but this is harmless and cute ok

One thing that really gets me about today’s society is how emotional/psychological child abuse is normalized and even celebrated.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon of parents getting together and talking about how they’re such a Mean Mom or Mean Dad and how they’re raising their children to be respectful. They talk about destroying their children’s possessions, isolating them, humiliating them, and/or publicly shaming them.

And when these people hear about, say, a parent smashing a kid’s phone for not cleaning their room or burning their possessions or filming a punishment or embarrassing moment and putting it up on social media, they commend the parents for “teaching the kids a lesson”.

Why the fuck do we, as a society, think this is okay?

It doesn’t teach kids valuable life lessons, it teaches them to be scared of repercussions. It’s bullying and child abuse and for some reason, people think that’s commendable.

Whenever I hear people saying “haha I bet that 14 year old learned a lesson”, it instantly makes me suspicious of them. I will instantly think of you as either a potential child abuser or a child abuse enabler.

As a survivor of psychological abuse, people dismissing this behavior as “harmless life lessons” makes me wonder if it really was abuse. If I deserved it. If I really deserved to have my pet’s life threatened because I was a liar.

It’s not cute. It’s not “good parenting”. It’s intimidating, shaming, and traumatizing your child into compliance.


Namjoon: Can be very protective over him; have good style/into fashion; make it v obvious they bias Nams; usually very focused ppl, know what they want; very fair/impartial; they look mature but are actually total nerds; give super confident vibes but can be insecure; clumsy and adorable

Seokjin: love food almost as much as they love Jin; also tend to be motherly; LOVE to see pictures/videos of him; actually very creative ppl; very kind but can be hella sassy when they want to be; very passionate about their love for Seokjin; would create a holiday in honor of sj if they could

Yoongi: loud online/quiet irl; love pastels; passionate for #saveyoongisscalp; they pay attention to small details; lowkey really nice; they like to stick together; sleepy/docile most of the time but will roast u hard if you give them a reason; talk big and will usually follow through

Hoseok: loud online/loud irl; very very nice people; love to smile and laugh; are ok with 2nd hand embarrassment; give really good advice; full of love and not afraid to fight you; very good at edits; like to live in the moment; Hoseok is their sunshine; hard for them to talk about their true feelings

Jimin: very passionate in general; love cute things; emotional/will cry over Jimin; very accepting of others; sharing is caring; talk big but usually harmless; dedicated/loyal friends; love everything about Jimin; can sometimes take things too far; supportive to a fault

Taehyung: have all accepted their fate; they love so much it hurts; very nice; usually love/own some animals; very excitable; lowkey sad all the time bc taehyung; will tease you; family-oriented; usually love fashion too; will always stand by your side/won’t let you do stupid things alone

Jungkook: love/hate relationship w/ jk; try to be lowkey but always end up highkey; will fight u, their mom, dog, uncle, etc.; super creative; will ALWAYS protect the ppl they love; easily embarrassed; usually very cute ppl; love memes

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Hi!!!! Can i have shinsou, monoma, and aizawa headcanons with a short fem s/o??

you sure can! sorry for taking so long >< enjoy <3


> Shinsou would feel a little awkward around his girlfriend at first because he isn’t used to receiving attention in such a way. Everyone always assumed he’d want to be a villain and often avoided talking to him unless it happened to be about his quirk.

> Once comfortable he’d definitely give her all the affection her heart desired and would definitely give her forehead kisses whenever he could.

> It was a form of him saying he wouldn’t allow her to be harmed nor would he allow himself to ever use his quirk on her.

> He’d always lean down for kisses because he’s actually A Nice Guy.

> Shinsou would most definitely sit down on the floor so his s/o could be taller than him but it ends up in her sitting in his lap for a long while of cuddling. 

> Would literally wrap his own body around hers if they ever shared a bed and stay like that throughout the night because she’s small and adorable and he just has to hold her like this ok.

> Very much dislikes when she feels insecure about her height and u bet ur ass he would put her on his shoulders as another way he could make her feel tall.

> He only allows her and her only to be as affectionate and clingy as she wants. He won’t let anyone else get close to him like this because she’s that important.

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> Let’s be real Monoma would tease the absolute hell out of his girlfriend because she’s so short and wouldn’t stop until she probably got a really cute pout on her face. 

> It’s all harmless teasing though, mostly calling her sickeningly sweet nicknames and overall cute the entire time. He wouldn’t ever say anything that would hurt her feelings because then he’d feel like a total jackass. He knows his limits.

