but this is all i will ever need

i hate when i google “is _______ a good career choice” or “is ________ a good major” and all the answers are like “it depends on the individual ! u have to understand that no degree automatically gets u a 100k salary you need experience and u need to love what u do ever major has its ups and downs :-)” cut the crap, karen. just give me the answer

“It’s funny when people think I’m the cruel one. Have they not looked at you?”

“I would be so happy if I never had to wash another dish in my entire life.”

“The whole reason I tagged along was because you needed my help, whether you wanted it or not.”

“All I ever wanted was for you to admit that you liked having me around.”

“I just don’t understand why you don’t do anything with that gift of yours.”

“Monsters hate other monsters, don’t they?”

everyone makes it a thing to make neil the uncultured part of the foxes but y’all ever think abt how kevin never really went out of the nest for things other than exy?

give me kevin seeing hungover ravens and not understanding alcoholism until he gets the first taste of it through andrew. give me kevin having no idea what the fuck star wars is. give me nicky and aaron pulling a steve rogers and listing down all the things kevin needs to experience at least once in college. give me the foxes playing random music using allison’s speakers to see what kevin bops his head to


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are there any w/w ships/relationships portrayed in any form of media that you personally don't like? tbh it really seems like its COMPULSORY for ever lgbt+ people to like every same gender relationship portrayed in media regardless of whether it's well written or healthy or not

the peer pressure to like any and all things wlw is only a tumblr thing i promise. 

but yeah ofcourse i don’t ship everything that tumblr ships in the wlw world. lgbt+ rep is always appreciated and for the most part I’ll give something a chance if I see it has positive lgbt+ rep, but I do need more than just cool rep to get me to like a couple or to enjoy a show. 

i have my “hell no I dont ship them” or “i dont see what the big deal is” ships but lmao i stay in my lane. if a ship is making people happy like who the fuck cares if i ship them or not. that’s my philosophy.

  • me: Police Brutality is a serious issue we need to -
  • One Of Those People: HAH! Bleeeeding heart liberal... Still crying from Brexit, snowflake? I care about PROTECTING OUR WOMEN FROM RAPIST IMMIGRANTS! Ever thought about THAT? Also stop taking my money for your precious welfare. We don't need public services, I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR SOME GYPSY'S TATTOO REMOVAL... All Germans are Nazis and I support nuking the entire middle east to kill a few terrorists - EVERY MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST BY THE WAY. Why not just let everyone into our country? Give them our food and let them kill our children. Also I hate faggots and trannys, they're all rapists and paedophiles. The wage gap doesn't exist. I identify as helicopter HAHA get the joke? Go cry into Killary's loser liberal pantsuit shoulder, libtard, I actually have forgotten what your original point even was I HATE EVERYTHING!!!
Zodiacs dating a kpop idol.

Aries : I.. *Dies*

Taurus : Accepts the fact and lives happily ever after..

Gemini : Is never hungry because they eat away all the awkwardness.

Cancer : The over protective ones who need someone to take care of them…

Leo : The cute , savage girlfriend / boyfriend

Virgo : They are very shy at first but they love each other  lot.

Libra : The OTP couple. Actually is lowkey addicted to each other. Which might cause heavy sad moments.

Scorpio : The funny one who is cute in the relationship.

Sagittarius : I… *Idol dies* They are this cute.

Capricorn : The introverted scary shit that are so cute. And lowkey sexy.

Aquarius : The *give zero fucks* couple. Chilled and the couple that has a lot of trust issues but they last forever. 

Pisces : That only one couple every one supports. 

The Blooming Cactus Bistro - Wednesday, 1:20pm

Small talk was never something Sado enjoyed. All that, “Hey, hi, how are you doing? I’m good, how are you? I’m good.” was just annoying. Luckily she and her friends never did that. They sat down, nabbed a few bites of food and started in on what ever subject it was they needed to discuss. Sometimes they’d have 1 conversation for 2 different subjects.

Sado tried her best to hold it in. To, at the least, let Mei have a snack or two before she just dumped her emotional baggage on the table along with the food. Her mouth always was her worst enemy, though.

“I slept with Zero.”

Mei was silent for a minute before she cleared her throat. “Did I hear you correctly? You slept with Zero?”


“Zero? That tall, tanned guy with the red hair?”

“Yes. Wolfman.”

“What?! How? What happened?!”

Anon, you can send me all the hate you want. Because I’m sure whatever you’re going to say to me or whatever you’re going to call me is something I haven’t heard before or even told myself.

But I will not be silenced. And I will not silence my readers or anyone who has ever sent me a message in regards to mental health. I will not turn off anon. This blog will remain exactly how it is.

If you have a problem with any of that, or think at funny to make jokes and take jabs, you really need to take a step back and evaluate yourself.

Because making fun of someone’s vulnerability doesn’t make you cool or a better person.

Do you really get joy out of sending those?

