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Every time we get some tweets or pictures or whatever, I remember that quote from my favourite series, that EVERYTHING has a reason. It can be the most stupid one, like "because I wanted to", but nothing happens for no reason. And it applies especially to the music industry and issues such as Louis' case. There's always a reason why we see some old pictures, why there's no promo, why he doesn't or does tweet. Always. He's trapped.

I hope this is OK to publish? I have to assume this is about the tweets going around about the Miss You music video from actors and stalkers?

I agree. Both that, in general, we know what we’re meant to know—though how we are meant to interpret certain information, and how some may or may not interpret it, is another matter, no?—and that Louis is trapped in a very unfair and stressful situation, personally and professionally.

It’s taken as par of the course by many, it seems, but why is it just Louis’ projects that are “leaked” like this? That random Canadian radio DJ and that account that revealed lyrics and part of the single cover art for Back to You on Twitter? The stalkers and the beard at the shooting for an article in The Sun…
And now that actress and her ridiculous drama, this other actor tweeting about the project, and ‘fan’ reports from the shooting, as well.

As best you can see it as a way to create hype in the fandom. At worst… why like this? In a world in which Louis got fair treatment this would all be very different.

The timing of the release is far from ideal, already. And where is the relevant social media activity from his own accounts? Where is the cross-promotion with other artists? Where is the beneficial press about his music and him as an artist? Where is the industry buzz? Where is the build up toward single release? Especially necessary after he was made to disappear following the abrupt end of BTY promo.

JLY was smothered. Key103 LIVE, a non-televised, local radio event, wasn’t publicized and hardly acknowledged. The press there’s been has been about his fatherhood… How can he have just one performance announced to date!?

Where is the consistent, long term build up toward album release, and for career growth and raising and establishing his profile as an artist?

Instead he gets never ending stunts and increasingly blatant sabotage… Trapped sums it up, yes. :(

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Hi! I don't know if it's already been done but could I have UT Sans, US/ SF pap and UT grillby's reactions to an S/O that doesnt want kids, is terrified of pregnancy and feels guilty because of it? (people telling them that they're selfish,pressuring them etc)



Sans really isn’t all that fussed over having kids, anyway. Sure, they can be cute, but the man can barely look after a pet rock, barely look after himself for that matter, let alone another small, dependant living being. He’d never want to push that sort of responsibility onto solely you, either. But seeing the pressure put on you to be a parent, to have kids, does upset him. He reminds you that your body is your own to make choices with, and that anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is kidding themselves. Maybe you change your mind one day, but maybe you don’t, and that’s fine. He keeps an eye out for anyone giving you grief over having kids, and you find that less people interrogate you about it now you’ve brought it to Sans’ attention.


 While Grillby would love more kids, he understands. The pressure that mounts when people try to push you into big decisions like this can be too much, and it’s not something everyone has to do. He has Fuku, and he has you, and that’s all he ever needs and could ask for. He makes sure to take extra good care of you whenever you’re feeling guilty over it, making you your favourite foods and laying with you, keeping you company and uttering soft assurances. He loves you for being true to yourself, and there’s nothing selfish about that.



Stretch couldn’t imagine being a parent, he really doesn’t have that sort of energy. Knowing you don’t really want them either lessened some weight on his shoulders, but seeing the guilty look cross your face as you admitted such was what got him concerned. After explaining the pressure put over you to have kids, and how terrified you were of pregnancy, he pulled you into a hug and assured you that he would never put pressure like that on you. Anytime someone asks about when they’ll have kids from then on in, they’re met with firm assurances that it wasn’t on the agenda.



SF Papyrus - While Slim’s pretty neutral on having kids, he would never want to push that on you. He knows what pressure can feel like, and putting that on you the same way others have would feel wrong to him. He makes sure to tell you that you’ve done nothing wrong by not wanting kids, and that he loved you all the same. He’d become protective over you if anyone tried to push the idea of pregnancy on you, leering over at the perpetrators silently in a silent show of dominance, and a sign to back off.

Tony DiNozzo x Reader (2k drabbles)

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Pairing: Tony x Reader

Requested by: @ssabea (it won’t let me tag you :( sorry)

Prompt: 73. “I could punch you right now.” 89. “Enough with the sass!” (Tony)

Word Count: 212

This was probably the worst decision she’d made in a while. Y/N could have kicked herself for allowing Tony to come and keep her company while she was on leave for her injuries. If it hadn’t been for the enormous crush she harbored for him, she would have said ‘no’.

But, now here she was, stranded on her sofa and at the mercy of Tony’s cinematic choices and commentary.

“What’s the matter sunshine, no ready for another masterpiece?”

“I could punch you right now!” Y/N glared at him as he pulled from his own collection of movies totally negating her own personal favorites.

“Enough with the sass! I’m trying to provide you with well rounded film viewing experiences.” He insisted as he put the next DVD into the player.

“Oh my god! What you’re doing is annoying the hell out of me and if it weren’t for this now bum leg, I’d kick your ass!” She grumbled, lolling her head to rest on the back of the couch.

Tony just grinned and sat at the opposite end, just out of her reach, and started the movie. “You love me.”

