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Iruma and Ouma both make me sad and amuse me because, especially in the 5th and 6th chapter, its clear that they were both some of the most useful characters, but ultimately didnt do as much as they could because they didnt trust everybody. how do you think things couldve gone if they both were more open and helping from the start?

I definitely understand how you feel, anon. Ouma and Miu are both extremely interesting in my opinion precisely because of how much they both contributed to the group despite the fact that neither of them is really a “team player.”

I would say it’s difficult to judge how things might have gone if they had actually been more open and trusting because—well, they’d be a pretty effective duo. The game might actually end way too soon and then there’d be very little room for most of the plot or conflict to develop, haha! Amami was a very similar case, for instance: if he’d actually stuck around for longer, he probably would’ve resolved several questions and brought several conflicts to an end drastically quicker than they resolved themselves in canon. But he was ultimately unable to do so, because his paranoia and inability to tell anyone else about his plan got him killed.

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How would be a relationship of a infp(girl) with a isfp(boy)

Strengths for infp (f) and isfp (m) relationship: devoted to each other, looking out for each others needs. Both are emotionally independent, and value alone time, which means neither of them would misunderstand the need to have this space. Both of them would be willing to be open to adventure. Excellent duo for caregiving (family etc). Likely that they would both share the same hobbies; traveling, crafting, humanitarian aid, aesthetics/arts, -with the exception of isfps possible sports interests, but Infp makes an excellent cheerleader.

Possible problems (and how to prevent them): infp may see isfp’s concern for external self care and desire for good physical self presentation or desire to be physically fit as vain/shallow. At first it what may draw Infp in, but over time it may become one of their main criticisms of isfp, especially if isfp is male.

Isfp may secretly also believe that Infp is lazy when it comes to presentation of self especially if Infp is a type 4. Both of them are likely to keep these little irritations inside until an argument breaks out, and it only then comes off as a severe criticism that attacks both isfp/infp sense of self (brutal). In order to avoid this, both of them need to instead see this difference as a personality difference, not as a weakness in the other person. It’s important for them to understand where they come from on infps unique and authentic style (it’s not lazy), and isfps manicured and well presented style (it’s not vain) by talking about why it’s important to them.

Infp needs to understand that isfp pursuits for the “norm” in life, typical jobs, typical desires, is no less authentic and valuable than infps “noble” pursuits.

Isfp needs to understand that infps possible cynical behavior isn’t depressive, and Infp needs to see that isfps optimism isn’t because they are naive. Both sides are needed in order for them to meet in the middle, which may be difficult but necessary and helps keep them both well-grounded.

Both of them may feel a small emptiness in regards to not being able to fill a “need” in each other due to emotional self-fulfillment, since both types enjoy feeling “needed” immensely.

Both types may feel conflicted if they both desire to be the emotionally dominant person (as in, both of them typically are the relationship leaders). This can be very beneficial since both of them will constantly be leading the other to growth and happiness.

Honestly it’s a great match as long as both of them are mature enough to see their differences as simply differences and not character flaws that need to be “fixed”.

Episode 6 got me thinking, with what Victor said to Yuri before the performance…

Victor is admitting Yuri’s own, personal charm. No need for Yuri to think of himself as katsudon, a fave dish of Victor, or as a woman, what guys usually go for. Yuri as himself is enough. He is enough to seduce Victor.

The interesting bit that got me riding higher on my Victuri high is that Victor said Yuri can envision it. Was it because of the numerous times Yuri did seduce his coach with previous performances? I think so.

Victor also did something with his finger on Yuri’s hand. Yuri hesitated a bit, methinks, which is why we got a long gap between Victor’s finger action and Yuri suddenly grasping Victor’s hand in a tight grip. Yuri got a boost of confidence from Victor’s actions and words, and might I add that the other Coach-Skater duos are nowhere near as affectionate as our Victuri, that’s why he was able to do the hand-grasping plus that forehead touching. Plus, Yuri practically dictates to Victor not to take Victor’s eyes away from him. It must have taken a lot for Yuri to do that when before Yuri shied away from Victor whenever the coach got too affectionate.

Our Yuri has come a long way since episode 2 where he frantically put distance between him and Victor. He was the one who initiated close contact with Victor this time, which says a lot about the progress of their relationship, and the development of Yuri.

