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Life hit so hard that you lost yourself in all the chaos. You got pulled in so deep, into the matters of this world. You felt as if you didn’t deserve anything anymore. And then suddenly you complained and became angry quite often. You cried tears of a thousand lives. And in the end you felt alone, as if you were neglected of simple love and care. At that moment you realised you were giving up on those who are most dear to you, who adores you and cherishes you. But you are a human being so your not to be blamed. Not everyone is strong enough to pass through storms solitarily. But remember that you are a beautiful little soul who’s just lost in a cruel world. You’re the most rarest and the most beautiful flower that grow amongst many thorns. You are what you are, and that’s what makes you one of a kind. That’s what makes you beautiful. So just hold on because you may have a bumpy road ahead. Trust me everything’s gonna be okay. And these are not just mere words of solace to console you rather a few broken words from a peer of yours.
—  rashedhossain55 

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Can I request a fic inspired by the prettiest person in the world post? I'd love to read that interception played out. So cute!

First off; thanks for the request, anon :)

And secondly; yes, of course… I love that post ,  because I find it really adorable, so it was really fun to write this. Now, it is a bit longer than I first planned it to be (because that’s just how I am, I say that I’m gonna write something short and then it end up being much more longer xD).

I hope you’re gonna like it thought ^^

It was one of those lazy Sundays, when one usually has nothing to do. Like usually, Alec was spending his free time over at Magnus’. At the moment, Magnus was dealing with one of his many clients of the day and Alec tried his best to keep himself occupied as he waited for his boyfriend to come back home. The client needed Magnus to go with him for some reason, so he was currently all alone in Magnus’ big apartment. It sucked that their free time together got interrupted again, but the Shadowhunter knew that he shouldn’t complain too much; Magnus had promised him that was his last client of the day and after that they’d be finally able to spend much needed time together.

Alec was currently in the warlock’s living room and was walking around in the circles and he sighed when he looked at the clock; Magnus had been out for more than two hours and he was really beginning to grow annoyed. In the end, Magnus’ bookcase caught his attention and he walked closer to it, looking if he’d find anything interesting to read. Since he was desperate, it didn’t really matter to him what he’d get, but much to his disappointment, most of the books were ancient spell books or just books written in an language that was unknown to Alec.

In the end, he finally found a book, which was pretty old and from the title Alec could see that they were just a bunch of old fairy-tales and folk tales, but it seemed interesting enough to Alec. He picked up the book and carried it to Magnus’ sofa, sitting down and he slowly opened up the book, a smile coming up upon his face. When he first opened the book, there were a bunch of old and beautiful illustrations, making Alec’s bad mood disappear just a little bit.

After some more time passed, Alec was completely absorbed in the book and the smile remained on his face as he continued on reading on what kind of adventures the characters in the book went. The book itself was written for kids, Alec was well aware of that, but that didn’t matter that much, because he was enjoying himself; a bit too much. The Shadowhunter was so busy with reading the book that he had completely forgotten about all of the surroundings around him and he didn’t even notice when Magnus portalled himself back into his apartment.

Magnus finally got rid of his last client of the day and was beyond happy to be back in his apartment. At first he was a bit disappointed when he couldn’t find Alec, thinking that his boyfriend had gone back to the Institute. But, the corners of his lips curled up, forming a tiny smile when he found the younger one curled up in his sofa, reading one of his favourite books. He chuckled and slowly came closer to him, pressing his lips together. Alec was so lost in the world of fairy-tales and wonder that he didn’t even notice him coming there. As Magnus continued to observe the Shadowhunter, a bigger smile tugged at his lips. Alexander looked beyond precious; his eyes were full of wonder and curiosity, he looked like a small child in a wonderland. Adorable.

“Hey,” said Magnus after a while and walked closer to the sofa, Alec only then acknowledging his presence, but he didn’t allow himself to be bothered by it. He was currently in the middle of a very intense and interesting scene. “I’m back,” he then said and Alec just nodded.

