but this is kinda solidifying it

Last night while trying to sleep I had this scene in my head. Maybe for season 12 or maybe next season, but I want Dean to find out somehow that Cas is truly in love with him, like make it known textually on the show, and for a whole episode or two, Dean struggles with this news, even though he kinda already knew, it’s like, solidified now, and what is making him panicky is that Cas knows he knows.

So we have Castiel a little sad maybe because he really didn’t want to reveal how he felt, but he did and it’s done, but he didn’t really get the response he had hoped for from Dean, so he’s just sitting alone on a bench, overlooking a lake as the sun is about to set. He’s deep in thought, with his squinted eyes and cute wrinkled brow, when Dean finally tracks him down. (that gps is a handy tool) 

He sits next to Cas, who just turns his head slightly to acknowledge the hunter’s presence. His hands are fidgeting in front of him, he knows it’s about to come - the “talk” about how these feelings are inappropriate and need to be dealt with if they want to remain friends. 

But Dean doesn’t speak right away, he just looks out at the lake and sighs. The silence is deafening, and Castiel swears he can now hear his own heartbeat, loud and hard in his chest. 

When Dean finally speaks, Castiel hesitantly looks his way, bracing himself for the inevitable blow that will surely break his heart into a million pieces. But something is different in how he played this out in his mind for the last hour. Dean is smiling, a nervous smile - you know the one he does when his mouth twitches, his lips quiver, and he exhales a few times before allowing himself to let any words come out. 

“You know, a very smart lady once asked me if I ever took the time to watch a sunset.”

Castiel isn’t sure where this conversation is going, so he just nods and offers a fragile smile, turning his attention back out to the shimmering water of the lake, that is now consuming the colors of the sun. 

“I guess I should, once in a while,” Dean adds, now bringing his hands in front of him and resting them between his thighs, a nervous gesture, for it’s not cold outside. He’s staring at Castiel now, and the angel all but chokes when he finally meets the hunter’s green gems, which are piecing through him as they always do. 

“Yes, it’s quite pleasant,” is all Castiel can say. 

They remain still with their eyes locked, as they’ve always done since they first met, but this time seems more intense. There has been a revelation, Dean knows he’s in love with him, and yet here he is, sitting by his side and making small talk. 

“She also told me to follow my heart.”

Castiel feels the air in his lungs escape as warm fingers reach for his and soon Dean is holding onto his hand, a side smile creeping up his face. “And I think it’s about time I do that too.”

While this is not even close to what Castiel was expecting, he gladly closes his fingers around Dean’s hand and squeezes. It’s hard to make an angel feel like he’s going to faint, or sweat, or even have a heart attack, but he feels all of it when Dean scoots even closer and smiles as he gazes out at the setting sun. 

For all the words his best friend lacks, he makes up for in his actions, and while he may not utter those three words back to Castiel, this here, right now, is all he needs. For this is the beginning of a new journey together. 

Pairing: George Washington x Reader
Trigger Warnings: None I don’t think other than badly google translated French, a lot of dialogue, not one of my best buuuut whatever lol
Inspired by this post by @i-am-a-person-a
Thanks for everyone who followed, love y'all!! This one’s a little different, kinda more fun than sad or angsty. A lot of it is just solidifying George’s character, so I’ll probably do another one soon lol

Alexander walked into his new job with high hopes, clutching a briefcase in one hand and buttoning his suit jacket with the other. He quit the job at his old law firm, mostly out of pride, partially out of lack of passion. He couldn’t work somewhere where the employees didn’t love their job. And he hated his extremely rude asshole of a boss. Almost immediately, he was offered a job at Washington Law Firm, which he graciously accepted.

He knew most of the lawyers there, and was friends with them. John Laurens dealt with biological cases, Marquis de Lafayette was assigned international cases, Hercules Mulligan with domestic cases, so on and so forth. Of course, there were lawyers he didn’t like. Like Thomas Jefferson. His rival since freshman year of college.

But he was determined to make the best of it.

“Alexander, hey!” John shook his hand as Alex arrived. “Finally decided to move to the dark side, huh?” They both laughed, rejoicing in their rekindled friendship. “Please,” Alex started, “If anything, this is the light side. Don’t get me started on Adams.”

