but this is kinda solidifying it

ayy bright sessions theory time

My theory is that Damien lost his powers, cause they focused a lot in episode 40 on how Class A abilities can disappear as a result of brain trauma and they also focus a lot on how Damien could have brain damage. Damien is Class E, but he seems like if he weren’t considered dangerous he’d be Class A since his ability is a mental one.

Also, the way Agent Green says it didn’t seem like there was much they could to for him at this point kinda makes sense in that context. Like, I’ve had the theory since I listened to 40, but that kinda solidified it for me

Anyway there’s a theory I hope you have a good day

this is pidge’s face when she’s geeking out about the castle. “the tech on this ship never ceases to amaze me, it’s so mathematically elegant”. you can tell she’s awestruck/longing because lance says “it’s not a sunset pidge”. i wonder where else we’ve seen that exact fond smile, those tilted eyebrows, and the lines above the eyes

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hey, can you break down the differences between the adventure zone and critical role for me? i haven't listened to either and now i'm curious

Oh gosh, okay. They’re delightful but… very different approaches to the same general idea (broadcasting a D&D game), and I think the fans of one show tend to have a sort of skewed impression of the other show, so here’s my thinking.

Just the basics, to begin with: The Adventure Zone started running in late 2014, and it’s an audio-only podcast in which the McElroy brothers and their dad start a brand-new D&D campaign from scratch. Critical Role started running in early 2015, and it’s a video podcast in which a bunch of best-friend voice actors started filming the D&D campaign they’d already been playing for years at home with the same characters. TAZ is (generally) prerecorded and lightly edited down, CR is 100% live. Both have a lot of howlingly funny and surprisingly touching moments, both get a lot more intense the more you get into them, and both are good shows that are a Good Time, especially when they make you feel things you didn’t sign up for. The main canon of TAZ is currently 56 one-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every two weeks, and CR is currently 85 four-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every week. Most of the reason for CR’s absurd length comes down to (a) three times as many players, and (b) no editing.

The DMs both put a ton of work into the world, but they also have very different approaches. Griffin (TAZ) is DMing for the first time, while Matt (CR) has talked about how DMing D&D games for the past 20 years is what got him interested in acting in the first place. The world of TAZ is much more of a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, while CR sticks more to traditional fantasy.

TAZ plays fast and loose with the rules, which can be both a delight and a frustration for storytelling reasons—for instance, until the latest arc both spell slots and HP were not really tracked, which means (a) Griffin has had to come up with incredibly creative ways of introducing risk and limitations to the game, and (b) those incredibly creative ways can start to get pretty damn brutal. The mechanics of the game feel like an imposition on the story, most of the time—it’s rare that you get a dice roll that makes a huge difference to the plot (but when you do, as in the most recent episode, it’s pretty darn cool). As a result, the biggest spanner in the works of Griffin’s plans tends to be in the form of out-of-the-box thinking from his players, which they excel at; I think there is a tendency to railroad the plot as a result, but it’s a good story and it’s well worth a little bit of elbowing to keep everyone on track. Magical items also play a huge role, with viewers of the show submitting awesome new trinkets for the heroes of the story to use/abuse/completely forget about.

Because CR tilts more towards the rulebook (although Matt gets more than his fair share of shit for homebrewing and letting things slide and defaulting to the Rule of Cool), chance plays a much bigger role in the story. Matt’s simultaneously battling some incredibly creative players and dice that seem determined to roll as dramatically as possible. Entire subplots have been wiped out by a strategic roll, and in order to be able to adapt to that on the fly, Matt has to be hyper-prepared and have a lot of possible branching points. It’s absurdly open-world, especially now that the characters have the ability to travel instantly through different planes of existence, and Matt keeps pace with a story that feels more character-led than DM-led; railroading is practically nonexistent, which means you get incredible plot developments and super-deep characterization… but it also sometimes leads to long circular conversations trying to figure out what to do next. Because the players are all actors, there’s also a lot more that’s just straight-up improv theater: it’s not unusual (especially lately) to go for verrrry long stretches of riveting conversation without anybody rolling dice (I can think of a moment where Matt could’ve just had everyone fail a charisma saving throw against an NPC but instead just straight-up charmed them all in real life with words).

I’ll put it this way: CR is a basketball pickup game between friends who’ve been playing together so long that they kind of have their own home rules going and stick to them. TAZ is out there playing fuckin’ Calvinball. Both are great fun, but if you go into one expecting the other you’re in for a bad time.

