but this is almost identical just with more smiling!

Happy Birthday Yuri!!

I had written a long thing for Yuri last night but Tumblr kindly deleted it so… a shorter version :-)

Yuri stepped out of the car and stared at the ice rink in front of him. It had been a long time since he had been here, not really having much time to go with Nikolai, their two year old son, and his modelling career. Plus there was the fact that their seven year old daughter, Ekaterina but they called her Katya for short, was terrified of the ice after an incident when she was three.

She slipped and fell really hard that day, even though Yuri and Otabek had a tight grip on her hands. When she had tried getting up she somehow sliced her hand open and, well, that sort of thing sticks with you when you’re three.

But now the entire Altin family was in front of Yuri’s old home rink and he looked over at his husband, confused.

“Are we skating?” He asked, blonde eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

A small smile twitched on Otabek’s lips and he took hold of Katya’s hand as she hopped excitedly out of the car.

“You’ll see.” Was all the dark haired man said and marched forward with Katya in tow, both of her hands clenched around Otabek’s. There was a spring in her step and her long, curly waves of hair bounced with her.

“Beka.” Yuri whined and hoisted Nikolai on to his hip before rushing after him. The two year old was getting heavy, too heavy to pick up but Yuri would revel in the fact that his son was small for as long as he could.

“Yura.” Otabek teased and Yuri just narrowed green eyes at him, hip-checking him when he got close enough. Otabek let out a hearty laugh and opened the door to usher everybody inside.

“Daddy you have to wait out her with Nikolai!” Katya announced as she skipped towards the doors that led to the actual ice. Otabek followed. Yuri pouted.


“It’s a surprise!” She threw her hands up and then disappeared behind the doors.

“Otabek-” But Otabek just winked at him before following their daughter. Usually, Yuri wasn’t one to obey but his daughter’s wrath was a lot scarier than Yakov’s had ever been so he plopped down on one of the benches with Nikolai in his lap. 

“At least you’re still nice to me.” He said and tickled Nikolai’s tummy.

Nikolai laughed, one of the purest sounds Yuri had ever heard and leaned back to look at him. His eyes were almost identical to Otabek’s, with a few specks of green here and there that came from Yuri. He was all smiles, which Yuri had no idea where that came from. He still couldn’t talk much yet, but he could say Daddy, Papa and Katya (more like “Kaya”) and that’s all that mattered.

Yuri couldn’t help but smile back and kiss his forehead, pushing his mop of dirty blonde hair from his eyes. Yuri hated the fact that his hair was going to get darker as he grew older and he fully blamed Otabek.

Yuri waited a few more moment and just as he was getting impatient, he got a text from Otabek saying he could come in.

“Thank God.” Yuri mumbled and stood up, placing Nikolai on the ground so he could walk. Yuri kept a tight grip on him, knowing he would run if he got the chance.

When Yuri entered the rink he immediately stopped, seeing Katya in the middle of the ice, holding tightly to Otabek’s hands. Otabek was smiling down fondly at her, as he always looked at his children like this. 

“Otabek, what…?” Yuri came closer to the edge and sat Nikolai on the ridge, small legs dangling over the ice.

“Surprise, daddy!” Katya said. Yuri could hear the tremble in her voice and knew she was being brave to him. It brought tears to his eyes, honestly.

“We made this for you.” Otabek told him with a soft smile that was alway there, creasing his brown and the lines besides his lips. He pressed play on the remote and an original song blared form the speakers. Otabek and Katya began to move. It may have been a little bit stiff and awkward on Katya’s part but she looked beautiful none the less.

Yuri held one arm tight around Nikolai while his other hand covered his lips, watching them do wide figure eights out on the ice. They went slow to make sure Katya didn’t fall and hurt herself again. But she had a shaky smile on her lips and she was doing amazingly despite this being her second time on the ice.

Otabek watched him lift her effortlessly, her forty-five pounds seemingly nothing to him. Katya’s squeal of delight echoed through the rink and Yuri couldn’t help but laugh with her. The song was only about a minute long but it felt like forever. Yuri was overwhelmed with emotions as he watched father and daughter skate together, something he had only dreamed about since Katya’s accident.

Then it was over and Katya was eager to get off the ice. Otabek skated her over to the rubber part and she immediately plopped down, tugging off the skates and being sure to not tocuh the blade. Then she jumped up and clung to Yuri.

“Happy birthday daddy!” She smiled at him, one front tooth gone, the other halfway grown in. Yuri was ugly crying but he didn’t care, kneeling down to hug his daughter tight.

“Thank you, thank you.” He sniffed and kissed her forehead before standing up, wrapping his arms tight around Otabek, who was still standing in his skates.

“Did you write that?” Yuri asked.

Otabek smiled softly. “Why do you think I’ve been staying late at the school every day?”

“You told me you were giving extra credit.” Yuri shoved him and Otabek laughed, pulling Yuri into a kiss.

“I love you.” Otabek whispered. “Happy birthday Yura.”

Yuri just smiled and brought him closer, crying happily into his shoulder while Nikolai and Katya tugged on their shirts for attention.

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puppies and a pop star;

summary: you’re worried sick when your boyfriend, jungkook, is late coming home from recording, and even more worried when he walks in covered in bruises and holding a puppy that you definitely haven’t seen before.

relationship: jeon jungkook/reader.

genre: fluff.

words: 1.1k

warnings: none!

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

“And where the hell have you been?”

Jungkook thinks, in hindsight, that this was probably how sneaking a puppy into your home was gonna go.

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Not A Bad Day (grayson/reader)

requested by anon

basically your friends are assholes and you meet a cute boy who makes you feel better (yall know how i am w summaries shh)

a/n- this was a lil rushed so i apologize

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Divine Intervention

Chuck Shurley x Reader 

Originally posted by thedeductionmistress

A/N: Just a little idea I came up with when I actually had some motivation, hope you enjoy. If there’s anything in particular you wanna see, feel free to request something!

Warnings: a tiny bit of angst? (barely) and a little implied smut. 

Word count: 995

Divine Intervention;

“Are you alright?” he asked, taking the seat next to you.

Your eyes watched him and you shrugged, still feeling bitter about his betrayal.

“You’re God, shouldn’t you know,” you muttered, jaw clenched.

