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Classmates doing the smiley thing 😊😊😊
September 16, 2017

Today marks 365 days since I started my weight-loss journey. Some of these photos I was very reluctant to post because I’ve never enjoyed showing my body or made myself so vulnerable on social media, but this is me and where I am today. There’s so many things I want to say and share about this past year, but I think what’s most important is that I’m happy and healthy. I had great support from friends and family, fought through tons of self doubt, and kept looking towards the finish line the entire time. They weren’t lying in health class, it really is all about eating right, drinking lots of water, and working out. As of now I have lost a total of 95lbs. A year ago today I made a choice, and I will never turn back. To the girl from a year ago, I want you to know that you were beautiful no matter what size you wore or what you weighed on the scale, and I’m glad you decided to change your lifestyle so you could be healthy and work on your physical and mental health. If only you could see now how much better you feel about yourself and about life. I hope I can share this and inspire some people no matter what it is they’re trying to achieve in life right now. Stick with it and believe in yourself. You can do it! ✨💪🏻🎉

Love yourself just as you are or love yourself as you change yourself. Your own happiness and health (mental or physical) are whats the most important.


TMNT bros from out of the shadows!! Refs for myself I guess?? Boy that second movie was so much better than the first. Just way more fun.

and they gave the turtles R E A L   P A N T S  this time. im so happy for them

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Hi just dropping Adam’s its-bisty excited expression when he discusses Kylo Ren’s story in The Last Jedi here for all to enjoy!


Okay so IM 100% sure that Tom is the lil spoon okay. LOOk AT THIS BOY LOOK AT HIS CUTE LIL SMILE HOW PURE

HES SO HAPPY BEING ALL NESTLED AND WARM AND HIS BODY LANGUAGE IS SO RELAXED. I feel like bc of this (and bc tom is shorter for a guy his age, and on the skinnier side, he’d LOVE to be with someone taller or a lil bit chubby bc he wants to be like wrapped up in ur warmth and be all snuggled in and junk. OBVIOUSLY THO TOM IS A TOTAL SWEETHEART SO HE WOULD LITERALLY LOVE U EVEN IF U WERE A SHORT LIL SPOON LIKE HIM AND HE WOULD JUST LIKE TO BE CLOSE TO YOU AND WOW IM JUST SO HERE FOR CUDDLY LIL SPOON TOM (This gif is also proof that Jacob would be like the best big spoon ever bc he like hugs with like his entire body and is super nestling and warm) SO EMBRACE THESE CUTIES OK THEYRE JUST RLLY CUTE AND I LOVE MY LIL AND BIG SPOONS 

(honestly I feel like this would totally apply to Peter and Ned too tbh)