Both shows have a lot of great NPCs, although Critical Role’s format gives them a lot more time and depth to shine (there are episodes where an NPC will have as much or more “screen time” than some of the player characters). Both shows have LGBT representation among player characters and NPCs alike that, while not perfect, is generally improving as the show goes on. For me personally, one of the more frustrating things about going from CR to TAZ was going from three female player characters and a metric fuckton of extremely deep characterization for all the female NPCs to no female player characters and many great and memorable female NPCs who nevertheless don’t get too much screentime or development just because of the the structure of the show.

TAZ is pretty shaky throughout the first arc (Griffin’s fighting a bit of an uphill battle getting everyone to sit down and actually play the game, which is funny in and of itself), but things slowly start to come together and the real potential of the show becomes clear once they break the heck out of the 5e Starter Set. I think the “Murder on the Rockport Limited” arc is what started to pull me in, and it’s not until the latest arc that I’m starting to get the character development I really crave in that show. Critical Role also takes a little while to find its footing, and to me the Briarwood arc (starting around episode 24) is where the mood of the show starts to solidify, with episode 40 and beyond really pushing from “this is cool, I’m enjoying how these interpretations of fantasy tropes are sometimes kinda unusual and off-the-wall!” to “how is this the most honest and genuine character development I’ve ever seen in media what the heck is happening here”.

So yeah. TAZ isn’t total chaos with no plot or effort put into it, CR isn’t a humorless wasteland of mathematical minutiae and rigid formulaic approaches. Both shows are great fun, both are IMO in an upswing and getting better and better as they go along, and I heartily recommend them both if you know what you’re getting into. Have fun!

So my neighbor was out camping and met Keanu Reeves who was also camping (I guess he likes dogs because he came up and said “I love these dogs!” about her rottweiler) and she said she thought she was crazy for a minute because no one else knew he was there and it turns out Keanu was just there chilling with a one-man tent and a cooler and his little Dodge car and every time someone looked at him he’d just turn his face away and it’s kind of just solidified in my mind that Keanu Reeves is a cryptid.

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What's rick and morty actually like? I've been kinda avoiding it because the guy who tried to convince me it was a great show just went on for ages praising its nihilistic worldview, and I just don't have time for that, but what do you think of the show? Is it worth watching?

This is such an interesting question to answer! 

I mean, short answer is *yes*, absolutely, but as for explaining what this show is *like* I’ve been trying to solidify my thoughts into words for months.

When my brothers had me start watching it, I was skeptical from the start, because it *seemed* like a show that was getting laughs at the expense of its characters, and I just have no space in my life anymore for media that isn’t inherently kind and inherently aware of the humanity of its players.  (Data point: I had a similar reaction to the beginning of Archer, which I wound up really liking.) 

But as I watched more it quickly became obvious that this was a show that was deeply empathetic to suffering.  

In a way, it kind of strikes me as the opposite side of the same coin as Steven Universe (a show I think really embodies the values and needs of the current generation).  It’s not outwardly hopeful and uplifting– it’s a show very much rooted in dark humor and cynicism.  But at the same time, I think it winds up being an unflinching, serious look at the issues a LOT of people in current generations are struggling with– depression, anxiety, PTSD, social alienation, lack of mental health care, a sense of helplessness as an individual facing greater powers of the world, a deep fear that maybe the world is really a bad place and we might not be able to stop it, anhedonia… heck there’s divorce and alcoholism and literally at one point an attempted suicide.  This is some dark shit for a zany universe-hopping space adventure.

These are all issues the show looks at dead on, almost painfully accurately, while at the same time with it’s sharp, incisive sense of humor and it’s nuanced sense of the humanity of its characters it still somehow succeeds in being neither grim nor depressing.  (Another media type I have basically no space in my life for these days.)

It’s not so much precisely hopeful as… cathartic?  Honestly it’s kind of like therapy that way– you have to look straight at your secret fears to see which parts are real and which parts are distortions and where there’s still hope and possibility buried in them. It’s a show that challenges the pessimism and cynicism and fatalism of its characters even as it tackles all this bad shit.  In that way it is uplifting.

This show is so incredibly smart in how it tells its stories and builds its characters and explores their worldviews.  I find myself going ooooh or wow or goddamn, ouch over and over, which is maybe another way I find it comparable to Steven Universe and its deeply nuanced characters and themes.