Chuck sighed and gently placed his hand on your shoulder. His presence, not as God but as Chuck, was warm and pleasant, just as it had always been, but things were different now. You were different. He was different.

Looking into his eyes, you tried to see the man you’d known before, in the heat of the apocalypse. The man who had cowered away from people and drank too much. The man that had written you as the most beautiful woman in the world and then stuttered in your presence. The same man that begged you not to help Sam and Dean fight Lucifer.

But all you could see were the eyes of God.

You shrugged his hand from your shoulder and stood, the knowledge of why his betrayal hurt you so much was giving you a headache, the need to run was overwhelming and so you would.

A hand gripped your wrist as you stood and already your resolve was slipping away.

“I was never just Chuck,” he said simply, pulling you back towards your seat.

He looked at you, and waited for your response.

Your shoulders slumped and you fell back into your chair.

“I just don’t understand. What was the point of it all?”

Chuck knew what you were referring to. He slid his hand into yours and tangled your fingers together.

“I can’t explain any of it, no answer I can give you will be what you want to hear.”

You scoffed and pulled your hand from his, standing and storming from the room. Part of you expected him to appear in front of you but he didn’t and so you kept going until you reached your destination. Your room.

The tears came so unexpectedly and all the weight on your shoulders finally hit you and you crawled onto your bed and wept until exhaustion took over your body and you fell to sleep.

You don’t know how long you slept, not even bothering to look at the clock when you finally rolled out of bed. You briefly wondered if the boys had left the bunker for their latest hunt. You opened your bedroom door, ready to find the brother’s when a body slammed past you onto the ground in front of your legs.

Chuck looked up at you with a fond smile. “Just like old times huh?”

Your memory flickered back to that spot of time just after his relationship with Becky. He’d waited outside your hotel room, in the cold, all night in hopes of talking to you and in the morning had slammed onto the ground at your feet, apologetic and tired as hell.

“You seemed a little more human last time,” you muttered coldly.

Chuck’s smile faded and he sighed, standing.

“(Y/N) I’m sorry, but the only thing that’s changed between us is that you know who I really am now, that’s it,” he told you gently, almost pleading you to see his point.

You bit your lip and realised he was right, but it almost seemed like he didn’t understand just how much his identity changed things.

“I know you think it changes things between us, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t. At least, it doesn’t change me or the way I feel about you,” he looked away sheepishly and it was such a Chuck thing to do that you found yourself almost amused.

“I’m still Chuck. Your Chuck. I’m still the same man that sits around in his pyjamas and blushes when he tells you that you look pretty,” he explained.

“Which you do, by the way,” he added, and true to his word, a slight blush covered his cheeks.

“You’re still the most beautiful woman in the world to me and even after I disappeared, nothing changed. I still worried about you, still missed you.”

You found yourself staring at him in wonder. You were shocked, he was rambling, like he used to do, but it was the words themselves that truly changed things for you.

“Still ruined your dates on purpose, sometimes if they were just awful but mostly because I didn’t want anyone to touch you but me,” he continued.

“My dates?!”

“Call it divine intervention… oh, you look mad, are you mad?” he rambled, looking slightly more nervous than you thought God could look, but that only solidified things for you.

This was Chuck. Your Chuck.

Before either of you realised what was happening, you’d placed your hands on his collar and tugged him forward, kissing him with all you had.

Your kisses were frantic and desperate and for a moment you wondered if you were the only one feeling relief at being infused so intimately again, but Chuck’s groan and the tightening of his hands on your hips confirmed he felt it too.

“Man, c’mon. We leave you for a few hours and you’re all over each other,” a loud voice complained from the hallway.

One of your hands tangled in Chuck’s hair and something seemed different. Dean’s complaints had faded and your back was flat against soft sheets.

You pulled away panting to look at your surroundings. A average size bedroom with all the necessities and sunlight streaming through an open window.

“Where are we?” you asked, still breathless, turning your gaze back to Chuck whose eyes had glazed over with want and something you desperately wanted to label as love.

“A cottage in the French countryside, there’s a lake and a forest, I designed this a long time ago for us,” he muttered, his thumb grazing over your cheeks.

“I have so many questions,” you whispered smiling up at him.

He kissed your lips and then continued to trail kisses down your neck, his slight beard scratching deliciously at your skin.

“That can wait.” 

Azure Blue

Words: 8711

Genre: Fluff, So much damn cuteness (you could die), Adventure, Fairy!Au

Read the sequel here

Notes: Gif. This was supposes to be a lot shorter and somehow it became 8k…Whelp, here’s my early birthday present to Chim~                     

Fluttering your wings, the wind blows against your face, slipping through the strands of your hair and tinting your cheeks pink. For one slight moment, you forget about your sickness until a certain someone screams your name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Your heart accelerates and you try to fly away faster and faster.

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I Love You : SHS

Words: 1.4K

Genera: Fluff

Anon: Hey I really like your writings and if youre not too busy Id like you to write a wonho imagine for me😊 Idea: You and wonho are on a really cute date like at the beach or something and you confess your love but he doesn’t say anything back because he’s not sure of how he feels. He then realizes that he does love you (you can decide when he realized this it could be after a few days or any thing) then he goes to your house in the middle of the night and confesses everything or something like that

A/N: y/f/n = your full name


You woke up around noon, tossing and turning in your bed before grabbing your phone from the night table. Your mouth curved into a smile uncontrollably once you saw your boyfriend’s text.

‘Would you be my beauty and watch Beauty and the Beast with me (;‘ 

You giggled at his cheesiness as you typed your reply.

'I’d love to :)’ you texted back and shut your phone, getting up to wash up.

You jumped back on your bed, grabbing your phone to check if there was a reply.

'I’ll pick you up at eight’ You read. You hugged your phone to your chest, throwing yourself back and smiling like an idiot at the ceiling.

You got up quickly and went through your clothes for a decent outfit. After finally figuring out what to wear, you had nothing to do.

You laid on your bed, going through your camera roll that was filled with pictures of you and Hoseok.

“Who’s your favorite person?” He asked in the video that you saved off your Snapchat, squeezing your cheeks.

“Shin Hotheok” you replied and he let go of your cheeks before quickly kissing your forehead.

You smiled so big when the video ended and kept looking at pictures and watching videos you’ve taken.

