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Chapter Reaction:

  • how do ppl not like jinbe/want him to join the crew lol
  • oh no, more fuel for the Jinbe’s Gonna Die theorists…
  • Breaking News: Julian aka asexualsanji continues to absolutely loathe the Vinsmoke family and hopes they fucking die
  • I actually spent the whole afternoon plagued by thoughts of ichsan shippers and how they’re disgusting scum as is anyone who ships Sanji with any of the Vinshits and seeing them now is making my stomach turn. I can’t wait for this arc to be over.
  • Drug Peclo is a juggalo
  • candy escalator reminds me vaguely of entering skypiea, like after they went through heaven’s gate. can’t remember what it was called but ye.
  • “i threw one of my jellybeans at him” just when i thought things couldn’t get weirder
  • … no offense but katakuri’s kinda hot…¨
  • his observation haki’s gonna be a bitch………….. :///
  • I was hoping to see what Sanji’s wearing ngl
  • I’m pissed they’re even bothering with this bullshit rescue mission
  • I think I’ll be anxiety ridden every thursday again for a while djaklhfaj fuck this arc with a cactus and fuck the parts of the fandom that are too Nasty for words and making everything worse with 5 cactuses
Hey Princes (phanfiction)

Hi guys this is my first proper fanfic, so it’s pretty shit plus I wrote it on my phone in the car, but anyways, enjoy, tags are at the bottom :) 1.8k of pure sin

Hey princes
Chapter 1
Phil Lester.
Ugh Phil. Phil and his tattoos, Phil and his piercings, Phil and his perfect hair, Phil and his stunning blue eyes.
Dan wouldn’t admit to his crush, Phil was a prick and nobody wanted a prick, well that was apart from dan.

Dan really didn’t understand how phil was so popular, yes he was a year older, but, he had only just moved to this town and dan had been here his whole life! Maybe it was his pastel clothing or his flower crowns, maybe people just don’t like that he was gay. But he knew one thing most people didn’t like him.

Dan was walking through the shopping centre; the last of his shopping done at last. He had his face downwards, looking at the floor and his head phones were plugged in blaring fall out boy.
He tucked his hands further into the pockets of his white skinny jeans and his bags bundled around his wrists.
His steady rhythm of steps were disputed when he walked face first into someone, nearly tripping over and dropping his bags.
He pulled out his headphones and started picking up his stuff.
“I’m so sorry” he said to the stranger.
He looked up apologetically and his chocolate brown eyes connected with bright blue. Out of everyone in the world, of course it had to be Phil.
“Go careful princess” he said with a smirk.
“Don’t want to damage that pretty little face of yours now do we?”
A rosey red glow spread across dans face and he picked up his bags and ran home.

That night dan was lying on his bed re-playing that moment in his head. He should have said something, maybe have told Phil to piss off. But he knew why he hadn’t. Phil had called him princess.

Dan awoke the next day still in his clothes from yesterday, he must’ve fallen asleep fantasising about his brief moment with Phil. He had to get those thoughts out of his head.

Dan got ready and left the house, his pastel blue jumper matching perfectly to his gold butterfly and baby blue flower crown. He ran his hand through his brown, curly hair and placed it on top of his head.

When he arrived at school he went to find his only friend, Chris. Chris and dan had been friends a long time before Dan’s style changed and he came out. He was the only person who stuck with dan after as well, the others had joined the gang of bullies who had always picked on dan and still did.
Dan and Chris walked through the entrance and went their separate ways to their lessons.

Dan’s morning was fairly uneventful, just the average amount of insults, shoves and teachers picking on him become they knew he wasn’t concentrating. The bell finally rang for lunch and dan left for the cafeteria to find Chris. He found him sitting at their normal table in the back corner, the social outcasts, as they liked to call themselves. The only things wrong with its placement was that it was right next to the door where Phil and his gang entered from.
When they came in Dan felt a hand caressing his arm. And as quickly as it has came, it had gone. Dans head shot up and he looked around. Instantly recognising the person looking at him. Phil bit one of his snake bites and winked at him. Dan glared, but on the inside, his heart was fluttering.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Chris
“Lester,” muttered dan, his face trying to look pissed off, but failing miserably.
“You sound in love”
“No I fucking don’t! I hate him” dan partially yelled, trying not to gather attention.
“Sure thing” said Chris, his lips curled into a smirk.

The next day at school, Dan had just said bye to Chris and was walking to geography when a hand grabbed him and yanked him behind a bookshelf. He nearly screamed before he realised who it was. For the third time in 3 days he has properly locked eyes with Phil Lester.
Phil’s hand rested against the wall above Dan’s head.
“Hey princes” he breathed, whilst passing Dan a piece of paper.
“Friday night. Be there. You can bring that Chris if you want, Louise is coming.”
And his arm slid down from above Dan’s head and down his arm, a familiar touch from the day before.
And he was gone.

Chapter 2

The rest of the week went by painfully slow, and Dan had been counting down the days to Phil’s party. He had managed to convince Chris to come, and the fact that he would see his friend Louise again after all these years filled him with joy. But the best part was that it had been Phil himself who had invited him.

