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Hey Charlie! First off, I adore your art. It gives me all the feels. Secondly, since you're primarily a self taught artist I'm wondering if you have any resources you strongly recommend for someone hoping to someday have a similar job to yours in concept art? If you've already answered this question just let me know and I'll comb through your blog to find it!


I think, along with resources, I’d always recommend having a good idea of what ‘area’ you want to work in too. My job is kind of a strange one (in that it’s an house job but we’re not producing the games or films or actual products.) We are a step in the production line. I get to be part of sweet projects, but also I get to be part of many… I’m not locked into whatever a studio might be making for 2 or 3 years etc. My fingers are in a lotta pies.

The reason I say that is because a lot of people coming into concept will likely need more skills than I have. I am 95% a 2D artist. I work with 3D but very rarely, and not enough to know the inns and outs. I like 2D… and I consider illustration to be the sweetest spot of all the work I do, so I’m quite happy with that balance (and I’m an old fucking curmudgeon and I don’t wanna learn no 3D.)

If you went for a traditional role in a games studio, it will probably be more expected for you to be fluent in 3D. Not always of course! But it’s likely another good skillset to have. Purely 2D (just art focused) roles are not something that I see as often as mutiltasking roles. Which makes a lot of sense. 2D art is often mostly needed at the beginning of a project, and briefly at the end. In my seven years at Atomhawk I’ve seen a lot of people in other studios laid off, and a lot of studios go under. So, multitasking roles mean people will always have something to do.

APOLOGIES. I’M SOUNDING A LITTLE DOOM AND GLOOM. Great jobs exists! People will always make cool stuff!

I’m very much a jack of all trades and my job demands a lot of different things: characters / turn arounds / outfit designs / expression sheets / illustration / marketing art / pitch art / but it’s all primarly focused around characters. So. If characters are what you want - look into that! I would say that when it comes to apply for / getting work etc, we always love to see range. If someone isn’t showing me all the process behind their work it’s likely the first thing I’m going to ask for when it comes to an interview. I think if you have shiny work (on a freelance basis) a client would have enough confidence in the end result. But for a production role like mine, I wanna see that stuff.

Rough sketches through to shiny polished work. The whole lot. I want it all. I want to see people’s thinking! I’m rambling.

First of all: be able to draw well. Know your characters. Know your figures. Know your anatomy enough to make it convincing and be able to twist it when you need to. We get a lot of people who apply, who, quite simply (don’t hate me) are not good enough yet. We have people who work in tons of different styles and methods but at the heart of it, they can draw well.

DESIGN. Mother of god. Design. Drawing well is the first step, but you also have to have that creative flair to be able to come up with ideas and be able to sell them convincingly. Drawing the thing is only half the battle. No one wants a beautifully rendered character wearing the most impractical / boring outfit you’ve ever seen (just an example). Thinking logically about design is something I’ve seen underestimated many times over the years. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s more important than someones drawing abilities. When it comes down to it, drawing is just the tool to represent the design.

Resources wise: the internet is your oyster! Cast a wide net. Create the kind of work you want to do but also push yourself. I think the results are usually better when artists find an area they’re good in and the push the boundaries of that. Better than trying to be a jack of every single trade possible. Don’t have an awesome portfolio full of character work and then think ‘oh, wait, this is just characters, maybe I should stick a fucking car in there too?’ YOU KNOW? Do what you do - and do it well.

Briefly just a few of the things that helped me most: any massive black videos you can find. Mostly for process. Jason Chan’s videos easily had the most impact for me, both in learning how to improve my process and painting the kind of characters I wanted to. Micheal Hampton and Mike Mattesi (force) for anatomy and energy in poses. Your peers! Your favourite artists in the industry at the moment! The places and people you will learn the most from are always so very individual.

Shit that was long. Good luck!

PS. It’s also my humble opinion that you should never take all of your advice from just one person - just take the pieces that click for you :)

Ten Years (Part 7)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,212 (excluding flashback)

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Cue the drama. PS - some of your comments on the last chapter had me screeching, I love ‘em!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Companions reacting to a pregnant Sole going into labor in the middle of no where.

AN: Oh I’ve got a thing for romanced companions ones :D Thank you for the request! Because of this I now know what to do if a woman (or me for that matter) is about to gonna give birth in the middle of nowhere or in a car or sth. I’m learning some life skills here! ;) PS: the first ones got a bit long I tried to kinda restrain myself after those to avoid tldr but man this ask is technically fanfic/oneshot material.

Sole’s eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She figured she could make it back to Diamond city in time to give birth to this kid and settle down there for a while… take it easy. Clearly she had been mistaken. This baby was coming and nothing was going to stop it. She looked over at her companion, who was still oblivious to what was happening, and pointed at a very, very shabby looking hut-like thing in the distance. “Let’s check that out.”  She figured that was exactly how far she was still going to get. As soon as they closed the door behind them she hunched over, stumbled over to the remnants of a bed and grabbed on to the upper arm of her companion. She looked him straight in the eye. “ Looks like this baby isn’t waiting around for the due date. I’m having this baby. Now. “ 

“ Oh dear! Okay, it’s happening! Let’s… let’s get you comfortable, Mum!” Codsworth put on a brave face and tried his best to keep his cool but could not for the life of him hide his panic (or excitement, Sole wasn’t entirely sure) in the slightest. Sure, he wasn’t exactly programmed to help bringing children into the world but he was sure that they would manage, after all “it is a beautiful and natural part of life, mum”. His peptalk, including those exact words, served more to soothe himself than to soothe Sole,
“Codsworth I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but let’s focus on this tiny human getting out safely rather than on peptalking me, please?”
“ Certainly! Oh, it will be such a beautiful child! I bet it’ll have your eyes,Mum.” 
“ Codsworth… I’m in a lot of pain.”
“ Err… right. What should I do?” 
“ Get out water, some clean cloth or clothing to wrap this kid in, anything helpful.” Another contraction hit her. “ Right. Now.”   Codsworth tried to hide that he felt at a loss considering he had no clue on how to proceed next. In between contractions, Sole just told him what to do next as he meticulously followed her every instruction. He hated that he couldn’t help her with the pain but it’d have to do. 

Danse stayed remarkably calm and got out of his power armor. Sole kept his eyes on him. Sure, she hadn’t expected him to be the kind to go  frantic but he was far too calm… did he think she was kidding or something? “ I’m not joking.”
“ I am aware of that. There is no need for concern. Breathe in, breathe out and relax.I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby.”
 “Danse, I know for a fact that ‘how to be a midwife’ is not part of the Brotherhood’s training process.” 
Danse smiled, she didn’t think she’d ever seen him more in love with her than in that moment. “  Ensuring that you are prepared for the mission you will embark on is part of the training. I made sure I was well-informed  and therefore know precisely what to do. Our only concern is potential complications.” Sole’s stomach turned at the idea of that being a possibility and regretted not listening when he had urged her to just lay low and stop travelling around sooner.  He took some clean cloth, water, a stim pack, a pipet… out of his backpack and took his top off. Sole’s tried to smile but the pain made it difficult.  “Danse… I appreciate the distraction but …”
“ We need to keep this child warm, body heat is ideal. I presumed you are in enough discomfort already however you can certainly opt to use your own body heat.” Sole grimaced. Yeah, she was in enough discomfort already indeed.
“ No thanks. “ He got a blanked out and put it over her after helping her out of her pants, presumeably to keep her warm. 
“  You might have to breastfeed the child as it will lessen the bleeding due to the hormones.” She smiled at Danse. “Thanks for having my back.” 
Danse gave her a reassuring smile and brushed some hair out of her face as gently as possible. “ Thank you for being the love of my life and giving me a family. Hang in there Sole, you’re going to be allright. Both of you. I will protect you, no matter what. Both you and our child. “

 MacCready seemed to be lost in thought. “ Don’t just stand there, now what do we do?”  He sat down beside her.
“ We don’t have time to get you to a doctor so we’re gonna have to make do with whatever we’ve got here. But hey, how hard can it be right?”
“ You have no idea.”
“ Right, sorry. Lucy made it very clear to me that it wasn’t easy when she had Duncan. The things she yelled at me, I thought I’d pull back a bloody stump considering how hard she squeezed my hand. I’ve only seen it and even I felt traumatised. I mean, damn what you women do is way more badass than anything that I…“
“ Yeah, real comforting there, MacCready.”
“ *ahum* Anyway I think I’ve got this.” He grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from his duffel bag and started ripping it up after putting his coat underneath Sole. The house may have come with a bed but clean sheets were something else entirely.“ You’ve still got some purified water, right?” He looked through her stuff and lifted the bottle. ‘Found it!’
“ I appreciate you trying to stay calm but I doubt having watched it once makes you any more of a midwife than me.” 
“ Someone once told me the second kid is easier though?”
Sole groaned and shot him a vicious look. “Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.”
“ Okay, you’ve got this. I’ve got you. This baby is gonna be come out you’ll forget about all the bad stuff. Start with those puffy breathy things.”
“ Puffy breathy things?”
“ ‘C mon you know what I mean. ”  
MacCready focussed on her, showing to be much calmer than she was. However she noticed some tears welling up in his eyes. 
“ You’re gonna be fine. “ He grabbed her hand while she was still puffing. 
“ It’s always nice to see you this emotional, MacCready. “ She was expecting an excuse, from the dusty place to a full-blown twig in his eye. Perhaps onion-cutting ninja’s for the occasion.
“  I’m about to see my second child. This …  This is a big deal all right? You’ve done so much for me. You’ve given my son his life back, you’ve given me my life back and now you’re bringing another one into this world. And I get to raise them with you. Damnit Sole, I love you.”
“ No cursing.” She squeezed his hand at another contraction. 
“ Yeah you’re gonna have to let go cause I gotta get there now though.”


“ Ohkay… well I used to be a nurse once upon a time, all the doctor’s fancied me… probably because of the blonde wig and my long legs. “
“ Deacon, this is really not the time.”
“ I could be telling you the same thing.” She shot him the kind of look that made him count his lucky stars for her currently not being capable of fighting him because she would’ve handed him his ass. She hissed at him; “Look I know humor is your way of dealing with stressful situations and usually I am all for it. But not. Now.”
Deacon couldn’t supress a wide grin. “Well I helped get it in there I suppose I can help gettin’ it out.”
“ I swear if you’re gonna keep blurting out ‘funny’ shit you’re gonna make me a single mother.” Deacon was still smiling.
“ That would be a crying shame, especially because you would be dealing with the crying. Actually, maybe that’s preferable, then I get some peace and quiet.’
“ Really, Deacon? That’s your reaction? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for bad dad jokes?” 
“ No. Panic. I would say panic is my reaction. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel better knowing that? What do you suggest we do?” 
“ Get some things ready and please, please don’t do the fake being hurt thing when I yell insults at you because my sense of self-control is at an all-time low.”
“ Gotcha, By the way, you’re doing great, keep up the pushing.” 
Sole groaned. “Less peptalk more getting your kid out because just like their dad it loves to get me stressed out.” 
“ Aww, they take after me already.”
“ Deacon, shut the hell up and get my pants off.” He opened his mouth again when Sole yelled ‘NO innuendoes.”

Gage’s eyes widened… “ Come again? This is some sort of bad joke right? Here?” 
Sole shook their head. “ Not the kind of thing I joke about.” Sole doubled over, hand on her belly, at another contraction. “Some help’d be nice”
He sighed and picked her up. “ Well shit boss, I’m not prepared for this.”
“ Should’ve thought about that before you got me knocked up Gage.”
He smiled a little.“ That’s what you get for always taking what you want I guess.” 
“ Oh please, if you had taken anything without my say-so you wouldn’t be breathin’ anymore. For now you’re gonna have to take off that armour and make sure you get this kid out safely.” Gage sighed. “I didn’t sign up for the getting it out part.” 
“ And I didn’t sign up for defeating your Overseer with a squirt gun, shit happens. We need to get this child out safely.”
The look on Gage’s face shifted as he got out some clean water. Shit, what else did he need for this. Sole noticed.
“ Wait… is that concern Gage?”
“ I… No.”
“ It actually easy, that I’d live the day to see this.”
“ This is my kid too ya know. I don’t want it to have the kind of fucked up life I’ve had, but it’d be a good start if it comes out kicking and screaming. But cause someone refused to stay put I’ve gotta help you get my kid out.”
“  Say whatever you want, I’ve found a soft spot in that cold cold heart anyway.“ Sole winked before another contraction plastered a look of pain on her face again.
“ I’ll guide ya through it Gage. But I can’t hold your hand through this cause  you’re gonna need them. So get something to put this baby on.” She decided that the last thing she had to do now is get insecure, wouldn’t help either of ‘em.
“Damn boss, you’re somethin’ else. Fuck it, let’s do this.”