“Is that Hamilton I hear?” A French accent called. Out of another office walked Lafayette and Mulligan, eager to see their college buddy. “Lafayette, comment avez-vous été?”

“Aussi bien que tout Français en Amérique.”

“Je jure que vous aimez l'Amérique plus que les Américains.”

“Guys, you know I don’t speak French.” Mulligan groaned jokingly. They all laughed as he greeted Hercules with a, “Hey, man, what’s up?”

As they were all mingling, a tall man stepped out of his office, files and folders in hand. He glanced around, his face stoic, before walking towards the reception desk. Alex looked over at him in awe, “Is that-”

“Yep. That’s the CEO, George Washington.” Mulligan answered, lowering his voice to a whisper. Washington was a strong, buff looking man with the expression that reminded someone of a rhinoceros, very hard and stern. “He served in the military for a few years before becoming a lawyer.”

“I don’t think I’ve even seen him smile.”

“Oui, me, as well, mon ami.”

“He can’t be that bad.” Alex rolled his eyes, looking back at his friends. “He’s not a bad person. Just… intimidating.” John replied.

Then, Washington’s expensive shoes clicked against the tiled floor as he made his way over to the group. “Alexander Hamilton, I presume?”

“At your service, sir.” Alex replied, firmly shaking his hand. He could feel the callouses in Washington’s hand from years of service. “I’ve got some cases for you, if you’re ready.” George said.

“Of course.”

“Have the paperwork done by the end of week, on my desk.” George handed Alex all of the files and folders, causing his eyes to widen. “The end of the week?” He asked.

Washington’s eyebrow quirked up, his hands in the pockets of his suit pants. “Unless you’ve got some other job to be doing all week, in which case I can find someone else to do yours.”

Alexander quickly shook his head, “No, sir.”

George gave him a firm nod, “Good.”

As Washington walked away, Alexander stood shocked, staring the work before him. The guys all patted him on the back. “I almost lost my job on the first day.” Alex said to himself. “Don’t feel bad.” Lafayette consoled. “He’s just in a bad mood because his girlfriend is out of state.”

“That man has a girlfriend? How is she not terrified?” Alex asked.

“We’ve never met her, but we’ve heard the receptionist talk about her.” John said. “She, apparently, is the exact opposite of Washington.”

“Maybe she’ll be at the luncheon in a couple months.” Mulligan mentioned.

“As much as I love to gossip about my boss’s girlfriend, I have paperwork to do.” Alex excused himself from the group. He walked to his office at a calm pace, only slowing to sneer at the office with Jefferson’s name on the door.

Hours later, after everyone had left, he was still sitting at his desk. As he pulled on his own hair while signing a piece paper and moving on to the next case, he muttered, “Washington’s girlfriend needs to come home right now.”


It didn’t take very long for Alexander and George to become acquainted, just a few months. It also didn’t take long for George to realize Alexander was very opinionated, and had almost no self control. “Hamilton, my office, now.”

Alexander walked in and closed the door behind him after assuring his friends that it was nothing. “Sir, you and I both know Jefferson started this war.”

“And I’m leaving it up to you to end it, Alexander.”

“But sir-”

“Look, we have this luncheon coming up for the merger and I need everyone on their best behavior, especially my right hand man.” George reasoned with him. Washington Law Firm was then merging with the Schuyler Firm in order to expand their reach around New York City. “Yes, sir.” Alexander nodded glumly. “When’s that thing again?”

“The luncheon?”



“Yes, the luncheon, when is it?”

“It’s tomorrow.” George deadpanned. Alexander started laughing, only stopping when he realized Washington wasn’t laughing with him. “You’re not laughing?”

“When have you ever seen me laugh, Hamilton?”

“Fair enough.”

“Bring Eliza. She’s probably the only one who can actually control you.”

Alexander nodded, looking down at Washington’s desk. He noticed a picture. It was Washington, actually smiling. His face was pressed up against a woman’s; she had Y/E/C eyes, Y/H/C hair, and a dazzling smile. “Is that your sister, sir?” He asked, nodding to the picture.

Washington looked down at the picture. He had to will himself not to smile at the picture of you, remembering the day it was taken, “That’s my girlfriend.”

