but this is kind of obvious

My fiancee and I were discussing the worst metal to use to make armor, and the obvious answers are lead and gold, but she cunningly suggested mercury. Which is a fair point, but then I wondered if solid mercury is any good. Googling told me that the melting point of mercury is -38° c (-37° f), so first you get it really fucking cold. At that point, it turns out that mercury has a tensile strength of 1900 mpa, compared to lead’s 18 and steel’s ~500-940 (depending upon the kind of steel).

Now, I know that tensile strength is not necessarily the best measure of a material’s ability to function as armor, but I’m a liberal arts major and didn’t care to actually do that much more research before going straight to, “EVIL ICE DEMONS IN MERCURY ARMOR. THE PCS CAN’T LOOT IT BECAUSE WHEN THEY PUT IT ON IT MELTS AND KILLS THEM.”

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I'm working on a story where the main character is starting to like(fall in love with) a secondary character, but doesn't realize it yet. Any tips on portraying it without being too obvious?

I am a sucker for characters realizing they are in love. I’m the kind of writer who loves to write romance into their stories, but I never explicitly say it. I’ll give you a wonderfully In love couple but never really tell you tgey are a couple. So I have plenty of practice with writing the subtle development of romance. So hopefully what I’ve learned and do also works for you!

1. The glances. A lot of the times, if you are intrigued/curious/interested in someone you will take every chance you can get to look at them. Sneaking glances here and there, looking at them for far longer then one should. Because they can’t really help it. They can’t help but look at the other. Examine them. Admire them. The glances and staring also provide a chance of adding a bit of tension to the relationship(if you want) by having the other character catch them glancing or staring at them.

2. Reactions. When you like someone in a romantic way (whether you realize it or not yet) you will have different reactions to them then you will to other people. You may laugh or smile a little more around them. Their presence might make you feel safe or their touch might make you feel warmer. This is usually one of the main ways people tend to realize they like someone romanticslly. When that question is posed ‘why do they make me feel….?“

3. Over thinking. My personal favorite. When you like someone (again, whether you realize it or not) you tend to over think the things they do. Especially if you are already a nervous or pessimistic person. Any slight touch, any badly phrased conversation or friendly gesture usually gets pondered on for far longer then it should. Everything gets questioned. Why did they do that and what does it mean? I like this one because it can cause a lot if conflict for the character that’s crushing.

4. Always on the mind. Just plain thinking about them a little more then usual. Certain things will remind them of their crush. Certain colors, items, moves, or places might spark certain memories in their brain that makes them think of their love interest.

5. Pain and comfort. Nothing tells you how much you like someone until you see them hurt.The same as idea as "you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Comfort is similar. You don’t realize him much someone cares about you until they are trying to comfort you.

6. Over protective/ possessive. Okay now this one isn’t for every character, and if you push this one too far it will come off as abusive, which obviously isn’t good. Many people become protective of the person they like. Doing anything and everything they can to make sure that person is safe and healthy. This is endearing in small steps. For instwncr, your character stepping into a battle in order to save the one they love. Encouraging them to eat/ act healthier is a nicer one too. There’s also nothing wrong with getting a bit jealous if they notice someone else taking interest in their love. Worrying about their health is fine. However, forcing them to be healthy, and being jealous to the point of not wanting/ not letting them be around others is really bad and abusive.

Now the order these go in and how strongly each of these are felt, depends on your character. Your character may not even experience these things. The speed in which their feelings and the signs of their feelings grow also depends on your characters. Love is a weird thing, it is without a doubt one of those things that is different for everyone. So try exploring your character more and try different things with them. What works and what doesnt. Id also look at why they like the other character, as that will play at a big part in how they fall in love, and how they react to those feelings. I wish you luck with your writing, and if you have any other questions, or if something wasn’t clear, please feel free to contact me!

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I don't really get why some people are so angry at others for supporting Even and Sana? Do they think it's romantic at all? Like, I stan them so much but in a friendship kind of way. (Hello, THE FRICKIN' HOLY TRINITY!!!!!). It's also really obvious that Sana adores them together! Like she's supportive and she's happy! And if those theory are real that Sana and Even knew each other before kosegruppa, then that would mean Sana wanted to Even to meet Isak! SUPPORTIVE AF!!!

because they’re biphobic, and also yes? the way she looked at isak and even in the new clip is. she just realizes that even has the chance to be happy!

so i just got the above email from my department head. It means I’ve made it over the first hurdle to tenure (i.e. continuing to have a career): my department is willing to start going through the long, involved process of making me associate professor.


I like to measure risk, danger, worry, etc… in terms of the danger of dying in a car crash. This is the most dangerous thing that I’m willing to risk on a day-to-day basis without even a second thought (otherwise I’d never leave the house).

