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Let’s get one thing straight.

Nazism doesn’t exist in the Star Wars universe.

Nazism is a very specific ideology that relies on the genocide of the Jewish and Roma people. This ideology does not exist in the Star Wars universe.

Nazism isn’t shorthand for “bad” or “evil.” Are there visual parallels to Nazism in Star Wars? Yes. But that’s all they are – ideologically, they are very different. There are also visual parallels to communist regimes, or really any dictatorial regime.

Using “Nazi” for shorthand for “bad” or “evil” detracts from the seriousness of Nazism and neo-Nazism, an actual problem we are facing in the real world today.

Think twice before using the word “Nazi” to flippantly describe a fictional character you dislike.

Magical Adventure in English Class

Today in english, my two friends and I (one is @plutotheforgotten) had a magical adventure. Our one goal? Scour the school in search of a potato.

We checked all the science classrooms and the cafeteria, but we only got a “I had one earlier” from the biology teacher.

We had interrupted at least five classes, one of them multiple times. @plutotheforgotten suggested going to the nearby store and buying a sack of potatoes, and the adventure started anew.

We never actually went to the store, but we eventually found a single, sad plastic potato with the Spanish teacher across the school. potatoes
high school

The Summoned

This was originally going to be a very short Thanksgiving writing with a tongue-in-cheek feel, but as I continued writing past the opening, it evolved into something with much more depth and personal meaning. Fair warning for the reader that the subject covered herein is somewhat stressful: coming out to your family.

“Are you…quite certain that this is your wish, my summoner?” The demon crouches in the summoning circle, enormous and powerful, far too tall to stand upright due to his height.

You nervously fidget with your hands and glance over at the book you’d borrowed from a witch friend of yours. You had been practicing this ritual for a few days, but you hadn’t quite gone through with it until today. You’d been really desperate for this, but now that you’d actually gone and gotten this demon here, you realized how pitiful your need seemed.

“I, ah, that is, um, if you’d rather not-”

“Summoner.” The demon leans down to your eye level and tries to catch your gaze. You avoid looking for a moment before meeting his black and green eyes. He smiles softly. “I would be more than happy to fulfill your wish,” he says, and you hear a sort of fondness in his tone you weren’t expecting.

“R-really?” You stare up at him, dumbfounded.

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A Summer With Hopper

Chapter 2: The Move

Chapter 1

Author’s note: Well, hey followers. I’m a bit drunk, but I wanted to get this out today so that I could share how thankful I am to have you! Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for leaving me love and feedback.

Friday came slower than you’d like to admit. You were actually excited that Hop could provide some sort of relief from the onslaught of episodes. The week had left you anxious…the episodes hadn’t slowed at all, and you were ready to try something different. But it wasn’t in your nature to just move in with someone, even Jim, even though living alone could get, well, quite lonely at times. You were packed up by Thursday, and by Friday afternoon you were absolutely buzzing with anticipation. You lined up the few bags and houseplants you planned to take along your porch, and settled into a rocking chair to await his arrival. Your only companions were a well-worn book and a warm drink.

Just before sunset, you heard the familiar crunch of gravel as a vehicle traveled down the path to your house. Jim parked and got out, still adorned in his uniform and hat. He eyed your stuff on the porch, and started to grab things to load up.

“To be honest, I thought I was going to have to re-convince you to come tonight. But, it looks like you’re pretty much ready to go. You sure this is all you’re taking?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s a trial run, remember? Just a couple of weeks?”

Mmhmm .”

“Well, I travel light. I’ve got everything I need in those bags.”

“If you’re sure” he said as he gingerly put the plants into the back seat.

“Hop, I need you to turn the lights off in the house. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to trigger anything, being in the dark like that…”

“Of course,” he opened the passenger side door and waved you in, “you have a seat, and I’ll be right back, okay?”

You nodded, and he shut the door for you and jogged his way into the house. He was back within a few minutes, and when he got into the driver’s seat, he stuck his hands out towards yours.

“Give me those ice-cold fingers, Bluebell” he grinned.

You put your hands in his. He cupped his hands around yours, engulfing them completely, and he brought them up to his mouth, blowing his warm breath upon them.

You accidently let out the beginnings of a moan.

“That feel good?” His eyes crinkled as he chuckled.

“It does.” A pleasant shiver traveled up your spine.

He continued to warm your hands with his breath for a minute, before placing your hands down into your lap.

