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In light of finishing the game, I figured it was time to write a PSA regarding this blog. FEAR NOT - it is spoiler free, or as spoiler free as I could make it in regards to Nyx.

This blog will remain CANON DIVERGENT - at least in the main Post KG verse. I have a lot of verse ideas for more post KG AUs - some which may be more canonically accurate than others.

None of my verses will be changing, I will merely be adding more! I’m really excited to explore the more canon-accurate versions and kinda play around with Nyx’s fate within that verse. Lots of stuff planned, especially with @hypersomnus so look forward to that!

Predictions for the ONCE Winter Finale

Okay, everyone. Take a DEEP breath. No, really…a nice DEEP breath. Because y’all are flipping out! (Okay, fine…so am I).

I’ve seen all kinds of flurry and questions over the upcoming OUAT Winter Finale:

How is Henry in the AU, What about Hook!?!, Wait…they said there went villians, but we saw stills of the EQ there? and so on, and so on, and so on…

I’ve had all the same questions (and more), and now that I’ve had to time consider what I think will happen, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Some of this I think is entirely plausible and some of it, I admit, is my own hope of what I’d like to see happen, but probably won’t…I think you’ll be able to tell the difference ;)

First freak out…How is Henry in the AU?

Answer: He isn’t…none of them are actually IN the AU. Other than Emma (and Regina), every other character remains in Storybrooke. That means that the Henry, the Snowing, the Granny, and so on that we see AREN’T there. I’ll even go one further and say that Emma isn’t really even there, because there is no there.

This is a wish-verse cast by Aladdin and manipulated by the EQ. I submit that what we are actually experiencing is a dream world of sorts all happening in Emma’s head. Her new reality has been created by false memories. Yes, Aladdin granted the wish, but the wish is crafted by the wisher. This particular wish has two wishers. Emma originally made the wish, so her perceptions and fantasies of what it would have meant for her to never have been the Savior come into play as does the EQ who made the wish that Emma’s wish would come true and can therefore add her own manipulations.

Emma’s wish would include still having Henry, and since this is a false world, with false memories, we can explain his presence in any number of ways. He might not even be her son in this AU. He might be her brother there. He might be her son and his father (Princess Emma’s True Love - falsely created by the EQ to fulfill that part of the real Emma) may have died some time ago before true peace was established in the land. Mirroring Baelfire’s story in the Heroes and Villians AU.

The EQ would want to make sure that Emma is happy and content in this world. No need to save anyone. No need to awaken her Savior feelings.

So if all this is happening in Emma’s head…then where is Emma?

Answer: Still in Storybrooke. So, most of this is coming from my place of wishful thinking…I’ll be honest. However, I don’t think that means that SOME of it couldn’t still happen or be close to the mark…

I think the EQ  sends the heroes on a wild goose chase to find a Emma, which they do pretty quickly. Mirroring Charming’s discovery of Snow in both the EF and Stroybrooke, the heroes come across a sleeping Emma, and believing she is under a curse, Hook tries to wake her with TLK. But it doesn’t work.

I think Regina will decide to take matters into her own hands and use the dream dust from Morpheus’ temple (you just KNOW Gold brought some back with him) to enter into Emma’s dream world to see if she can figure out exactly what they are dealing with. Meanwhile, Hook, Charming and Henry will try to get the lamp back from the EQ and find a way to wake Emma.

Upon entering the wish-verse Regina realizes that the reason the kiss didn’t work is because of all the false memories in Emma’s head. Emma believes her TL is dead, and even so, she is happy with her life. Regina needs to remind her of who she really is…A Savior. But without a villain, there is no need for a Savior, so Regina takes up her old Mantle as the EQ and it is SHE that crashes Henry’s knighting ceremony.

