face with Jughead jones, his face looking absolutely lethal.

“Juggie…” she whimpered, quickly swatting at the tears staining her face.

She still couldn’t catch her damn breath.

Jughead reached for her, pulling her tight against him.

“Breathe beautiful, come one you’re okay I’m right here.”

Betty looked up at him, eyes skimming around him the panic Evident In her face.

“I.. I can’t.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders

“You can. look at me. Breathe.”

Pulling her eyes to his. She finally felt the air enter her lungs.

Slouching into his arms, she panted against his chest, closing her eyes for a few minutes.

Finally she pulled away looking up to him.

“Better?” He said softly, pushing a strand of her ponytail out of her face.

She smiled weakly at him,

“Better, thank you.”

He rested his hand on her cheek.

“Don’t thank me, Cheryl’s an idiot, all of them are. You’re beautiful , there’s not a single thing about your body that you have to change. They’re jealous is all. They wish they looked like you.”

She blushed, looking down at her sneakers, before popping her head Back up.

“How did you know? Why were you at cheerleading practice?”

It was his turn to blush.

“I was just walking past, it’s not like I was watching or anything, I didn’t even think you had practice today. You never have practice on wednesdays. Not that I know when you practice..” he rambled on.

She just smiled at him,giggling at that red faced boy.
He looked up at her

“Yeah real funny bets.”

She rolled her eyes, smiling and grabbing his hand.

He glanced down at there hands and pulled her along.

“Come on, ill treat you to a burger, lord knows you could use it.”

She laughed

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Also - LOVE the grave is the back door theory. Good gosh I hope that plays out. It's just very hard to imagine Fitz is the way he is (looks rich, bored, unaffected) in the Framework just because of one fixed regret, and I especially can't imagine him like that if he's w/Jemma in this reality as well (that's why I lean to AIDA being in the car). Maybe I'm not understanding it right - bc also May in Hydra?? Whaaaaat. HOW is this reality keeping the human subjects calm and accepting is my question?

Hi @inkyfingerstoo

I hope I’m not wrong on that one too.  

HERE is my meta on the Regret thing.  AIDA had to be careful in what she did because everyone she messes with has a ripple effect on the others.  So she had to pick events that would work around one another.  I think the two biggest catalysts tipple wise will be Fitz and Coulson’s as they also tie to the fate of Jemma, Daisy, and Ward in the Framework world.  While MACK determined the when.  

If it is AIDA in the car it won’t be anything romantic   We’ve see AIDA be more Maternal with Fitz than anything and if she’s going after anyone Romantically its Radcliffe.  AIDA also said she can’t love and exhibit other emotions.  


They are calm because AIDA has made it how its always been.  She took them back to a certain point and changed it so in real life what came after is blocked if you will.  I”m also getting the sense she changed it at the same point in time for everyone.  

4/18/2006 Hope’s Birthday

  • Literally AOS rarely gives us an EXACT date.  Case in point “Some time ago” last week with the Philinda Mission.
  • AIDA said she took everyone to the same point in time and restarted the framework.   
  • We know Hope looks to be alive for Mack.  
  • So if that was the point in history she changed things for everyone…. 
    • That is about when Fitz got to the academy.  What if he HAD used all those Shield resources to find Papa Fitz.
    • Who took his genius son back under his wing.  He NEVER met Jemma at all or they were never paired together to get over their rivalry (GUYS isn’t a HUGE trope enemies to lovers.  What if Framework Jemma is Rivals with Framework Fitz).
    • This could also pull Radcliffe in and AIDA makes Radcliffe his father.  They are both happy.
  •  And guess who was also dropping out of the woods after his extended training with Garrett about that SAME Time.  Yeap, WARD that was when Garrett brought him out went and got him to bring him into Hydra.  
  • Coulson was a teacher so she just restarted him wherever and I think Daisy is where she is thanks to May or Coulson.
    • We saw in the Man Behind the Shield just how much Coulson has had his hand in, him not ever being in Shield has HUGE consequences AIDA had to deal with.   IE if the Glasgow Mission did indeed have something to do with Papa Fitz leaving.  Papa Fitz never leaving could have stopped Fitz from going into Shield and meeting Jemma…I could literally do this all day.
  •  Wherever Jemma is it now looks to be because Fitz either never met her or they never became friends/partners/more than that.  
    • Before anyone freaks out, Jemma isn’t in the grave either.  Wherever she finds herself she’ll be surprised too.  
    • Jed’s quote here is actually encouraging:   I can’t tease much, but all I can say is it is not Jemma. It’s also a reflection of how steeped into this world he is that he doesn’t seem to be troubled by the fact that she’s in a grave, which was sort of the point of that moment. He looks like he’s on top of the world. But looks can be deceiving, deep down he is going to know, feel  he’s missing SOMETHING and just can’t place his finger on it.  AIDA missed a crucial poin it in its not Utopia for Fitz without Jemma.
    • So when Jemma finally gets back to him….cue the chorus as they get closer together.  That he realizes SHE is what he was missing and it was everything else that was off.  I’m not saying its going to be easy….but this is a viable option.  

