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I know I’m not going to get my fairy tale CS WEDDING in the Enchanted Forest that I was hoping for, I always expected it to be in the series finale, but from spoilers we know that’s not the case this season.

However I am willing to be hopeful for a ROYAL PIRATE BABY reveal for the end of the season since we’re getting the wedding before the finale.

MML Chapter Two: Frog

Summary: With the right context, frogs can be terrifying.

Notes: A short chapter to bridge the gap into the first arc. Also, I am looking to re-name this chapter and chapter one after songs, so if you have a suggestion, shoot me an ask. 

Wordcount: 2,076

Beta’d By: @sentochoryu

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honest to god, one of the saddest things in homestuck–and one of the things that struck a cord with me most personally–is pre-retcon Terezi’s belief that she “wasted her life.”

that the only thing left for her to do was to die “alone and irrelevant.”

like okay, Terezi’s been through a whole lot in her life, especially this iteration. she kills her best friend, eternally regretting her decision and hating herself for going through with it–even when her only other choice was dying herself. she would have preferred dying by Jack’s hand than live with the overwhelming guilt and unhappiness that came with her decision to cut Vriska down.

worse yet, Vriska foreshadowed this early on in Act 5.

can you imagine how many times Terezi played that conversation through her mind? again after again, realizing that although Vriska had been fronting for herself and her guilt over Aradia, Terezi had done exactly what Vriska taunted her over?

she gets abused by someone who’s supposed to be her ‘friend,’ and he convinces her to give up something she loved about herself and life: being blind. the thing that reminds her most of Vriska. the thing that she’s proudest of herself being, all because Gamzee goads her and she accepts Aranea’s misguided help. and then he beats the ever loving shit out of her once she takes matters into her own hands and decides to stand up for herself. his actions can’t even be called self-defense because she had already dropped her weapons once he told her she was hurting him.

and what’s worst of all fucking things: Terezi is sixteen years old. this is a child playing with adult stakes and outcomes. watching her loved ones die, one by her own hand. being abused in a relationship. feeling worthless, to the point where she doesn’t even try to keep going on by the end. she’s ready to die because she doesn’t think there’s anything left for her regardless. if Roxy managed to hitchhike to the retcon timeline, why couldn’t Terezi? yes she’s badly injured, but she keeps herself going through sheer fucking will because she’s determined to find John and get him to fix everything.

but she doesn’t have the will to keep going herself once that was accomplished. because she doesn’t think there was anything left to accomplish. that anything she’s accomplished in her life as of now doesn’t matter because she doesn’t matter.

this is a sixteen year old little girl who thinks her life is over, that she’s wasted it all, that it’s meaningless. think about that. sixteen years amounts to jack effing shit experience wise, especially given a teal-blood’s life expectancy, yet she thinks she wasted everything in such a short time and is haunted by her inner demons.

I dunno, man. as someone who’s struggled with the fear of ‘running out of time,’ of ‘wasting life,’ of dying ‘alone and irrelevant,’ this shit struck me like thunder upon reading and remains one of the most emotional scenes for me throughout the comic.

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Wait..Jaaron is happening? were they an item in the comic too ? but why didn't they interact in today's ep ? they didn't even talk and it is the perfect opportunity for introduction?? YET THEY KEEP IMPLYING DESUS ?? THE FUCK ? yep they fucked up *snorts*

it hasn’t been confirmed or anything, but there’s been some suspicious pr where tom and ross have been paired up and tom is acting quite cuddly/affectionate with him. tom also made a comment about how he’d had a discussion with ross about the possibility that their characters will become romantically connected in the future. there’s been suspect foreshadowing of eric’s death this season, but of course it isn’t confirmed yet, so i find it weird tom is being open about that because it seems like a big spoiler? unless he genuinely just meant they discussed the possibility since in the comics they have a “thing,” although that seems to be kind of one-sided from jesus’ end (aaron is still getting over eric). 

listen, i am definitely not complaining about the desus content and would be more than thrilled to see them as friends, but the more i see of them together the more im convinced they're soulmates destined to meet that balance each other out in perfect ways and that they have the capacity to understand and take care of each other and jaaron just pales in comparison (even though i love aaron too). so. yeah they fucked up

Please remember

With the ending of Arc-V, people are mad that the counterparts aren’t getting their bodies back but I want you remember, the staff don’t have the responsibility to entertain you at all.  All Yu-Gi-Oh! animes, yes even the first one are just glorified commercials, Arc-V could have easily have been half assed and then the next Yu-Gi-Oh! will continue. But if you rewatch the show, there is foreshadowing everywhere proving the writers weren’t being lazy, the animators tried when they had the money and the VAs worked their hardest to make their characters feel alive. You can tell Arc-V had effort, THEY TRIED to be different, to be original. 

They could have easily have created a by the books anime cough Zexal cough and be done with it. But each episode they tried to keep us guessing, they thought ahead to put foreshadowing in episodes dozens before the reveal and make it NOT obvious and still surprise us. I’m not saying you need to like how Arc-V ended or even like the anime. But please at least realize Arc-V wasn’t half assed and the staff worked its hardest to create this unique anime when they very easily couldn’t have.

Negan, of course, was the highlight of the episode for me tonight.

And I forgot about the whole Dwight helping Rick out thing…Probably because a lot has changed in the comics since then (and I heard foreshadowing when Negan talked to Sasha about how he wouldn’t blame her if their positions were reversed).

Speaking of the comics, RIP Sasha-who-is-finishing-up-Holly’s-storyline. I’m just wondering who she’ll bite next week. My money is on Eric or Tara but who knows. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

And one last random thought: I can’t be the only one who noticed that they had Jesus and Daryl working with Aaron and Eric setting up the explosions. I hope they were hinting at something there…and, for a brief moment, I swear it looked like Jesus wanted to be all, “Hey, Daryl, I talked to Maggie the other day…” You can finish the rest of that thought.

Oh, one more thing, I saw Simon in the trailer for the finale. I’m going to be mad if we don’t see him and Negan talk to each other at all. It’s been too long.

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I believe that the Mystery girls name is going to be Sugar or at the very least that she will be voiced by RS (or both ) mainly because the first thing that we ever saw her do was putting sugar in her coffee and in this show I think that, that kind of thing counts as foreshadowing

You know … I really hadn’t considered that. It might actually be foreshadowing!!

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Soooooo, do you think Seidou will come back? :')

Most likely, yes. There’s no point in keeping alive a stagnant character if it’s true that they already fulfilled their role in the story, so I’m 100% sure this won’t be the last we see of him. Not only that, but he’s basically running away from a confrontation with Amon and Akira, and the necklace scene was a very obvious foreshadowing for it, imho.

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You could name him Foreshadowing-chan! How about Foreboding Boy? I Have A Bad Feeling About This Dude?

“Hey, have you met the new transfer student Vague-And-Inexplicably-Unsettling-But-Still-Unexplained-In-Every-Way-senpai? I hear he got kicked out of his old school. 

For fighting.”

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I saw someone post the picture of Sorey's dead eyes and because I haven't seen the new episode yet I thought something bad happened to mikleo and sorey was about to kill turns out he was just doing his magical boy transformation. I gotta admit I laughed a little when I saw this. I mean it still looked cool though.

Lmao, it would be so much better if Sorey got mad at Heldalf over hurting Mikleo. At least then Sorey could have, idk, some motivation.

But then - why did they add that creepy shot? Is it some kind of foreshadowing? Are they going for Tainted AU ending? Or maybe there will be some drama over the fact that the armatus is supposed to “add pressure” on Sorey, like Lailah has said?

Or are they just crappy at directing/editing? Probably the latter.