And, okay, apparently there’s a whole subsection of fandom that has somehow missed all the epically smart symbolism and allegories and storytelling craft and has taken away some kind of “yay, nihilism!” surface level viewing.  This bewilders the heck out of me, because I think the writers have been pretty explicit at “look how self-sabotaging and fucked up Rick’s life is.”  It works because they’re also very clear on “sometimes unhealthy strategies are the only coping skills you’re currently equipped with.  Sometimes they’re the only thing saving your life right now.  Maybe you can figure out better ones.”

I am so here for this ride as they work this out.

To dispute the theory going around, I don’t think that the leaves have anything to do with the time they have left to live. Lion’s tree is clearly an acacia tree, which are common in deserts. Lars’ Looks to be a common deciduous. I think the trees are just what lion and Lars’ are used to respectfully. My theory is that the trees represent their souls/minds (Lars’ head, ha ha) and that they just kinda solidify the idea behind the soul? If you catch my drift.

OKAY SO, I was thinking about this earlier (due to fic reasons of my own WINKWINK) but are Balmeran crystals just solidified quintessence?

I know that some people might be like, “That’s dumb, quintessence is just like a lifeforce thing that keeps Zarkon alive and junk.” However, I have things to back this up. Potentially. Hear me out.

So, we all know that Allura harnesses quintessence to power the castle and that the lions choose their paladins based on their quintessence. We also know that Haggar just… stole the quintessence from a planet. And she worked out how make it into a liquid form. This is kinda important, but not the defining factor to me.

(wow what the heckie guys, just murdering a planet to make ur weird pee coloured healing juice)

ANYWAY, the important thing here is that you can actually turn quintessence, a form of energy, into a physical form. So what’s the say that Balmeran crystals, which are the same colour as quintessence, aren’t just… quintessence in material form?

Hell, there’s even a ceremony that only Alteans with a lot of quintessence in them can perform because they give the quintessence to the Balmera. Perhaps that’s because it’s an exchange of quintessence for quintessence in a differnt form and not just goods and services? All I’m saying is that the Balmera is a living planet that solidifies quintessence. Maybe.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of Allura exchanging quintessence for quintessence. 

Idk why but I really like the idea of Percy being a really touchy kind of person after everything he’s been through. In a literal sense. Like, people’s touches help ground him, solidify the fact that they’re there and so is he and they’re safe.

Like, he’ll sit maybe just a little too close to people. He holds hands with his friends, no romance at all, it just makes them both feel safe. And he’ll snuggle with people and rest his head on their shoulders and he gives really warm hugs that last just a beat longer than normal.

Yeah, I just really like this idea.

So some of you already know but this is my OC Nelo! I don’t have a last name for him yet if u have any ideas please tell me 😎

He’s also my BNHA OC and his Quirk is “Blood Manipulation”. He can manipulate any blood in almost any form. He can boil it, freeze it, solidify it etc. he can also move the blood inside people, kinda like blood bending, but he can’t do it for very long. 

The drawback to his quirk is that if he manipulates other people’s blood for too long it starts affecting his own. So if he’s boiling someone’s blood it might happen to his too, so he has to be careful not to kill himself in the process. -
Nelo is a half vampire. His father is a vampire which gave Nelo faster running abilities and superior strength. His mother has a water bending type quirk so yeah ~ OH and he has a younger sister💕 

He would probably be a second or third year at UA. He’s super duper nice and gets flustered really easily. He doesn’t bite people for blood cause being that close to someone else is embarrassing so he goes to blood banks instead. -
This almost never happens but when he loses his temper he goes into “Rage Mode” and is really scary and aggressive! He never really harms people he loves but it scares them sometimes. The last time he used it was when he was protecting his sister from a monster.

He has 3 tattoos so far and a total of 10 piercings. Oh and his birthday is either October 13 or 31st not sure yet 😋 if u have any questions about him lemme know I love talking about my sons🎀🎀

Christmas Secrets

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Teamiplier one with fem!reader that’s Tyler’s sister and she went to LA to visit him on Christmas and she was secretly dating Ethan and Tyler finds out and he’s just like ‘as long as my Christmas present isn’t a niece or nephew I don’t care’

Summary:Fem!Reader goes to visit big brother Tyler + teamiplier but no one knows about Ethan being her boyfriend! Secrets secrets secrets…

A/N: Hello all! It’s 1am for me! This was fun to write! I love writing teamiplier! Italics signify a character’s inner monologue + silent, conversations through stares! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1805, this was originally only like 1100 words but then I realized it was teamiplier and not just tyler and ethan lol

Request some more! I’ve got my hands quite full right now, so it might take a while, but I’ll get to them!