Hamilton’s eyes widened. “Your girlfriend?”

“Am I not allowed to date, Alexander?”

“No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. I mean-”

“Go finish your paperwork, Hamilton.”

“Yes, sir.”


Alexander and the guys, along with the Schuyler sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were sitting at a table, observing the guests at the luncheon. They were all giddy to see Washington’s girlfriend, who’d been the subject of many, many bets. “Ten bucks on her being a female Washington.” Angelica said.

“No way! She’s probably really nice.” John disagreed. “Nicer than the General?” Mulligan joked, using his secret nickname. “Impossible.”

“Guys, look! There he is!”

You and George had just checked your coats in before walking into the dining hall. George looked over at your grinning lips before pecking them, a small smile breaking out on his own. “Calm down, Y/N, it’s not that exciting.”

“Are you kidding? I get to meet all of your work friends.” You said happily. You almost tripped over your own feet, your heels not allowing you to walk as fast as you’d like. “You mean my employees?” He chuckled.

“Eh, same difference.”

As you drank from the glass of champagne that your boyfriend offered you, you saw two men standing off to the side, casually glancing at the both of you. “So,” You said, “Introduce me to people.” You smiled. “I want to be in the know.”

“It’s a law firm, babe, not a soap opera.”

“Just do it.” You laughed, practically dragging him over to the two men. “Lafayette, Hamilton, this is my girlfriend, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” George introduced you lovingly with a smile plastered on his face.

That was what you loved about George. He didn’t feel the need to show you off; you showed yourself off (which was actually you showing him off, but he didn’t need to know that). He would just stand back and smile, watching you as if you were the only woman in the world. And to him, you were. As long as you were with him, he didn’t need anyone or anything else. He was as faithful as they come.

“It’s a pleasure, mademoiselle.” Lafayette lightly shook your hand. “Pardon my asking,” Alex started, “But how do you get him to smile? I’ve been trying for months.” He joked. Washington cleared his throat loudly, causing Alex to straighten up quickly. You laughed and hit George’s arm, “Stop it!” You told him. You turned to Alexander, “I didn’t know a smile was such a rare occurrence for Mr. Washington.”

George’s cheeks heated up, the blush fanning across his face. “This is the first time any of us have seen him smile, l'honneur de scout.” Lafayette grinned.

“I’ll have to work on that then.” You beamed. You intertwined you fingers with George’s before turning to him, “Come on, baby, I want to meet more people.”

George barely had time to say goodbye to the laughing pair before Y/N pulled him towards another group of people.

And that was what he loved about you. You were so happy, bubbly, and outgoing. He felt like he could do anything with you by his side. You were always the strong back bone pushing him in the right direction, in business and in his personal life. Whenever he needed to smile, you made sure he did by doing one thing: being yourself.

About an hour later, George was pulling you into an empty hallway. “George, what are you doing? I was going to talk to Eliza.”

“I just want a minute alone with you.” He said, leaving kisses all around your face. You giggled, “Ohh, Mr. Washington is starting a scandal.” You joked. “Shut up and kiss me.” He chuckled.

With that, you closed the gap and your lips molded together. The never ending sparks of your relationship pulsed through both your bodies. You felt his love for you in such a simple, yet passionate kiss. If you weren’t excited and happy, you probably would’ve cried. You finally found someone who you loved, and who loved you back. You were convinced that nothing could be better than that moment.

That is, until he proposed twenty minutes later.

That was probably better. Probably.


Decided to do some semi-devotional kinda drawing seeing that I’m getting back in contact. Practiced some falcon head studies, based on the Aussie Peregrine subspecies (F. p. macropus) which are quite stocky, robust birds whose teardrop and eyeliner markings are solidified into a mask.

I really love the bottom one, I might polish that up into the sidebar image.

not afraid anymore

requested: what about shawn and y/n based on not afraid anymore by halsey?
authors note: this song is from fifty shades and the message isn’t exactly what i actually wrote for this imagine. this imagine is inspired by it i guess. y/n and shawn like each other but y/n has always been kinda afraid to make a move.

