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wicked games [2]

Summary: Tom gives you the chance of a lifetime; the question is, will you accept it?

Pairing: CEO!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3,182 [I went overboard, forgive me]

A/N: I’m obsessed with this story, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! xx

wicked games [1]

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ask and ye shall receive (a comfort piece that’s longer than the original hurt whoops)

I trust you, Kravitz had said, because Taako had promised.

This - see, this is why Taako doesn’t make promises. Because even when he means them with every single fiber of his being, even when he’d rather die than see them unfulfilled, he still fucks up. He can’t trust Magnus, or Merle, or even Lucretia, and he sure as hell can’t trust himself.

Then he gets his memories back, and he understands why his chest is so hollow, why it had been so fucking hard to trust, and why he’s never going to do it again. He levels the Umbrastaff at Lucretia and wills it to shoot, to kill, just like it had killed Kravitz.

It doesn’t, of course. It saves its fire for the much larger battle it knows is coming, and Angus picks it up and casts a Fireball for some outrageous number of damage and fire, evocation, that was Lup’s school, Lup is in there, and he snaps it over his knee.

She’s back.

She’s back and it hurts like hell. He had been missing his heart for so long and he hadn’t even known it was missing and now he feels absolutely everything. Grief, rage, frustration, but joy, joy strong enough to make his eyes prickle, because Lup is back. She’s back, she’s back, Taako found her and they’re never getting separated, ever again.

But - wait.

He can’t promise that, now can he? Because the last time he promised something like this to someone he loved, he murdered them.

He picks the Astral Plane.

He has to find something. He doesn’t know what Reapers leave behind after they die, if they have a corporeal anything to mark their existence, or if he’s truly reduced Kravitz to nothing; but like hell is going to give up without a fight. Once this shit is over, he’ll tear the Plane apart looking for something, anything, to help him remember Kravitz.

(It was more than he found for Lup. For her, they could never even find a body.)

Taako makes a new friend, and they create the perfect dish, and their bond is fulfilled. Joaquin protects his plane admirably.

Taako claps his hands to the ring of black glass for the third time, and it turns instantly to shimmering sapphire.

Phandalin rebuilds around him. The windows are ghostly and glassed in death, the shutters frayed and wooden edges torn, the cobbled streets maybe a bit more jagged than they were in life - but it is indeed Phandalin. The grass beneath his feet grows greener and the clouds hang lighter and the sun burns brighter and lights illuminate the sky as the gods reassert their hold on the world.

Taako pulls himself wearily to his feet, not bothering to scrutinize his surroundings. Great, he did it - they’ll have their extraplanar reinforcements, and maybe Merle can heal them now, and once this day is over and done if he survives he’s going to sleep for an entire week.

“Taako?” a weak voice calls, and Taako’s heart freezes in his chest.

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Umm, I'm just curious if you're getting my asks? I'm not annoyed or anything, I just don't know if I'm doing it right? I'm not always the greatest with technology haha. My original ask was: who you think has the best and worst character development so far in the BNHA series so far? I hope you get this cause I'd love to know your thoughts. Thank you!

Sorry about that!

I guess Todoroki is my favorite, but I don’t think that’s a surprise for anyone. I like it because it’s gradual and he slips up from time to time, like any normal person would, and because Todoroki himself wants to improve and wants to be a better person, and because of that his development feels earned.

My least favorite would probably be Horikoshi’s attempt to “develop” Mineta in the final exam arc. You can’t make me like him, Horikoshi. It’s not going to happen.

I got some actual free time - let’s review The Last Jedi

First things first - I loved the movie. Yes, I have several problems with it, but all in all I still really enjoyed it. And let’s be real, even a bad Star Wars movie would still be better than most. Moving on…

Imma start with what I didn’t like. Yes, that’s not how you’re supposed to do this, but if someone really does read this, I’d rather end on a positive note. So…

Needless to say - there are gonna be spoilers in this post ;)

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Rhetorical Ink: “Star Wars - The Last Jedi” Review!