“ Looks like this kid takes after their dad, life’s to the fast and the rebellious. “
“ Yeah, high five it when it gets out but help me first.” Hancock looked rather happy until he noticed just how much pain Sole was in.
“ You alright?” Sole looked at them. If looks could kill…
“ And people say there are no stupid questions.” She folded double, grabbing at her abdomen. “ This hurts like hell.” He guided her to the bed and let her lay down on it. 
“ I’d give ya some chems but that’d be bad for the baby.”
“ No kidding, I’m not having any of that filth now regardless Hancock.”
“ Guess we can’t make it to Diamond City anymore? I was looking forward to finding out whether they’d really let me in with you by my side, me being the father and all that.”
“ Hancock, focus. No small talk. I could use some help getting my pants off.” 
“ Ah, just what you said when we conceived the little one. Good times.” Hancock winked. Sole would laugh if the contractions weren’t hurting quite as much as they were. “
“ Alright… let’s fuck this shit up.” Sole slit her eyes. “Let’s fuck this shit up? Seriously? Look I know you’re a man and all but I speak from experience when I say this is not that easy.”
“ You’ve been dating a me for a while now darling, in comparison this is gonna be a freakin’ breeze. You’re a fucking superhero and I love you. Now, lay back, push and let’s hope this baby gets their looks from mommy.” 

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Maxson didn’t waste any time and picked her up. He put her down on the bed gently and seemed extremely calm. 
“ Maxson, are you even processing what I just said?” 
“ I know precisely what I am doing and  yes I have. We have this under control.”
Sole groaned in pain. “ Speak for yourself … the pain is getting worse.”
Maxson got out a wide array of things he needed to deliver the baby .
“ You do what I tell you what I tell you and there ought to be no issues.”
Sole scoffed. “Sure, cause you know all about babies. Maxson, with all do respect, this is not exactly the same as commanding an army.”  
 Sole clenched her teeth and dug her nails into what was left of the matress on the bed before screaming out. Maxson rushed over and for a moment his facade cracked, he was worried about her, brushing some hair out of her face.
 “ Are you alright?” 
Sole grimaced. “ Hardly. What happened to having everything under control?” 
“ Our child will be safe, it’s you I am concerned about.”
“ What makes you so sure Maxson?” 
“ I asked Cade what I would need to help you deliver this child if he wasn’t nearby. I have prepared for this potentially happening and have all the required equipment at the ready.” Sole screamed again, he grabbed her hand. 
“ I swear I will protect you and this child. I will send a message to the Brotherhood after this and they will come pick us up in a ventibird. And then you will rest.” Sole grinned. “Never listened before.”
“ I’ll lock you up if I have to, I care more about your safety than about some missions.”
“ You mean you love me more than the Brotherhood? That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” She screamed again and grabbed his hand, he didn’t even flinch as she squeezed as hard as she could.
“ I love you and this child more than anything. Now focus on doing this. You are my goddamn Sentinel for a damn good reason, you can do anything. That includes this. Just… whatever you do stay with me.” 

 “I really don’t think this is the time. I mean…”
Sole grimaced. “ I don’t think this kid cares about whether it’s the time for it.”
Kent supported Sole and put her on the bed.  “ Are you sure we can’t make it to Diamond City?”
“ On the list of things not even the Silver Shroud can do: delaying childbirth.”  Kent looked around nervously. “Okay… okay. What should I do.”
“ Stop looking so panicked for starters? Just do as I say and this will be fine.”

“ We’re having this baby now? Really?” Preston could hardly hide the happiness and excitement on his face when it dawned on him that the circumstances were hardly ideal for someone to give birth. He looked around. They were in a small shack in the middle of nowhere… panic crept up on him. He looked at Sole who seemed very busy with putting on a brave face but he knew when someone was scared. He picked her up, knowing he had to be the strong one. She had enough on her mind now. “ I got you. This baby is going to be fine.” He gently put her down on the bed in the hut. 
“ I was hoping for better circumstances but at least it isn’t raining, right?”  He held her hand. 
“ This is not the first time I’ve helped someone getting a baby out in the world by the way.” Sole laughed a little, very faintly because of the pain. 
“ You mean you’ve got a bunch of kids running around?”  He laughed and brushed some hair out of her face and helped her take off her pants and get a little more comfortable. “ No, but we do a lot in the Commonwealth. There was once a pregnant lady among the people we saved. The stress made her go into labour sooner than expected. But the baby pulled through.” Knowing that he had done this kind of thing before soothed her  a little.
“ I’m going to look for things we can use. Some clean cloth, water,… You’re going to have to take your top off too I’m afraid. Saved the mother. The child’s grandmother was with us and she told us it could stop the bleeding faster. I’ll get you a blanked though.” Sole nodded. 
“ You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

Nick immediately focused on getting Sole calm and comfortable on the cot in the hut. “ Listen to me, kid. You can do this. We’re going to get this baby out safely do you hear me?” Sole nodded, still biting down on her lower teeth.
“ I guess it’s gonna have to come out somehow.” She smiled a little but still looked panicked. What if something went wrong? They first thought there were complications with Shaun’s birth as well but it quickly turned out to be a false alarm, she might not be as lucky this time.
“ The first thing you need to do is slow your breathing, relax.”
“ Easy for you to say.” The pain of the contractions wasn’t getting much better. He took off his coat and put it underneath Sole.
“ That’s gonna be messed up if this kid when the baby comes out Nick. Blood doesn’t wash out easily.”
“ Do you honestly think I give a damn? This is our child. I’m going to try to get you comfortable.” He did as much as he could to make Sole lay down in a comfortable position.
“ It’s not my comfort I’m worried about.” Nick sat down next to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck until his forehead touched hers. “ First of all; I love you. Second; when I say push you’ll have to push. I will support the baby’s head and make sure they’re breathing, okay?” Sole nodded. Nick planted a kiss on her lips. “ Everything is going to be alright. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I will not lose you or this baby”

Sturges’ eyes widened. “Oh… okay, no need to panic we can do this.” Sole grimaced. “ I’m not so sure about that.” 
“ Hey this is nature, you’ll be fine. I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you or to our baby.” He smiled at her in such a proud way that her heart melted a little. 
“ This is not exactly how I wanted things to go down sturges.”
“ Hey, look at me alright? You’ve got this. You’re a badass, I’ve seen you save so many people and survive against all odds, even if you can’t properly install a tap. This baby is going to conquer the world with a mom like you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna get something to wrap the baby into, okay? Lay down and try that breathing thing.” He walked to his backpack but immediately walked back over to her and brushed some hair out of her face. “ I forgot to say one more thing… I love you.”

“ The nearest point we can transport to the Institute is 5 minutes away. I suggest we start moving.”
“ I’m not gonna make it there.”
“ You are.” He lifted Sole up and carried her to the place they were supposed to be. X6 seemed to be convinced he had it all under control although he looked more stressed than Sole had ever seen him. He barely managed to get Sole to a point where she could be transported to the Institute and once there started yelling orders at each and every doctor. As they frowned at him for presuming he, as a synth, had the audacity to doing so Sole yelled that he was officially her second and would be obeyed. Especially in these circumstances.
He continued his orders and Sole noticed a hint of a smile. Someone stood beside her and urged her to calm her breathing to delay the birth a little. X6 soon sat beside her, holding her hand.
“ I’d hardly considered you the sentimental type.” 
“ I am aware of the fact that squeezing someone’s hand aids them in getting the focus off the pain to some extent.” With her next contraction she squeezed again, hard. Part of her didn’t give a damn but she looked at X6 regardless, trying to figure out if she hadn’t hurt him.
“ I can take it. Do whatever you need to do.”

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Emotional over Got7 (..again)

I wanna express my thanks to these 7 boys, while I know they prob won’t see it here, I wanna share how I feel. 

Im Jaebum, greatest leader aha I know we put a lot of pressure on you just by calling you by such a seemingly harmless nickname. I wanna thank you for always encouraging and caring for the members and by extension teaching me to be more aware of my surroundings and notice when those around me are off. I think I’ve became a better friend and someone others can look up to with your help. At the same time also teaching me that it’s okay to be a total goof and bummie (lol Jaebummie Bummie, get it?? i love puns) as long as you know when to be serious again. Ps I love when you go all If you do era on us with the hard dancing XD

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Park Jinyoung (aka the boy who changed his stage name thrice now aka Got7′s omma). This half of JJP taught me it was okay to get frustrated and let people around me know, so that I didn’t bottle up my annoyances and so that others didn’t walk all over me. I found inspiration in the way he moms everyone but is still their friend, it takes courage to yell at those around you and i admire that he is able to do so without hesitation. Jinyoung is so chic nowadays (looking so handsome oppa) I’ve totally noticed him more (not that I didn’t before). Park Jinyoung helped me to naturally perform both selfish and selfless actions because while it feels good to help others, sometimes you have to help yourself. JINYOUNG I LOVE YOUR SONGS BOY, KEEP SLAYING but stop pushing everyone to like it lol we already do your actions are pointless

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Mark Tuan (My Bias <3) My little angel, our youngest looking eldest, ilysm and I just want to squish and protect you. You show your vulnerable side to Ahgase so much but I know that you can be tough as well. I always worry about you because you are so far from Papa Tuan, and I see your insecurity with speaking korean and that encouraged me in my languages as well. Because I’m in the same boat with Cantonese and Viet. I really wanted to fight Doni and Cony from Weekly idol, you can’t ask an American to say something in english and not expect the freaking American pronunciation of it -.- .  I learned a bit of my aegyo from you (lmaoo) and I love following your cute antics (If you can’t scream over them, bowl them over with cuteness) I might just be biased but I love how you rap and dance, it’s just the right amount of sticking with the actual dance and Mark Flair. (And his voice is so fucking deep ughhhh i cantttttt) (I acknowledge Yugyeom as our dancer of the group lol) I think Mark is so brave for being in Korea and becoming so successful, I think all idols are so brave for giving up so much to achieve their dreams

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Wang Jackson, Wang Jia er, Wang Puppy, you totally brought me to Got7 at first. It wasn’t your variety skills( Tho that was pretty magnetic as well) it was actually the fact that this kpop boy spoke both English and Cantonese. (thats right, i’m attracted to languages) It made me super happy to see both in the kpop scene, and although Jackson obviously wasn’t the only canto/english speaker there, he pulled me in first. Jackson tries so super hard and puts in 105% into everything he does. I feel so bad and appreciate him so much. Please don’t put your health at risk for the sake of entertaining others. The world can go on a while without you if it meant you’re here longer. </3 The boy also taught me to completely let go and be wild (so to speak) I wouldn’t have had the experiences and happiness I do today if I hadn’t let go of my inhibitions sometimes

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Choi Youngjae my little sweet sunshine! ahem ik you’re a little perv you little scheme -.- BUT I LOVE YOU FOR THAT TOO. thank you for hiding it so well that it took me being a fan for almost a year to find out. I think mystery makes finding out more precious cus it means you’re that much deeper into the fandom. Youngjae my cheery little bubble that never got discouraged even when you didn’t get a lot of lines despite being the main vocal. 2Jae/JJP/Markjae? (T.T IDKKK) I love watching you laugh at everything, it’s so nice seeing others appreciate the dorkiness that makes up got7 on camera (i mean sure the staff too but they don’t always apppeeaaarrr)

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BAMMMIEEEEE um ah uh yeah (hehe mamamoo) Kumpimook Bhawakul ( i reallly hope i spelt that correctly) You’re the public perv and dab master. You follow up on too many trends and I love/hate you for it. I can’t help but laugh at your rediculousness at this point. Thank you for teaching me to do what I want without caring about the judgment of others. You little fashionista, so cute, ily. Bambam i notice myself responding to his english whenever i watch videos with it lmao (dont judge me >.<) 

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Kim Yugyeom YUGYEOMMIEEEE (Yugy-yummmyyyyy) MAH BOY IS SO. FREAKING. CUTE! I just wanna hug you and never let go, I feel like I can get a bear hug from this Giant maknae and just swim in it. You never let life (or the hyung’s bullying) take you down, you face everything with a smile (or at least a devious smirk, little devil) I always notice when you’re about to do something bad and zero in on it But i can never fault you for it cus you’re so. damn. cute. This is gonna be my downfall ugh. I got a few tendencies and mannerisms from you (like we all prob did from each member of got7) I admire your ability to dance so well (HIT THE STAGE BABY) I’m so proud of you

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I think this is the end of it? Ty to anyone who read this long lol I just went on a longggg rant to share my feelings. Got7 just taught me it was okay to do anything and everything and reach for the stars, ty boys for existing <3

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Gyms? How to set up a membership, any tricks to get a discount that you know of, what to do when you're there, how not to feel awkward, dealing with creepy guys, etc?

