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Eurus Holmes is an era-defining genius…beyond Newton.

When John was visiting his “new” therapist, he stated, Molly Hooper was the only person who could really see through Sherlock’s “bullshit”.  Eurus heard this loud and clear.

Eurus knew Molly would make Sherlock say “I love you” first.  She knew this woman would be the one to put her brother on the back foot in a very, very big way.   

Eurus essentially took all of Sherlock’s power away in front of Molly Hooper.  She empowered Molly over the man she loves by putting that situation in front of her.  There was no bomb, never was.  It was all about Sherlock, yes…but it was all about how powerless he really is in front of Molly.  Emotional context.

Molly Hooper is not weak, she is a lion.  Her love is not weak, it is unbreakable.  Her love is not meaningless, it means everything.  Sherlock’s love is not meaningless either, it means everything.  Eurus proved it.  That was The Final Problem.  

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I just saw your art by accident, and I'm so happy I did! It's so precious and beautiful! I love your art style and I could stare at it for hours! Keep up the good work~!

Awww thank you! I wish I could say I’m keeping it up but today I meant to do some decent drawing and ended up with nothing and a tiny dood of bakugou and hamsters… for no reason other than I was thinking about how cute hamsters are… with no particular reason for it too.

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hello! i was wonderin.... how do u figure out whether a breeder's good or not? whether they're legit, humane, etc?

my experience is mostly with cats, but maybe @noodle-dragon can weigh in (if she has time)? from what I know, a good breeder:

- finds competent homes for all animals they produce. if the homes can no longer support the animal, the policy should be that the animal is returned to the breeder

- is willing to provide advice throughout the animal’s life

- is knowledgable about breed-specific health problems, and actively tries to improve the breed by producing healthy, well-adjusted animals (ex. could mean testing for specific defects, or considering the COI - Coefficient of Inbreeding - of pairings to keep their animals genetically diverse)

- is educated on all aspects of genetics and behaviour that relate to breeding & caring for their animals

- puts energy into socializing their animals before sending them to new homes

- maintains the hygiene of their animals’ environment

an example of a lovely breeder is PracticalCats Cattery, who have a brilliant essay here on how their cats are kept healthy!

Having just finished that masterpiece of a first season, I think the thing I love most about A Series of Unfortunate Events (besides the stunning, brutal honesty) is the fact that it so perfectly nails the concept of doing good anyway, even when everything sucks, even when the people who should be in charge and may have good intentions totally fail you, even when your enemies are all around you and you’re terrified, even when you have no one to tell you that what you’re doing is the right thing and the world is tragic and confusing and it doesn’t feel like you’ll ever win.

that’s what always hits me about everything about VFD as a thing – you have an organization that’s falling to pieces, that’s breaking into factions, that’s crumbled in some places and warped into something wicked, but is still full of people who are so outmatched and keep doing good anyway, keep trying, keep being noble and sacrificial even when it doesn’t look like they’ll make it. Where some people might just see a series of unfortunate events with no happy ending, I want to cry forever because I’m seeing the neverending courage and optimism and goodness of human beings; our incredible ability to keep going and keep fighting. Because isn’t that the entire history of the entire human race? There are useless people, people who do nothing, cowardly people, dead people, downright evil people. But there are also Uncle Montys and the Baudelaire parents and Kit Snickets of the world, the people who keep going. (and they don’t always make it. but that’s okay. it’s not about them, in the end, it’s about something more.) 

This is a story about human courage and goodness at its very core and it’s so, so important. 


I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.

New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg

A Very Serious Post Proving That R.J. McLaughlin and C.L. Neal III Were Married In The YouTube Red Series Buddy System (Part I)

The show supposedly starts off innocently enough. Rhett convinces Link that because he’s “tucked”, he can now climb ‘the pole’. What audiences don’t know is that this pole is Rhett’s penis, which due to its sheer size Link only feels up to climbing when he’s feeling particularly brave. When Link describes - in exaltation - what he’s seeing on top of the pole, it’s narrative symbolism for the act of orgasm. This is very obvious to any individual who has studied Filmmaking.

The plot moves forward when, after a vigorous round of sex and a Deep and Meaningful where Rhett talks about Space Camp (which Rhett feels comfortable telling Link only during the haze of orgasm), they decide to get some Boba. They meet an old friend who mistakes post-coital haze for drugs, and then congratulates both of them on 20+ years of marriage and a successful business. 

In the second episode, it is revealed that Link didn’t want to climb Rhett’s pole in the previous episode not because he was feeling intimidated by its size, but because he was upset at Rhett for not being a gentleman and opening the door for him. Rhett isn’t sorry because he got sex anyway, so Link makes him sorry by describing his encounter with a bathrobed man. Rhett is Shook by the revelation that Link was talking to another man, and asks Link to describe the entire encounter using Roleplay (a household favourite). He is horrified to realise Marsonius asked Link about his soft part and his loins, and that Link was receptive to the man’s advances, going as far as to follow him on twitter. Despite (or because of this) jealousy, Rhett und Link have another round of Satisfying Sex. In this scene orgasm is symbolised by Rhett opening his mouth and directing a beam of light into Link’s mouth. This symbolism is VERY obviously sexual. 

Rhett also tries to get Link to wear his shirt, which is incredibly revealing, and then worries about his husband’s health. Link finds the place where Rhett secretly works out in order to impress Link with his muscles. Rhett insists it’s all natural McLaughlin through a song. Link is not convinced.

(This episode also briefly references another  post-sex discussion they had - the changing of the door’s code - which Link cannot remember due to the fact he had been coming down from a Good Round of Sex. Another sign that the two are married in this narrative.)

Analysis to be continued in a second paper.


McLaughlin, R.J. & Neal, C.L. III 2016, YouTube Red, ‘Buddy System’, viewed October 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_zrHZdhaBU&list=PLJ49NV73ttruI9rFSL0xrqHzZjJmdH219

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