but this is a perf display

*jake and amy kiss*

me: that is the most perfect kiss i’ve ever seen in my whole life i will never see anything better than this ok there is no media content in the world that can top what seems like the greatest display of affection broadcast on national television, the true epitome of love and tenderness, my favourite thing in the universe… just and simply The Best

*jake and amy kiss again*

me: that is the most perfect kiss i’ve ev

  • 2013 me: *he was dynamic, she was dramatic* *they were only 21* *i will follow u into the dark is the perf jily song* *fuk snape*
  • 2014 me: *considers self post-tlat* *is only interested in canon fics/pairings* *platonic friendships are undervalued!* *discovers smut* *fuk snape*
  • 2015 me: *exhausts canon fic* *some aus are OK i GUESS* *i could see them drunk snogging tbh* *im over snape hate really*
  • 2016 me: *stay in ur lane* *they all gay* maybe poly too idc* *let em love each other tbh* *modern day gas station au where they deliver sodas for rival companies & they're always sabotaging each other's displays* *fuk snape but in a chill way*