Friday evening finally came and dan had dressed up in his tightest white jeans, a white shirt and a baby pink sweater, accessorised with a silver flower crown, rosebud earrings and pastel pink converse.

A honk of a horn signalled his ride was there and he ran down to meet Chris.

As they arrived they were instantly met by a girl with bright green eyes and pink hair,
“LOUISE!” They yelled.
And ran forwards to meet with their old friend. After catching up, Louise brought up a different subject.
“They are playing truth or dare upstairs, want to go and join in?”
Dan wanted to protest against it but Chris has already said yes. As they walked towards the stairs Louise grabbed them all a drink,
“Something strong” she said “To get you through this, it could get intense” and she giggled. If dan wasn’t regretting this before he definitely did now.

They entered the room, it was full of people from school who Dan barely knew, most of them were older. But one person stood out.
“Okay” said Phil “I’d say there is enough of us, let’s get started!”

As the game continued the dares and questions slowly became more and more sexual.

Marcus, take 3 shots at the same time.
Amy, drink a whole tube of ketchup.
Louise, make a mystery shot and drink it.
Ray,Who would you most likely date here?
Mikey, go and get a girl and convince her to play.
Hazel, sit on Olivers lap.
Cara, who is guy you’ve been messaging?
Chris, are you gay?
Rob, give Louise a lap dance.
By the time Dan’s go had come around everything was getting quite sexual, so he started to worry.
“Dan,” said Phil. “Truth or dare?”
“Are you a virgin?” He asked, with an evil smirk.
Dan felt so embarrassed, they would probably laugh at him. He knew he couldn’t lie, these people seemed to see right through you. And if he passed he would have to streak down the road, and that wasn’t happening.
“Yes” he said
Phil looked him in the eye, an expression of lust in his eyes. Dan just blushed harder at this and looked at the floor.
Finally the attention was shifted away from him as Jenny, a girl who was a few years older than dan spoke up.
“Phil, truth or dare?” The way she spoke made dan worry about what she was about to say.
“Dare” replied Phil.
“If you’re so interested in Dan’s virginity” she said “Why don’t you help him loose it” the whole room started chanting and laughing, Phil was not a sore enough looser to deal with this, he wasn’t going to run down the street naked, loads of old people lived here. Dan couldn’t help feeling both scared and overwhelmed at the same time, was this going to reveal his crush?
“Sure” said Phil looking at Dan and winking.
Everyone was pushing Dan towards Phil as Jenny spoke up again.
“You have to do it in the room, now, in front of all of us.” Now Dan was properly blushing, but Phil still went along with it. Pervs, he thought.
“Give us a blanket though, at least”
A blanket was tossed over and Phil pulled Dan onto his lap.
Phil’s hand went down to Dan’s crotch and started massaging, Dan let out a quiet moan. “Come on princess,” whispered Phil “Let daddy hear your pretty noises.”
This made dan intake a sharp breath, he has practically forgotten they were being watched.

Phil quickly unbuttoned Dan’s jeans and chucked them out of the blanket. Next came his jumper and shirt. Now Dan was practically naked underneath the blanket. “Hmm, what are these,” muttered Phil, as he pulled the elastic around Dan’s lacy panties, before letting it slap back against Dan’s skin “are you wearing these for daddy, waiting for him to fuck you like the whore you are?” He asked
“Yes daddy, please touch me” moaned dan, rutting against Phil’s hand, which Phil instantly removed and slapped against Dan’s thigh. “Good boys are patient” he said into Dans ear.

Phil slipped his fingers beneath the panties and slid them off of Dan before throwing them out of the blanket too.

Dan heard the crack of a bottle opening and suddenly, Phil’s lubed up fingers were pressing against his rim.
He slipped his finger in, curling it around, trying to find the area that would make dan moan loud enough for everyone to hear.
He brought his other hand up to play with his nipples as he added a second finger.

Dan’s eyes were squeezed tight shut and he was letting out breathy moans, Phil added a third finger and curled them upwards, instantly hitting Dan’s prostate. Dan moaned loudly and shuddered against Phil.
A sudden emptiness occurred and Phil had removed his fingers, just as Dan was about to turn around to complain, he felt Phil removing his own jeans and was quickly overwhelmed by an even fuller sensation.

“Does that feel good baby? Do you like it when daddy fills you up?”
“Yes daddy, so big” Dan moaned, as Phil’s lips started attacking his neck, licking and sucking, all while he was trusting into Dan. Dan’s neck was he sweet spot he has just discovered, it sent Dan into a void of complete bliss. Just when Dan thought the sensations couldn’t get any better Phil wrapped his hand around Dan’s dick, he stroked and twisted his hand, his thumb flicking against the slit, lathering his length in precome.
“Phil, I’m close” Dan moaned
“What did you just call me?” Phil said sharply
“Sorry daddy, please can I come?” Dan pleaded.
“Beg for it”
Dan tipped his head backwards, and let out another moan.
“Please please please can I come daddy, I’ve been a good little slut for you!” He cried looking at Phil with huge pupils and his hair stuck to his forehead in with sweat.
“Okay baby, you can come” replied Phil. And with a few more tugs and thrusts Dan had came all over Phil’s hand. He was shuddering and moaning, as Phil continued to thrust into him until he came too.

