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cool writing tip

heyo so here’s a thing that i came across in a book about writing many years ago that helped me IMMENSELY:

while you are writing, ask yourself, am i explaining these things because the READER needs to know them, or because I need to know them?

it’s extremely common, especially if you’re not a writer who outlines first, to start off your fic with long-winded paragraphs full of exposition. where are we? who are these characters? what’s their relationship to one another? if it’s an AU, how does their situation differ from canon? it becomes a little textbook summary of the conditions in your story.

if you read back over it, you may begin to realize that the purpose of that usually very long and out-of-place–looking paragraph was actually to explain to yourself what the fuck was going on.

to a reader, this kind of exposition can easily become information overload. it feels like being lectured, not like a window into another world. so, once you’ve made sure you know what’s happening, you can edit or rewrite those parts to reveal the same details more organically: through dialogue, action, and character interactions. it’ll make the flow of your fic much more natural and dynamic!

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I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

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