Okay, here comes the REALLY wishful thinking on my part…

Once Emma realizes who she is and accepts that she is the Savior and all this is fake, Regina tells her they have to find Hook so the two of them can break the curse with TLK. They do find him, and yes…he is older (not because of the curse timeline issue, but because the EQ engineered it that way. She couldn’t remove Hook altogether as he is too firmly rooted in Emma’s subconscious, so she made him older in an attempt to make him less likely of a match for Emma).

They kiss and…still nothing. Regina realizes that both Emmas and Hooks need to kiss simultaneously in order for it to work. She creates some sort of timer for wish-verse Emma and Hook and exits the dream world to find SB Hook, and gets them all to kiss at the exact same time. Boom, wish broken.

I know we all love that our ship (if you’re a CSer) confirmed True Love in an unorthodox way, but let’s be honest…we all really want to see the Care Bear Stare Rainbow Bright Wave of Love from these two and how epic it would be to see it happen simultaneously between two worlds. Yes, I know…highly unlikely, but a girl can dream.

What about August? What about Robin? What about the still cursed Snowing? What about Rumple, Belle and Gideon?

Answer: No idea…but I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

So there we have it. Some predictions and wishful thinking about the Sunday’s Winter Finale. What are your thoughts?


heathiːt ]
a cycle an omega goes through every three months. omega will be in a constant state of arousal; hormone goes wild. if sexual quota is not met, it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. the alpha can smell the omegas when in heat, and, thus, know their wanton states.


Ahh sorry these pages were so late I told myself to catch up on commissions first! I totally went a bit too shojo manga style there at the 2nd page but I thought the situation called for it ahahha. Thank you all again for the really kind support, it continues to amaze me and motivate me to finish this entire story! As always, “royal verse” on my blog if you wanna see more of the comic or “royal AU” for anything related to it (like character designs etc…)!

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did somebody say wedding day destiel?


The next couple of pages will come out a bit slower since my work has picked up a bit, but I will try to be prompt! Thank you again for all the encouraging words and comments you have all sent me! I can’t express how much they motivate me and keep me going esp since comics are very new to me. Again if you need to see other pages, feel free to look on my blog under the tags “royal verse”! I’m really glad you like Lindsay’s inclusion and her design. I’m excited to introduce Caleb’s design too tbh. He’s actually very important in this little story. Please look forward to it! As always, please do not delete my comments! Thank you so much! 

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❝ I would have written you, myself, if I could put down in words everything I want to say to you. A sea of ink would not be enough. ❞
❝ But you built me dreams instead. ❞

I was going to update with 4 pages, but commissions picked up again and I didn’t want to delay any longer sooo…Anyway, we’re finally picking up the pace and heading towards the plot and new characters soon! I’m very excited to introduce them, I hope you all are too. Thank you again for all the kind words and encouragement, I really appreciate them and they definitely help me feel motivated! 

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I like to imagine that the FAHC have little traditions for each crew members birthday.

Like for Jack’s birthday they all go for a plane ride to Chiliad during which they aren’t allowed to bitch or moan about Jack’s piloting so she always pulls ridiculous stunts just to try to make them sick (Ryan’s the only one who hasn’t cracked yet.) They parachute to the top of Chiliad and have a nice picnic on the mountainside and watch the sunset together.

Contrary to popular belief Geoff’s party doesn’t involve a lot of bar hopping and a ridiculous amount of blackmail material the morning after. Instead they meet up at the lake to do some fishing (and drinking), all of them in boats in the middle of the lake. Geoff and Jack are usually the most patient, while the lads get bored easily so it usually ends with loads of explosions but not before the guys all give Geoff some small presents they thought he would like (and he would always cry but deny it vigorously.)

Michael’s would be a pool party at the top of some skyscraper with all his friends and copious amount of booze. The night would include drinking, wrestling with Gavin as well as ridiculously high bets on if Ryan could hit a pedestrian with his diet coke can from the top of the rooftop (he always would and Gavin always lost all his bets.) The crew would also usually organize some sort of explosion or commotion within eye sight from the rooftop (last year they blew up the V in the Vinewood sign much to LSPD despair).