He finally pulled out of dan and hugged him against his chest, before leaning down and whispering in his ear.
“I think they enjoyed the show, maybe now you aren’t a virgin, daddy can show you the other things that he can do” he said with his signature smirk.
Dan looked up “I think I would like that daddy.”

I did want Pudding to turn out to be evil but after this week’s chapter it doesn’t seem likely, as long as Oda doesn’t decide to pull something extremely weird. Like all of you, regarding Pudding’s plan I only have a vague idea that she’s going sacrifice herself for Sanji and the others. But whatever she’s up to, does she really believe everything’s going to fall into place as long as she pulls a martyr? I have the feeling that her decision is going to hurt Sanji even more.

I mean just look how broken Sanji is already. To me, his forced heart-eyes and smile of happiness even when no one is looking is much, much worse than him weeping uncontrollably after parting with Luffy… What I’m trying to say is that Sanji’s fake smile here is almost Koala-ish :( 

Pretense aside, I think Sanji genuinely likes Pudding as a person, and making her happy is the only thing he can think of to desperately drag himself out of misery. His sole purpose for life as of now is her happiness, but when he finds out that his act in front of her didn’t work and she decided to sacrifice herself for his sake? First his nakama got in danger because of him, and now his fiancee? My heart aches when I think about just how much he’d suffer when he finds out… being the kind, selfless person he is. 

anonymous asked:

"Caroline, we just wanted to suggest that there was another whole chapter to that story," Williamson says. "For me, I always wanted to go down that road. I always was so sad – one of the unfortunate things about having a spinoff show is that you lose the opportunity to have a storyline that you might have wanted to explore in the other [show]. I always felt like Caroline and Klaus never had the relationship storyline that they could have had. It got cut short."


Chapter 231 tho

I think this is my favourite chapter in the manga in a long time, because it’s such a gold mine for character interaction? Like this whole thing is oozing personality.

Beware of spoilers, because I just went and cut out my favourites. And there is so much to love here:

Daichi and Kuroo relentlessly teasing each other.

Noya’s face when he fails to fall into a girl’s bosom.

Tanaka’s face when he suddenly realizes he’s talking to a person of the female persuasion.

Noya’s reaction when he hears he’s in the presence of the number one libero in high school volleyball.

Poor Sasuka, who does not like crowds (save him).

Kuroo and Kenma being salt partners (this is so lovely!)

Takeda being the one person who is keeping it together (lookit him being a responsible adult).

Takeda who is also an enormous dork (I need so much more Ukai-Takeda in my life).

Tsukki and Hinata being Tsukki and Hinata.

Suga, who has been providing running commentary and taunting remarks throughout this whole ordeal.

if I am hopeful

the whole thing. finally. (like, after ten months.) one scully ficlet for every season/movie. just the last ficlet is new, though the first few are making their first appearance on Tumblr.

the song is “A Beginning Song” by the Decemberists; you should listen to it. While I was writing the last chapter I listened to the song “Take Me Home” by Scars on 45. It’s pretty cheeseball, but perfect.

i am waiting, should i be waiting
i am wanting, should i be wanting
i am hopeful, should i be hopeful

// one // ice

It’s just that she wants to prove him wrong. She thinks he’s crazy at least two-thirds of the time, and she usually dismisses people who are so irrational and so loud about their irrationality — but she also can’t remember anyone before him being a challenge.

That’s what it is. She likes the challenge. She’s always loved being right, it’s what got her this far, and with him there are just so many opportunities. Every conspiracy theory, every supervillain monologue, and she just raises an eyebrow that says: Science. Sometimes he’ll fall over himself trying to shoehorn his latest hypothesis into some kind of scientific framework, and she doesn’t hate that either. He’s at least as clever as she is — they don’t hand out those Oxford degrees for nothing - and she loves making him work for it.

It’s just the challenge she likes.

It’s not his hands. She’s started noticing them, lately; long fingers like a pianist’s, and his nails trimmed so carefully they almost look manicured. They look better than hers, most days. Those perfect hands and those ridiculous, rumpled suits. She’s wondered if he ever combs his hair.

And sometimes he looks at her like — she doesn’t even know what — but like she knows all the answers. Or maybe like she is all the answers, which is impossible, since most of the time she’s sure he doesn’t even know the questions.

Most of the time.

But sometimes she wishes he would ask.

