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One of my favorite things about reblogging that “send me an AU and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble” post is that I can get anything from “Royai Reincarnation AU where only one of them remembers” to “AU where everything is the same except when Roy snaps pickles fall from the sky.”



Actually ended up not being on the schedule for work today, so I enjoyed my Monday.

2 cups of coffee & the Today Show.
2.5 treadmill miles. Interval speeds. Trying to get back into the running game.
A little bit of arm work.

The husband got home around 11:30 from his weekend trip, so we ate lunch together and hung out until he went into work at 2.

Ran a few errands. I was actually looking for a dress for a wedding we are going to this weekend, but no luck. Every junior dress I try on is so freaking short. Being 5’ 8" sucks sometimes. Like I want my ass cheek hanging out in a short dress. Hopefully, I can find something suitable.

One of my prepped meals for dinner & Wheel of Fortune.

anonymous asked:

Petted a doggo and a kitty I haven't seen since before winter today, and made a pretty girl laugh. Did anything good happen for you today?

Thank you for asking anon! I actually had a really good day and it wouldn’t have been possible without my friends. So let me take a minute to give them the spotlight they deserve.

This morning (well, afternoon) I woke up to see that @theysangastheyslew posted her Monday piece and did an absolutely fantastic job of capturing a touching moment between Mama!Hawk and Alphonse from a one-shot I wrote a couple weeks ago. I was definitely crying because I feel so blessed that my work inspired Elena’s incredible art. i also saved it as my desktop picture

I got to talk to one of my best friends, @the-heart-alchemist, on the phone today and we basically hung out for a few hours and it was lovely! We watched last night’s episode of LWA together and screamed and it was amazing. It was several hours well-spent and I am blessed to have Robyn in my life.

My friend @controloverwritten wrote a little Royai drabble for me that ended with a VERY SNEAKY use of the Harder, Colonel meme and I’m still yelling about it like it was such a cute and sweet drabble and then SUDDENLY.

The radiant @jouissezduprintemps sent me cute gifs and kind words today, and I am still so floored by the fact that Leah takes time out of her day to think of me and send me positive vibes because she knows I’m having a tough time.

I finally got to hear @ladywiltshire‘s FMA voice tag and promo for her upcoming comic, which I have been given the illustrious honor of beta’ing, and I’m super stoked about it after listening to her talk about her characters with so much passion. Tanya is so lovely when she gets lost talking about things she cares about and it made me smile to hear so much heart and soul in her voice. she also has a really nice voice wtf

I also got to talk to @queenxolivier today and she’s such a gem. There’s honestly never a dull moment talking to Jess. She is the reason why my phone autocorrects my keyboard smashes and I feel like that’s all you need to know about our friendship, haha.

Something that has me hollering is that the ridiculously incredible @wrongnote, upon discovering that she will be meeting All Time Low the day after my birthday, has resolved to try and get a video of them wishing me happy birthday. And I cannot believe how much of a fucking sweetheart Rilie is. She’s honest to god the purest person I’ve ever met like I cannot even describe. I’m so shook.

Also, my sweet and dear friend @toomuchfreetyme2 makes me smile just by existing and even though we didn’t get to talk much today she still kept up our long-standing tradition of her sending me little doodles, and it made my heart melt like it always does.

Shout-out also to @haganenobeato and @snow-wolf13 for sending me pictures of their dogs when I’m sad (as I was all weekend) and to @soli-bear for sending me actual bear hugs!

Anyways, today was a good day in spite of me being in a difficult slump the past few days. I feel leaps and bounds better than I was feeling just two days ago and I wouldn’t be able to say that if not for all of my amazing friends. I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I love and cherish each and every one of you. Even if you didn’t play an active role in making my day better today, you are still so important to me and I value your presence in my life.

And thank you anon for giving me an opportunity to gush about my friends, because seeing it all laid out in one place helps remind me that I’m loved, even when I feel unlovable.