Finding Mr. Right

1. Set your priorities. Before doing any legwork (ahaha) decide what YOU are looking for in your gym. Here are some things to consider:

  • How far are you willing to travel?
  • What workouts are you looking to do?
  • What time do you want to exercise? 
  • What is your gym budget?

2. Start researching. Once you have your baseline wants and needs decided, start doing some research on your local area gyms. Now that you’ve already decided what you’re looking for, it’ll be easy to cross of gyms that don’t fit your criteria. Try to find at least three venues that appeal to you.

3. Free trial/discounted trial. Nowadays, most gyms offer free trials or discounted trials. This gives you an opportunity to scope out any amenities or disadvantages while getting a cheap workout. If you are nervous about going to a new gym alone, convince a friend to go with you. Don’t sign a contract until you’ve sampled the goods! I’d also advise you to cross any gyms off your list that won’t give you a trial.

4. Ask about fees. During your free trial, consult with a gym employee and find out exactly what you will pay as a new member. Don’t get a ballpark amount, have them calculate the exact expense. If they can’t give you an exact expense, run. Ask:

  • Are there any discounts that you’re eligible for? Are there student discounts?
  • Are there different bundles that the gym offers, or is it a flat rate?
  • Are there extra fees like equipment fees or locker fees?
  • Is there a rewards program?

5. Decision time. After sampling different gyms in your locale, decide on the gym that best fits your needs. Is price more important than distance? Is there a gym that is close and cheap?

Creating Your Routine

1. Research. Dig around on the interwebs and check out different workouts. Do you care more about core strength or building muscle? Do you want to increase your mile speed or your endurance? Ask your fit looking friends or coworkers what workouts they enjoy.

2. Trial session. During your free or discounted trial, try out some of the different machines. If you are unsure of how a machine works, ask an employee so that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself. Observe the environment around you. Is it calm? Welcoming? Productive?

3. Plan it. After researching and trying things out, come up with a fitness plan. In my experience, it’s more effective to plan out every moment of your workout so that you don’t give yourself any time to twiddle your thumbs. Make sure to alternate exercises and to allow yourself fifteen minutes to warm up.

4. Try it out! After registering at a gym, try out your new routine. Allow yourself the space to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s okay to start slow, be confident that you will eventually build all the strength and skills that you desire. It’s more important to leave feeling proud of yourself and excited to come back than it is to go home feeling miserable and upset. 

5. Set a goal. Set a goal for several months down the road, based on what skills you would like to improve. Choose a specific day, and decide to treat yourself on said day if you accomplish said goal. The goal can be as simple as going to the gym twice a week, or as complicated as losing five pounds. Just make sure to properly reward yourself at the end of that time, a small incentive to keep you going!

Doing Your Own Thing

1. Bring your tunes. Make yourself a Barney Stimpson “All Rise” mix to get yourself pumped for your workout. The right music can set the tone for productivity! This will also deter strange men from talking to you, and if they try, just ignore them and pretend you can’t hear them or that you can’t speak English.

2. Buddy up. The buddy system is a great way to help motivate you to keep returning to the gym. Find a willing friend or coworker (key word is willing here, don’t assume that this will be the one time that you friend who always bails comes through because I promise you they won’t) and sign up with them. This can also help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. 

3. Gather your materials. Don’t drop big bucks on gym accessories before you’ve even solidified your routine. Newbies do not always make the most informed purchasing decisions! Use a pair of old sweatpants and a ratty shirt and workout in these until you know what feels good for your body. Maybe your reward at the end of a couple months is upgrading to new materials? Always, always, always bring plenty of water!

4. Safe. A gym is a place for you to feel safe and productive. If somebody is bothering you, talk to a staff member about it ASAP. If the problem persists, talk to a manager about getting a refund and move to a more comfortable space. It’s not worth spending money on something that makes you feel uneasy, there are lots of other gyms out there that will offer you the peace of mind. You can’t expect results without peace of mind.

5. Remember. The gym is a place to get motivated! Everyone there is in the same position that you are in, and nobody is going to waste their money by focusing on you instead of their workout. Stay present, care about yourself, and do others the same courtesy that you want done to you!

PS: Most colleges have gym facilities that are absolutely free for students! Don’t assume that just because its your college that it’s not a “real gym”. Try it out! Hope this helps!

draconoxy  asked:

Man I love your Family Au! It's so fun! And it gavee three questions about Pidge: 1. How did it affect her person and character to grow up and be surrounded by only men/boys. 2. Is anyone in the family overprotective towards Pidge, if more than one person, who the most. 3. If someone tried to flirt with Pidge, how would everyone in the family react? Sorry if I'm trouble, your Au is just so great and fun that I want to know everything about it! PS. Where are Allura and the Gorgeous Man?

Thank you! I’m glad you love The Voltron Family AU! And now for the Pidge questions!

1. How did it affect her person and character to grow up and be surrounded by only men/boys?

This is one of the reasons why she doesn’t act girly and more tomboyish. Her love for robotics was influenced by Hunk and her love for games by Lance. She loves both of her brothers a lot that she’d gladly punch someone in the face if they talk shit about them (she did. in third grade.) It was mentioned in the earlier prompts that during their very first formal dinner, she wore a dress and she looked really uncomfortable because everyone wore tux but not her. She wanted to wear clothes like her Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith. Shiro took notice of this and from then on she wore tux. However, she can wear a dress once in a while and the family doesn’t make a big deal out of it. She can be a girl if she wants to, just not often. 

She has more guy friends than girl ones. Alice, however, is her best friend who truly supports whatever Pidge is into. She also likes taking photos of her wearing different clothes. She’s like the Tomoyo to Pidge’s Sakura. 

2. Is anyone in the family overprotective towards Pidge, if more than one person, who the most?

The whole family is very protective of the little bird. Out of everyone, she’s the least skilled in martial arts because she has lower stamina. Her Daddy Keith takes time to train her and improve her reflexes, telling her that her size isn’t a weakness but a strength. Keith demonstrated this by taking Shiro down with just three moves. Ever since, Pidge requested her Daddy to give her extra pointers. After a while, she could take Hunk down in 6 moves. 

Ever though she could protect herself, it’s Shiro’s who is the most protective of her. This all roots down Pidge being Matt’s younger sister. Shiro feels like he needed to do this because Matt would’ve wanted the best life for his sister and Shiro and Keith can offer that, that’s why they adopted Pidge. Shiro’s also the one who often goes on Father-Daughter dates with Pidge. He just hopes that a day will never come wherein Pidge would stop holding his hand while they walk. So far, that hasn’t come.

3. If someone tried to flirt with Pidge, how would everyone in the family react? 

Lance would tease Pidge but Hunk would be so worried. Keith would raise his eyebrow and go all “The hell is this guy? Thinks he could talk to my daughter that way?” Shiro, however, just goes nuts because that’s his baby girl and no one is allowed to even talk to her in such a suggestive tone. Shiro goes all “Full Daddy Mode” on the boy. “Can you provide for my daughter for the rest of her life? Do you have what it takes to cater to all her needs? Including three vacation trips yearly out of the country? I don’t think so.” LMAO

Where are Allura and the Gorgeous Man?

Allura is a doctor and one of Shiro’s college friends and colleagues at work! She’s Auntie Allura to the kids and she babysits them when Shiro and Keith go on dates. Coran, Coran, The Gorgeous Man works at Alfor Publishing Company where Keith works. So far in the prompts, the kids haven’t met Coran yet. Coran is also Keith’s editor when he became an author.

I hope I got everything! :D

yuri-on-a-messenger  asked:

Request? I hope you don't mind, can we do one for the boys and jaehee (duh) Reacting to mc singing in the shower? ps. i love your hcs that i have read. KEEP GOING THEY ARE GREAT!

Of course I don´t mind (*^▽^*) And by the way I think duh is one of the best words ever (*≧▽≦)
So here you go (/^▽^)/


° most of the time it was really nice living together, but sometime it wasn´t

° you alwys took your showers in the evening too lazy to use a hairdryer

° but as a Student Yoosung was home most of the time

° which meant that you couldn´t work on your singing-carreer under the shower

° yes, he played LOLOL, but without headphones in case you needed him

° buuut MC here, is a sneaky person so what to give him on his birthday?

° right: new headphones

° and these he had to try out immediatlely

° aka, your chance to shower without him listening

° as soon as the hot water started to pour you started singing

° and since you were sure he couldn´t hear you you went full voice with the next song

° resulting in you almost screaming Come as You are by Nirvana

° I love Nirvana XD

° you blended everything out while singing so you almost fell in the shower when you heard clapping from outside

° “MC, that was great, you should keep singing.”

° “Yoosung get the hell out of the bathroom!!”

° why, Yoosung, why?

° dammit, he heard

° now you were too embarassed to step out of the room for the next 20 minutes

° when you finally did you hoped that he wouldn´t speak up to you about it

° but we all know Yoosung….

° “Hey MC, you´re a great singer.Why don´t you try working with Zen on Musicals?”

° “Yoosung, let´s not talk about this again. EVER!”

° “But MC-”

° “EVER!!”

° and he was frightend for life <3

_Jaehee_ (because duh)

° she was usually working when you took a shower

° well, when wasn´t she working??

° but whatever

° so you could sing to your heart´s desire and as loud as you wanted to

° unfortunately for you, one day Jumin decided to let Jaehee go home earlier

° she wanted to interfer with a cat project again

° but to suprise you she neither called or texted you in advance

° you, knowing nothing of course, went to step into the shower as you always did

°  you voice echoed a bit in the room, which you thought was just perfect for singing ballads

° and you often did

° Jaehee opened the front door right as you started with your awesome opera-solo of Bohemian Rhapsody

° the thing is, it was recorded with at least four seperate persons so singing it all by yourself may sounded a little different than the original

° hands up who tries it anyways

° nevertheless personally you thought it sounded great

° but maybe someone didn´t Jaehee

° “MC, would you mind not being that loud and come out of the shower!”

° shit, why is she home already??

° “Okay, I´m comming!”

° you got out of the shower and dried yourself as quick as you could and went in the livingroom to meet Jaehee

° “Hey, you home already?”

° “I am. You know, I don´t mind if you sing in the shower, but please don´t sing Things for four voices. Alone.”

° you kind of understood what she meant …

° but anyways as you understood, you could Keep on singing songs for a single Interpreter

° and of course this wasn´t the last time she caught you singing Bohemian Rhapsody

° but hey, you got better each time


° if there is a king in singing under the shower, it would probably be Zen

° he was loud, but he also sang very well so you didn´t have a problem with it

° so you were a bit embarrased to sing when you knew he could hear it

° you thought your singing skills were pretty ordinary, so that wasn´t the Problem here

° his skills were miles beyond average, meaning compared to him almost everyone was bad

° that´s why you were to shy to sing around him, the fear of disapproval

° so you reduced your singing-time to the moments he was away

° that means Performances, where you didn´t watch in the audience and rehersals

° sounds like a lot of time and let me tell you, you´re right

° it was a happy coexistance between your skills and his

° you were happy, he was unknowing

° so what could possibly go wrong??

° a cancelled rehersal of Course

° you stepped into the shower and felt relaxed the moment the water hit your skin

° in the state of pure happines, you wanted to express this with singing

° so you just did

° you felt free when you sang and let the water wash away all of your thoughts

° but since you tended to be quite….loud while singing you didn´t notice the door opening

° you screamed as the shower curtains opened

° a very naked Zen stepped in to join you

° “Z-Zen, what are you doing her? And why are you in here!”

° “I heard you sing so I wanted to participate too.”

° by now your head was bright red, not only were you naked but he also heard you sing, obviously

° “Still, please get out of here.”

° Zen was probably the only Person who Comes into the shower when there is someone singing

° to say you were embarassed was by far an Understatement

° after that incident he came home early suprisingly often

° and you got afraid of showering and built in a doorlock

° true love <3


° oh my god, he had one of a luxury bahroom

° seriously, you wouldn´t have been suprised is there was a Karaoke-System installed

° that would be awesome by the way

° you always took your time showering and enjoyed the Luxus

° one time you even tried to bring Elisabeth too, but cats and water on´t mix that well…

° no, rly MC?

° anyway, having such a nice bath , it would be a waste not singing in there

° it was a natural Thing after all

° maybe there wasn´t a karaoke-system installed, but a sound system wich you could connect with your phone

° so there was always music playing when you used the shower

° sometimes the real thing sometimes Karaoke

° but as much as you loved singing, you also were scarred that Jumin could find out about it

° in School you were bullied because of your voice, although it wasn´t bad

° they were all jelaous

° it resulted in a Trauma of yours, which kicked in whenever you knew someone heard your voice

° Kids in School are the most evil human beings out there..

