but this is my favorite video ever



The wonderful person (ereven archtecture in YouTube) who made the video Lambiel posted in his Twitter made another video and it is VIKTOR SKATING TO PLUSHENKO’S TRIBUTE TO NIJINSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite Plushenko program - possibly my favorite figure skating program skated by anyone EVER. Ugh, I know this program so well, I just want to shake the hand of whoever did this. What a wonderful choice for Viktor (Plushenko!!!), and the animation is AMAZING! I just feel so blessed now. ♡♡♡

And that bonus ending! It can pass for an actual anime ending song I am crying ;______;

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tkfw i think i might be kin w like skywalker but he's my brothers favorite character and always named characters luke in video games where that's an option and i feel so :/ abt bein kin w him

honestly, if it makes you feel better, in a way I think he really looks up to you and would be ecstatic to meet Luke in person if you ever decide to tell him!! -Jonas

11 Questions Meme

Got tagged by my boo thang, @agenthaywood. Thanks, boo.

Answer 11 questions, then add 11 of your own and tag 11 friends.

1. What do you think is your most annoying trait?

I think some people find my goofiness annoying sometimes. 

2. Do you ever call someone on your ride home just to hear them speak?

When I was up at school and walking to or from somewhere I’d call my mom or my sister to talk to them if I was by myself.

3. What is the hardest thing for you to cook?

I don’t know. I don’t cook that often. 

4. What is your most hated word?

Um, I’m not sure.

5. What is your favorite curse word?

Well, I don’t really curse, so…but I guess I’d have to say ‘damn’

6. Do you play video games?

On the Wii, yeah. 

7. Have you ever shot a gun?

A BB Gun at Girls Camp one year.

8. What is your opinion on credit?

Is this an adulting type of question? Cause I’m still figuring all that stuff out. :)

9. What do you do for work currently?

Nothing. I’m looking, though. Finding a job is hard. :(

10. How do you feel about college/university?

Well, I’m not there anymore. But I had a good time while I was there.

11. What is your opinion on urban areas?

I think I live in an urban area, but I’m not sure. So I guess they’re okay. 

My 11 Questions:

  1. How and when did you meet your best friend?
  2. What’s your favorite kind of weather?
  3. What’s one song that you could put on repeat for hours and not get annoyed with?
  4. What do you like to do in your downtime?
  5. What types of books do you like to read?
  6. What was your favorite vacation and why?
  7. What’s the earliest you wake up on a normal day?
  8. How clean is your house?
  9. Do you exercise?
  10. Do you like Thomas the Tank Engine? (i ran a blank on questions, that was from Corissa)
  11. What exactly is the function of a rubber duck? (and that one was from my brother)

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that parental controls video is the cutest thing i have ever seen



he has to jump like 3 feet in the air to high five his dad im crying

his lockscreen is peach,


bowser having a good time listening to what’s important to his son and playing his favorite game with him???? bowser is such a good dad??

my favorite thing ever is how Jeremy Dooley was a huge fan of achievement hunter before working with them, and now he’s living his dream but then? Literally all of achievement hunter are in love with him and are constantly talking about how great and funny he is like specifically Gavin “my favorite thing about 2016 is Jeremy being here the whole year” free and Geoff “Jeremy can make any video better” Ramsey

Introducing my first ever fanzine!!

So @galactibun and I are co-hosting a hamilton fan zine centered around ~THE LADIIIES~

If you are and artist or writer and want a feature in the zine you can email me photovoltaick@icloud.com :
SUBJECT: ham fanzine

What you can contribute (illustrations, comics, writings ect)

Your name + pronouns

Your Tumblr username + your art tag

Three direct links to your favorite/best example pieces

Your skype user name

There is a sideblog I have for it but it is still under construction @hamilton-zine

I will be posting a video on my YouTube with all the information you could need about he zine and what to expect!!

We are looking for 36-60 pieces or more for the zine and will be releasing all of the final info in said video coming this afternoon about it ✨


Jared on Joker’s view of Harley :)


Young Genji - “So when do I get to become a cool cyborg ninja?” Older genji- “maybe you should ask hanzo” Had allot of fun running around ALA as young MCcree with these nerds! We had to recreate this ~ http://phsfg.tumblr.com/post/150903132456/dont-ask-hanzo Fantasic comic guys, Give em a follow!

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My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.


I’m certain I just found my favorite video ever


Fallout 2 - warm up portraits.

Oh man, i really enjoyed this set. Not only one of my favorite games ever and forever, but also so many various face types in there, it was a real pleasure.

Added captions for those, since not all characters had their in-game portraits.

Cheers <3

PS.: I still remember all the feels i had during the talk with President Richardson. The moment when he talks about Vaults and FEV might be the exact moment i fell in love with video games. Thank You, Interplay <3