“Let’s get to the cabin before it gets too dark out” he stated, starting up the vehicle.

The ride was quiet, and you spent the time sneaking glances at Hop, who was humming tunes distractedly.

You arrived at the cabin just as the sunset darkened.

Jim, ever the gentleman, helped you in and carried in your bags.

“I hope you’re hungry. We had a potluck at the station yesterday, and I got stuck with way too many leftovers. Roast and potatoes sound good?” He started rummaging around in the small kitchen, pulling out several covered dishes.

“Sounds great, Hop” you moved into the kitchen to help him.

“No way. You relax, unpack, whatever. This will take five, ten minutes tops.” He ushered you back to the sofa.

“Where should I unpack my things?”

“Jane’s room has plenty of space for your clothes.”

“Is that where I’ll be sleeping?”

“I’ll leave that up to you, Bluebell. But, if my assumptions are correct, you’d sleep a hell of a lot better in bed with me.”

You looked at him, thoughtfully. The idea had crossed your mind after your last encounter with Hop. His body heat certainly made you feel better, safe. A full night’s sleep seemed like a thing of the past before, but now, it seemed like a possibility.

He must have interpreted your lack of immediate answer as a negative. “Shit…you don’t have to. You can take Jane’s bed, or my bed…I can take the couch. I just figured that body heat would help, you know…with the episodes.”

He was so adorable all flustered that you laughed.

“Hopper…I think it’s a good idea. Honestly, I was hoping that was the plan. I actually just had a long overdue chat with Joyce, and she told me that she often sleeps in bed with Will. She said it really seems to help him sleep through the night.”

He stirred the pot of food he was warming, his cheeks flushed.

“I don’t want you to think I’m trying to take advantage of you or anything. I just care about you, and I want you to get better.” He brought the dishes of food to the small table. “Now, eat. You look like you need the protein.”

Dinner was eaten in a companionable silence. When you were both done, you tried to wash the dishes, but Jim was quick to stop you.

“Hey, there’s no need in all that. Let me take care of it” he grabbed the plates from your hand, heading to the sink.

“I can wash dishes, I can cook meals, …you can’t baby me, Jim.”

“I’m not trying to baby you, I’m trying to give you a break. Geez. Don’t worry, I’ll get lazy in a couple of days and I’ll let you do all of it that you want. Deal?”


“Good. I’m taking a shower real quick. Be right back.”

You grabbed a book out of your bag and laid back on the sofa. You felt quite full from dinner, and when you were just a few pages in, you started to get very sleepy. You snapped the book shut and sat up, a little too quickly. You felt a head rush, an intense dizziness, immediately. Then, starting from your feet up, you felt it—the ice-cold sensation that marked the beginning of an episode.

You closed your eyes, took deep breathes in and out. “Everything is okay” you told yourself, “this isn’t real, I’m at Hoppers.”

You felt like you were spinning, and you tried grasping for the couch that you knew you were sitting on, but it wasn’t there.

“I’m not back. I’m at Hoppers. He’s just in the other room.”

You were freezing. Your eyes were still clasped tightly shut, and you didn’t want to open them. You usually kept them shut, unless you heard the monster. When you heard its growls and shrieks, your body always reacted as though it was all real, and you went into survival mode even though you knew you weren’t there. Hopefully this time you wouldn’t hear anything.

Deep breaths, in and out, that’s all it took. Just keep your eyes shut, keep calm. It might only last a minute or two.

The cold intensified, which was a bad sign. A minute seemed to pass, maybe two. The crunch of footsteps sounded right in front of you, which shocked your body into opening your eyes. You were surprised to see nothing there, only rows of trees. It was so dark, and there was an abundance of shadows for something to lurk in . A crunch sounded behind you, and you jumped to look that direction only to see no monster, only more trees.

“I’m not there. I’m with Hopper, I’m in his cabin. It’s okay.”

Something was walking around you, something undetectable. It sounded as though it was slowly creeping through the trees in all those dark shadows that were so deep that you couldn’t even perceive how far they extended.

Fear gripped you. You didn’t want to move, there didn’t seem to be anywhere to go. Any direction you ran would lead to those seemingly endless shadows. “I don’t have to run, I’m at Hopper’s. I’m not here.”

Then you heard him, faint at first. He was calling your name. But, he sounded so far away.