Seeing them in episode 6, it just really makes my heart feel so fluffy. Victor is so good for Yuri. And I believe Yuri is good for Victor as well. I can’t really explain it well right now. Hopefully I will be able to do so as the anime progresses.

That’s all~



Sprouse also weighed in on why Jughead helps Betty out — and revealed what’s in it for him. “It’s because Betty has the journalistic resources from her parents and the background of her lineage and Jughead is an objective character on the outside very much of their school society and of their society at large,” he explained. “It gives him an interesting angle to approach writing about the town, writing about the students, writing about how people treat him and — by association — treat the rest of their classmates and the citizens of Riverdale.”

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Does She Have To Stay?

Summary: Could you do a one shot where the reader is Jace’s younger sister and she is like super flirty and outgoing, but when they all meet Clary she doesn’t like her at all?

Characters: Reader, Jace Wayland, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild, Simon Lewis, Raphael and the Vamp Squad

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1004

Request: Anon

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Since I am now day 3 into this sinus infection (feeling much better though, and thanks for the sweet well wishes), I have been tumbling around here, and other sites when some interesting thoughts hit my congested head!

It appears that “some people” are doing all they can to throw shade at all of the fun and positive things we are seeing from our dreamy duo. And don’t you really wonder why that is?? It made me think of a saying my Dad used to say to us growing up….“never believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see”. In my drug induced state…this made me a little mindful of what we “don’t” see. Take away ALL of the press, PR, OL, con, interviews, etc…and what do you have?? Well let’s count, shall we??

1-BTS pics from S2 with a very cozy S/C, complete with water bottles and *gasp* kissing!! Quick, get the spray gun!!

2-Last years GG’S with the arm around Cait, the intense gazing off camera, and let’s not forget…pizza in the room at 4am. Who knew??

3-2016 time travel gaps. Where do we begin?? Well, we know Cait was in Cannes, while a surly Sam stayed home. But, then came Wimbledon, while Sam was “off the grid”, only to learn later that he too was in London for the Barbour photo shoot. And let’s not forget the bonny Prince himself tweeting Sam to “enjoy the tennis”. We then had random pics if Cait’s “holiday ”…Ireland, Portugal, Italy… while Sam was being papped on the streets of NY, and even a “placed pic” in Montreal, then off the grid himself. My thought here….Sam did all that, only to join Cait on said holiday, and they spent the summer together. Just follow the “shoe” in the shadow!

4-Fast forward to filming time, and we get Cait’s birthday, and the traveling forehead. There is absolutely no way in hell that Sam was not there with her…..none, period, fini!!

5- Ahhh, the Bafta’s. Initially a little shocker, but probably the best thing to happen to us in a very long time, and why, you might ask??..that backstage shot of Sam and Cait. Case closed.

6- Christmas and New Years- We all saw pics, tweets and a host of innuendo, but my assessment?? Sam went to Amsterdam for the obligigatory narrative, had dinner with friends, and flew to LA to see Cait, and have the “fireside chat” meeting that sparked his January 4th IG post, and now here we are. ECCC video, PCA video, FB Q&A, and once again, cosy bts pics. And my freaking favorite?? T2 premier. Talk about getting jiggly with it?!? Sam and Cait OWNED that space for all the world to see!

I am sure that I have missed many other important events in between, but the point of my drivel is quite simple. We no longer need to “prove” they are together, in any capacity. IMO, they are co-workers, friends , lovers, and if I am really going down the rabbit hole, married as well. And the sheer joy and happiness they have exhibited for the past month tells me that they have been (under some freaky circumstances) and are now living their lives their way. The complete lack of response from Sam and Cait when “others” have tried to piss on the current love parade should be celebrated. If they can ignore and live it, then so should we.

So, let the SamCait flag fly! And everytime someone swerves into our lane with a “why”…our response should be why not? Just keep looking at what we don’t see. It is all there, and they are slowly raising the curtain! As @mama-tumblz so eloquently stated…these are desperate times for some, but not us!

Happy Thursday Tumblerinias! I am off to see if Cait is using Sam’s “pole” today! (I will NEVER get over that one from flocklander)!😘😍😂😂😂

When INFJ meets INTJ

INTJs are well-known masterminds. They see through people’s weak logic and attack it with their intelligence, making others feel completely incompetent.