And suddenly it struck you.

You missed him. You worried about him. You took care of him. You were and will always be ready to take a bullet for him. He made you laugh like no one else have. He made you feel a way that you were never familiar with.

“Is this..love?” You asked yourself.


“Y/n!” Your mom called from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” You yelled, quickly applying your lipstick. You grabbed your purse and ran down the stairs.

“You kept the poor guy waiting” your mom pouted and you smiled shyly at Hoseok.

“I’ll see you later, mother” he smiled brightly at your mom and she nodded, smiling bigger.

“Have fun” she said as Hoseok wrapped an arm around your waist.

He opened the door for you and you got in. He jogged around the car to his seat.

“This feels like our first date” you laughed lightly as he started the car and drove away.

“Today’s our first anniversary” he smiled.

“So I thought why not recreate our first date” he laughed and you smiled at him.

“It’s almost identical” you smiled slightly, looking out the car window.

Hoseok parked his car in between many others on a huge field. Just when he got out of the car and opened up the trunk, placing pillows and blankets and food around it you realized it’s an open cinema.

“I thought this would make it even more special” he smiled at you as you walked to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He wrapped his strong arms around you tightly, kissing the top of your head.

“Let’s get in!” You told him excitedly.

Soon enough, you were both wrapped in a blanket, your arms around Hoseok’s waist as his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

You watched the movie silently, glancing at each other every now and then.

At a point, you spaced out. You thought of everything you’ve been through with Hoseok. You looked up at him and smiled admiringly.

“Hoseok” you called, only loud enough for him to hear you over the movie.


You sat up and turned so you were facing him leaning towards him slightly.

“No! No! Please don’t leave me!” Belle cried through the speakers. Your eyes melted into Hoseok’s.

“I love you” you told him in sync with Belle.

He kept staring into your eyes deeply. You didn’t know what to expect. He leaned in slowly and kissed you.

“Would you give me some time?” He whispered and your heart fell.

“Sure! I totally understand” you smiled nervously, sitting upright.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m crazy about you” he told you quietly, stroking your hand.

“It’s just that I’m not sure-”

“It’s really okay, Hoseok” you told him, hoping he won’t understand you as if you were mad at him. He just nodded, squeezing your hand slightly.

After the film and your sudden confession, Hoseok dropped you home. You went inside after what seemed like an eternity of hugging.

You dragged yourself up to your room and threw yourself on your bed. You screamed into your pillow then sat up.

“Was it too soon?” You asked yourself.

“Was it too sudden?”

“Does he even like me?”

Hoseok finally got home after driving around the city aimlessly. He bumped into his table once he got in and winced.

“Ah!” He groaned, punching the light switch, lighting up his apartment.

He huffed, running a hand through his hair as he sat down on the couch in the living room.

He shut his eyes and threw his head back, thinking deeply of what you told him.

“Do I really love you?” He whispered.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door and his head shot up.

“Who’s there?” He asked as he got up and walked to the door.

“Open up!” Hyungwon whined. Hoseok frowned and opened up the door to a drenched Hyungwon.

“What’s wrong?! Why are you drenched?!” He asked and Hyungwon just walked past him sitting at the dinning table.

“I don’t know what to do any more” he said, resting his head on his hands.

“What’s wrong” Hoseok asked him again, sitting adjacent to him.

“I love her! I waited in the pouring rain for hours so she could reject my feelings!” He broke down and Hoseok frowned at him.

“You..love her? You know that’s a big feeling”

“I know! But she probably doesn’t! I miss her and think about her every second of my day! Even if she’s in the least pain it breaks my heart. And her smile drives me crazy! I’m ready to die for her!” He ranted and Hoseok felt something click in his heart.



“I have to go somewhere. Right now” he said, getting up and grabbing his coat.

“It’s one in the morning, where are you going at this hour?!”

“Home” Hoseok told him before quickly leaving his apartment, leaving a confused and heartbroken Hyungwon behind.

He raced to your neighborhood and once he got to your house he ran out of his car to your window.

You weren’t asleep yet, thanks to your thoughts, when you suddenly heard taps on your window. You looked at your window in horror.

“Who’d be throwing rocks at my window at one am?” You whispered to yourself.

You froze in your place and quickly dialed your personal emergency center.


“Meet me under your window. Now” he cut you off before hanging up.

You frowned in confusion at your phone then stood up, walking slowly to your window and looking out to see Hoseok looking up at you. Your face lit up and you got out of your room, trying to walk as quietly as possible to not wake your parents and siblings.

“What are you doing here at this hou-”

“I love you, y/n” he cut you off once again.

Your heart stopped for a second before it came back strong. It started beating crazily and your eyes widened at your boyfriend.

“You don’t have to be pressured” you told him quietly.

“No, no! I’m seriously in love with you! How come I just realized this?!” He told you, holding your face in his hands.

“Hoseok” you whispered as your eyes started to tear up.

He grabbed you closer and kissed you deeply. A kiss you’ve never had before.

“Y/f/n, I’m madly, deeply, crazy in love with you”

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You Left Me (dad!Sherlock x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: Mild drug use

Summary/Prompt: After the death of Sherlock’s wife, fifteen years ago, Sherlock can’t cope with a newborn daughter.

Word count: 1963

Anon asked: Hi I was wondering if I could request an imagine wherein reader is Sherlock’d daughter. Sherlock’s love interest died because of Moriarty and Sherlock’s too broken to take care of his daughter that John and Mary became her parents. Ending is the reader had the deduction skills and deducted that Sherlock is her biological father??? If it’s not too much to ask. Thank you! Xx

Part 2?

Request here!

*fifteen years ago, 3rd person POV*

The scene inside 221B Baker Street at that time could only have been described as catastrophic. A tall, thin, curly haired man, tear tracks running down his face, with a needle in his arm. And a baby girl, barely a year old, screaming blue murder, alone in her crib.

Sherlock had let his guard down, for once, tried to create a family, and this is where it had gotten him. Alone, in his flat, injecting deadly substances directly into his bloodstream until the world around him started swimming and darkening, and the baby in the crib grew weak and tired from hours of fruitless screaming.

Sherlock was woken rather abruptly by a firm slap across the face, and shocked into consciousness, he shot up from his horizontal position.

