but this is my favourite scene on the show i think

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um riverdale for the tv series meme :(

*  send me a tv series   !   accepting.

my all-time ultimate fave character:  barry b benson
a character I didn’t used to like but now do:   the kfc colonel
a character I used to like but now don’t:   shrek
a character I’m indifferent about:   santa
a character who deserved better:   eeyore
a ship I’ve never been able to get into:   harley quinn   +   jack skellington
a ship I’ve never been able to get over:   me   +   money
a cute, low-key ship:   me   +   food
an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:   me   +   death
a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:   me   +   boys
my favourite storyline/moment:   the deleted scene where i get rich
a storyline that never should have been written:  me havin 2 clean my room
my first thoughts on the show:   i’ve never watched it rest in pieces KLSJDKLS
my thoughts now:   literally all i kno is veronica lodge’s specialty is ice w / e that means

i think one of the most realistic scenes in season 3 is the one in ep 3 where Isak and Emma are talking about their favourite music on the couch, and Isak is showing off a bit. he’s been listening to a lot of nas. when you want to feel close to someone, you listen to their favourite music. it’s only been a week since Even introduced Isak to nas, but here he’s acting shocked that Emma hasn’t heard of him, illmatic is only like the best album ever made, come on, everybody knows that, ill as in ill and matic. this is just so relatable to me, because i feel he’s not really just talking about music or nas, he’s also talking about Even and Even’s music. he has this huge crush that he can’t say out loud, to anyone. he can’t talk about the way his eyes shine when he laughs, or the way he smells, or how funny his jokes are. the stuff that is on your mind all the time when you’re 17 and falling for someone, he can’t talk about any of it. he is alone. but he can talk about Even’s music. he can brag about Even through nas. oftentimes people try to appear knowledgeable about music when they want to make an impression on someone, but Isak’s not trying to impress Emma because Emma is already too impressed. he’s trying to distance himself from her. he’s sitting on the couch with Emma, yet all his thoughts are on Even. so he tells Emma about nas because he can’t tell her about Even. these seemingly mundane yet emotionally revealing scenes are one of the reasons i love this show.

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i submitted the hula diversion thing because its one of my favourite scenes in that movie, but i just realized how appropriate it is - using lion king quotes for a show about giant robot lions.

… Oh my god, you’re right. That’s amazing. Has anyone done a Lion King AU yet, becuase that sounds great. Like Shiro as Mufasa and like Pidge or Keith as Simba, because I’m a bad person. Thank you for making me think of this.

~ Jess


Bagginshield Week Day 2: Sorry I doubted you // Favourite scene

I’ve never been so wrong in all my life … I’ll vouch for him … A token of our friendship … Plant your trees … How should I choose from such beautiful heartwarming/heartbreaking scenes? But I have to choose, and I choose … the acorn scene!

Thorin rushing at Bilbo, at first all furious and only thinking of the Arkenstone, and Bilbo wordlessly, almost shyly showing him the acorn on his palm. The way Thorin looks at him as if he thinks the hobbit is taking him for a fool. But Bilbo telling him where this acorn is from, the uncertainty in Thorin’s voice when he asks “You’ve carried it all this way?” And then the way Thorin says “It’s a poor prize to take back to the Shire”. So softly, so warmly.

And when Bilbo tells him “… and how lucky I am that I made it home”, he looks up at Thorin with a shy smile, probably expecting that Thorin will laugh about such a silly thought, but what does he see?

A smile – the most beautiful, heart-felt, warm smile – spreading over Thorin’s face, and Bilbo returns it.

I just love this moment. It seems so simple: there are only Bilbo, Thorin, and this little acorn. And they’re so in love?! I mean, really?! They look at each other so affectionately, and I think that I should stop now before I cry …

I also like to think that the acorn becomes a kind of symbol for Bilbo and Thorin, something they use as a pattern on clothes, as jewellery, basically whenever they want to express their feelings for each other and remind the other of that moment …

This scene is also the reason why I can’t look at acorns/oak trees anymore without a besotted smile or sigh.