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holy shit I’m watching the first chapter of the ndrv3 playthrough and Kaede x Saihara is so strong that I’m scared. Since this is danganronpa, he’s either going to die or he’s going to betray Kaede.

ch1 spoilers & rant under the cut

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Hello Acchan ^^ What do you think of Kaneki's bad eye-sight? Do you think he's getting glaucoma as well due to Kanou's surgery? And if that's true, do you think he's having shorter life-span? I can't be sure myself tbh because Kanou mentioned "I want the other experiments to be as perfect as Kaneki"! Sorry for the long ask and thanks in advance ^^

Hey Anon :D Ah you mean, that part in the new chapter?

It’s not the first time it’s hinted at indeed if you remember the Cochlea arc:

And Kanou did say that OEGs tend to have shorter life spans, not just because of the surgery (Eto saw herself as old too, like Arima who was a natural hybrid) so maybe this is supposed to refer to what Arima said:

But honestly, since Kaneki has Rize’s kakuhou and Rize kept being referred to as “special” throughout the whole story, maybe things will be different for the ones who received her kakuhou as a transplant (Furuta, Kaneki and Kurona)?

I mean, I reread the last arc that just ended last week and…

…while I initially thought Rize was “special” because she was supposed to be a breeder, after V’s words just above, maybe the experiments with the tanks having her name on it have to do with the fact that, even as a breeder/as someone from V, she’s special

I don’t know why or how, but that’s probably why V wanted to get her back so much + why they might be trying to reproduce why she was so special with other kids (these tanks and kids we saw). 

TL;DR Kaneki is probably showing signs of glaucoma, but at the same time, since Rize’s kakuhou is special (and we don’t know why or how), I am being careful with theorizing that Kaneki (and Furuta, Kurona) has a shorter life-span.

So for now I can’t really help, even if Ishida adds hints here and there that there is something off with Kaneki’s eyes indeed.
Sorry if that’s not helping so much. :/ But that’s all I have for now and I could totally be wrong, as always.

Have a nice weekend Anon :)

See, the thing about Lucasfilm heavily advertising this new trilogy as the next chapter in the Skywalker Family Saga™ is that a trilogy’s focus is on the protagonist. Like, whatever the trilogy is about will directly affect the protagonist, and the protagonist will influence the outcome of what the trilogy is about. The story of Harry Potter is directly influenced by Harry Potter himself, because he is the namesake of the whole series and thus is the one who is directly involved in the events pertaining to Harry Potter. It would only stand to reason that a member of the Skywalker family would take on at least a partially central role if “Skywalker Family Saga” is meant to be relevant to the story at hand. Otherwise, that would be like calling Harry Potter “The Weasley Chronicles” just because there are a bunch of Weasleys in the story, even though Ron Weasley’s family isn’t the main, central focus of the series. 

The argument that Skywalker Family Saga™ can work because we “already” have Luke, Leia, and Kylo doesn’t fly with me, because none of those three are a protagonist. None of those three are in the main trio, and thus the story isn’t centered around them. Our main trio consists of Rey, Finn, and Poe, and if none of these three have a relation to the Skywalkers, then it doesn’t make sense to push the SKYWALKER FAMILY SAGA™ narrative so much. What would any of these characters have to do with the Skywalkers otherwise? What would make this next chapter of the Skywalkers’ story be relevant to them if the Skywalker family isn’t one of theirs? 

Honestly, what is so terrible about imagining that Rey, one of our two main leads, is so deeply connected to Luke and Kylo and attaches so immediately to Leia and Han because she could be a part of their family? What is so awful about imagining that…gee, one of our leads could actually be involved with the story that Lucasfilm is advertising? That the Skywalker Lightsaber calls to Rey because she is a protagonist, and a protagonist of the Skywalker Family Saga™ is a Skywalker? The namesake of the whole saga of trilogies in the first place? Is that really such an Earth-shattering thing to consider?

Even if it’s just pretend

(Yes that is a Taylor Swift lyric, from Wildest Dreams)

For @carryon-countdown prompt: Angst

This is something that I wrote months and months ago, but I wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t post it. Lately I’ve started this fantastic new habit where if I don’t like something, I actually go back and make it better rather than pretending it doesn’t exist (very shocking much wow I know).

It’s based on this quote from page 382-383 of Carry On – ‘I came back because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Baz might just pretend that nothing had ever happened between us. He’d make me feel like I dreamt this whole thing – like I was a maniac and a moron for believing he’d ever felt something for me.’

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Just speculation and thoughts for next chapter

So ladies please don’t freak out too much about chapter 17 I know that the ending kind of hurts and that everyone and their mother wants to stab Sangwoo right now but let’s take a moment and think about WHY he actually does what he does and what will happen next!

One thing we know for sure is that Sangwoo is aware of the fact that Bum is kind of jealous of the girl (whole toilet scene) and as we know Sangwoo gets a kick out of feeling superiour, being worshipped, adored and what not because it makes him feel strong and excited like a little kid. (Did you see how happy he was when Bum called him handsome? He didn’t even let the little pupper talk about anything else after that)

Another thing we know it that Sangwoo wants to make it up to Bum but how does he want to do it? Buy Bum a new shiny dildo? actually no.

