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Do Paper Crane can coppy any Au ? Maybe Silly question :/

That’s not a silly question. Crane can copy the color scheme of MOST AU. He actually have a few limitations:

- The sans he copy must be an INCODE.

Character like Ink, Fresh, Error, and any other that doesn’t have an universe of their own makes it unable to copy them as he need to INFILTRATE a universe code to change color.

- The character must be SANS, so other character or ‘ship child’ such as Goth, Paper Jam and other doesn’t work either since Crane is composed of Sanses.

- The sans he copy must have died in another timeline as well since he need to ‘key code’ to connect himself to an AU as well.

Because when Crane connect himself to the verse, he connect himself to Sans in particular… but I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about this since I don’t want to spoil anything yet. 

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Hi, I really love your single dad!shiro and I dint know if you're still doing this but is it okay if you did one where the kids are still little and shiro's prosthetic just, falls off. Like some crazy reason and the kids freak out. Thank you for reading!

Hello nonny! Thank you so much for loving this lil verse (not so little anymore. I think this is my 40th fic haha!) Oh this prompt was too funny; I busted out laughing the first time I read it and so many scenarios came to mind. I hope you enjoy this one shot and thank you for sending in asks! I love it! Enjoy!


               Shiro needed to get a new arm.

               Literally. His prosthetic was due for a replacement with new enhancements and features, but Shiro had been too busy to go and actually missed his one year mark, checkup. Now it had almost been two years since he’d gotten a new prosthetic and being a veteran, he always got a new one everywhere. For a while it didn’t matter that it had been two years since his last appointment, but as of late Shiro could see problems in his arm. For one the grip wasn’t as good and his fingers would get stuck. His elbow also creaked really loudly when he tried to bend the arm (which took more force than usual) and the end where it connected to his flesh was beginning to hurt.

               Shiro knew it was time to make an appointment, but with Keith growing up, Shiro just lost track of time. His baby was almost five-years-old already.

               Which was why Shiro needed a new arm quickly.

               He avoided trying to hold Keith, in case the grip in his hand suddenly loosened or his fingers got stiff and hurt Keith. This did not make Keith a very happy camper, but after a small explanation from his daddy, he gave in. Though he was sure to scold his daddy to make an appointment ASAP, because cuddles were on the line!

               Shiro had an appointment scheduled on Friday, which luckily was tomorrow. His arm was falling more and more apart with every day that passed, but at least he would be getting a new arm soon.

               The day had been like any other. The sun was shining. Shiro had come to pick Keith up at Allura’s daycare, where all the kids were running around the playground. Shiro had made plans to have dinner with Keith and his parents.

               And then his arm fell off.

               As in, actually fell off.

               Shiro heard a small hiss and a louder creak before a heavy weight came off of his arm. He blinked in confusion and looked down at his prosthetic – or he looked at what was left of his prosthetic. The arm from the elbow to his fingertips had fallen off at the hinges and was lying lifeless on the ground. Wires were poking out from the gaping hole in his elbow and he slowly raised his broken arm up to his face.


               That’s when the screaming started.

               Shiro jumped when not one, nor two, or even three children screamed but rather every child in the playground screamed. Then some of them started crying and running around in hysteria.

               “His arm fell off!”

               “He’s an alien!”

               “He’s going to fall apart!”

               “What if he tries to eat us?!”

               “Is my arm going to fall off too?”

               Shiro could barely comprehend that his arm had fallen off a day before he was scheduled to get a new one, so it was no surprise that he barely realized why the kids were all crying and screaming. Once his brain managed to catch up in realization, Shiro almost jumped back.

               “Oh jeez. Oh. Oh. I’m sorry!” Shiro waved his hands – well, one hand since the other was a broken off and wired stump – in front of him in panic. He tried to smile soothingly at all the children, while Allura and other teachers tried to wrangle all of them up. However, this gesture seemed to have the adverse effect and only made several kids scream even louder.

               “Oh no. Oh no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Shiro nervously ran a hand through his hair and tried to kick the broken arm out of sight of the kids.

               “Oh my god! He doesn’t even need that arm!”

               “He’s trying to get rid of the evi-dance!”

               “Doesn’t that hurt?!”

               Shiro’s eyes widened when the group of children burst into new tears, while the teachers all scrambled to comfort them. This was not how I was expecting this day to go.

