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- - - T h e - e n d - - -

She had always liked water. It was relaxing to look at the sea, its surface being moved by the wind always blowing there, making it change colour in a hundred shades of blue. She especially liked to look at the sea during winter, when everything around was covered in snow and the white sky seemed to reflect the blanket covering the streets of the city: in those days, the water was painted in a really dark blue, that was what she loved the most. It was calm and powerful at the same time. She admired it for that. And even now, looking at the depths of the sea from such a high place, she couldn’t help but stare at it with amazed eyes. 

She had chosen the highest bridge over the sea, and also the most silent one, so that nothing could disturb her; at least the last moments of her life would be perfect. She was standing on the edge of the low wall that divided the street from a dark precipice that ended its race in the cold water of the sea, that was even darker thanks to the fact that the moon was hidden behind a cloud. 

Daken stared down and smiled. She smiled because she was finally going to end her life. 


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Ary’s making a pun out of Xan’s name. Translating that to English would be “He’s used to it”

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Real word for “XANay” in our language is “Sanay” which means– well, closest would be “used to,” can also be erm… “experienced” perhaps, but “used to” is better.

//Fellow Pinoys, please correct me if I’m wrong :)