He gets the girl into his house so that there will be an opportunity to slaughter her/kill her in front of Bum or maybe he even plans on letting Bum do the killing (if we refer to previous chapters where he said “it’s your FIRST killing)

So I can see Sangwoo being the sadist that he is that he gives the girl everything she wants, telling her she’s beautiful, fucking her, all of that but only so that he can completely crush her and humiliate her afterwards because it wouldn’t be fun to just kill her. He has to take everything away from her first to make it more exciting to him. I can even imagining him abruptly stopping to fuck her and telling her sth like yeah you’re actually not tight enough and you know what? Even Bum has more sex appeal than you while revealing that the former is in the closet. 

Ultimately what a lot of other people also speculate and what is very likely is that the girl will die.
The real question is how? And if he can make Bum do it or not.

New Chapter

Requested by anon: Hello could I have an imagine please, I don’t think my last one sent through. Could it be where y/n is best friends with Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison from the very beginning and y/n is sarcastic and funny like stiles, she loves him but he loves Lydia and then Isaac comes and sweeps y/n off of her feet and Stiles hates it? And Allison and Scott are watching the whole thing happen and them two are the only ones to figure it out?  Sorry that’s extremely long:( I just love your blog 

A/N: First of all: Don’t worry about your request being too long, I really love detailed requests! :) And I’m really glad you like the blog darling and I hope you’ll like the one-shot! Also: I connected this with a birthday party because it fitted so well.

Originally posted by armageddonvengeance

„Is this my birthday girl or her older sister?”, a very familiar voice that always shoots warm waves through your body  asks behind you. You turn around and try to look at Stiles reproachfully but you can’t keep yourself from grinning.

“Very funny, Stiles. You are just jealous because I’m more mature”, you claim.

“Obviously. Now come on, let me hug you”, he orders and you walk into his spread arms without hesitating.  As he embraces you tightly, your heart beats a little faster and once again you’re happy that he isn’t a werewolf. That he has no idea how you feel about him. And that Scott shuts up about it because he knows how bad that would hurt you. “Happy birthday, Y/N. We have the most awesome present for you but because I love to torture you, you’ll have to wait until tonight before you receive it.”

“Is it too big to carry it into school?”, you retort sharp-witted while anticipation rises inside of you.

“Maybe”, Stiles admits and your grin becomes a little wider.

You slip out of his embrace and turn back to your locker, stuffing your books into your bag. Having birthday doesn’t mean that school will be any less exhausting. Stiles does the same next to you and while he’s standing there in real life, you also have him copied on some photos in your locker door. Stiles is your best friend. You got along immediately as you arrived in Beacon Hills and every good memory is connected to him. You see yourselves smiling into the camera, dressed up at your school dance. You see your whole group of friends laughing hysterically, him having his arm wrapped around your shoulder. That’s your favourite one. But it’s also your biggest problem. While you have developed feelings for him that you can’t deny, he hasn’t because he loves someone else since third grade.

“Are you gonna go grab some food after school with Malia, Liam and me?”, you ask him nevertheless. Why even try not to be close to him? It’s hopeless anyway.

But you can see in Stiles’ reaction that it won’t happen and his apologetic face only makes your heart cramp. That’s how fast you go from happy to sad nowadays. “Sorry, but I can’t. I promised Lydia to help her decorate for the party.”

You can’t complain because it’s your party and it’s really nice and sweet that he helps her with making it perfect and you feel grateful for that. However, you also know that he only does that so voluntarily because he wants to spend time with Lydia. It’s a mess.

You gulp it down, display a fake smile and shrug. “No problem, we’ll see each other in a few hours anyway. More curly fries for me.”

Then you shut your locker, wink at him and quickly walk to your first class. As much as you love being around him: sometimes you just want to get away.

Your afternoon with Liam and Malia passes nice and uneventful except for Scott calling you, sounding weird and asking you if he could bring someone to your party you don’t know yet. You had been surprised but said yes because you’re absolutely sure that Scott wouldn’t bring someone you didn’t want to be there. There’s nobody in this world you trust more than him.

You leave your home for the party at 8 pm, wearing a nice dress and being giggly excited. You want to be happy tonight and enjoy this opportunity of just being with your friends and having fun. That doesn’t happen too often. So as you arrive at the already crammed lake house, you display your biggest smile and this time, it is honest.

Stiles is the one who greets you after you rang the bell, his reddened cheeks proving that he already had a taste of Lydia’s special punch. He pushes out a loud, enthusiastic yell and pulls you into the crowd to the rest of your closest friends. Your heart almost explodes with affection as you see all of them assembled there: Stiles, Lydia, Liam, Malia, Kira, Hayden, Mason, Scott and Allison. Those who haven’t congratulated you yet do so now, hugging you and kissing your cheek.

“I thought you wanted to bring someone?”, you ask Scott after he ruffled through your hair.

“Yeah, he’s just running late”, he explains apologetically but you only shrug because you don’t really care. Especially since Stiles finally gives you your present and it really is huge.

