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My favorite performance of any song ever as filmed by Jonathan Demme. RIP.

I miss you.

I miss you even at nights when I can feel your breath against my neck,

even when your hands are entwined in mine and I can feel the callous on your fingers sketching flower fields on my skin,

even in mornings when your voice is the first music I wake up to,

even in broad daylight, when your eyes reflect the sun in mine as you look at me and you whisper to my ears “You are so beautiful.”

I miss you even when I can hear your laugh across the hallway as you search for my face in the crowd,

even at the last hour of the night when I am laying on your chest and your heartbeat is the last song I listen to.

I miss you even when your lips are pressed against mine with your hands finding constellations on the jagged spaces of my body,

even in afternoons when you’re strumming your favorite guitar to the song that reminds us of months before November,

even on Fridays when I’m cuddled up with you and you tell me “I love you” like a pulsating rhythm,

even on late nights when we fight and scream at each other’s faces like fires perpetually burning and sharp knives never dulling.

I miss you everyday even when your entire being seems like a story told from my childhood.

I miss you even when you’re here.

I will never stop longing for you and

it terrifies me. 

                                 Do you miss me too? 

Valerie T.

the signs as my moms favorite esc2017 songs
  • Aries: Artsvik - Fly With Me (Armenia)
  • Taurus: Naviband - Гісторыя майго жыцця (Belarus)
  • Gemini: Dihaj - Skeletons (Azerbaijan)
  • Cancer: Timebelle - Apollo (Switzerland)
  • Leo: Nathan Trent - Running On Air (Austria)
  • Virgo: Joci Pápai - Origo (Hungary)
  • Libra: Alma - Requiem (France)
  • Scorpio: Slavko Kalezić - Space (Montenegro)
  • Sagittarius: Anja Nissen - Where I Am (Denmark)
  • Capricorn: Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma (Italy)
  • Aquarius: Brendan Murray - Dying to Try (Ireland)
  • Pisces: Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria)

AKB48 2nd gen performs Korogaru Ishi ni Nare and MC Talk

The gang is back.

What a sight…To see the members of the legendary original Team K reunite and perform what you would call the Team K theme. My favorite gen and team. T^T (Amazing to see Meetan and Nontii still have the energy to dance to this active song like old times despite being in their 30s and Meetan being a mother.) 

During their MC talk, as they talk about memories of the past, a memorable memory Yuko and the others wanted to talk about was the day Meetan and Sayaka got into an argument back in their early days after debut. To explain it better for the fans, they reenacted the very scene that happened, with Kana and Yuko pretending to be Maachan and Erepyon, who are involved in the story as well.

This story was actually explained by @sayaka-oshi before from this post.

A brief explanation of what happened was this…

During lessons/rehearsals one day, the youngest members at the time, Maachan and Erepyon (10 yrs old and 12 yrs old at the time), were making doodles and scribbles on their lyrics sheets, when they really should be practicing. Noticing this, an upset Sayaka went serious and scolded the two with stuff like “These are our precious lyrics sheets! You can’t draw bunnies on these!” and ended up making the young girls cry. 

It was then that Meetan used her role as the ‘oldest sister’ of the team to defend the younger girls. She scolded Sayaka that she shouldn’t be harsh to the two, as they were still very young. In the end, Sayaka felt so bad that she ended up crying as well.

Aww, as expected from the passionate Sayaka.

The part where Kana and Yuko play as Maachan and Erepyon is just too hilarious. XDDD

I guess the 2nd gen chose to talk about this certain memory because it was probably thanks to Sayaka’s bold and serious character showing that day that eventually gave birth to the sports-minded Team K we know today.

I wonder when will be the next time we see this gen reunite for a performance again?

John Frusciante about Inside of Emptiness

Inside Of Emptiness 10.26.2004

Inside Of Emptiness was made in Los Angeles by Josh Klinghoffer, engineer Ryan Hewitt and myself. My favorite records at the time, in terms of the production, were White Light/White Heat by Velvet Underground and Lust For Life by Iggy Pop.

The first song is called “What I Saw” and it was written in New York. We distorted the fuck out everything on it. It is very dirty. The second song is called “The World’s Edge” and it is a good example of why I think Josh Klinghoffer is the best drummer in the world. The third song is called “Inside A Break”. It was written in Japan. This song contains a guitar solo by Josh that is being electronically bent out of tune.

The fourth song is called “A Firm Kick” and continues my series of A songs (“A Doubt”, “A Corner”). It contains a noisy guitar solo that I did by beating the fuck out of my guitar. “Look On” was written in Paris, France and is a look back at the 70’s and long guitar solos.

“Emptiness” was inspired by the little known group Empire. They were an offshoot of Gen X and they made brilliant original music that was completely ignored by the public (how unusual!).

“Emptiness”, “I’m Around” and “666” were all written while I was reading a biography about Aleister Crowley. Each of these three songs, in their own way, are the result of me thinking about him and his life.