               “I’m sorry. Look, it’s okay. I’m not hurt.” Shiro tried to wave his broken prosthetic stump around, only for a group of girl to shriek violently and immediately Shiro lowered his arm. “Ah sorry.”

               “Oh my god, Keith is that your dad?!” Shiro sighed tiredly upon hearing Pidge’s voice. He looked over to see Keith and his friends running towards him. Shiro attempted to hide his stump and the broken prosthetic on the ground, however each kid had seen enough. Keith’s eyes widened for a second before schooling into a calmer look.

               “Did it break?” Keith asked quietly, as if the whole situation was Shiro’s fault.

               “Um yes?” Shiro lowered his gaze when Keith sighed. Beside him, Lance was running back and forth with his hands in the air, yelling over and over that, “We need to get ice to keep Shiro’s arm cold when they reattach it! Someone get ice!” Hunk was alternating between crying and trying to find some ice for Lance.

               Pidge had crouched down to poke at Shiro’s prosthetic with a stick whispering, “Cool” over and over.

               “This is why you shoulda gone before.” Keith shook his head and walked up to his dad. “Is good you go tomorrow.” He gently tapped at the remainder of the prosthetic on Shiro’s arm and Shiro hesitated. He knew that Keith was signaling for him to remove the prosthetic entirely and air out his arm, but that would probably just freak out the kids even more.

               “Hunk, we need more ice! More!” Lance yelled after dumping an empty cup of water with ice onto Shiro’s broken prosthetic. Hunk was too busy trying to kiss his fingers and then kiss the arm as if that would fix the hurt.

               “Knock it off Lance! You’re gonna break it!” Pidge cried.

               “It’s already broken! We gotsta save it!” Lance argued back hotly while other children screamed in the background. Shiro sighed tiredly and removed his broken prosthetic entirely. Once his fleshed arm was completely revealed, Keith smiled and gave the stump a gentle kiss.

               At least that brought a soft smile to Shiro’s face.

               “You’re not really a robot?!” Lance cried when he noticed Shiro’s stump for the first time ever. Shiro subconsciously tried to pull his short sleeve down, but it was no use. Great day to not wear long sleeves Shirogane.

               “Of course he’s not dummy!” Keith snapped and continued to pet Shiro’s stump. “That’s a pros-tatic.”

               “A prosthetic.” Shiro corrected softly and Lance frowned. “It’s a temporary arm, because I don’t have a real one.”

               “You do.” Lance nodded towards Shiro’s other arm and Shiro chuckled.

               “I mean I don’t have a right arm. I lost it in the war. So they gave me a prosthetic to replace it.” Shiro explained softly when Lance, Hunk and Pidge had stopped crying or screaming or poking at his broken arm. The other kids were beginning to calm down too.

               “Oh. Well, can we help you find it then? Was it far where you lost it?” Hunk asked earnestly, eyes bright with hope and determination. Shiro felt his heart swelling with pride and he laughed softly before ruffling Hunk’s hair.

               “Yes. It was very, very far away. It’s been so long that I don’t think we can find it, thank you though.” Shiro said and Hunk was torn between, feeling saddened that he couldn’t find his arm, ad happy at Shiro’s thanks. “Don’t worry, that’s why I have these prosthetics so I don’t need that arm anymore.”

               “Then how come it fell off?” Pidge asked.

               “Well, it’s been a couple years since I got a new arm and it got worn out.” Shiro admitted while Keith rolled his eyes. “I’m going tomorrow to get a new arm.”

               “Is it going to hurt?” A little girl about Lance’s height finally stepped up to Shiro and his kids. She bit her lip nervously and her friends soon followed after her. Shiro blinked. At least they weren’t crying. Or screaming.

               “Oh no. It never hurts, unless I wear them too long. Just like when you get a cut, you have to it air out. I do the same with my hurt right here.” Shiro pointed to the stump and the children all nodded. “The prosthetic doesn’t hurt to use or put on.”

               “Can I get a prosthetic?” Another boy eventually joined their group.

               “Oh um, well only people that are missing a body part usually get a prosthetic to help them. Like a leg, or an arm, or such?” Shiro scratched at the back of his head.

               “Can you shoot lasers from your fingers?”


               “Do you have super strength?”

               “How does it work?”

               “Can you hold a cup?”

               “Are you an alien?”