“Welcome back,” said Alec in a monotone voice. “While you were out, I borrowed one of your books to read. I hope you don’t mind it,” he then went on by saying, not really paying attention to what he was saying and Magnus arched an eyebrow.

“Not at all,” said Magnus and pressed his lips together, thinking of a way to get Alec’s attention. “Is it interesting?”

“Hmm,” hummed Alec and nodded.

“That’s good,” said Magnus and folded his arms on top of his chest, kind of offended that Alec was that much more interested in the book than in him. “Well, I’m very happy to be I’m finally back, we can finally do something together,” said Magnus and sighed, because Alec still wasn’t listening to him. However, he quite quickly thought of a way that would distract Alec from his reading and he grinned. “So, how is the prettiest person in the world doing?” he then asked, the ‘prettiest person’ bit of his question of course aimed at Alec.

Alec heard Magnus’ question and even though he’d usually be the one embarrassed, he decided to get Magnus back and he just shrugged, not even looking up from his book. “I don’t know, how are you?” asked Alec, no longer paying attention to the text in the book and even though he felt his face heating up, he managed to maintain a poker face.

Alec’s reply caught Magnus off guard and he went red into the face, opening his mouth to say something, but he quickly closed it again. Magnus’ heart skipped a beat and he let out a hitched breath. “I’m fine,” whispered Magnus, his voice cracking and it was at that point that Alec finally looked up.

Alec’s eyes widened when he looked up, amused to see Magnus blushing so obviously. It was a rare sight to behold, since it was Alec usually the one who would get easily embarrassed and his smirk widened when Magnus looked down. On the other side, he was quite surprised; Magnus wasn’t a stranger to getting complimented on his looks, so Alec was pleased with himself that his words made such a big impact on the older one.

Now, it was true that Magnus was not a stranger to getting compliments, but it was a completely different story when Alec would compliment him. It happened every now and then, but not in such an obvious manner and his entire body was heating up, because he could feel Alec’s eyes on him even though he was looking away. It was funny how fast tables could be turned and even though Magnus was centuries old, meaning that most of things weren’t able to faze him anymore, Alec still managed to make him speechless like that. Alec really was different and just as he said once before; something new for Magnus.

“What’s the matter, beautiful? Cat got your tongue?” asked Alec and put the book down onto the sofa and stood up, walking up to Magnus, who was still having troubles with keeping his face straight. He wore a huge smile on his face and it was kind of embarrassing, but in the end he managed to look up at Alec and he chuckled.

“When did you get so cocky, Alexander?” asked Magnus and Alec just shrugged, but chuckled when Magnus pulled him by his arm and pulled him close enough to press a kiss on top of those lips that were just begging to be kissed.

“I’ve learned from the best,” was Alec’s smug response and Magnus just shook his head, his soft laughter filling his apartment as Alec dragged him back to the sofa and sat pushed him down.  Caught off guard, Magnus just sat there in silence and grinned when Alec straddled his hips, Magnus’ arms wrapping around his waist as the other was sitting on top of him.

“My, my, Alexander,” said Magnus with a chuckle. “You’re full of surprises today, aren’t you?”

“Right,” stammered Alec, but remained collected as he kept staring down into Magnus’ beautiful cat-eyes. “That werewolf was your last client today?” asked Alec, kind of impatiently and Magnus arched an eyebrow.

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Finally,” said Alec as a wide smirk spread across his face. Happy to hear that Magnus was free, Alec wrapped his arms around the warlock’s neck and pulled him closer for a kiss, which Magnus returned more than eagerly. After the day full of interruptions, they were finally able to spend some time together, taking things in the bedroom where they did many more interesting and fun things… together.  

Wow. That’s what you’re thinking about in the middle of our moment?