“Hopper!!” you called to him, knowing that he must be right next to you in the cabin, but still desperate enough to scream.

You started to feel a warmth creep up your back, and you could feel faint vibrations in your body.

“Hopper, please!”

A gradual heat began to spread through your body. Hopper’s voice was closer now, and you shut your eyes as you tried to focus on his voice, on the heat.

You could make out his words now. “I’ve got you. Shh. It’s okay, you’re with me, I’ve got you.” His deep voice was so soothing. His breath warmed you as he repeated himself over and over.

You could feel him at your back, his arms engulfing you in an embrace. You kept your eyes shut until the feeling of dizziness left you. When you finally opened them, you found yourself in Hop’s bed, his grip firm, holding you against his chest. He must have carried you to the bed and wrapped you in a nest of blankets during the episode.

You let out a gasp of relief, turning to face him.

“Hey, you’re okay. You’re okay. I’m here.” His large hand rubbed up and down your back, trying to massage some of your tension away. As good as that felt, your muscles were still locked in fear.

“What can I do to help you?” he whispered, to both you and himself.

You couldn’t talk, not yet. It was still too fresh. You could only let out small whimpers, the words just wouldn’t form.

Hopper put both hands on the side of your face and gently maneuvered your head so that you were looking into his eyes. Then, he started to tell you all about his day in hopes of distracting you.

“…Mrs. Creed, you know her, right? She called the station this morning, complaining that there was a lot of noise and yelling coming from her neighbor, Ted Johnson’s house. He’s generally a real quiet guy, so I ran by there to see if something was going on, and…well, when I knocked he came to the door real red-faced and angry looking. When I told him that someone was complaining about the noise coming from his home, he apologized and disclosed that he was just having a problem with constipation.” Hop laughed, and your body had loosened up a bit during the story, but not enough.

So, he continued “that was funny as hell, to be honest. It had the guys at the station roaring. Then I got another call around lunchtime saying that someone heard weird noises coming from the shed in their backyard. They thought someone was trying to steal their lawnmower. When I got there, it turned out to just be a cat that was going into labor. I laid her down on a blanket in the backseat and got her to the shelter. She had one kitten on the way there, a little black and white-spotted rascal. The ladies at the shelter named him Chief Spotter.” Hopper grinned and continued telling you minor details of his day.

His eyes were so expressive. You stared into them as he talked, and with each word he uttered you felt a little more relaxed.

After talking for a while, Hopper yawned deeply. “You feeling better, sweetheart?”

You nodded and breathed out a soft “thank you.”

“No problem, I just talked your ear off. It was nothing” he shrugged.

You snuggled into him as much as you could, feeling safer than ever.

You were both on the verge of sleep, and as you lay your head against his chest to feel his heartbeat, you clarified, “It was everything.”

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Do you know about MBTI? Any thoughts on what MBTI yuzu might be? (cause I love your gifs and analysis and if you had thoughts on this i'd be suuuper interested to hear your view point)

Hi, yes, I do know about MBTI. Was actually talking about and comparing MBTI profiles with some friends today and that reminded me I’ve yet to answer this.

Now I should say first that, very obviously, what I speculate here is based on what I’ve been able to observe about Yuzuru. Keep in mind that others’ perception of your MBTI type does not always correspond with your true personality. I know this from firsthand experience :)

That said, I’d guess Yuzu to be an ENFJ: a passionate, charismatic, inspirational, natural-born leader :)

Extraversion (E), because our Yuzu does appear to be very outgoing, friendly, and enjoy the company of others. I’d say he is not too much on the E side though, probably somewhere just over the border from Introvert to Extrovert, since he also appears entirely capable of quiet introspection.

Intuition (N), because from the way he skates, he seems to have a very intuitive approach to interpreting the music. He also obviously takes joys in learning new things and pushing the boundary of possibility. I’d say it’s a pretty clear N profile.

Feeling (F), because he seems highly compassionate, caring, and people-oriented. That and he certainly has an idealistic side, which is a strong indicator of the F type. I’d say over the years he’s learned to balance his feelings with more logical thinking and planning though, so from a definite F he seems to be moving somewhat closer to the Thinking end lately.