You rip the paper off, excited like a little kid, and a big picture frame is revealed under the layers. You lift it up carefully and stare at it, holding your breath. It’s amazing and beautiful and makes you speechless. They put every photo of your important and happier events together in that frame along with movie tickets, drawings and other stuff that describes your time in Beacon Hills. You can feel how your emotions are almost overwhelming you and gulp down the happy tears. You really don’t want to cry today.

“Thank you so much, guys! That’s the best present I ever got!”, you exclaim and share some big smiles with them until Lydia presses a glass of punch in your hands and you all drink. That’s when the party starts and it’s a good one, as usually when Lydia organizes it. You drink, you dance, you laugh with your friends. It’s simple and pretty much perfect until you go to the bar to get more ice for your coke and stop behind Allison and Scott who obviously don’t notice you.

“She’s good today, isn’t she? I think it’s getting better”, Allison mumbles and for some reason you intuitionally know that she’s talking about you. You freeze and can clearly hear Scott sigh.

“I don’t know. I hope you’re right but this morning her heart told me that she still loves him.”

Great. There it is again. The topic you wanted to avoid. You stare down at your glass while your joy slowly fades away. Maybe you should go outside to erase those thoughts, keep your cool and get some fresh air. Yeah, you should probably do that. You place the glass on the table, turn around and walk straight to the door, ignoring the dancing people around you. You pull the door open and want to step outside, but somebody is blocking your way. A freaking tall person, you realize as you almost crash into his chest.

“Ups. I’m sorry”, you blurt out, stepping back to look up at him.

“Oh, it’s okay. No problem. You’re Y/N, right? The birthday girl?”, he seems a little nervous and the fact that you can’t answer him at first doesn’t really help. All you can do for a moment is stare at him. At those blond locks, the dazzling blue eyes, the perfect jawline. Whoever that is: he’s one handsome guy.

“Er, yeah. Yes”, you finally answer, blushing already. “And…you must be the guy Scott talked about.”

“Yes, I’m Isaac. Happy Birthday, I guess.” You shake hands and he smiles down at you. It’s a great smile with a trace of sass in it. You step aside and let him in, closing the door behind him. You totally forgot what you originally wanted to do. All of a sudden, it’s just really hard to take your eyes off him.

Side by side you slowly walk through the room. You don’t know where you are going but it doesn’t matter to you anyway.

“Sooo…you are Melissa’s kinda adopted boy that ran off to France”, you state, recalling what they told you about Isaac Lahey. A grin flashes over his lips.

“Is that what they call me nowadays?”

“Actually, only I call you that. It’s easier to keep track of all the people here like that. Why did you come back?”

He shrugs. “You know, France is great when it comes to weather and all the romantic stuff, but it got kinda boring.”

“Well, it’s never boring in Beacon Hills”, you state dryly, although you wouldn’t mind having an Eiffel tower here to enjoy the nicer things of life now and then. Isaac observes you from the corner of his eyes and he seems a little impressed. You somehow like that a lot.

“I’m sorry that I’m crashing your party like that. And I didn’t even bring a present”, he apologizes. You turn around and smirk at him on the spur of the moment.

“I’ll forgive you if you drink something with me.” He’s more than ready to do that. And you are so distracted that you don’t even notice Stiles’ glares as you walk to the bar with him. Scott does, though.

In the next few days, you and Isaac grow closer. You really like him. You have to admit that you being impressed of him at first sight doesn’t wear off. It’s not that deep, complicated affection you feel for Stiles, it’s very different: more refreshing, simple, joyous and not less strong for that matter, just different. Sometimes you can feel Scott’s eyes on you when you interact with him and you momentarily wonder what he thinks about it but in the end, it’s not important. This is the first time you just listen to what yourself want.

Seven days after the party on another Friday, you walk to your locker and Stiles is waiting there for you, his arms crossed in front of his chest and his expression thoughtful.

“Hey, what’s up? Everything alright?”, you ask him, slightly worried. He gives up his stiff position and tries a smile.

“Yeah. I just wanted to ask you if you wanna grab some lunch before we are having movie night tonight?”, he retorts. His eyes wander to a spot over your shoulder for a second and you realize that Isaac is leaning against some lockers down the hall, waiting for you and giving you some space to talk to your best friend.

This time, it is you who has to be sorry. “I would love to, Stiles, but I promised Isaac to help him with his English homework and he wanted to help me with that essay for French. But we’ll meet at eight at yours, okay?”

You can see on the way his brown eyes turn a little darker that he doesn’t like the answer and it really astonishes you. He usually never reacts offended when you have to cancel.

“You are spending a lot of time together”, he states.

You raise your eyebrows. “Ehm, yes. Not more than you and Lydia, though”, you indicate.

“True but…you didn’t know him back then. He wasn’t exactly the greatest of guys if you ask me and…”

“Stiles, he has spend how many years in France now?”, you interrupt him indulgently, shooting him a weak smile. “People change. You don’t have to worry about me, I promise. I see you tonight.”

You press a kiss onto his cheek, turn around and walk towards Isaac. As both of you disappeared around the corner and are out of earshot, Scott steps behind Stiles and puts an arm on his best friends’ shoulder.