“I’m Around” contains our first example of what I call joined guitars. Toward the end and in the second chorus Josh and I played intertwining Johnny Marr type guitar parts through the same amp which causes the two separate parts to be perceived by the ear as one part.

The title “666”, aside from being the name Aleister Crowley often signed letters as, is also a reference to the chorus’ three bars of six which are interjected into the otherwise 4/4 feel of the song (something that was unintentional and subconscious).

“Interior Two” was written the same day as “Inside A Break”. It is inspired by early rock n’ roll. I love that music and those types of lyrics and it is fun for me as a songwriter to juxtapose music that would have sounded current in 1958 with lyrics that go in surreal or nonsensical directions that didn’t exist in music back then.

The last song is called “Scratches” and we think the Rolling Stones should buy it off us.

We are greatly indebted to the Rick James episode of Chapelle’s show, the watching and quoting of which helped give this record a happy atmosphere.

Thank you for listening.

Got tagged in this here meme by @misakikaito​!

Relationship status: Just hold that thought until this dissertation’s out the door?

Favorite colour: Red!

Lipstick or chapstick: Last time I wore lipstick on a semi-regular basis, it was stage makeup for ballet. That was a long time ago.

Last song I listened to: My inspirational taking-out-the-trash iPod playlist says it was “C’mon Sea Legs”.

Last movie I watched: Oh dang. Fargo maybe?

Top 3 fictional characters: I’m terrible at these questions because I think of way too many characters but I just gotta go for it and pick some so uh. Vex from Critical Role, Agent Carolina from Red vs. Blue, Kira Nerys from DS9?

Top 3 ships: Ehhh. You know I’m always gonna be over here rooting for the f/f ships, but otherwise it’s not usually a big thing for me. Gimme that found-family.

Books I’m reading: The Wicked + The Divine (bedtime reading), The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (bus reading), Ancillary Mercy (airplane reading).

I always get weird about tagging other people to do this, but please give it a shot if you’re interested and @ me when you do! I’m particularly interested in the last-movie, last-song, last-book questions as a way to get some good good recs.

Dating Luke Hemmings Would Include

*You constantly stealing all his favorite band shirts for you to wear

*You sending him a very long message on how you felt about the disappearance of his lip ring

*Him always making sure you are ok when walking through large crowds of fans or paparazzi

*Him taking dorky videos of you and posting them to his snapchat/Instagram story

*Always hearing the slight strumming of a guitar when he’s home because he never can put it down

*“Hey Luke, can you write a song about me?”

“I already have. Want to hear it?

(you nodding vigorously)


*Having to deal with him being sarcastic 25/8

*Him making sure to have his arms wrapped around you when you’re sleeping… even if it’s like a million degrees and you’re dying of a heat stroke

*Him not being afraid to tell the world “That’s my girlfriend, and I love her”

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Name: Priscilla

Nicknames: Cilla, but sometimes I get called Rose by chance. I’ve had a shit ton of nicknames in the past that I never liked, but I rather get called by my first name.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Time Right Now: 11:26 pm

Last Thing I Googled: G Dragon’s world tour 2017

Favorite Bands: Bts, Exo, Monsta X, Blackpink, Block B, 2NE1, Got7, SHINee, Super Junior, Seventeen, and Orange Caramel.

Favorite Solo Artists: G Dragon, Agust D, CL, Lay, HyunA, LuHan, Jay Park, and Jonghyun.

Song Stuck In My Head: Rise of Bangtan - BTS

Last Movie I Watched: I haven’t watched any this week.

When Did You Create Your Blog: November/December 2015

What Do You Post: Multifandom, but I also post a lot of BTS lately and sometimes Yuzuru Hanyu posts.

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: I go on here to have a good time, not to worry about the peak of my blog or if I’ve ‘made’ it. It’s just to make friends and have a fun time!

Do You Have Other Blogs: Nope

Do You Gets Asks Regularly: Lately, sometimes but not all the time.

Why Did You Choose Your Url: I love coffee and Min Yoongi so I put two together and bam. I’m a simple human being, I guess.

Following: 2551

Posts: 3742

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon Team: I don’t have one

Favorite Colour: Light, soft colors

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8 if I’m lucky

Lucky Numbers: 4

Favorite Characters: Ken Kaneki, Uta and Sailor Moon

What Am I Wearing Now: Black athetic shorts and a 'I Donut Care’ shirt

Dream Job: Makeup artist or an archeologist!