Judging (J), because Yuzu, like most high-profile athletes, is a paragon of discipline. I think it doesn’t matter if you are born with a disposition that is more Perceiving than Judging, if you want to be successful in sport you need a methodological and persistent approach to training and if it doesn’t come naturally, you have to somehow bring yourself to acquire it. The loose and casual attitude commonly seen in the P type simply is not going to work in this situation. Yuzu said that as a kid, he hated training quite a bit and was only really interested in the competitive aspect of skating. I think a transformation from P to J must’ve happened gradually once he decided to seriously pursue skating as a career. 

Again, this is entirely my guesswork. I’d love to know what Yuzuru’s real personality type is. Anyone wants to come with me to Toronto so we can ambush him and force him to take the MBTI test? While we’re at it we can also make clear to him our intention to shave his head if he doesn’t fully recover soon. 

In response to an anon’s prompt.

Uhh…sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I started writing and it just ran away from me and before I knew it I ended up with this. I’m so sorry if you want I’ll write another drabble where he pampers his wifey and is all super protective and stuff. >< My bad.

This actually turned out longer than I intended, which is why I decided to link it instead of putting it all in the ask. Hope you don’t mind. ^^;

Kagome carefully peered around the doorframe from inside of their modest little hut her husband had built them and scanned around for said husband, feeling a little hope bloom in her chest when she didn’t spot familiar red robes anywhere in the vicinity. She and Sango had secretly made plans today to get to the market and shop around just for something to do because they were both feeling confined and restless. Plus it would be nice to just spend some time together without overprotective husbands bearing down on them about every little thing.

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Hey!!! So in honor of 500 FOLLOWERS (OMG THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH) I thought I’d do a face reveal! Yup, this is what I look like! Well, minus the freckles and those huge ass glasses from that one Snapchat filter I’m actually obsessed with…I got my hair done today and this new scarf is super cute and warm, so…yeah! Anyway, thank you all so much! It means so much to me! I look forward to doing many more great RPs with you guys!


Nelson is a sleepy pig burrito. I love him.

Also, I am still exhausted from the trip to get him and my driving foot/ankle/leg is still sore! We are actually doing our Thanksgiving meal today because we were all busy yesterday so Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Pipsqueakery! #guineapig #thanksgiving #peeg #burrito #sleepy

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She quickly switched off the stove and put her hands around Pandora’s slouched shoulders. 

“What’s wrong, darling?” 

“Well there’s this boy…”Pandora started and Bailey, who was sitting idly at the dining room table, made a move to stand. “I’ll get the bat.”

“No! No Ma it’s nothing bad, he was actually quite nice. He walked me home today and saved me from some jerks at school. I lashed out at him when we got here and he literally ran way!” She hid her face in her hand and let out a loud groan. “I’m an idiot…he’s never gonna talk to me again.”


I think today was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. When I was little, I always ended up having strep throat or surgery on Thanksgiving, and then there was the eating disorder, but today I was not sick and my eating disorder is barely a thing anymore. I ate yummy food and didn’t obsess about how much I was eating or how much others were eating, which allowed me to actually engage with people. I’ve really come a long way from last Thanksgiving when I was in treatment and pretty much cried all day.

Be careful on social media today

There’s a HUGE leak of the Jungle Movie that’s been going around on social media (which started in the Hey Arnold FB group) and it’s been spoiling a lot of content (which apparently came from the Nick app), so be extremely careful today before the movie actually airs.

Supernatural 13x07 - War of the Worlds

Since for once i didn’t watch at 3 am but slept like a normal person and actually woke up kinda early (ikr unbelievable) i thought i would react to it this time :)

Uhm after seeing the “then” i can tell you that i don’t really give a shit about what can possibly happen to Lucifer and Mary BUT i’m really interested in what AltMichael has to sell and also i just remembered that Osric is in this one and i love this dude so i’ll suffer whatever bullshit the Deadly Duo want to make us gobble up today for them.

Jack from 13x06: “I can’t make the world a better place…”

Someone has to tell this kid that he’s allowed to live for himself and that everything doesn’t have to revolve around his alignment.

Well it sure won’t be the Winchesters but there’s surely someone out there who knows that.

Oh dear lord it starts with Lucifer monologuing like, yeah, needed that. Thanks. (also i only understand like half of what comes out of his mouth, Pellegrino needs to articulate.)
Nice view tho:

(lmao at the space logo. yes it is indeed space)
Yes Luci has always kinda loved nature. Just look at Casifer strolling in that park.
Pffffff. Ok I’ll check if there is any subtitles available yet.

Okay let’s start over.