° one day, you just started your shower-playlist, Jumin came woke up from the nap he took and to his suprise you weren´t where he last saw you

° he panicked

° but Elisabeth was kindly enough to sit ifront of the bathroom and listen to your singing

° aren´t cats great?

° he heard water and was relived you didn´t left him (for what reason whatsoever)

° but then he herd another Sound, it was……singing?

° on second thought it was really beautiful singing

° he recogniced your voiced, but didn´t fel the need to Interrupt you

° you inished your shower and got out of the room, only wearing a twle around your head and one around your chest

° “Jumin, why are you sitting infront of the bathroom?”

° “I heard you singing and before I realiced it I sat down infront of the door and listened.”

° you felt the Panic rush in your head and your vison started to get blurry, follwed by heav breathing

° “MC, is something wrong with you? Aren´t you Feeling well?”

° “I´m fine. I´m just not good with People Hearing me sing.”

° he was worried, so hadn´t any other choice than telling hi the whole Story..

° he was very caring and Held you tight till you felt better

° despite you being still afraid of being heard, those bastards from your old School somehow landed on YouTube, with the most aweful singing-video of all time


° he was always at home

° so it was hard to get a Moment of peace under the shower

° you also weren´t quite sure he hadn´t put CTV and voice Recorders everywhere in his house

° or worse, someone else put cameras and microphones everywhere in his house

° finally! the day you waited for for sol Long came around

° Seven and Saeran went out Shopping for clothes and ice cream

° and we all know Seven probably takes his sweet time doing so

° that meant you had to use your alone-time in the best way possible

° so it was Netflix and a good Long shower for you

° and yes, in that order

° after some nice movies you turned off the TV and went into the shower

° you turned up the Radio and simply enjoyed the sounds of water and Music

° soon you couldn´t resist anymore and sang along

° the louder the better, right?

° well, your suspection was partly right

° there were Sound Recorders and cameras but they only activated when a certain Level of volume was reached

° apparently you were so loud that you crossed this Level

° so Seven got a message on his phone, informing him that the noise Level in his house was above the line

° he was afraid you fell or somthing broke or worse, there was a robbery

°  he didn´t Panic but felt a Little uneasy, so he checked the CCTV

° when he saw you singing under the shower he did two Things

° first: stopping his nosebleed, which was a reaction to your naked Body

° second: turning up the volume so he could hear you sing

° damm, you were good, so good your voice deserved to e on YouTube

° but he couldn´t just put a Video online where you sang naked in the shower

° so he turned on the Speakers and spoke to you

° “Hey Babe! Can you sing again when I´m home so that I can upload itlater?”

° you screamed, loud, very loud

° “Relax MC, I´m speaking through the Speaker up to your right.”

° “What the heck did you think, scarring me like that??!!”

° after all the time living together you weren´t embarassed anymore, far worse happend by now anyway

° you were angry

° when they got home,Saeran hurried in his room as fast as he could

° you decided to have a … talk with Seven

° don´t ask me where you learned that but he ended up tied to a chair infont of an open back of Honey Buddah Chips

° what a torture…., but brilliant


° since his eyesight was rather bad, but his Hearing was better than anyones

° the TV was always quiet, so was the Radio

° you couldn´t be loud in the house and not even curse without him knowing

° so singing in the shower was off-Limit

° he would hear you and that was embarassing, too embarassing for you

° you were a very sensible Person and not very self-confident to begin with

° it was a nice Change, when V went out with Jumin to an old class-meeting

° do´n´t get me wrong, you loved him dearly and enjoyed every Moment you could spend with him

° but it felt good being able to turn up the volume for once

° you danced through the house and sweated so much you had to take a shower afterwards

° in the shower you didn´t stop being noisy

° you sang all of your favourite Songs again and again

° and probably wasted a lot of water

° nevertheless, even if you didn´t notice, V came back

° you were still in the shower, singing nonstop and very loud

° of Course he heard

° “MC, are you in there?”    

° no answer

° “MC, can you hear me!?”

° he screamed, and it suprised you to the Point you fell and landed right on your butt

° gotta love the booty XD

° “V, you´re already back. Sorry if I was to loud.”

° you apologiced but it seemed he wasn´t angry this time

° “MC, I never knew you were such a brilliant singer. from know on, please sing to your hearts desire.”

° this was an offer you just couldn´t refuse

° the house became more lively after that, now filled with the Sound of your voice


° he was the Queen of grumpy cats

° so on his bad days nothing could satisfy his will

° you got him ice cream, it was the wrong brand

° you made him his favourite Food, unfortunately his diet started today

° you were sick of himbeing like this

° but deep down you knew he couldn´t be blamed for his mood

° to calm down, you went to take a Long shower

° it cleared your head and you felt at ease like this

° soon you started humming some old children-songs and before Long you started singing too

° you didn´t know why it were children-songs, they just popped into your mind

° you dried yourself off and went back to look what Saeran was doing

° when you tried to open the door there was a resistance, preventing you from stepping outside

° “ Saeran, why are you blocking the door?”

° “Keep singing.”

° woah, did he Sound less grumpy than before??

° “Eh.. sure, but could you let me out first?”

° he did and you had to spend the rest of your day singing Songs to Saeran

° a happy ending? maybe for him but not for your voice…

Again, I have to apologize for taking this long. I lost all my editing on the text 3 times already… I think I´m going to try it again later….because itá already 11PM 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Anyway, I hope you liked it and it didn´t turn out that badly (*^▽^*)

okaY so ConSider ThIs–Mick’s medical skills probably aren’t half bad.

Like Len said, Mick’s always been the muscle to Len’s brains, and that means more often than not, Mick is the one coming home with the injuries, which he usually had to treat himself–Len isn’t an option, because as clever as he is with his hands, Len doesn’t really do gentle with anyone other than his sister (and sometimes not even then), and as a general rule, Mick doesn’t like to be touched by anyone that he doesn’t know and trust .  So he had to learn to administer medical treatment to himself.  He’s not a brain surgeon, but he’s about as good as someone who’s self-taught can be.  He knows how to check for a concussion and internal bleeding, how to stitch up an injury and deal with infection, and has a grasp of basic pain relief.  (He also probably knows how to deal with bullet wounds pretty capably as well).

Mick doesn’t really like to advertise these skills–they’re helpful when he needs them, absolutely.  That’s 99% of the reason why he cultivated them, but this particular skillset is distinctly removed from the version of himself that he likes to project.  Now, he doesn’t hide them either, but the ship can treat most other injuries, so really he doesn’t see much point in utilizing them when they’re unnecessary.

Ray is the first to find out.  Mick had meant it, after the gulag, when he’d said that they were even, and was personally content to leave it at that.  But Ray’s medical (and self preservation) sensibilities are terrible, and even though practically all his ribs are broken from that damn sledgehammer, his solution is to just go “eh, I’ll just bandage them and get back to work,”  because that’s how they deal with broken ribs in movies and stuff, right?  Wrap bandages around them and troop on?  Ray just makes the mistake of asking Mick for a hand bandaging them.  Ray winces immediately after, intimidated by the force of Mick’s glare, and pretty sure Mick is going to refuse his request for help on the spot.  He did not expected Mick to sigh in irritation because for fuck’s sake, sure, if you wanna die of pneumonia.  Instead, Mick does a quick check–running his hands along Ray’s ribs, trying to ensure that none of them are in danger of puncturing a lung.  Then, he firmly steers Ray into bed and gives him painkillers, as well as stern instructions to rest.  The rest of the crew coos at this, though Mick maintains that he was not doing a nice thing, he was just preventing an act of egregious idiocy.  No one actually believes him.

Sara is next.  She does not get injured so often anymore (I mean, it does happen, but more often than not she emerges from ridiculously dangerous situations utterly unscathed, a skill of which the rest of the crew is very envious).  But her old wounds might as well be fresh ones, some days–there was no time for proper healing on Lian Yu, and certainly not as a member of the League of Assassins, where you either got up and kept fighting or were left for dead.  As a result, many of her old wounds still pain her–a knot of scar tissue just under her arm that aches fiercely when it rains, a knee that hurts to move when she overexerts herself (which is hard, but not impossible).  Before joining the Legends crew, she would have masked her pain.  She’s gone years just gritting her teeth and pushing her way through.  But the more time that passes with the team, the less her instincts tell her to hide the pain–the more comfortable she is letting herself be seen at her weakest.  Now, on her worst days, after particularly brutal battles, she’ll give up on it altogether, and limp through the Waverider to collapse on the couch (yes, the Waverider has a living room, because I say so).  Now, the team will all try to comfort her in their own ways.  Jax and Ray will sit on the other side of the table and play board games with her.  Stein tries to replicate Clarissa’s mac and cheese (he cannot, but the effort is thoroughly appreciated), Rip will quietly postpone their next mission, and Len offers comfort as non-obtrusively as he can.  But Mick? Mick shows with a heat compress and a liniment for her knee and some advice–(lay on your side and put a pillow between your legs, it will straighten your spine and take the pressure of your injury) from old injuries of his own.

Jax (and by extension, Stein) find out the extent of Mick’s medical expertise in the field, when Jax takes a bullet in the side.  He’s hemorrhaging fast, flames flickering out as he unfuses with Stein, who looks so worried that a heartattack may be a legitimate risk. They’re far from the ship–but not from a nearby medical clinic.  Before the rest of the team can process what’s going on, Mick is pressing a jacket (requisitioned from Snart) to Jax’s side, and rushing him into the clinic, where one of the doctor’s takes over.  That should be the end of it, but Mick has had more than his fair share of bullet wounds, and backseat drives the fuck out of that medical procedure, because there’s no need to be so rough, doc and if I’d wanted him to bleed out I would have left him out there, jesus and basically just glares and intimidates until the doctor, in frustration, pushes the tools into Mick’s hands, because “you do it, then!”.  Mick shrugs, and does the job more neatly and efficiently than the doctor could have hoped (much to the man’s chagrin).

After that, the rest of the crew starts coming to him for everything.  For such a violent, large person, Mick is surprisingly delicate when treating injuries, with a feather-light touch.  Most of the crew discovers that they prefer being treated by Mick (who tries to avoid causing them pain, and who is almost sympathetic when he has to) than they do Gideon in the medbay.  Kendra gets a cut on her leg while sparring? She’ll hop, leg dripping, to his room and knock on the door–”Hey Mick, can you take a look at this for me?”

Stein thinks his back is acting up again? “Mr. Rory, would you mind terribly advising me on this?”

Even Rip gets in on it, though he argues that its because when he’s injured, he likes being able to receive treatment in the comfort of his own quarters.

Every time, Mick grumbles, don’t you guys have Gideon for this? I thought this ship was from the future–.  But every time, he takes a look at it, because he just knows that if he refuses they’ll just stand there looking sad and mopey, before limping off to the medbay, and for fuck’s sake, he’s not heartless (and maybe he likes knowing that he can use his hands for something other than destruction, but that’s another beast altogether)

TL;DR–consider Mick Rory, entirely against his will, becoming the team medic (and sighing because, damn, if he doesn’t step up, these idiots are all gonna die.)

