but this is how the book is formatted

things maybe those other novelization posts missed

there’s been a couple of posts about the novelization highlights going around but whatever the world needs my thoughts right????

really just a rehash of my livetweeting sometimes direct copy and paste but whatever. LMAO THIS IS LIKE 5 PAGES LONG WELP SORRY FRIENDS. 

  • Even the excerpts from the rogue one novelization have not prepared me for the utter DRAMA that is cassian andor in this book omg
  • everything about bodhi rook made me cry. HE DOUBTS HIMSELF. THE ONLY THING HE’S SURE OF IS THAT HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after Cassian said like 10 words to Jyn, she was imagining them on a date.
  • Jyn also is careful to try and shield cassian from a blast in Jedha city like you know just for safety and stuff. And standing close to each other. SAFETY THO.
  • Cassian: I’m cold, I bet Jyn’s cold. I’m tired, she’s probably exhausted. She beat the shit out of those guys, IS SHE CONCUSSED? CHILL, BUD
  • the. entire. time.
  • cassian really cannot stop thinking about jyn and how she’s fucking up his job/mission/life AND YET
  • the thing is CASSIAN IS VERY GOOD AT HIS JOB AS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. he’s wildly good at it. and he’s sharp. so smart. the book constantly shows him sifting through his mental catalog of info he’s VERY SMART AND VERY PROFICIENT AT HIS JOB

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Grimoire/Book of Shadows tips from a slightly more experienced witch

Okay so I’ve been into the craft for a little over a year but here’s some tips

Without further adue,

•Your book is what YOU make it
•Seriously like what ever you wanna do, whatever makes you comfiest
•If its a diary with witch stuff In it
•If its clippings of paper
•If its hastily scribbled notes
•Your book is for you to keep witch stuff down so you’re more organized and every single book is just as good as the other
•Dont be jealous of some random person on tumblrs book
•Its just how they choose to make theirs
•Mines a fucking mess my dude
•If yours is on the internet too
•Holy shit my dude props
•I legit cant figure how to have a comfy format online for a book
•You rule that internet book

To sum up; Your grimoire/book of shadows/name of choice, is your book no matter how its made,, bc its yours and you make it however you need to be comfy,,,, every magical person is different!!!


Hey guys! Today, I just wanted to share with you how I go about with my bullet journal. I have collected a lot of ideas from Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube, and this is the format that suits my taste. I hope you guys find this useful or interesting! :)


1. Index

Of course, most, if not all, bullet journals start with an index page so you can make reference to it in the future. This makes things easier to find and more organized.

2. Habit Tracker 

I track various habits like eating fruits and vegetables, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water, finishing a book, etc. I put numbers in the grids and each number corresponds to a date. If I did that certain task on that day, I will shade in the box.

3. Calendar

This is a calendar for the whole month. Here, I use post-it notes so that it can be easily transferred if the date ever changed. I also use different color of sticky tabs for school, blog and personal life, but the one above is only for blog posts since I don’t have other things to put yet. 

4. Books and Blog Posts

The one above is separated into three columns - “Books I Want to Read,” “In Progress,” and “Finished” - and I used sticky tabs to put the books that I want to read in the month of January on the first column. When I’m already reading the book, I will transfer the sticky tab to the “In Progress” column, and then to the “Finished” column when I finished reading the book.

On the bottom part of the page are the blog posts that I plan to post in January, and it’s also separated into three columns - “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Finished.” I also move them to the appropriate columns when the task changes status. 

5. Expense Tracker

This is where I track my expenses for the month. In the first column, I put the item that I bought. In the second column, I put the date, and in the third column, I put the amount.

6. Weekly Spread

This is where I put my everyday tasks. So first I put the date, and then the bar below that tracks the number of glasses of water that I drank that day (left) and the number of hours of sleep that I had the night before (right). Then after that, I proceed to my to-do list, and I shade the box different colors once the task is done for school, blog and personal. Below that, most of the time I put 1-2 sentences about the highlights of my day.

7. Weekly Mementos

To the left of the weekly spread are the mementos that I collected throughout the week. These are mostly receipts, tickets, stubs, and any other thing that I think might be worth putting in. 

