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hi! why do you love shuu uranus? (your gifs are great btw!!)

BECAUSE. okay ehm.

her uranus has that perfect balance of cool, fierceness, as well as endearing softness that I always love in haruka. like she looks like she could kill you on the spot in unv (and she really could), but in ae she is a cinnamon roll too pure for this world who just wants to carry her gf’s violin okay michiru probably made her do this but i digress. one second she is space sword blaster-ing tiger’s eye and the next one, channeling her inner papa and protecting saturn in the battle field.

she looks like haruka tenoh in the flesh.   

the director said that shuu’s character study showed in her voice projection. she has a deep, soothing singing voice, and she’s an even better dancer.

her chemistry with sayaka michiru is through the roof. their harumichi compliment each other and they’re operating as an equal.

i’m sorry i got carried away a bit i just love those two so much smh

so I have been on this blog for like what, two weeks? And I already have 150+ followers who are all so amazing and so welcoming like – I have been in many fandoms and this one I just slid in so easily because y'all were so accepting and so nice like i could cry why is everyone so perf.
I just wanted to throw this out there that I just love you all and take a minute to throw out a mini shout out to those who have just been so AMAZING and all around great new friends!
Seriously tho, if you follow me, i adore you. if i follow you back that means im cool with threading or plotting. just hmu don’t be shy bae. <3

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and really just everybody. i love seeing everybody having a great time on their blogs! ;v; nobody change! <3 

The most underrated moment in Percy Jackson is when Percy comes out of the river Styx and literally beats Hades undead army, and then beats Hades in a fight, almost stabbing him in the face for the hell of it 

Favorite little Got7 things:

Aaaaaa thanks so much @taoshay !!!  I don’t think I ever could x-x especially with sweet people like you reminding me of my Mac love! I hope you have a lovely day as well (and Deacon too ;D) ♥

SKAM S04E10 Clip 5 - Even

[EVEN: Did anyone remember to buy mustard and ketchup?


JONAS: We’re already in Urraparken*. When are you coming?

EVEN: I’m waiting for him. We’ve bought enough beer, right?

It’s important!

EVA: For the third time, we’ve bought enough beer

MAHDI: bro chill

EVEN: Sorry. I just want his birthday to be perf.

JONAS: You’re overreacting, he doesn’t give a fuck about ketchup

EVEN: Let me overreact. You should’ve known what he has to keep up with for the rest of the 363 days of the year.

He’s way too good for me

CHRIS: That’s not what I see. I see a boyfriend who’s more than good enough. Someone who has made a pretty mad boy into a pretty happy boy.

NOORA: What’s up with you, Chris?]

ISAK: Hey.

EVEN: Hey!

ISAK: Wow!

EVEN: You can open it yourself.

ISAK: Beer at school? Amazing!

EVEN: Cheers.

ISAK: Cheers.

EVEN: Did you find your film?

ISAK: No, I didn’t. I can’t find it. I don’t know where it is.

EVEN: It’s on Youtube!

ISAK: It’s on Youtube? That helps me a lot. There are like ten billion videos there.

EVEN: But if you don’t understand the title, you won’t get to see the film.

ISAK: You can’t give me a little hint?

EVEN: It starts with G.

ISAK: G? I tried gule gardiner (yellow curtains), but it wasn’t that.

EVEN: You weren’t that far off.

ISAK: No? Green curtains? Grey curtains? *???*

EVEN: It’s okay if you are, but I would never write that in the title.

ISAK: What is it then?

EVEN: I’m not telling.

ISAK: Guuuuh… God!  

EVEN: Yes.

ISAK: God!

EVEN: Yes, the film is called ‘God’. You think so?

ISAK: Good. I’ll check it out later.

EVEN: Do you think I would call a film ‘God’?

ISAK: Yeah, if it was about me.

EVEN: That’s so pretentious.

MAN: Get a room, you fags!

ISAK: What? What did he say? What did you say?

MAN: Fucking gross.

ISAK: Fuck! Huh? Do you think you can go around and just do that stuff? Come here! What the fuck? Fucking cunt face! You’re fucking ugly, you know that? I can’t with that stuff. He can’t say stuff like that!

EVEN: Look at me.

ISAK: He can’t say that ugly stuff.

EVEN: Look at me.

ISAK: Yes! Yes!

EVEN: It’s fine. Okay? We’ll take it totally chill and we’ll go meet our friends and we’ll go to the park and drink beer. Okay? Okay? Okay? Shall we leave?

ISAK: Yes.

(*Uranienborg park in Oslo)

“puppet master” starring pledis & seventeen’s performance unit

So apparently there was this one time, they were out shopping and jisoo pointed at a lamp, saying it looked interesting and jennie was like “why would you need such a useless thing” but in the end jisoo got it as a Christmas gift from her omg my jensoo feels I cANT, GET U SOMEONE LIKE JENNIE