“John? What’s going on?” he mumbled, pressing a cool palm to his stinging face.

“Hours, Sherlock.” John hissed, red in the face with anger. “She was alone in there for hours. Y/N is not even a year old, you can’t just leave her there like that!”

Sherlock became dimly aware of Mary, stood by the door, with Y/N on her hip, a look of fury gracing her features.

“We’re taking her.” said John firmly.

“What?” asked Sherlock with furrowed brows.

“You’re neglecting your daughter through your own sorrow, Sherlock.” said Mary. “But you have to remember, that just as you have lost a wife, she has lost a mother. And it’s not fair on her.”

With that, John and Mary left. No more words were exchanged that day, at 221B Baker Street. Y/N never went back.

*fifteen years later, present day, Y/N’s POV*

“Mary, I’m going out!” you called, shrugging on your coat which was hanging by the front door.

“Wait a sec!” Mary yelled in reply, and you sighed, tapping your fingers impatiently as she came down the hallway towards you.

“All of my homework is completed, and I ate an apple about ten minutes ago.” you assured her, before she’d even opened her mouth.

“An apple is not a meal, Y/N.”

“John said I had to eat ‘something’, he never specified a full meal.” you insisted.

“Okay, okay.” she sighed, shaking her head. “And your homework? You can’t have done it all.”

“Basic, basic priciples Mary, you should know that by now. It took me an average of six minutes and forty-three seconds for each subject.”

“You’re a smart arse, you know that, don’t you?” she smiled, wrapping her arms around you and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Be safe, and don’t be home too late.”

“I’ll be back by eleven.” you assured her, hugging back breifly. “Bye!”

With that, you were out in the cold, crisp, London air, and you breathed it in, exhilarated by the noise and the smells, the quiver of the city itself. London was your turf, you knew every alleyway and shortcut, all stored away in a huge mental map. Exploring was your way of clearing your head, deducing random strangers as you passed, telling yourself their life story, walking down sketchy side streets and narrow alleyways, avoiding those who would recognise you, from school or otherwise.

It was often on these walks that your mind wandered to your biological parents. Had you wanted to know their identities you could have done - ten minutes on the internet would have given you that answer - but you’d never felt the need. John and Mary had raised you almost from birth, and in your opinion, that made them the only parents you’d ever need.

Soon, a shouting snapped you out of your thoughts, and you quickly registered your surroundings. Baker Street, central London. And it was John’s voice that had broken you from your thoughts, you were sure of it.

“Sherlock? It’s bloody freezing out here, will you come and unlock the door please?!”

As you rounded the corner, you saw John, looking up into the open window of one of the flats. Approaching silently, you began to hear music drifting from the window, an exquisitely played violin piece.

“It’s beautiful.” you whispered once you were right behind John, and he almost jumped out of his skin.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. What the bloody hell are you doing here?” he asked, a badly disguised urgent look in his eyes.

“Life advice, John: never become an actor. You’re shit at it.” you quipped. “Now hush, I’m listening.”

John made to open his mouth again, but you quelled him with a single look, and he fell silent. The music drifting from the window reached its crescendo, and you allowed the soft, dulcet tones to wrap around you, as if warming you from head to toes. Once the piece had finished, there was a moment of silence, before you heard the bolt on the door being slid back, though the door itself remained closed.

“Who were you shouting to up there, a second ago?” you asked John.

His eyes searched your face for a moment, before he sighed heavily, rubbing his forhead, muttering something about how Mary was going to kill him for this.

“What’s going on?” you asked, brows furrowed. “Your pulse rate has quickened and your palms are sweaty. Your hair is slightly scruffy, but superficially so - you were running your hands through it as I was distracted by the music. Simply put, you’re nervous, and suffering from internal conflict. What is happening?”

After a long, hard stare at you, he finally spoke, though quietly, and with a slight waver to his voice.

“Y/N, there’s someone in this flat whom I would like you to meet. He’s a very close friend of mine, and there’s no doubt you’ll find him… Interesting to deduce.”

Without waiting for an answer from you, he stepped quickly towards the door and pushed it open. He knew without checking that you’d follow.

The hallway into which you stepped was dimly lit, but had a homely feel to it. Walking closely behind John, you ascended a set of stairs, until you came to the door of an upstairs flat, which was open. John strode in as if he owned the place, revealing to you a tall man, with curly, brown hair, holding a violin.

“I’ve brought someone to meet you Sherlock.” said John, the waver still present in his voice. “I’m going to go down to say hello to Mrs Hudson… Y/N, if you need me, just shout. I’ll hear you.”

You nodded, barely registering what was said to you until the door clicked shut behind you, and you were left alone with this stranger.

“Bach.” you said suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Excuse me?” asked the man, without turning to face you.

“Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonata number two. In A minor, I believe. It was beautifully played.”

The man spun on his heel to face you, and your eyes flickered over his form, cementing ideas forming in your head. He placed the violin onto the desk, and held out a hand for you to shake.

“Sherlock Holmes.” he said. “And you are?”

“Y/N Watson.” you replied. “Although, and correct me if I’m wrong, would it be more factually accurate to say Y/N Holmes?”

Sherlock’s expression remained unflinching, until he sighed, very slightly and almost inaudibly.

“Indeed it would.” he agreed. “Care to tell me how you came to that conclusion?”

“Well, for starters there’s physical appearance - the frankly unmanageable curls, the uniquely coloured eyes and the bloody cheekbones. Not to mention the slim physique and practically identical body shape.” you said, raising an eyebrow in defiance.

“That could just be coincidence.” he replied.

“The universe is rarely so lazy.” you shot back.

“But there’s more, I know there is.” he insisted, the corner of his mouth twitching as if a smile was tempting. “Please, do continue.”

“Posture,” you said, “the way you hold yourself. You weren’t raised in a privileged household where those sorts of characteristics were valued, that’s clear to see from your appalling lack of taste in internal decoration and the size of the flat you’re living in, not to mention the fact that you had to share with a roommate for a number of years. No, maintaining posture comes naturally to you, as it does with me, for no particular reason other than it just feels right.”

“Good, very good. Anything else?”