Jughead Jones

Riverdale Appreciation Week (And a half)
Day 5: Favorite quote

I love this quote for so so many reasons. I love that Jughead is acting all offended that Betty ruined the moment, but really he doesn’t mind because she is just being Betty and her one track mind for finding the truth is one of the things that he loves about her.

Also, his adorable little smitten smile as he looks at her when he says this. He doesn’t care that she is sidetracked, he is just so happy that they had their moment.

I could seriously go on an on about this quote and dissect it a million different ways, I just feel like it says so much.

I also wrote this post on why I love that Juggie calls it their “Moment”


What better thing to do when you’re home sick again than go back through old pictures on your hard drive?  Sometimes, I’ll just click on a random folder and spend a few minutes going through them–this one is folder 7-22-07.  Conner’s fourth birthday weekend.  How damn adorable are my people! <3  I needed this today.

I so appreciated all of you who took the time to leave a comment or message on yesterday’s post.  Family can certainly be difficult sometimes.  Mine is most definitely not without their challenges/faults/etc.  However, we have had so many wonderful times together, and there is so much love there that I can never overlook any of that when I’m having moments of frustration.

I was just catching up on some tv and watched the This is Us episode “I Call Marriage.” I freakin’ love that show.  I loved the part about how important it is to notice all of the small things our SO does for us and to not ever stop trying to also do those little things to make our partner feel happy/loved.  My husband is definitely my superhero, and I am so, so grateful for him.  Every. Single. Day. I’m probably going to text him one of these pictures later and tell him just that.  :)

I have cried so many tears for you that you will never see, I have prayed so many times for you to a God that neither of us actually believe in, I would’ve sacrificed my life, my dreams, every single one of my fingers that you’ve called ‘adorable’ all just to make you happy for a moment. And yet, you still left. And yet, I wasn’t surprised. And yet, I’d do it all again.
—  And yet, I miss a you every single day, knowing you took me for granted. (i.r.s. @humanhealing )

After just finishing a hella mentally and emotionally abusive relationship I’d pretty much decided that I never wanted another relationship again. The past relationship really effected me badly and I was super depressed so my friends suggested I got tinder with them as a laugh to try and cheer me up and oh man was it funny. I never took any of it seriously but then however after swiping left to many odd and weird looking dudes I stumbled upon one guy who caught my interest.

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The way he hugged Miles, at the show, I can imagine a sick, tired, or maybe a little drunk Alex coming home and hugging you like that. Like he just needs some love.

This is one my favourite moments from the tour, it felt so intimate and sweet and he just looked like a fluffy kitten nuzzling into Miles’ neck and hugging him so softly, I watched it so many times!! I can imagine him being like that when he’s sick, he does get kinda touchy feely when he’s drunk too, he’s just so adorable!


the lightsaber fic

a summary: i’m a terrible person and should turn to jesus for a clearance of my sins.

It was rather a sunny day, which was odd, because London weather is usually cloudy, but it was also refreshing, due to the constant dull weather that danced around in the sky.