> Would find ways to catch her off guard with any time of kiss (usually on the top of her head or on the nose) 

> Other times he would make her ask for a kiss and he’d reply with something along the lines of, “Come take one then~” which would make her whine until he leaned down to give her one. 

> He’d most likely be the type of guy to make sure she’s always alright whether he actually asks her or not.

> Takes pictures of her halfway into the washing machine because she can’t reach the bottom or standing on top of the counter to reach the top shelf of a cabinet and change it to his phone wallpaper. 

> Monoma definitely tease her about her cute little hands and compare their hand sizes any moment he could but he’d always litter them with kisses after. He’d also hold them as much as possible.

> Helps her shop for clothes online and shows her things he thinks she’d really like. He just wants to keep her happy despite his sarcastic and kind of smart ass personality.

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> Aizawa would also tease his s/o but sometimes he’s a little too blunt and ends up feeling bad for it. He’ll do so much to make her feel better afterwards which is mostly buying her sweets and mumbling apologies. 

> He knows she’s tough though and he actually forgets so he’s often surprised when she ends up shooting back retorts to his teasing. 

> It earns her a few chuckles though.

> Wouldn’t give her a kiss until she forced him to lean down whether it be through punching him hard as shit in the stomach or tugging him down by his collar. Either way works.

> Erases anyone’s quirk when they get too close to her because he’s overprotective as hell. 

> Aizawa wouldn’t really know how to help her when she feels insecure about her height because he’s never really had to struggle with such a problem. But, he does his best to comfort her physically even if it isn’t his strong point.

> He tells her he believes in her and knows she’ll do great things no matter what size she is. It seems to help and his stress levels lower when she gives him that gorgeous smile of hers.

> He often apologizes about not being able to help all that well and knows she could do better than him or thanks her for staying with someone so apathetic. She flicks his forehead, tells him to shut up, and they hug it out afterwards. He thinks ‘She’s a keeper.’ as he hugs her tighter.

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BTS Reaction to their s/o being clumsy


He’d find it cute until you actually hurt yourself pretty seriously. After that he’d try his best at staying by you at all times and making sure you stay as far away from sharp objects as possible. The last thing he would want is ever seeing you getting hurt.

Whenever you two are cooking together he’d be extremely careful making sure that both you and him are ok.

“Jagi wait, NO. Put the knife down…I’ll cut the vegetables for today…dont worry…just put the knife down” 


The two of you are a very odd combination. It always seemed like if the two of you were in the same room, at least one of you will get hurt. However Namjoon would start being more careful and would try his best to make sure that you wont get hurt. In the end it’ll just become something he is used to and loves.

“I think this just proves that we are perfect for each other.”


Whenever you trip a little or slip on the floor for no reason he will just chuckle to himself and wont pay it much attention. He’d notice your little slip ups but wont comment on them to not make you feel embarrassed and also because he mostly found it adorable. You wouldn’t get hurt most of the time and he knew you were fine so he couldn’t help but laugh in secret at how cute you are. But at times where he thought you were too adorable he wouldn’t be able to not comment on it.

“I know you slipped and I hope you’re ok, but god that was so funny and cute.”


At first he would get very concerned for you and will worry that you’ll one day manage to actually get hurt quiet seriously. Once time passes and he realises the your clumsiness is mostly harmless he’d worry less and would try his best to be with you when you do anything remotely dangerous. As time goes on he’d also make a habit of always carrying a little first aid bag. To his surprise he actually used it very often. 

“Try to be a little more careful, I don’t want you getting hurt…plus I’m running out of bandaids.”


He wouldn’t be able to hide how adorable he thought you were whenever you’d accidentally slip on the ground and then balance yourself back up with your arms stretched out. Whenever you let out a small yell and he hears a loud crash he’d just roll his eyes knowing that you most likely accidentally dropped something on the ground. After hearing you he’d come from behind and would give you a back hug.

“Stop making breaking our dishes look so adorable.”


He’d tease you all time since he knew that most of your little moments were absolutely harmless. Obviously whenever you actually got hurt he’d make sure you were ok and would take a lot of care of you. But before that happens he’d always love poking fun at your shenanigans, always finding them to be a mixture of funny and cute. When you trip over nothing he’d pat your head and will smile warmly at you.

“You sure you don’t want any help there? Or are you just giving the floor a needed hug?”


He’d be the type to actually worry deeply for you. Getting scared whenever you let out a yelp or when you manage to somehow fall on the spot. He would get frustrated but never angry at you as he knew it wasn’t something you could control, but he’d still worry. When you fall onto the ground he’d immediately crouch over and make sure you’re ok. Once he knows you’re fine he’d cup your face with his hands and sigh.