3O DAYS OF EVA, DAY 6: Favourite Episode

  Alright I’m gonna try to catch up on these but its midterm time so pls forgive my lateness. My next few are gonna be a little short just so I can get through them quickly, but I’m always down for discussing any of them further if you guys want. 

  I think ‘Don’t Be’ is horrifying and terrible and actually difficult to watch at some points, but its also the episode I constantly go back to. The exploration of Asuka’s psyche is one of the most captivating sequences in the whole show, and it’s one of the best pieces of character exploration i’ve ever seen. And of the scariest scenes in anime, probably ever. Plus, I’m always here for some psychological horror and wow does this episode give it to you. And all kicked off by the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus, no less. 


Randall: “You kept that secret for thirty -six years. That must have been incredibly lonely.”
[Rebecca breaks down and starts crying. She starts to reach out to him.]
Randall: “No. Not yet. I’ll see you at Christmas." 

Can I talk about how much I love Randall? IMO he has the most interesting, most heartwarming storylines and now he’s officially my favourite character. He could have easily and justifiably held onto his hurt and anger and let this fester and completely ruin the relationship he had with his mother but after talking to his dad he was able to put himself in Rebecca’s shoes and try and understand things from her point of view. He showed Rebecca such grace in this scene when he told her that he tried to see things from her perspective. He’s still hurt. He’s still angry. But he wants to work things out with her and I think he is an incredible person for doing that.


MCU Ladies Week

[Day 3-Favourite Scene]-Melinda May in Wake Up

It is ridiculously hard for me to choose my favourite scene with a Marvel lady, even if I were to focus specifically on my fave, Melinda May. And so, instead I chose one of my favourite episodes of this season, Wake Up. In this episode, Melinda May battles Aida within her mind, thinking that she is escaping from Radcliffe and Aida. It is only once she beats Aida, that she realises this is a simulation, later called the Framework. What I loved about this episode (apart from the focus on May), was her absolute motivation towards the end, even when all hope seemed lost. May managed to find hope even in this moment, this was no failure on her part. In fact, May took courage when Aida reveals that she has fought her again and again, May getting closer each time. Because to May, this shows that her escape is progressing, and gives her hope that she will eventually find her way out of the simulation. I love May because she never gives up and always fights, and this episode in particular this season emphasises exactly who she is. I also absolutely love Aida and enjoyed the fighting scenes between her and May throughout this episode.

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what's your favorite Bonnie scene in TVD? you can pick more than one

Well the most emotional I had ever been watching TVD is watching Bonnie cry over Grams’ death so that’s definitely my favourite Bonnie scene period

and when Kat revealed that her grandmother had actually recently died and the only person she told was Nina so that scene was her actually crying and Nina holding her to comfort her I was just like, makes sense, there was so much raw pain in that scene and it just made me respect Kat as an actor.

When Bonnie shows up to defeat Klaus in 2x21 is another one

because she’s a fucking boss.

In 2x18 when she let’s Klaus “kill” her

because I think it was the one time I really felt the connection between Elena and Bonnie, it was the one time I actually saw and felt that bond between them instead of intellectually knowing it was there and it was a powerful scene because of it.

I hated that Bonnie died for Jeremy in 4x23 but I actually really love this scene:

because the way Kat just closes her eyes and those tears come down, it’s beautifully tragic and a beautifully acted scene, subtle and powerful.

I hate Bamon, all of you know that, but that doesn’t mean that Kat and Ian don’t work well together and their scene in 7x21 was the best scene of the season imo and I thought Kat was great in it and it was refreshing to see some acting in season 7:

Bonkai in 6x04

Because I felt like Kat was showing a very different side of Bonnie, a visceral side to Bonnie and it caught my attention.

When Bonnie freaks out on Damon in 6x16

Because Kat does brittle pain so well, where she’s enclosed in on herself but you see how devastated and hurt she is beneath the calmness and then she explodes when she can’t hold it in anymore.

So those are a few.

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Even if stelena isn't endgame, I think that if it had been down to Kevin, Paul and Nina alone... they would be. Like Kevin is the Stelena king, Paul obviously prefers SE and I'm pretty sure Nina does too.