Phil opened his eyes to see Dan’s ruffled hair and a sleepy face.
Oh God, was he beautiful.
Perhaps the most beautiful thing Phil has ever seen.
For a moment he gets carried away and follows the trace of Dan’s jawline with his fingertips, because he couldn’t just look.
“Babe, wake up, it’s almost twelve and we still aren’t out of bed,” He says softly.
Dan makes one of his many cute faces and rubs his eyes tiredly. “It’s already twelve? God, I feel as if I’ve been sleeping for only two hours.”
Phil can’t help but kiss the tip of Dan’s nose, because he was that fucking adorable.
“You tired?” Phil asked and uncovered himself as he got out of bed, starting to look for his clothes. And Dan shot out of bed, taking the jeans out of Phil’s hands.
“Yes, but I have a few ideas how I could get myself ready for the day.” Dan’s voice was as low as it could be, sending shivers all throughout Phil’s body.
Dan could be cute, but there were times when he was just so fucking hot.
Phil pulled Dan by the hem of his boxers and started kissing him gently.
His other hand found its way to the younger boy’s already ruffled hair and Dan smiled inbetween kisses. “You know what I like already, baby.”
The kisses intensified, and so did the tension that grew like mad around them.
Dan pushed Phil onto the bed and he grinned as he got on top of him.
He started to drag his fingertips from Phil’s lips to his chest, then stomach, and then his boxers.
Phil’s breath hitched and he wanted to let out a moan, but he also wanted Dan to work harder, to try his best. As he always does.
And instead of just his fingertips, he now touched Phil through the thin fabric of his boxers, as he moaned, wanting more.
Now, Dan has always been a tease, so he slowly took Phil’s underwear off and slowly jerked him off, which tends to anger Phil sometimes.
“Dan,” his breath hitched as Dan picked up his pace, but he wasn’t quite there yet.
Dan hummed in response and Phil softly moaned once again. “Faster.”
“No, Philly, you can’t come just yet. I have a surprise for you.” He winks and rubs himself on Phil, as Phil kisses him passionately, their lips a sloppy mess, but that didn’t matter.

“Where are you going?” Phil asks as Dan gets off him and opens the wardrobe.
He doesn’t reply, because he’s obviously very concentrated on what he’s looking for.
After a while, he smiles and grabs something out of it, and closes the wardrobe. “I got it.”
Dan walks over to Phil again, who is now sitting on the bed.
“Why are you holding a lightsaber in your hand?” He smiles.
Dan just runs his hand through his hair and chuckles. “I told you I have a surprise.”

Dan climbs on the bed and crawls towards Phil.
“I want you to suck this like you’ve sucked me. Hard.”
He didn’t know how to react, so he just raised an eyebrow. “You want me to suck a lightsaber.”
Dan smirked. “Come on, baby. Do it for me.” He whispered in Phil’s ear, again teasing his hard cock.
Phil eventually gave in after a series of moans caused by Dan, took the lightsaber out of Dan’s hands and started to suck it.
“Yes baby, just like that. Fuck yes.”
Phil still didn’t get why or how this turned Dan on, but we all have our fantasies and the least he could do was respect his boyfriend’s ones.
“Enough.” Said Dan in a completely husky and sensual voice. “Now let me fuck you with it.”
At first, Phil’s eyes widened because how the fuck is that supposed to fit in his asshole?
Dan, seeing the reluctance in Phil’s eyes, added, “Don’t worry, baby, I won’t go too hard. You’ll like it.” He smirked.
And fuck, the way called him like that with his raspy and horny voice, he couldn’t resist it.
Phil nodded and he slowly turned on his back, waiting to be fucked by the big, green giant lightsaber that was already lubed up with his own saliva.
Dan first went slowly, hearing Phil’s almost inaudible moans, but still hearable.
“You like it, don’t you?” He went even further and Phil’s moans became louder, which was only the indicator that he did.
Instead of pushing it, he started twisting it and Phil bit his lip, not letting a sound come out of his mouth. It hurt a little, but it was bareable. The pain was almost enjoyable.
He then continued to twist it, but also pushed it even further. “Dan!” Phil moaned and called out for him with an alarmed voice, but Dan was calm.
Dan used his full strength now and pushed it down even more, causing Phil’s asshole to stretch even wider, which amazed Dan. He was his little whore.
“D-Dan,” Phil gulped, not prompting himself up on his arms anymore - he gave out and fell onto the bed, with the lightsaber still inside of him.