Lucifer: “Okay bro, could you do me a favor, eat me.”

Like, in the Leviathan way? :D
What that would actually spare him the eternity alone in this dump.
I’m sorry but Lucifer is a wimp?

Can you hear me sigh as i gaze upon Dean Winchester’s face.
I’ve seen this scene in the sneak peek but, still.

I mean… I doubt very much Dean qualifies as “a stranger” for any self-respecting supernatural creature. just take a second and imagine an angel being like “Dean Winchester who???” (actually know that i think about it that’s what happened with Metatron, no? :DDD but he’d been living under a metaphorical rock for eons)
It’s alright Cas, you can tell him that’s him, specifically (and his brother) that the angels really don’t wanna see at their work meetings, he won’t take it badly. Bet he would even be kinda proud :D

You can tell that he’s thinking about the last time met with angels, and how he disappeared, and how he came back only to steal the Colt and, like, we have no reason to think the finale would have played differently if he hadn’t but you can bet that in Dean’s head, it’s up there in the reason Cas was taken away from him and you can see the grief bubbling back up, and it’s terrible and i don’t want to watch this anymore.

OKAY SO we’re like, 6 minutes in and we already got
1. Lucifer and Michael.
(wich means Mary (edit: hum no) and Kevin are going to show up)
2. Cas and the Angels
3. Sam and Dean going after witch killers?
4. Asmodeus

And I really don’t see what the witches have to do with the rest? Like, it could be a demon that lead them to Asmodeus but why would demons kill witches?
Aaaah Bucklemming.

The Jack”????
Hey let’s play a game called Follow This TV Trope Link.


AltMichael: “You claim to be a god in your world. Here, you’re pathetic.”

Oh, Mikey, no. He’s pathetic everywhere.

OKOKOKOK. So what’s the deal with interdimensional travel, uh? Couldn’t the angels do that during the apocalypse? Like, It’s a Terrible Life was probably a pocket universe created by Zachariah for funsies but the world shown in The French Mistake was an alternate universe, right? I mean, no reason at all for Cas (or Balthazar?) to create something as wonky and without magic just for the purpose of hiding weapons and when urgency was kinda important???
Also does that mean that Chuck created multiple versions of the archangels/angels? Or is it another God? Fuck I really hope they thought this through because this could be sooooo interesting.

He looks great.
He looks a bit barmy tho :D

Uh, I don’t like having those crosses in the background. They catch my eyes and I can’t concentrate on the actors faces.

How the fuck did Dean recognized him with this beard I have no fucking idea. Also how did he (apparently not) died? I don’t remember but I can tell you it looked pretty deffinitive.

“Mom shot him. Clear through the head.”

Thank you for this information.

OMG I CAN’T. I know Lucifer is trying to get Kevin on his side but this is all really surealistic.


AltKevin: “Michael is taking me to Paradise World. So I can meet hot women!”

I’m dying here.
So there really aren’t that many women left there, apparently.


Ketch is looking for Rowena? For what?
(wow i’m only 17 minutes in i forgot how long it took me to react to 40 minutes episodes)(also, where is the angel? Was that Cas’s only appearance in this episode and we actually could have only watched the sneak peek? kidding it’s not that bad. well i have some trouble judging the quality cause of the snail pace i’m watching at but i’m enjoying doing it, so)

Ketch barging in with is automatic (or something, look i’m not a firearm expert) be like “NO FINESSE NO SUBTLETY NO FUCKS TO GIVE LOOK I COULD BE A SPN WRITER” a metaphor in which the bullets are destiel and the walls of that shack the GA, you’re welcome, my job here is done.

I mean, yeah, it makes sense but also, i wouln’t let this guy in my house again if I were them.

Okay this is clearly not Ketch or at least not Arthur. But the stick on tattoo thing made me laugh out loud (well i can give that to this ep. it’s actually pretty funny).
Yeah this one’s name Alexander, he’s the Backup Twin (probs because DHJ is a cool bean?) and you can hear Dean screaming OH COME ON in his head

good screencap a +job

Such a tale of woe.
Hum so if I get this right, dude didn’t want to go to Kendricks because??? So he fled and became a… Mercenary?

Ketch: “A hunter.”
Dean: “A mercenary.”

Finger guns @Dean.

This framing is… interesting. I guess. Interesting enough for me to want to grab a caption of it. Who directed this episode again? Isn’t it Speight? BRB.

