but this is about how much she loves him




Z O S I A MY BABYYYYY IS BACK FOR HER MANS and I wonder how she feels about her womans being shot too

I’m still not used to seeing Stephen McGann (aka Dr Turner from Call the Midwife)’s brother Paul as Professor Gaskell like they have a STRIKING RESEMBLANCE when I first saw him in HC I was like wait a second mate aren’t you meant to be in Poplar ??? I am confusion ?

ESSIE AND RAF’S MEMORIAL UGGGHHHHH MY HEART I LOVED THEM SO MUCH I’M- the moment with Essie, Dom and Lofty mind if I scream real quick wow


Ooh. Am I the only one noticing Dom’s change of scrubs? He’s gone from Keller to….AAU?

FLAC FLAC FLAC FLAC oh my god why is there blood on her fingers is my Jac overworking herself and causing her wound to rebleed? Oh Jac you silly sod. wAIT A HOT MINUTE IS THAT FRIEDA WHAT’S-HER-NAME

Sacha’s clothes when he’s talking to Jac in the locker room….. he looks like he’s going to Raf’s funeral and I :) AM :) REALLY :) NOT :) OKAY! :)


ooh new F1′s. *rubs hands together evilly* LIBBY FOX FROM EASTENDERS IS BECOMING A DOCTOR I AM A PROUD MAMA no but fr I’m so excited for Belinda Owusu to be on my screen again after so damn long

Uh this new guy at Albie’s with Belinda’s character….. this feels strangely Grey’s Anatomy with that character Mer had a (date?) with and then he was submitted the next day with a boner he couldn’t get rid of, if anyone remembers



SERENA SERENA SERENA SERENA and her hot new hair wow I love lesbian culture godddd I miss her and her humour and her shiraz and her shirts and PSA I will always love Donna Jackson thank you so much @ writers for bringing Jaye Jacobs back on my screen after I cried for weeks on end bc Sian Diamond left Waterloo Road (damn I miss that show)

holy shit Ric got busted up in prison damn

all the happy moments :’’’’’)

anonymous asked:

ok this is kinda outdated and i'm sorry if it's been discussed before but i had A Thought.... do you think hannah's feelings for cas that were actually her vessel's for her husband was foreshadowing dean/amara/cas?

Ooh I don’t think it’s outdated to come back to look at something like that from such a different angle.

I don’t think it’s foreshadowing, but I think they do definitely fit a similar theme, specifically of misplaced love and coming from reasons beyond their understanding, because they’re not human and even if they can feel those things they don’t really understand them, and at the very least don’t really come pre-equipped to feel them. 

I think the Hannah one was an early exploration of the theme which was very much about Cas’s feelings, and how she was different from him - how she had an occupied vessel and he didn’t, how he had experience of humans and she didn’t, how he had experience of BEING human and she didn’t, how he understood the human things and desires and she was called to look to the stars, and he was compared to a star falling out of the sky. He knew about emotions and feelings and love from experience (lol I JUST saw this post), and she was struggling to handle it, causing her to act irrationally before finally realising these feelings were bad and not for her, and Cas took that cue to start making right some things on earth which he had never had the time or emotional capacity to deal with before (aka, honouring his promise to Jimmy to look after his family, and understanding that “alive and unpossessed” wasn’t the same as “looked after”)

With Amara it was a whole mytharc of the season just with her attention on Dean as the kind of thing tying him into it in a way beyond initial responsibility… It gets explained away last minute and after the whole showrunner change of season 11 it does feel to me that although 11x13 which explained how Dean felt came before that, Amara backs off after the change and hastily explains her behaviour in 11x23, so I’m not totally sure how structurally laid in it all was, as there wasn’t really a reason to change it from her creepy attention being romantic in nature to just being confused by having a whole bunch of feelings. I’d have to guess she was still actually attracted to Dean (like Hannah probably was to Cas) but at the end of the day what was more IMPORTANT to her was dealing with Chuck and getting her resolution with him, and Dean utterly paled in comparison to that… There’s already the theme around so it’s not wildly out of the blue to use it but it didn’t really need to happen more than an explanation at the end from Amara’s perspective. From Dean’s it had been a critical question - the theme of misplaced feeling but being FORCED on him - from 1-13 and then from there onwards he’d managed to put words to it and resolve to fight and resist it. 