“Make me horny, Phil.” Again, Dan’s raspy and seductive voice has awoken something in Phil and he smirks.
He turns around, leads Dan to grab the lightsaber again, and he kept pushing it further and further.
“F-Force choke me, daddy.” Phil manages to say inbetween his moans and groans and that gets Dan even more fueled up as he wraps his slender fingers around Phil’s neck and starts to squeeze gently at first, and then even harder.
Phil was only left to fuck himself with the lightsaber, which was a little more painful and warmer, but he managed.
Fuck, you’re so hot when you’re fucking yourself, Phil,” He whispered, “moan for me, baby.”
And Dan stopped choking him and returned to putting his hands on the lightsaber, and this time, pushing it in even further, as Phil crumbled under the effect and started groaning in pain.
“D-Dan, stop..” He could not continue anymore, because the pain became unbareable for him.
It was as if Dan was deaf, and he started to jerk it into him even more, and more, and more. “Baby, just hold on for a little more, please.”
Phil shook his head. “I c-can’t, stop, Dan..”
It burned more than anything, it hurt more than when he broke his arm and it’s like he can’t wake up from a nightmare.
And this was the last straw.
Dan used all of his strength and pushed it the furthest it can go.
Phil screamed in agony and blood started pouring out from his asshole and Dan removed the lightsaber from it, giving Phil the ability to roll himself into a fetus position and sob.
“Are you okay, Philly?” Dan says with a painfully soft voice, the one that made Phil believe in his innocence.
“I-I can’t b-believe you’re asking me this. After y-you have.. Done this.. I j-just c-can’t-”
Dan interrupted Phil’s words by pressing a passionate kiss on them, and Phil actually reciprocated with an equally passionate one.
It’s like he can’t go against Dan’s words. Or actions.
“Can you suck it one more time, for me, Phil?” His voice wasn’t raspy or sexy, it continued on being solely soft and silky, which made Phil ease into it and nod.
Phil proceeded sucking it while Dan shoved it into his mouth, which Phil was reluctant about but let it go quite casually.
And Dan became a little carried away once more, and shoved it too far, which resulted in Phil gagging and puking all the undigested food from lunch mixed with a little bit of blood.
Dan stood excited, taking the puke and lathering the lightsaber in it.
“Perfect.” He whispered.
As Phil leaned over to the side of the bed to continue puking and to spit blood, Dan made it his mission to fuck Phil with the lightsaber once more.
Lathered up in Phil’s stomach contents and blood, the lightsaber entered him once more.
He quickly rose up from his position and screamed once more.
“Dan, I-I told you.. The first t-time.. It hurts..” He was worn out after all this, but Dan didn’t care.
“Everything is going to be fine, Philly. Everything is going to be just fine..” Dan reaches for Phil’s cock and strokes it while, at the same time, jerking the lightsaber up and down his asshole. Phil gets hard and moans in the fraction of pleasure he was able to feel until the sore pain caught up and he almost screamed in agony again.

This time, Dan did not just overdo it, he went all in and pushed the lightsaber the furthest once more, smashing through his ass and into his bowels, and Phil couldn’t even waste energy in screaming how much it hurt.
It felt like such a horrid dream and he wanted to wake up from it as soon as possible.
Blood spurted everywhere, and Dan’s face grew with happiness.
“Phil, you’re so fucking amazing,” Dan moaned, as if this was turning him on.
Phil’s eyes widened in shock because how can this turn anyone on? How can people enjoy someone else’s pain like this?
Because he could not bare anymore pain, Phil collapsed on the bed, his body twitching.
“P-Please stop, Dan.”
He just smiled and kissed Phil, getting up from the bed and taking the lightsaber.
Just as Phil was about to speak, Dan shoved the lightsaber down his throat, making him suffocate and spurt blood everywhere, while puking simultaneously.
Dan then jerked off his already rock-hard penis, and looking at Phil’s image like this made him go over the edge and come all over the lightsaber.
Then, the thing was covered in Phil’s puke and blood, and also Dan’s sperm.
He left Phil half-concious in the bedroom while he went to the kitchen. He then came back seconds later with a kitchen knife in his hand and proceeded to Phil.
“This is going to sting a little, babe, I need you to stay strong for me.”
Poor Phil, he didn’t know what else to do than to just nod and Dan just rammed the knife into his head, creating a deep hole in it.
Dan then took the lightsaber and shoved it into the hole, pulling it in and out, his cock throbbing. Blood now covered the bed sheets and the nightstand, as well as the beige lamp that sat on top of it.
He took out the lightsaber and started fucking Phil’s head, and, he would lie if he said it didn’t feel so good. It was almost better than usual sex he would have with Phil.