(PS, let it be noted that, inevitably, there may be some basis in batmanisagatewaydrug’s headcanons in here, particularly her headcanons about Sara’s old injuries causing her pain, because her headcanons are so good that I can’t help but think of them as ingratiated into canon.)

anonymous asked:

Hi, how would RFA gang + minor trio deal with a short MC (like 5' and just tiny in general) that doesn't like being called cute, people patting their head, or being used as an arm rest, but would just barely make an exception for the person they're interested in/in a relationship with? Bonus if MC is just slightly older than them or is as old as Jumin and V. PS: Love the Professor Layton emoji's

Grouping these requests together, because what’s better than a short, older tsundere~? (PS i love this MC plz feel free 2 ask for them again)


  • “Ugh, if you have to send your selfies to someone, just send them to me so you don’t bother anyone else.”
  • because you HATE the fact that 707 lords the fact that ~he knows what you loooook liiiike~ over everyone, you send the group a picture to take him down a peg and
  • man
  • He really can’t read you though, but that’s because you’re grumpy and incredibly hard to interpret. Even though you say you call him an unrepentant narcissist, you save every one of his pictures, and hold your phone to your chest whenever he says something nice to you.
  • Your form of encouraging him is mainly telling him that he is, objectively - it’s not anything about your personal opinion, it’s just objective - a good actor, and anyone saying otherwise is a moron.
  • that makes him feel weirdly good, particularly since - despite what you say - you’re always on his side and encouraging him in your own way.
  • he can’t help but call you cute and his princess which just
  • annoys you
  • but he also not doing it sarcastically which makes you feel weirdly nice but
  • hE DEFINITELY does that thing where he puts his hand on the top of your head because you’re SO SHORT
  • and SO ANGRY
  • and he can just put his palm on your forehead as you try to get at him because he’s super buff and you’re just a tiny, ineffectual steamroller
  • “i DO TAXES”
  • ok Zen admittedly does tease you a lot b/c he thinks its funny but once he realizes that there is some actual baggage due to your height he lays off and actually starts specifically complimenting you on your intelligence, skill, and professional abilities
  • which takes you off guard and you really
  • really
  • like it.
  • (at one point, he does the hand-comparison thing with you - you and him putting your hands up against each other to see how big his is in comparison to yours - and he grins so widely and damn does your heart go pitter-patter)
  •  whenever you have a talk or something important to do he is ALWAYS THERE IN THE FRONT ROW
  • (one day, one of your colleagues makes a short joke about you on stage and he’s like…. ready to fite someone)
  • He says to you later that he knows you can take care of yourself but he also wanted to deck that guy
  • (it’s time for doki-dokis from you SHIT)


  • you find it extremely difficult to be properly tsundere around Yoosung because he is just this adorable little chick of a person
  • like
  • just thinking about getting annoyed at him makes you feel weird
  • and as soon as you see his dumb cute face in his avatar you just kind of deflate and calm down.
  • (seriously Yoosung becomes your chill-out medicine whenever you hear his voice on the phone babbling about something ridiculous you’re like)
  • (okay)
  • (things aren’t so bad, Yoosung exists)
  • you do say exactly what you’re thinking regarding his grades tho - like yoosung, quit gaming and study christ
  • “you need to take school seriously”
  • “this is me, as a professor, telling you to shape up”
  • “………iii…. am an intelligent, competent scholar who is well respected in my field, yes?” you say to the shocked chatroom, who had, from your picture, thought you couldn’t even be 20.
  • well first of all yoosung, DON’T YOU THINK I’D RECOGNIZE U IF I TAUGHT YOU
  • (and also in the interests of not making it weird, you A.) don’t teach at his school and B.) are actually a very young, newly appointed professor)
  • but that does mean you have your Shit together, and you start getting on Yoosung about his academics. when he gets bad quiz grades, you offer to tutor him, because hot diggity are you smart
  • the two of you stay Just Friends for a pretty long time because Yoosung kinda really needs to grow up a bit like
  • you are around Jumin’s age but the life experience gap is still pretty extreme
  • but he starts to really, really admire you and how - even though you’re often gruff with him - you always believe in him and how he can do better
  • makes him want to really become an adult.
  • He starts working himself out. He takes his studies seriously, he relies on other people for less, he does his own taxes and becomes a much better cook…
  • you and everyone else are kinda shocked by the change tbh.
  • One time, when he’s with you, he looks down at you and stares for awhile and you’re like
  • oh fuck here we go
  • he’s going to be like “wowwwww i can’t believe you’re so MATURE when you look so CUTE and SMALL” because he’s done it before aND SO HAS EVERYONE ELSE
  • (you can’t get mad at him but it BOTHERS YOU)
  • but when you ask him what he’s thinking, he just shakes his head a little and says, “Do you think I look good next to you?”
  • “I’ve been trying really hard - do you think I can ever catch up and be a good match for you?”
  • “I want to be a mature guy you can feel comfortable relying on…”
  • (ahhhh????/??!?!?????)
  • (you’ve clawed your way to the top and here is this sweet mild person wanting u to rely on them?? that’s ODDLY ENDEARING??)
  • anyway yoosung tries 2 be a cool dude for the tiny, angry professor he loves and you are embarrassed


  • you actually have a pretty good working relationship with Jaehee because she is far too mature to join in with the other’s blatant disrespect of your height
  • you actually have a very ‘office ladies’ like friendship where you complain about the dumb people in your respective lives
  • “oh my god so this fellow professor i know did the DUMBEST FUCKING THING, i s2g if he didn’t have tenure”
  • “another cat project… another cat project….”
  • you frequently tell Jaehee to knock ‘em dead and she’s not sure if you mean that literally or not.
  • knowing u it’s probably both
  • Anyway Jaehee doesn’t really see much of your tsundere side directed at her, until she actually meets you in person.
  • the first time she sees you - really sees you - she is
  • struck
  • dead.
  • seriously it’s like - the same feelings she gets about Zen? she gets about you, because not only did you come from low beginnings and claw yourself up with your blatant determination despite what others said about you (which she finds inspiring), you’re also so adorable
  • cute features, tiny body, omg… omg…. o m g…………
  • omg jaehee, the serious office lady, is SWEATING
  • but she knows that she needs to keep her freakin’ mouth shut unless she wants to die
  • (also you are extremely smart like you went to school and worked at the same time and you just got ur doctorate like um excuse me could you chill)
  • but she can’t contain it totally.
  • One day, she’s out shopping with you and she sees a cute, frilly dress in the window that would look so…. cute on you… and she stops and stares at it.
  • You look at her, clearly baffled because - Jaehee. Is that… your style…?
  • and she’s like no omg i just think it would look good on you
  • i mean
  • oh no
  • and your eyebrows go up but Jaehee has the benefit of the doubt by now so you don’t blow up.
  • …….and the next time you guys go out together
  • you are wearing that dress she liked
  • and jaehee faints.
  • (she can die happy)
  • pictures of you start to join the altar of Zen she has in her apartment

(more under the cut!)

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Preference "How they react to you not having a gag reflex" (NSFW)

(Lolz for all of our faves being pervs XD Getting all turned on and looking at us like 😏 PS. I tried to my best to make them all different :D I died laughing writing this. Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were going down on him for the first time. Everything started slow and he was already enjoying looking at you on your knees and pleasuring him. As he was gripping and tugging you by your hair, he’d suddenly notice you taking him in deeper and deeper. It would just turn him in even more and he’d definitely be impressed by your skills and wouldn’t be able to keep his thoughts to himself. “Holy fucking shit! How deep is you throat, Y/N?! This is fucking awesome! For sure, you are by far my favorite throat to fuck!”

Daryl-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were eating something rather disgusting. The supplies you had went bad but you were adamant about still eating them. As you all did, him and everyone else had gagged the moment they put in their mouths but you simply spat it out. Everyone was coughing but you just brushed it off and acted casual about it, making him understand that you didn’t have a gag reflex. He’d then get slightly turned on and know that for sure, he’ll ask you for a favor later.

Rick-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as he was pushing his fingers into your mouth. You were having sex with one another for the first time and him feeling dirty, asked you to suck on his fingers. He ended up shoving his fingers instead and rather than seeing or hearing you gag, he had only heard you moan louder, making him understand that you didn’t have a gag reflex. He’d get so turned on, he’d pull his fingers out and make a quick move to remove his pants, in hopes you’ll end up offering to go down on him.

Merle-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were going down on him. At first, he had always tried his best to be gentle with you whenever you’d suck him off so he never really pulled you towards his arousal too much. However, one evening you were both being rough to one another and it caused him to thrust in deeper as you were on your knees. As he’d realize you weren’t gagging, he’d get turned on and just pull at you and thrust in at more sporadic pace, while chuckling.

Glenn-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were eating a Popsicle. He had found some Popsicle while on a run and had gave one each to everyone. As you were all eating, he went to sit next to you and you both had a nice conversation. However, as you licked the cold dessert, he had noticed you going rather far in your throat with it. He had been quite talkative the whole time but the instant he’d notice you, he’d suddenly get quiet and just stare at you finishing up your Popsicle before subtly asking a favor. “Y/N…You’re free for tonight…right?…I-I still have a few condoms left…Maybe we can…”

The Governor-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while you were on a run. You had stumble upon some disgusting dismembered bodies and walkers, and the instant you all walked pass it, everyone around had gagged and wanted to vomit. However, you had simply said it was gross and moved on forward. It would then click to him that you didn’t have a gag reflex and he’d just stop in the middle of the road to look at you walk away and smirk to himself thinking about his plans for the night.

Abraham-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were eating. You were sitting across from one another and you were all having a good time and laughing. As you were stuffing your mouth, he’d laugh looking at you but he’d then realize how deeply you’d put the spoon and food down your throat and slowly his smile would turn into a smirk. He’d keep his eye on you and gradually just get turned on. He just couldn’t wait for the dinner to be over.

Eugene-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex, while you were all playing a silly game. You were all in the kitchen laughing and playing a rather stupid game and out of nowhere, you grabbed a water bottle and jokingly put it as far as you could in your mouth before pulling out. He’d sit next to you and notice how you didn’t even gag once and he’d just swallow hard at the thought of you using that skill for something else.

Jesus-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while you where eating a lollipop. He had notice you finding some candies and just couldn’t resist teasing you for being childish. He’d then get closer to you and pulled out the lollipop of your mouth only for you to get angry and take it back from him. As you did, you’d put it back in your mouth and he’d notice how far you had put it before closing your mouth around it. He’d understand the meaning and get a little flustered as he instantly had dirty thoughts about you.

Dwight-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex during a doctor’s meeting. It was you first regular check-up and as he was looking at you, he’d suddenly notice how far the doctor was pushing down your tongue with the stick. Realizing how not once did you gag or react, he’d understand the meaning and just get turned on right on the spot. As you’d get done, he’d put an arm around your shoulder and ask you a favor. “Y/N…Back over there…You didn’t feel anything when he…Cool…So you’re free, right?”

Morgan-Since he had never asked you to go down on him before he’d only realize you didn’t have a gag reflex during an early morning. You were brushing your teeth together for the first time in a long while and as you would both stare into the mirror, he’d notice how deeply you went with your toothbrush. He’d gradually understand the meaning and just look at you for a good while before subtly asking you a favor. “Y/N, honey…Could you get home earlier…I’m talking for tonight…I-I have some plans…”

Shane-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex after the first time you’d go down on him. He was tugging and pulling you by your hair, enjoying the feeling of your lips around his arousal and ended up closing his eyes to feel you even better. Eventually, he’d start to pull you to take him even deeper and later you’d both start doing all other sorts of nasty things to one another. As he’d wake up next to you, he’d smile remembering last night and even more once he realizes much he was pulling onto your hair.

Milton-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while taking care of you. You were feeling sick and he had insisted on staying by your side. While doing so, he decided to check your temperature and despite you arguing that you were fine, he put in the thermometer in your mouth. However, by doing so he had accidentally pushed it far in your mouth. He’d instantly apologized thinking you might’ve gagged but you simply shrugged at him. He’d then swallow hard understanding what it meant and couldn’t wait for you to feel better.

Aaron-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while you were cleaning up the house. There was a leaking problem with the bathroom and eventually you both had to clean. As the room was getting dirty, he instantly gagged at the smell while you simply had said that it smelled gross before starting to clean up. He’d then understand the meaning behind it and while helping you clean up, he’d just be unable to keep his eyes off of you and have some dirty thoughts run through his mind.

Gabriel-Whenever you’d go down on him, he’d be too caught up in the moment to realize how deeply you were taking him in making him never realizing you didn’t have a gag reflex. That was until he’d overhear you mention it in a conversation with someone else. You were simply talking about the things that made you gag with the others and casually you had told them that nothing much could do so. As he’d hear you, his eyes would widen in shock and as everything would click to him he’d eye you up and down.

The Wolf-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were going down on him. He’d have his hands tangled up in your hair and as you’d slowly take him in deeper, he’d end up pulling you down even more. As you’d go deeper, he’d laugh and chuckle understanding what it meant and would just get all excited.

Noah-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex after you’d admit it to him. You were talking about what grossed you out the most and such and while at it, you had told him that although it was gross to you, never once did you have the feeling of gagging or anything. As he’d listen, he’d understand what it meant and he’d get lost in his thoughts about you and would just end up staring at your lips.

Simon-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as you were downing some drinks. You were having a party at the Sanctuary and having fun downing some shots. Your friends had gathered around you to watch you drink and so was he. As you did, he’d notice you drinking them quite fast one after another and the more he looked at you the more he got turned on. He’d then realize it was because of your lack of gag reflex and just walk over to pull you over to his room.

Ezekiel-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while bumping into you as you were eating a Popsicle. It was a hot day at the Kingdom and you had walked out of the supply room with a Popsicle in your mouth. As you’d walk back to your room, he had accidentally bumped into you making you hold your treat deeper in your mouth rather than just drop it on the ground. Seeing you that way, made him realize something and instantly he’d start asking you questions about your throat pretending to make sure you’re alright.