Both times the dynamic played off of DeanCas and the respective feelings they had for the other - Cas desperate to help Dean in 10x01-3, and Dean prioritising Cas in a room with Amara in 11x18. Ultimately I don’t think they really have much to do with each other aside from being a re-used theme because Hannah was never presented in a way that made her a natural predecessor to Amara, in the same way, like, you can blatantly see Amara all over Hael from a single conversation in 9x01 or something. It doesn’t really feel like direct foreshadowing when you can’t immediately connect Hannah with Amara, and in 11x02 there wasn’t really any direct connection in the one episode they overlapped - nothing about Hannah in that episode really resonates with what Amara does and rather a lot more with resolving Hannah’s arc really tragically that she became what she hated, aka Metatron. 

Two points of the movie I didn’t see anyone talk about

How rey is the one to extend her hand to Ben (Yes it’s Ben now!!) first in the hut.

And how when Rey try to get her saber back from Ben, he actually can holds onto to it whereas in the force awakens it didn’t respond to him?Is that a foreshadowing of some kind?

Tell me your thoughts guys, I’m curious about what you think :D I also thought of you a lot during the movie because everything you expected from the beginning actually happened! I’m so happy to be one of you guys even if I don’t post much I’m here lurking in the shadows (like Rose at the beginning lol I love her she is the best <3) and I’ll always support you

mireille2806sstuff  asked:

“Don’t take this the wrong way but I love you so much I can’t stand it” “How… How can I take that the wrong way?” “I don’t know, I’m really nervous”, with Netherlands and Taiwan. Something fluffy and funny, but romantic, please ^^

Send me a request!

Title: Meteoric Night
Fandom: Hetalia :: NethTai
Requested by: @mireille2806sstuff
Prompt: “Don’t take this the wrong way but I love you so much I can’t stand it” “How… How can I take that the wrong way?” “I don’t know, I’m really nervous” from putthepromptsonpaper
Other: Fluff
A/N: In honor of the meteor shower tonight… Here’s this one. Title is based off a Cicada song.

Often, Mei thinks about the first time she met Abel. It had been through Kiku, in the most cliche and rushed manner. She’s on her way to the library to get her cell phone from him - she’d left it in the college library two classes prior and hadn’t had a chance to get it, but Kiku had been heading there anyways and grabbed it for her. Upon arrival, she finds Kiku at his usual table in the very back - but he isn’t alone. Beside him, a rather intimidating man is hunched over, scribbling into a notebook.

“Mei,” Kiku greets, looking up, “your phone is in my bag. Give me just a moment and I’ll get it.”

Mei is torn between thinking they are studying and thinking Kiku is tutoring someone again - it ends up being the former - when the blond lifts his gaze, undoubtedly to see why they’re being interrupted.

Mei immediately blurts, “Do I know you?”

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#full offense but charles boyle is the purest and sweetest friend anyone could ask for #we don’t deserve him


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you


video game challenge: [1/5] heartwarming scenesa romanced morrigan talking about her warden

y’all ever think about how in the very first episode of voltron: legendary defender lance covers for pidge when she calls iverson out about his comments on the kerberos mission…,like lance draws the attention back to him and takes the brunt of the scolding bc he doesn’t want his friends to get into any more trouble or get hurt ……and deals with the hurtful, antagonizing comments that are targeted solely at him bc he willingly took most of the blame….yeah……..i think about that every god damn day

You know who deserves some recognition? Nannerl Mozart.

yep, that’s right, Wolfie’s older sister. lemme tell you a few things bout my girl Nan

-born Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart in 1751, the fourth of seven children & only Nan and the youngest, Wolfgang would actually make it to adulthood

-her dad Leopold began teaching her harpsichord when she was 8, and wham bam, she was AMAZINGLY GREAT AT IT

-lil wolfie would sit at her side, and it was most likely her impressive talent that inspired him to learn!!!