“You already give me enough heart attacks with how pretty you are, no need to give me any more. So be a little more careful, ok?”

Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

hey yall since i know i probs have a lot of younger kids followin me listen

just go ahead and like your “cringy” stuff ok?? doesnt matter what it is. mlp, warriors cats, little online animal sites, jeez even if youre a furry

if its harmless and you like it, if you wanna draw it or participate in it, do it

dont listen to stupid adults trying to make you feel bad so they can feel better. because they did this stuff too, and theyre ashamed of it. they made horrible ocs, they talked like “OMG LOL xD RAWR”, they went on all the sites you do, and theyre ashamed. 

be proud of who you were and who you are and what you like ok???? 

Make Me Smile - Cisco Ramon Imagine [PREVIEW]

A/N: another preview for my love Cisco Ramon :) I really like this request so I’m excited about this one!

rockthatbodt submitted:Hello! Just wanted to say I adore your imagines and that you’re doing a phenomenal job~! The Draco’s Boggart Imagine was touching and amazing! I was curious if I could request a Cisco x reader where the reader is a gravity manipulating Meta-human who begrudgingly joins Team Flash after being captured. I imagine the reader being a bit more standoffish in nature, which in turn Cisco wants to drag a a smile out of her (life goal).  One day in the lab the reader decides to have some fun and while Cisco is working and the rest of the members are out. Maybe starts moving his stuff around and out of reach, levitate his hair or even him himself. Just playful harmless fun that Cisco could easily retaliate and appreciate. Cute Cisco fluff too pure for this world. Keep up the great work and I look forward to all the beautiful promts/imagines you publish OwO Thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash :D

Make Me Smile [PREVIEW]

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not to be an asshole but killing off one half of ur xD OTP for angst or whatever the hell isnt cute or harmless or fun! its sickening for a gay person to be looking for healthy, happy, GAY relationships that are almost impossible to find in popular media, and see nothing but angst and gay characters being killed off just for some cheap plot point. so many lgbp people turn to fan-created content to get away from how badly gay characters are treated in mainstream media but lol yall are freaks and loovvveee killing the gays!!!!!!


Request - Can you do one where the reader and Sam don’t get along like at all, but they have to work together on a case and they have some mad angry sex and find out they really love each other? 

Warnings - Smut

Hope you like Anon :) 

“No absolutely not” you shake your head at Bobby completely dismissing the idea.

“Do you want help with this nest or not? They are two of the best hunters in the business” he argues

You roll your eyes, you have no problem with Dean.  Yes ok the man a huge flirt but he was harmless. It was the other Winchester you had the issue with.

He was a pain in the ass. He was cocky, rude, never admitted when he was wrong, he always managed to rub you the wrong way…..he was stupidly tall….He was cute, could be funny…He had an amazing smile…and god let’s not get started on his body…

What were you thinking about again? Oh right, Sam Winchester was a huge pain in the ass! 

“It’s not a good idea for me and Sam to be working together” you say simply to Bobby,  he rolled his eyes at you. 

“When are you two goin’ to grow the hell up?” He mumbled picking up his phone to call the brothers. 

Sam hated you, he made that clear years ago before he decided to swan off to Stanford to have a normal life.

You used to be close when you were young, your dad’s would leave you with Bobby and go off hunting for days at a time. The day his acceptance letter came through, Dean and John weren’t the only ones hurt. You remember getting the text from Dean telling you he was leaving. 


You rushed over to their current place of residence, pushed open the door without bothering to knock. You ran up the stairs to see a seething John Winchester coming out of Sam’s room. You stepped aside letting him march down the stairs and out of the house.

You walk into the room, you see Sam packing and Dean trying to stop him. The brothers look to you as you enter. 

“Oh good, you talk some sense into him” Dean leaves the room slamming the door behind him. You look at Sam sadly

“Sammy….you’re really leaving?” You whisper he glares over at you. 

“Yeah I am, I can’t wait to be out of here. Away from all of this…Away from everything…Away from you” you felt a stab in your heart at his words. You feel tears build in your eyes

“I hate all of this! All of you!  I just want a normal life!” You being to pants angrily as you feel your anger bubble over. 

“Well I’ve got news for you sunshine!  You’re not normal! You’re a Winchester!” You scream balling your fists at your sides. 