“Surprise,” Dan whispered and fell asleep hugging Phil’s dead body.

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Adventures in Odyssey

Originally posted by leafoflegends

I love this shooowwww

  • Favorite character: Euuhhh just one???! Is it cheating to say Nathan Hale??
  • Second favorite character: I would probably have to say Jason Whittaker.
  • Least favorite character: Philip Glossman or Richard Maxwell.
  • The character I’m most like: Bernard Walton, prolly. XD Or Wooten. Or young!Mandy
  • Favorite pairing: Mitch and Connie and -to cover all the fandom bases - Jason and Amy.
  • Least favorite pairing: Mitch and Maureen :P
  • Favorite moment: D: There. Are. Too. Many. Something I love though is Mitch’s surprise picnic for Connie above Trickle Lake. Because, at that point, the listener is suspicious of him, like maybe he actually is a Bad Dude, and holy cow he’s blindfolded Connie and told her “oh it’s a surpriiiisssee” and you’re like “Connie get the heck out!” but she’s all “hahaha okay” and then they drive for a really long time, and then they get out, and she takes off the blindfold, and it’s beautiful, and she stumbles all over herself about how no one else has ever done anything like that for her and he just says “You’re worth it.” End scene. (!!!!!!!!!!!) But that question is not even fair, because soooooo many more favorites than that.
  • Rating out of 10: 9/10 only because I don’t want to give a perfect score so early in the game. ;)

Commission for LykanLunatik.

These are his FFXIV character, Holdvilag Eso, and FFXII character, Biscotti.
It was my first time to draw a moogle, he is adorable.:D


I knew the rate of my artworks upload frequency was low, but I promised I didn’t do less artworks than before , I am still working on them and do my best to finish them as soon as possible I can…..;w;

As for the high priority, since there are too many people in the high priority line at this moment, the waiting time get longer and longer, and need to wait about several months just like the general line.

Since I can only do commissions one by one, I usually can do 10 images a month including the commercial artworks.
If you are still interested in my commissions, please make sure you can wait before you fill the commission booking form.

Thank you for understanding.


Commissions OPEN

If you are interested, please check the info below.

[ Commission Board ]

**the waiting list is super long now, please make sure you can wait before you commission me.**


No one asked but i gladly tell you guys that my ships other than Kaisoo are Xiuhan and Taohun. Coz many people expected i ship Hu*han just bcs i ship Kaisoo. It makes me sad tbh TTTT. Like, Cmon, Taohun and Xiuhan are soo fucking good together too, in fact they’re the most adorable sight for me after Kaisoo TTTT oh and Fanxing too.. i just didn’t have their photo in this moment hehe.. u don’t have idea how much i love underated pairing like them, ❤❤

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Anon you have blessed me with one of many beautiful fetus Sebaek moments. They were (and still are) so adorable omg.. 

I’m laughing tho, the way Baekhyun is ordering him around and Sehun just like runs over to him, so cute *cries*

- Admin N

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If you had to pick just ONE favorite Klaroline episode, what would it be? There are a few good choices, but ultimately I think I would go with Our Town!