-helped teach Wolfgang by translating what their father said into an easier way for him to understand

-1762 rocks up & it’s basically The Mozart KidsLive! They begin touring Europe for what will be 3 years and over 88 cities

-“What it all amounts to is this, that my little girl, although she is only 12 years old, is one of the most skillful players in Europe.”- Leopold had 0 chill when it came to his kids

-at 13 she sat down and wrote out her brother’s first symphony (K.16)

-survived both typhus AND smallpox, which were terribly deadly diseases at the time

-could also sing and play the violin! was there anything she couldn’t do?

-unfortunately, yes. she was unable to make her dad see that she was just as worthy as her lil brother to be taught how to compose

-apparently all good things must come to an end, because in 1769, Leopold forbid her from accompanying them on any more tours due to her reaching a marriageable age (uGH DAD)

-in 1770, Wolfgang writes her a letter from on tour that goes a little bit like “sis, how’d you get so good at composing? I know dad never taught you and it’s honestly a little embarrassing for me. anyway, I thought you might like this postcard. see ya in a couple years, xoxo Wolfie.”

-she continued teaching HERSELF how to compose and lived with Leopold at home taking the utmost care of his grouchy old ass

-then some cutie patootie nobleman (not much is known about him) named Franz d’Ippold strolls into Vienna & cue the heart eyes n’ cupids, because Nan is in The Sauce That is a Metaphor For Love

-i’m expecting that Franz was hot af in those breeches because my girl was picky when it came to men

-Franz must’ve been all like “she’s cute & smart? double whammy!” so he jumps headfirst into The Sauce That Is a Metaphor For Love as well

-NanZ (i’m assuming that was their ship name) goes to ask Leopold for his blessing and…

-the bastard says NOPE and tells Franz to take a flying leap back to wherever he came from (which is still unknown by historians)

-so Franz is lost to history, and we totally know Nan would walk around the house crying and listening to the 18th century equivalent of Adele 

-but being the good brother he is, Wolfgang writes her a flowery letter 3 months late, telling her to follow her heart and her dreams, but by that time Nan is a stone cold killa in the love dept.

-so she goes on to marry a magistrate named Berchtold (ew) in 1783 who already had 5 kids from 2 other marriages and was at least 10 years her senior (well done Nan)

-but wait! there’s more! Nan’s scumbag of a dad TOOK her firstborn son, FRANZ Leopold ( do I even need to say anything) under the claim that he wished him to have a private musical education, and that Nannerl was too occupied with her other stepchildren to give him the education he deserved. Nan was absent from the first two years of Franz’s life.

-Wolfgang would send music for Nan to proofread and perform over the years, but sadly after he married, the once-tight bond between them broke, and the last letter sent between them was in 1788.

-Wolfgang died in 1791, and the last time the siblings had seen each other was 1783.

-after her own husband kicks it in 1801, Nan’s got 4 of her stepchildren and 2 of her own to look after, so she gets a job as a music instructor to support them

-she helps Wolfgang’s widow create his biography by loaning her all of their family’s correspondence over the years

-in her later years, Nan’s vision failed rapidly, and by 1825 she was completely blind. A visitor in 1829 described her as, “blind, languid, exhausted, feeble and nearly speechless,“ as well as lonely.

-Nannerl died alone at 78 on Oct. 29, 1829, nearly 38 years after her beloved brother

Nannerl’s legacy is one of amazing capabilities and outstanding achievements, but is not known by many, due to the fact that she was a woman in a man’s era. Let’s finally show a lil appreciation to the girl behind the genius. 