So, I now think it is more likely to die in a car crash than to fail to receive tenure.

I wouldn’t have said that last week, necessarily: department meetings, where this kind of decision is made, often remind me of train wrecks.

not gonna count my chickens before they hatch of course. At work i’m gonna conduct myself as if this was a foregone, obvious conclusion, why are we even talking about it when we could be talking about mathematics? etc. but outside that setting, i’m going to have myself a bit of a squeeeeee.


unrelated: it looks like my spam filter might be a little over-enthusiastic.

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Do you mind to tell me which blogs or twitter accounts do you follow to see Shefani news? I'm asking because I really want to stop reading some blogs around here that are becoming too much and driving me crazy. Thank you

Sure! I probably follow too little. I’m kind of bad about following other blogs. I’m pretty picky about my dashboard. I only follow 143 blogs. And I’ve been on here for 6+ years (and I think about half of those are inactive). 🙈

Also, I’m in a group chat with shefani fans. So I tend to get some news that way too.


Those are more of the blogs that post Gwen, Shefani, or Blake stuff regularly.

But other shefani fans that I just like following are @beayag, @generouslystickywerewolf, @jjsamps536, @savaii-lights, @helltotheknope, @morganaharris, @withlove-cl.

I’m sure I’ve left out people and sorry about that. If you feel like your blog or somebody else’s needs to be on the list, please feel free to reblog and add more! Like I said, I’m really bad about following people. And I’m also bad at branching out and checking out other blogs. So I would love to suggestions too! 💖


I really don’t follow a lot of accounts on Twitter. I keep most of my stanning on tumblr. But I follow several of the people listed above on twitter too. But I don’t feel comfortable straight up naming their accounts since many like to keep tumblr and twitter separate.

But as far as the account I go to to just breeze through their timeline to see if there has been any news, then I normally check out rebeccaalpert1′s timeline. She normally RTs every bit of news.

Hope this helps!

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I would definitely report them. They haven't done anything about being called out by the author and their response to it is honestly ridiculous. It's kind of obvious they know what their doing and don't think it's wrong. It's a shit situation to be in for you I know but I really don't think they're going to change unless a bigger action is taken :/

Just submitted it. If people are curious as to the report I sent, I’ll leave it under the cut below

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That was very stupid.

Although maybe not as stupid as it looked. Can Andy survive being stabbed with his own sword was a legit question going back to Klaus’s Madwolf fic, er, fairytale.

Anyway, the answer is a resounding YES, he can.

I’m thinking the Knights of the Hunt and the zombified guys are probably not the same group, they don’t have the same armour, although hopefully that will become more obvious since if the doggies are fine they should DO something soon.

I’m kind of touched that Martellus has friends?

There’s an interesting comparison between Martellus’ solid base of friends willing to fight alongside him, with a few older family members backing them up, and Tarvek’s web of mostly older family members. Especially since Tarvek seems to have people on his side who aren’t on each other’s side, implying he doesn’t really share anyone’s ideals he just tells them what they want to hear. Tarvek’s got more strings to pull, but nothing really solid.

There’s also an odd thing where Tarvek’s a better person around Agatha and Martellus is a much worse one. All the really evil things Martellus has done, the King’s touch, considering mind control, the sleaze, have been aimed at Agatha. Otherwise he’s mostly very stabby, towards people he has reason to think also want him dead.

The name ‘Buzzwole’ seems a little too obvious, but ‘Seel’ is a Pokemon name so whatever.  I find it interesting that Buzzwole kind of looks like its in dramatic black ink shading at all times.  Some of that IS shading, but I think some parts of its body just look like that.  Like it carries dramatic lighting around with it.

I’ve essentially been made a supervisor on the sex ed hotline I volunteer at - reviewing other peoples’ responses, editing resource documents, etc - and I’ve mentioned it to a couple people and they both were like “oh yeah I figured you’d be the obvious pick for that position” which kind of blows me away! People like what I do and think I’m good at stuff and generally value my input on things I participate in! Weird!

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1, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 🤷🏽‍♀️

lolz i feel like all of these questions can be related so like they’re all a tad connected

1. Where did you hide the body?

in the most obvious spot that is so obvious that you forget to even check there bc it’s so obvious so why would you check

41. Who?

this one girl that none of you know bc i know her from school

42. What?

five minutes to get rid of it

43. Where?

i shall direct you up to the top, at the first question i answered

44. When?

this afternoon when she really got on my nerves :) 

45. Why?

we were having a conversation and she basically invalidated what i thought/said/belived so im a ~tad pissed off :)

46. How?

with kindness bc i’m a bigger person than she is :)

~normal ask meme

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k. what character has your favorite development/best character arc?

is it obvious to answer “Aaron Burr”? his downward spiral over the course of the musical reminds me so much of Salieri’s arc in “Amadeus” (the first time i heard the musical i was working on a Baroque Lit final, so it’s kind of a given that i made all these parallels between Ham/Burr and Mozart/Salieri). it’s tragic because it feels inevitable, because the solution is not readily apparent (even if i’m screaming, “just kiss and make up!”) - and maybe most of all because Burr and Hamilton are mirrors of each other, perfectly matched. the whole inevitability of it also pains me because Burr makes it clear control is the Most Important thing to him, and the musical is him losing utter control over his life and legacy. 