That’s a tough question because there are so many good ones! I absolutely adore Our Town, but I think I’d go with a more unconventional choice of favorite and say 4x13 Into the Wild. I choose this episode because I view it as a turning point for Klaroline because of these two moments:

Originally posted by justafangirlcalledluisa

It’s an extremely potent moment because Caroline essentially admits that she sees potential in Klaus, knowing that even though he attempts to subdue or stifle it, he has a heart. He loves. She believes he possesses goodness and light even in this horrible moment (after he bit her) when he let hurt, anger, and resentment flood him with darkness. No one at this point in this series, aside from perhaps Elijah, has expressed hope for him or belief in his redemption. By the look on his face in this scene and the fact that he utters “how can you possibly think that,” he never thought it conceivable that she could feel this way.

And it’s in this exposing moment that something stirs deep inside of him, forging him down a new path where he transforms bit-by-bit. After this, he endeavors to show again and again that because she believes in him he can and will do better. For her, and because of her, he will demonstrate kindness, forgiveness, pity, and will sacrifice his heart’s immediate desires and/or his plots for revenge all in an effort to provide her with the happiness he believes she deserves.

Caroline exposes more in him here than he’s permitted himself to perceive. And it literally changes everything. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. I JUST CAN’T.


liamxryder replied to your post:

   if you talk to keema she says ‘i told him to tell you earlier but he was worried about what you’d think. it was adorable, really.’ and it’s so pure??? 

YES I loved that, there’s no one in the game who actually KNOWS Reyes that thinks he’s going to hurt Ryder. There are so many moments that make it obvious that Reyes really cares about Ryder, but people still want to reach in the direction of being a lying deviant because he lied about one thing to a person he honestly just met and doesn’t know if he can trust? And he can’t… considering you have the option to let Sloane kill him?

Still shocked about Even's line

I’ve never seen a tv series or movie have one line change the narrative and the depths of every action and scene we come to know, like Even’s did. With one line Even made the audience and Isak go back and reflect on every moment and smash any insecurity Isak has ever had about Even’s intent and feelings. I’m rewatching for a third time since the reveal and there are just so many things you pick up on and it’s truly amazing. You can see it in Even’s eyes even more now and if he liked Isak before meeting him…Even’s smile when they kiss for the first time…it was adorable pre-reveal, but now…oh god it just so much more behind it now. The line wasn’t huge twist to change the story, it was a simple confession to a boy he loves and that one beat all the twist and reveals in the world.

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types of kisses prompts - 4

Thank you so much for the prompt! Disclaimer: I have waaaaay too many D&D characters. I decided to write this one about the happy couple, Ferryn and Keldorn, just as their relationship begins. They are truly barftastically cute and my bf helped with the concept for their exceptionally tragic backstory. shhh it’s fine 

4. In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked too damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

“I know what you’re thinking. I heard the others- Poor Keldorn sent off with the knife ear- You know I didn’t choose this either.” Ferryn struggled to free herself from the last pieces of her platemail. Keldorn had been staring, though, not for the reason she suspected. 

“That’s not- I, uh..- I wasn’t thinking that.” Sheepishly he came and sat next to her around their meager fire, in their makeshift camp. Watching as she furiously began scrubbing blood off her armor.

“Either way,” She grumbled, refusing to look at him. While he couldn’t make himself look away. The fire light was reflecting like gold in her copper hair, shedding warm light across her sharp cheekbones. “It’s fine you’re disappointed. Any one of the brothers would have been, I’m not so stupid as you all think I am.”

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Sounds of Silence

A short Cockles ficlet I wrote when Jensen posted the beautiful picture of his family

Misha swiped the pad of his thumb across the screen again as the black and white image began to fade, bringing it back to full brightness.  He couldn’t tear his eyes away.  He’d seen photos of the twins already, of course.  Jensen had been overwhelmed by tears when he’d called shortly after his son and daughter had been brought into the world, and he’d proudly texted pictures of the babies as every new Dad would.  

There had been many snaps over the holidays. Misha was stunned at how much Zeppelin already resembled his father and how adorable JJ looked, arms curled protectively around sweet Arrow, already very much the loving big sister.  Jensen’s family was beautiful, and Misha couldn’t be happier for his best friend.