Sundays (Part 3)

Sorry if you guys were angry over part two. I guess my cliffhanger made some of you believe things would be just fine between Harry and the reader- but hopefully this throws you all for a loop. Remember to spread love and positivity. xx - L

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,202


He began to walk towards the car, placing you down and pushing your back into it. His lips traveled to your neck and chest for a moment before he looked up at you with tearful eyes, his lips now red and puffy. 

“Please come home.”

The words made you freeze. As if the air wasn’t cold enough, your body felt chilled, as if you were moments from falling to your knees. 

“Come home?” You questioned, pulling back from him slightly. In no way was that house your home anymore. It’d only been a month since you left, but you knew walking back into it would bring back the pain of the last day you’d been there.

“Yeah. I miss yeh.” He spoke softly, his eyes droopy and his lips pouty, the look of pure desperation on his face more than you’d ever seen from him. 

“Tonight?” You felt the panic settle in your body. Harry actually wanted you back? He realized he was wrong this entire time? You were confused, unsure.

“Well, uh… not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, I can come help yeh get y-“

“Why?” You interrupted, the quick word jumping out unexpectedly and hitting him like a brick.

“Why what?”

“Why not tonight? Why couldn’t I just come back tonight?”

“Well, love… haven’t, uh- haven’t told Elizabeth yet.”

It hit you. Elizabeth. The person you’d almost forgotten about. The girl Harry had been living with. The girl Harry had been singing and dancing with, going to dinner dates with, sleeping in the same bed with. The girl Harry had been making love to. Elizabeth.

You felt your body sink back into the pit of sadness it had been in for the past month. 

“You haven’t told her…. Told her what, Harry?”

“That I miss yeh, Y/N.”

“Miss me? Are you gonna tell her that you love me?”

Silence. Harry’s eyes fell to the floor. His foot anxiously tapped as he trapped his lip between his teeth. You felt your body begin to shake.

“Answer me.” You spoke, your eyes squinting as your fists balled up.

No response.

“Answer me, Harry!” You pushed him backwards, his body tumbling and struggling to keep balance. He landed against a random car, his hand traveling up to run through his brown locks.

“Can’t say that.” He spoke monotone, almost deadly. The look on his face was the exact same as it had been the day he told you everything.

As his eyes glanced up, you lifted your hand to his face, slapping harshly, the clapping sound echoing into the night. He reached his hand up press to the stinging red mark. Unlike the last time you slapped him in the face, he didn’t respond with a harsh yelp or obscene phrase- his eyes just dripped cold, wet tears.

You grabbed your purse from atop the car, wiggling grabbing your car keys out of the bag and wiping a tear from underneath your eye. You began to walk away, finding your way to your car before turning around. 

“Harry,” you spoke loudly. He glanced up, palm still pressed to his face, jaw hung open and strands of hair falling into his eyes. 

“Fuck you.”

“You did not!” Ashley exclaimed, a slight smile creeping onto her face. You couldn’t help the one that curled onto your lips, either. 

“I did. Right on his face. You should’ve seen the look he gave me. He looked like a lost puppy dog.” 

“Have you heard from him since?”

“Only happened last night, Ash. But… don’t think I’ll be hearing from him. I said ‘fuck you’. If that doesn’t make him realize I’m done, I don’t know what will.”

“Don’t you think he might’ve meant it, though? He really does miss you? Wants you back?”

“Besides the point, Ashley. Listen to me- he’s still with Elizabeth. He went home to her last night. He couldn’t even tell me he loves me.”

“You’re right… if he really cared, he would’ve told her by now.”

You let out a chuckle, making your way to the kitchen to top off your coffee. “No, if he cared, he would’ve never fucked another woman.”