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I LOVED this episode so much. It was perfect. So I made some screens from some fave moments. Though to be honest, If I could, I’d just cap the whole damn episode, that’s how perfect it was.

Lets get into it!


Okay with that out of the way, another cute detail, FAMILY PICS! ♥

So, Goku and Gohan are at the Chestnuts to recruit them. They asK Krillin first, who is debating it. Then Eighteen chimes in that he should…

CUZ WHY ELSE WOULD YOU TRAIN IN YOUR OWN DANG GYM IF YOU CAN’T REAP THE BENEFITS OF IT?! I am with Eighteen on this one. That looks like a VERY nice Gym too….

HEY, no whispering in Eighteen’s vicinity! I legit laughed at this.

Also, Eighteen’s is looking right through you Goku, sh*t ain’t never subtle with you.

So, the spar between Gohan and Krillin was actually VERY enjoyable to watch. I can understand Gohan’s POV but I do like how Krillin kind of set him straight, and with such an awesome new attack too! That Taiyoken times 100 is AMAZING and so bright too. LOVED how Eighteen has sunglasses and extra’s so Goku could get some. Gohan realizing he still has things to learn was a nice touch plus him kind of apologizing, though Krillin didn’t really make a big deal of it. It was so nice to see them interact like old times again!

This was a very nice K18 scene, IMO. I like how Krillin caught Eighteen kind of off guard when he interrupted her. He reassures her just slightly though and she tries to get it through his head that he should rest instead of going into another Spar with Goku of all people.

And after Krillin once again assured he wants to go through with it, Gohan chimes in, saying that she should understand Krillin’s viewpoint since she herself is a fighter too.

But she quickly rebuffs that and right here,  Eighteen actually lets her emotion slip through while telling him it’s not the same. Her voice is different in the scene above, you can practically HEAR the worry she has for her husband, because she knows his limit, and she knows he knows but he can be stubborn get carried away sometimes. 

I just LOVED Marron throughout this episode. We can deduce her home is so safe and loving. This kid is one bubble of support for her papa and mama, it’s ADORABLE. I also LOVE how Eighteen is adamant in making sure to reassure her daughter time and time again that her daddy is going to be fine, that he won’t lose.  *_*

EIGHTEEN TO THE RESCUE!!!! I LOVED how she intercepted in the KameHameHa stand off when it shows that Krillin is almost at his limit to hold on. It shows us that she DEFINITELY has her husband’s back.

I mean look at how she just kicks Super Saiyan Blue Goku so fiercily! *________*

…get ready for it…


AND LOOK AT THEM ALL READY TO TAKE ON GOKU TOGETHER. They are instantly so in tune with each other,  that even their talking is in perfect sync. .This is very peculiar to me and definitely holds a promise of us seeing some ass-kicking teamwork from these two. Especially now that Eighteen will be training with Krillin, I’m thinking they are gonna come up with some awesome attacks!

This high five was SO CUTE!!!!


All in all, this was a GREAT episode, and it gave us some serious insight into the dynamic between Krillin and Eighteen. We already knew it was there but it’s very nice to see it become even more solidified on the screen. I am so HYPED for whatever strategy and combo attack they may come up with. 

Where Death Goes

a/n: @midnigtartist drew my headcanon, I’ma write hers
Summary: Where does Death go, when he, inevitably, needs a break from the living world. Where does he go…to ease eons of suffering. 
Warning: Existential crisis and some themes of insecurities

He didn’t sleep.

However, that didn’t stop Kravitz from looking. It was hard not to look. He saw the sun beamed against Taako’s tranced figure. He hovered cross legged off the ground as his mind wandered into the indiscernible planes of his mind. He wondered where Taako’s mind went, where did Elven minds go to find reprieve? Had Taako been another sort of Elf, the kind Kravitz had known a few times. These silent, fluid beings of impossible beauty and grace, not to say Taako wasn’t impossibly beautiful or graceful. Taako was another completely. Entirely.

He was the closest to human without being human. A gray alignment but somehow vibrant in personality. Witty yet spoke in a slow, dazed like drawl that stuck on words as if preparing his speech as he came to him.