Caesar-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while you were both flirting with one another. It went on for quite a while your whole flirting back and forth. However, one day, you’d tell him in a seductive voice that you didn’t have a gag reflex and instantly his smile would disappear. Instead, he’d look at you lustfully and eye you up and down. He’d walk towards you until you’d be backed against a wall and ask you a favor. “Really? Your throat…It’s that deep…Then maybe we should put it to good use…”

Spencer-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex as he dared you to show it to him. You were all playing a stupid game of “Truth or Dare” while drunk and suddenly he had dare you to gag out the drink you had. Although he said it as a joke, you took it seriously and went through with it. However, as you tried nothing would work and you’d laugh remembering that you didn’t have a gag reflex and tell him about it. Only to make him look at you differently and gradually get turned on.

Richard-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while looking at you eat. You were eager to eat the meal he made for you and as you did, you made him smile and laugh. However, his smile slowly disappeared and he started to get turned on, as he realized how much you were taking in, with each mouthful. He’d try to suppress his feelings by crossing his legs and looking at anything else but as you’d talk to him, he’d obviously have no choice but to look at you, lustfully.

Nicholas-He’d realize you didn’t have a gag reflex while on a run with you. You had stumble across some walkers and the stench had made everyone gag out of reflex. However, he’d notice you being calm and still and slowly he’d understand what it meant. He’d forget about the smell and all and get closer to you to subtly ask you for a favor once back home.

MD's Top Med School Interview Tips

All of these tips are based on my own experience with 3 Medical School Interviews this year, if you have any more suggestions feel free to reblog and add them. My askbox is also open if you have any questions. 😊

{Interview Prep - A couple weeks before}

1. PREPARE WITH A FRIEND 👯: Try to find a person you trust and get along with to help you prepare. My friend and I met up once a week for a couple weeks to go over potential interview questions and MMI scenarios. We pooled resources and each looked online and in prep books for possible questions. Together we went through a ton of ethical situations and talked about pros and cons of everything. It was great to have a safe space with a friend to explore healthcare issues and just by having these conversations I felt more comfortable with the language and opinions that are associated with medical topics. [Note: make sure you and your friend aren’t coming up with the SAME answers for questions. The point of this is to practice expressing your point of view and answers with a person you are comfortable with]

2. KNOW YOUR CV 📄: Pretty much every interview (no matter what format) will have questions about YOU. So in addition to knowing answers for the basic questions (Why do you want to be a doctor? Etc..) make sure you can articulate your experiences, what you’ve learned from them, challenges you’ve had and why these skills and experiences will help you with a career in Medicine. Some schools release lists of attributes they look for in prospective applicants, so try to figure out how your experiences exemplify those qualities.

3. KNOW WHAT THE INTERVIEW FORMAT WILL BE 🔎: You will likely want to prepare differently if you are doing an MMI or more situation based interview compared to a panel interview. Also it’s good to know if the interviewers will have access to your application information or not.

4. PRACTICE WITH A PRO 💼: If your school has a career centre or Pre-Med club, try going to an interview workshop to get individualized feedback from someone who has practice interviewing lots of people. Another option is to ask your boss (wherever you work) if they would be willing to run through a mock interview with you. I know this may not be possible everywhere but it was super helpful for me to get feedback from my boss because she has interviewed hundreds of people over the years. Even though she isn’t involved in anything medical there are certain things that can make or break any interview and it’s good to have someone point that out to you. I felt super prepared after doing this!

5. READ LOTS 📚: Stay informed about current issues, healthcare related and otherwise. You may be asked for your opinion on something and while you may not need to know exact details it’s a good idea to have a general sense of big events/issues happening in the world. Also if you’re interested in Medicine it’s a great idea to read some books about it! I personally loved the following Atul Gawande books: Being Mortal, Complications, Checklist Manifesto, and Better. Don’t forget to read whatever it is YOU find interesting, not just Medical stuff, it’s important to pursue other interests too. [ps. Following lots of Medblrs helped me to be aware of a lot of topics that may or may not have been discussed in my interviews]

6. THE OUTFIT 👔: Find something that makes you feel professional and awesome. Whether you are buying an outfit, borrowing clothes from a friend or wearing something you already own, make sure it fits and you are comfortable. My parents bought me my first suit for Christmas for me to wear to my interviews. I wore a black pencil skirt with a black blazer and a white blouse (it didn’t have a collar but it had a conservative neckline and a ruffle detail in the front), black heels and stud earrings. I looked kind of plain, but I felt professional and confident. I knew my personality would show through in my attitude not my clothes, however other people may want to wear something more stylish and that’s okay - but I’d advise staying on the more conservative side.

{The Interview}

1. ORGANIZATION ✔️: Make sure you’ve made appropriate travel arrangements so you can get to your interview early in the *least stressful* way possible. You may or may not want certain family members to be around you during that time and that’s okay. Do whatever is going to make you feel the most calm and confident.

2. MANAGE YOUR ENERGY 😴: Do your best to relax and get a good night’s sleep before (easier said than done - I know!!). Do a light work out the night before or the morning of- whatever you usually do! Schedule the day so you’re doing a tour of the school’s campus AFTER your interview if possible so you can just relax and won’t be tired for your interview. Eat a good breakfast and potentially bring a snack with you in your bag if you’re allowed to and you’re going to be there for a long day. I didn’t realize how long I would be without food for one of my interviews and I was SO HUNGRY and almost lightheaded by the time my interview got started because I didn’t realize we would have to sit through 2 hours of presentations beforehand. Thankfully I made it through the interview but I felt pretty weak and shaky after because I hadn’t eaten for hours.

3. OTHER APPLICANTS 😊: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and friendly everyone else was. It was actually a highlight of the whole interview experience to talk to the applicants and hear about their backgrounds. I met engineers, theatre majors, athletes, pharmacists, research prodigies, 30 year olds switching careers, applicants from small towns and big cities, people working on Masters, PhD’s and other undergraduate students with traditional and non traditional degrees. Everyone was great and it was cool to feel like we’re all in this together. I could totally see these people being my future friends and colleagues so it was great to chat, but obviously if people prefer to be quiet and focus on their interview that is okay too! Do what’s best for you, but be nice to people. [ps. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s accomplishments if they bring them up. The admissions committee wanted YOU to be there for a reason. Another person’s awesomeness doesn’t make you any less awesome]

4. THE INTERVIEW 🌻: Go in there with confidence knowing that you’ve made it so far in the application process. This is a big and exciting step and no matter what it’s a huge accomplishment just to be invited. The admissions committee wants you to be awesome, and you’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time so relax and try to enjoy it as much as possible! This is an exciting day!! You get to talk about Medicine and yourself and things you are passionate about! You get to meet other great applicants who could be your friends and colleagues one day! You get to meet current students and faculty at the school and learn about their experiences and ask questions!! Despite stress, nerves and anxiety YOU GET the chance to interview at a medical school!! This is awesome and exciting and I am proud of you!! ✨✨✨

mr-fujita  asked:

Hello! How are you? First thanks for following me. Well as you know, I'm a big fan of Mr. Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin. but I didn't forget the fact that there's other Saitou Hajime. Some people said to me that It would be nice to watch Hakuouki. And as you are a big fan of it I would like to ask you the major differences of both Saitou Hajimes ^^ Anyway I don't know if you watched RK. Even if you don't what kind of personality Saitou from Hakuouki has? Btw you have a nice tumblr! Love the Chibis

Thanks for such a great question!  (And for your welcome and for checking out my blog!)   😊  (I’m glad you like the chibis.)

I have watched several episodes of RK and enjoyed them.  I had planned to finish watching the whole series, but got busy with writing and life.  Periodically I sneak in another episode.  At least one friend on tumblr [that’s you @shell-senji ] was a RK fan, before getting into Hakuouki.  I know that she enjoyed (and still enjoys) both series a great deal.   🌸

Hakuouki (both the game and the anime) is quite faithful to the events of the fall of the shogunate.  This means that a lot of the Shinsengumi die.  However, Hakuouki has a supernatural element; surprisingly, this doesn’t upset the historical feel of the story as much as you would expect.  🌸

Saitou in Hakuouki is younger and possibly a little less hard/cold than Saitou in RK (he is known for being cold/expressionless, however).  He is a self-declared killer: that’s his job and he does his job with immense skill and near absolute loyalty to his commanding officers and the ideals of the Shinsengumi and the way of the bushi.  Despite what I first thought when I watched RK, there are notable similarities between the characters.  🌸

I’ve put the rest below the read line since it’s a bit long.

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anonymous asked:

Teach me to draw as beautiful as the way you draw please😩

short answer: practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

long answer: I’m not sure if you are a novice or have some kind of basic drawing skills but I’ll start at the beginning.

Books, tutorials, youtube videos and video lessons, live streams even progress shots are all terribly helpful. There’s still things I use that I learned from a comic colouring video I watched 15 years ago so nothing is ever wasted. Ctrl paint has some great material on general topics and more in detail stuff. CG Cookie has great free tutorials about specific subject matters like light, colour or rendering. Tim from CG Cookie also has a weekly twitch stream which you can always watch later. He discusses his own techniques as well as coping with certain artist problems and struggles.

As for drawing itself: try to start with a decent sketch. I learned that the hard way and it really pays off in the end. But the key thing of drawing is: draw what you see. Which sounds simple enough but might be a bit difficult to wrap your head around. You’re not drawing a face, nose, eye or mouth, you’re drawing shapes. Shapes made up from smaller shapes and so forth. They just happen to end up looking like a mouth or eye.
If you really simplify it you could compare it with one of those low poly drawings like this one:

It’s just a buch of triangles with different colour values, but you know it’s a face / eye/mouth. While drawing you kind of do the same but in a high poly version and you go as far with it as you like. Try to be patient, there’s no rush. I did a drawing tutorial once which explains this a bit more in detail.
If you have difficulties with colour at first, try drawing in greyscale. It takes away all the problems that come with colour and lets you focus on light and dark. You can always colour it in later.

Find some brushes that feel comfortable for you. I just use some standard PS round brush, others prefer a more chalky or softer one. Just because your fav artist draws with a certain brush preset means it is magic. It might totally not work for you. Build a standard brush set you can fall back on.

Don’t get discouraged. Out of 10 drawings you will probably make 9 which you feel don’t live up to its potential. That’s ok, because that’s how you learn. Try to find out what makes you feel that way. Is it the colours / rendering / maybe everything? Take that experience to the next drawing. You might mess up again but at least you tried. Then try again. You’ll get better with every drawing.

Don’t compare yourself to other artists. It isn’t helpful and totally paralyzing. Stop it. Now. You’ll get there, it just takes time.

I hope that was somewhat helpful because I am terrible at explaining things. D:

Now go forth and make some drawings! Good luck!

tl;dr practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

Sweet Relief

Pairing: Nurse!Sam x Nursing Student!Reader

Word Count:10,451 (I think I came unhinged, really. Don’t ask what happened. I’m not even sorry, though. Not one bit.)

Summary: For @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog Sam’s Sixty June Jobs Challenge! Reader is a Nursing Student and is doing her first Round of Clinicals and is lucky enough to shadow Sam.

Warnings: Mentions of death, injury, medical procedures, needles, and blood. Fluff. Slow burn. Smutty smut smut. Sir kink. 

A/N: ***PLEASE READ: I have worked in the medical field and in the ER for almost five years. Every patient situation here is taken from personal experience. There is mention of being able to find the lighter side to emergency situations. I don’t say this or bring it up to sound callous or anything, but working in the medical field is heavy enough as it is without learning how to build walls and find something good to focus on despite situations. If you are not okay with this viewpoint, please do not read any further. I promise it is not meant to diminish what patients and families go through in these devastating circumstances.*** All statistics, uniform colors, locations and places mentioned are accurate to the best of my ability. Code names are mentioned and are taken from my own hospital experience. 

PS: Title taken from the the song When The Right One Comes Along by Striking Matches. Listen HERE

Originally posted by awkwardsamw

Tuesday. 0450. Neat ponytail. Navy blue scrubs crisp, clean, and wrinkle free. School patch on the left shoulder emblazoned with the letters ‘JHUSON.’ Name pin on the left breast, right above the school logo. Stethoscope around the neck. Favorite pen in the right pocket.

Check, check, check, you thought, surveying yourself in the mirror as you went down the list of things required for your uniform.

It was the first day of your first Clinical Rotation. How you had managed to not only get into Johns Hopkins School of Nursing on the first try, but then to get your preferred choice of practice as your first clinical? Nothing short of a miracle. Glancing at your watch, 0455, you realized with a start that you had five minutes till you needed to leave.

Lunch, keys, phone, backpack with necessary books and study materials, lab coat, water bottle, and out the door, just to rush back in and grab a banana and granola bar for breakfast. 