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

“Who’s callin’ you at 7 AM?” Ashley questioned, reaching towards your phone and picking it up nonchalantly. Her tired eyes turned wide, her hand reaching up to her forehead and her neck snapping backwards. 

“It’s Harry.”

You both froze, a feeling of shock flooding your veins as you rushed back to the living room, practically spilling your coffee along the way. You plopped down next to her, your eyes locked in silent conversation. You went to press the green answer button, but Ashley slapped the phone out of your hand.

“Uh-uh! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Answering! Just wanna know what he’s gonna say, not like I’m-“

“Y/N. He cheated on you. He called you a stubborn bitch. He hasn’t spoken a word to you for a month, and now you’re just gonna-“

“Ashley, I’m not. Don’t even say it. I’m not. Just wanted to hear what he was gonna say to me.”

“Then let him leave a voicemail. Let him text you. But don’t answer that fucking phone, or I’ll slap you in the face.”

Phone call after phone call, your phone screen lit up with a picture of Harry, the curiosity driving you insane. You knew what the other night was- he wanted to fuck you in the car, then ghost you for another month. Regardless of what Ashley said, the bride and groom, or even Harry- you knew that he would’ve gone back to Elizabeth.

Speaking of- you go to Elizabeth’s profile, curious to see what video or picture she’s posted of Harry this morning. Your mouth falls open to the sight of her profiles, anything and everything to do with Harry deleted.

“Uh-oh. What did he say?” Ashley rushes over towards you, her eyes glued to your phone screen. 

“Not him. It’s Elizabeth. She deleted… everything.”

“He must’ve told her.” You felt your heart stop for what felt like the millionth time. Was Harry serious? Did he really want to work this out?


The first text from Harry.

Please talk to me. Call me.

An hour passes, and seven more texts from Harry.

-Need to talk to you. 
Please, love. I can’t live without you.                 
-It’s over between me and Elizabeth. Done.                 
-Miss your smile. Miss your laugh. Miss your body.                                                           
-Miss your lips, too. Been thinkin’ about how much I love them.                             -Love, I miss our Sundays. So much. I need to talk to you.                                 -Fuck. I love you. So much. 

He seriously told you he loved you again. Through text message. Like a fucking coward. 

You glance to see if Ashley is looking at you. She’s not.

Leave me alone, Harry.

You threw your phone onto the couch, hands making their way into your hair, an exasperated breath leaving your lips. Before Ashley could even ask what was wrong, you heard your phone ring. 

And it rang again.

And again.

Harry was calling you a ridiculous amount of times. Should you answer? Was something wrong? 

You’re moments from pressing the green button, moments away from speaking to Harry, when you hear a loud knock at the door. You rush up, practically running to the door, startled and worried. You open the door, eyes growing wide, jaw to the floor, complete and utter shock running through your veins.

It was Elizabeth.