Thank You Dan and Phil Project

So my friend Sam and I are making a book of messages for Dan and Phil that we will be giving to them at Playlist in May (hopefully)
So if you want to, you could reblog this podt with your message or just send it to me. Please format it like this
Dear Dan and Phil,
[Insert your message here]
Name/age/state or country
We just want to show Dan and Phil how much they’ve helped some people. Please tell your friends or repost this photo.

like it’s basically a dead thing but I remember back in the day when people were desperately trying to fit the introvert v extrovert ‘conflict’ into some sort of social justice thing when like

neither introverts nor extroverts exist

like they’re absolutely fake stereotypes which people just connect to for largely shallow reasons, because it formats your life into being a thing, same as how listening to music can become more meaningful due to a shallow self-identification with some subculture.  Reading books and being on the internet and liking those things doesn’t make one an ‘introvert’, and I’d argue that if that was the case then nearly everyone would be that.  The idea that people gain or lose energy from interactions is just a generalization of something literally everyone experiences contextually.  I haven’t been able to write or really read the last couple of days while being social as hell when I went out.  But a couple days earlier I’d end hangouts in order to go home and write.  Was I an introvert or an extrovert this week?

I was neither, they’re both fake definitions and they’re basically used to add meaning to our otherwise meaningless lives.  So if you get too into talking about that shit I’m sorry but my first thought is “wow what a boring thing to get worked up about”.  Sorry.

Ocean Worlds: The Story of Seas on Earth and Other Planets

So far, every volume signed Jan Zalasiewicz had proved a geological pleasure (as indeed have all the others in the series on Earth Systems Science that OUP have been releasing), and this latest instalment (the second book he’s co written with Mark Williams) did not disappoint my high expectations. While it isn’t an overview of the current state of oceanography, it provides a pleasant and fascinating romp through all things ocean, from the origin of the water in comets, through their role in the great cycles of the elements to the current ecological catastrophe shaping up in the planet’s seas.

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The KBTBB Guys as dads!

So finally done!! A special thanks to @flutterlovesvoltage for helping me out with the plot!😙😙😙😙 Ty Ty Ty soooo much!!!!!!😊😊And sorry for the last moment changes in the format.😅Hope this is enjoyable!


  • Constantly keeps on saying how undeserving he is to have such a cute little blessing in his life
  • Keeps on thanking God (something that he never did before)
  • Gets something new for the baby everyday
  • Is a HUGE fan of soft-toys
  • Aims at spoiling the baby rotten
  • “Eisuke not another soft-toy please!”
  • “No but this one’s different from the earlier one!” is what he says every time
  • Was going to book n Audi R8 for his baby
  • Hell no, Eisuke!
  • Smirks less since the baby arrived
  • Gives the baby all his time and attention and smiles a lot (genuinely)
  • Constantly receives ‘taunts’ from the other bidders.


  • Cried a lot the day the baby arrived
  • Scared to death when the baby opened their eyes
  • Bracing himself for hearing cries, since *he thinks* he’s scary
  • But the baby didn’t cry at all
  • Surprised Soryu. Says, “You’re just like your mum.”
  • Gave up carrying his precious gun for his baby.
  • Baby likes to pull at his set-back hair and get it down
  • Soryu doesn’t mind. Feels good.
  • Compares how small the baby’s hand is in front of his. Very adorable.
  • Totally a ‘Baby’s Dad’ 


  • Carries baby to his art studio and shows art pieces
  • Baby enjoys being on hiss shoulder and constantly babbles when they see his Blue Bird art as if saying “It’s pweeetty”
  • Ota tries teaching the baby how to paint
  • Baby smears all the paint on Ota’s nose and cheeks
  • Ota doesn’t protest at all
  • Loves to design cute clothes for the baby
  • Always tells the baby stories about him and mom and tells them how amazing mom is
  • *smiles*
  • Sometimes also puts paint on the baby’s cheeks
  • Gets scolded by his wife


  • Whenever the baby cries, Baba almost cries too.
  • Mc: *slaps forehead*
  • Baby always takes his fedora and throws it away
  • Baba picks it up without complaint and places it on the baby’s head
  • Too big!
  • Baby’s entire head goes into the hat.
  • Baba gets another small fedora for the baby
  • Aw so cute!
  • “My little partner in crime”
  • I don’t want the baby to follow your footsteps, master thief!
  • Baba gets disappointed when he hears this
  • Loves to take selfies with the baby and dress up the baby in cute outfits
  • Shows off his little treasure to the other bidders whenever he gets the opportunity
  • Ends up getting teased.