“But you know what,  you go!  You leave everything behind. Go play house somewhere! Pretend to be normal!” You turn and stalk towards the door throwing it open, turning back to him one last time

“Leave the hunting to people who actually give a crap about the world. So run away Sammy, you were never cut out for this life anyway” you spat at him as you turn away slamming the door behind you. Tears spilling down your cheeks as you pass Dean on the stairs. 


That was the last time you spoke to him. You teamed up with Dean and John a few times. But you generally hunted alone. You heard that John went missing, Dean had called you himself. You swore to keep an eye out for him. 

Bobby had been the one to tell you that Sam was back in the business, that was years ago. Except the odd message off Dean you hadn’t seen either of them in over a year and that was only briefly. Dean had been glad to see you but Sam had simply turned his back on you. 

You sigh as you hear Bobby on the phone to the brothers. 

“They’re on their way. Dean said they’d be here in just over an hour” you grunt grabbing a beer from Bobby’s fridge. This wasn’t going to end well. 

You hear the unique sound of the impala engine pull up outside. But you don’t move from Bobby’s laptop,  you just sit there researching. 

“Hey there sweetheart” you look up to see Dean walk, no hobble into the room.

“Dean! What happened?” You rush over helping the oldest Winchester into a seat.

“Ah, got thrown across the room by a wolf. Off my feet for a while.” You close your eyes knowing that meant you were stuck with Sam. You clench your jaw as Dean gives you a sympathetic look.

“You should have said, I would’ve told you not to bother driving up” you say getting up and pulling on your jacket. 

“I figured you and Sam could handle it” you sigh deeply and look up to see Sam leaning against the wall watching you. 

You grab your gun, securing it at your lower back, as you look for your keys. 

“Bobby, where did you move my car keys to?” Bobby shrugs. 

“Just take baby, Sam’s been driving her anyway” you nod grabbing the rest of your things. You hear Bobby explain everything about the nest to Sam. 

You stand with your hand on your hip, waiting for him.

“Let’s go” he mumbles as he walks through the front door, you roll your eyes as you follow him. You drive in silence, until Sam finally speaks

“You are going to have my back out there right” you glare to him in shock,  had he really just asked you that? 

“The first time you speak to me in years Sam Winchester and that’s what you say to me?! You’ve got some fucking nerve!” You snarl “I’ve never, ever, not had anyone’s back!“ 

“You never had mine!” he snapped, you realise he was talking about Stanford

“What because I was upset about my friend leaving? That means I didn’t have your back? I’ll remind you Sam, you’re the one who ended our friendship that day. You started that argument,  I just finished it!” You growl at him.

Neither of you speak again until you’re at the nest,  and then it’s only to agree who’s going where. Between the two of you, you destroyed the nest quickly. As you finish off the last two vamps, you see Sam run into the room. You behead the creatures with little effort,  breathing heavily as you do.

You see him watching you,  your shirt had been torn in the fight,  leaving the pale skin at your side exposed. Two buttons, popped from your shirt also leaving you bra slightly exposed. You see him lick his lips as he stares at you chest, you roll your eyes at him mumbling ‘men’ as you get ready to torch the nest.

As Sam drove, you feel pain in your side. The adrenaline finally wearing off. Your hand flies to your side, feeling a wet patch on the fabric. 

“Shit” you whisper to yourself, pulling your hand away to see it coated with blood. Sam sees it too,  he pulls the car over quickly, tearing off his plaid shirt leaving him in an undershirt. He balls it up reaching across you pressing it to your side.

You hiss as you take the shirt from him, holding it firmly to your side. Sam pulls off again, he drove a while longer before pulling into a motel, insisting he was tired and you needed to be stitched up. 

You groan as he exits the car to book a room. You walk to the room in silence. You push the door open before walking over to the mirror, ripping the rest of you ruined shirt further up your side. 

“See? It’s just a scratch!  It won’t even need stitches…" 

“I’ll decide that..” you snort cutting him off

*Like hell you will*

He pulls you over to sit on one of the beds. 

“Shirt off”  you fold you arms defiantly “take it off, or I’ll do it for you” you see the muscle in his arm clench as he spoke. 

You roll your eyes but remove the tattered piece of fabric leaving you in your bra before him. He examined the gash on your side. 

“It’s not too bad, just needs a few stitches” he threads his needle and you shift away from him. 

“Will you just trust me?” You glare at him

“How the hell can I trust you Sam? You hate me, you’ll probably just give me extra stitches on purpose….” he narrowed his eyes at you. Before pouring whiskey over your side making you wince. He  began his work, never saying another word.

