but this is mainly for them

every time i say i hate jyn erso i lose so many followers but ill say once again I FUCKING HATE JYN ERSO LMAO
i hate jyn erso never cared about the rebellion. i hate jyn erso joined the rebellion only because of her father not because she wanted to defeat the empire and/or to help people. i hate that rebel heroes who were mainly poc were led by her despite the fact she didn’t give a shit about them. i hate that she “borrowed” the rebel team for her deeply personal quest. i hate that those who fought against tyranny, like bodhi (defects from the empire to do what’s right) and cassian (a rebel hero) are overshadowed by her. i hate that lucasfilm used saw gerrera, a black man and a rebel hero, to excuse her selfishness. i hate that she’s considered a hero although that selfishness doesn’t even get changed.

i hate that jyn erso stans villainize cassian, who is the actual hero to worship her. i hate that people don’t seem to realize complex, considerate jyn erso is fanon because white characters are always given complexity. i hate white women say jyn erso, a white woman who led freedom fighters who were poc only for her personal matters, is a feminist icon.

I’m really critical of hormonal birth control

Mainly how ubiquitous it is, and how casually we treat it. As a quick disclaimer: I definitely think women should have as many options available to them as possible regarding birth control methods, and hormonal birth control should especially be available for women who need it for health related reasons.

As a society, we seem to take hormonal birth control really lightly, like it’s no big deal. But how can fucking around with your hormones at least 75% of the time not be a big deal? It definitely results in a variety of unpleasant side effects, but women just put up with them. Even the copper IUD, which is not hormonal, creates a state of constant mild inflammation in the uterus and many women report it results in worse periods (heavier flow, longer period of time, worse cramps) and increases the likelihood of yeast infections. Why do women put themselves through all of this crap?

It’s simple- because their male partner(s) either don’t want to wear a condom, or can’t be trusted to wear a condom. This is completely unacceptable, especially when you consider that condoms are still the only way to prevent the spread of STI’s. Surely consistent condom use (along with back up methods like the morning after pill and early abortion) is safer for women then living in a constant state of altered hormones.

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mb you talked abt this before, but with the kkg fam au, do they have family vacations and outings? i'm feeling like sasuke would make that...difficult

YEAH YEAH sasuke makes everything difficult but kakashi and gai have learned that the damage sasuke can do when left home unsupervised vastly outweighs him being bratty on vacation. 

its funny bc vacation times gets the four of them split into two camps: 

lee and gai who want to cram as much Fun into the few days they have which means they insist that the only proper way to explore the area is to go on a hike in the mountains

vs kakashi and sasuke who want to sleep at the side of the pool

its fine mainly and usually it ends up with kakashi dragging sasuke out of the hotel to follow behind lee and gai for the first few days of vacation until sasuke throws a fit and kakashi pretends to catch the flu to get out of swimming in the ocean at 5 am 

but other than that sasukes also just. an asshole teen and is super talented at somehow acquiring weed or alcohol and puking on kakashis bed. he drags lee out of the hotel at least once to go on an “adventure” bc hes also super talented at getting lee in trouble too. 

overall an enjoyable experience even tho sasuke is immediately grounded as soon as they get home

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Idk who are even these people who keep calling Touka useless? Because I'd want to say some of them are Hi//de stans but Hi//de stans agree with us about Touka being captured and brought to Kanou because they too want to see Sunlit Garden plot, mainly because of Hi//de. So I'm really confused as to where these people are coming from: don't want Touka to be captured because she might become useless. Former Touka fans maybe?

Mod K:

If they’re on this blog, they’re probably Touka fans, but many Touka fans also fall victim to the idea that female characters are only useful when they are constantly kicking ass. Or that they can’t have love interests or be mothers to still be interesting. I dislike this idea as it’s a very narrow idea of what of female character can be.

No one would find a male character uninteresting because he became a father. You don’t see anyone saying that about Kane/ki.

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My fanfic pet peeve is when Pidge and Hunk are in the tags but are just background characters. Like, they exist only in exposition. The author doesn't even have the decency to drop them in as a foil or, hell, I'd accept comic relief. It's hard enough to find fics with these two in them. If they aren't a real feature of the damn story, don't tag them and waste my time for the two sentences of their existence.

Poor Pidge and Hunk. I try not to put them on the sidelines as much as possible but at the same time I understand how hard it is as a fic writer to give them a big part in a mainly ship-focused fic. It’s not impossible tho! I really tried my hardest in THIHV to involve them as best friends and such and I got some positive feedback for that, which was refreshing!

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21 cg is more special tbh coz jikook r the ones who did the this part of the choreo :)

i mean, but it is still choreo to please fans. like, they did come up with it and all the variations, but that doesn’t mean it’s like hinting at them dating. it’s mainly jsut for fans. but yeah, i see where you’re coming from :)


Hey guys! Just to let everyone know this blog still really loves Tian//Shan! 

I felt like now was the right time to distance myself from it since it’s become apparent more than ever that the updates and progression revolving around the two of them has become fewer and the wait for chapters has become so much longer in-between. On top of that I’m a Tian//Shan fan only; so most of the material as of lately hasn’t been of interest for me. I also have many other interests so this was the perfect time to revert back into a multi-fandom blog. I’ve honestly been thinking about changing it for a while since it’s always been difficult for me to have a blog focused on mainly one thing lol. 

I also won’t be posting any 1//9 da//ys related content on this blog anymore so if you wanna fangirl/boy about them just hit me up in chat.


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It sounds like you want Harry to come out without Louis. He's not going to do that. Louis is too bogged down in stunt city. Harry's not leaving him behind.

How does it sound like that? From what? I really really shy away from any speculation about them coming out at all. Mainly because it’s their business not mine. I firmly believe they’re out in private and have very significant boundaries between their public and private lives.