  • Perfectly knows how to cradle the baby and make them stop crying
  • Baby sometimes hides under his coat and they play hide-n-seek
  • Tried to find the baby’s collarbones
  • Failed
  • Dejected, but didn’t give up
  • “Aren’t my collarbones enough for you?!”
  • Oh, sorry….
  • Does everything for the baby- changes nappies, feeds food, and also plays peek-a-boo!
  • Likes to make the baby smile
  • “An ideal father” as stated by Eisuke
  • Baby likes to play with his stethoscope and sphygmomanometer
  • Luke likes to listen to his baby’s little heartbeats as they sleep in his arms

And lastly, Mamoru-😥

  • Hasn’t had a ‘decent’ sleep since the baby arrived(that’s what he thinks)
  • The baby pulls his hair and troubles him
  • Mamoru tries to sleep, but the baby won’t let him.
  • Baby likes to keep him awake and demand all his attention
  • Mc constantly snickers at this
  • Mamoru is Exasperated
  • “What did I ever do to you that you won’t let me sleep?”
  • Baby crawls and runs away whenever he tries to change nappies
  • In turn, lots of exercise for Mamoru
  • Finally catches the baby and changes their nappy
  • Says that he deserves a Nobel Prize for such hard work
  • Has to clean shave every day since the baby doesn’t like pokey-pokey tiny hair
  • Poor, poor Mamoru. So finally we have someone who’s ridding  him of his LAZINESS.
  • Is convinced that the baby ‘Wants revenge’
  • In spite of all this, he immensely loves his baby and is a proud daddy.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension (Guide to Life)

Want to know how to turn your teacher into a troll? Or what to do when monsters crash your party? Find out in this jam-packed guide featuring Star, Marco and their inter-dimensional crew of friends (and enemies). This hardcover book, in the best-selling Guide to Life format, features 160 pages of hilarious information, full-color images, and a double-sided pull-out poster. Fans of the show will adore this imaginative guide!

Tips from a YA Editor by Anne Regan: Crafting a Query Letter

What’s a query letter?

  • A short (single page) introduction of you and your book to a publisher or agent
  • Use professional business letter format, font, and language
  • Do your research about the publisher or agent so you can:
  • Personalize the letter to a specific person (for example, the acquisitions editor)
  • Show how your book meets their submission criteria

Start with the most important information first

  • A “hook” – one sentence that captures the essence of your story and makes them want more
  • To save his world, a hobbit must destroy a powerful magic ring.
  • A farm boy joins the rebellion against an evil galactic empire.

State how your story fits what they publish or represent.

  • I enjoy your fantasy novels and would appreciate your considering my novel Hobbit Wars.
  • Always include the title, genre, and word count.
  • Be sure these meet the submission guidelines for your target publisher or agent.

Include a brief synopsis of the story

  • No more than one or two short paragraphs – ideally no more than 150 words
  • Focus on your main characters, their goals, and the obstacles they face to achieve them
  • Don’t overdisclose – leave the editor or agent wanting to read more
Wrap it up
  • Include a sentence or two about yourself
  • Include any writing credits, awards, or special background that influences your story
  • Thank the editor or agent for their time and consideration
  • Based on the submission guidelines, include the manuscript or excerpt or let them know it is available on request
김데일리 Collection Photobook

So since yesterday I have been working non-stop on creating this book^^

I still dont know exactly how much it will cost, Im still looking around to find a producer that has an affordable price…

But I will update you guys ASAP!