It only took a few minutes and you barely felt it, much to your surprise. He finished by placing a cover over your side. You moved and flexed without any troubles. He began packing away his things as you mumbled a thanks. 

“First time for everything” he murmurs under his breath. That was the final straw.

“You know what? Fuck you Sam! You can kiss my ass, I didn’t even want you here. The only reason I let Bobby call you is because I wanted Dean’s help. Not yours! Dean’s! If I’d have know he was hurt I’d have managed on my own” you shout walking towards him.

“You’d have probably been killed! You were always helpless without us, nothing but a pain! ” you slapped him straight across the face.

“Well at least I didn’t run away and leave my friends behind” you step forward getting right in his face “and look at you now, right back to where you started. Oh how the mighty have fallen” you whisper dangerously.

You see a red hand mark form on his cheek. His breathing picks up as he glares down at you. Suddenly and without warning, he crashes his lips to yours. 

The kiss was rough and demanding. He pushed you backward slamming you into the wall. You dive your fingers into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl into your mouth.

The pain in your side forgotten as he lifts you up, you wrap your legs around his waist automatically, grinding against him. You feel him harden against you.

He rips your jeans open thrusting his hand into your panties, finding you clit instantly. You throw your head back against the wall 

“Fuck…” you pant heavily as Sam drops his lips to your neck, biting the tender skin. You breathing picks as you feel yourself rushing towards release. 

“Fuck…Sam….gonna come…” you feel his fingers increase their speed, you scream as your orgasm crashes over you. You slam your lips back to his roughly. 

He carries you to the bed dropping you onto it, tearing your jeans from your legs and ripping your bra from your breasts. He steps back undoing his belt, taking in the sight of you licking his lips. You shoo his hand away taking over, you push his jeans and boxers to the floor. You take him in your hand, pumping him heavily. 

You weren’t shocked by his size as this wasn’t the first time you’d had his cock in your hand. Sam had been your first, about a week before he left for Stanford you both got drunk and spent the night together. 

You look up at him seeing his head thrown back in pleasure. You smirk as you lean forward running your tongue over the glistening head. 

“Oh fuck!” His eyes drop to yours, his usual haven orbs now black with lust. You wrap your lips around him, taking him as deep as you can, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You pull away swirling your tongue around the tip. 

He pulls your head back by your hair, making you gasp lightly. He pulls his white vest over his head, leaving those amazing abs and that damn perfect V on display before you. You can’t help but run your hands over them, digging your nails into the heated skin.

“Lie back” he orders pushing you down, running his hands over your breasts, pulling lightly at the nipple making you groan. He grabs your left leg, throwing it over his shoulder, taking his hard cock and running it up and down your slit. 

You squirm beneath him making him smirk down at you. 

“Fuck me, or I’ll pin you down and do it myself” you warn. His eyes darken further at your words. You slams into you with such force, all of the air rushes from your body. You forgot how well he filled you. He leaned down over you,  you felt so small under his muscular frame. 

You’d been with men after Sam, you weren’t a nun. But no one ever made you feel like he did, no one seemed to compare. 

He pumps in and out of you fast and hard,  but hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his. You moaned like a bitch in heat beneath him and you fucked you like one. He totally dominated you and you were a very willing party. 

“So fucking tight” he grunts as he slides into you,  you grip him with your inner walls,  feeling every nerve on fire. His breathing picks up, can tell he’s getting close. 

You dig your nails into his forearms, the slight sting of pain making you growl and pick up speed, he reaches and flicks his thumb over your clit, 

“SAM!” you scream as another orgasm flows over you. He pumps into you twice more before he follows you into bliss shouting your name. 

He pulls out of you completely and drops onto the bed next to you. You lay there completely spent. 

What happened to the sweet, innocent Sam Winchester you used to know? You laugh internally.

You look over at him to see him watching you, as breathless as you were. You expect him to get dressed and leave. But he slips his arm around you, pulls you flush against him, kissing you sweetly. 

It was a total contrast to his actions of a few moments ago. The kiss was passionate, sweet and a little needy. It was the kiss of two people who have been hiding for too long. He pulls back looking you in the eye

“I’m sorry” You frown,  what was he apologising for? You were a very willing participate. He seemed to read you mind. He runs his fingers through your hair.

“For everything. I should have told you about Stanford,  but after that night….I was scared. You made me feel like home, like I could be happy with you, in this life and at the time that wasn’t what I wanted. So I did what I thought was right” you feel tears build in your eyes

“I thought you hated me” you whisper, “the things you said Sam” you shake your head looking down

“But then I was no better. I wanted to hurt you like you were hurting me” you admit ashamed of yourself. 