While i think about it, this ep is doing great at continuing the theme of mirrors and things looking like other things, what with the alternate reality and Ketch #2 showing up.

Yes it is indeed a Speight episode, which doesn’t help me at all interpretating this shot but it’s nice to know.
I guess it’s just a nice, elegant way to show how (once again!) they’re not on the same page. Tbh they don’t even look like they’re in the same space at all, as if Sam had been added there and they’re looking in different directions

(plz Jensen quit touching your inner thigh like that I’ve read to many body language posts for you to pull shit like that when I’m trying to analyze seriously)


lmao this is the AI from that episode Sam killed other Sams.

I mean she plays Becca in the 100 and also the AI Alie, 

which imo is a great choice in this episode in a super meta do you watch other CW shows and caught this other double kinda way and she was a woman Sam killed when he was soulless and shows up in the Man Who Knew Too Much:

Where there was three Sams :D

Dumah: “Our numbers were greatly diminished after the Fall.”

Mmmh I like that she’s saying that to the greatest angel killer ever (pretty sure she choose to say “after the Fall” cause that’s one occasion where Cas didn’t actually killed them himself)

Dumah: “We’re going extinct.”
Me: Well i guess it’s time to retreat to the City of Lights.



I refuse to be happy Lucifer showed up.

I actually like this

A fish on one side and the kingdom neon sign on the other.

Look at those hair.
So much sass I’m in love.

That’s exactly what Dean meant by “don’t do anything stupid”!!!

Why the fuck are they keeping Ketch in the armory?

Cas: “Yes I would like to see you too, the sooner the better.”


Can we keep him (this time)?

Sam: “Don’t worry, you did tell him not to do anything stupid.”

Oh, Sam. 

Are you seeing that shit?


Okay let’s be realistic they’re not gonna be in actual Hell but in that topside complex where Crowley set up his throne room. :(

Well Dean was right. It was a Fake Twin Gambit!

And he’s working with Asmodeus!



Hum I wanted to do the Bucklemming bingo to cap this off but I have already forgotten stuff like one liners, are specific dialogues so guess that’s where i’m ending this already too long post and now I’m going to READ ALL THE META

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I’m way behind. I’m having a rough time. I think I might’ve ripped open part of my already unhealed wound on the flights to/from Hawaii. Lots of pain. Lots of agony. Lots of blood. Lots of tired. Then I had to actually spend time with my family. I don’t have a choice but to go in to work today since I called out the other day.

That said, I have to update the challenge post with what’s left. I know some of you have posted. I’ve seen them, haven’t had a chance to read yet. I’m sorry. I’ll get there I swear. Just, bear with me. I’m working on it.

anonymous asked:

Mod Bethany, can I ask how it comes that your views are so different than your parents? When/how did that happen? And what do your parents think?

Um, I’m not sure exactly when it started. I remember knowing that I felt differently about things when I was in high school (I was 16) and I started writing papers about controversial topics. Until I got to public school I had basically been taught that Republican meant Christian. If I wasn’t Republican than I wasn’t Christian..but I found myself agreeing with a lot of Democratic issues.

Then suddenly after senior year of high school, I started college and met a few people who really changed me. I was already a feminist by that point and kinda in between conservative and liberal. But then a lot of people started mentioning things that were “extremes” from both sides and and it really pushed me to where I am today.

Also when I started this blog I was pro-life. So this blog changed me too. 

I’m actually wondering why my views are so different from my parents because growing up all my friends were ultra conservative too. I think maybe it started when I decided to branch out in my faith away from my parents? I realized that i needed to take hold of my Christian faith and make it my own - not just what my parents taught me..and that kinda led me to reading about more and more issues. 

My parents… well they aren’t happy about it. I honestly keep quiet about a lot of my views now because my parents and brothers don’t agree with me and mock me a lot. They love to antagonize me. They weren’t happy when I registered as a Democrat. They weren’t happy that I support gay marriage. They get upset when I talk to my brothers because they think I’m poisoning their minds… But at the same time my mom is started to see my point of view more and more. 

Does that answer your question at all?

Mod Bethany

Announcement !

Thank you all for your support on my ko-fi account. I have enough money saved from you guys to actually afford that one psychiatrist appointment. So thank you very much! You don’t know how relieved I am to be sure that I can have at least one appointment.

I’m actually headed there today!

So again, thank you SO much for your support.