But I don’t believe AT ALL that Harry would come out without Louis. I also think that it would take nothing to end Louis’ stunts. It could all be done with one TMZ article. It can change in an instant. I don’t believe there needs to be all kinds of time between the end of stunts and a CO. I just don’t. 

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what if the traitor is one of the recommended students? Maybe the villains wanted to be sure that the student was admitted so they pulled some strings (maybe they blackmailed someone idk) and have them recommended. I would exclude Shoto because obviously he was recommended by his father, and also i don't see why Momo should do something like that (mainly because she has no reason, unless her parents are villains and forced her). This leave us with Juzo Honenuki and an unkown student from 1-B.

oh god no

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Hi, I'm a straight female, INFJ and a hopeless romantic. I love to watch TV, mainly mystery/comedy programmes, play video games and write creatively whenever possible. I generally try my hardest to be a nice, caring person as much as possible but I can struggle with tolerance sometimes and I hold a grudge for a long time if someone betrays my trust. I don't even trust easily in the first place. But, once someone has earned my trust, I will protect and love them fiercely. Thank you! :D

I ship you with… Soldier 76!

Originally posted by vncy

Did someone say mystery tv shows? this man loves them too!

He’s a lot like you, he doesn’t trust easily, but when he does its hard and strong, so when that trust is betrayed he holds a grudge(Ie Reyes) 

He’ll completely understand you, he moves around a lot but if you wouldn’t mind tagging along with him he’d be happy to bring you with him on his adventure.

Loves to read your writing if you let him, he enjoys a good story from time to time, and will help you edit it and proofread. 

Doesn’t play a lot of video games, but will play with you if you ask him to.

“I need you” Sentence Starters

aka my life and yours are two parts of a whole

  • “I can’t do this without you.”
  • “Don’t let go of my hand through this, please.”
  • “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”
  • “All I want is your lips against mine right now.”
  • “It wasn’t just a one off for me; it was me hoping you’d see the connection.”
  • “We’ve been through everything else together.  This is no different.”
  • “You’re my other half.”
  • “There’s no one else I’d rather have with me than you.”
  • “You need to help me, I can’t do this alone.”
  • “I’ve never felt alone since you came into my life.”
  • “What am I supposed to do if you walk away?”
  • “This distance is killing me.”
  • “Don’t let this distance tear us apart.”
  • “I need you as much as you need me.”
  • “Letting go was never an option.”
  • “All the time did was make me realize that you’re supposed to be with me.”
  • “I’ve made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.”
  • “I need you to help me reach the top shelf.”
  • “Two people aren’t this made for each other so easily.”
  • “You’re worth any fight.”
  • “I’m crying on the floor and nothing’s right, but I know you can make this better.”
  • “I’m way too drunk to be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?”
  • “There’s this couple’s contest, and I know we’re not dating, but the grand prize is this big ass load of food– help me.”
  • It doesn’t matter if you need me; you broke everything.”
  • “Everything’s really shitty right now.  So how about you get in this car with me and we drive to wherever for however long?”
  • “I’ll go if you go.”
  • “I’ll only do this if you help me.”
  • “I can’t depend on anyone else, just you.”
  • “Thank you for always being here for me.”
  • “You could call be at any time and I’d drop anything if you needed me.”
  • “All you have to do is show me that you feel the same.”
  • “I know that I need you, but sometimes the feeling doesn’t seem reciprocated.”
  • “I’m pathetic, because I go to you for everything, but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  • “Can you give me a ride?”
  • “I didn’t tell anyone else I was leaving… You deserved to know though.”
  • “I’ll still be here when you get back.”
  • “Isn’t in terrifying that we both couldn’t go without the other?”
  • “This ring proves that I’m always here for you.”
  • “Come here, let me give you a hug.”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come with me to egg his/her car?”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come pick me up?”
  • “The lights don’t shine as bright when you’re not here.”
  • “I can’t deal with us drifting apart anymore.”
  • “I feel like I’m gripping with all my might and you’re not even lifting a finger.”
  • “My friend locked me outside naked.  Help.”
  • “My friend needs to see I’m dating someone so they’ll stop including me in blind dates–yes, I know we’re not dating, but still.”
  • “I don’t call you my partner in crime for no reason.”
  • “Can you come over so I don’t feel so alone anymore?”
  • “You ran to get here this quickly?!”
  • “I need you.”

Send a name and a sentence xx


Dimples are long seen as a beauty symbol. They are even called the most beautiful human flaw. They symbolize youth, impishness, and innocence.So who in BTS got this rare item?

Many may not know but Jimin has a dimple on his right cheek

Originally posted by bwibelle

It was more visible when he had those cute cheeks

Originally posted by chimcheroo

Jungkook, on the other hand, has an apparent one on the left cheek

Originally posted by chimmychimm

It can be seen even when he slightly smiles

Originally posted by yoonngi

One of the weirdest dimples I’ve seen in my life is jin’s

Originally posted by theseoks

It appears mainly when he eats LOL

Originally posted by hixtapexx

Jhope got some of the fluffiest ones ever

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Can you ever get enough of this:

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And of course, when we speak “dimples” & “BTS” we first think of Namjoon

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

They are EXTREMELY beautiful, patent and marvelous

Originally posted by heyexcusemeee

When married to his smile, it’s a match made in heaven 

Originally posted by seokkuk

Dimples are not that common but somehow 5 out 7 BTS members fortuitously got them. And that’s some darn impressive luck and genetics!

By @mimibtsghost


Just as a comparison; my regular work, realism, and animation back then, 

and now:

I still have a long way to go but like… don’t forget I was learning from the beginning too, I got to where I am now through practice and study just like you guys can! Don’t give up man, your work will adapt and grow along with you. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 10