Sam tilts your head back up your eyes meeting his. He kisses you again lightly

I…Y/n I….“ you rest you hand on his cheek calming him from his stammering. He takes a deep breath

“I love you” he said honestly “I love you Y/n” You let a smile grow over your face 

“Sam I’ve always loved you, you were it for me Sammy” you crash you lips to his, he grabs you pulling you closer. You wince in pain,

Sam remembers your side, his eyes going wide as he inspects it. 

“Shit….” you frown trying to see the cut,

“I’ve umm…I’ve ripped your stitches” he looks at you sheepishly.   

“Sammy I don’t even care” You laugh kissing him as he pulls you on top of him.

“You can rip my stitches anytime”

Some of you: the hets are so nasty! They literally believe that Harry can’t keep it in his pants and he fuc*s every woman he meets. They just love the idea of “anyone but louis”

Some of these same people: Yikes, Harry is being cuddled by his guitarist! Oh look how he talks highly of him!! They are pushing their “bromance” as the new “anyone but louis”. Or maybe there’s an actual “thing” between them!!!!

Me in the corner, thinking about how they got a new beard for Harry, how he explained why he appreciates Mitch’s talent, how he sees him as a good friend and one of his newest bestfriends, me also knowing that none of this drama happened with Steve, or even when Louis was papped sitting on Luke’s lap or when he flirted with the hot Australian interviewer because people could easily tell it was cute and harmless.

Me still in the corner: ok, who’s gonna tell them they are as nasty as the hets?

Requested- Tyler Seguin

Hey guys!

So Natty and Kirsten are absolutely amazing and have been nice enough to let me help them out with some of their one shots. I’ve been a fan of their blog and one shots for awhile, so it’s very cool of them to let me post on their blog. Hope you like this one, it ended up being kinda long…sorry! But enjoy! xx


“Babe, how much longer? We’re gonna be late” you call up the stairs while taking another look at your watch.

“Two more seconds, I’m coming, I’m coming” you hear him call back.

You glance over to Jamie who is stretched out on the couch. He looks up from his phone, giving you a smirk as you roll your eyes in response. You’re both very aware of what Tyler’s idea of two seconds is.

“I’ll go grab the car. If he’s not down in a few minutes, let’s just ditch him” he smiles, giving your shoulder a squeeze as he walks past you towards to door.

“Deal” you say, glancing back down at your watch.

“Ty! We really need to get going”

“Babe! 2 seconds! Promise!”

You smile and shake your head as you grab your clutch off the counter to double check you’ve got everything.

You know you should probably be annoyed at his poor time management skills, or the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about being late to an important event, but you’re not. You’d been working in New York for the last 3 weeks and you’d only just flown back to Dallas earlier that afternoon, so at this moment, you were just happy to be in the same city as him, even if he was making you very late.

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fuckyestaylorswift  asked:

39 51 56 87 98 !!

Wow thank you Ahra!!

39. Do you have any scars?

I have one on my wrist (that sounds terrible) from when my dog scratched me ages ago ahaha and one on my leg which I have no idea how I got it.

51. Are you scared of spiders?

Ok SO, little teeny tiny ones are fine, like I think they’re cute

Anything bigger than a 50 cent coin can send me screaming out of a room

If it has fur then you’ll see me on a plane to another country

I don’t really give a crap about daddy long legs though bc they’re like a bundle of harmless string.

56. Most used word?

probably fuck (in a non violent manner ahahah)

87. Do you keep a journal?

I did when I was in primary school and I kid you not, it is the FUNNIEST thing in the world. However I don’t anymore.

(98 is the same as 39) :)

how I see the signs

(from a capricorn sun, leo ascending, and scorpio moon perspective)

aries: u seem to always want attention and are really loud when u shouldn’t be and kinda need to chill

taurus: u can be really stubborn but u do nice things for the people u care about ALSO SORRY BUT THE FOODIE STEREOTYPE IS TRUE

gemini: what even are you like u seem sweet but are you really idek ??? also i kinda wanna be u a little bit

cancer: ur pretty deep and always seem like u have more to say than u actually say like SPIT IT OUT

leo: u have such a big personality that to some can be overbearing but i like it and are actually sweet when u stop and don’t try too hard

virgo: u have a cute giggle when ur flustered but can be very over critical and always want things to go ur way