He was beautiful. Even like this, in his real skin. Tired, worn, the world on the shoulders of this small, selfish yet entirely selfless wizard. Kravitz didn’t need to sleep, so he observed.

Usually he kept his eyes closed out of courtesy. Taako’s ego didn’t need to catch Kravitz’s gawking. Kravitz sadly couldn’t help himself, not to day. His eyes skimmed the slightly illuminated outline, the beams of light bounced off the soft freckles that broke the surface across his olive toned skin. They were like dotted stars, constellations waiting to be traced, explored, and marveled at. His blond hair, unnaturally unkempt, out of braid hanging long and low touching the floor with its ends, Kravitz was glad he was relatively timeless. He didn’t think his life before had enough years to spend with Taako. He didn’t have enough time whatever life he had before. He was happy…

Time stood still now.

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Thought a lot about that possible Mass Effect inspired AU so I started doing some very rough sketches of the possible alien species. These are a couple that I kinda liked, but I might have to keep working them to make them a little more unique and solidified. 

The large and stocky one I’ve posted before but I’m posting it again for a better look at it: it’ll probably be a mix between reptilian and some sort of mammal in appearance. This is the species I’d like AJ to be should I make the AU.

The tall and skinny one be one of the ones that look the most like ponies, but of course with different anatomy and, in this thing’s case, no fur or hair to speak of aside from the hair on their heads. Based mostly on aquatic life, primarily the stingray, and their “wings” aren’t used for flying but for propelled swimming. They can breath air fine but they can also breath underwater, so they’ll have a set of gills on their necks that they cover with a moisturizing sort of padding that helps keep them from drying out when in dry atmospheres. Fluttershy would be this species if I make the AU.

I’ll update this the more I come up with stuff, but for now I hope you like it! In the meantime, what should the AU’s possible name be? Inspired as it is by ME I don’t really want to make it an actual ME AU, so that’s kinda out of the question. Any other suggestion for AU names appreciated. :3

(English Script) Mafumafu’s new “Slime-Making” video

Mafumafu posted a new live-action “cooking” video so I translated the whole script! Again, I can’t add subs to his channel because he doesn’t have community contributions enabled, so you’ll have to read it in text form, sorry ;; I tried to break the lines up by “scene” in my usual script format, but Mafu is the only “speaker” in this video, so I apologize if it’s hard to follow or anything. You can watch the original video through the link above. Enjoy!

(Btw no, he never said who was filming this whole thing, if you were wondering~ Also if you catch any references or anything that I may have missed since I don’t play Dragon Quest, please let me know! )

Please do not reprint these translations without permission or use them to upload subbed versions of the video to any site.

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hey so small thing, bendy seems to actually have some kinda skin? you can see in that photo you reblogged from tffab, the bendy next to desk just has ink dripping down his body, it's not made from it like sammy's body is.

I noticed that! It looks like he definitely has skin with ink on top of it, though it’s hard to say if it’s actually flesh or if it’s just solidified ink.

My Observation on Katsudeku

Okay, there seems to be a misconception about the entire concept of pairing characters that fight/argue/abuse/hurt/or hate each other.

These types of pairings draw a certain crowd I think, but that depends on how it is portrayed. I’ve been drawn to complicated pairings with dark subject matter since I got into the stuff.

Here is why I think Katsuki and Izuku as a pairing is both potentially negative and positive. Take this as you may - because I am weird when it comes to “shipping.”

Katsuki told Izuku to kill himself. He has physically beat him up, vocalized his dislike for and berated him, and looked at him like dirt. As for exactly “why” he did these things…I think it’s a complicated question with no definite resolution. Many people have broken this down and analyzed it. I chalk it up to Katsuki simply becoming a nasty person. He had a gift in the power of his quirk and it went to his head.

Izuku was this pathetic weakling that he felt was of no value to him. He felt like he was being mocked when Izuku followed him and praised him. God forbid, praise coming from the biggest loser, right?

Katsuki has many layers as a character. He’s an interesting character because he seems to be the embodiment of what unfortunately many people are like (albeit exaggerated): selfish, prideful, and stubborn. He is the character that (in my opinion) makes you question what truly is right and wrong. What it really means to be a hero.