“Your entire flat is baby proofed, in such a way that shows you care, or cared, deeply for a child. But there are no signs of a child living in this house, no pictures or drawings, no toys. Anyone who was that sentimentally attached to the child would at least have a picture of them in their flat, which tells me that a baby was living here, but that circumstances changed very quickly. You’ve been plagued with guilt ever since, and instead of completely forget about it, you’d keep the flat baby safe, convincing yourself that one day they would come back, and that everything would be okay.”

You finished your speech with a choked voice, failing to detach yourself from the situation. Sherlock seemed to be holding back tears - his blinking rate had increased slightly - and you reached forward tentatively to place a hand on his arm. He tensed slightly at first, but then relaxed, closing his eyes breifly.

“You’re so like me, but you have her way with people.” Sherlock smiled faintly. “She could do that as well, your mother. Just one touch and you’d feel okay again.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and breathed deeply.

“And where is she? My… Mother?” you asked.

“Dead.” he replied eventually. “Barely four months after you were born.”


“She was kidnapped by someone called James Moriarty. It took me three days to find her, but I was too late. She was already dead.”

“That’s why you gave me up.” you whispered. “You let Mary and John take me because you were heartbroken.”

There was a moment of silence as the hand still resting on his arm slid down to his wrist, turning it over to reveal distinctive scarring patterns.

“And the drugs?” you asked, biting your lip.

“Clean for three years.” he replied.

There was silence once again in the flat, before you sighed slightly.

“I don’t know what’s meant to happen now… You left me.” you said quietly. “You left me when I needed you the most, and you never came back to get me. John and Mary are my parents, and that’s all I’ve even known.”

“I’ve never forgiven myself for that.” he retaliated. “Every single day that I went without you, having to see John every single day and knowing that he was raising my daughter. It killed me, Y/N.”

A sob escaped your lips, and Sherlock’s heart wrenched, a feeling he hadn’t experienced since he saw the body of the woman he loved, lying dead, fifteen years ago. Without knowing what overcame either of you, he opened his arms and you fell into them, sobbing your heart out, tears flowing down your face. He stroked your hair as you held onto him, a feeling of belonging so strong that it made you feel weak.

“Whatever you want, it’s up to you, Y/N. But I’m never going to let you go again.” whispered Sherlock.

Yuanfen - Part 3

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1902

Warnings - None

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (yaunfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ This part is a little slow and a bit shorter and god knows that I didn’t edit it, but I’m trying to set the scene for the series. Either way, I really hope you guys like it.

Yuanfen Masterlist

You watched droplets of water slide from your hair onto the carpet in the hallway, turning the color from light to dark with each drip. It wasn’t long before tears joined the mix, instantly making you feel drained.

Your apartment; the place you laid your head for the past two years, your sanctuary, was destroyed. It was the only place you spent your time and felt completely comfortable. Now, standing in the chilly hall, the reality of losing that was beginning to set in.

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Kit x Zoe

This was not how the spell was supposed to go. Then again, she should have expected something to go wrong. That was just Zoe’s luck, wasn’t it? Cordelia was teaching her how to use a spell that would let her travel back in time one day. The spell itself was experimental, and really should only have been attempted by the supreme herself. Yet Zoe felt the need to prove herself, and wanted to try it out on her own.

But she didn’t end up going back a day.

Zoe ended up in 1962

Except she didn’t realize that right away. At first she had no idea what to do. All she had with her was what was on her body. Her black dress flowed behind her as she walked for what felt like hours. Soon enough the sun set and the air turned chilly. She needed to find a place to rest, or at least figure out where exactly she was. Eventually she came across an old styled gas station.

She walked towards it, peering in through the dusty glass. It didn’t seem like anyone was around, but she might be able to break in if she tried. She stood up on top of a paint can, pressing her hands against the glass as she moved her face forward, trying to see inside more clearly.

“Can I help you, doll?”

The voice with a Boston accent startled her and Zoe stumbled off of the paint can. Before she fell, she felt a pair of strong arms around her. “Woah there, I didn’t mean to scare ya.” The young man in the greaser suit chuckled softly as he helped her stand back up. She stood and straightened out her dress before looking up at him.

“You coming from a funeral or somethin’?” He gave her a funny look

“No, I’m just lost.” Zoe replied, taking a step back from the stranger. His light brown hair seemed to shine in the moonlight, and he wore the same smug grin Kyle made the first night they met at the frat party. His dimples were almost identical to Kyle’s.

“Well, I’m sure I can help.” He flashed another smile in her direction.

“This might sound crazy, but what year is it?”

“It’s 1962,” He answered her, looking at her skeptically. “I’m Kit by the way. Kit Walker.” He introduced himself, though his accent made it sound more like ‘Kit Walka’.

Zoe’s eyes widened in surprise as she realized how far into the past she had gone. The problem? She didn’t know the spell to go forward in time. Meaning, she was stuck in 1962. Everything seemed to come crashing down on her in that moment. Her chest tightened at the thought of never seeing Kyle again. She was mainly concerned about his wellbeing. There were days that it seemed like she was the only one who knew how to take care of him, or more importantly, knew how to calm him down during one of his fits. The last time she died, he killed Madison in a fit of rage. How would he react this time? Well, Zoe would never know.

Noticing the way Zoe seemed to panic, Kit frowned a took a step forward. “Hey, you alright?”

“I’m… fine.” Zoe lied and took a step back from him, though the expression of her face showed that she was clearly panicked.

“You don’t look too fine. Why don’t ya come inside, I’ll get you something to eat.” Kit offered to her

And that’s how it all started, with that invitation inside.


That invitation inside led to her crashing on his couch, which led to her explaining her story to him, which led to her temporarily moving in with him. Kit didn’t quite believe her when she said she was a witch, however his opinion changed very quickly once she proved it by teleporting around his house.

Kit felt bad for Zoe. He couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be torn away from your friends and family, and time period for that matter. Kit ended up letting Zoe get a job alongside him at the station. It wasn’t usual for a woman to work that sort of job, but Kit figured a futuristic woman like her could handle changing an oil tank. Plus, he liked to spend time with her.

After a year of living together, her and Kit had grown closer together. He reminded Zoe a lot of Kyle before he died. The Kyle she met at the frat party. They had the same goofy smile and lame flirting techniques. It was until a year of living with him that Zoe realized she was falling for him.

Kit couldn’t deny it either, he was really starting to grow fond of Zoe. Her powers fascinated him, her stubbornness made him laugh, her smile was enough to light up his whole day. It was too late now. Kit Walker was falling for Zoe Benson.