Has your day been made by sending someone you don’t know hate?

Are you going to sleep better tonight knowing that you tried to ruin someone’s day?

I really hope none of your friends are going through something like this because they truly deserve better.

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"why is everyone gay, this is so unrealistic" says the person reading a clearly marked fic, probably after watching the 3921919382th reinterpretation of the same plot where Everyone Is Just So Straight. Like that's realistic. Honestly, some people. I know you have a lot of asks, so you don't need to answer this one. I just wanted to tepl you you are awesome and shouldn't have to deal with that kind of comments ❤ You're writing is amazing and your characters some of the best I've ever seen ❤


Tbh I can’t understand why they’re complaining about the lack of realism in a cast full of non-straight people when canon is all loud ninjas, magic eye powers, and people with magical tree power? But whatever. I’m so relieved at this decision, and with the thought of not having to wince every time I get a ffnet review notification. 


“We’ve been dating for over a year now. I’ve never been so sure in my entire life that I want to give someone my heart. You were my colleague, my first friend in this small town, the kindest person I’ve ever met. You made living in this town, so new and strange for me, more than just bearable. You made me want to stay here until my last breath. Being with you feels right. You give me all the care and love I need and I’m always going to be here to save you when you’re lost. I might as well say that we’re made for each other. I’d actually say it’s fate if I believed in such thing, but instead, here I am being thankful for all the beautiful coincidences that happened in our lives so that we met that day. Which might be the same thing but…long story short, Caleb, will you marry me?”

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“How did we become this?” With Spider-Man ???

“How did we become this?” Peter said in quiet awe.

“Become what?” Y/N asked as she rubbed her eyes. They had been pouring over research all night trying to figure out something Tony had asked Peter to do, their half empty boxes of takeout moved to the side and forgotten in their studying.

“A domestic superhero couple.” Peter answered as he took a sip of his energy drink.

“Pft, I am not a superhero. You are the one who wears that title in this relationship.” Y/N laughed.

Peter’s eyes softened as he pushed a piece of hair away from her face. “You are more super than I could ever be.”

Y/N blushed and ducked her head. “Enough of that. We need to get back to work.” She said as she focused on the papers.

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i wanted to make a new psa about this so,

listen, you don’t ever have to reply to all the memes i send you. i send memes out of a variety of reasons:  because i’m excited about it, because i like some idea within it for our plot or a new plot, because you seem excited about it, because the idea is funny, because it’s different etc.

which doesn’t mean you have to reply to all of them, or at all really. i don’t send memes to make anyone anxious. so if there’s something you want to reply to but not the others, that’s fine, you don’t need any type of fear about it, much less to feel guilty about me, because you think i’m gonna be upset at you about the meme.

i know i answer when i have muse. and some memes as hard as i try, i just don’t find a proper way to reply to it. so you do the same, buddy. no hard feelings whatsoever. you into it, you reply, if you don’t feel it, that’s just as well.

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I want you to know I liked the prequels. Not very much. A little, but they were the worst $4.99 I ever spent on a ticket.

thank you for this very helpful and necessary message anon. i am so glad you felt the need to share this with me, i think it has enlightened all of us, truly. this message changed me as a person. thank you so much for taking the time to send it.

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Do you watch any television? I don't know if I've ever seen you mention anything about shows you like! (Or is all your free time spent reading? 😊)

Hi!  I don’t know if I have some kind of setting error or what, but I never get ask notifications!  I’m kind of glad I’m just seeing this, though, because I need a distraction!  Thank you!

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I have a couple of shows that I watch, we have a couple of family shows, and the husband and I watch a few together.  We’re not big binge watchers of anything; we probably watch about 4 hours of TV a week.  

I watch: Grey’s, This is Us, Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal, The Daily Show, and Orange is the New Black

Our family watches: Top Chef, Masterchef, and Stranger Things

The husband and I watch: Game of Thrones, Daredevil (and the other Netflix superhero shows…although we are not enjoying Iron Fist), Peaky Blinders, and Better Call Saul.  We also watch The Walking Dead, but the start of this season was so awful that I haven’t really had the stomach to watch more of it. 

  • me: i'm so lonely all the time. no one likes me. no one talks to me. no one ever cares no one ever will what kind of sad life do i lead
  • person: *messages me*
  • me: always. so lonely

SuperSim Challenge!!

Doing The Simsupply’s Supersim Challenge with this dude right here.

Eric Super. He showed up as a townie in my Rosebud Challenge, and ever since I’ve had versions of him in my games. I really dug his face and his cool workout fashion. This Eric is a clone of the original, as the original had a bunch of skill points etc. For this challenge he needs to complete all careers, max all skills and complete all aspirations, all the while remaining young with youth potion/ambrosia etc. I’m going to try and also do all the GTW careers as well, and maybe even complete all collections, and a little business stuff too… A little ambitious given my attention span, but so far I’m really enjoying it.