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43. “Why are you/we whispering?” for Hopurai? (If you don't want to do it because this is Hopurai, there is no problem at all ^^ Have a lovely day~)

“Snow! Over here!”

Something about the way Serah hissed out the words in excitement had Snow tiptoeing towards her…well, as much as he could tiptoe, anyway. He sneaked over towards his wife as carefully as he possibly could. “Serah? Wha - ”


“Shhh,” he agreed, though when Serah didn’t elaborate, he scratched the back of his head in confusion. “Why are we whispering?”

“Look!” Serah pointed out the window. It was a little hard to see because of the glare, but it appeared that…

“All riiiight, Hope! You go, man!” Snow cried out with a huge grin.

“Shh!” Serah waved her hands around frantically. “Don’t let them hear you!”

“Oh, uh, right.” Snow grinned sheepishly and continued to stare out the window, his smile widening at the sight of his future in-laws. It felt like ages had gone by since those two had admitted any sort of romantic feelings, and now he was blessed by the sight of Hope and Lightning wandering around hand-in-hand. They were staring at each other all gooey-eyed and ridiculous.

“Omigosh!” Serah whispered, bouncing on her heels. “I think they’re gonna kiss!”

“How long have they been staring?” Lightning murmured.

“Pretty much since we got in their line of view.” Hope chuckled. “Do you want to go somewhere else?”

“We should, but…” Lightning smiled and slid her arms around his neck, leaning up in invitation. “Why deprive them of a show?”


One of the biggest questions that is often asked is why didn’t Annie kill Armin? 

After all, Armin himself tells her that her not killing him was what tipped him off, and Annie must have known that Armin was the smartest person around. She didn’t expect him to be one of the ones to track her down and corner her, but she did suspect something was up when Armin did show up - she put on the ring after all.

I believe that the answer is in one of the earlier scenes.

Armin’s willing to die, as long as he understands why, and as long as there’s a reason for his death. And Annie respects him for this. He isn’t the strongest, he isn’t the bravest (although he’s possibly one of the bravest later on), and he has no delusions of being able to go out there and save the world, but he’s willing to die if he can do something.

(We see this come up again and again throughout the series, and I’m going to write another piece of meta on this.)

Annie’s already dying. She’s been dying for years at this point.

What’s she dying for? Her friends? Her family? Someone else’s war? To kill people that she honestly views as no different from herself? She’s dying for everyone but herself, and her only true goal seems to have been to get back to her father, thus her sealing herself away in her crystal when she realised that she’d never be able to get back. 

Annie’s what she views as a ‘normal person.’ She’s not strong, she doesn’t outright defy her orders (even when it’s something as horrifying as having to put Marco in a position which leads to him being eaten), and she’s ultimately swept along by others.

But in the middle of a fight, she lets Armin live. She spares the person who is probably the most dangerous. Why?

Because Armin said that he understood why people would have to die, even if he didn’t like it. Because he accepted death, but only if would know why he was dying.

And Annie knew that he didn’t know. There was no way that he could know the truth. Know why she and the others were supposed to either kill everyone, or do something that would definitely lead to them all being wiped out.

So, in a moment of bravery, in a moment of defiance, in a moment of not being swept along by what others wanted and needed her to do, Annie spared him.

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I'm thinking Cait meant that she'll be at the main Vanity Fair Oscar party, the day of the actual Oscars. That's one of the biggest Oscar parties every year, so good for her if she's going to that! Interesting that tonight's Vanity Fair party has the Lionsgate connection though.

There are Vanity Fair parties almost every night this week. So there’s no way to know for certain which one she will attend. I would assume it’s tonight since the Oscar Wilde Awards are tomorrow and then at some point this break needs to end and they’ll head to South Africa to film. At this rate I’m no longer wondering why we’ll have to wait until September for season 3.