I completely agree. I already spoke about this in my Hope for Stelena post. A majority of the cast and producers still have a preference to Stelena.

Kevin is blatantly obvious in his favouritism for Stelena and whenever he has something to say about the show 9 times out of 10 it’s about how epic they are.

Nina has always said positive things about Stelena and the only thing I can ever recall her saying about D*lena is that it’s a toxic relationship and Damon is bad for her. Furthermore, for obvious reasons we can assume she’d rather have her romantic scenes with Paul instead of Ian.

Paul has always talked up Stelena and even as recent as last year he said his favourite scene from the entire series is Stelena’s love scene in 1x10.

Even Julie, who has a reputation for being a D*lena cheerleader, has actually always said that she prefers Stelena. She even tweeted so sometime last year after the end of season 6 in response to a fan that she still loves Stelena more.

So yeah, I think going off of the opinions of the cast and producers alone, there’ll 100% be a Stelena endgame.

Worthless traditions of the ignorant Tight ass club
An unforgettable scene from one of my favorite tv shows ,the West Wing .An American television serial drama created by Aaron Sorkin..Here we see a fictional ...

A very strong candidate for my favourite West Wing scene of all. 

President Josiah Bartlet: Good. I like your show. I like how you call homosexuality an abomination.
Dr. Jenna Jacobs: I don’t call homosexuality an abomination, Mr. President, the bible does.
President Josiah Bartlet: Yes it does, Leviticus-
Dr. Jenna Jacobs: 18:22
President Josiah Bartlet: Chapter and verse. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions while I had you here. I’m interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7 … While thinking about that, can I ask another? My Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry, insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly says he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself or is it OK to call the police. Here’s one that’s really important, because we’ve got a lot of sports fans in this town. Touching the skin of a dead pig makes us unclean, Leviticus 11:7. If they promise to wear gloves, can the Washington Redskins still play football? Can Notre Dame? Can West Point? Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my brother, Jon, for planting crops side by side? Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads?
President Josiah Bartlet: Think about those questions, would you? One last thing, while you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tightass Club, in this building, when the President stands, nobody sits. 

Saturday Night Live was never overly funny to me. I can appreciate how hard it must be to fill a show like that week after week and it was the vehicle for a lot of my favourite comedians and it definitely has a collection of great skits, but for me it’s never really been the paragon of comedy.

They tend to do that thing where a line that would be funny as the punchline to a one-minute sketch is dragged out to ten minutes where it becomes stale and tired. Sometimes a skit does absolutely nothing for me and I can’t understand where the laughter is coming from. But today I watched a scene. I say scene, I think skit would be downgrading it. I ended up watching it more than once - which is usually reserved for Kristen Wiig’s Target Lady or Liza Minelli - and it made me cry. I cried while I watched it and I cried while thinking about it later.

You know the one I’m on about. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Hallelujah. No showboating. No dead horse flogging. No nothing. Just a woman with a piano, singing her eulogy to both a man and a nation.

You can see and hear her pain and disappointment. You can tell it’s a feeling shared by everyone she works with, but the personal feelings go beyond her character and seem to be pouring from her soul. It’s heartbreaking.

Saturday Night Live has always been topical, but I don’t think it ever has been, nor will ever be again, so poignant.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Tatsuya’s dream. It’s so pure and innocent and my favourite moment in the game.(also this is why tatsujun is the canon ship). Anyways, it’s really sweet that Tatsuya still remembers that promise and this scene shows us how Jun is, in fact, very important to him. He could dream anyone from The Masked Circle, since they’re all friends and they are like a family, which supports the claim that Tatsuya holds romantic feelings for Jun. But, there are also claims that he liked Maya romantically and that he and Jun are just friends. First of all, I always got the feeling that he saw Maya as an older sister and of course he’s overprotective of her because who wouldn’t be if they saw a person who was like family to them die in their hands? I think also this scene is quite symbolical because if they weren’t the canon ship, or if they were just best friends, they would talk in front of a toy shop, candy shop, something characteristic for two friends. But, no, they were making a promise in front of a wedding dress shop, which is more likely for a couple. They both still held their mementos, even after 10 years of not hearing for each other. This is truly my OTP because of everything.