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Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt

Chapter Title: Heavy breathing and some paintbrushes

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Lightwood x Clary Fray

Request: Shadowhunters, pairing of your choice and “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth” or “We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way” -> Second one will be featured in chapter two

Warnings: pffff just a lot of cuteness

A/N: Summery: I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth. This and paint. A lot of paint.

Heeello people of the Internet!
I’m back with a Shadowhunters Fanfiction. It’s about my favorite couple Jace and Clary because I HATE waiting for the next episode. Yes, I am a fan of the show. Even though I read the books! Shocker? Not really.Anyway, happy reading!Ps. This got out of hand. I planned something different but apparently Clace has a mind of their own plus excuse my rusty skills and potential mistakes, English is not my first language. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x)


Originally posted by go0dvibes-420

Clary knew she was lucky to call a room in the institute her own.  She lost track of the weeks she had woken in the ridiculously large and soft bed that was equipped with about 10 pillows Clary didn’t even need. The room had a dresser and even a balcony, so there wasn’t anything to complain about. Almost.  It just didn’t look like Clary’s room. Everything was way too organized, tidied up and the absence of drawings was scandalous.  So she had asked Alec whether it was alright for her to mix it up a little bit.
‘’If you have to.’’ Was all she got together with an eye roll.

That’s how she got herself into this mess. Clary was dressed into black leggings and a old shirt that was no longer white but splashed by seemingly dozens of colors.  Her hair was in a messy ponytail and her room looked like a color bomb exploded. Alec hadn’t said how far she was allowed to go, but she decided for herself that colored walls would make her feel much more…homely.  One of the walls had already been painted a bright red, Clary had let that dry and painted a rune over it. She didn’t know what it stood for but her thoughts quickly shifted to the wall facing her bed.
‘’What the hell are you doing?’’ ,called an amused voice from the door, startling her.
She turned around, facing Jace as he took in the mess that was her room.
‘’Well what does it look like?’’,she replied turning back trying to figure out what to do the next wall.
‘’Alec is going to kill you’’
Jace chuckled while carefully entering her room, trying to avoid any colors.
‘’ He told me it was okay, actually.’’ , Clary mumbled while placing her hands on her hips ., and idea forming in her head.
‘’He did? And what kind of rune is that supposed to be?’’, he asked with incredibility and pointed at the black rune on the red wall.
‘’I don’t know I just drew it.’’
Clary was way too focused on her next move for her to notice Jace’s frowning. After staring at it for a few seconds he shifted his attention back to Clary.
‘’So you didn’t like your room. Why didn’t you just change it to another?’’
Clary sighed and raised an eyebrow, turning back to Jace.
‘’It’s not like I don’t like it. It’s just…not me. And anyway, any room here looks like this one. ‘’
She eyed his outfit, secretly admiring how his T-Shirt fitted his muscular chest before handing him a paintbrush.
‘’If you’re gonna criticize me some more at least make yourself useful.’’
She smiled has he took the brush and carried the paint buckets a little farther away from the targeted wall.
‘’I gotta go change if your appearance is anything to go by.’’, he stated before rushing back to his room and coming back in some sweatpants.  Literally,  only sweatpants.
‘’That doesn’t bother you, does it?’’, Jace challenged Clary and eying her provocatively.
Well, crap. What did she get herself into?
‘’Why should it.’’

Jace wasn’t stupid. He knew about the effect he had on women. But really, he didn’t mean to irritate Clary in that way. He had noticed that she had been pretty tense the last few days since Simon didn’t answer her calls anymore. She worried. Then she found out  the werewolves were trying to find her and Alec had been giving her a hard time as well. Jace wasn’t supposed to care, but he did. He tried not to, by the angels, he really did. She was better off without the mundane anyway and they all were able to protect her from the werewolves. But most importantly, and that was pretty much the reason why he decided to do what he was doing, he cared about her. That little,sassy redhead got into his head, messed up his life and irritated his heart.  He might be feeling obligated to help her as a protector of the human world, but really, he wanted to help her.
So he decided they both could use some fun.

Clary lied. Oh god she lied. It did bother her. Jace was attractive, extremely attractive she might add. Seeing him in his shadowhunter gear did things to her stomach she wouldn’t label.
But seeing him shirtless, all the fading runes visible on his toned body did things to much lower regions.  
Clary coughed, realizing she just creepily stared at him burning back to face the wall.
‘’Alright..ahm..so I just don’t want it in one color. I want it sprinkled. ‘’
She looked at him trying to see if he understood.
‘’So basically, we’re gonna splash different kinds of colors on the wall, got it?’’
Jace nodded, grinning.
‘’I guess that’s what mundanes call modern art, right?’’
Clary snorted.
‘’Shadowhunters, too.  Try to hit the wall and not any furniture!’’
‘’I had target training since I was 1, Clary.’’, Jace stated cockily getting ready to do the first splash.
Clary went first , oddly fascinated with how the paint met the wall and slowly forming a pattern.
It didn’t take long until throwing paint turned into a competition of who created the best pattern.
‘’Mine is definitely the prettiest, look at that aestetic!’’ , Jace argued trying to convince the laughing Clary that his green paint was after all a snake with three heads.
‘’No way! ‘’ She stood right in front of the wall pointing at Jace’s ‘snake’ .
‘’How is this-Oh!’’

There was a whole minute of silence before Jace bursted out laughing.
He fucking threw paint at her.
‘’You did not, Jace Lightwood !’’
Clary had an eye closed, out of reflex because the paint had landed in her face.
‘’Now you are a fine piece of art !’’ Jace hold his stomach laughing , fully enjoying Clary’s shocked expression that slowly turned into a determined one.
‘’Don’t you ever challenge a Fray!’’
Jace blinked once and there was paint all over his naked torso.
A huge grin was forming on his lips, eying Clary like a lion would eye is prey.
‘’Remember, you asked for this!’’
He  dipped his hands in a bucket full of paint, chasing the screaming (but laughing Clary) through the room until he sneaked his hands around her hips, pressing them onto her stomach, painting her former white shirt even more colorful.
Clary struggled lightly against Jace’s hold, but really, she was way too indulged in the feeling of his hands pressed against her body.
‘’You say what?’’,Jace breathed into her ear, making her shiver.
‘’Don’t ever challenge a Fray!’’
Clary drew the paintbrush across his face ,snickering.
He let go of her rubbing his eyes.
‘’You’re such a pain in the ass, Clarissa !’’, he growled before pressing her against the freshly sprinkled wall. He hold her tight, watching her as she kept on laughing and supporting her hands on his chest.
He smiled softly, loving to see her so carefree.
It wasn’t until Clary had stopped laughing that both realized in what compromising position they were in.
She swallowed slightly, feeling his naked skin under her fingertips. Feeling his heartbeat.
Their eyes met.

Clary licked her lips involuntarily, causing Jace to press his lower body tighter against hers. Jace couldn’t focus on anything else but Clary’s lips. They looked so soft and perfect. He had imagined numerous times how she would taste. Fierce maybe, with a taste of vanillin and something that was so Clary.
He felt like he was able to hear her heart beating violently and he could have sworn that he just moaned.
Clary’s eyelids fluttered while she melted against his hard body. She was all soft and curves where he was hard and edgy.
She could feel his face coming closer.
‘’I’ve won.’’,he murmured with a lascivious smile looking at her like she was the finest piece of art the world had ever seen.
Clary didn’t even feel the need to disagree, if losing meant that Jace looked at her like that, she would gladly lose every time.
He put his right hand up, cradling her cheek and slightly touching her lips with his thumb.
Her breath caught in her throat, slightly opening her lips she could feel his hot breath against her lips.
He was so close.
So close.
‘’ Clary! We need you and Jace for…Oh.’’

Clary winced when she saw Isabelle bursting into her room because she was facing the door.
I will kill her. I will kill her.  She repeated in her head over and over again while studying Jace.
He closed his eyes, exhaling loudly before looking intensively into her eyes.
We’re not finished here , it said.
Jace then slowly  turned around.
‘’Yes, Isabelle?’’, he grumbled lowly.
‘’I –ah oh sorry. Well, that makes it easier though.’’ The perplexed expression on the pretty brunettes face changed into a smug one.
‘’We need you for a mission. You two. C’mon it requires a lot of planning!’’
She turned around, but stopped for a second to say:
‘’I like what you did here’’ before rushing out of the door.
Whether she meant her messy room or the almost lip-lock action that almost took place, Clary didn’t know.


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Sorry for the wait, so while I’m working on some extra angsty stuff (and the series…oops) have some HOLIDAY THEMED FLUFF featuring a muggleborn!reader. Warning: short 

Originally posted by tinascamanderr

(PS finding a good gif was a #struggle we need more movies for more gifs)

Today was a bit of a special day for both you and Newt. Not only would it be your first Christmas together, but your parents were finally going to come home and meet him, something that both excited and terrified you with each passing day.

You loved Newt with all your heart, and accepted (and cherished) all of his lovely quirks. However, to the public eye, they could come off a bit odd.

For example, while you found verbal communication to his creatures adorable, others found it rather unusual. Or how you found it sweet and loyal when he would spend hours locked away in his case tending to the Occamies, others found it antisocial and off putting.

You prayed your parents would see Newt as you do, but you had a feeling that wouldn’t be the case.

Especially given the fact they had never been exposed to anything magical since they sent you off to Hogwarts. Your muggle parents were both a blessing and a curse. Fiercely supportive, yet painfully ignorant.

So you’ve been busying yourself with decorating the house, desperately trying to keep your mind off the impending catastrophe in less than 48 hours.

You rose to your tippy toes, attempting to lasso the last bit of tinsel around the top of the Christmas tree, only to find you were far too short for such a task. You gave a huff of annoyance and fell back down to your heels.

“Newt, be a dear and help me with this, won’t you?” you turned to search for your boyfriend, but found where he was sitting recently, surprisingly vacant. You knit your eyebrows, stepping away from the half decorated tree.

“Newt?” you called again, this time hearing a painful clanging of pots from the kitchen in response.

Since when had Newt began to cook?

You waltzed out of the living room to inspect the noise, concern growing with each passing second.

Then, another loud crash made you flinch, and you broke into a jog.

“Are you having some trouble, love?” You smiled weakly as you approached the door, only to discover the absolute chaos displayed in the kitchen.

Pots and pans were sprawled out on the floor, the faucet was broken, spraying water everywhere, and everything was coated in a paste of four and a mystery brown substance.

You audibly gasped, catching a glimpse of your boyfriend, back turned to you and powdered head to toe in what seemed to be cake mix.

“Oh my goodness…”

At this, Newt whipped around, his wand in between his teeth (as he usually does in a sticky situation) with a squirming Niffler in his hands.

The wand fell from his mouth as his jaw dropped, reluctantly looking around at the mess he had made.

His eyes locked with yours again, as he began to stutter.

“I-I can explain” your face twisted into an odd expression, but not exactly of discomfort or anger.

To both of your surprise, you began to laugh. The kind that makes you double over and gasp for breath, and the one that brings tears to your eyes as you clutch your abdomen.

“You…look…r-ridiculous!” You manage to say between gasps.

Newt knit eyebrows, trying to decipher as to why you weren’t absolutely furious.

“Y-you’re not upset?” You shake your head and tip toe over to him, avoiding the dessert mix littered on the tile.

“You’re adorable, but you know you can just use this silly thing called your wand to make the cake” you scoop his sticky wand up off the floor.

“I was actually considering using magic, but since your parents are coming I felt it would be appropriate to do it the muggle way.” He took his wand from you, smiling and twiddling with the tip nervously.

“A-and the Niffler…I’m not so sure how he got out. But as you can see, from my inferior baking skills and this little rascal…things began to go downhill. I thought I could do it, but I’ve just ruined things haven’t I?”

You smile at the sincerity in his voice, then place your hands on his shoulders, staring at his nose and cheeks, suddenly pink from embarrassment.

You place a small kiss on his lips, which appropriately tasted of frosting, and he felt a smile begin to grow.

“You haven’t ruined a thing.”

“But what about the cake?” You shrugged, your hands lifting up to his face, cupping his cheeks.

“Eh, so it’ll taste a little store bought. That’s the REAL muggle way” you couldn’t fight the smile tugging onto your own lips, and he wrapped his arms around your waist, getting flour all over your blouse.

“I just wanted it to be perfect for you” you flick away the remaining cake mix stuck to his cheek, admiring how the sugar seemed to effortlessly powder his hair like a coat of snow.

You also admired how much he seemed to care for you, going to extremes just to make you happy, even if it was completely silly. While some would call it foolish, you found it incredibly romantic.