               Keith huffed and plopped himself against his daddy, holding tightly onto his pants while the kids continued asking Shiro question after question. He buried his face in Shiro’s shirt to hide the smile while Lance, Hunk and Pidge eagerly listened to Shiro’s explanations and stories. Pidge cradled the broken arm in their arms as if it were a precious baby and Shiro couldn’t hide his smile.

               Maybe he wasn’t as scary as he always thought.

Not quite a shanty

So while listening for some inspiration for more Pirate Kenobi shanties, I came across this lovely little tune, and it stuck in my head. But the refrain didn’t fit that AU, so I left it alone for a bit. Then I remembered that all you have to do to make “Vader I hardly knew ye” fit canon is to strike off the last verse and change the first bit to “heard a lonely hermit keen”, and if I’d gone that close already why not just let this one fit OT events. So here we are - a post RotJ not-shanty :)

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I just saw a post that misspelled Blake’s 7 as Bake’s 7 and now I can’t stop thinking about the show set in a bakery AU.

The Federation runs a corporate chain of bakeries that sell products lined with happy drugs so the customers don’t realise what a shitty product they’re actually buying. In this verse, Roj Blake used to belong to a number of independently-run bakeries that fought against being taken over by the corporation but ultimately lost; the workers/owners either joined the corporation or “disappeared”.

Once Blake goes off the drugs, he starts to remember his past and manages to escape the central baking factory where he was forced to work. During his flight, he joins up with a group of rogue bakers; they then stumble upon an abandoned bakery that is equipped with highly advanced machinery and a magical pantry that never runs out of stock.

Blake plans to bring down the Federation, returning humanity to the diverse and healthy pre-factory baking period. But will his acts of sabotage be successful? And will the quality of his bread, pastries and cakes really be enough to counter the drug-infused apathy of the masses and join the people together in a full-out revolt against the Federation? Find out more in the new episode of Bake’s 7!

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im at the point where I think the only person who doesnt ship abby and terry is you... and that basically means my dreams in legacy canon will always be crushed so i have to turn to legacy aus [sobs quietly]

I can neither confirm nor deny.

For the record, everyone has an open invitation to play in this sandbox.

I’m serious. AU the shit out of this.

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I know that if Crane is upset enough he can destroy an AU, but are there any small changes that happen while he's there normally? ( sorry if the wording's unclear)

You should look at the comic page a lil’ closer sweetie. There’s already sign of what happen when he’s there normally. RN Crane is a newborn and collect the magic that surround him because other else he wouldn’t be able to survive long so the effect are kinda faster then usual. But NORMALLY. Stuff SLOWLY die around him, plants, animal, monsters, they get sick and turn to dust.

In resume: you want him to get out of your verse as soon he get in.


A WIP. Sliiiiiight preview of my Future!verse ABO AU (as I am currently too preoccupied working on Inferno to do a proper first post).

Will do an organized synopsis post later, but for now let’s just say this is 6 years post YOI season 1, Minami is 23, Yuuri is 29, Yurio is 21. Victor and Yuuri skate competitively for two more years before retiring together. Immediately after, the duo co-coach Yurio in Russia, which makes Ice Tiger very happy. Then, due to certain circumstances *cough*children*cough* Yuuri temporarily takes time off from full-time coaching. Now, he fully intends to return and Yurio expects Yuuri to give him his undivided professional attention alongside Victor once again, when Minami suddenly appears with a request. He’s now the same age Yuuri was that fateful year, and doesn’t have too many years of competitive skating left. Yurio is not pleased.


I really HATE finishing everything and then that’s when I notice I missed something. Happens every single time. 

Anyways, I really missed drawing these dorks so I’m making up for lost time. Have another transformation gif set among the sea of many. I forgot animation could be tedious but it’s still so fun. I also wanted to announce that I’m planning to open a patreon account very soon. I need some extra cash to pay off a few bills. ;_;

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did somebody say wedding day destiel?


I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 


I was tagged by the lovely @orange-lightsaber to show some of the art I made in 2016 and…well… when it comes to fandom this is ALL the art I made in 2016 lol It’s hard to find time, unfortunately, so most of the pieces I made were fanfic-centric to my own writing (sorry ;_; I suffer from compulsively having to draw the scenes I can’t shake), along with two general Reylo pieces for fun. 

Fanfic images are for A Proposal by Any Other Name (Leap Year Reylo AU) and A Dance of Titans (canon verse Reylux). Hopefully this year I can just make more general art for fun, though! 

I tag @clefslair @reylotogo @persimonne and any other artists who want to share theirs!