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When the Lapidot Fusion finally happens, I want either Lauren Zuke or Rebecca Sugar to storyboard it. Personally as long as it happens I'm happy with whoever handles it, but Lauren and Rebecca are my favorites as far as the art goes :)

I totally agree~

I love their artwork so much - I think they’re my favourite artists on the show, actually. 

And with something as important as Peridot’s first fusion (and Lapis’ first “proper” fusion), I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca herself was involved with it; she does seem to board some of the most significant scenes, after all.  I could imagine Lauren being involved too, just because they’ve boarded a lot of the Lapidot scenes up to now (with that lovely art style, too).

I think my favourite thing about the ‘simple part’s right..I SAID THE SUN IS VERY BRIGHT’ scene in merlin is that arthur doesn’t even look confused or call merlin an idiot, he just goes along with it, looks up at the sky and agrees like 'yeah it is bright, gosh what a lovely day you’re right merlin’ and I still stand by the opinion that it’s one of the funniest scenes in the entire show.

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Yes, I would very much like an essay about lighting, including the way Scorbus as a pairing is lit 😳😏😁

I’ll take that essay on lighting :)

Thanks to the lovely anons for egging me on with this! 

I think my favourite thing about the lighting in this play is how natural light is replicated, and the really specific blocks of lighting are used. There are moments when the light streams across the stage like it’s coming in through a window, once or twice it’s like someone’s opened a door and there’s just a bit of light pouring through into an otherwise dark room. There are cold, dark nights, the frigid Voldemort timeline, candlelight in the church, the murky green depths of the lake… I think the light is what transports you, and I think I’m going to have to narrow this essay down to talking about my favourite scenes, or I’ll be here all night. 

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Hey there! Who is your favorite paladin and why? Just curious. :3

Nooooooo don’t make me choose!!!!!

I love them all so much! 

Keith is just so badass and cool, I get excited like a little kid whenever he has action scenes. And I love his weird sense of humor and how he just doesn’t get jokes and takes everything so literally, but then cracks up laughing at dumb shit like this:

I also like how his potential always shines through his youthfulness. I can totally see what Shiro sees in him.

Hunk is hilarious and he’s got the best lines in the show, he makes me laugh out loud more than any other character. I just wish they would replace the food jokes with his other jokes. Cause they’re gold.

I don’t really relate to Pidge much, in any way. But I really love what they’ve done with the character. She’s special. I don’t think I ever seen characters like her before? Like you can say “oh he reminds me of…” about all the paladins I think, besides Pidge. She’s one of a kind. Really breaking social constructs there.

And I’m very obviously and seriously inlove with Shiro.. How can someone be so stoic and so… soft, at the same time?? He’s like the perfect combination of hot as hell and adorable as fuck and he just makes me feeel THINGS. Just..*inlove sigh* he’s a life ruiner.

But if I had to chose a favorite, I will have to say Lance.

I dunno why, but from the very first episode, whenever he’s on screen I just can’t stop smiling. I just love him.

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Hi i just wanted to say L.exa may not have been my favourite character but that scene with Clarke and her mom was beautiful i am so happy that she could talk to her mom about this kind of thing it's really important it helps along the grieving process.

Yup! Not only was the scene important for Clarke’s development and growth, I think it was also hugely important for the LGBTQA community watching the show. To see Abby so accepting of who her daughter is and who she loves. 

I’m also happy that we get to see Clarke’s continued grief. One of my huge complaints after Finn’s death was that we didn’t get to see Clarke grieve for that long, in my opinion. Although L/xa passed in 3x07, Clarke had just left the City of Light (and L/xa) a few hours prior to the Abby/Clark scene. Her grief was raw and recent. 

Also of note: although we’ve discussed that Clarke has technically been grieving since 3x07, she hasn’t had an actual moment where she really gave into her grief. Where she let herself truly cry about the loss she’s suffered. As an audience we’ve known Clarke was grieving, but Clarke wasn’t actually processing the loss. Crying is a part of grieving and now that she’s officially begun the process, she can begin moving on.