libra: ok so like i never know if ur deep or not because i always think that there has to be more to you than just “what you see is what you get” but usually i’m wrong about that so idk

scorpio: ur really hot and always know how to make me actually laugh and not the fake kind of laugh either

sagittarius: u come off as harmless but u honestly are so manipulative !!!! and you guys all do this thing where u think ur being sly by watching people but ur really super obvious about it

capricorn: ok literally ur probably one of the most misunderstood of the zodiacs. ur v loyal to those u care about but most of the time ur too hard on urself

aquarius: u guys are all so different from eachother which is so unique and u guys are quirky when ur not trying too hard

pisces: honestly so many things say u guys are shy at first but the ones i’ve met obviously skipped that stage and are just crazy

Ranting/talking time!


Today I’m going to talk about rape fanfics (more known as non-con) and why this is problematic. 

First of all, writing about rape and a character being raped is not a problem. 
This might seems a hell of a weird statement to star my rant, but this is true. Talking about rape and making art about it is not the problem. Not when it is adressed as problematic and it shows how it afects negatively the character that was raped and that the rapist is a monster. People as a group like this kind of disturbing thing and as long as rape is adressed as the sick thing that it is, I don’t see any problem in having fanfics and fanart about it. 


That is NOT the majority of the rape storys that I see in the fandon world.

The marjority of the art, specially fanfics, that I saw treats rape as a kink like any other. 

It is NOT a kink.
Kink is a sexual practices that goes beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. I’m aware that some people have rape fetish and like to simulate one with their partners. HOWEVER this is talked and discussed before they started the rape roleplay and some of them even have a safeword to stop it if something goes wrong.
Rape per se IS NOT a kink. There is no discussion, no agreement, just someone forcing themself into another. 

Nevertheless the fandons still treat rape as a kink. Like it is something cute, like there is no trauma after that. Like it is something lovers do all the time. Like one of the partners has no saying in their sexual life.

We cannot look at this as an isolate thing. Seeing fanfics about rape as something cute is a part of the rape culture. Like it is something for entertainment and not serious. And like any other part of the rape culture, it is difficult to see because it feels so harmless! 

Just reading about some “cute non-con”! “It is just a kink like any other”! 


When we read about a “cute rape” in fanfics and glorify it, we are basicaly saying that it is ok to happen in a very small scale. If you pile up all the small things that are related to the rape culture we got all the problems that we have today. So a small thing DOES have a saying in mantaining the status quo that says that rape is not that bad. 

Again: I’m not against fanfics that are about rape. I’m against fanfics that treat rape as something cute and natural in a healthy relationship of any kind. 

I’m not saying that reading about rape fetishization will make you go raping people or consciously go around thinking that rape is fine. That would be stupid. Reading about rape will not make you a rapist, but that doesn’t mean that it will be no consequences.
Tradicional pornography have this same problem: it is full of rape fetishization. And there is a good TED talks video about it. You can see it (here) and them expand this to fanfiction insted of pornography.
There are consequences to your mind that you may not be aware of. Things like disregard small thoughts of violence that may have an impact in you sexual life or other nasty things like that. 

I’ll say it again, just for the record: I’m not against fanfics that talk about rape as long as they don’t treat it as something cute. 

Some people may say that it is ok to have rape fanfiction, as long as it stays as fiction only because people know where to draw the line. 
I beg to differ because if that was the case people would never kill because of the bible right? After all, it is just a book, right?
If that was the case, people like James Holmes would never pick a gun and go killing people in a movie theatre because of the batman movie, right? After all, it is just a movie, right?
We all know that this things happened before, so we can’t count on everybody common sense because people may not have it. 
NEVER assume that everybody has the same common sense as you. 
So imagine someone who sees only abuse in their life and finds tons of rape (fan)fiction in the internet and in the main media. Maybe this person can start seeing rape as something ok. Something that is “just a harmless kink”!
Don’t count on people knowing where to draw the line. As I said before, there are consequences in the mind that we are not aware of, and maybe they can affect the person life.

One more time: I’m not against having rape in fanfics. I’m against having rape portrayed as something harmless in fanfics. 

One last thing: No. this is not kink shaming because rape is not a kink. And no, this is not the same thing as shaming people who like horror movies or something  claiming that may turn them into serial killers. In horror movies the serial killer is portrayed as the bad guy. In fanfics in which rape is romanticized, the rapist is seeing as the cute romance interest and the good guy who “knows best”. 

(This rape problem is one of the main issues with the tsundere trope that I hate so much. The tsundere trope, by the way, is a way of romanticizing rape.)