Killian's rings

So I was thinking about the spoiler pic from today of Killian’s wedding band (eeekkk, they’re actually getting married!) and it has been pointed out that the ring on his index finger is different. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if he still has the thumb ring and if so if it’s different or not. So I was trying to think of why his other rings might have changed and at first just shrugged it off as an aesthetic choice to highlight the more simple wedding band. But then I thought maybe it has to do with the rings he wears as being physical reminders of the villain he used to be. And that he is finally able to forgive himself and thus is ready to remove the old rings. I’ve also seen the theory that the new index finger ring from today is Liam’s (I honestly can’t tell from the pic) but what if Emma gives him that ring in the second proposal? And they each have engagement rings?!?! I could be way off but this is the head cannon I’m going with for the time being.

What do you guys think!? I think I’ve found THE DRESS for my aunts wedding finally!!! I really like it! It’s from frock and frill, but I found it on asos last night at 11pm half price in the sale!! And it arrived today, gotta love asos next day delivery. It’s a size 14 though because it was the last one left and I thought if it’s too big I can just return it but it’s actually not too bad! It’s mostly just a bit big around the boobs but it’s not that noticeable I’m sure if I just wear a padded bra it will look fine!! And there’s a cut out on the back and all the beads and sequins are hand embroidered and I love the flared sleeves and it’s just so pretty!!!!!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Yes, snowflakes also exist at the airport

I was assigned a plane today at the front desk from which I had to pick up costumers. It rains and it is kind of shitty but I still like my job, even with bad weather. So I pull up as close to the plane as possible with our company car without surpassing a red line that leads to the taxiway. If we actually surpass is we might lose our job it is very important to not driver over it. I made sure to bring an umbrella nd as soon as I got out of the car the pilot comes out and screams at me how shitty our service is for not pulling up all the way and not bringing an umbrella. I just plainly looked at him and opened my umbrella up. Ass hole then screams that his passenger is a top tier member of a high society club I have never heard of and proceeds to climb into my car and try to fucking ignite the motor. Which doesn’t work because I have the key. I just filed a report and can’t wait to get that as shore in trouble.

Sorry for the messy formatting I will update this story later and finish it this literally just happened and I am fucking pissed.

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@gradblrchallenge | March 2017 | 22

Quick update:

  • I’m still incredibly behind grading because I haven’t touched a single exam in two days now;
  • But I actually managed to read the stuff I had for today and squeeze in the time for a quick mani.

Tomorrow is going to be a super long day, so I don’t think I’m going to push for much more tonight. I had to answer to so many e-mails from students that I feel like I deserve a nice, calm evening.

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Do you know good sources to show how bad Obamacare actually was/is to some people? When I try to search all I get flooded with is today's events of Trump trying to repeal it and all that. I really want to learn more about it especially considering it's going to be staying around thanks to Trump's incompetence.

I mean I’ve heard a lot of first-hand accounts of how bad it’s been, including from members of my own family like my aunt having to pay $700 a month for coverage when she never had to worry about that before. I hesitate to suggest Fox but you may be able to get some outside sources from some of their articles.


March 27, 2017// [3/30]
That all day studying feel 👌 I got to the library at 8:30 this morning, when it opened, and I’ve only left for classes and to eat. But I finally finished the endocrine system! I definitely need to review it a bit but I’m so glad to be done with it! I really enjoyed it but after a while I needed something new to do lol. So I’m on to the respiratory system for the next couple days! My test is a week from today actually!

I got over my fear and bought vegan cheese today!! I got mozzarella by go veggie and I had also gotten the vegan chicken tenders from gardein that I wanted to try so I decided to make a small snack of chick'n parm so I could try them both (wasn’t even my plan when I bought them but it worked out SO well). Honestly was so surprised by the cheese! It was delicious!! It didn’t taste any difference from the real chicken parm (that is if you make it with frozen chicken). But I’m glad I finally got over my fear!! Next onto making pizza😋😋😋

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sometimes i send my dad funny pics of animals like snakes and monkeys while im at school and hes at work and sometimes i get them from the vendor blogs and today i sent him a pic of seymour laying pleasantly in the grass and he replies to me 2 hrs later "That is very ugly. Please do not show me that again" and it made me actually upset for some reason


