but this is actually pretty funny

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being an american is actually so ridiculous... like im 16 and i get drunk pretty much every weekend with my friends but then adults always expect that none of us even know what alcohol is and honestly its kind of sad and funny at the same time

British kids are the exact same dw haha

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My daddy has 3 modes: 1- daddy mood; he turns super super super strict (just what I need) and he’s super dominant at the time, telling me what to do n stuff. That’s when he’d call me his special princess 2- meme daddy; daddy and I met through discord and the story is actually funny , we both hid the fact that we were into ddlg PRETTY WELL(even tho he says I was very obvious, NOT!!)this is where he says “and by special princess I mean special needs” and I just laugh it off (out of little space)-

(Part 2)—- 3- soft daddy; the caring , nice , worrisome daddy (mostly when I’m in little space) calls me “kitty” ”baby/girl” “princess” names like that. And I don’t know I find it cute how daddy switches between those modes ❤️❤️❤️ ANY WAY yes I love my daddy and he’d probably see this post and laughs t me and call me cringy then blows me a kiss ✨✨

Aww this is cutee thanks for sharing! Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate 💕

Omfg guys so I was in my room just doing nothing like I always am scrolling through tumblr when the lights started flickering and my sister walks in and goes “oh my god I knew you were possessed” and I was like “bitch” but then I joked and said “WILL IS THAT YOU” and then the lights stopped flickering,and my sister and I were just shooketh :’),that was pretty clever not gonna lie :’)(actually no I’m just dumb)


Grigor on Dani Vallverdu after winning his World Tour Finals title:
He honestly didn’t say that much which was pretty funny. He was actually the first one to walk off the court and I was like ‘where is he? I want to grab a picture with him and the trophy’ but he was already in the locker room and just happy – me and him have a great connection. We see tennis the same way, we have that bond a lot and we really appreciate how the year has gone for us.


“Between soul and sacrifice, beats the heart of civilization.” Who’s that from? It is from a novel by Gondus Elden, a Moclan writer of great esteem. It is customary to respond with a fitting passage from the literature of one’s own planet.

Autistic people on tumblr: Rick Sanchez has verbally confirmed himself as autistic, and this makes me happy. It’s pretty rare for autistic characters to be canonically confirmed in-show like this, and especially not this easily and casually. It’s also very unusual to see a canonically autistic character who is sexually active, not straight, not white and who is actually a complex, funny, well-rounded character. It’s a neat little bit of representation in a mainstream show that I wasn’t expecting, and you know, it’s actually kind of nice :).


EDIT: I’ve switched the word ‘positive’ with ‘nuanced’ as I definitely agree with a lot of commenters that Rick is not a positive role-model for ANYBODY, but I still wholeheartedly stand by this post.

Because Rick represents something us in the autistic community need so badly on TV, and that is complex, original autistic characters, rather than autistic charicatures.

Autistic people need to be allowed to be depicted as people, and that doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘good’ people. Because not all people - neurotypical or autistic - are ‘good’ people in real life. We don’t expect non-disabled characters to be morally black or white, so why do we expect this from characters with disabilities?

There is nothing wrong with creating a flawed, damaged or destructive autistic character. The problems occur when a character’s flawed, damaged and destructive behaviour is immediately linked back to their autism. Which in most cases it invariably seems to be. 

Rick is a very damaged, incredibly flawed individual. He’s selfish, manipulative, completely morally bankrupt and basically just one big, collossal twat. 

But at no stage is it ever implied that this is down to him being autistic. Rather, the blame is blatantly and repeatedly assigned to its one true source: Rick himself. Rick himself is clearly the product of his own bad choices, selfish actions, unhealthy coping mechanisms and flat-out refusal to ever address his catastrophic mental health problems. The revelation that Rick happens to be autistic is never presented as an explanation - or excuse - for the way he has been up till now. 

Is Rick the most positive representation of autistic characters out there? Hell no!

But does he represent a shift from creating rigid, overly-pathologised autistic characters to more human, nuanced characters who are capable of making their own mistakes and forming their own independant, complex personalities? Hell yes!

And I for one welcome this kind of representation.

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hello! i only found your account last week and i love all of it!(you definetly deserve more recognision!!)youve made me start shipping BBKO!, could you maybe draw human them in their racer outfits?? (god i feel so cheeky !) x

literally the funniest thing in John Winchester’s Journal is that entry about taking dean shooting for the first time and he’s so proud etc, but it’ll be different with sam because john doesn’t think he has the same “killer instinct” as dean

killer. instinct. 

sam is two. he doesn’t even have the instincts to poop in a toilet yet like

john ffs