For those who are interested, here are all the Oscar events this week.

EDIT: Since I’m having the worst blonde day. Yes, she could attend since they still have to go to ECCC. So I guess she could go to any of the Vanity Fair parties.

Could new Donk City be Mario and Luigi’s home?

Or at least, ONE of their homes?

During the Switch presentation, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi mentioned that they’d added real world locations to the game. Now that seemed ok to me, as I first thought Mario was travelling different dimensions via the hat ship (at least it gave a logical reason to quell my anger over the realistic humans!)

That is…until it was revealed that this place DOES seem to take place in the Mario universe!

First let’s look at the whole city itself (credit goes to Gamexplain. screenshots taken from their Mario Odyssey analysis)

Just one section suspended in the air. How strange! And check out the roads seemingly going over the edge, as well as the mumerous dead ends. That never happens in the real world! Is this city on top of a skyscraper? Hmm…

But the biggest one is the names. Not only is the city called New DONK City, but almost all the streets are named after characters from the Donkey Kong games. You can see the street signs in the trailer

Dixie Kong, Squawks the Parrot, Expresso the Ostritch, Cranky Kong, Rambi the Rhino, and King K Rool!

But why are these characters appearing in this city when we don’t actually see them physically in the trailer?

On top of that, we see these red girders that may look familiar to you

Look at that!

All these references appear to be linking back to the original Donkey Kong arcade. Mario’s very first appearance! Perhaps this is the origin of Jumpman!

However, it looks like there’s someone missing from the equation

Pauline. Mario’s first love from Donkey Kong. She’s the lady at the top of the scaffolding.

Only problem is, we’ve seen no trace of Pauline in New Donk City. She might be a street name, but we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet. Could she be a resident? The mayor? I hope we do see her in some way.

Now with all that obvious exposition out of the way here is my theory

What it this is where Mario lived when he started out as a carpenter??

Of course, back then Mario was stated to be from New York; even in Mario Bros arcade, which is described as being in the sewers of New York.

However…times have changed since then. It seems in recent years that the whole Brooklyn theory has been dropped. I can’t blame them, it was the 80s, and no one even thought these games were going to explode into a massive franchise. In fact they didn’t until the release of Super Mario Bros. It’s now been set as stone that Mario and Luigi were born in the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to Yoshi’s Island.

And check out their parent’s house!

And in Partners in Time, their baby selves appear to be living in the castle.

So here’s what I theorise the story to be!

When Mario got older, he decided to move to New Donk City, to fulfill a career of being a carpenter. Luigi came with him, though only for support.

During that time Mario met and fell in love with Pauline. But shortly after she was kidnapped by Donkey Kong. After Mario rescued her and defeated the ape, the mayor decided to rename the city and its streets as a symbol of that event. Really strange I know, but when you consider that Toads are super proud about heroic stutus, it wouldn’t surprise me that most people in the Mushroom World take heroic sybolism very seriously. It’s just the way of their world.

But many more questions remain: who are the people of New Donk City? Why do they look so realistic if this does take place in the Mario universe? Are they robots? And how come Mario pursued carpentry in this city if the whole place seems to be more focused on business (based on what the NDC civilians wear in the trailer)?

I figured it out. Aida told Radcliffe that she fixed one of everyone’s regrets in the programming. Fitz’s biggest regret doesn’t have to do with his father - it’s ever having joined SHIELD. He didn’t join the bus when Jemma did. He got a job elsewhere - one that gained him fame for his inventions. But it was at the cost of Jemma, who went on without him to SHIELD, who had no one to help cure her of the Chitauri virus. She died on that mission, all because her Fitz wasn’t there to save her.

Biggest hater on this season goes to Gianna cause she don’t never wanna see anyone in the house happy lmao. Like she so negative for no reason, acting like she’s tryna save the game when she’s fucking around with not ONE but TWO CONFIRMED NO MATCHES.

She can go sit in the corner with Hannah. No more from you this season, ma’am.

I thought that this week was done being busy.

But then two of the biggest incidents this year happened in my dorm, and now we’re all scrambling. I dealt with one, another of my coworkers took over the other one. We’re still figuring them out.

On top of it all, schoolwork just gave me a break, but I still have a class project due for tonight.

I thought today was going to be my free day!