It would be great if you would let me know how much you are willing to pay MAX.(!) for this book^^

Right now my draft is: HARDCOVER/DIN A4 Format/162 pages/with original tweets and translation

The first book includes ALL Kimdaily photos and posts from 2013 to 2015 :D

Im already planning to do more of the collection books ^^ so the second style book will start from 2016 then…but thats still in the future :D Do you guys want me to continue this at all?? XDD

This is the Hardcover design of the book as well as the individual covers for each year/section in the book :D

Pages look like that

I kept the design and layout of the book simple on purpose ;D

I actually was just planning to do this book for myself and I put a lot of work into it, so I hope people will like it.:D Its my first time doing such a big photobook so please bear with me XD

If you have any questions please let me know! Prices will be updated ASAP! As I said Im still looking for more affordable prices because right now its expensive AF TT Also dont forget to let me know what you are willing to pay for this big boy :DD


anonymous asked:

Are you an architect or something like that?? Cause you're hella talented when it comes to buildings or backgrounds in general OwO If not, how did you learned it?

Omg Anon!!! You are SO sweet!!! Thanks, I really enjoy doing backgrounds– I tried to take a perspectives class in college but it was too much info for my dome meat to handle, so I bombed that- but ended up learning from mostly observation and books that appealed to my learning style more- like mostly Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” Stephan Kliment’s “Architectural Sketching and Rendering” David Chelsea’s “Perspective for Comic-Book Artists”  

Scott’s & Chelsea’s books are entirely in a comic book format and explains everything clearly with visuals. Chelsea’s is focused solely on perspective, something Scott touches on in his book and gives a a summarized understanding on it- Personally it’s hard for me to absorb information from books when it’s too formal, so David’s and Stephan’s books are a little harder to grasp, but it doesn’t deter me from using them often. Scott’s book I’ve been able to read front to back several times, because he has such a cute humor while he teaches and it makes for soaking up info so much easier ;u;

You’re incredible for asking such a flattering question X’D I didn’t get to do well in art school, so this achievement is pretty neat. XOXO

anonymous asked:

have you got any tips on writing in arabic? because i'm lost

Hi, I used a textbook that focused just on this. I can’t really give any advice since I still suck at handwriting (& I’m left-handed) and a book does a great job at explaining letter forms, formation, etc. If you don’t have one, here are some worksheets that can help.

It also helps to look at videos to really see how it’s done such as:

I highly suggest that you watch the videos and then use the worksheets to apply what you learn. 😊

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When Christopher Robinson finds a eulogy written on the back of a napkin and realizes it’s actually a code, he starts a journey towards healing, and maybe love.

*The Napkin Eulogist is a modern love story told from the first-person perspective of the selfish-but-likeable Chris. It digs deep into the mess of what carrying around tragedy and unforgiveness can do to a man who’s mastered the art of looking like he’s okay, and how accepting the friendship and love of others can help him shoulder the burden and possibly find his future.  

Check out the full description on Amazon or on my separate page tab.


I’ve got to get my blog business in order. I never do anything I’m tagged in lately. It’s so bad. I love getting tagged too. It’s just that I’m always on my phone. It’s so rare I sit at the computer and we all know how annoying formatting is with the app. And I need to post armpits regularly. What kind of armpit blog is this? A shitty one, that’s what kind. I need to answer questions more. I’m bad. If you sent me stuff anon though I don’t feel guilty. It’s dumb. Unless you want to confess your undying love for me. Then you should totally do it on anon. That’s cool. But like, don’t ask what book I’ve read on anon. That’s unnecessary. Anyway, I’m working on it. There’s just a lot of nonsense right now.