My father, brother, and I finally were able to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters today – how did it measure up? Let’s say my views of the Light Side and Dark Side of this movie are pretty balanced – so, in a “special” –

My Top Ten Thoughts on Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi:

This review is going to focus on ten aspects of the film and what worked and didn’t work in my opinion, so bear with me:

10. The Effects:

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Let’s get this out of the way – the movie is GORGEOUS to watch on the big screen. I review enough films and critique enough to where that’s constantly what I’m looking for, especially in CGI-heavy films. I will say that the good news is that this has far better CGI than Thor: Ragnarok and DEFINITELY Justice League in terms of creating a seamless environment; plus, there are a lot of practical effects, locations, and set pieces that work well.

This will sort of go along with my #9, but at times, the effects do have a sort of Guardians of the Galaxy feel (see my #4), and that distracts me from the “realness” of the actual effects and some of the creature designs (looking RIGHT at you Porgs, again, #9), are fully CGI in many places and if you’re distracted by that sort of thing, yes, you’ll notice. Otherwise, though, the movie is SO stunning visually, I could do a Top Ten list alone of the visuals and world-building taking place in this movie. So that’s a win for me!

Originally posted by slashedface

9. There ARE a lot of practical effect creatures blended with CGI in this film – a lot of them I think help the worlds feel more “full” with life and have a galaxy-other-worldly quality to them. The “Caretakers” on the planet Luke is at, for example, work well alongside the Horse-like creatures that Rose and Finn discover on the “Casino planet,” essentially.

While the Porgs didn’t annoy me as I thought they would, and actually have a hilarious scene involving Chewie (not just the one above), they are clearly a marketing ploy and I’m not quite on board with their shameless-plug-nature. Nonetheless, they are okay and nothing as grating as the added CGI “cute monsters” Lucas added into the Prequels and “Special Editions” for no logical reason.

8. As far as the side characters go, we see a lot of the “every man” put into much of the movie – and the whole notion of “nobody” plays a HUGE role in this movie (see far, far down below) – but there were two main “side characters;” one I thought was well-used and the other two I was very, very unsure or displeased with their use: 

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Laura Dern’s Captain character, luckily, was the well-used one – she  not only had personality and a presence, but her character had a point. While it wasn’t really spelled out until her final moments in saving the Rebels, it was SO effective.

You could honestly hear a pin drop the moment she went light speed into the First Order fleet – it was one of my favorite moments and a breath-holder for me. RIP Laura Dern’s lavender-haired character!

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Benetio Del Toro’s “code cracker” and Captain Phasma, though? I feel Phasma is so wasted altogether – you have such a cool character design, and they really don’t have much to do with her, and Del Toro, while charming though he’s no Han Solo in some moments, has an odd stutter of a character choice and doesn’t do much in terms of the overall plot, though my brother swears he’ll be back in a future movie. Maybe. Not sure I’ll welcome him, though.

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7. There were three of our main characters that I felt either became developed in good ways or bad ways: First. let’s get the lesser developed out of the way.

Rose and Finn:

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6. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Boyega and the new actress playing Rose and I liked their characters overall – their plot in the film, though, did grind the film to a standstill at several points, and I honestly think it could have been shortened to help move the story along. That, and of all the lines in the film, they had some of the cheesier lines, like “Rebel Scum,” and Rose’s whole line about protecting what you love – the lines aren’t necessarily cringe-worthy, but in the context they were said, I just didn’t feel them or like them. Hopefully, they’ll get more to do in the next film that is relevant with Rey, etc.

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5. On the other hand, Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaacs jumped up a notch in terms of his role in the film. He clearly has that “Solo” attitude of jumping into action and being the no-worries “flyboy” throughout much of the film, but what I like that they did with him is that he GROWS as the movie goes on, to the point where by the end, he realizes the difference between being the “hero” and being the “leader.” It’s a type of growth that gives his character a much more relatable, and satisfying arc, whereas I don’t feel Rose and Finn get much of one, except Rose may have a thing for Finn now…which, okay, I guess.