Foolish me…

So Fairy Tail is apparently ending. Aka my all time favourite anime/manga, the one that got me into my first fandom, AND one of the biggest inspirations to me as a writer/artist is coming to a close.
This is the only reply I can think of.

Tagged by @jeremyholmes @tremendousdetectivetheorist @vinyaya-jay thank you! I’m sure others tagged me too but I’ve lost track. I do apologise xx

Age: 23
Biggest Fear: losing a loved one
Current Time:  8.15 pm
Drink last had: Rooibos Tea
Everyday starts with: checking the time
Favourite songs: too many to list
Ghosts: I’m sceptical, my grandparents both say they haven’t seen a thing and they’re both in their 90s. But who knows.
Hometown: Durham City
In love with: being alive  
Jealous of: CATS!!
Killed someone: not yet ;)

Last time you cried: a few days ago
Middle name: Ellen
One wish: A trip on the Tardis to see the Pyramids being constructed.
Person you last texted: a work friend 
Questions you’re always asked: you’re not from around here are you? are you Irish? are you Welsh? are you Scottish?
Song last sang: Small Town Girls - Gary Barlow
Time you woke up: 8.30am
Underwear colour: black…everything is black
Vacation destination: Orkney to the Ring of Brodgar
Worst habit: I’m a chain tea drinker…seriously
X-rays: I’ve had one taken of my forearm and wrist, which I sprained when I was a tomboy. 
Favorite food: Avocado on toast the same as @tremendousdetectivetheorist :D

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For real, not to say all minorities have to be champions of their identity, but if Rhett and Link had even one lgbt+ person and one poc on the writing team I think it would help the show so much when it comes to diversifying topics and sketches. Even if those hires are rich hipsters they still will have had slightly different experiences and those small perspective changes could help non-white and non-straight fans feel more included and it would give the bigoted fans less ammo.

I agree! One of the biggest things about this is minorities not feeling included in this fandom. Because of the lack of diversity, RNL & GMM aren’t exactly catering to them. And, with the overwhelming amount of battling against this topic, I’ve actually felt so deeply saddened and heartbroken that there are so many people who openly just don’t want to…care. That race topics make them uncomfortable, when they absolutely shouldn’t be.

I’ve never felt more exhausted with hurt before. It’s so hard to openly talk about this in a fandom that is majority white, cis, or straight. I’ve felt the need to just say sorry and shut up because of it all, but I know that won’t bring on the change that we’re yearning for so bad. I don’t even want to know how many more minorities feel similarly.

I don’t know how a discussion for diversity can turn into such a fight, but it’s very evident that there’s an underlying issue within the fandom that needs to be fixed.

Hi BE & Anons :-)

Couple of things:

1) Unfortunately, Harry is one of the biggest terrorist targets in the world. This is because he combines being high-profile as a prince with having been a serving soldier in the British military. This is the reason his engagments are announced later than anyone elses and why he can’t do a job that jnvolves going to the same place regularly. (William has never had the same level of threats). For this reason, there is absolutely NO EFFING WAY he will be shacking up in some house in downtown Toronto. He can get away with one or two CPOs when no one knows where he is, but him being in Canada for IG will be headline news so he’ll have a large number of them…not to mention all his support staff.

He’ll be in a heavily guarded hotel, not Meghan’s poxy, pretentious little house.

So, that little piece of Lainey nonsense we can do away with right now. She’s a cretin…not been right about anything. Ignore her.

2) The British tabloids want a royal wedding….they’d especially like a royal wedding to a trashy piece like Markle who has The Munsters for a family. Know why? Because that is top, top news…far more interesting than a marriage to some Lady Snooty, beloved daughter of the Earl of Toffeenose. So, please, pay little attention to their sychophantic grovellings over Markle. It means nothing. They want a wedding so they are going to,push for one.

I don’t think they’ll marry…but if they do, trust me, the tabloid attitude to her will change overnight as soon as the ring is on her finger. The British press are notorious for building people up and then tearing them down again. So, if the worst should happen, we have that to look forward to ;-)


Thank you H! Sorry for posting so late :/ thank yoouu ♥

Okay y'all but the parallel in the last episode with Sanvers and that one other ship with Maggie not being heard and that being one of her biggest pet peeves and Alex!!! hearing her!!! and being understanding and caring!! and then M*n El literally ignoring everything Kara was saying like the shithead he is and being a dude about it like, a Good and Healthy relationship built on mutual respect (Sanvers), and one built on literally nothing good or healthy (the ship that will not be named) :))))