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Officer Rogers (Captain Hook) Season 7 Custom Funko

So I love doing funkos in uniform and this was a great little thing to do.  He uses a 12th doctor head because Colin seems to have a bit of a neater trim to his facial hair in the Hyperion Heights scenes so I didn’t want to use one of the standard Hook heads.  His hair, and eyebrows are painted in the color I normally use for Hook.  The body comes from a Pornstache funko from Orange is the New Black.  He’s painted with Seattle police uniform colors with little patches a tiny badge and name badge and one hand in a glove for his prosthetic.  

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.

Any ER fans out there?

So I know we’re all sad that it seems like this will be the last we see of Jen as Emma.  She’s only contracted for one episode and right now that seems like it will be it.  But maybe here’s a little hope for you.  

Was anyone a fan of Doug and Carol from ER back in the day?  Well, if you were, then you probably remember this happening when Julianna Margulies left the show: 

This happened and no one knew he was going to appear, even though he was a big movie star by then. I remember watching it and being so happy and surprised because we had no idea it was going to happen.  

So here’s my point: Just because Jen is only contracted for one episode and it seems like it will be her last, there is always hope that something like this could happen.  They could secretly film a scene between Emma and Killian just like this.  (It could even be on the docks!)  

Granted, it might be harder with social media being what it is today, but it is possible.  Jen could appear in the season/series finale without any of us knowing it’s going to happen, without her or A&E announcing that she had signed on for another episode or would be appearing at all.  It could be an unbilled/uncredited appearance. I could especially see A&E doing this because they don’t like to spoil things.  If they told us she would appear again, then it could spoil the storyline they have planned this season. 

So, just as the show has hammered into us, there is always hope.  

You guys- we live in a world in which a Captain Hook hologram exists.

Where do I order one for my apartment and how are you guys doing on the clone I’ve been asking for?



*  Reminder that these are the things they call each other  when talking to each other, not when referring to each other.


Swan - 46 %

Love - 21 %

Emma - 28 %

  • He mostly calls her Emma when he’s distressed or worried for her.

Other - 5 %

  • The other 5 % is made up of, My Dear, Lass, Darling, Beautiful, Saviour, My Lady, Dark One, Emma Swan, Princess Enya, Princess and Your Highness.


Hook - 28 %

Killian - 65 %

  • Since they’ve started dating Emma has called him Killian 84 % of the time.

Other - 7 %

  • The other 7 % is made up of, Captain Hook, Buddy, Captain, Captain Hand, Tiger, and Babe.