“Man, you have to stop that”, Scott says, not unkind.

Stiles only frowns and grabs his books a little tighter. “I don’t like it.”

“I know. But she’s happy. And she deserves to be happy! She will always be your best friend, Stiles, but you can’t have her all to yourself, you know that. That would be really egoistic and that’s not what you are.”

Stiles nods slowly. He already knew that this would happen one day. He just had no idea that it would be that hard.

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My Thoughts On Eclipsa and Importance for Star

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So I keep seeing a lot of people coming out of the wood work, theorizing how Eclipsa connects with Toffee. First thing to do is debunk the idea that she is Star’s grandmother. I know It sounds like such a juicy story to have Toffee as Moon’s half brother but it just won’t do. Stated by Glossaryck she was Star’s 7x Greatgrandmother, so I want to focus on all the things she represents and how she was as a person.

 First there is her description:

“Eclipsa Queen of Mewni

to Mewman King wed,

but took a monster for her love

and away from Mewni fled”

She wasn’t only different in the sense that she took a monster as a lover, but also she was the most different of the Queens who held the wand. Glossaryck stated that she was the only one who didn’t bother him with their problems and left him alone. In fact I think she was the youngest Queen to ever “dip down”  I mean she made a whole chapter that was about the evilness and darkness in all of us and how to use it. Honestly I think the only way I can describe her is using tarot cards. She would represent the Major Arcana, the Moon, and she would offer Star a very important lesson. 

Ok, still flowing me? So here we go. So there is the water, it is the subconscious, the crayfish is our conscious thoughts and even represents the darker and destrubing thoughts. The dog to the left represents out tameness and the wolf to the right (I know it looks like another dog) represents the wildness. The path leads two ways but the sun is dim making it hard navigate to the higher consciousness.  The card usually represents the darker part of a person, fears, anxiety, and shortcomings to and asks a person to look into themselves. The card usually asks a person to try to let go of any mental blocks and let intuition guide you. Lately Star has shown some major mental stress trying to not let her feelings ruin her friendshp with Marco

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Star for a while has been friends with Marco and having a lot of fun. She has been ignoring her own feelings. Even with her crush on Oscar she still had underlying feelings for Marco. Sure Oscar may be cute but honestly she knows that Marco is the rock for her, he will go along but pull her back if he feels like it isn’t going to go out well. He likes to have fun but also likes to have a night doing nothing. She hides how she feels even to herself to avoid ruining a great friendship ,espically since she knows he has a crush. 

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I think we are going to learn more about Eclipsa from star’s mom or from a demon history textbook. That or since that relations between Marco, Star and Tom has gotten better and we know that Tom can bring back the dead, we’ll see Eclipsa in person. I think if Eclipsa wanted to do anything evil she would have already tried to do something against the kingdom of Mewni years ago. Instead she ran away from Mewni with her monster lover. She definitely would teach star its ok to have the feels she has but she has to own up to them. That she can’t be afraid and go with what she feels is right even if others may not agree with it. I think she was the only Queen that saw that Mewnans aren’t inherently more morally better than monsters, she saw that Mewmans are capable of darkness. She wasn’t afraid to look deep in and see it and how to use it.

Corinthians Chapter 13

So a few other people have already pointed out that love, faith and hope seem to be called out this season, but I just want to add to it:

TST = Love (Amo)

TLD = Faith (Culverton’s daughter)

TFP = Hope? (except we already have Hope - that was the cabbie’s name from the very first episode).

On Mycroft’s fridge we see a sticky note with 13 on it. This could refer to several things like the fact that TFP will be the 13th full episode (counting TAB but not the minisode). 

But it might also refer to Corinthians 13:13 (or the whole of chapter 13, which is ultimately just a long treatise on love), which is perhaps one of the most cited quotes concerning love of all time: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

But, most people are not as familiar with the verse directly preceding this line Corinthians 13:12 (here it is from a few different bible versions):

“Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.“ New Living Translation

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” King James

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” New International Translation.

A fucking mirror. A MIRROR.

We’ve seen Sherlock and John’s love for each other throughout the series via character mirrors. And it looks like we get some sort of realization (if not confession) via a literal mirror in the TFP. According to Cor 13:12, however, after that point it will be face to face!

I’d also note that Cor 13:9-10 goes “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.” Given all the talk by Sherlock of telling the future, intuition and everyone’s general consensus that we seem to be getting half-truths/partial story/messed up narrative…perhaps this verse is also instructive.

PS: First tumblr post, so sorry if I did this wrong.

Y’all. I have the first chapter of my Rogue One from Bodhi’s POV. It’s like, 5k words, so I’m not going to post the whole thing on tumblr.

Summary: Rogue One from Bodhi’s perspective spanning from pre-rogue one to post-rogue one.

Also, special shout out to @rookandor for coming up with the names Juvai and Aaya for me. She’s the best :) and @bodhirookandor for reading this for me ily.

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“Galen Erso. Does that name mean anything to you?”