INFJs are little-known masterminds. They analyze people’s personality and emotional weakness. INFJs see shallowness of people and carefully listen to their insecurity and worries. Now they know all your secrets.

What is interesting is when INFJ meets INTJ. INFJ will try to figure out emotional depth of INTJ. INTJ will try to measure INFJ’s intelligence.

Both usually fail because INTJs rarely reveal their emotion or personal concerns and most of the time already figured out all their problems. And INFJs, who usually seem peaceful, are extremely insightful and sharp when it comes to intellectual conversation. Plus, due to their introverted-intuitive nature, their interaction is very fast-paced and dense. While people around them try to understand what the hell they are talking about, they both conclude “This person is different”.

Then they become best sarcasm duo.

                                               DUO FANTASTIKO

友人 - Yūjin

The one who’s mere presence makes you feel ‘extra’ happy and comfortable. He/she let’s you be the way you are and never interested
in finding imperfection only .

Anyone want to hear a headcanon/theory about the 2016 LazyTown Live shows? No??? Too bad!

So in the live shows it starts off with these two air crew members flying the audience to lazytown

They’re really sweet and friendly, and wave goodbye once you arrive in LazyTown, but they reappear to dance with everyone at the ending!

So anyway, during the middle of the show, Robbie decides to get rid of all the sportscandy in town, so Sportacus is forced to eat his candy apple. However since there’s a lot of sportscandy, he hires two villains to help him get rid of them all.

These are who he hires, they call themselves simply Number One, and Number Two (The girl in orange being number one) and they’re basically if Bobby/Tobby/Flobby were only two people that were also mobsters

Now here’s what’s interesting! The Aircrew members and the villains for hire are played by the two same people!

So here’s my theory: These two are a chaotic neutral duo willing to play both sides and do any job as long as they get to dance

I’m nicknaming them Villains On Air

Shendak has so much potential tbh?? Give me evil boyfriends doing evil things for the good of the Galra Empire. Give me “every villain is a hero in his own mind” and shared briefings with Zarkon and sparing sessions that end in stalemates because Shiro and Sendak have grown unbelievably accustomed to their respective strengths and weaknesses. 

Don’t like the idea of an evil Shiro? Fine. Give me a Sendak that survived his deposition into space and a reunion that buds into common goals and interests. Give me a character redemption arc that transforms Sendak into a better version of himself or maybe a friendship between him and Shiro that turns into something more. 

Give me a Sendak who tirelessly maintains Shiro’s undercut while Shiro untangles the knots in Sendak’s fur. Give me a power duo that looks out for one another.

I guess I’m tired of the blatant dismissal and automatic accusations that come with Shendak like some sort of package deal. This pairing can be consensual and, dare I say, loving. I know what the canon entails, but I see no harm in weaving the characters in a way that portrays a relationship based on mutual understanding.

when you killed it in your own movie as love interests in focus

when your flawless chemistry from focus lands y’all the lead roles/duo as harley quinn and deadshot in suicide squad which ends up grossing over 700million dollars

when your second movie together, suicide squad, was so successful it lead to spin off movies for both y’all’s characters

Nominations for 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards

blink-182 are nominated in the categories:

  • Alternative Rock Song of the Year with their first single extracted from the group’s seventh album: “Bored to Death”
  • Alternative Rock Artist of the Year

Green Day are nominated in the category Rock Song of the Year with “Bang Bang”, the lead single from album Revolution Radio.

Twenty One Pilots are nominated in the categories:

  • song of the year with “Stressed Out”
  • Best Duo/Group of the Year
  • Alternative Rock Song of the Year with actually two songs: “Ride” and “Heathens”
  • Alternative Rock Artist of the Year
  • Best Lyrics, again ,with the song “Heathens”
  • “Heathens” is also nominated as Best Song from a Movie
  • “Heathens”, that apparently didn’t have enough nominations (lol), is nominated as Best Music Video
  • Best Fan Army

In the category Best Underground Alternative Band there are 4 really interesting nominations:

  • Pierce the Veil
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Tonight Alive

What are your hopes and expectations?