So stop defending rape as a harmless kink. If you want to read fanfics that treat it as the monstrous thing that it is, you are fine. But if you want to read some rape fanfic that treats it as if it was only about having a different kind of sex, then you have some issues that you need to treat. 

Thank you, and good night!

you know what annoys me about yaoi fangirls

they think that because they’re both “guys” then it’s “ok.”

Pedophilia, ok! 

Rape, ok!

Abuse, ooh sexy, ok!

Like…if it were a female character you’d be fucking disgusted, but as long as it’s a guy, oh, it’s harmless! 

But it isn’t. 

Boys need to be protected from gross sexualization and fetishization too. 

I consider these yaoi fangirls “squeeing” over dubious consent as bad as these fucking creeps who jerk off to their creepy fucking whimpering, huge-eyed, skirt-accidentally-lifted 14 year old waifus. 

“Nonconsensual sex is so cute-” yeah go fuck yourself. 

5SOS Preference

Going Public

Ashton: “Sure about this?” You asked your hesitant boyfriend. With mere seconds away from you hitting send on the Instagram video, he snatched your phone out of your hands. The fans had been growing more and more suspicious of you as more pictures of the two of you surfaced. You had no idea how they got them, but then again you always question how anything got out into the public. You giggled at Ashton’s resilience, “Ashton why are you so nervous about this?” He set your phone on the table and turned back towards you, “Because I’m scared of what they’ll say..” “Of what who will say?” “Everyone.” He sighed. You knew he was always so critical about himself and always tied to please others as best he could. It hurt you sometimes to see him like that always with the need to feel other people. “Ash…” You said under your breath, wrapping your arms around his waist. He placed his hands over yours, knowing you’d always be there for him.

Michael: During a meet and greet, you at off to the side, out of the way from any of the fans or crew members. Most of the fans coming and going just thought you were a part of the team, until one sly fan snuck away from the crowd and approached you on the couch. She saw the way your eyes were only locked on Michael, seemingly only to be watching him. “So are you guys like together?” Fans always knew more than you thought so a piece of you wasn’t surprised that this was happening. “Well?” She urged, crossing her arms over her chest. “Why?” “It’s just that a lot of people were saying there was a girl with Michael at all the other shows so I’m just wondering.” “Uh-well,” You began stuttering to get your words out, “Um, yeah we’re together.” You finally told her. She grinned, “That’s what the whole 5SOS fam thinks, you guys are cute.” You felt yourself blush after the girl walked away, quickly joining her friends. With that, you knew it would be all of the web in just moments.

Luke: It was a harmless trip to Starbucks, that’s when the paparazzi swarmed the store. Luke’s grip on your hand had never been tighter as you tried your best to ignore their statements, most importantly their questions. Once you got your drinks he made sure you were ok with what was happening. “You know what’s gonna happen now right? We won’t just be a secret anymore-“ “I know, I know, I’ll get loads of hate. Nothing I didn’t see coming.” Your shrugged, sipping your drink. You broth sat at a table as far away from the windows as possible. Luke groan, running his fingers through his hair frustrated with what was happening, “How did they even find out I was here…” You reached across the table, grabbing his hand and securing it with yours, “Just try to ignore them, you’re here with me. We’ll just ask if we can go out the back entrance or something. No big deal.” He squeezed your hand tightly, happy that you were being so understanding in this situation.

Calum: He claims it was accident that he didn’t mean to share the photo of you two to twitter. Just the pure fact that he was mischievous about the whole thing made you beg to differ. You were iffy on the whole “going public” thing, of course you wanted everyone to know that you were together, you were just cautious of what people were going to say.  “You’re not really mad at me are you?” He asked hopefully. You ran a hand through your hair then shook your head, “No I guess not… I just wish you would have talked to me about posting something rather than just going and doing it.” “Y/N,” Calum chuckled, stepping closer to you and resting a hand on your arm, “You know I only did it because I want everyone to know how much I love you.” “I know,” You sighed, “You know what they’re gonna say Cal.” “And? If I gave a shit about that then I wouldn’t of done it. It’s you and I in the relationship,” He brought you into a bone crushing hug, “not millions of other people that don’t even matter to me.”

I just wanted to say, I know people joke about “sinning” and “being trash” with reader inserts but you should know it’s OK to read and write those. It’s ok to ship yourself with your favorite character, it’s cute and harmless and cool. Thumbs up to people who write those too, you really are being selfless and putting something out there for others and that’s really cool.