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Nina in 4D please ;;

ahh thanks for the ask! i drew this really quickly today and it’s really more of a sketch so it’s not Great but it was still fun and again thats what matters right

jinkies that does not actually look that great oops

also i couldn’t even show her full skirt bc i did it on the same page as my other outfit requests and if i put more of it in the picture you’d also be seeing vanessa’s cat ears from the sweater so


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Can I just say that Dot is FRICKING adorable??? Like I'm actually speechless!!!!!! What a bean

dude thank you so fricking much? this means so much coming from you as i just was stalking your blog and gushing over rizky. and damn, i love dot so much. i actually played the game today and i just love her till the end of time. 

for some reason my uterus is normally a merciful creature and spares me from feeling what it gets up to

but today it’s like “nope I’m disappointed in you for not fucking any dudes for my benefit and so it’s time for you to remember what I can do to you. but I… won’t actually go hard bc I’m still on the much nicer side of the uterus fuckery spectrum, you’re just not used to it, stop being a baby”

So today I played this really cool game. You wake up hundreds of years in the future with zero memory of whats going on in the world. You find a piece of ancient technology and use it to navigate your way through the hazards of this beautiful open world. But through out this world, you encounter things like ancient robots and war-machines and you have to deal with all sorts of monsters that were created from the corruption of this world. And in the end you have to fight an all powerful, all seeing force. 

It’s actually really cool and it’s call- wait what? No not Breath of the Wild, I’m talking about

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I just read about Astrid punching Hiccup and I'd like to point out that something like that is actually usual among young males even today. Now, she is a girl... but a girl who had been raised to be a warrior, grew up in a martial society that was very much "kill or be killed"... she's tougher than 90% of modern males, and that naturally would show itself in her interactions with other teenagers. She's got no problem beating up someone who annoys her either, so love punch is just to be expected.

From this.

A friendly, benign bro punch certainly is a thing, and neither party is physically abused from such an action. Showing affection by a light-ish slug on the shoulder doesn’t emotionally affect the other individual in an abusive manner. This is true and it is an example of how people who are physical in nature might show affection in a way that can be mutually acknowledged by giver and receiver of the slug to be okay. So there are discussions to be made about culture and society, and I have heard people talk before about the role of culture for the Hairy Hooligan Vikings - how it’s a bit of a physical society, etc. 

While discussion of society, culture, and community is relevant to understanding context of things like these, I suppose I personally like to steer clear of those arguments myself. Just because something is the norm within a certain population doesn’t make it right or conducive psychologically. Just because we can understand why someone makes a choice based upon their background doesn’t mean it’s a good choice to make. Some actions that arise within people groups are just wrong - to give an extreme example, growing up in a society where race-based slavery is the norm doesn’t mean it’s okay to do. Other actions in society aren’t wrong in and of themselves but can can affect certain people poorly (in which case they’re not okay in those contexts). So it doesn’t wholly matter if Astrid hits people affectionately because of her martial background. Yes, it can help us understand why it’s not a psychological issue for most people in the tribe, but it doesn’t mean a psychological issue couldn’t arise. Talking about how it’s the norm within a group of people like a bunch of bros can too quickly accidentally get into defending behaviors that shouldn’t be defended - it’s where arguments like “boys will be boys” come from. So while cultural discussion is relevant, and it is a facet to understanding what’s going on… that’s why I don’t like to go this route of argumentation.

What’s truly essential is how the individual she’s acting toward is affected: if they are an abuse victim and demonstrate symptoms of abuse, then it doesn’t matter if society or a population within society has this as a norm. If you repeatedly do something to another individual that they feel terrible over, even if it’s something like a hug, it’s not okay to do that to them. I think it’s best to talk about Hiccup’s role in the relationship and how psychologically we can see he is not an abuse victim, and that Astrid’s actions - regardless of how understandable or standard they are with physically-oriented individuals - don’t screw him over and mess him up. We see zero symptoms of Hiccup psychologically suffering as a victim, but on the contrary see emotional stability within him and when he is with Astrid. So, we’re definitely in the clear about this being abuse.