but this is my favorite video ever

hiii it’s rose! so im almost at my 4 month anniversary of having this blog and i also recently hit 10k on jimin’s birthday so i decided to do my first follow forever! when i started this blog back in july, i didn’t know it would grow this much and i’m still mind boggled by the fact that it did. thank you to everyone who likes anything i post whether it’s memes/ funny videos/ gifs/ dumb tags/etc, it means a lot to me, more than you know!

thank you for giving me so much love, advice, inspiration, and motivation, not only on here but in real life as well ever since i started my blog. this blog has been my happy place/escape for the past 3 months whenever things get tough and i’m beyond grateful for you all❤️i didn’t know running a blog to support my favorite group of boys could lead to me meeting so many amazing people 🤧🤧

a massive thank you to my followers for being so incredible and nice to me! to be some of your guys’ favorite blog means the world because i truly don’t deserve you all :) also thank you for always sending the sweetest messages into my inbox and i see a lot of you in my activities on a daily basis that i remember your urls hehe 😛

for the small amount of mutuals i hold close n dear to my heart, i love you all sosososososososo much! you make me berry happy and thank you for talking or attempting to talk to me bc if you haven’t notice by now, i suck at conversing LOL also thank you for tagging me in stuff because that means there r people who actually think of me 🤧 you make my time on here much more enjoyable!

ANYWAYS (sorry for making this so long) below are a list of fantastic people who brighten my days and fill my dash (and heart) with joy and make my dash wonderful place! i love all the content you create! you all deserve all the happiness in the world and i hope things are going well for ya 💞

let’s keep supporting bts together for a long time

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house-in-the-backyard-trees  asked:

taylor swift, red, breathe, long live, state of grace, and 22 💙💙💙💙💙

oh my gosh i love you SO much for sending so many

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

gosh i know the first thing i ever saw was the picture to burn video im placing that like… 2008 i think? i saw her at the jonas brothers tour shortly after so thats the timeline!

red: what is your favorite season and why?

FALL but like real fall not this california fall i want coziness and hot ciders and actual cold its like 80 degrees right now

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

thank you for being an angel

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

this is so hard! which do i want to talk about, how many times ive cried to tied together with a smile in my darkest times? how every time ive had an emotion ever taylor has a song for it? how just now shes given me a place to escape to in one of my hardest times? how she really solidified the bond with my soulmate friend ashley? how taylor lets me feel empowered and magical and happy and sad and scared and how she supports me through all of it with her songs? shes such a huge element of so many parts of my life shes just in everything.

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

in a forest! not to sound like a hippie but when im in nature i feel like im where im supposed to be and muir woods is my happy place, especially when its foggy and cold and a little rainy

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?

over the weekend i had to drive a couple hours north for a very serious thing but on the way there i turned up some of my favorite music and just let myself scream along and it was just so nice to have no responsibilities for a few hours

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My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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that parental controls video is the cutest thing i have ever seen



he has to jump like 3 feet in the air to high five his dad im crying

his lockscreen is peach,


bowser having a good time listening to what’s important to his son and playing his favorite game with him???? bowser is such a good dad??