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Okay, so, I know I’m just wasting time at this point, because it’s all coming down to the Skywalker Family…oh, and Rey and Snoke. So let’s start with –

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4. Now, I will be the first to admit that Leia has easily my least favorite scene in the film, and really the only one that I was uncomfortable with. Remember that notion about Guardians of the Galaxy above? Spoilers, obviously, at this point, but at one point, fairly early on in the movie, Leia’s ship is damaged and she is jettisoned out into space. The big deal here should be that it was NOT her son that shot the ship; in fact, he chose NOT to – more on that below – but instead the big deal is that she uses the Force to get back to the ship and to safety. From outer space.

I get the scene on paper; I get the importance of setting up how strong she really is with the Force, because it pays off later, but the entire sequence was a little unnerving and unsettling for me…maybe I’m the only one that didn’t like that sequence.

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The rest of the movie with her? She STEALS the show – well, her and Mark Hamill (again, more below) – and owns her time on stage with such grace, elegance, and you can sense this frailty about her that is almost heart-wrenching. I really don’t know why the Outer-Space-Force scene was left in, aside from keeping her out of commission until later, but thankfully, the rest of the film with her makes up for it! Speaking of making up for things –

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3. Mark Hamill as Luke stole the movie for me – the emotion in his acting, the action scenes with Rey (and Kylo – for the last time, more on that below), and the overall message of learning from failure just worked for me so well. His humor worked, the raw emotion in specific flashbacks, and with Leia – it all just worked and I would watch a cut of just his, Leia, Rey, and Kylo’s scenes over and over if I could.

There is a scene, once Rey has left to go face Snoke and Keylo, where he encounters Yoda’s force-ghost, and at first, I was like, “Nooooooooope,” because I thought it was going to get cheesy, and that Ewan McGregor was going to pop in as Obi-Wan or worse, Hayden Christensen was going to pop in, but NO, it was just Yoda, and the scene served its purpose well, especially in foreshadowing of things to come. All the nods to Hamill’s bringing back Luke.

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2. There’s been this running thread in the film about the Force, and how if you connect hard enough, it’s like you’re actually there. It sort of reaffirms the ability of Force Ghosts to exist and makes sense that characters with a strong bond can connect together and practically feel each other’s existence.

Originally posted by reylo4rent

When Kylo and Rey start to connect, there’s this scene where they touch hands and it “feels” as if they’re really with each other, though they are thousands of miles away. That same moment comes back later, as Luke basically fools everyone, even his own sister, to his presence and saves the day. The last few moments with Luke we have? I was almost crying, and I rarely cry at a movie –

Originally posted by hardyness

ALSO, JJ, if you can do anything for me, can you please, PLEASE just have Luke come back as a Force Ghost and “haunt” Kylo Ren, since he said he’ll always “be in his heart?” If you can do that, I will complain of NOTHING ever again with this series. 

Originally posted by thereyouarewhereveryougo

1. I won’t lie, the last act of this movie is my favorite; there is SO much that comes together and to a head – Luke’s fight with Kylo was without a doubt my favorite part of the film, but Rey and Kylo versus the Guards, the confrontation with Snoke, all of that was just SO well done, and I give props to Johnson’s screenplay for taking the Force in a new direction and really giving us a new movie-going experience with this story and I was ON BOARD with that. Plus, Ridley and Drive have SUCH good chemistry together! Seriously, every scene they played off one another, especially the Snoke Room scene – floored me.

Oh, and thank goodness, Snoke dies in this movie, so forget him! While I was really hoping Kylo and Rey would team up after that – I guess we haven’t quite gotten Kylo back to the light…he’s a work in progress, you know. 

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Also, finally, we learn who Rey’s parents were – nobodies.

They were common, every day people.