Bodhi shuddered. Galen Erso. Galen Erso. Galen Erso sent him here. Galen Erso had sent him with the message. He was the pilot. He was the pilot.

“I-I’m the pilot.” Bodhi whispered, like he was trying to convince himself of the truth. He looked over to the man in the other cell for the first time, his breath stuttering out of him as he looked into beautiful brown yes. He didn’t know why, but he instantly trusted this man. “I brought the message. I’m the pilot.” He whispered to the man.

The man smiled gently at him, showing him kindness that Bodhi hadn’t come to expect from anyone. “That’s good. Can you tell me where Galen Erso is?”

Bodhi furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Why did this man want Galen Erso? “P-probably Eadu? I brought the message from Eadu.” He liked his lips nervously, “W-who are you?”

“I’m Cassian Andor.”

“Cassian.” Bodhi tested the name out on his lips. He liked it.

FT 513

At this point, pointing out the inconsistencies on power level or plot hopes feels so meaningless because they are happening with almost every characters and chapters.

But still, let me ask how Kagura looks like she never got injured by Larcade, and how the whole Sabertooth was crucified by one spriggan in one moment and in next moment 2 Sabertooth members with their power combined was enough to defeat another spriggran (although my naive self is still a bit suspicious that maybe Larcade hasn’t done yet).

I feel that giving Erza a mother who is the enemy is acceptable but making Irene the Queen of Dragon is really so out of nowhere. But still need to wait for next chapters to understand what truly happened. 

Since Mashima has already developed something to make Lucy and Gray plot relevant, I can only say that it’s just fair for him to give Erza more relevance too even I may not like how things turn out if it’s too ridiculous. 

However, no matter what Erza’s backstory is, I will still love her as a character. Her personality is what matters. In this chapter, she’s as fierce as usual. She remains calm although she may be shaken from her inside. She knows what’s truly important to her and her will doesn’t sway easily. She’s beautiful both outside and inside.

Lastly I really want to read Erza having flashback to when Jellal named her Scarlet and insisting that she doesn’t care about her real last name when Irene’s done telling her her origin. 

Fading Light - Part 1 - 1/6

Summary - Scully’s cancer returns and hope comes at a high price.

This is sort of AU but is set in season seven. There are references to season seven episodes but ‘All Things’ hasn’t happened.  We switch between Scully POV and Mulder POV throughout the whole fic.

I will post a chapter every day without fail.



My Father once told me that secrets are like old wounds. That no matter how skilfully we hide the scars, they are still there, lingering beneath the surface. Invisible to the eye, but all too obvious if we take the time to really feel them. There are no good secrets. Even the ones we hide in our hearts to protect the people we love will eventually find a way to push themselves up through the layers of deception.

I’ve discovered that we can never hope to protect through lies and after all, isn’t a secret just another name for a lie?


Mulder would laugh if he could hear me now. Arguing with myself as I lay, eyes wide open, staring up at the patterns made by the street lamps refracted through the rain that streams down my window.

I’m not sure what time it is. I don’t seem to sleep much, which is strange, because all I want to do at this moment is close my eyes and sink down into its welcoming arms.

To escape from the accusatory voices in my head for a short while would be wonderful, but I just can’t seem to relax enough. If I’m honest with myself though, I’m well aware of the reason for my insomnia.

It is guilt; pure and simple.

I have a secret, and no matter how often I tell myself that I am keeping it from him to protect him, I still feel its presence every minute of every day. I keep it hidden because in doing so I am attempting to shield him from a truth he is ready to neither hear nor accept.

Every day I keep the truth from him is another day spent tiptoeing around him, so afraid that he will look into my eyes and see my lies.
It was easy in the beginning.

Mulder was still shattered over the death of his Mother and I was there for him as he fell apart piece by harrowing piece, supporting him as he has supported me throughout our partnership. I watched over him like the proverbial mother hen as his quest threatened to take him over the edge, ready to drag him back should the need have arisen.

For once he didn’t need me to catch him and as each day passed he learned more facts behind his sister’s disappearance and finally, finally I was rewarded when he came back to me. Not entirely at peace sure - we have seen and experienced too much for that ever to happen - but I saw the stress literally roll off him as, in his own words, he was set free.

How can I take that sense of peace away from him now?

I have remained silent, promising myself, as I promise myself now, that tomorrow I will tell him, just as I have made the same promise on so many nights past.

Promises to myself I know I won’t keep.

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Meant to get this out sooner but @nightsofllyn ‘s amazing fic Our Fragile Co-commandership ended and boy was it a wild ride. I’m sad its over but at the same time the ending just hit me really hard

So here’s a totally hilarious exchange between Kylo and Hux that was probably my favorite in the whole story, I think the funniest scenarios in this chapter where the ones that may or may not have happened (especially the bit with Phasma at a cantina) 

Honestly this whole fic was like reading three different fics. the styles and plots were so different but tied together really well regardless so I wanted this comic to be in a different style than the other ones I did. So if u haven’t read this work of art yet go do that I will never stop plugging this fic