On April 27th, 1963, Kit Walker asked Zoe Benson out on a real date.

“You know, I’ve been thinking.” Kit began as he wiped oil off his forehead with a rag. “Maybe we could grab a burger after today’s shift.”

Zoe finished taking the tire off a car with her powers, letting it levitate up. “Yeah sure,” She nodded her head. “Who’s turn is it to pay?”

“No, no, I don’t mean like that…” He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair. “I wanna… I wanna take ya on a date, Zoey.”

The tire crashed onto the floor in surprise. “Oh.” Zoe replied, unsure of what else to say.

“I just… I thought it’d be nice. You’re a real nice girl, Zoe, and pretty as a picture. I really like ya.”

Zoe turned around and stepped over to him, smiling a bit. “Kit, I really like you too, but it’s not gonna work out.”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t tell you about all of my powers, Kit…” Zoe looked down, tucking a piece of stray hair behind her ear. “I can’t… be, with people.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Zoey.”

“I can’t have sex. I have a killer vagina.”

“ …What?”

“When I found out I was a witch, it was because I accidentally killed my boyfriend. Whenever I have sex with someone, they die.”

“Oh.” Kit said, more surprised than anything. When he thought about what Zoe might say if she rejected him, he never imagined something like this. Then again, she was a witch after all. There were lots of unexpected things with her. He was quiet for a moment before he took a step forward, taking a hold of her hands. “Zoey, I don’t care about that, I care about you. I… I love you.”

Hearing those words made her heart swell up. Kyle was the first person to ever say that to her. She could still remember it. The way he looked at her, the way he struggled to get out the words, the love she felt for him. She was always going to love Kyle… but it was highly unlikely that she was ever going to see him again, nevermind be with him. And Kit… oh, Kit. He was the first friend she made in this time period, the first person to help her. As time passed, she grew closer to him. He reminded her of Kyle, but he was different too. He was funny, and charming, and always wore that stupid smirk. He was kind, and hardworking, and cooked her breakfast every morning. Zoe couldn’t deny the love she had for him anymore.

“Kit…” Zoe looked up at him. “I love you too.”

He didn’t hesitate to move forward and close the space between them, pressing his lips to hers. She instantly closed her eyes and kissed back, her arms snaking around his neck as he pulled her closer to him.


“Kit!” Zoe shouted as the police all arrived at their house. The two had been together for almost a year, and Kit was even thinking about proposing. Things between them had seemed so perfect. But of course, not everything can stay perfect forever.

“He’s innocent! Kit isn’t a killer!”

Kit was being pulled away in chains as angry people shouted “Murderer!” or “Lady killer!” or “Bloody Face!”. Zoe couldn’t believe this was happening. Kit, her Kit, was not a murderer. This had to be some sort of misunderstanding. She pushed through the crowd, managing to reach Kit before he was thrown inside of the car.

“Zoey get back inside!” Kit looked up at her

“No, I’m not letting them take you!” Zoe shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.

“You have to. It’s okay–I’ll be okay. I promise.” He pressed his lips to hers before the police pulled him away. “I love you!”

Before Zoe could even say it back, the car doors shut and Kit Walker was on his way to Briarcliff.


Several months later, Zoe sat in their living room with a glass of water. It was hard to live without Kit, but she was managing. Without Kit, Zoe lost her job at the garage. Something about it being ‘wrong’ for a woman to do that type of work.

At some point she considered breaking Kit out of Briarcliff, but knew it was helpless. Even if they got out, where would they go? Instead, she put her focus into finding out who the real Bloody Face was to clear Kit’s name.

Since then she was unemployed, but found money other ways. Her magic proved to be very useful. Some days she could simply ask people to give her money and they would be compelled to do so. She still had money, and she still had a place to live, but she didn’t have Kit. There was no pain worse than loneliness.

Her glass nearly fell out of her hand when there was a knock at the door. She reluctantly got up and walked over, opening it. You can imagine her surprise when she saw Kit standing there. “Kit?”

He moved forward and wrapped his arms around her, swinging her around happily. “They caught ‘im, the real bloody face. It was Dr. Thredson–I’m a free man.”

Zoe hugged onto him tightly, burying her face in the crook of his neck. Tears of joy filled her eyes as she hugged onto him even tighter.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry, Zoe.” Kit brushed her tears away with his thumb. “I’m right here, baby.”

“I was so scared,” She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

“I’m here now, everything is gonna be okay.” He pulled back from the hug slightly, soothing her hair back.

“What happened to you in there? I tried to visit, but they wouldn’t me in.”

“I’ll explain everything, but I have to do something first. Zoey, if these past months taught me anything, it’s that I love you. I love you so so much, and I never wanna spend another day without you.” He let go of her and took a step back, reaching into his pocket.

“What are you doing?”

He kneeled down on one knee, taking out a ring that was made out of wire. “I know it’s not much, or anything at all. I made it from a hanger in Briarcliff, but I promise I’ll buy ya a real one.” He said with his usual smug grin. “Zoe Benson, will you marry me?”

“Kit…” Zoe took the grin, chuckling softly as she look at the piece of wire. “I love it.”

“Sooo, is that a yes?”

“Of course it’s a yes!”

Kit instantly stood up and wrapped his arms around Zoe again, spinning her around. She laughed with delight before his lips met hers. They two held onto each other happily, refusing to let each other go. They were separated for far too long, but they were back together now. And they were ready spend the rest of their lives together.

“I love you, Zoe Benson.”

“I love you too, Kit Walker.”


Author’s Note: Sooo this turned out to be about 2.3K words for the first part alone … I do want your guys’ input at the end. I think this can be a really cool series! 

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Duty of Heart

Theme: Royalty
Rating: M


“Are you daft?” The question is asked in a harsh tone, one that Stiles is used to hearing from his father or his instructors, not a random stranger. “What were you thinking, hanging about in the rain like that?”

A small cloth is thrown at his chest while the man storms around the shop, continuing to mutter under his breath about how stupid Stiles must be. When he turns back with a glare, Stiles almost shrinks away from the anger in the man’s eyes. “Were you trying to catch your death?”