THAT is possibly my favorite part. SUCH a middle finger to all the theorists out there trying to connect her to a person in the already existing story line, but I loved it. Rey is all of us; she comes from a random place, but her motivation, spunk, and drive keeps her going – and it doesn’t help her to be a tad bit Force-sensitive, eh?

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Overall, I enjoyed The Last Jedi. Is it perfect? No, the Finn/Rose storyline does drag it a little, the Leia space-moment is luckily towards the beginning, so it’s out of the way early, and there are a few cheesy one-liners I was like “Ooohhh no” at, but overall, the rest is such a fun ride!

If you just happen to walk in the second half of the film, don’t feel bad; the story amps and amps to a fantastic conclusion! Worth seeing in theater!

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Title: Movies and Waffles

Pairing: Jason Todd & Stephanie Brown

Summary: Stephanie Brown should have known better, she really should have - but here she was anyway, bleeding out in Jason Todd’s apartment.

read it on ao3

Stephanie should have known better, but here she was, bleeding out in Jason Todd’s – the Red Hood’s apartment.

She really should have known better.

His apartment, though, was the closest to where she had been injured. Hers was on the complete other side of Gotham, and anyone else was pretty far away too, so finally she’s decided fuck it, and had broken into Red Hood’s apartment.

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so since Netflix made fun of people for watching A Christmas Prince so much, I looked it up and found out Rose McIver is in it, so now I’m watching Tinkerbell with an American accent get up to hijinks in a made-up European country

so far it’s a lot better than I expected, cheers Netflix

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Stuckony. A tent. Night.

“Remind me again why we’re all in the same tiny tent?” Bucky asked, pretending to be annoyed at the fact that he had to be so close to Steve sculpted muscles, with Tony’s perfect body pressed up against his own.

“Science” Tony answered, barely opening his eyes as he snuggled inbetween the two supersoldiers, while Steve didn’t even fully wake up, just reached out to the other two, reaching over Tony and pulling Bucky closer, the combined body heat of the supersoldiers warming Tony better than any campfire.

Bucky let out a small low chuckle into Tony’s hair, curling around him, the metal of Steve’s dogtag cool against his skin, “Well far be it from me to impede the progress of science.”

Baby It’s Cold Outside - Chapter 2

Mr. Gold/Belle, Explicit (overall)

Chapter Summary: Belle and Gold play a game after dinner, and the situation takes a (minor) turn for the worse. For the 31 Days of Ficmas prompt #16 - Mittens.

Notes: YES, THERE IS MORE. And the turn is really for the better as far as we’re all concerned, right?? Apologies for this part being shorter, as well as some future parts. I’m writing these based on the 31 Days of Ficmas prompts so whatever fits whenever is how I’ll be posting. I anticipate the final chapter on Christmas Eve or Day, not sure yet.


Belle grinned and set her last tile on the board.

“Mittens,” she said, placing the N right next to the S Gold had played three turns ago. She glanced up at him as she picked up the pen to update her tally. “That’s eighteen points, and…a triple word score.” She crossed out her former point total and wrote the new one. “That’s one hundred and nine, to sixty two.”

“Well met, Miss French.” Gold smirked and shook his head. “I should have known better than to start a Scrabble game with a librarian.”

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What do you imagine VLD!Lotor and Sincline's interactions to be like if they ever meet? What do you imagine Lotor thinking of his, for a lack of a better term, fucked up counterpart and visa versa?

So admittedly I’m gonna hijack this thought a little because, I tried to get into DotU and GoLion and while the latter appealed to me as more cohesive and having more thought with the characters, it was also, y’know… really dark, and without the kind of balance and I think… respect? that VLD handles it. People die onscreen for the sake of showing us dead bodies. Which could be anybody’s cup of tea, but it’s not really mine. In that sense, I never got far enough into either of them far enough to reach 80s Lotor/Sincline, and thus am no good judge on his character.

But I did get into Force, and have been enjoying that much more, and I have thought a lot about Force Lotor meeting his VLD counterpart.