“It already is”

Favorite texts from aphtextsfromnordics

“did it hurt when you broke through the earth’s crust ascending from hell”

- Norway

“yer like an evil little Icelandic troll. That lives deep in the misty mountains. All alone. That comes out only to scare others and wreak havoc.”

- Sweden

“I have a fanfiction account its mr-fluffy bunny”

- Sweden

“how do you confess your love to someone without getting a restraining order”

- Sweden


- Sweden

“Yer the icelandic troll”

- Sweden

“your alien fairy godmother”

- Norway

“my alien fairy godmother told me”

- Sweden


- Finland

“Sweden, you have five minutes to go home and comfort a traumatized finn that is rambling about a divorced, xenophobic ghost in finnish”

- Norway

“geez what am I supposed to do about your unsatisfied tiny dick”

- Norway

“It’s THORSday, I’m LOKI to be alive :DDDDDD”

- Finland


- Norway

“it was love at first chair”

- Sweden

“do not question my ikeasexuality”

- Sweden

“Get in loser, we’re going to Ikea”

- Sweden

“we were flirting. i compared you to vacuum cleaners. i thought this was a sign of our relationship blossoming”

- Sweden

“so you wann a get hoRNy w me sweden? SWEERDEN ANSWER”

- drunk!Finland

“wow that is some kickass teletubby fighting skills”

- Norway

“open up to me like you opened your legs to the person who got you pregnant”

- Norway


- Norway

“surprise bitch. Bet u thought you’d seen the last of me”

- Sealand

“hello norway. such nor. much way.”

- Sealand

“such eyebrows. much ugly. very mean”

- Sealand


Dickmark Denmark

“if I throw a stick will u leave”

- Iceland


- Finland


- Norway

“so far I’m carrying a purse and pony dolls around the store getting weird looks from ppl. pLEASE tell me you need something reasonable”

- Denmark

“denmark is bragging about his boobs. Finland is freaking out and I can’t find iceland.”

- Sweden


- Dickmark Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark

“ps ur ugly”

- Finland

“get your party hat woot woot”

- Sweden


- Dickmark Denmark

“what is love baby don’t hurt me”

- Sweden

“When you see an angry Norwegian with magical powers running towards your windshield, you’ll panic a little”

- Iceland


- Hong Kong

“weaboos unite”

- Sweden

“fee fi fo fum. Here comes the swedish scum”

- Dickmark Denmark

“paint me like one of your french toast girls”

- Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark

“i told you no dating until you’re 50”

- Sweden

“what does it mean for one’s ovaries to explode”

- Sweden

“you people need to calm the fuck down”

- Japan

“dont put your peeing problems on me”

- Norway


- Norway

“omg poor grape!! D:”

- Finland

“I was going to think of a gay pun butt fuck it”

- Dickmark Denmark


- Iceland

“kajsvsjahkj macerna”

- Sweden

“yah evil turkey bastard”

- Sweden


- Norway


- Dickmark Denmark


- Sweden

“Way to hit your low point”

- Iceland


- Denmark

“I’m using your wand to unclog the toilet again”

- Dickmark Denmark

“Your skills are too suave for us suppress them”

- Norway

“what the hell I thought you were gay. you don’t belong in this group”

- Sweden

“fee fo fum bitch”

- Sweden

“prove your gay lord powers in battle then”

- Iceland

“If you’re asking about what shampoo I use for my eyebrows again, I’m not answering.”

- England


- Finland


- Sweden


- Denmark


- Iceland


- Iceland

“get in the ikea drawer if you want to live”

- Sweden


- Iceland

“weener what”

- Norway

“tally ho”

- Norway

“Dude if we let you join, Russia will come after us. He’d be like standing in our backyard at 2am with his pipe saying ‘where’s mah bitch’ ya followin me”

- Dickmark Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark


- Norway


- Iceland

“they do but I told them to fe fi fo fuck off”

- Sweden


- Finland

“your distressed sassiness is showing again”

- Iceland

“looks like santa had a little too much to drink ehehehehe”

- Norway

“and y'all call me the grinch of christmas”

- Iceland

“AHEM. I don’t sing. My vocal chords just make sounds that make it seem as if I were singing.”

- Sweden

“You have a pretty voice, Sve :3”

- Finland

“one point for papa woot woot”

- Sweden


- Norgay Dickmark Denbutt Denmark

“Spain’s got the booty pass it on”

- Iceland

“hot damn”

- Sweden


- Romano

“why is Denmark screaming and running into the bathroom with an extra pair of pants”

- Norway


- Norway

“A massager? oH NAW”

- Dickmark Denmark


- Dickmark Denmark

“can you feel the ikea tonight”

- Sweden


Ok so I collected a few pics from Harry’s instagram to make a few points about why I think the top pic is almost 100% Harry. I tried to choose images with a diverse range of subjects and light conditions to highlight key similarities. The final image (bottom right) is more than likely take with Harry’s phone with the same black and white filter, to highlight the differences (very possibly taken by Louis). With the final photo, I am making the assumption that harry very likely cropped and edited the photo, even if he didn’t take it. 

Harry has demonstrated a subtle and extended understanding of art, as well as an interest in photography. I don’t feel like what I am about to say is a stretch at all. 

The two things I want to draw your attention to are the use of compositional structures and guidelines, and the use of light in the photo. 

If you don’t know about compositional structures, the ones I am going to talk about are the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Most of you should know the rule of thirds - that’s the one the camera gridlines on your phone are based off. 

It’s seen in red lines below. The idea is that you compose your photos/artworks putting key visual information along these lines, making it easier for the viewer to read and understand, as well as making your work more interesting and engaging. 

The lines in grey are the golden ratio. Much more complex, and difficult, to do automatically. It takes a lot of practice to get right, and you can’t just use the gridlines in your phone to guide you. (PS. All of you should have the gridlines on your phone turned on; You’ll take WAYYY better pictures). 

Anywayyyyy, you’ll notice that all the photos above (except for the last one) make reference to either one or both of these composition frameworks. The one OF Harry, however, uses a cross composition. This is something less experienced photographers use, because they tend to put the thing that catches their eye in the centre of the image. Very experienced photographers use it as well, but generally for conceptual reasons (e.g. Mad Max Fury Road was shot almost entirely using cross composition - it adds a tension and extreme focus to the image for the viewer - but the DP and cinematographer on that movie both noted how difficult it was to go against their instinct to frame the shots using either Third or Ration rules). 

The other thing about compositional guidelines is that we all tend to have our own preferences for how we use them. These act as ‘tells’ in our work, a way to recognise the hand of the artist in the photographer. IMO all but the last of the above IG images show the same tells and tweaks to the composition as each other. 

Finally, pay attention to how H uses the light. His use of light to frame the image and the subject is a) fabulous and b) consistent across all of those images. There is some similarity in the final image but it is far less considered - this is why I think he edited the image, because he’s done what he can to fit it to his aesthetic. 

I won’t keep going on but for me there is a clear visual consistency between the first image and the others, beyond the use of the b&w filter, that convince me that Harry did indeed take this pic, and that he has some seriously impressive photography skills. 

Elevator Tunes (Slightly Mature)

Author’s note at the end xx

The dexterity if his hands made my whole body tremble.

Feeling his long, skilled fingers graze the sensitive skin exposed on my thigh, my mind instinctively began conjuring up the image of his fingers travelling elsewhere. I yearned his touch all over and even the slightest contact between us had me arching into his palm. He had me relinquishing control whenever I was with him, willingly, because it never seemed to fail in setting me off…

His thick lips, planted sloppy wet kisses slowly over my jaw, easily down my neck and it got harder for me to bite back my moans with each one. A sense of pure bliss washed over me entirely and numbed my senses, provoking my subjectiveness as a whole. My mind was slowly drifting away from reality thanks to him.

Momentarily, I forgot that we were in an elevator.

But upon realizing it, I then deemed it to be the most agonizingly slow elevator ride of my life. Justin could tell that I was growing impatient when I buried my face into his chest, so he held me. He pulled me closer to him by the waist and enveloped his muscular, inked arms around my hips. His erection was pressing thickly against my belly, and it amazed me to see him remain so calm. Meanwhile I was dying. As I leaned into him, I could feel his fingertips brush over my ass accidentally, but it made me cringe – cringe with desire.

Finally a ‘ding’.

Justin loosened an arm from me and entered the code that allowed us access to the penthouse. Then he guided me through, keeping his heated hands low on the curve of my back. Before we even made sure the door was shut, I found myself kissing him. He was fine with making me wait, but I was far too desperate to even mentally accept the idea.

Justin,” I moaned against his lips. He was being chaste, and it was pissing me off because we were both aware of the severity of my arousal even though he acted as though he didn’t care. I looked up slowly and nearly melted at the sight of his intense hazel eyes. Absentmindedly, I nervously began to chew on my lip.

His hand slid down and gripped a handful of my ass, and then I heard him groan. “God, baby, you’re so fucking hot.” He grunted rubbing his crotch against mine. I could have said the same about him, but I needed to release some sort of tension – not build more. “And you were so good for me tonight.” The gradual change in his tone got me pooling. This transition was, by far, my favorite of all the emotions Justin portrayed.

He was going from ‘loving boyfriend’ to ‘daddy’.

Pressing another wet kiss to my swollen lips, he led me to the bedroom. Only a sliver of moonlight illuminated our room and our unnecessarily oversized bed. “You’ve been such a good girl for daddy tonight, baby girl.” He whispered quietly whilst nibbling on my earlobe. “On the way home I was thinking of ways to reward you.” Dragging my false white nails over the lapels of his suit, I sucked my bottom lip in between my teeth and hummed. “You can ride daddy’s cock, if you want, baby girl. I’ll even let you sit on my face.”

The rawness of his words sent me over the edge, and practically a millisecond later, I attacked him. I flew into his arms and wrapped my legs around his torso, initiating a passionate kiss as I began to rip off his tux.

His tongue was the first thing down my throat, and it caught me off guard for a moment, but his tight grip kept me secure on his body. Soon, his tantalizing tattoos were exposed while his suit jacket and shirt – as torn as mangled as they were – ended up in a pile on the other side of the room. I ran my fingers through his dirty blonde hair and sucked on his tongue, moaning at the thought of it plunged into my soaking wet core.

Sitting on his face would be heaven.

He pulled harshly on the zipper of my bodycon dress and tugged it over my head. Lowering me back down to the ground, my hands found his belt buckle and his suit pants came off along with his briefs. My mouth watered once his erection sprang free and I even contemplated sucking him just for a little while. Justin’s size was intimidating and no matter how many times we had sex, I never got used to its largeness. Every once in awhile, I would doubt if it would even fit inside of me. But then I’d be carried back to the mind-shattering orgasms it’d bring me.

Sometimes I found myself wondering how I got so lucky to have him as my boyfriend.

“This new?” He hooked a finger under the strap of my black lace bralette and stroked himself softly. A soft moan followed by a nearly silent “fuck” escaped his lips once I nodded. He ran his fingers through my long, brown hair and snaked his fingers down my back to unclasp the bra. My tender breasts jutted out over the fabric and bounced freely once my bra hit the floor. Justin paused for a moment but then pulled down my underwear as well.

OkaY GUYS NOT EVEN GONNA LIE HERE: I GOT SO HOT WHILE WRITING THIS SO I HAD TO STOP FOR A MINUTE. If you guys like it and want me to write more, message me and I’ll finish it. But if not, I don’t wanna put myself through the heat. OmG I was just like “GOD I WANNAA SIT ON JUSTIN’S FACEEEEEEEEEE. LOL. Yeah bYe. 

PS Happy New Year, Everyone

Verde Reviews: Bad Apple Wars (PS VITA)

Spoiler-free Summary:

Characters: Fuck yeah. I loved ‘em all, even the ones I didn’t think I would. I also really loved the non-dateable characters.
Art: Grew on me. (Suou’s designs are a little gangly IMO, but in fairness, it adds to the ethereal ambience!)
Plot: Angel Beats but happier(?). If you’ve ever wished that the cast of Angel Beats could come back to life, this is the game for you.
Music: Like if Danganronpa and Persona made out. (I swear I heard Lotus Juice rapping in the background at one point…) OP by Nano, ED by Nishizawa Shiena. The ED in particular is powerful stuff, especially because it’s used as an in-universe song at one point for plot reasons.
Recommended Play Order: Satoru -> Shikishima -> Higa -> Aruma -> The Mask (lol)
Recommended Japanese Skill: N2-ish (where I am, basically, heh)

The rest of this review contains moderate to heavy spoilers as well as my own curse-laden emotional outbursts all throughout lmao. I’m not gonna go Hinano-level in-depth with all the events of every route, but I do wanna talk about the endings sooo… Proceed with caution… RATED A FOR ANGST

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