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hey, i'm having a really really bad mental health day--any chance i can get some cute otayuri headcanons? :/

Ahhh, sorry you’re having a bad day, I hope it gets better for you soon, nonny! In the meantime, have some lawyer au headcanons that I was talking to Amanda about:

  • Angry prosecutor Yuri Plisetsky vs. stoic public defender Otabek Altin.
  • Yuri hates Otabek Altin. He hates that Otabek is so good at his job that it makes Yuri look like he’s bad at his. He hates how he used to be The Star Prosecutor until Otabek Altin decided to come join the profession.
  • He honestly would hate Otabek a lot less if he weren’t so fucking nice. Like seriously, he can stand to do some mocking in front of Yuri. Yuri is an adult, he can take some gloating in his face. But no, everything he’s heard about Otabek Altin is good and nice, even though he turns into Yuri’s Worst Nightmare in court.
  • Seriously. Imagine Yuri’s tenacity in court, match it with Otabek’s calm reason. Epic court battles that end with Yuri clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, and Otabek losing his calm for just a moment and raising his voice to make his point.
  • yuri low-key jerks off to that lbr
  • Yuri rushing to get assigned to cases that he hears Otabek is defending because- Fuck, he doesn’t even know why. He just…has more fun in court when he’s fighting against Otabek. 
  • Okay, so maybe Yuri doesn’t really hate Otabek. Sue him.
  • Otabek having The World’s Biggest Crush™ on Yuri tbh. Yuri is probably the reason why he quit the police force and went to law school instead. He gets excited every time they’re on a case together, and he’s low-key swooning in his head by the time Yuri is making his closing submission. 
  • He has newspaper cutouts of Yuri from when he wins a high profile case, and if you ask him, he can probably narrate Yuri’s entire legal career to you without missing a beat, but he can’t actually bring himself to talk to Yuri outside of court. 
❝ I would have written you, myself, if I could put down in words everything I want to say to you. A sea of ink would not be enough. ❞
❝ But you built me dreams instead. ❞

Once Upon a Dream (I Knew You), The Epilogue

Captain Duckling Enchanted Forest AU

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, my loves! When we last were with our lovers, they were tangled up in bed, ready to confront Emma’s parents.


[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] [Part Six]

“You know, Emma…” August trailed off, looking away bashfully as they danced together, the music swelling all around them.

“What’s that?” she asked, curious at her longtime friend’s sudden shyness. It wasn’t like him to hold back when he had something to say.

His cheeks reddened slightly, and she felt him adjust his grip on her hand. He was holding her at a respectable distance, but she’d never seen him uncomfortable around her until now, his hold going rigid. They’d known each other forever, after all.

“I always kind of thought…perhaps you and I…”

“Oh!” Emma blushed, trying not to laugh to spare the man some dignity. “Really?” she scrunched her nose at him. “Don’t get me wrong, August, you’re very dear to me, but you’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to a brother!”

August smiled, ducking his head. When he looked up again, smirking, she felt relieved, knowing she hadn’t really hurt him too deeply. Not that it mattered, anyway, she was betrothed to another man, so it’s not as if August was making a real play at her. At least, she didn’t believe so.

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I like to imagine that the FAHC have little traditions for each crew members birthday.

Like for Jack’s birthday they all go for a plane ride to Chiliad during which they aren’t allowed to bitch or moan about Jack’s piloting so she always pulls ridiculous stunts just to try to make them sick (Ryan’s the only one who hasn’t cracked yet.) They parachute to the top of Chiliad and have a nice picnic on the mountainside and watch the sunset together.

Contrary to popular belief Geoff’s party doesn’t involve a lot of bar hopping and a ridiculous amount of blackmail material the morning after. Instead they meet up at the lake to do some fishing (and drinking), all of them in boats in the middle of the lake. Geoff and Jack are usually the most patient, while the lads get bored easily so it usually ends with loads of explosions but not before the guys all give Geoff some small presents they thought he would like (and he would always cry but deny it vigorously.)

Michael’s would be a pool party at the top of some skyscraper with all his friends and copious amount of booze. The night would include drinking, wrestling with Gavin as well as ridiculously high bets on if Ryan could hit a pedestrian with his diet coke can from the top of the rooftop (he always would and Gavin always lost all his bets.) The crew would also usually organize some sort of explosion or commotion within eye sight from the rooftop (last year they blew up the V in the Vinewood sign much to LSPD despair).