Baby!Coco things:
  • Hector 110% cried when Imelda told him she was pregnant
  • (or then fainted maybe, idk which scenario I like better but both are pretty plausible)
  • ALSO imelda being super nervous to tell him because they’re newlyweds or maybe aren’t even married yet and when he reacts in such a positive way she’s filled with so much love and happiness questions why she ever doubted him
  • Hector proceeds to run around town excitedly screaming about how he’s going to be a dad
  • Un Poco Loco comes from Imelda’s pregnancy brain (because she’s so fiery by herself, imagine her with the emotional hormones of two people)
  • When Imelda starts to go into labor she and hector keep fighting about contraction times (a la Jim and Pam in the Office episodes “The Delivery pt 1 &2”)
  • Hector being frazzled and literally so stressed that something might go wrong during the delivery that Ernesto has to calm him down multiple times and at one point having to physically drag him from the room because you’re not helping, the midwives know what they’re doing she’ll be fine
  • (Because modern medicine wasn’t a thing) imelda’s family kept predicting that their child would be a boy because of the way her hips were shaped and her belly size, but Imelda always kind of knew in the back of her head the baby was a girl, and when Coco is born she feels comforted she knew the whole time
  • But she’s a little worried Hector might have gotten his hopes up for a boy but he’s like wE HAVE A LITTLE GIRL, WHO CARES ???!1!! SHE’S BEAUTIFUL, THANK GOD SHE DIDN’T GET MY NOSE and Imelda just fondly rolls her eyes
  • Hector being afraid of holding her at first and he’s very jumpy and it takes a lot of coaxing from Imelda to get him to be steady enough to hold the baby without accidentally vaulting her somewhere
  • Uncle Ernesto
  • Both hector and Imelda being equally attentive and loving parents to their precious baby girl
  • Neither of them wasting any time introducing music into her life (ie: Hector carting her around the courtyard on his hip when other musicians are playing, Imelda singing Coco to sleep every night, both harmonizing together and dancing with her in the living room to get her to smile)
  • Baby Coco tugging on hector’s goatee
  • The first time Coco walks Hector is playing in the plaza and Imelda is there to support him and she’s sitting with Coco on the ground and they’re both listening but then coco pushes herself up and toddles over to her papa and hector loses his goddamn mind
  • Hector trying to get Coco’s first word to be dimple, ernesto trying for it to be chorizo, Imelda being so done with both of them because babies can’t pronounce syllables no matter how close you stick your faces to hers you idiotas

You can’t tell me Uchiha Mikoto wouldn’t have adopted Naruto the MOMENT she realized he was Kushina’s son.

You can’t tell me she didn’t spend HOURS trying to convince Hiruzen to let her take him - to give him a loving home alongside Sasuke, because DAMN IT Kushina was her best friend. There’s no way she didn’t fight tooth and nail, until her voice gave out, to take him into her home and her family.

You can’t tell me she wasn’t devastated when the Hokage and his council refused despite her pleading, her arguing, her begging. 

You can’t tell me that she didn’t understand why she - the most suited of new caretakers - wasn’t allowed to give this poor boy a proper future rather than that of an orphan.

…you can’t tell me that her seeing Naruto in that maternity ward in the hospital - sensing that chakra sealed within him, that calls to her Sharingan - didn’t immediately put all the pieces into place. Realizing that not only is he kept from her because he’s the new jinchūriki…but because the Uchiha are no longer trusted to be anywhere near the Kyūbi after the attack.

…you can’t tell me that part of the reason the Uchiha began to rebel was not Mikoto’s doing, hurt and furious at such mistrust from their own village, which in turn cost Naruto a loving home and abandoned him to such a lonely fate. That she was willing to fight not only for her clan’s freedom, but in the memory of the friend she lost to the monster sealed inside her son. Knowing that, should Kushina have any say, that the Uzumaki would have trusted her absolutely - Kyūbi or no Kyūbi - to watch over her son and give him a chance at a happy future, rather than be kept alone and naive to his past and his future. 

…you can’t tell me that Mikoto wouldn’t have done anything and everything to preserve the last piece left of her dear friend…even if it meant war.

Imagine Prince Loki is known to be looking for a wife, and your name is high in contention for it – in fact, it’s pretty much come down to you and another young woman, even though you’ve really done nothing at all to promote yourself in any way – unlike the other woman.

You’ve been in love with Loki since you could remember, but you are so done with what this thing has become.  You used to be good friends with your rival, but now she’s pulling out all the stops in her pursuit of the crown – not Loki.  You know for a fact – by her own words – that she cares nothing for him, no matter that she simpers all over him in public – all she wants is to be a Princess of the Realm, and, if she can manoeuvre it somehow, Queen one day.

She’s tattling to the press about you, anonymously, of course, all of the confidences you shared with her – although luckily not the big one you’d shared with no one - making you seriously regret having done so, making you question just who it is that you can trust – which seems to be no one.