I’ll be tagging (Optional!): @ktaejin, @tiddieboys, @rainbowhyuna, @mykpopcollectionheart, @yourhopeyourangeeel, @thewutangflan, @kaep-jjang-veryjjang, @jongdaises, @jeonkookiemonster, @babyotteryoungjae, @kwon-grandma, @bangtanejin, @thehouseofkpop, @hyungpaochicken, @revelsvelvet, @baekon-stripss, @lubutts, @jimintellect, @velvetjun, @sugatarte

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a- age: 22

b- birthplace: Mâcon (France)

c- current time: 3:45 pm

d- drink you last had: tea

e- easiest person to talk to: my godmother

f- favorite song: atm, Bring me back to life (HT Bristol) & Mirrors (justin Timberlake)

g- grossest memory: walking in my roommate changing

h- horror yes or horror no: FUCK YES

i- in love?: nope

j- jealous of people?: yea

k- killed someone?: i don’t think so…

l- love at first sight or should I walk by again?: idk

m- middle name: Caroline

n- number of siblings: one sister

o- one wish: people accept me for who I am

p- person you called last: mother

q- question you’re always asked: Why don’t you talk?

r- reason to smile: Tom Holland (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

s- song you last sang: lalala by Auburn

t- time you woke up: 7 am

u- underwear color: white

v- vacation destination: my room…?

w- worst habit: never trusting anyone

x- x-rays: yes

y- your favorite food: sushi, or any asian food *µ*

z- zodiac sign: aquarius

I’m tagging the pretties: @ingeborgeysteinnsdottir @astatheloner @sirivsblaxk @pagan-raider @lordavanti @underthenorthstar @jordy—9 @whenimaunicorn @squirrelacorngliterfarts @malenkaya-glosoli & anyone who wants to do this :)

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1. Your favorite song EVER and why? Tale as Old as Time probably from Beauty and the Beast. It was just one of those songs that I could listen to and fall in love with instantly.

2. Your favorite Little Mix member and why? I know of Little Mix just recently because of my dear friend/bae @justkeeponsimming but I don’t know any of the artists within the band so I must say all since that is the best I can do.

3. A tv show, a book and/or a movie you’d highly recommend?

T.V. - Stranger Things. I love this show to death. The amazing cast, the story, the way they captured the time period. It is all well done and I can’t wait to see how they expand upon everything in the second season.

Book: Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time. I read it back when I was in elementary school and have continued to go back to it throughout the years. For something a little more light reading though I also enjoyed Beastly. It is a re imaging of Beauty and the Beast with a twist. It is an easy read but is done in a fascinating style.

Movie: The 10th Kingdom. This was also a novel which I would also recommend but the movie was so well done. It is quite long though as it was broadcasted on T.V. in segments.

4. Your best quality? I’ve been told my skin but truly I don’t think I have one. I’m well rounded I think so nothing truly stands out as the best.

5. Your best childhood memory? This is hard for me to come up with since a lot of my childhood memories have been tainted by the divorce of my parents and other trauma. One though is always of my grandfather who mostly raised me after I was born. He would pick me up from school after my parents divorced and each day I would get into the car and he would go through his pocket change and give me a dollar or two. On special occasions if I did well on a report card he would pay me 20 dollars or more depending on my grades. Any memory with him is the best I think.

6. Something you’d like to achieve but haven’t yet? I’d like to become a famous author but my own self doubt keeps me from achieving much in the avenue.

7. Who’s your favorite person in the whole world? My grandfather, my husband, @justkeeponsimming and @disneysfrozenguy, and a lot of people on tumblr but the two above here I’ve grown very close with.

8. What annoys you the most? My family. Besides my grandpa, my family can be very obnoxious. They don’t understand my life style and I get judged a lot for how I decide to live my life.

9. Your favorite animal? Dogs and cats!

10. What do you love and hate the most about tumblr (in general)?

Love: I love how supportive the community can be. There are a lot of nice people here who have the same feelings towards subjects and can form groups to express their own ideas and thoughts.

Hate: How sometimes there is a lot of hate over someone elses opinion. It’s an opinion and should stay an opinion. Some people make it seem like it is fact and others take that opinion too personally. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

I tag: @elvisstitch, @justkeeponsimming, @dizzmantheoutsider, @jokerxtreme36, @zachsbees, @arkhaeology @sandy-sims, @cat-nerd-sims, @laylasims

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I want to expose people to the music I’ve been listening to. I just introduced someone to Ben & Ben and I’m so glad that that person liked their music. A lot of people don’t know them yet and I want to share their music because they’re really great. I also have a few more suggestions to offer. I don’t really have a favorite song and band since I listen to all sorts of music. And I don’t have a specific genre that I like. One day I’ll be listening to indie music, next day will be rnb and then comes next would be pop rock. It changes almost everyday depending on my mood. So to cut it all short, I just wanna say that you guys should listen to these songs and artists. Yup! It’s a must.

  1. Ben & Ben – Ride Home
  2. Vivir – Tom’s Story
  3. Cloud – Lions & Acrobats
  4. Maybe – Jensen Gomez and Reese Lansangan
  5. Different Kinds of Strangers – Ian Penn
  6. Fools – The Ransom Collective
  7. Moonstruck – The Strange Creatures
  8. Settled – The Ransom Collective
  9. Polygonal Graphs – Ang Bandang Shirley
  10. Run - The Ransom Collective

Hope you like them! :-) I’m also open to suggestions so feel free to comment your current favorite song or whatever music you like. Btw, these artists are on the indie scene. I really suggest that you listen to more indie artists and their awesome music.