Gavin’s party would be the most lavish, as the lad liked his gold. Michael and Geoff would compete in finding the most ridiculous golden jewelry to see if either of them would finally find something Gavin didn’t wear (Michael had gotten the nearest with a garish golden ring that was so awful it actually made the TV-news a few years ago). The day would usually also include some sort of “great idea for a video” Gavin had seen on the internet somewhere that he liked to try to recreate (last years stunt had led to a broken foot, an angry fisherman and a few million in property damages.)

Jeremy being the newest recruit didn’t have a lot of traditions but that didn’t stop the lads on coming up with something that would stick. One year they had tried to have an organized treasure hunt that led to a party but Geoff had gotten lost somehow, and another years attempt on going scuba diving had led to chaos as Ryan somehow had managed to booby trap their boat (it was an honest mistake I swear). After that Jeremy had confessed to actually just enjoying their company and didn’t require any sort of special events. (He had no idea that Gavin and Michael had been planning an advanced series of pranks and practical jokes already for the next year that involved among other things a fake baby, a live donkey, an ambulance and a bag full of pink glitter.)

And as much as Ryan loved his chaos he also loved a good meal, so his birthdays usually started with a morning of causing chaos in the city including a competition on who could steal the most ridiculous thing from the LSPD HQ downtown, followed by an evening at Geoff’s penthouse with a delicious meal as they gathered around to compare what each of them had managed to steal from the police station (Jack had won last year with a vending machine. Nobody knew how she had gotten it out of the station and into the penthouse without anybody seeing her but they were all very impressed.



Party Hats and Complications

(New Years Eve: approximately three months later)

        I stood with Maven at the little party he had thrown together a few days ago. I sipped my champagne halfheartedly, and tried to not think about how bored I was. I’d let Maven drag me to this thing after hearing that most of our class would be at it. In the end, it was mostly just people he knew. I felt like his arm candy as I stood off to the side, watching him converse with everyone in the upper elite. The music was terrible, and the food was disgusting. The only good thing that seemed to be coming out of the party was the alcohol, which there was not nearly enough of.

        Maven glanced at me across the way, and then waved me over. I tried to keep from groaning as I crossed the living room of his brother’s apartment. Maven had used the place for his little party, since his brother was supposedly spending New Years at their family’s house, helping their father host some event or another. I figured Maven would have been there with them, but his mother had told him that it was a perfect idea for him to build his own little circle of friends. More like minions, I thought bitterly as I approached Maven and his ring of friends. I had met his family twice now, his father once, and his mother the other time. Both times they had looked at me with barely hidden disgust, and had then moved on. I hadn’t seen Cal since that weekend at the beginning of November. I hadn’t bothered to text him, or so much as call him since then. His text had sat in my phone though, and I didn’t dare tell anyone that sometimes, I sat awake at night, staring at that text, thinking about texting him.

        I stepped up next to Maven who wrapped an arm around my shoulders and said, “Mare, this is Sonya Iral. You two have math together don’t you?”

        I glanced at the girl before me, and then nodded. She looked me over and then said, “You were the girl who showed up on the day of the midterm without knowing about it.”

        Her friends snickered around her, and I tensed before pretending to laugh with them. “Definitely not my finest moment.” I said as I went to take another drink from my champagne. Maven pulled it out of my hand though and set it aside before saying, “I think you’ve had enough Mare.”

        I glared at him, but he smiled softly at me, and then said, “Why don’t you go get some water?”

        Pulling away from him, I stomped into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get myself some. While I was, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I glanced down at my pocket in surprise and then setting the water pitcher down, I pulled my phone out. The screen was lit up with a message and I felt my stomach plunge into my hips when I saw who it was from. I opened the message and read the single text, the one I thought I would never receive from him again. It was a simple, one line, asking: What are you doing tonight?

        I leaned back and glanced through the doorway at Maven and the rest of the party before looking back at my phone. I chewed on my lip for second and then stealing myself, I typed a response. You’re brother’s party at your apartment.

        There was no response for a solid minute, and when it came, I inhaled sharply.

        What?! He didn’t tell me he was having it there! How many people are there?

        My stomach churned as I realized I had probably just thrown Maven under the bus. Swallowing, I realized that I left my phone messages on read, which meant that he knew I had seen the message and that I couldn’t lie and say I didn’t see it. I gripped my phone tightly and then replied.