The current picture on Misha’s screen though, the one Jensen had shocked Twitter and Instagram with just moments before, had Misha in a state of wonder.  The babies were adorable, JJ was her usual sweet self just gently touching her Daddy’s face, and Danneel was as lovely as ever; but Jensen – Jensen took Misha’s breath away.  As he took in the sparkle that lit up Jensen’s eyes, and the playful smile with just a hint of tongue, Misha could feel the tangible ache for the man he hadn’t seen in weeks.

Without even thinking about it, Misha clicked down to his contacts and scrolled down to Jensen’s picture, pressing call before giving it a second thought.  The phone was ringing before Misha really considered what time it was, or what Jensen might be doing.  Misha wandered across the living room finding himself pacing in front of the couch.

“Hey, Mish,” Jensen answered casually on the second ring.  Misha was relieved that his friend didn’t sound irritated or stressed out.  With three little ones at home, Misha knew time was precious.  

“Jensen.  How badly is your Twitter blowing up?  Has your phone spontaneously combusted yet?”

Misha couldn’t help but smile at the deep throaty laugh that sounded in his ear.  “Wouldn’t know.  As soon as I posted the pic, I closed Twitter and haven’t looked at it since.  Figured I’d wait out the storm before looking at it again.”

“Smart move, Cowboy,” Misha replied, lifting a couple of stray books off the couch cushion before he sank himself down into the worn leather.  It was strangely silent in the house.  West was still at school and Vicki had taken Maison to story hour at the library.  He missed the chaos of the kids’ continual chatter and Vicki’s banter.  He was glad Jensen was on the phone – one less person to miss.  

Misha couldn’t hear anything from Jensen’s end either.  “Seems quiet there.  Babies napping?”  Misha asked, an attempt to disguise the real reason for his call, although he suspected Jensen already knew.  The man could read him almost as well as Vicki.

“Zep’s asleep in the bassinet in the nursery, Danneel and JJ are both crashed in our room, and Ro’s lying in my lap just looking up at me like I’m the most fascinating thing in the universe.”  

Misha could hear Jensen’s voice trail off a little at the end and he could picture the man he loved talking to his baby girl.  He knew how the little one felt because he felt the same way sometimes when he looked at Jensen.

“Well you are pretty funny looking,” Misha joked.

“Oh, look who’s being hilarious.  What do you think, Arrow?  Is Uncle Misha an asshole?”

Misha shook his head and chuckled.  “You better watch your language around your daughter, Jen.  Danni will have your balls for breakfast!”

“I think both of my daughters are just as likely to pick up a potty mouth from their Mommy,” Jensen snorted; quickly switching to a soft shushing as little Arrow began to fuss from the noise and movement.

“What are you up to over there?” Jensen asked quietly.  “I don’t hear a sound.  That’s rare for your place.”

“Nothing really,” Misha sighed.  “Vick’s out with Maison so it’s pretty quiet.  I was going through some emails, taking advantage of the peace and catching up before we head back to set, and I saw your picture come up over Twitter.  It kinda threw me.  Before I knew it you were on the phone.  I barely remember calling you.”  It all sounded so ridiculous when Misha said it out loud.  

“Hey, Mish?” Jensen whispered, clearly Arrow had finally fallen asleep in his arms.

“Yeah?” Misha replied just as quietly.

“I miss you too, baby.  I’m glad you called.”

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angelbuffyandouataremylife  asked:

So you ship Captain Swan too? I seriously love how many OTPs we have in common! What are your favorite CS scenes?

I sure do! I’ve shipped them since s2. I’m behind on OUAT this season, but I adore Captain Swan. I’m so happy to know we share another OTP in common just AHHH!! xx

And I love so many of their scenes, but this is one of my absolute, all-time faves: *DIES*

Which is followed rather closely by this:

And this moment hurts but it’s so raw and real:

Here are some other particularly lovely swoon-worthy moments:

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