Stiles watches him bustle around for a drawn out moment, trying to gather his bearings. He had been minding his own business, enjoying the way that the cool summer rain felt on his skin, when he had been yanked inside the blacksmith shop against his will. If anyone has a right to be angry, it’s him. But the man is acting as if Stiles brutally insulted him. Finally he asks, “Why do you care so much anyway? It was just a little rain, no harm in that.”

He knows that he’s said something wrong when he sees the way that the man reacts. His body freezes, becoming ridged for a moment before he turns around. Where he had been angry and concerned since he pulled Stiles in off of the street, now he regarded him with a completely blank expression. The change has Stiles reeling back. “You’re right.” All emotion has bled from his voice, leaving it a toneless, monotonous drawl. “I shouldn’t have interrupted your fun.” The last word is spat in his direction.

Stiles tried to backtrack. “No, no. I’m sorry. You were kind enough to look out for a random stranger, and I’ve repaid your concern by questioning that. My apologies.”

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Of Lions and Pronouns

Of all the subjects taught at Hogwarts, gender identity isn’t one of them.  It didn’t come easily, but he eventually found his way.  And he never could have done it without Phil.  Hufflepuff!Phil and Gryffindor!Dan
Phan Hogwarts!AU with trans!Dan, much fluff, such AU, wow, 4.5k~ish
Warnings: body image/dysphoria,anxiety?? 

When Danielle was born, her name went on the list for attending Hogwarts.  She came from a pureblood family, so it wasn’t a surprise.  She had bright chocolate brown eyes, a few wisps of brown hair, and remarkably beautiful eyelashes for a newborn.

When Danielle was four, she accidentally did magic for the first time.  Of course it wouldn’t have been anything simple like making a book fly across the room.  No, Danielle set the peach tree in the backyard on fire.  Her parents simply smiled and put it out easily.  She would someday be a powerful witch.

When Danielle was nine, she was already pretty adept with magic, but preferred to read in her room.  Well, she didn’t prefer reading in her room, but it was better than the alternative: trying to socialize with the neighborhood children.  There were a few other wizarding children in the village where the Howell family resided, but Danielle didn’t get along with any of them.  The boys teased her for wanting to do “boy things” and she never quite understood what all the “girl things” were about.  So she kept to herself.

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1-800-Soulmates part 2

Originally posted by powerofironhoran

An: Alright, Here’s that two you guys have been asking for :D …sorry it took a while. oh, and I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be doing a second part to all of the marvel soulmate fics I posted before.

Dodging a blast Tony turned just in time to send a shot after the bad guy in question before flying off to take down more.

He let off two shots causing two of the me to fall, bringing down a third one in the process.  Watching just long enough to see this Tony made a beeline for a walkway crowded with more armed men. “Jarvis, how many have we got?”

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The Agent » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Daredevil + Marvel

Words: 1081

Summary: You’re an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you’re sent to Hell’s Kitchen to help out. 

A/N: I plan on releasing a lot of new reader inserts soon! c: 

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Mileven at the Snow Ball (Big Fic)

By Strangerthingsaus

(disclaimer: I never write stories, I know nothing about how to do this, please forgive me)

Mike looked at his watch to see 5:34pm on the screen. He was sitting at home on the couch, his knee jumping up and down quickly from nerves. This was it, the night he hoped for and dreamed of for months. His suit felt like it was suffocating him as his nerves kept growing the more the minutes went by. He looked over to see his father on his La-Z-boy passed out with the newspaper on his chest. That’s all his dad ever seemed to do lately, just sleep and ignore all that had happened to the boys and especially El. He looked back down at his watch, 5:37pm. Three minutes left.

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Blind Marinette AU Drabble

Her fingers dance across bolts of fabric, pausing when she feels something that tickles her skin delectably. She glides her hand to find the loose ends and pulls just enough out so she can grasp the delicate fabric with both hands and let it flutter against her arms.

¨Adrien, what do you think of this?¨

¨The color is hideous.¨

Marinette giggles. ¨I should have just brought Alya.¨

¨Hey! I cleared my schedule today to help you out!¨ He pinches her arm and she tries to swat his hand away. ¨Plus you never told me what you’re working on.¨

¨Alya found a dress she really liked at a boutique but they didn’t have her size. I’m gonna see if I can replicate it.¨

He hums and rubs the fabric between his fingers. ¨It´s a little sheer.¨

¨I´ll put in a lining. What color do you think I should get?¨ She asks.

He scans the bolts of fabric that line the wall and spots a shade of purple he´s seen Alya in before. The roll is just out of reach, and his Chat tendencies urge him to climb the wall and pull down the fabric himself. Rather than make a fool of himself, he scouts the area for an employee. ¨There’s a nice purple higher up, I´ll have to get a worker to help us out.¨

¨I´ll wait here.¨

They get the fabric for the dress and the lining loaded into the cart. Her cane taps along the floor as she runs her hand along the stretch knits and polyesters, a grin etched on her face. He loves watching her in her element. His father had once taken him to the company’s fabric warehouse, but Adrien had found the trip to be rather boring. Gabriel Agreste judged the the fabric as coldly and critically as he regarded people. But Marinette was pure joy in a fabric store, there’s so much for her to play with, she could lose herself if she didn’t limit herself to one project.

¨How come you’ve never made something for me?¨ Adrien asks and she halts. An adorable shade of pink crosses her cheeks as she nervously runs her fingernails along the grain of a cotton broad cloth.

¨ It's….. the way I make clothes… it can be kind of…. Uncomfortable for other people,¨ she stutters.

¨You mean you get really handsy? I knew that.¨ She bats at his feet with her cane and he dances away. ¨Come on, I´ve done hundreds of fittings, I’m used to people putting their hands all over me.” He says in a low suggestive voice that makes her laugh. ¨make me something simple. I want a Marinette design!¨

¨Fine,¨ she sighs, defeated. ¨How about a button up shirt?¨

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The Thing About Nightmares

…Is that some never end.

WELP. I’ve gone and done it. I was thinking about making a story like this for a very long time.

So here it is! An encouter between a certain glitch and the literal manifestation of fear. Just not in the way you were expecting.

*P.S. I personally think this one is a little more messed up than “Infect” ever was. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.*

Errortale AU belongs to @loverofpiggies

Dreamtale AU belongs to @jokublog.