See at first I thought LD Lotor would be really uncomfortable with Force Lotor, because there’d be things about Force Lotor that would remind him of Zarkon- the stature, the scar, the overall relationship with his subordinates.

But after a while I realized that I was selling Force Lotor short- since he’s really not Zarkon 2.0. He’s a lot more of a bully, and a lot less… ideals-focused? But ultimately, the root of his aggression and desire to lash out is very much his own sense of being a victim, of being cornered, of being trapped.

Force Lotor’s focus is mostly on Voltron- who wounded him before- and on the image of his dead father who’s pretty singlehandedly responsible for messing him up. His animosity towards Voltron, I think, is kind of a tragic thing in a certain sense, because he’s meant as a continuation/soft reboot of DotU Lotor who really did… nearly join the heroes. But not only did they end up as enemies, Lotor, and arguably the entirety of the Drule, were left to rot. We see that the Force rebuilt, moved on to grander and warmer things, but seemingly, on Doom, there was nothing more compelling than falling back in behind their dead leader who was just around there for some shifty scientist to exhume and pump full of Haggarium. Which. Given what it does to everything else it’s exposed to, I, can’t help but feel like it’s not doing Lotor’s emotional state any favors.

That said, their first impressions would still be pretty unfavorable, both ways. They have that mutual psychology of vulnerable people who hate feeling trapped, and for Force Lotor seeing his likeness in someone he could easily view as weak-

(since Force Lotor’s such a physical juggernaut at the height of his power he was able to smack around a fully-formed Voltron, even Force Voltron that’s a bit weaker than it’s VLD counterpart, that’s saying something, LD Lotor, who’s still able to hack a metal sword in half with the strength of his arm, would seem like practically an invalid compared to him)

-would perturb him about as much as LD Lotor seeing his in a scarred, undead, demanding muscular hulk. So I imagine they’d initially be both sorta unnerved by, but also writing off their counterpart as below them/totally lame. VLD Lotor takes the angle of “he has no sense for strategy and has no idea how to vary his tactics beyond base aggression,” while Force Lotor just like. picks him up by the back of his armor and holds him at arm’s length “Can the adult responsible please come collect their mouthy toothpick, he seems to have wandered into my castle.”

I could see them… reconsidering each other, though, given time and an environment that encouraged it, though I don’t think they’d really get along. Force Lotor kinda has the whole “being dead and full of grudge” thing atrophying his ability to play nicely with others and he’d probably approach any potential alliance with attempting to boss around his counterpart who he sees as younger and more naive, while LD Lotor does not appreciate being patronized in the slightest and would, as mentioned, still be kind of on edge around his Force counterpart.

That’s to say nothing to the fact that, if my suspicions are correct, their respective vitality is maintained by two fundamentally irreconcilable energy sources.

…Honestly, I keep thinking one day when I’ve watched all of Force, I wanna write a full-on crossover, because Force did this thing where at first glance it seemed really bad and the characters were super flat but the more I watch it the more it actually builds on them in really interesting ways.

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starved made me sob because of how much i felt i could resonate with virgil. i know you get so many of these asks but your writings (all of the ones i’ve read so far) genuinely make my life better and they give me something to hold onto when my depression gets worse. this isn’t to pressure you into doing more, it’s simply a thank you. there’s not many fics out there that can gain such a strong emotional reaction from me quite like yours can

I’m so so so happy you enjoy the stories so much, and that they help you! I know depression is a terrible beast to battle, and it’s always good to have coping mechanisms, whatever they are. I’m honored that my stories function that way for you even just a little bit!!! *hugs* I hope you continue to enjoy them and that you also continue to find your ways of getting better, little by little. Love you!


I do get that ;)

From a character point of view I agree with you and I do feel it was important to show how comfortable she is within herself and with Nicole. Her calling Nicole her girlfriend a little later was just as important. 