The tv played quietly, lighting up your small hotel room. The lights were off and you sat on the floor at the bottom of your bed. Shawn sat right next to you, closer than you’d been to him in a while. You could feel his eyes on you as you watched the tv. You normally hated being alone with him but tonight was different. You leaned back situating yourself in a more comfortable position, grazing your elbow against Shawn’s arm accidentally on purpose. You could feel him solidify, tensing up at the unusual sensation of your skin.

“Sorry.” You let your eyes meet his and let out a small smile as you apologized. When really you weren’t sorry at all.

“Don’t be.” Shawn let out a heavy breath when he spoke, sitting up on the floor and turning himself towards you.

He was staring at you now. His eyes made your soul go numb. You felt nothing other than him. His energy was radiating around him like a halo. The more your eyes examined the features on his face, the closer he got. You could feel these vibrations between the both of you, and you wanted to do something about it. He kept getting closer as if he was waiting for you to give in to your heart. It was almost like he was reading your mind. You couldn’t take it anymore, and your physical aura took you over, as you slowly pressed your lips on his. You knew he was just as nervous as you were, since it took a minute for him to kiss back. But when he did, your heart was beating right out of your chest. You leaned into him deepening the kiss, pushing him on his back. You were now on top of him, and your face was heating up. You separated his lips from yours and attached them to his neck. You suddenly weren’t afraid anymore, and you knew what you wanted. All that you wanted in this moment was him. Your stomach was turning and you could feel the blood in your veins boiling.

You kept kissing his neck, his collarbones, until he touched your head. He used both of his hands to pull your face back onto his, and your lips were together again. His body was warm and it made you even warmer. You hands were on his chest, and your legs were on either side of his stomach. The hotel room carpet smelled like cigarettes, but you didn’t care. Shawn sat up as you kissed, not detaching your lips from his once. You were now straddling him, his hands were on your legs as you wrapped them around his waist. His touch drove you insane and you could feel his love crawling underneath your skin. This wasn’t just physical attraction, this was two hearts colliding into one. You were fearless right now, and so was he. You pulled back from him to catch your breath, and you rested your forehead on his. He was playing with the hem of your shorts, when you decided that you wanted all of him forever. You hated yourself for not being brave enough before. You didn’t want to hide anymore that you were undeniably in love with him.


I kinda forgot to post about it.
Last year my best friend’s parents (who are seriously like my 2nd parents) invited me to go with the family for 3 weeks in April!
We solidified the dates and i got my passport. I already got the time off and Im heading out in mid April!

im not looking forward to being painfully broke before and after the trip, but i hope it will be well worth it.

Idk why but I really like the idea of Percy being a really touchy kind of person after everything he’s been through. In a literal sense. Like, people’s touches help ground him, solidify the fact that they’re there and so is he and they’re safe.

Like, he’ll sit maybe just a little too close to people. He holds hands with his friends, no romance at all, it just makes them both feel safe. And he’ll snuggle with people and rest his head on their shoulders and he gives really warm hugs that last just a beat longer than normal.

Yeah, I just really like this idea.


ben wyatt in every episode: 3x06 Indianapolis
“You know, they always ask me to go out with them. They’re just being polite.“

If this is platonic why is this romantic? Part 3! (Kinda)

Part 1, Part 2 

This is a post explaining why I find it hard to see that last look between Lydia and Stiles as romantic, and more like the show solidifying their best friendship.


In episode 1 of the first season we get this scene of Lydia and Allison in front of the lockers and becoming best friends.


After Allison’s death we get this scene between Malia and Lydia, obviously paralleling the scene in season 1. Now I don’t believe they ever became as close as Lydia was to Allison but their friendship definitely parallel each other often.


Now in season 6 we get another scene paralleling both the scene in season 1 and the scene in season 3b. Lydia and Stiles started to become friends toward the end of season 2 and were much closer by the start of 3a. After Allison died they started becoming closer to each other. Their friendship parallels both the Allydia friendship and Sciles friendship. It would take a rewatch to make a comprehensive list of all the times they’ve paralleled each other. But I definitely believe this scene was to solidify the fact they are now each other’s best friends.

Now before any stdia shippers get upset I’m not denying the fact that they have feelings for each other. I’m just saying this scene was more to cement their friendship instead of their romantic relationship.