It’s always the same…

Error found himself in a dark place. It was empty, devoid of any other life. The wind was howling.

He could hear the voices whispering to him.

This place…It’s not safe.

You need to ESCAPE.

Error pushed up his glasses and frowned.

Not yet.

He had to figure out why he was here in the first place.

This wasn’t normal.

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I thanked you for giving me some of the best days of my life yet to come, and I walked away. And as I heard the door closing behind me, I wanted to break down crying like never before. But I didn’t. Instead, I smiled at the elderly women at the train station, and I laughed at a little girl with eyes almost identical green to yours, wondering if our kids would have had eyes like that. Then I looked at the sky, and I told myself; it is not that bad. He is just a boy, and you’re just a girl, and the two of you are only children, stupidly in love with the idea of forever. And there’s more to life; like cheap wine and fancy hotels and incredible music and dancing in the pouring rain with the people you love most in this world. And I knew. With or without someone by my side, my life is going to be absolutely spectacular. And I won’t be sorry for closing that door, but you will. Oh, you will.
—  And excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3
I like her better . Joker x Reader

A/n: hey guys, sorry for a late updated ^^“ but here it is and I hope you like it :)

Warning : swearing

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader

Plot : the Reader is Harley’s twin and when J comes to bust Harl out if an asylum he takes the Reader with him instead.

I like her better.

You and Harley game way back. 

Ever since you too vere kids you two were inseparable.  You two are twins after all . She was your only friend and you were hers .

Both of you didn’t really have friends , both of you hardly even talked to people. 

You had your own small little world.  Just the the two of you .

But then Harl started working at Arkham .

You hardly saw her after that and it pained you . You loved your sister with all your heart . And seeing her like she was now just killed you . But the you would always remember.  Maybe she really is happy this way . She smiled a lot more than before and she actually fell in love for the first time in forever. 

Sure you didn’t really like the fact that your sister and twin was considered crazy but you knew that she was still the same big sister you always loved .

You sighed,  brushing your blonde hair. Apart from Harl being your twin , you two were almost identical . The only thing different was that you had (y/e/c) coloured eyes .

You looked at yourself in the mirror.  Black jean shorts , a white tank top , a red jacket and high top converse . Ever right now you looked like her . Last time you visited get she begged you to dye your hair like her : blue and red . At first you didn’t want to but then she started whining.  In the end you gave in and promised to dye your hair. 

You slightly smiled . You took your bag of your bed and you were out the door . You were visiting Harl just like you did every weekend.  You knew she was bored at Arkham where she was kept so she would be super happy to see you .

It was a long ride on a few busses but you finally made it . And after sorting out a few papers you were on your way to see your sister. 

As soon as she saw you she smiled in delight ”(Y/n) my little sister! “ she giggles and you walk up to her and hug her "Hey big sis ” you smiled before you two just started talking about random things . You were good friends with the owner of this place so you can be with Harl for a good while and now worry about being interrupted. 

Well maybe not this time .

Harley was in the middle of telling you a story about how she and J almost got blown up by Penguin when you two heard gun shots . “What’s going on puddin ” Harl asked as she tried to free her arms from the straightjacket . Now she has a reason to need her hands . She didn’t know who just broke in but she was sure she will protect her little sister.

At this point it could have been anyone and inside you were trembling with fear but out side you were calm . Surprisingly. But when you heard banging on the door you felt your heart sink to your stomach. 

The door soon flew of its hinges and revealed a man standing in the door way .

He had the most gorgeous icy blue eyes you had ever seen . His bright green hair stood out along with his pale , almost white , skin  and a bright red lipstick . He was wearing a white shirt that was buttoned up half way and black dress pants . Oh and don’t get me started on all of thies tattoos all over him .

Ok , you had to admit.  This guy who ever he was , was hot as all hell itself. 

He smirked.

“Honey daddy came to bust you out ” he smiled but only for that smile to fade away in to a slight confused look after he looked closer at you two. 

Harley jumped up , giggling “Puddin you came to save me ! ” she smiled “oh ! (Y/n) I would like you to meet my puddin Mister J ” she kept giggling like a child .

Oh so this was the infamous Joker the Clown Prince of crime. 

He looked at both of you still slightly confused. He looked at you than at Harl,  at you than at Harl and again and again and again. Then all of a sudden he walked over to you , grabbing your chin roughly making you look at him . You didn’t know how to react or what to say . He stared in to your eyes , mumbling some thing to himself. 

You didn’t know why but you felt attracted to him . He was just so mysterious,  hot , crazy , hot and dangerous yet charming.  Did I mention he was hot ? Like really.  As you thought that it was as if he read your mind because he smirked the next second .

“Puddin? ” you could hear your sister , but right now you were focused on thoes crazy blue eyes. 

“You’ll do just fine … no you’ll do better than fine …. such a pretty and innocent little thing ” he smirked.

Before you could question him and his words,  he grabbed you by your hair slightly pulling you to him till you two locked lips in a rough kiss . Your eyes went wide . Why was he kissing you ? You’ll do just fine?  Innocent?  What is happening.  Your mind was a blurr and for some reason you kissed him back allowing your hands to reach to him and wrap around his neck .

What got you out of this trance was Harley screaming “(Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ”

You pulled back in seconds,  looking at her . You saw the hurt and disappointed in her eyes . She was crying.  And Harley never cried. 

“Harley I-” before you could finish you felt hands wrapped around your waist,  picking you up from the ground “W-wha!?” You slightly yelped as J tosed you over his shoulder.

“Sorry Harl but I think I like her better ” he smirked and started laughing.  He walked out of the visitors room with you on his shoulder .

Harley hands after him yelling for him to stop only to get knocked out by one of J’s henchmen.

You were at loss of words.

Just what have you gotten yourself in to?!

ishizukilover14  asked:

Fudge brownie :)

fudge brownie: do you like your name?

Actually, I used to HATE my name, because it’s almost identical to Natalie and people would always make that mistake when meeting me for the first time. I remember pitching a fit to my mother about it because I was so tired of people not being able to pronounce my name correctly. Now I just shrug and smile it off because there’s not a whole lot else I can do about it. It’s an uncommon name, so you can’t expect people to know how to pronounce it. And once I learned the reason behind my name I started to feel a lot more proud of having it. :)