And what is worse is that she’s succeeded in her intent.  You want nothing to do with this circus – you never have.  It will kill you, but you’ll let Loki go rather than stoop to her level or fight with her publically in any way that might reflect badly on Loki or the Royal Family.

So you go to Frigga, with whom you are much closer than your opponent, and tell her discreetly, and with obvious reluctance you really can’t conceal very well, that you wish to withdraw your name from consideration.

She knows – you don’t know how, but you feel she does, even though you’ve never uttered a word to anyone - how much you love him, and hugs you tightly, empathizing with you about the agonizing decision you feel you’ve had to make.

It was the coward’s way out, you admit – going to his Mother rather than to him - but your emotions are so jumbled and you’re in so much pain; you’re not at all sure you could trust yourself not to either break down completely in his presence or throw yourself at him, and neither of those reactions is at all acceptable.

So you absent yourself from court completely – immediately after having spoken to Frigga - going back to Midgard, where you were raised by your adoptive parents, to spend some time alone by the sea.

You’re just settling into the cottage your parents left you on the shores of the Atlantic, facing the side of the bed while you unpack your suitcase, when you realize with a tingle up your spine that you are not alone in the room.

Turning around, you see him standing there, in full regalia, looking what you suspect is deliberately intimidating and severely perturbed, his face as dark as one of his brother’s thunderclouds.

He doesn’t give you a chance to defend yourself or say anything really – unless a groan of pleasure counts - as he takes you in his arms, growling fiercely against your lips as he claims your mouth in the first passionate kiss you’ve ever shared, “How could you possibly think that I would ever allow you – my future Princess of Asgard – to run away from me?”

Tipsy Shawn

Nap Date Blurb. 
Enjoy this while I write the next Presley part.

It had been a quiet night around the apartment. 

Shawn had gone out with the boys, leaving Y/n alone to catch up on a few shows and procrastinating her homework. 

He walked in the door, or more like stumbled in. She looked up from her snuggled state she was in on the corner of the couch. He looked over with wide eyes and giggled when he saw her.

“Hey there.” She laughed at him. 

“Hey Beautiful.” He smiled widely as he attempted to take his shoes off. 

“Need help?” She asked as he stumbled and braced himself against the wall. 

“Nope.” He said popping the P. 


“Totally.” He says finally kicking his shows off. “Has anyone ever told you that you are really pretty?” He stuttered over his words.

“Only you about a million times.” 

“Gonna hear it a million more too.” He says falling on top of her, causing her to erupt in giggles.

“What are you doing?”

“Loving you.” 

“How much did you have to drink?” She asks running a hand through his hair, he closed his eyes at the feeling.

“Not a lot.” He shook his head.

“Really? Because you smell like a walking bar.” 

“Oh,” His eyes flew open as he pulled at the collar of his shirt to smell it. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, but I wouldn’t argue if you took a shower.” 

“Can we cuddle when I’m done?”

“We’ll see, I still have homework to do.”

“Ugghh, why didn’t you do that while I was gone.”

“Because I wanted to relax.” She shrugged.

“Okay, well you deserve to relax so I can’t argue.” He sighed letting his head fall and rest on her chest.



“Go take a shower.”

“Fine.” He groaned sitting up and walking to the bathroom. 

She giggled as he started humming one of his songs but then stopped because he forgot the rest of it. 

“I love you!” He called before getting in the shower.

“I love you too.” She called back. 

She giggled but decided that she should do her homework. She got up and grabbed her book that she needed to catch up reading. 

Walking into the bedroom she stopped by the door listening to him sing softly,

“ You can’t walk the streets at night
You’re way too short to get on this ride “

She snickered, covering her mouth as he sang such an old song.

She went to the bed, laying down and curling into the blankets as she starts to read. 

“Oh hey!” He says walking into the bedroom with a towel dangerously low on his hips.

“Hey.” You smirk at him. 