(basically, i cry over these idiots every day of my life.)

t. do you have any hard and fast headcannons you will die defending?

*here’s an itemized list*

(i’m kidding)

i have Serious Thoughts about Hamilton as a person, and those influence my characterization and headcannons in general, but for the sake of balancing out the previous answer: i’m interested in myers briggs typing and i will go to my grave defending my belief that Alexander Hamilton was an ENFP. like… i have an essay prepared for the first person who asks. 

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Psst bro can you tell us what sort of girls you like ? :>

     Oh, Okuyasu’s type. Come to think of it, he didn’t really think about the details all that much. He would’ve killed to have a girlfriend, that was obvious, but he never really thought about the kind of traits he’d want her to have. What would she be like? What would be ideal? Wording it like that kind of made him feel weird. That wasn’t the way he wanted to see it. But with his lack of experience and childish personality, it was kind of hard for him to stray off that path at first .

     ❝ I like… cute girls. Good girls. I’m not really picky !!  ❞

     No, no, no. That’s too simple-minded. He had to really think about this! All his exaggerated whining and shitty ego aside, he didn’t really have a huge preference. Of course he had his own personal interests and things he admired, but he didn’t stress the little details. They didn’t matter all that much to him. But if there was anything he could make a big deal out of, it was this:

     ❝ I mean — look, dude: I don’t really care what she looks like! I don’t care if she’s smart, or loaded, or whatever. I don’t care if she’s got a Stand or not. Hell, I don’t even care if she likes all that spicy shit I can’t stand !! ❞ 

     He throws his hands into the air theatrically, returning them to his side as his face suddenly grows serious. His tone is sincere, but the way he looks away makes him look as though he’s too embarrassed to keep going .

     ❝ … But I want her to be nice. I want her to like me, even if I’m not really all that great in comparison. I want to be able to take her home to my dad. To have her understand and not turn her back on me when she realizes just how bad things have been for me. I’d give every single yen I HAVE just to find somebody like that to love! I don’t CARE about the little shit! I just want her to be HAPPY with me! To SMILE and act PROUD to be around me ! 

       God damn it, I just want someone to LIKE me !!

     The delinquent shoved his face deep into the crook of his left arm. It was normal for him to be emotional in an extreme degree, but there was something unsettling about this time. This was why he didn’t like thinking about everything so hard. He didn’t feel like he deserved to be thinking at all. He had once been ridiculed simply for existing and acting a fool. Every day, on the hour. Even though everything was far better for him now, he didn’t forget all of the BULLSHIT life handed him. It was carved deep inside his memory like the semicircle markings on his face. Every stupid thought kept going right back to the same damn thing. He HATED it .

                                             ❝ —— I  like cute girls. Good girls. I’m not really all that picky . ❞

@teruterubouzu said: Be nicer to yourself. Everyone has some negative feelings. It is how you act on them that truly matters.

@motleysaint said: Some peoples crosses are more obvious than others. and sometimes a cross is made only heavier by the fact that it is not recognized

@thelonelybrilliance said: As someone who has both a rather prickly exterior, then sort of a sensitive underlayer, and then what often feels like a dark heart…you’re brave to be kind and “sunshiney” outside, even if there’s struggles within. Everyone has struggles, temptations, hardships–all feelings…and yes, they can be weakness. But if you make consistent efforts (and I know you DO because that is what we ALL see about you, this goodness and LIGHT and genuine love), it’s about the WILL. <3

Thank you all so much, these are all varying, good, and beautiful perspectives. Y’all are amazing.

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long haired yurio.

there he is!

I started thinking that a place called Seasoning City would have lots of great places to get the best snacks after school ^^ ///

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

Y'know. I was actually considering not posting these for a while… But, best not to hide about what I spent the most time indulging in for the past months. (especially since this would be the 5th time I’ve done so) I’m. STILL. VERY MUCH in love with Yamcha having a daughter (and the art style of that one OVA). Those Dragon Balls are a gift 💙🌸👍🏽

….Also the first image was another prompt from that exact same unfinished DBZ art meme I gave myself… (Being: “Do you have any OC’s?” and at this point, she counts since it’s always the same child.)

And since people kept asking, and I need to own up to what I’ve done for once: the girl’s name is “Yantan.” She’s a dumpling.