It’s funny how with every DLC, Jaehee keeps solidifying her spot as amazing character and best route to play. My opinion constantly wavers on the guys but Jaehee scenes are every single time top notch super adorable can’t stop being gayhee for baehee. I think it might be because Cheritz keeps treading the line between best friend and girlfriend for her but perhaps ironically, it’s what makes her romance the most wholesome, healthy and happy and sometimes kinda frustrating but that’s what headcanons/fanfic are for.

I think MC fits with Jaehee so well, that even with my infatuation for Seven I’d rather see them together in the end. 

Horror Club just solidified my headcanon that Lars is trans. flashback!lars looks kinda like a tomboyish girl, which i assume is shortly before he really started transitioning. my guess is that he told his friend ronoldo that he was trans, and ronoldo accepted it no problem. trans!lars would also make ronoldo’s “why do you care what people think of you” comment a whole lot more meaningful.

Blue Team Gems!  From left to right: Tex, Church, Tucker, and Caboose!

I swear one day I’ll draw rvb stuff that isn’t Blue Team or Freelancers…but apparently it isn’t this day.  Anyway, there are some tentative designs for the rvb/su crossover I was talking about the other day.  I won’t even try to pretend I know what I’m doing here in terms of gems or placement or anything.  I will say I’m kinda pissed that I like this better than, like…any drawing I’ve done of these guys yet?

mybrokensanity  asked:

So for the character opinions for ynwa I'm kinda iffy about Hoseok bc I could see someone different in his place better (Jackson, Chen, possibly Yoongi) idk I just can't really see Hoseok in the role of gang leader but that's just my opinion. So far the character development is great but it seems a little rushed with the attack on the hq so soon into the story but it also solidifies the danger with that lifestyle. Overall, amazing story so far and I look forward to seeing how it plays out 💜

okay okay, i understand that. that’s why i chose hoseok as the leader because i’ve never personally seen that before and thought that it would be interesting to play with his character a little. and thank you very much! i hope you like the chapters to come and look forward to more messages from you! author love, thanks for reading! x x x

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Day 6!

DAY 6: An old creation Jack may have not seen.

Old creations. Ahhhhh, the simple word of OLD can simply mean CRINGY in my head. I started watching Jack at a point where my style for humans wasn’t as solidified as it was now. It was kind of “ehhhhh???” and things in general were all “ehhhhhh???”

SO… without further delay… here is the Worst of the First. :’)

*Breaths in sharply*


… The Hitman…

My boy… my great abomination that I still actually feel kinda proud of? Basically this was a concept of an Anti that somehow was banished for good, but wound up into another dimension with no memory of who he was before! It was a barren, almost apocalyptic wasteland with other banished dark versions of everyone else– and The Hitman would be there to save the day! >:D

I should draw him again for old time’s sake… :’)

This was a doodle from the hype of Pinkiplier and the green potato! So many comparisons to Cosmo and Wanda…

… so many… :’)

Okay this isn’t art, but this is still my proudest dream. :’)


Now THIS is a proud moment right there! That face anatomy is so horrible, but Jack getting slimed was actually one of my proudest reblog of my art from him! I felt so proud!

Keyword: FELT. : ‘ D

I didn't see that coming!!

Whenever I see people say that they didn’t sign up for Brallie, I just kinda laugh and scratch my head. I’m always so confused because you did. Brallie was there from the first commercial of The Fosters. I knew from the first commercial that it was gonna happen. And then of course, there is the first couple of minutes of the show where Brandon playing is used as background with Callie getting beat up in Juvie. It was solidified in that moment. Then there was them on the train with their legs brushing up against each other. The fact that it was shown put a clear emphasis on the relationship that they were going to have. Brandon was intrigued when he first saw Callie, he welcomed her first. That intrigued look from Brandon was the shown in the first commercial. That was the first sign… Callie and Brandon were always meant to be each other’s love interest. Brallie didn’t come out of nowhere randomly one day. The seeds were apparent from the first commercial, but to see it requires attention to detail.

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what the heck?? Karlie got hacked? :(

I know! Ugh.. I was really confused last night when I saw her snapchats hahaha. I kinda realized something was off. Hopefully her account security is being solidified, cuz that can lead to some sticky situations… I just hope her PR team doesn’t use this hack the same way Modest! has used twitter hacks in the 1D pr mess.. lol