        It’s really boring, maybe ten people at most. Your stuff is fine, Maven’s doing a good job of keeping it under control.

        He didn’t respond after that, but I saw the message thing for a few seconds, like he was typing something and then changed him mind. With a shrug, I pocketed my phone again and then went back to getting myself water.

        I walked back into the living room, and sank down on the couch then, nursing my water slowly. I watched Maven as he continued to speak with people, laughing, completely unaware that his brother was probably going to kick his ass for doing this without his permission. My phone buzzed again, and I frowned as I fished it out of my pocket once more. Another message from Cal. This time, not as angry, maybe even teasing.

        Need someone to rescue you?

        My heart hammered in my chest, and then glancing at Maven one more time before I replied, I watched him smirk at Sonya who giggled and took a drink from her champagne. I pursed my lips and then replied.


        There was no response, no bubble popping up that would tell me if he was responding, no read at sign either. I felt the disappointment before I could process it. Cursing myself I shoved my phone away and grumbled, “He wouldn’t come anyway.”

        I sat on the couch for another half hour, trying to ignore how bored I  was. Maven hadn’t been paying much attention to me, and I didn’t mind. It wasn’t like this was really a date or anything.

        The door into the apartment slammed shut, and everyone froze. Maven flipped around, and I straightened up on the couch as I craned my neck to see what was going on. Cal appeared in the doorway then, dressed in a nice sweater and a pair of jeans. Maven glanced at him in surprise and then glanced around at all the people present. He swallowed visibly and then said, “It’s not what it looks like.”

        “No, you know what it looks like? Like you’re in my apartment with alcohol. Do you have any idea how much shit I would get into if one of them gets into an accident and they tell the police where they got the alcohol from?”

        Maven purses his lips and then replies “No one’s drinking that much…”

        “Out, everyone out now.” He spits, and they don’t need to be told twice. They all flee, and I watch as Maven watches them, his mouth hanging open. He glares at his brother then and spits, “What the hell! This was going perfectly before you showed up.”

        “Then go chase after them, go enjoy tonight, but don’t do it in my apartment.” Cal spit. Maven sneered and then stormed by me. He grabbed his jacket and then glared at his brother before leaving. The apartment door slammed behind him, and then it was just the two of us. Cal was watching the door though, like Maven might come back through. When nothing happens, he turns to look at me, and raising my brow at him I say, “My God you’re dramatic.”

        He throws his head back and laughs before coming to stand in front of me. I look up at him and then say, “There’s champagne still sitting around, if you’re interested.”

        He snorts and then turns and collapses on the couch. I smirk at him and then ask, “Was I supposed to leave too?”

        He glances at me, and then replies, “Not unless you want to. I figured Maven was going to grab you or something. You two are practically dating now.”

        “Your brother and I are not dating.” I enunciate each word as I down the rest of my water and slam the glass on the table. Cal watches me for a moment then and says, “I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

        I purse my lips and then sit back into the couch with my arms crossed. I try to ignore his last comment, deciding that it was far too vague and insinuating for my taste. We hadn’t even talked since that day that he drove me home and it had been months.

        “Why did you text me? I thought the number was for emergencies?” I grumble, and he blinks stupidly for a moment. With a shrug though, he replies causally, “It was an emergency, you were bored, and so was I. I classify that as a death con 3 emergency.”

        I tried to hide my smile, but it still squeaked through, and he saw it. He smirked at me, but when I looked back at him, I narrowed my eyes and said, “Yeah, well now there’s no party, I have no ride home, my family’s out having dinner, and I’m still bored.”

        His smile fell quickly, and he sank back into the couch before saying, “True, I didn’t really think about that part.”

        “Well done genius.” I reply. He glances out the window at the freshly falling snow, and then says, “There’s a party store down the street.”

        “What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

        “We could wear party hats. Or if you really want, I’ll take you to Times Square for the ball drop.”

        I roll my eyes at his suggestions and then say, “Party hats? What are you ten? And honestly, it’s buttass freezing outside, I’m not going to Times Square and freezing my ass off for four more hours just to watch some dumb ball drop.”

        He shrugs again, and then looks at the black screen of the TV. I follow his eyes, and we sit in silence for ten minutes. Eventually though, my stomach growls, demanding food, and I shift uncomfortably before saying, “There’s a great Thai place down the street though. We could get Thai food… and your stupid party hats… and then come back here?”
        He doesn’t bother to hide his smile as he gets up from the couch and grabs my arm to drag me with him. Before I know it, he’s throwing one of his sweatshirts at me, and then dragging me down the hall, down the stairs, and finally outside.