She turned her head and threw him a glare, but what she really wanted was to agree. She did love him.

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I agree asking an idol to speak English bc you don’t understand Korean is like hella rude. like do yourselves both a favor and just learn Korean if you want to understand them? they aren’t entitled to do anything for you LOL. but I will admit it’s sweet and adorable when idols are excited to be learning English. it’s heartwarming like THANK YOU for wanting to learn my language 😭💖

Like okay, they are learning English just because of us, they don’t have to learn another language; if you constantly ask for any idol to speak English during their V-Live then just learn the Korean language.

Korean people express themselves better in Korean, no matter how fluent are they in another language; that’s the rule.

People always express themselves better in their own native language.

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Can I request a Barry Allen fluff?

(i totally did this for the justice league version barry lol)

“What are you doing?” Barry asks, turning his head to the side to watch you. You merely press your lips together as you turn your head slightly to the side to look at him, watching as he raises an eyebrow at you in curiosity.

“My lips are dry,” you explain and Barry merely furrows his eyebrows at you in confusion, like he somehow doesn’t understand your words and you laugh, opening your mouth to finally give him another reply. “I was applying chapstick.”

Within a matter of seconds, Barry’s begun to walk toward you, stopping only once when he’s finally standing in front of you. “Can I try some?” he asks, and his voice is tinged with the slightest hint of excitement, one you don’t fail to notice.

You merely laugh at his words in response, and you watch as Barry begins to reach over to the vanity table to grab your chapstick. But before he could even do so, you’ve already leaned your head forward, pressing your lips gently to his.

“There,” you say as you finally pull away, a small smile slowly making its way toward the corners of your lips as you speak. “You’ve got some chapstick on your lips now.”

Barry could only blink at you in response, still a little surprised about what has happened.


I made and downloaded a buncha animals last night… First picture up top… omg. So many cute animals out there and CREATIVE too!

I think this little dog is adorable, but the download had him named Widget Abomination! He’s no way an abomination! He’s a Widget and I think he’s great. He’s a bulldog mixed with another breed… it doesn’t matter, he’s adorable. 

A blank image and then the next four are my own. The pink dog’s name is Meg. Shiro aged up. The two cats are… I can’t remember and the half and half is named Twos. Black cat is Sylvester

Then the last picture… the kitten who’s staring into your soul. Judging you… I downloaded a cute floofy grey mottled kitten. It doesn’t look like this on the download, but both times I put it in game it came out like this. It’s acting normal and all that, I even tried to fix the skin in CAS… but nope. This kitty is determined to be the root of all darkness. I’m curious to see if it’ll stay that way as it ages.


franchise films carried by white actresses

franchise films carried by actresses of color….


not everyone
not y o u


I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)

shitty advice of a college student. (part two)

(read part one here.)

  • sit where you’ll pay attention. sometimes this doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in the very front; personally, I like to sit more in the middle. it gives me a good view of my professor and at the same time makes me feel a lot less self-conscious.
  • not sure about shit? talk to your professor. email your professor. clarify things and show that you’re a student who cares about more than just showing up.
  • get to class on time!!!
  • when you email professors always say THANK YOU for their time and help! remember that they’re not required to put in extra time to help you; but the good ones just do. make these people love you!!! a good relationship could turn your B+ into an A- at the end of the semester.
  • reaching out to both your classmates and your professor when you’re absent is your responsibility.
  • please eat. and drink water. everyday. I mean it.
  • being a good student means that you will have shitty days. a lot of them. sometimes things go wrong, or you have more work than you can handle, or you end up getting a C on a quiz you thought you studied your ass off for. that’s okay. life happens. shit happens. let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • once again: let yourself feel shitty sometimes.
  • unless you want to die, don’t cram for your exams!! plan ahead. study a little bit every day so that the information is retained and you don’t have to study as much the night before. the process works. planning ahead will actually make you work lesstrust me.
  • know that mistakes happen and life goes on. sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to change something. acknowledge that you’ve done everything you could, it was worth trying, and move on. mistakes happen so we can learn from them. 
  • be realistic with your daily to-do list. if you spent all night studying your ass off for that mid-term and you know that you won’t have the mental energy to get a whole list of things done the next day, then they can wait! pace yourself and get done as much as you are capable of doing in one sitting.
  • you don’t have to look gorg going to class but if putting together daily looks and getting ur face beat gives you that motivation to go to school than you go girl!!!!
  • it does not matter if another student your age seems like they have it all together; because chances are, they don’t. no one does. we are all struggling to get shit done. we all have our own journeys. it is not a competition. no path is more valuable than another.
  • stress doesn’t mean you’re entitled to being an asshole. the people in your life probably know that you have a lot on your plate. they’re trying to live their lives as hard as you are. don’t be a dick about it.

i took my brother (who stutters) to go watch IT and he forgot that Bill stutters but right when he heard it, he turned to look at me with a huge smile on his face

The million dollar question(s): How exactly did Kakashi react when he found Sakumo dead on the floor? Did he sit there in shock? Did he go get help? 

When did he finally let himself cry? Who let this child stay in the Hatake manor after Sakumo’s suicide?