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A compilation of all the skater cameos in Yuri!!! on Ice:

These little shoutouts to the real figure skating world amused me greatly while watching the anime, so I’ve decided to mash them all into one post:

Yuzuru Hanyu - Sochi 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2014 World Champion, four time Grand Prix Final Champion (2013-16), two-time Four Continents silver medalist (2011, 2013), four time Japanese National Champion (2013-2016), current world record holder for highest short program, free skate, and combined score. 

Stephane Lambiel - two-time World Champion (2005–2006), the 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist, a two-time Grand Prix Champion (2005, 2007), and a nine-time Swiss national champion (2001–08, 2010).

Nobunari Oda -  2006 Four Continents Champion, a four-time Grand Prix Final medalist (silver in 2009 and 2010; bronze in 2006 and 2013), 2008 Japanese National Champion. Now works as a professional skater and TV commentator, and also specifically requested to appear on Yuri!!! on Ice (I’m still laughing, what a dork) 

Evgeni Plushenko - four-time Olympic Medalist (2006 gold, 2014 team gold, 2002 & 2010 silver), three time World Champion (2001, 2003, 2004), a seven-time European Champion (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012), a four-time Grand Prix Final Champion (1999–2000, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2004–05), and a ten-time Russian National Champion (1999–2002, 2004–2006, 2010, 2012–2013)

Florent Amodio - 2011 European Champion, a four-time French National champion (2010, 2013-2015), and the 2008 Junior Grand Prix Final champion

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 So, this is one of those random thoughts that haunts me as I try to fall asleep at night. IDK this amuses me greatly and also reminds me that damn I need to go to the dentist bc I haven’t been in a couple of years since grad school began guuuh. If the extra manga chapter “Brushing Up” is to be believed, is Saitama missing a tooth? Do you think he ever got his tooth replaced? 

So do you think that even when he was young and flexible Harry had difficulty doing that whole step-through-the-handcuffs-behind-your-back thing, because of his ridiculously long legs? Because I do. And it amuses me greatly.

I also like to think that was a training exercise for recruits, to get out of various restraints, and he damn near failed because of it.

Now imagine Eggsy finding this out.

And Eggsy being the cheeky type, he finds a way to get Harry back in those cuffs. And then he backs away, and he starts a slow striptease, touching himself, putting on one heck of a show.

“You want this? Get yourself out and come get it.”


I am not quite sure what you ask me to do Anons. Is it the question if i like the ship or do you ask me to analyze/hc

Basically that above is what i get every time i look at KageHina. They amuse me greatly. They’re dumb as fk. They even top Bokuto if you add both together (sorry babe, you’re not dumb <3 don’t worry). But they’re so lovable and compliment each other very well.

But i do not participate actively in that ship. Karasuno is somehow my least prioritized … school…team…harbor… port.. whatever. (°◡°;;;).:。

Costco Gothic

*headdesk* lol, guess where I spent the afternoon?

  • You arrive during prime shopping time. The parking lot is full, and competition is fierce. You follow a couple with a shopping cart to the outer reaches of the parking lot and lose the spot to another. You follow another, and another, and another. 
  • You walk inside. Everything has been rearranged. You no longer know where your desired items are. You walk around, looking for them. Somehow, your shopping cart fills with items anyway.
  • You search for the sale item you saw in your Costco handbook. It is not among the similar items. You search and search. The Item does not exist.
  • It is Christmas, and Costco is filled with holiday chocolates. You buy a few to gift to colleagues. You receive the same items in return. You cannot possibly eat all these chocolates.
  • It is summer. Giant tents loom above you as you shop. Their empty, gaping maws look hungry. 
  • You are lost among endless giant packaging. You turn the corner, and your view fills with even more endless giant packaging. It never ends.
  • You line up for a sample and snag one of the last ones. It tastes almost, but not quite, like food. You buy it anyway.
  • The prices at their food stand stay the same no matter what. Even as society is collapsing around our ears, the prices will. stay. the. same.
  • You line up to leave the store. The line moves, but you never get closer to the exit. 

copperbadge, you like these, right?

Shout out to you guys for making me laugh every time I check my activity. It looks like the middle dipper’s are fighting and dean is just not amused and fabulous as ever then there’s just adorkable dipper off the the side oblivious. There are so many of you with dipper pictures, it’s like the clone war all over again.     guardiancerberus gravityfaller7 oncielover1 thatmatoigirl

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Headcanon for Sonny shaving the reader's legs? (probably on a dare or a bet or something) I watched the buzzfeed vid where boyfriends shaved their girlfriends legs and i immediately thought of Sonny in the same situation and it greatly amused me xx

I know I should be writing some of the older requests, but this is too cute! Also, need to kill some time while i wait to hear back from beta readers.

-First of all, Sonny wouldn’t need a bet or a dare to shave your legs.

-All you’d have to do is ask. He likes taking care of you.

-Well, he might need some gentle nudging on occasion. Like, if he wants to get frisky. 

-On those occasions you tell him that he can shave your legs for you or go without. And he obliges.

-But for the most part, he doesn’t mind doing it. He also finds it incredibly intimate.

-That said, the man is clumsy and tends to flail a lot with his limbs.

-Yet somehow, you never end up with more than a couple of nicks on your legs.

-When he’s done shaving you and all the hair and lather has been rinsed off, he makes sure to but bandages on any wounds he caused, often giving them a little kiss on top of the band-aid.

-Although he sometimes will also put lotion on your legs for you, he much prefers to watch you do it. There’s just something so graceful about the way you do it and he’s mesmerized every time.

-He then insists on you wearing booty shorts and draping your legs across him while you watch Netflix on the couch that evening and he can’t keep his hands off of your legs. He’ll run his hands across them all evening, appreciating the silky smooth texture.

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idk i just pictured u as femmey even tho u could prob crush a melon just by flexing so ur like.....a ballerina bc they're real graceful and femmey but they're super buff and have Muscles Of Steel

Bahahahahaa I have absolutely zero grace unless I’m on the basketball court, so like ballerina hellllll no, but I get what you’re saying and it makes sense!!! Dudes at my gym are actually really sweet, but also always deeply confused because at the gym I’m always in hella low-cut, hella tight, hella femmey workout gear but like I lift so much and they’re like what…. is… happening? It amuses me greatly ;)