Gavin’s party would be the most lavish, as the lad liked his gold. Michael and Geoff would compete in finding the most ridiculous golden jewelry to see if either of them would finally find something Gavin didn’t wear (Michael had gotten the nearest with a garish golden ring that was so awful it actually made the TV-news a few years ago). The day would usually also include some sort of “great idea for a video” Gavin had seen on the internet somewhere that he liked to try to recreate (last years stunt had led to a broken foot, an angry fisherman and a few million in property damages.)

Jeremy being the newest recruit didn’t have a lot of traditions but that didn’t stop the lads on coming up with something that would stick. One year they had tried to have an organized treasure hunt that led to a party but Geoff had gotten lost somehow, and another years attempt on going scuba diving had led to chaos as Ryan somehow had managed to booby trap their boat (it was an honest mistake I swear). After that Jeremy had confessed to actually just enjoying their company and didn’t require any sort of special events. (He had no idea that Gavin and Michael had been planning an advanced series of pranks and practical jokes already for the next year that involved among other things a fake baby, a live donkey, an ambulance and a bag full of pink glitter.)

And as much as Ryan loved his chaos he also loved a good meal, so his birthdays usually started with a morning of causing chaos in the city including a competition on who could steal the most ridiculous thing from the LSPD HQ downtown, followed by an evening at Geoff’s penthouse with a delicious meal as they gathered around to compare what each of them had managed to steal from the police station (Jack had won last year with a vending machine. Nobody knew how she had gotten it out of the station and into the penthouse without anybody seeing her but they were all very impressed.


There was a cat from Brooklyn, by the name of Romeo
His folks they came from Italy, many years ago

One night he met young Geraldine, a dame from outta town
When Geraldine was dancing she would bring the ballroom down

Tape Five - Geraldine’s Routine

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I’M SO SORRY I promise this is the last one!! I also had requests for Yoda as Nick Fury which works too, I just couldn’t pass over the perfect opportunity to do a triple-combo Samuel L Jackson meme because of reasons XD

i’m sorry these just keep getting more and more sketchy and ridiculous

political talk show au, the thrilling conclusion.

Here is the whole story from the beginning.

This is 4.5 K. Also it is still liberal-leaning and anti-Trump. No Hillary angst in this one tho.

Dear lord, what have I become.


The name sounds, like a thunderclap, in Jack’s head.

It wasn’t a moment ago the name was a question. A doubt, even. Does Bits even exist? Bitty certainly does. Bitty is the name of the screener for Jack’s favorite radio show, his companion through the morning for a year and change now. Bitty is unfailingly pleasant, unerringly professional, and untouchable. He handles callers with a lilt, a friendly word, and a toss off onto the airwaves. Jack made his acquaintance several months back, and he’s enjoyed their every interaction.

But Bits. Now, that’s someone Jack isn’t sure he hasn’t conjured up in his head.

Bits exists in the soft cluck of Bitty’s tongue, the hitch of breath between words. The pause before he intones Jack’s name, leaning on the “a” like it’s a cushion. Bits is the person Jack imagines Bitty to be, behind the phones. He’s a friend, a confidant. A ray of light in Jack’s life. And in Jack’s mind, Bits is just a little more friendly with him with all his other callers. Maybe he even feels something at the sound of Jack’s voice, the way Jack does at every musical “Hallo!”

Jack has come here today half-terrified that he’d discover Bits doesn’t exist at all. That Bitty, as competent and admirable as he is, is all there is, and whatever relationship  he’d imagined they’d been nurturing has been a figment of his imagination this whole time.

Now Bitty comes into focus like a blue sky when the clouds have parted. He wasn’t there, and suddenly he is; he must have been in the room before, but it’s only now that Jack’s eyes land on him and recognize.

But when their eyes meet, and Bitty’s brown eyes widen and then dance, Jack knows Bits is real.

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