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Alien Boy

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kisbys is super Up There on my list of art idols and im like…………tbh still shocked that they follow me n we’re mutuals even tho im a trash gremlin with barely passable art garbage and everything they post is som e shit from the MOMA (even tho they cant see it) and i even thin k they might be my friend??? im sjust……… a aaaaaa








Sam Winchester-Trouble in tattoo’s part 5

Title: Trouble in tattoo’s Part 5

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1481

Warnings: Smut!

Request:Yes! Yes of course we want another part! I want to hate you because it was the middle of such a good part, but I just can’t. I love this to much!

Request:AHHHHHHHHH I NEED MOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Please do another part to “Trouble in Tattoos”?????? I’LL GIVE U VIRTUAL HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Request:Thank you so much for trouble in tattoos I loved it I had my WiFi turned off for a while and had to beg to have it back and this was the first thing I saw this is my favourite series please please please do another part,your an amazing writer wolf 💕

Request:Can you do part 5 to trouble in tattoos?!:)



Request:did you ever write a trouble in tattoos part 5?? if not could you pls owo if you want to, of course!

Request:Did you do another part to trouble in tattoos or doll faces

Links:Trouble in tattoo’s,Trouble in tattoo’s Part 2,Trouble in tattoo’s Part 3,Trouble in tattoo’s Part 4

‘’Are you sure?’’He repeated with concern. 

‘’I’m sure’’.

Giving you one last look in case you changed your mind on late minute nerves, Sam pressed his soft plump lips to yours, drawing back as he rolled on a condom. 

You bit your lip, eyes glancing towards the pale white ceiling as you tried to relax. You took steady breaths but made sure it wasn’t obvious that you were falling apart underneath the most gorgeous man to exist. 

Before you could over think anything a set of warm hazel eyes came into view, peering over you. They looked softened, filled with kindness as all lust has dissapeared for now and was replaced by concern. 

‘’I will wait for you, you know’’Sam whispered, hand cupping the under line of your jaw. He glanced down at your lips, eyes flickering back up to your own as he rubbed the rough pad of his cassouled thumb against the silky skin of your cheek. 

He let out a soft sigh, hot flushed breath brushing past the midst of your flawed skin. ‘’We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to’’He repeated, eyelids fluttering closed as he pressed innocent, loving, wet kissed on the edge of your jawline before travelling down to the base of your neck. 

You blew out a breath, a shaky, unstable breath that was clear to Sam. ‘’I’m ready, just nervous’’You stated, nodding to yourself. Sam nodded, a smile lightening up on his features as he hooked his toned arms under your back.

‘’This might make it a little better,’’Sam added with a worried tone as he pulled you up so you were sitting on his lap with your legs hooked around his waist. You almost died right there at how close the two of you were. 

You couldn’t get any closer than that. His arms stretched around to your back so his fingertips could cup your shoulders and push you closer to him. Your chests moulded into one, your cheek resting on the bare pad of his bold shoulder.

Trailing his hands down your inked body, they stopped on the dip of your waist. His fingertips hooked into the tender flesh before lifting you slightly but held you even closer. 

You wined, fingertips gripping his shoulder with a tight squeeze as he sunk into you. He stayed still, waiting for the pain to vanish as he held you tightly to his chest, hoping the warmth and comfort of him alone would be enough.

You rested your head on his shoulder, hair sprawled across your face as you clenched your eyes shut, pain marking your face. Sam’s large hand spanned the whole of your back as he pecked the crook of your neck. 

‘’I know baby, I know’’He whispered, breath hitting your ear as he pulled the strays of hair out of your flushed face. He kissed every spot, soothing you and whispering comforting words in your ear. 

‘’S-Sam’’You stuttered out as you gripped more tightly onto his shoulder blade. 

‘’I know baby, if I could take away your pain I would’’he sympathized, looking at you with his puppy dog eyes. You nodded your head, signalling for him to move even though you were still in pain but you knew it wasn’t going to fade just like that. 

Sam knew you were in pain too but he knew if he started to move it might get better. Wrapping his arms around your waist he gently laid you back down, your back flat against the sheets as he hovered over you. 

Leaning down he pressed wet kisses to the base of your throat, nipping and sucking at whatever he could get. He slowly moved his hips, only gently pulling back and easing in as he tried to distract you with eager wet kisses. 

He could still feel your fingertips digging into his plump flesh, he could still feel your mouth biting down on his shoulder to stop your cries, and he could still feel how tense your body was. 

‘’Relax baby’’He whispered, eyes closed. ‘’I know it hurts but you’ll make it worse if you tense’’He mumbled, words rolling off the tip of his tongue as he tried to remain together. 

He couldn’t help it, he fell apart at your touch, he had waited for this moment for so long that he had troubled remembering his own name. 

You relaxed, taking a deep breath out as you tangled your fingers into Sam’s hair as if you were cradling the back of Sam’s head. 

Thrusting his hips gingerly, Sam let a moan fall as he tried to contain himself. You squeezed your eyes harder, the pain refusing to leave but you guessed it was partly because Sam was big below the belt which didn’t help. 