reasons why varjak paw > warrior cats
  • there’s only two books (with a 3rd one coming in the future)
  • there are only 37 characters, as opposed to 1000+ characters
  • the books are illustrated!!! and the illustrations are really good!!! also, the text and pictures are formatted so that the most dramatic scenes look really cool
  • the main premise of the books is that a young cat is bullied by his family, and his house is occupied by a strange man with suspicious intentions. he escapes and embarks on a journey to find someone to help his family and also to find why cats have been disappearing all over the city. if that doesn’t convince you to read the books idk what will
  • cat martial arts!!! and cat gang wars!!!
  • you’d be surprised how well the books and all the characters are written? i have read both of the books like 5 times and it never gets boring
  • the cast of characters is really diverse, and the author managed to make each of them really interesting
  • you don’t have to spend 5 hours in google trying to figure out cat genetics and breeds because the author already did that for you (with a couple of errors but i mean that’s excusable) + there’s no weird inconsistent or incestuous family relations
  • there’s lore that’s WAY more interesting that wc’s
  • interspecies relationships! we get a dog character who has an interesting back story and a really cute friendship with the main character!
  • the main villain is interesting and doesn’t have an underwhelming sob story and there’s also a good redemption arc
  • there’s a cat with canon odd eyes meanwhile the erins are struggling to remember what was crowfeather’s or dovewing’s or mothwing’s eye color
  • the cats have accents
  • two unfeeling robot characters managed to make me cry
  • if you’re not convinced yet, know that there’s a character called Little Jessie who is the smallest cutiepie but she also fought cats twice her own size alongside her gang

anyway i’m sure there’s more that i’m forgetting but please. go read varjak paw it will not disappoint

*:・゚✧ 🌟 blogrates 🌟 *:・゚✧

hey! so recently i hit a follower goal of mine, and i thought i’d celebrate by doing some blogrates for all of you!! 💞


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Alrighty guys

So, as you may have noticed, May is right around the corner and quickly creeping up to us. 

And that means AP Tests. Oh boy.

I’ve got a few messages requesting some classes, so I am going to do a broad generalization for a few courses. 


Whether it be chemistry or bio, remember not to get overwhelmed with the insane amount of info in your textbook. DO NOT REREAD CHAPTERS. Skim, read chapter summaries, look at chapter notes online (coursenotes is a great website for this). Rereading the book will over stress you and discourage you from your objective:

Get the big picture, focus on important details, and move on. We only have a week, so do NOT get caught up on these things. Watch Bozeman videos or Khan Academy. If you find you are spending 6 hours on a topic, thats your sign that you are taking too long. 

Also: get used to the multiple choice format (for bio kids) and learn how to skim/take notes on the test. Its ok to make your paper look crappy with tons of pencil marks. 


Again, do not forget the big picture– they like turning points, how events affected civilians and other countries around them, and comparisons. Get a few dates memorized so you can slap them on your test. It looks good on an FRQ. For DBQ’s my best advice is to try to get through the reading fast and jot down notes. These things will slow you down and suck up all your time, so use it wisely. 

AGAIN: Get the big picture, focus on important details, and move on.


Get used to the format. You may know the subject material really well, but that doesn’t mean much when their choice of words is abstract and confusing. Take FRQs. Practice multiple choice. Learn what graphs mean when relating them to other functions (I’m looking at you, derivatives!!). Master the ‘hint’ words like rates, average, accumulation etc that will help guide you on the test. 


LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS FIRST. They will reveal what the passages are about. Read fast, take notes, read it again. Answer some questions. If they take too long? Move on and the next question may help you answer your previous question. For essays, ADDRESS ALL PARTS OF THE PROMPT. That is extremely important. And for at least one passage, they will recommend that you use the given literary terms so USE IT AND EXPAND ON IT. Review some literary terms for some books you read during the year and then relax. You can’t really study for this test, just trust in your abilities and get used to the time limit. 

To all AP students: I wish you luck on your studying! Breathe, drink lots of water, and change environments. Sometimes studying in one place will suck out your soul. Reward yourself. Take small breaks. You can do this and will do this!

Now go study!

i know people joke about the “2 groups of 2″ format for teams Ozpin (and the rest of the show) uses being an easy way to figure out ships but i actually think that format is actively hurting character interaction bc like. if yang and weiss were alone in a room what would they talk about for an hour that involves them on a casual level. like hobbies or interests. How about Ren and Pyrrha. How would that conversation play out.

i cant say what ruby and blake have in common other than books. which is broad and vague. Ruby and yang are sisters and even then i cant tell you what they have in common other than being sisters.

 like the characters are, for the most part, glued to the hip of their partner and I kinda feel like its bc the writers dont know how to handle the large cast they made so they just group people off into duos and have everything happen within that duo.