But at the same time (and I am speaking for myself) the kiss felt like a mere plot device to set up the fact that Nicole had an inkling that something wasn’t quite right. The fact that both of them were - to use tumblr parlance - thirsty af had no real emotional impact, though, had it? The writers did a far better job with that in 2x06 (or even 1x12). 

So…aesthetically of course it is an appealing kiss but within the context of the episode and their characters - I don’t know, it felt off. Not in a Gooverly-way off, just…I’m not sure how to describe it. And I am not even sure I mean that in a negative way. I’m just someone who likes a slow build-up and a rewarding pay-off and that was missing for me in that moment.

Ah yes.

Let us not forget that Brian is 70 years old. As much as he says he wishes he was 35, he’s an old man. And just like your grandfather says “You guys, I have had the worst gas for the last week” at Christmas when everyone is listening and then lets one rip just to prove his point, Brian might not have the best filter anymore.

And like, when I saw Jurassic World, I said “Holy shit, THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN” when I know very well that the original Jurassic Park is far better, but I was very in the moment at the time. I’m so sorry, Jurassic Park. I never meant to hurt you.

It’s cool, it’s cool.

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I think rukihime is mostly a garbage ship just because it's mostly IH fans who ship it. They can apparently ship Rukia and Orihime together because they're friends who support each other, and yet they can't ship Ichigo and Rukia who have a far better relationship than Rukia and Orihime ever did. So Ichigo and Rukia shouldn't be shipped because they're just friends? Ok...

“i support platonic ichiruki as best friends but i will completely erase their friendship and make their whole bond turn into Rukia Is IH’s Wingman for my convenience and shove rukia to a female she didn’t speak a word to after 10 years and completely forget that orihime has another woman she sees as a best friend!!11″

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I dream of the future when I can create beautiful music for an audience in a deep need of love, a love that speaks into their soul that only music can provide. I dream of waking up rested and happy to the soft sunlight greeting me while the city still sleeps and a beautiful man making coffee in the kitchen. I dream of the future so much I forget to live in the present - I forget that the journey will be far better than the destination. Music feeds my soul - I dream to feed others.

This is the life. 😍

Send me your dreams.

End of Extermination 8.7

Hooooo boy. That was one hell of a ride.

Time for bullet points, I think.

  • Tattletale’s back, bitchesss! I was completely wrong before - it didn’t feel like a cop-out at all. Possibly because I was too busy being really relieved at the non-death of my favorite character and amazed at her brilliance in the rest of the chapter to care… But honestly, if anything, this might just make her “death” even better in retrospect. It’s difficult to make the audience believe that a major protagonist like this is dead, and Wildbow pulled it off so well that he got me, a usually relatively optimistic person, to be far more pessimistic about her chances of returning than Taylor. This in turn allowed me to empathize more with Taylor’s worry over her friend. Fantastic writing.
  • Her brilliance was already mentioned, but it deserves a point of its own. After turning up alive, Tattle proceeded to dominate the situation beautifully, and I loved it.
  • The mysterious conversation was, as I predicted, meant to be about Taylor possibly joining the Wards on a probation like Sophia, but it turned out so much more interesting thanks to Taylor discovering Sophia’s identity, not to mention Tattletale’s intervention. I know this is the third bullet point mentioning Tattletale’s brilliance in this chapter, but can you really blame me?
  • Armmaster… what the hell, man. Well, say hi to Bakuda and/or Lung from me if one of them’s still alive.
  • And then there’s the final development. The cat’s out of the bag and the mouse is running away. What do you do now, Taylor?

I suppose that last thing is what we’ll have to begin dealing with next time. It might be time to look for Danny, and/or check whether his house is still intact, too.

So yeah, I love this chapter. See you next time! :D

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Yo, were you able to see the new gameplay footage for the New My Hero Academia game yet? If so, what were your impressions on it?

6) i kind of hope theres dlcs
if not thats okay, but i hope it does well enough for a second game in the future! (which the author did mention wanting to get to the point where we’ll see an older deku in the manga, so lets hope it keeps on growing!)