“ Do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you “

She went back to reading, looking over when he flopped on the bed next to her. He sprawled out on his stomach, propping himself up on his elbows as he scrolled through his phone. 

She got lost in her book, being snapped from her thoughts when she felt his fingertips pinching her arm softly. She looked at him, biting her lip.


“What nothing.” He grinned, taking her hand in his, holding it tight.

She just smiled and adjusted her book so she could hold his hand and her book at the same time. 

The first time she let go of his hand to turn the page he didn’t say anything, but then she did it again, and again.

“Babe!” He whined. 

“I have to turn the page.” She protested. This time when he took her hand he interlaced their fingers so when she tried to let go she couldn’t. “Shawn!” She whined at him. 


“I need to turn the page.” She said turning to face him. 

“But I need to hold your hand.”

“Shawn, this is my homework.” 

He let go with a roll of his eyes and a pout on his lips. She turned the page and then let her hand fall back to find his, but he didn’t grab her hand. She looked over and saw he wasn’t looking at her, pout still on his lips.


“No.” He looked further away, turning his head.

“Shawn.” She rolled her eyes.

“No.” He shook his head.

“You can hold my hand.”

“No you’re just gonna let go again.” 

She moved herself further down the bed and kissed his bare shoulder. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.


“Uh eh.”

“Look at me.” She smiled, he just covered his eyes with his hand. She giggled and could see that he was biting back a smile. “Baby.” She whispered, kissing his shoulder again. He finally looked at her.


“Why are you so pouty tonight?”

“I just miss you.”

“Awe Baby.” She kissed his cheek. “You can cuddle me while I read. I’m almost done, then we can talk.” 

“Okay.” He says moving closer to her. He tangles his legs with hers and looks at her with a sheepish grin.


“I wanna do something, but it’s a little forward.” He whispers the last part.

“What is it Shawn?” She asks, eyebrows raised. He just looks down and slips his hand under her tank top sliding his hand up slowly. He cups her breast in his left hand and rests his head on her arm. 

“This is too much?” He asks, looking up at her with puppy dogs eyes.

“You’re fine Shawn.” She giggles. “I like drunk Shawn.” 

“I’m not drunk, just tipsy.” He says shaking his head.

“Okay well I like tipsy Shawn, he’s cuddling and cute.”

“He’s tired.” He yawns. 

“Sleep Baby.” 

“Okay.” He smiles, closing his eyes and pretending to snore. She giggles and kisses the top of his head, going back to reading her book. 

“I luv you.” He slurs, about to pass out. 

“I love you too.” She whispers back. 


“baby, why’d you leave me?
why’d you have to go?
I was counting on forever,
now I’ll never know.”
 - x

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And just last month, during a xboxlive thingy, Chandler said about whose your favourite person/character on set: "Michonne(...) and Danai is not only a motherly figure to Carl, but also to me". How hard it must've been for the two of them , i wanna cry !

BTS REACTION: you being needy *request*


“What’s up princess? Are you being needy?”

You pouted, nodding in response to his question

“What has daddy told you about being too needy hm?”

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As you kept touching him, he knew exactly what you wanted.

“What do you want baby girl? You’re going to have to use your words”

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He loved playing with you, so when you acted needy, he’d often ignore you to see what lengths you’d take for his attention.

“No baby, you’re going to have to try harder than that”

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Loved when you were needy, it reminded him of how much you wanted him and it gave him a sense of power.

“Is my baby needy? What does she want?”

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He was often the needy one, always wanting your attention, so when the tables were turned, he took full advantage

“Oh now you want me? What about all the times I needed you and you were ‘busy’ hm?”

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*goes into full daddy mode*

“You’re going to have to wait Princess, but if you play with yourself in the mean time, then prepare for some spankings and no cumming.”

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Always smiles when you get needy for him, finding it extremely cute. He’d play with your hair and smile whilst you were practically begging for him.

“How much do you want me baby? Tell Me.”

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