        Thirty minutes later, we’re sitting on his couch again, boxes of Thai food in front of us. He changed out of his sweater and into a plain white shirt, and offered me a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I took them, grateful to be out of my sweater and jeans. They were seven sizes too big though, and I spent more time hiking up the pants than I did wearing them. They were comfortable though, and honestly, I was slightly intoxicated by the smell of his soap and cologne on them.

        I point my chopsticks at the TV and then asked, “Do you think she’s found the fountain of youth, because I swear to God that woman has looked the same age since I was six.”

        The anchor woman I was talking about gestures dramatically to the massive crowd behind her, and then holds out the microphone to a man so that he can say something into it. Cal shrugs and then setting his box down he says, “I honestly couldn’t tell you. But it’s either magic or cosmetics.”

        I snickered and then took another bit of my chicken. I stretched my legs out so that they rested in his lap, and then asked, “How come you live here alone? Why not live on campus or in your house?”

        He picks at a thread on the hem of the pants I’m wearing and then says, “I like being here, I like being able to get away from everything.”

        We fall to silence again, me eating my food, and him just playing with the hem of the pants. I glance up when his fingers brush my skin softly and then ask, “What are you doing?”

        “Hm?” He murmurs absentmindedly as he shifts his fingers so that they don’t brush my skin anymore. I wiggle down more and then ask, “Why did you text me though, for real?”
        He frowns at my legs and then replies, “Because I was lonely, and I just wanted someone I could talk to I guess.”

        “Oh,” I say lamely, and then go back to my food. There is still three hours until midnight, but I don’t feel like asking Cal to drive me home just yet. I’m comfortable on this couch, with him, with everything, so far. He glances up at me and then asks, “Why did you let me have your number, you didn’t really know me.”

        It was my turn to shrug, and when I reply it’s in the same soft whisper that he used. “To tell you the truth, I wanted to see you again.”

        His eyes flicker to mine for a moment before he turns them back to the TV. We sit in silence again, until he clears his throat and says, “I’m gonna break out the party hats now, and we’re going to play some old fashioned card games until the ball drops.”

        “Cal-“ He gets up before I can say anything else, and I set my food down on the coffee table before setting my head in my hand and massaging the bridge of my nose. This was getting complicated very fast. I didn’t want that though, I just wanted everything to work out. Cal came back before I could put my thoughts together though and with a smile he handed me an old paper party hat with a string so that it could be worn. I slowly slipped it on my head and then snickered when he had trouble getting it on his own.

        “This is what I get for being so arrogant.” He grumbles as he tries to maneuver it on. In the end, he just wore it on his forehead, so he looked like a pouting unicorn. I tried so hard not to laugh at it, but I couldn’t hold it in, and we both laughed about it in the end.

        Three hours later, we’re still sitting on his couch, empty ice cream bowls as well as Thai boxes are scattered on the table in front of us, and I lean back into his chest, content to just fall asleep there. He sets his chin on top of my head and we watch as the numbers on the TV clock start to count down.

        At ten, Cal shifts and I glance up at him curiously. His eyes bore into mine from nine to seven. From six to five, I inhale softly, and from five to four, I exhale. From four to three, he leans close. From three to two, I close my eyes, and make a wish. Finally, his lips press against mine, soft and careful, and yet passionate all the same. Outside, I can hear the fireworks going off in Central Park, and I can hear the people on their balconies screaming and cheering. But those sounds fade into the background as I slowly turn, pulling my lips away from Cal’s for a fraction of a second. His eyes flutter open, only to close again, as I roll my forehead against his and then slowly straddle him. I thread my fingers though his hair and pull him back up to my lips. He grabs fistfuls of the sweatshirt I’m wearing and murmurs against my lips, “Happy New Year.”

        I smirk and then press a light kiss against his nose, whispering, “Happy New Year to you too.”

        His lips are on mine then, hard and warm, needing, but not desperate. He seemed to be taking his time too, like he’s enjoying this. His teeth nip my lower lip softly and I growl happily before he pulls away and whispers, “Things just got very complicated.”

        I rolled my eyes and pushed his hair out of his face. Slowly I lowered my lips back to his and then replied, “I don’t mind, I happen to like complicated.” My lips enclose his again, and this time I let myself enjoy every second of it.