Keeping a slow and steady pace, Sam thrusted his hips, now finding a rhythm. He locked his fingertips into the white sheets, ripping around his large, slender fingers. 

Then he heard it. 

A moan. 

The pain hadn’t completely gone but the pleasure was starting to mix and was outweighing the pain. Now lifting his hips up, Sam started to swirl his hips deliciously. 

Sam knew exactly what to do. Sam was good a computers, good at maths… but Sam was also good with his hips. A thing that only lucky girls got to experience. 

Pivoting his hips, Sam dipped down, listening to your every moan and every pant. He listened to your whines and your grunts, how your breath would hitch and stop. He wanted to know exactly what he did that made you feel good. He wanted to reveal all your sweet spots and coax out your most wanted place.

 Your head fell back, hair sprawling away from you and spreading around you like a halo of pleasure as Sam did all kinds of things with his hips. Your legs raised, locking all the way around his hips. 

You had never experienced anything like this before. No girl could experience anything as good as Sam Winchesters hips. He pivoted and pushed, pulled and swirled. 

Sam eased out of you, pivoting his hips at an angle before thrusting back down into you, hitting a new found spot that completely pushed the pain to the side. A yelp fell from your lips.

Your fingers curled in his hair giving it a malicious tug, a whine falling from your parted lips as your hips spasmed upwards and knocked into his. Sam knew he had found your most prized spot. 

Using this new angle, Sam gripped your leg and hoisted it over his shoulder as he drove deeper into you. 

‘’S-Sam! Shit!’’You whined, face scrunching up in full blown out pleasure. Sam panted heavily, mouth falling open as he attacked your collarbone. Sam was always multi tasking, kissing and biting anywhere he had left untouched which was rare for the younger Winchester. 

‘’Fuck baby!’’He growled, eyes scrunching closed. 

‘’F-faster’’You panted, a knot starting to build in your stomach. Sam nodded, his large hand grabbing the head board as he hovered over you more. He stuttered his hips for a second before driving down hard into you with quick yet still gentle thrusts. 

The whole bed began to shake as Sam was no longer moving his whole body but just his hip section. More noises began to develop as he rocked you deeper into the sheets. 

‘’SAM! S-hi- Sam! Sam I’m go-’’You couldn’t get your words out as you felt that knot get tighter and tighter, about to explode. 

Sam’s head dipped down, brown locks falling around his face like a curtain. 

‘’I know baby, cum for me’’He panted, hips jutting as he tried to hold himself back until you had came. You finally felt the knot tighten till it couldn’t no more and then before you could process anything you were coming undoing, a shaky withering mess under the toned hunter. 

He watched you, watched as you tried to piece yourself hopelessly back together through all the sensations that you were feeling. Just to the very sight of you alone made him follow shortly after. 

Pulling back, Sam dropped beside you. You watched as his chest heaved up and down, a sheen of sweat laced on his hairline. 

‘’Wow’’He breathed out, chest rising and falling with every breath. You nodded, humming to his words as you cuddled into his side, swinging your arm around his waist and resting your head on his chest. 

‘’Thank you’’You slurred sleepily. He frowned, brows knitting together as he glanced down at you, his arm wrapped around you as he rubbed soothing circles on your forearm. 

‘’What for?’’He asked with a frown. 

‘’For what you did’’You giggled innocently through closed eyes. Sam chuckled but shook his head, denying the fact that you needed to thank him. 

‘’Go to sleep, baby’’He chuckled as he rolled his eyes and placed a delicate kiss into your  hair. 

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yes hi so this is a v sappy valentine's day message to let you know that i'm so glad we started talking aaand that ilysm you're a gift istg. also thank you for ruining my life with kimi no na wa that i'm now gonna rewatch at least 1000 times ♡ ok i love you keep being awesome byeee

yes hi im back from the grave after reading this honestly i wasn’t expecting this at all creys why u gotta slay me with the goodness that is your personality and kindness??? why must u be so warm like a human ball of sunshine that i could never hate??? i have lost all my ability to can with you so thanks for ruining my life with this sappy message now im gonna reread it at least 1000 times ok ilysm too stop being so awesome for realz but you stay you, poop ♡

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Are u still doing the blogrates? :3 can I have one too? ꒰♡´͈ ᵕ `͈♡꒱ A random fact 'bout me: I have green hair and I think it's the only pretty thing about me thehe T▽T

yes of course love!! and that’s not the only pretty thing about you cutie^-^

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Aww is there anything I can do to make your day better angel? I don't want you being sad or stressed! I want you to be happy & free! But yes "just keep swimming"! - Rae U^ェ^U 💖🌹💗

Everything is okay now but thank you so much ahhh I didn’t mean to worry anyone >< I am happy and I want you to be so happy too^^ And yes! Always just…just keep swimming ❤  Have a good day, Rae!!

honestly in the next album pledis better give china line and jisoo and chan more lines because their voices are so lovely and they don’t talk that much either during interviews so wHEN WE ACTUALLY GET TO HEAR THEIR VOICES ITS LIKE GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH SUCH WONDERFUL SOUNDS aND ALL OF OUR SINS HAVE BEEN WASHED AWAY and i just really need to hear more of that

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