In short he is misguided. He has part of the equation figured out, but not like Izuku. He hates the idea that Izuku is stronger than him where it matters - in being SELFLESS. Katsuki just wants to beat up villains and win all the battles. In retrospect, that’s not heroic in and of itself.

Izuku, the weakling with nothing, showed ultimate selflessness when he tried to help save Katsuki from the villain in the beginning of the manga. That was the pivotal moment that changed their relationship. Because that was what got Katsuki thinking.

He began to doubt himself.

So after the fight he and Izuku had, most of these sentiments became obvious. All Might drove the point home as well. Izuku will get himself killed if he doesn’t control his instinct to dive in and try to save everyone, thus resulting in people dying, and Katsuki will unintentionally be the result of people dying by focusing solely on defeating the bad guy. Innocents might have to die in that process.

Therefore, they are going to start supporting each other (as already implied) and drive out improvements where the other is lacking. This is where they start to make amends.

It’s sad because Izuku is such a kind and compassionate character. He puts others above himself. He is what most people strive to be: understanding, selfless, empathetic.

He was a victim of pure, classical unabashed bullying. And there is no excuse for what Katsuki did other than he was simply being a horrible person. Yes he received excessive praise, but arrogance and abuse don’t always go hand in hand.

He had no genuine reason to bully Izuku.

I say this because bullies, despite all being detestable, are not all cut from the same crop. Some people end up torturing others because that’s all they know (ie. abusive parents, poor living conditions, trauma, etc.) Others, because they are ill and think it’s funny, or it gets them attention, and so on and so forth. Please note I am not condoning bullying in any way. No amount of suffering gives you the right to take it out on others.

So as for Izuku - this is where it gets a little murky for me. We know he looked up to Katsuki more than anyone else, they were childhood friends, and he wanted to be like him.

But there seems to be little content solidifying his connection to Katsuki. I mean this in the sense that in the flashbacks we have been given so far, they haven’t been shown doing many mutually “friend like” things together.

So I see it as a form of a somewhat unhealthy obsession. Izuku is kinda obsessed with Katsuki, as he is in general with heroes (especially All Might.) This is similar to the Naruto/Sasuke dynamic. And as we all know, the author of MHA was influenced by Naruto.

So now we have a victim obsessed with his friend-turned-bully-turned-rival.

It could very well be viewed as unhealthy in this regard. But it is a two sided coin.

If you look at it through the pairing glasses, it comes off as them being infatuated with each other and not knowing how to handle it at this point. That opens a world of opportunity for character exploration in fan works.

But realistically, it’s now a matter of time before Katsuki finally accepts what he did wrong and apologizes to Izuku. I don’t know if it will be a traditional apology per say, but it’s highly likely to happen. It’s been confirmed Katsuki is not walking the villain path any time soon, so he can only improve from this point on.

My guess would be it’ll end up being a reciprocal of what Izuku did for him in the beginning, but this is just speculation this early on. We have a lot more material on store for us in this story.

Based on their history together, Izuku and Katsuki harbor a deep emotional connection. It is a little weird, because like I stated, we haven’t seen much of a given reason as to why. Factoring in the obsession theory makes it a little clearer.

It can be a great pairing in the sense of emotional healing and bonding. Deep relationships do not always come from a picture perfect background. People aren’t perfect. We make mistakes and screw stuff up all the time. We hurt people in many ways - both intentionally and unintentionally.

The fascinating part of this relationship is how these characters are demonstrating evolvement. They started as the thorn in each other’s sides and are growing to become each other’s biggest inspiration and support. This is how the pairing should be viewed.

You can mess around with it in so many ways because of how unique it is. Frankly I haven’t seen anything like it in a while, and that’s why it snatched my attention. From both a platonic and romantic point of view.

That and the classic sadomasochistic characteristics. Can’t go wrong with that. Usually lol.

So in conclusion, please don’t degrade us into a basic “abuse supporting” cage. These characters are written with far too many nuances of intricacy to just chalk it up to basic feelings and surface actions.

As noted, yes, there are those who choose to write this relationship a certain way because yes - there is source material to work with. Do I condone this? I have no right to judge other people based on what they write.

Fiction and reality are not the same thing. Fiction can enhance or diminish real life motions. For better or worse.

So enjoy the ship if you like it. Don’t feel intimidated because people are trying to guilt you out of liking it. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I think it’s great because it demonstrates that true connections run deep. The ability to forgive and apologize and understand - katsudeku can show this with or without the romance.

I rest my case. Peace out.